Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 8, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 8, 1952
Page 5
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Parity Bill May Mean Controls, Kline Asserts . Farm Bureau Head Addresses Group In Little Rock NOtTHWBT MKANMS TIMM, Price Of Digging Up; Dry Or Not, Oil Well Costs Average Of $42,000 To Drill ACHESON VISITS VAR6AS IN BRAZIL Little Rock-W-Delesates lo Southern Farm Bureau Resional Training School here were tnld yesterday that "the hesrt of Po- cirlism is the government control o-' production and d i s t r i b u t i o n . " B.v SAM DAH'SON New York-WVThe cost of digging is getting higher too. To make a hole in the ground-whether for an oil well or I telephone pole--cosfs more every year. Present drilling methods have become so expensive that 42 oil jcomrJanics and drilling contractors !;:re financing a $2,000,000 research he ; project by scientists of Battelle Memorial Institute. In their two- year search for newer and cheaper methods, the scientists are eon- ! sidenn; such t h i n g , as rockets, i :i:p?r:.r,ii:c sound waves and elfc- j of profit was ?.8 per cent of what they took in from the oil companies. - A l l e n B. Kline, of Iowa, snid : lr '. c ' " : '. ( ' s that "if the government fiuaran- ' »nlli!)£! costs are tecs high ' ? " * ha!f " mt3 "P about three high prices for farmers, then '??" * a f " mt3 It-.e government must also begin ; e Oil n n d R ov " '93'. H u m Refining Company distributing the r i g h t to r.roduce." i r e p o r l s Freenort Sulphur Corn- Kline, president" of the A m o r i - '' a " 3 ', S3 ' 5 .,',' . r f s ab ° ul «" a ran Farm Bureau Federation, told i ? ' , 1 0 d ?" holps m search of representatives from 13 Southern'' p h u r ' " 5prnt 3 8(10 ' 0 ) ' last str.tcs'and Puerto R i c o ' t h a t the 9n:-' l } rir '," 2n exploratory wells along rer cent farm parity bill passed i l ",° Louisiana coastal marshes, by Congress last week will evitably lead to government control of the right to produce. , , , _ | where d i f f i c u l t terrain calls for 'drilling rigs costine S250.000 each. It sometimes takes as many as 20 ------ ..... -Kline aid the claim t h a t in or- "i 0 "" to outline a deposit of sul- dcr to defend the United States ;! lnm '- j! is necessary to store up a sur- " " 0|P » Coat More Ton commodities is a ' " cosls to ^'8 a post hole too i r h p Kcw York Telephone Com- plus of farm "f,-ke." "The way to defend (his cnun- !l wn v says a telephone post hole tn is to increase n u r a b i l i t y to averages .«3.:i3 a foot, or around produce and to increase the use of our farm products." Kline, said the Farm Bureau has decided t h a t it could de'ehd the eountry best b.v first halting i n - i ' ' a r fbtion. He said indirect methods v/on't work. $20 for the usual six-foot hole. The A m e r i c a n Petroleum Insti- t u t e fays I h e oil industry spent ·irouli-l two b i l l i o n dollars ' l a s t n d r i l l i n g t.\£u? wells, at an average cost of 542,000 a well-whether it produced oil or lound "Controlling prices, rationing none. Only five years ago a well goods, paying farmers something; averaged 532,000. Rising costs of in lieu of pricc~-lhat gets u s ; d r i l l i n g were a big reason, vhere the British are now," he A n o i h e r is t h a t oilmen steadily S ~M- 'So deeper in their quest for oil. De.egales from A l a b a m a , F l o r - j C o n t r a c t o r costs range from $3.50 Ida. Georgia. Kenlucky. Louisiana, a foot for wells down to 3 000 l!:ssissirpi. North Carolina, Okla- feet, and $17 a fuot at depths bc- homa, South Carolina. Tennessee, lyond 1' 000 feet Texas. Virginia, Arkansas and !' Here's'an example of how costs Ii.erto hico are attending the j have jumped: California Standard t r p i n m g school, winch opened 'Oil spent S213.000 in 1940 to driu Firm Bureau Picnic Planned For Saturday The annual Washington County Farm Bureau family picnic cele- ; brating tht end of the yearly j membership drive will be held ! Saturday at the fair grounds, [ opening with registration at 10:30 A series of games and contests will be held, and a basket dinner w i l l be eaten on the grounds. The formal program will open »t I p. m. svith recognition of membership drive workers. Prizes will also be awarded in the orchard grass seeding contest sponsored by the Farm Bureau. Aubrey D. Gates, field director of the American Medical Society and former director of the Extension Service, will make the principal address. IMf _ -- J. :~-A He Says Phooey Exhibit On Children's Art Goes On Display U. 1. MCUURY of State Dan Acheson ind President Grtulio Varm (left) of Brazil confer «t the Pr«identi«l P«l«ct in Rio de J»nelro. Acheson ii on food will tour o« Brazil (Int«rmittoT«il Radiophoro/ Phone Company Agrees To Raise Workers' Pay m«rri«ej~"« girl as broke as I nr-any "nasty" letl«n, k« MM, Out " ""·" ' h * dccid-d he m»St i mlftak.. Th- Jjn-poiind riilrnad fnr«-; B«tty thought he hid flMdt * m«n elop"i to Pit?oti, A r k . Sat-1 mi»t»k, too, but th«jr pctehtd 'urd.-.y with Mirs B»tty M r M a h n n . -thiajs u n . I |-- j-- - ' 2 1 . Roth are f m m Si. I / n i K : " I f " *'-M| to marry for lov«,TM J U S t T O T C-QSn " u r s d n r f i-xp'flincd t h a i h e hart U u r i d o r f added. Kane with Betty before, but LIB-. ' ' "~* -Kchv,,id Huis- h '"' hr " krn ""· Th- president of th* United dorf V, who m-,n' i »co wa A f ! o r l "-' ; « n n """'''-mrii! I".' 1 r,«- Stairs had in juv for hlf ow n dorf. 35, w h o . ,tv,m, »sn »»«,,,,,,,, , v ,,,, ,,.,,,, , lfl|0no ,,, l r a n , p n r t ,, | n n ', ' u n m ^ ,, £ scekmi i wife w i t h 110,000, hnsl|, u n c h him in buMiicM. he got so of th. automobile. I j SI I... An exhibit on eliildren's a r t , called "The Human Q u a l i t y in Creative Experience." has pone on display in Ihe University Arts j New York-W)-Twenty t h o u s a n d Center, li w i l l he on view u n t i l | long distance telephone operators in Marlow. Okla.. w i t h her rhll" ! J u l y 15 in room 114 of the studio ' anri m n i n . o n , n M ,,,,,,,,,,.;. ,.,,,.,,; dron. Mr. and Mrs. rharl^ Ar. I I Crouch of Midland, Texas. Mr and Mrs. Glen CurtMnger ! and children spent th» Fourth of I .Inly i-niidays v.-iih the ir d a u g h | ter. Mrs. Kcnnvth Lalta In Okla- I homa City, Okla. MrSi E A Arrington Is visiting here Sunday and classroom \vinjr of the cenler. Sulphur City Mr. and Mrs. Don Patterson, who garduated from De Pauw University. Groencastle, Ind.. in Jim?, are spending the summer w i t h Mr. Patterson's parrots, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Patterson, who hought the II. V. Dexter farm. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Patterson were hosts ut a group of friends from West Fork at a Fourth of and m a i n t e n a n c e employes h a v e i rington, Mr. and Mrs. Russell i Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Thomas. Mr?, .lark Tunnell left Monday a 1.1.130-foot well in Kern County. n,. Tnl, T 1 r* I · ,, I J - ' . ' o t f - l ' J U L W U I ! Kl Aerll LOUnlV. ,, °i ri ± hn , ,T y1 ^ C a l a " e "' new i California. It deepened the well ££'*".,? KJt.""? 51 * °.'/! r - I ^ 1948 1" 1-1.B6B feet to get more P: kansas, will address the school to- I oil it · TM=t n r ei-i enn" r,,- 4!, ..Uht fo.lowing forum and class- | addiUorlalTTM feel ' '" ^ , D r i l l i n g contractors say the in- I Chickasha. do not mean in- ly pirnic. Twenty-three people wcer present. , Mr. and Mrs. Ausiin Reed and ? ; daughter, Wanda, attended the rodeo at Springdale. ro;m sessions. DOROTHY DIX -- l-OVTINUED FROM PAr.t: FOUR spect you have managed to acquire is certain. Hubby can apparently twist you around his little finger and, since he is in need of .support, your job will come in very handy. creasing costs creased profits, expenses range S7.C3 a field of Mr. and Mjs. J. W. Hunter of are vistiing They from say their $4.82 to foot, depending on the operations. Costs are increasing year by year, a group of them i m p o r t in the Oil and Gas Journal's a n n u a l drilling survey. Hunter's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gore. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Tuttle. who are employed in defense wnrk in Wichita, Kan., came home for Ihe Fourth. Miss Barbara Cook l» visiting her a u n t in Springfield, Mo. Norman Hutton spent three days . Last year, they add, the margin j at the Springdale rodeo. CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hoffman on the Opening of the DARS-DELITE Electrical Equipment and Wiring Installed by Fendleton Electric C Pendleton Electric Cc 109 Skyline Drive Phone 2219-W Mrs. Rex Wjtson has returned .; !ICT home in Lincoln, Neb. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. ! Frost for the holidays were their i von and daughter-in-law. Mr and i Mrs. Dale Frost of De Snto, Kan.. : Mr. and Mrs. Chester Shepperd and children nf Ozark, and Sir. and Mrs. Dudley and daughter of | Elkins. Miss Ida Mae Frost re- i turned home with Mr. and Mrs. . Dale Frost. Raymond Reed, who 1, children for the weekend. , Mrs. Howard Youngpeler and i children of Almont, Mich., are won wage increases ranging from J3 In S6 a week. The increases are Mrf J;| provided in an agreement rrlwp»n j fnl . Hiig'c,'. Okla.. to spend her v«- the Long Lines Department of the I cation with her parents. Mr. and American Telephone and Tele- j Mrs. J. W. Payne. Mrs. Tunnell Is graph Company and Ihe CIO Com: a nurse at the Elizabeth Hospital. | m u n i r a t i o n s Workers of America. ; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Webber which was announced yesterd.iv. ! of Wichita Falls, Texas, are visit' ing Mr. Webber's sister. Mrs. Floyd Pennel, and Mrs. Webber's sister, Mrs. Ed Horah. Mr. nnd Mrs. A l v i n Bell left Sunday for their home in Ardmore. Okla. They had soe:nt the Fourth w i t h Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cummings and Mrs. Eula Bell. Bob Tucker left Sunday for Houston, Texas. Mrs. Tucker ind the children are spending the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrp. H. D. Cummings. i Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Walton of : McDowell, Mo., are guests of Mr | and Mrs. J. B. Keene and Mr. and ! The contract covers long dir: lance telephone workers in .150 communities in 40 stales and the District of Columbia. i Prairie Grove Billy Carnahan. son of Mr. anrl Mrs. .lames Carnahan, re.lebrato-l his first birthday Sunday with a the Guy Skelton place. Gu'e r ! were his great grandparents. M Carnahan, and Mr. and Mr^ '.Jim : C P ] - J'^ie Keene and his bride. Pyeatt. Miss Allie A r m s t r o n g lhc former Miss Alma Joner, of Miss Grace C a r n a h a n Misrs Vir": Lackland Air Force Base. San A n Rinia West. Mi's. K a t e West and ' ! lnnio ' Texas, who have been visit- Ambrose Carnahan i m 5 h's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Archhnld : J - B. Keene, have reported ' and Mr. and Mrs. C-forse LedfeWt, Sheppard Air Force Base. . . who have been v i r i t i n T ' sister, Mrs. Arch- I Frank Lake Maupin spent the . -- F-illy KilUn, I Fourth w i t h his parent*. Mr. and left Monday for t h e i r borne in ' Mrs. L. F.. M a u p i n . leaving Sunday Los Angles. Calif. : for r,h office in Shreveport, La. Mr. and Mr-. .1. P. r.ljk^ino]-^. ' .Shirley Ramsey is visiting rcla- Lt. and Mrs. Bob Rlahemore and : ti\-cs Mr. and Mrs. Will Walker spent I weok. ; Saturday in M m r t l Mo., w i t h Mr i f l n d Mr.-.. Chsrl"- Ulnkemor-. I Mirs A n n e Harris and "'· · \ Ployed at Pine Bluff, came home j rVTa^anfT^ rhoeh"'.'·"''"· for the holidays. Mr. and Mrs.! ,,( Ti't'tl,^' Pn-- "L^", ^ i''Z\ ' Vestas Daniels of Tulsa, Okla..;"{ ,',,,! ,.^"' Sl :!;, '^ f " : 1 | 1 ... visited Mr. and Mr, Reed and I H^'^'^ r^ v ^^ · ]t n "^ leavinc Sunday. ' . WilMin Mr. and Mrs. A l v i n R-ll and Mrs. Bob Tucker drove to For! Coffeyville, Kan., this Tht: fr.HnwinB cirls celebrated the Fourth of July w i t h a b u n k i n g party nt Ihe m.'inre. Kii'-sts of C n r - i i M a und K a l h r y n e Birlwell: C h f i r l r t i e Brewer. Kalie Sue Helm, iV-.- · yeil Geicer. Helen Louise j Soulh Gate. Calif., Marl- , on, and Corolla and Sue j We Congratulate Mr, and Mrs. Arnold Flollman on Their Opening of DARE-DELITE enother enterprise for our area » We were happy to supply the SIGN and NEON work for this up-to-date building See Us for Signs, Neon and Electric Wiring, PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC ·12 S. School Pfcont 2M1 visiting Mrs. Youngpeter's parents Mr. and Mrs. John Tuttle. Miss Sheila Ann Price is attending the Baptist Assembly at Siloam Springs. West Fork Miss Cora Lee Clifton, who Is attending the University, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Gus Clifton. | as guests Sunday. Mr. and Mrs.! A. U. Simpson of Johnson. Mr. and ; Mrs. Mack Smith, and Mr. and · Mrs. Eddie Jones and children of Fayetteville. Mrs. Elizabeth Smith is eon- fined to her bed with a cold. Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Stearns and on, Norman, who has been Walker, have returned home "to I Pontiac. Mich. Miss Jeannte Walker returned with them for a : | visit. | Buel Woods will represent I h e ' i Presbyterian Church at the Pres- I bytery Tuesday, at M n u n t a i n b u r g Mrs. Mamie Walker and Mr* , Juanita Hollond have as their · guests. Mrs. Walker's grandsons, I Bobbie and Mike F.rrinjMon of Nashville. i Smith Thursday night to mcrt Bob Tucker, who flew from Hnuv- ton. TexsJ. lo spend the Fourth with his family at the home of her parent. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Cumminflj:. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy T h u r m n n Ii5v» r?turned lo Camp Chaff P? after a vi?it with Mrs. Thurman'; .1. I\. Dakemore. \vllo hat; spent a |ivo-\'. ;'Ck v a c a t i o n al his homo, is !; i-overinp hi r . t e r r i t o r y . Mr. anrl Mrr.. Gen" Vinson anfl d ' . ' i - ' r l e r . Su», spent the Fourth at Norl Mo. Dnnalrl Parks look his class of junior boys to Lake Wedingtnn Sunday afternoon for a swim. Members of the class are Eddie ])ri-p, ,Ioe Geiser. Gary Gibney, . . , , . , srar.dparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Jimmy Brewer and Sonny Smith. Keenc. Vacation and holiday gue-Is of ' Tnr . f j r able for WTilte House Mrs. F r a n k Gbnn Blakemore and i son. Keith, of Falfurrias. Texas, i and Lt. and Mrs. Boh Blakemore and son. Jim Bob, of Tulja, Okln. Mr. and Mrn. Doi;i;!»- C u m m i n z s entertained members of their f a m - | ily on the Fourth. A picnic supper'. in their yard was attended by Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bell and baby o f , Arrimnrc. Okla.. Mr. and Mr= ' Bob Tucker and children nf Houston. Texas. Judce M a u p i n ' C u m m i n p s and family of Fayrtle villo. Mrs. Cummings 1 brother, Lincoln Maupin, Mrs. M a u p i n , , Mrs. Kathleen Gumming;. Preslon Magruder. of Fayelteville, Mr:-. J. P. Harris. Mirs A n n e Harris of , Midland. Texns. Miss Pho"he : Harris of L i t t l e Rock. Miss Hetsy ' Campbell and Mfcr, Dorn'.h'v i Washington. Come In and See Us Abou! Our Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Home, Building New Garage, Chicken House or Milk Barns, ere. Clifton Lumber Co. Pbom. 27. W«it Fork, ArV. Sincere Best Wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Flottman on OPENING their new and modern Dari-Delite We were glad to supply the lumber for this building "EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER" Fayetteville Lumber Cement Co. 2tt North School Phone 31 NOW OPEN STORE 701 South School DARI - DELITE CONIS MALTS PINTS SUNDAIS SHAKIS QUARTS Drive In onri Ko*» · cww *n ml We wwrt r«u t* *** »vf ^U l^a JJ^^__ WWWn VHV ··VtVI^^V fr«h-fr*z*n 0«H D»»H. N'l ·nd fkti, fWM4-rM«. Snvt^ fWrfi frwn KM frwi*r I* rw. Try · cm . . . anrf M« tM» to«t . . . ymTN MM M NATIONALLY SOLD QUALITY CONTROLLED * * * * FREE-BeOurGuest-FREE 6:30 p.m. to See It Made! Taste It! 7:30 p.m. an ^ on 'y ^ en w '" v 00 un d* r ' stand how honestly delicious Wednesday DARI-DELITE is. Come In Wodmsby.. H's On Ike Htm Your host will be Mr. and Mrs. Arnold FlottflMN, Owners of Fayetteville't new DARI-DELITI Stora

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