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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 8, 1952
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PAGES TODAY 10 * RM) by or.r 25,000 Doily jlortlitur st 10CAI KttfCAST-- t r«v*f levin* and vicinity partly \: cloudy t o n i f h f cooler imo*rd*'irf t * from 3.1 (o M Tomorrftw p i r t f v \ r l n u ' l j a n d w a r m e r Trace of r i . n \ J7 nnnn loday 7* Sur.m* i JO sun- Mi .1 38 Tfc« Public Mtr»»t It The Wrsf Concern Of Tftfs Ncwtpopcr VOUIME 90, NUMBER 296 Aaudofed PM LMwd Win FAVETTIVtUE. ARKANSAS. TUESDAY EVENING, JUtY I, 1*52 AP, King «nd NEA PRtCI nVf CENTS German Lawyer Spirited Into Soviet Zone Offkial Of Free Jurists Kidnaped In U. S. Sector Gunshots Fail To Prevent Abduction, Pursuit Unavailing Berlin -f/P). Thz West Berlin city government decided tonight to blockade all roads leading into the surrounding Russian zone to prevent kidnapings by the Communists. Even The Trains In I t a l y Feel Extreme Heat Copenhagen, Tenmark-W)-The delivery of the Apsheron. | disputed l.'i.OOO-ton t a n k e r Apsh- ! foregn Minister Ole Bjoern I eron, built in Denmark for t h e ; K r a f l sai |. he " ho '* d lhe A 'TM"-i · cans would not make good their i Soviets and turned over ycsler- j t h r c a r to cul of , M economic | day in spite of U. S. protests, left ; and m i l i t a r y help. He said the j Copenhagen for a Russian harbor ! vessel had been built under a I under the Red flag at noon today. ! Danish-Russian trade agreement I Foregn office officials drafted : signed three years before the | a note rejecting the strongly word- U. S. act against shipment of ! ed U. S. protest against the ship's strategic goods to Russia came i delivery. The American ambassa-; into force. Denmark could noj dor to Denmark could not halt, the i break this contract, K r a f t said. Rome- (^Pi-It's so hot in sunny Italy that even the trains are j slowing down. , Mceting ]ast n i g h t t h e Fayct(e . With the mercury climbing to ; vi]|c C j t y Cound , granled a 25 . year television operation franchise. TV Operation Franchise Is Granted By The City Council Eisenhower-Taft Contest For 93 Republican Votes Keynote Talk 'lloy Kimes Found Sleeping Al Natural Danjfop Candidates Rallying Point : Apprehended BT Oflkers without Difficulty Keep Pushing f Tl |fc . i Furl S m i t h , A i k . - ' / P ' - O f f i c c i s p i n n e d dnwn Kimes a f t e r f i n d i n g |* | , rflr InP K/triV i |oda - v nabiiwi Rov K " m '-. *·""'- ·' · st " hi " ""i"'"" 1 " 1 '' '"'idTM »' UAF xnnnnrf iui me rally !,,,,,,,,,,,,, rxtfmM «.,,,.,,,,,,.,»,, nc...^^^^....^^^^^.^,...^ rui juppuil found the unusual temperatures had expanded the rails. At Fissa, t r a f f i c had to stop u n t i l firemen shrank the steel back to size with tons of cooling water. Fearing similar conditions elsewhere, authorities ordered all trains in Northern Italy to move at reduced speed. Congress Quits After Voting Over 12 Billions e ! Berlin-WVDr. Walter Linse, a top official of the West Berlin Free Jurist?, was kidnaped this morning and driven off to the Soviet zone amid a flurry of gunshots. The head of the economics department of the Free Jurists, Linse was attacked by three men shortly a f t e r ho l e f t liis home in the American sector. He was · dragged into a car which drove at high speed i n t o the Soviet zone. The kidnapers threw hundreds of nails out of their car and fired at pursuers. One of the pursuing cars had to give up the chase when a tire was punctured. When the car containing the hidnaprd official reached the hor- rirr, the Communist Proples Police raised the barrier and let the car pass. The car had a West Berlin license plate. The West Berlin Free Jurists is an organization of democratic lawyers which attempts to keep ] uarv 5, 1953 tabs on what is going on in East- j Daylong negotiations money bills which had approved purchase of two police · VIvVUJIi HQIII car?, and left an ordinance changing the names of several city , Cf|f||| streets on its first reading. 'JvUII The franchise was granted to t h e Fayettcvillc Broadcasting | Little Rock-(^-Arkansas' Company under an ordinance : heat which waives city taxes for a nc- riod of six and one-half years. Un- j Weather Bureau, in the extended dor the franchise, the company can erect aerials to receive TV programs, then pipe the programs degrees below normal and prec-ipi- to customers over a network of | talion w i l l he "heavy." distribution lines similar to a tele- j *------phone system. | The ordinance provides that the : CfllQWCllS Tfl BC wave and d r o u t h may . broken this week. The U. long be S. i Fort S m i t h , A i k . - / P i - O f f : c - p i s I loday nabbed Hoy Knm-j, v i n d I ing up nn extended s c n i r h f u r t w o ! federal prisnnrr esrnprfr, James .F. Tnmlmson. who rs- rapril from a fedonil p i i s f - n f a u n near Lc;ivcnwurt\ Kan , w i t h Kinics J u n e 27, \va.s f j i p t u r c d at Evansvillc, Ark., yeslcrflay. FBI agcnt.i and Cr;t\vioifi County o f f i c e i s apprc'icnrfH K i m r s w i t h o u t incident as he la I U H C I ! l l i n j r Reouhlicans up in bliinliols .slopping b u h i n d tl;e "crusade" to rout school house .it N a t u r a l Dam. t MacArthur Lashes At Democrats, Sets Stage For Campaign Chicago-i/Pi-Old soldier Dnuzliis MacArthur blistered the Democrats as a blundering "war party" and rallied last night to them from office. The five-star general's keynote address knifed through Ihe strife stirred by the Taft-Eisenhowcr! battle for presidenli.-! nomination. H u n i t e d lhe packed convention i pimitvi diiwn Kimes a / t r r f i n d i n g ;i .sto!en i i c f u n i i b i l c hidden in n r a t b v hni:-h HP i-= I'rM in ihe SchaMi;i;i l ' - H j n t v i nl :-.'. Fr.rl Smith, Scan h f n r Klir.f -. :\ miiMn nf the nnl'M-i.iij-. Sniilliwi-.,! harlnu'ii. 1 GiMH'gc K i m o s (iiiri i h r !:i!c M a t t _KiMU'r, ar.fl T n n i l m - n n began l.i't work wht-n I'-'c lu-u woix- M m lirai M o u n l a i n h u r f i , A r l t . K u n e s i.; u n d r i- ; ? n t c n · for robliciy nf \'\r Chester, A i k Oh'o Senator Gains Some In Selection Of Committee Head post , nc«r Van Buren. A u t h n r i t i r s n r U l l o n ot :nn'oilp. .-tolm Funds For Atomic Expansion Hiked In Compromise Wa?hing1oiW/Pj~Thc fi2nd Congress added almost a billion dollars to an expanded atomic weapons nrogram yesterday and then voted to end the session. Unless President Truman calls a special session, the l a w - m a k i n g days of this Congress arc over. The next--or 83rd--Congress with lot of new faces convenes Jan- franchise w i l l he void unless work on tv-e project is started w i t h i n 12 months and service started within 18 months. A three-month break in service would also void the franchise. The company is authorized to charge up to $150 for installation of the service, and un to 53.50 a month rental for residences. The commercial rate can be as high as $10 a month. Low Bids Announced Low bidder on two new no]ice cars was the Phillips Motor Company, which agreed to sell two new Plymouth sedans for $4,550. forecast for July 8-32, said t o d a y ) hall in a standing ovation as it bit temperatures v.-ill average f i v e sharply at thc Truman adminis- thation's policies. Thc 57-minutc speech, p u n c t u a - ted 73 times by handcb ( uping and roars, formally plotted a n o n partisan course in the nomination battle between Gen. D wight D. ! Eisenhower and Sen. Robert Tafl. MacArthur, who backs T n f t find who has been mentioned as a possible vice presidential r u n n i n g Guests At Dirtner Dr. and Mrs. John "yler Cald- wcll w i l l he honored ai a dinner August 4 at the Fayettevillc Country Club when the new president male for the Ohioan, said: 1. The Democratid* party has noble heritage but has been cap- Russell Declores Military Power Only Chance In Korea Ike Murry To Speak Here of the University and his v/ife will \ tured by schemer;; l e a d i n g the Rally Scheduled At 2 Tomorrow he v.-clcomcd formally to FayeUe- ville by members of the Chamber of Commerce. The program \vill be informal, w i t h Chamber President Clint Walden serving as master of ceremonies and welcoming Dr. and Mrs. Cald-.vell to Fayctteville. Guests will be Chamber .nembers country toxvard ''the socialistic" regimentation of a t o t a l i t a r i a n , Ike Murr.v. attorney : Arkansas, will bring his :il of C o n v e n t i o n H a i l , Chivago-f/T)- The Talt-i'.l.-.ejuio-.ver b a t t l e for the OOP prr,iden;:al nomination came \-i .1 crucial point today with r i v a l c i i i i m a n t s lo '.13 disputed con- v c n t i f . n sr.it5 siugfiinfl it out toward a h n a l decision. By night- I i a l l . thc'-c contests shoulfi he set- j tied and lhe line drawn more f i r m - j 1 bcV'Tcn supporters of Sen. I Hubert A T j f l and Gen. Dwight ' IV Eisenhower among the 1,206 delegates to this 25th Republican , convention. ! The scrap over these 03 scats,!-: Roi'k-)/Vi-Sen. R i c h a r d ' i n v o l v i n g delegation:; 'rorn seven nusscll of Georgia, candidate foi slale-i, was hefore Ihe convention I n o ' D c m o ' ' j t i c nomination for C r e d e n t i a l s Comml'tee in the Con. president, said here Inclay t h a t the : (;rc£s U n l e l in downtown Chicago, only u-ay to settle the s t a l e m a t e ; n,,.; S Rulry of Guymon. Okla.. a in Korea is by m i l i t a r y strcnsthv T a l l hacker, hcads'the conimittes. "If we had three limes a* m a n y ! At the outset Hizley told thc icl planes ;.s the Clommunists, committee he (clt it was sitting have over Korea, Instead or t h e ; - i n the capacity of i supreme ratio being two to one ·Ramil us,: court" and should rule on lhe you'd see H change in the a t t i t u d e cvidcn'C. nf the Communist truce nexolla-! Here in the Convention Hall, tors." nusicll, c h a i r m a n cf thi . the t h i r d urssion «ot started at By LEON HATCH 2. The Republicans must pnlisl . f n r S o v c r n n r "' Arkansas to K;iy- a m p a i K n Scnalc Armed Forces Committee. 11:15 a. m. toriay. More speeches early less $1.565 trade-in allowance on two 1950 model automobiles. Thc ! and lh(?lr wivcs only other company bidding, Ah- : "'ckcts "r the dinner shier-Bryan Motor Company, bid on sale Iale t h i s week $4,616 on two standard six-cylin- ' ncxt w « ek - Th; dinner is being m two ' der Fords less a SI.624 trade-in blocked ; allowance, and S4.768 less .$1,524 adjournment p l a n s Saturday ' on two eight-cylinder sedans, brought a compromise which both '· f* Erect Slfiu houses approved. I A petition requesting siflns be The bills would nrovide: i erected at each end of thc Hlgh- 1. $11.793.776,339 lo finance I way 71 by-pass directing traffic atomic expansion, foreign aid and , to the business district was ap- mililary construction throughout i proved by the aldermen, who ask- i liJ D*l*atail Pu D*4t the world. ed Mayor Powell Rhea to c o n t a c t . ·«· KCICOKU Df KCOS 2. More than half a billion dol- | the state Highway Department to ! anti-Communist lawyers of West ] ars f o r r jvcr harbor and flood ' see whether the signs can be · B c r l m ' W - The French an- Berlin. He tes been in charge of i control projects. ' erected on the highway riglit-of- """need today t h a t the Russians compiling records on economic . with most Renublicans attend- i way. If not, they w i l l be erected haid "abbcd one of t h e i r high of- ing the GOP National Convention I Just off the right-of-way. i f _ id als as he strolled along thd .- kinds of Americans, who arc! cttcvillc tomorrow, lie has crhcd- "desperate for a p l a n which w i l l l u l c d " P ro! !ram nn the Square for revive hope," to win the Novem-' - I 1 - m - Members of the Grand bor election. i oic Ol )r - v foups 1 . i n c l u d i n g W h l i e y Knrd, Martha Carson, Ken M a r Nimes Nil rtndlditf Mac-Arthur named neither T a f l ivin and thc Kernels nf Horn Band Russell, who came here wilh the avowed purpose of .seeking "second choice" support of the Arkansas delegation, said t h a t the mosl serious problem confronting lhe Unilcrl Slates was thc Ihreal , arc scheduled In provide cnlcr- nor Eisenhower. Rul he hil al I h e j t a j n r n p n t before an address by administration's policy of Cnm-' c a n r iidatc. munist containment, which Kisen- -ern Germany, particularly concerning the legal rights of the population. Earlier today, th« French announced that the Rus- j-ians had nabbed one of their high officials, Jean Benoir, as he strolled along the Soviet zonal border and held him in captivity for 24 hours. 48, IK one of the leading ,, . . . , -- n i L i i i i n i cuiiiiiiiiiiiijiu, vvinwn r*iacii- I f a r k l l o l l a nMHrrt h v 3 '."PI' com . m " tee howcr supports, and called (or! 0 ,^ nor h« neanca by Vireil Blossom in co( - TM. « L · · b"^ 1 - 1 I I U I [1 « n operation with the Unher"iy R C - = m " C "'. r pow ! cr ;. a Ta t1 ^ ccl ^ c - l^rance her* toniRl.t Marlin K «t lations Commit'ce i Wca " n « civilian clothing, the! 7: 3 0i w i lh his upecch to b«gln at 8. L, |fivft-itar general spokt slowly and 9- ~ j deliberately. He leaned well forward into a thicket of microphones and, closely following his prepared text, leveled his heaviest blasts at the administration of j President Truman, who fired him j last year as United Nations com-! mandcr in the For East. | 1 French Offkial Nabbed of Communist aggression. j Russell said t h a i he would ask j the A r k a n s a s delegation at a n r f - j i i ! luncheon loday for its support if .,,,, J", r c I o r i a n d when il abandons Us favorite scheduled an ap- ,, or) l j a c k m K Qf Sm ^ w l l l i a m FulbrtKht. Three other Democratic conlenderi! h avc made mihir bid*--Mutual Security Ad Last Keepsake Sent To Mother Of Lost Son mihistrator AvercM Marrfman and l i t t l e business were on tap. BlMnhvwrr Giin* Seen Taft and Eisenhower ihernselvei were visiting with delegates in their hotels--still t r y i n g to harvest more support. There were signs Eisenhower might be chipping av/ay at the delegate strength Tafl has counted on. Tv.'o New York City delegates, who had been supporting Taft, announced they had dec ided to vole for Eisenhower. Both sides were wooing Gov. Earl Warren and the 70-votc California dfllafation, now pledged to support' Warren as "a candidate in in Chicago and many Democrats j Name Chanm Proposed handful of ! . out Of town, only . legislators were . h a n d w h o n records on economic crimes by thc East Communist rccime in defiance of German law. The Free Jurists group is largely composed of lawyers whn fled from thc oast. The group is one ; Congress adjourned. In the House of t h e principal targets of C o m - j wcrc about 60 Democrats seven m u n i s t propaganda. Jhe tteds al- | Republicans; in the Senate. 11 ' *""" "' " " *"" to 'Democrats ar^d two Republicans. j Major controversy c e n t e r e d around the SI 1,793.776,339 supple' i mental money bill, which carries He 53id Truman's claim of l n - i hercnt powers--which the Su- i The street names lece the creation of a "shoot kill* security belt around West Berlin is necessary to protect the East Zone from agents and provocateurs. Rioting Communists in Japan And Police Clash j $2 898JUO 000 for lhe atomic proj- l^T' named A jects, $6,031.947.750 for foreign i Boulevard l a i d , and S2.MO.OOO.OOO for globe-i circling military construction proj- ! ccts. ' : When the Senate and House I ficials as he strolled ] Soviet zone border and held him in captivity for 24 hours , ,. . . . ,. ordin a n c e . | T ,, e Frcnch H j f i h Commissi left on first reading, would chanqc i disclosed t h a t Jean Henoir nei the names of many Fayettevillc j sonnc | chicf , or B e r l i n com ; n;l n d . streets, eliminating several one- r Pierre Carolel' was arrested block streets and avoiding d u p l i - : Sunday on the frohnau border in cation in street names i an area where thc line is obscure. | free peoples of Easlcrn Europe." . . _ , Among:other changes, t h e H i g h - | Two Russian sentries took Benoir ' This came about, he said. b y . drawer M home A ela iv · 1 "'? A , ,, . u , way 71 by-pass, which is known ! (0 R 0[1 A r m v hoartnnarinrc ,1 ' wiihHr U 1 L. a l nf irm,i« virlriini. nl.--!.,,.!__ ·,, ,u. ,', o .J.j _ . , A n d. ne arWed. "you ,,.,. Court held did not j u s t i f y i? 0 /.'" * t[ " hcl ! t h e steel infustry seizure-was! 1 " 1 c . d '" ('"many, an American ' f i c t i t i o u s jmolhcr has received Ins last kcep: tl . '. .. -sake. A class ring, inscribed lilts *orti(n l o n c y ;-Tcxas A. and M. College. 1942, The administration's foreign i John E. Harris" was found by « policy, he said, "practically in- j German refugee digging lor scrap vited Soviel dominance over lhe:metal on the Lucnehurg licalh. He put the ring temporarily in Senators Robert S. Kerr o/ Oklahoma and Estes Kefauver of Tennessee. SuRgeiti lirief Platform He suggested at » news conference that the platform should j to talk w i t h them tomorro"-. t .. ,, u r* ,* T-, ·..! I)C liric ' w i t h no attempt to satisfy\ Taft and Stassen r:ich told the U.eneburg, Gennany-f/Pf-Light ., pvn . y scgmem of volcrg -. B u t . l c a h f o r n i a i . s they hoped tho partv H i r m a n son w a s l h r ^^ lnc platform should | would remain united and that all strongly stress thc international situation and promise nn u n t i r - ing continuation of the U n i t e d ' States' r e a r m a m e n t program. ; Russell said he didn't subscribe hii own right. At Warren's invitation, Taft and Harold Stassen, also bidding for the presidential nomination, met w i t h the California delegation. Eisenhower Is factions would work lo elect the I presidential nominee, whoever he ~ ^ | ..... ...t.^ian JCIILI it:.s LUUK ocnoir i i i i s t-.iun; d u u u L , lie rd.u, u.y i a orawer al nome. A relauvc, I Known ; ( 0 R^ Army headquarters at '. w i t h d r a w a l nf Iroops, yielding of ;rmigrating to the U. S., told a n ! MVh 71 i "mi/ ncauquaners a t . w n n a r a w a i 01 uoops, yiciumg 01 ;rmigratmg to Ihe U. S., tolc rVhihaM V l' K a r l h o r s t - Hc was returned to thc Control over atomic materials de- American clergyman aboard rcnioaia reii border yesterday and released. posils. dismantling of German of Ihc incident. As a result of tn the "Hoover-Taft" theory t h a t air power alone \vns sufficient protection for t h i s nfttion. can't ; first deadlocked over the measure, arfiuins into the early hours Sun- Tokyo - (fl) - Japanese police day morning, the bill provided clashed w i t h 1,000 rioting Com- only $1.450.000,000 in atomic Other changes: First Street tn Fourth Slreet. Second Street to Fifth Slreet, Third Street and Wall Street to Sixth Street, Fourth Street to Sev- Communists last night in a pitched funds. This was later boosted to battle in Nacoya, Japan's third i two billions by the House as a largest cily. Kyoda News Agency , compromise move hut administra- rcportcd one person was killed j tinn leaders in the Senate insisted and at least 63 i n j u i c i l , including on more. I 56 policemen. The original bill also contained , At one point the police fired into the mob of demonstrators, who hurled stones, wielded bamboo spears and losscd fire bombs. Thc riots started after a three- hour demonstration at Osu Baseball Stadium, where 7.nno turned out to welcome Iwo Japanese who recently relumed from a visil to Red China. I didn't I plcte. As f i n a l l y passed, the spend, ing curb was retained in thc bill. But opponents of the rider said its ! effect was offset by the additional i $808,000.000 voted yesterday for i the atomic commission. AEC ! Chairman Gordon Dean agreed. ! Also resolved was a secondary ! disnule over $584.061,600 rivers J and harbors and flood control bill which Congress sent to the White London-WVThe European heat House .just before it adjourned ·wave moved into its l l t h day to- Senator Maybank (D-SC) and day wilh no relief in sighl. Deaths Sen. Olin Johnston (D-SC) had lololed about 30(1. Thc tempera- threatened to filibuster against il lure hovcrect at the 100-degrce; because thc House had erased mark at scattered points on l h e : four m i l l i o n dollars the Senate had approved for the Harlwell enth Street. F i f t h Street to Eichth 3treet. Sixth Street and Harbison Street to N i n t h Street. Seventh Street to Tenth Street; Eighth Street and Docld Street to l l t h Street. N i n t h Street and Bcrl Street to 12th Street. i n t h Street to 13th Street, l l t h . , , Street to 1 4 t h Street. Ingalls " TM" ' hat '""".v-including the strcct ,,, North Slr( , cl If , a s , rcct president-interpreted as hairing to Lafavette Street. Ida Street in the Atomic Energy Commission ] in'nn's First A d d i t i o n to i: a from s a i l i n g any projects il | Sl the money to com- Assembly Of God Church Official Dies In Wales Kprinftfield, Mo.-WVThe Rev. nave ship i this i n d u s t r i a l plants and a l l o w i n g . t i p the U. S. Air Force hcadquar- shinments of war (roods to thc;tcrs at Wiesbaden was asked to : Soviet. 'help. In the east, he said, the U n i t e d , from Mrs _ Ka ,i,, B n i , rr i Si p, 15 . (States -proceeded w i t h prceipi- r0| wash., has eome a letter of tale haste to divest ourselves of ; gr;i!iu,de for having been sent the our m i l i t a r y strength." This pol-, r j n ,, | lcr 5011| i jt ,| nhn Knimct icy caused thc loss of Cominun- i i| ar ,.js. was lost on a bomhin? R. Steelberg. 50, general ^ ism of North China. North Ko-: m j s s j o n ovcr Germany In April, superintendent of thc Assemblies rea and the Kuriles. he declared. 1941. S«s No WHI-To-Win M a c A r t h u r lashed particularly at what he called the lack of the traditional \ v i l l - t o - w i n in Korea. "Korea stands today as the hallowed graveyard for countless American dead." he said. "We : arouse much enthusiasm in Paris, Sen DHeffaUon* Eisenhower had breakfast with the 2fi-vote Missouri delegation Heat Causes Hundreds Of Deaths In Europe reel factually, this street is already lla and has been for many years). Southern Street to Hebec- ca Street. Fairview Street lo Fair, view Drive. | Scott Street to Walton Street. i Satterfiold Street to A d a m s | Street. Shrewberry Street to ; Roekwood Trail, Sunset Drive i n Rreezy H e i g h t s A d d i t i o n to Lorraine -Street. Louisiana "Vay to Center Street, Missouri Road of Cod w i t h i n t e r n a t i o n a l head- q u a r t e r s here, died loday in C a r d i f f . Wales, of heart disease. Word of his death was received in a t r a n s - A t l a n t i c telephone call from i son. the Rev. Wesley r. Stcclbers. Assembly of God pas- rtau,. a M Re 'V7' nd M ily ; r 3 ' 1 '" '" " : 1 "''-'t n n l '« il t"TMTM S5 WC » daughter, Mrs. Lloyd Coldbaugh, : ( ,,, v c v a r d , n r A m e r i c a n Record Crowds Visit Playgrounds Area for example, over of bein^ liberated bomb. They've been liberated be-1 fore w i t h tanks, a r t i l l e r y and in- f a n t r y and that was bad enough."I He .said foreign aid should be j continued but that ''.self-help"; should he cmpi.i':;izcd among t h e j nations icccivinR the aid. Russell t a l k about any reduction in taxes: soon, "i believe I could bring \ about n l.ix reduction sooner than anyone rise," he iaid. , Of civil rights, Russell declared, "I believe we'll d r a f t a p l a n k we can n i l live wilh. But it won't and, in a l i t t l e harmony and Democrats so far November 4 it'll talte them 20 years to get back." talk, appealed for for "kicking the Springfield. f a i t h and A m e r i c n n Joplin, Mo. - fSpecial) - The O/aikh Phiysround.s of Missouri, hope. Oklahoma and A i k a n s a s hit nn Retail Merchants To Plane With Five Aboard Missing In New Mexico A l b u q u e r q u e -f7P)- A land-sea Plane carrying at leaM f i v e pas- a l l - l i m n Inch in p o p u l a r i t y w i t h · recreation .seekers over the Fourth fi D,.**!* flu,* of J u l y holiday. Area records were MdyC Diiyiln Uflji "And. come November we w i l l make it work again, so help us continent. In Western Germany more t h a n 200 deaths wcrc reported, in- , cludini? seven U. S. soldiers f r o n i i heat prostration or drowninc. '. Italy reported 33 dead, France 20. 1 Poulfry Market -- dam on lhe Savannah R i v e r be- hvccn South Carolina and Georgia. They dropped their fight how- Prospect Strrrt. WeM Dickson i j . c - wrst of Ha?.orhark Road to M a r k - MOlOT P l f f T l ham Road, u n i d e n t i f i e d street r u n n i n g southeast from Mission 1»* poulto market loday ai «-· plant and submit a report to thc ported by lhe Universily of Ar- ; next session of Congress kaniM Institute of Science «nd Maybank said the hydrogen Technology and the Dairy and bomb plant on the Savannah Riv- over, after the supplemental u p - . S triol to Assembly Road. (This propnation biU was amended tn : rftad h a s , n n R boon i d f . n l i f i p d on request the ARC to investigate the c i l v m a p s as KAssombIv R o a d ) . importance of the dam to thc R.-.tes Street west of R a / o i h a r k R i a n t Savannah R i v e r atomic nnad lo Sunscl D r i v o . Change Is Missing A m e r i c a n honor." Thc speech loaned hca\ ily tow a r d the snintual approach to srnashc d as the lar K numhcr of the achievement of n a t i o n a l , i n d C p C n ri c n t T Oay visitors m the 1 K a y e t t f v i l l e r c l a i l merchants strength. M a c A r t h u r f.aid Amer- 32-year history nf i h e O/ark P l a y - ! v. i l l p a r t i r i n a l c in a n o t h e r c i t y - j i c a n s bave mudc the Constitution Kr0 i mr | s Association poured into ' wide sale Thursday Friday and ' w o r k for 176 years, lie concluded: t h p thr ,. r . st . tlp vacationland. And ( S a t u r d a y , it w;.h announced today while the jm-;t w;is pl;,' host tn by Hfjydon I,cv/is, c h a i r m a n of thc its grcaU-st crowds, most Individ- i R e t a i l M e r c h a n t s Committee 1 of u.'il resorts am) resort areas also ; lhe Chamber of Comment*, entertained record numbers. j The sale will he known ns J u l y While no a c c u i a l e e s t i m a t e of i H a r K a i n Day s . w | t h sppcial v a l u e the number of visitors and vaca- . prices hoinfi offered by thoc tionois is available. Miss Marie stores l a k i n g part. Lewis said Ad- Kolb. Play«rounds director, «:aki verlisements a n n o u n c i n « the bar- hundreds of thousands visited t h e ' j i a i n s ·'.'ill a j ) p i \ i r in Wedne.s::;iy's area. ' T I M K S . Reports Indicate Cost Of Living At An Ail-Time High Thc alrlermcn also p a r k i n R on Ihe east side of West Slreet between Spring and Prairie ·yTM" 1 K machine, police reported ,,, . U'ashington-i/Pi-The cost of Thieves enlered the H a t f i e l d i , . , , , ,, , Pontiac Company l . u i l d i n s " l a s t ! '"''"* P rob ' lbl " " "' '" a "-" mc nighl t h r o u g h an unlocked door, n '' (:n tr "' ;i '- A m l '' could go high- hul escaped w i t h only aboul $5 to i er. This was indicated by a KCIU-S e l i m i n a t e d * B i n r n f m K c P |lls « small amounl of r h a n c e from a c h e w i n f j R u m Poultry Market News Scrviw of thi U. S. of Agriculture. Horthwest Arkansas er. still under construction, would require one half million gallons of Streets. water « minute and the Hartwell Tht WtOth«f market i dnm would have to be built he- lirm, demand good, o f f e r i n g s c o n - : cause "we can't t a k e ft ehance of linu* light at nil points, heavy |» drounht on the Savannah Div- hlekens very scarce, trading l i g h t . , or." i'rlces p«ld f. o. h. f a r m up lo 2 Senate leaders plfd«ed they . m., hrollfrs or fryers all wrighls would try In get f u n d s for the dam .2.30 tn 2,«S Ibs.) 30-S1 cents « : e«rly In the next session of Con- and in the enst reports yesterday IK macninc. nonce renortert vi.hi,.»» I . I H - loday. j City policr said merchandise in lhe b u i l d i n R had b«n disturbed, to a point M per cent higher t h a n j r e n t s «nd hut apparently n o t h i n g was t a k e n 3. Wholesale prices were i m - ' a r r - ( · i i n . b i n R a l r e a r l v . It chaiiKcd for ihc 'verl' ended J u l y m'.-iies in e^)^, f r u i ! . ^ 1, m d i c a ' i n g lhe rlrchne d u r i n g :inrl f ^ h pru'cs wen lhe paM few \vrcls is l e v e l i n g o f f . if-.prin.-.hlc f r . i thc fond '.·- Iv/t-rii M.iy L'll :ir,H J u n e t h e p i n e . , j u m p e d nio^l -t.7 ! Arkansas--Parlly Cloudy w i t h ! » M f w a y T» S»e Queen scattered thundcrshowers in the I.ondon-Wi-Cen. Matthew B. east and south t h i s a f l e r n o o n and Ridgway will meet Queen mostly .10. I Kress. in Ihe south portion t n n i e h t and belh and d i n r wilh I'timt Mm- t o m o i r o w ; roolei this a f t e r n o o n , isler C h u r c h i l l when lh« supremf »nd joulh pnr- Allied romm»ndfr «rrlv« hers tn. A s l a f f i f p r u t In Ihe S Hou;e K t o n o m i c Commiltei of g o v e i n m e n t reports yesterday day before sjid prices may i l i m l i ' The (mid pn.-i- i n d e x nn J u n e 15 which said: , tn sn all-lime peak in Ihc n e x t ' w a s 2 3 1 f i . using the I93V3S a v e r 1. rood prices went up t h r e e 5 |v \ n 12 m o n t h s -- u p one to t h i i T . agp ;is Hin t e n t h s nf one per cent In J u n e -- ',pcr cent--because of mcre.. : .es In · The r o M - n f - l i v l t i g i n d e x on May , services, a recovery in 15 stood at 1BO. one-tenth of a just hefore the Korean w a r -- . c l o t h i n g prices, and . shsht u p - i point below Ihe 189.1 reached In m » l n l y because of grocery and t u r n In consumer durahlr goods.' December and January. meat price increases. ]The report said fond price, w o u l d : The H1.S wholesale i n d e x for nil 2. The next overall cosl-of-liv- nol chan;-e r n u ( h 'inless crop commodities slood at HO.7. using the possibility ! H e jlso mct Ulcr wi , h [he N e _ by an atomicifc,..,^., dc i e g a t ion lnd lgain , p . pealed for unity. Tafl was beaten B58 to 548 on seating contests Is.sue by a coalition of Eisenhower's supporters and backers of other candidates, he bounced back to capture con- Irol i,l thc convention's Credential Committee. Some Eisenhower leaders predicted the committee would bring back to lhe convention--i/ossibly loday hut more likely tomorrow-a report giving the Ohio senator the b u l k of thc contested dele. . . . . . Kates. Thev promised a bristling please extremists on either side. ( , oor [ i g h ,- i n u ul event. Two Of Mobcrly, Mo., Killed In Road Crash Salisbury, ,\in.-'/!VTwo Moberly men '.' t re killed early today in a collision of their pickup truck anrl an auionn/ij;lc rp. U. S. Highway 2 ) r.n the o u t s k i r t s of Salis- b u i y . ,I!)MU 21 miles west of. Mobei ly. Dead were Lindel Beard. 33, of the true!:, and Ralph Taylor, 0, a passenge in the t r u c k . Tnr.y Ivy nf Jnncsboro, Ark., t r . i v d m K jloiu' i i the ear, suffered cus and bruises and was taken to a M o b e i ' y He was not behaved to ha\'e been seriously h u r t . M i s s o u r i H i g h w a y Patrol head- tiu.iriers at M.icon said the two vehicles .ipparently collided head- on. Kefauver Headquarttrs In Chicago Planntd S u l l i v a n s.n.1 today headquJrt«M I of lhe n a t i o n a l Kefauvrr Cam* . paign f'ommit'.ee Is moving Intt Chicago July 13 .eight (Uyt bt' fore the Democratic Nation*! Con* ventlon opens. ' The organii»tlon, knelling 8«ni Kslcs K e f a u v e r o( Tfnneme* fol m a i n l y i i - e h e - r.. K« ci ccnl. Ihr l!)47-49 averane »s 100. Cen- the Democratic presidential [lions tnnlght. i morrow for a two-day visit. ing index (iue in aboul Ihrre weeks ' prospects ·.vrrc allercd. Is expected lo show a n n l h r r c l i m b H o w e v e r , i h e ll.irrau nf or.illy higher wholesale p r i r r s ination. plans to clow «J Wuh hera\ue r r n l s «rf l i s m g . The last S l a l i s t i c s . altei m a k i n i : a s p e c i a l were reported for llvMtoc:.. t « - l i n g t o n nfficen July U, Sulllv.ll index nn May IS w,n only one- food jiirvey of eight key cities nn liles »nd fibers G r a m s imd n u t - ' «»ld. Chif»»o h»«*»u»rttrs w j tenth of i point Mow Ihe record. June 15, said yesterday (nod pricei ur«l rubber wert down. Ihe In tn* Conn4 Hilton Hottl.

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