Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 7, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1952
Page 5
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Color Galore As Republicans Open Convention * But Fight Under Way In Earnest . Over Nomination Chicago-OPt-Torn with emotion, more than 12,000 Republicans thronged into Convpntion Hal! today to begin the process of nominating t candidate for president. ! Some of them are angry, many o f ! them are anxious fnr themselves · and for the party, ami mo?t nf ! them are plagued with the devils ; of indecision. ! There are two pictures horn today. I Thr one you can see has been '. building up for a wnpk. All Ihp ' ·rgani/.ed nonsen?e of a national convention hap hr?rn going on. fuii blast, in the Conrad Hilton Hotrl, and in the streets around it. There ' are fhe swirling crowds with their ' banner? and placards, whooping j and shouting, chanting their s!o- I pins and Imnie-marip rampnign I pnngp. They have nmmed trip vaM · ]nbbjp? of the hotel, fighting and : ^^^ ' NOtTHWCT AIKAN5AS TIMtS, Foytnivill*, ArkamM. Hondo/, JuJy 1, 1552 West fork Miss Rae Smith had »i her weekend puest, Mrs. Georse I'm- h n u g h and daughter. MM-. Klranor, "f Sprincrtale. and Miss Hernire Karnej of Fayettevilie. r.nejts r,f Mr. and Mr* ,1. K. Lnssitcr th.s weel; nre Mr. and Mrs Albort Mi-K-n,::! .-.nd rjiil- jflrrn of Hugo. Okla.. and Mr. Las- liter's step-father and mother. Mr. ; cnd Mrs. R. W. Rivrns of Kayette- '·i' 1 '- lM«ry ThrUkfld «nd ion. Burry.'Erntrjon ind Mr. «nd Mri Ru- The r ' Jn n" on i fish litfdtr on Mr. and Mrs Ed Sample had as attended the « fddnij of Lt J»(k re] Sin-ar! ·'·h;'!i Mlmin rlimb ever Hjm rue'" Frid^v. Mr jnd Mr'-, .lark farter in Okljhonn City, Salur- Mr and Mr.. r.i-' ·····.'·· ..... -I l :'-"ii:.v art pools of water ind I Krrcn.'nn ft '.Vh'Mii-r. r^hf . and cloy 'li'ithter. B» T'V, rp-nt the w»^k- hll 'J" f ' J '° ' r e! above each other. ' - ' - - · - · - . -- · .-.----.. · .Mr'. Syi'H Art.ims and d^iii-hlT ( of Mr. and Mr? Allan r-n-l in .. of Rr.anr.. .Keith this week are th'lr inn-m- and Mr W. M. MrKinnr.'-." \V»rknvi cm-Mr nf Mr find l.iv Vld rU'itrhter. Mr .-m-l Mr- Mr. urnl M r - , ft*-. K*r i- h-id Mr;. T. 1, MiKmahi ivere thnr ·'.". firm r- ,-ind rhilrtien nl Hills- T- Suiul..' s 'i. Mr. in-l Mr.'-: «on-m-i:iv and iljiMc'i'i-r. Mr. and l-.niii:h. Tp\.i.?. r;rr,f Karnn and children of }';,:·-\ Mr*. HiM O e n t i j . and \Vayne Co- Mr and Mrs. W ; ,|l«r Slj\eiv i t ' r " i ! | o . ,rart n. r Tuln. fikl.T. Mr-. ,Ie-\'el .lenninu- ,ir-t jnn. l.ih- · · · ! N'li. II. A. Carlrr, V.r. n'.:il Mr', il'in Kjle. and .l.imrt Slaient. nl When it is f i r l ("rrt'^d. !h» hu- ; Tom r:iri»r, Mr?. Aili iMrler of w.-h!la, Kans., wrm wrnki-nn man emhrvo H |i-.« i',.in a him- iMisi Shirley Brown, and Mrv Kneels of Mr. and Mie. Sf- r dn'dth nf an /2 GALLON Vanilii Ice Creim 63c Holland Rret. Locfctr Plenty of ALL WOOLS... finer blends... lower prices... GIVES "SIGHT" TWICE FOR HIS COUNTRY-Willard Sr., of Cincinnati, blinded when serving with the Marines on Iwo .lima, esrnrts his son. \Villarri, Jr., 17, tr ft Marine recruiting station. Until his enlistment, ihp son had been serving as "eyes" for his father. Trxss. full-featherpd Indian hpad- ! dresses, men wandering around in i blue jeans with fhousrrs rolled un to the knees, acre? and acre? nf bare shoulders, a girl in while Shorts whirling around on roller yelling, and rnppy to fe · for" thi? nr that cnndida'r . . . ' portable loud-speaker?, blaring. and blasting . . . th« Crushing ! vhite lights of television and thp newsreels . . . a blizzard of leaf- ' lets and throw-aways . . . and · everywhere, on the curbs and i even thp floors, people sit. fan- | ning thpmsrlve? and rubbing ' swollen ankles, a little dazed, a lit- ] tie rtirzy. I All of that mnvM irwfqy to On- i vrntion Hall. It i? the visible side' o' thp. picture-. i Crowd Psyrhnlnfiv Watched \ But 'here is annthrr fide. And i not even the professional politi- '·· cians can see. thi? side, nor gauge i* with any accuracy, nor control | It beyond a certain point. And it has them worried. Call it crowd psvchology. · B-sfore the Republican*: begin Doting,on P candidate, they nrob- nbly will be railed on lo vole on the rule? of thp convention, a ·resolution, an amendment, and possibly morp than onp. Program For Opening Day Of Convention Wllh Evening Session Set For 8:30 * ! Chicago-i/P'-Here IF the program i for thp opening day of the Re. publican Convention: . Mnrnins session --- 11 .in a in. i 'F.ST'. Tail to order. National .v. hair-man Guy C,. C.abrielson. ' The National Anthem. i Invocation. lh* Rev. Dr. .Tb?°ph j · Simonson. National Lutheran ' . Council, NPW York. » '. i Gr*ptinps. Mayor Martin H. : Krnnplly of Chicago. ' Welcome. Illinois S t a t e Tress- i urer William 0. Stratton. ! Convention call, Mrs. Chafes P. i Howard, convention perrctary. i Temporary roll of the enliven-1 tion; election of temporary chair- ; man anrl other temporary officer?: ' adoption of temporary rules; se-' :lectinn nf committee? on credentials, permanent organization, rule? .and order of business, resolution?, j Address, hy Gabrfilson. ; Appointment of commit fee tn · escort the temporary chairman to j the chair. ! Evening session -- 8:3fi p.m. : C^ll tn order. Gahrirl-nn. . The National Anthem; the oath i of alioeifincp. Invocation. Samuel Cardinal j Stri'ich. archbishop of Chiraijo. , Walter S. Hallanan, i*mporar i chairman, escorted to the chair. ! Keynote address, by Gen. Dmip la? MacArthur. who will be introduced by Hallanan. Miscellaneous business. Adjournment until TupFd-'iv. Platform Carefully Guarded By Chairman, But End In Sight; Civil Rights Plank Still Needed Chicago - tfP\ - Republican plat-1 nrivate conference with Kipen- . form builder? neared the end o f , newer riurinp which foreign policy a lone .'-irueqlp today to complete plank proposals undoubtedly \verp a campaign stiurture mostly of i discussed. Iri-inpular planks. On? 5idr hid for' vn'er support in the Nnv°mbcr general election. On its fac? Wl1 s was rnrh major i-,«ue -- foreign policy, labor, civil rights, eorrup- ·bo\v-P.r and Sen. Robert A. Taft on thj«t question of the ru'ec. jt i.c ijerl to Ihe whole bitter struccle that arn?e over th» seating nf rival | tion. farm supports and other key delegation? from the samp s1atn«. question-. one group demanding thp right n ! Tnp n1lir '' -w" sirlre centrally vote for the general, the other for ' ^^^'^^^'.'r,^.'"""' l "'.' iylH 'j! '" th? senator. .^, rfnr The Pepublirnn National Committee decided thn hie mamnty of thepe contest? in favor of Tnft. Ki- . nriri"?. report erl he is ronfid n nt ill GOP pro.iidenliM aspirants ; will favor the/ committee's pro: i pnsals. \- -' COLORFUL BORDER BLANKETS 70"x80" Prttty enough to double at o ipreod. Wonderful et o liphtwnight covering on cool, Summer nlqhtf. 60% rayon, 30% e»1ton f 10% wool in sparkling deto- rofor color?! / '.*/ i D. ' ,,t '" ; Rohorl A. Taft of Qiiin. · They nre ihe ion cnnlcnd^rs in t IIP b*iHp for ;he Republican ·Fenhowpr's loaders are now pre- | preFidrnltal nomination. The battle p-ired to appeal tho^e deei?ion« to '· quickens loday with ihe opening the full con^'ention. ' ' " Their weapon will be tn propose .an amendment to thi? rule?:. noth yidps arp fully ali\-p fn the potentialities. They both know that hundreds of delegate!: mieht swing, caught TIP in a wave of Jeeling. to the side that wins the battle on the amendment. True, both Taft and Eipenhnwrr have hard-core croup?, dclec^'f 1 ;: who will .t(ay with them to the 'Vnr.ommittPd Delegate*; Important But it appear? that the truly ri^- cisive factor in thi? fon\-ention lie? with the uncomrni'trd n^Ie- gatep. the one? who are p-till undecided, the one? pleds^d to a "favorite son" for a round or twn. All the?e people want to he on the winning side. And en. the bluff, blun' srnatnr from Pennsylvania. .Jim Puff, rc- narkeri. "If thrv n^ft's advisers i go tn bat on this rule? j-?ur ,ind · lose, thev'rp throuch." Duff is. backing Eifpnhorver. A ercat many p"liti--i^ns. analyst? and political reporter.* here aciep. Tom Cnlrmin. TaM's r a m p a i E n j manager, doe? not. He rays Taft could lakf a bratmE in th^t f!.i«e of the fight and still win when the ' time comes to vote for a candi- of Jho GOP convention. 1 Snn E'lecnp D. Millikin of Colo- . irado. Plnlform Committee c h a i r - I ,'man. rnniinm-d to pu?h a special j drafting siaff niRht and day behind · I rloperl dntir? and amid' rlo.-p|\- ' I guarded ?»c'-(Ty. HP wants nn pro- · ! mature leak?. Neverthel^?;;, other '. mrmbrrF of the committee di-;-; i rlo'-p-i ih-it nnlv a civil riphls . j plank needed to b? hammered inlo , subcommitie? Splits '· A sub^ommittp* Ipd by Mr?. Mil- 1rp-"i Younger, delegate'from Call- . fnrni.i. split 4 tn 2 upon what : Republicans should propose. All =ix opporod a compulsory f«deril program or commission to halt ; rarial and minority discrimina- · lions. I Rut Mrs. Younger and three ; ·nrmhers pucfje.eteri a voluntary j f"rirrnl commi?sinn with power in in\ i rs:iyatf state ,ind local condi- ! t!on= tn f h i s fielrl and mnk", rec- , immrndntirm?. Thi; war nxpectpd I to nnpr^l 'n Np^ropp and other minon'y croups. T'vn committremen insisted the fp'tcnl anvpi-nment should leave eiifh matters to s t a t e and local action. Milikin. a p,itirnt and pci-sua- qve arivr.csfp of p,i:t\- harmony, was r\noctPd !n whittle out a j^t- i?factoi\ cfinipromi?ft bpfnre thp uas lp;;inpd. however, that either i T.nft or Eisenhower, who h^\'c collitlryi publicly upon inlrrna- tional and defense i??uv?, could ; -tand on thp platform. Reference? to "tragic mHtak' 1 -." ' t ind ^ "China-last" policy bv fir ! Truman administration shoul i ' nl^nsc the Taft camn. PlodB p s nf continued foreign ;iid . in (he clohal effort for mutual J-P: ?urity acainpt Communist annrp?- ' -ion should keep Eisenhower ( forces happy. ' Similar treatment wa? reprtrtrn hy subgroup? on the louchy qup'- ' lions of gnvevnmpnt farm pn^r ! nroprams and labor-managemrn! Initial report«; from Mir fanii ^lank sroup indicated mo\'empnt ; gway from ricid covernment prif-e supports and strong federal controls. Then Congress put its approval :n « firm level of relatively hieh farm price prons. The GOP plank wa? 5ha pod to back "reasonable" supports. ' The labor plank now urge* a inion mnnnc^mcnt confrrenrr T f - tpr the November p]pctmn«. ThV i? an invitation tn both bu. c me.'? ind union ]o;idor? to eln-t Rppub- lir,ins and Him present Ih^ir rio- msnds. CHOKED ,--,:- GAS? FLCWR BASKET JAQUARD BLANKETS 72"x90" So colorful in your bed- rooml You'll like lh« lonij- wtcring blend of 7S°i royon and 25"» cotton. Colors are nice for gift- giving. But Colrman al?o sa ould foretell how nnhnH\ de t Evidence of this rame vester- liy as Millikin mnfrced from ,1 ~ ~" ' THANK HfcAVKNS!Mo*t(i(t»cl(i«rf JSM* » (n-lifpstton. v.'hfn it ·trUfj. i«ki Btil-n llhlfti. They cnn:»in the f s t t f j t - a r - i medlrlnei knotcn tn dor torn fnr liie relict htirtburn. ctt tnd fllstrwiL 2*f. velopment wonld hit the ir-he- tu'ecn delegates, nor how hard. Henre. the rumors were p"r- fistent ill day yesterday that Ta/t might duck the floor fit;ht--roq- realinf hif. total delegate ftren^th --and concentrate on the critical vote for th» cindidary. « In believed that the f| r? t " passenger rle\-ator \\-as instiillerl in New Vofv in IS57. Af wtstanding rb'-nr--.Ttmee's 'Romsn Me»l Bread. ll-19-tt CHICK SPECIAL 8c t«ch NCAVT MIXED ARKANSAS Hitck«ry DANCE LEGION HUT FAYETTEVILLE Tuesday, July 8 JOHNNY DAULTON ond His Wtittrn Swing Kings From Corlibod, N.M. 9 till 1 WHY hrramr you pay lidlr- liy-linlf, nnd Invr ynur (iirrh.i«r pjiirl for uh**n tlir limr roinf« to lur i t ! A MnnII d r p o s i t holds your purrhiiAr. irnini'xiipnfcivp .. .you pay Prnnry'n rrgulir, Inw ra*h prirr^ . . . no *Vjirrying rharj^rn", no rutrmt* ASK ANY MNNIY SAUSPtRSONI LOOK! ·:*VV ··~l ALL WOOL! i ·« · · Special! 3 Ibs. of Solid Warmth... Imagine getting an all wool blanket; fluffy, soft, and cozy warm for so little! You'll lovt the exciting army of colors. 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