Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 5, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 5, 1952
Page 10
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10- -MM1 , j»iy i, if51 I* used in comblnjlion with other f ARM AND HOME NEWS Several Types Of Insecticide Said Effective fiood control nf these p«tx. DDT is effective . ajsinst Imm a t u r e stages and unengorged f e - j j $5,000 Scholarship, Premium And Prize Trarfar Hrivinn Award For State Livestock Show Announced ' ° F ,, " 9 Contest Planned A $5,r00 i t t o l h c r u r a l · v o u t h t but is not too effect. n.'.t r-ncorged females. H has residual action. Whrn used insecticides us BUG, I.inilanc or rotenone, which u/onrl control ran be secured, Xlves females, Offer Good Control Seperately Or In Combination I Riving about two or three weeks protection. When DDT is left out, iei.:du,il action Is lost because of Ihe fast breakdown of these mat c i i a l s . l.,indano has seemed t o 1 h a v e refcldual action when used) LII..OC.I. u is sometimes m - l o l Arkansas to jrovidc rein' ·; " A "" Ual prizOS '" lhc a n l o u n ' no, hf '" T" 3 ^ a " d "hould prizes and scholar'shi^alTc'iTtl, 1 ! nerfof'TM r'rn yo^tTcon'lesl' 0 (Th"^ halves H? °" , ' h C , V C r y -TM"-= ] ·'"'»'··'' A r k a n s a s Livestock Shov/jsum should purcha.4 four or f i J e i cilves. It .hr, (rn m ,,,,,, ,,, ,,,,.,., h, as announced last week by C,,l. I pure-blooded a n i m a l prizes) weeks protection. H is made int. wettable powders, but so far they have not been widely distributed. Toxaphcnc is widely distributed as cmulsifiable concentrate which T. H. Harton, chaiiman of t h e i .1. The' C. Co,,., $100 In Pr.ze Money To Be Awarded preset Of 1, the - Several questions have come up!"! 1 "" " n ",' . m . nrr w n ' k . i s don( -' ... ' 'These materials are a v a i l a b l e as ^·rcimg the different msK-tlcidcs | weuahip powders and should not .U'hich are effective for the con-; bc used otherwise. Irol of ticks on cattle, a i r n r d i n f i j Toxaphcne is e f f e c t i v e lo Curl Rose, county »Kcnt. There; both i m m a t u r e stages and cn- frt Mveral insecticides and i n - i forccrl females. It also has rcki- jjctlcide combinations which Eive dual toxidt.v so docs not have lo is used on cotton The eight pound concentrate, ,, l h a t is elKllt pounds a c t u a l Toxa-|, m phenc lo one jjallon l i q u i d , can be' used w i t h o u t injujry lo animal: if much care is exercised. It is j In- itself! Uii thouid nnV he Vljed ! nlore Uk ^ ln in -i llre lh animal i i n n n u n t i l innri. iim.L- ;* H n n » ' t h a n the wctlalilc powder, although there wouldn't be much oil present as it would bc used at the rale of one-half gallon of the concentrate to 100 gallons l a w n Jockey Club of Hot Springs. :"f prngs. and Mrs. Cclla. who indicated lhat . ' h o it may be made i n t o an a n n u a l : will board Ten $10(1 cash prizes lo IIP led to winners of f a r m vnulM A nr i · .,,. " " j ' u m i A Wa.'.lun^ton C o u n t v ator Byrd said t h a t officials l n p c r u.. i,.] v n M r . ., ,, [I. ^e state 4- H Clubs andj^.or'de ,er a' r^nn^n- ^i" 1 TM,,.'?TM'TM '" America !,,,,,,,.,, ,,, , onrm , ntinn with to advise he; War.himrlnn C o u n t y K.vt ... . O p e n i n g T o d a y ! HOGS' HEAVEN W A T E R M E L O N G A R D E N 540 Girlind Avinui Sirring lei cold mtloni illctd or wholi d«llr from 4 to 10:30 p.m. (Qp«ril«d by 4 Uni»«rillr EnalnHrina Kludmlt) of water. The concentrate has one advantage in that it mixes well and floes not rctjuire much agita- . 'Im delivered the $5,000 check to Colonel Barton and state Sen. Clyde Byrd, show manager, last week, specified that the rules and reflations governing the awarding and allocation of thc funds should bo placed in the hands of the hoard of governors if thc show. , the show for farm youth, Announcement of the Cella! ' g r a n t brought to an estimated i$35.nnri the value of special i n w a r d s tn be offered lo Arkansas ,'! ows .' i y o u t h in the ]!)K livestock show !.,,.,".' lo bc conducted September 20- October 4. Previously Joseph G. Gerard, S C H L I C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NIW HAMPS-VANTRISS CROSS OCUWAftt HMV CROSS GiUbltthwl O»«i 25 Y««ri rruck D*llT.rtn to Minr Lonlllln 5CWICHIMIN HATCHERY U.S. APPKOVtD NJUORUM CHAN I P|MM " I For Prl | D«lltr I4T.IR Prtan And 0*llT*tr D«|M BOX B, APPLETON CITY. MO. \ Don't Forget the THEATRE SUMMER WORKSHOP'S Whiteheaded Boy OPENING JULY 9 Box Office Opens Again July 7 at 1:00 Maintenance Of Brooders Pays Off In Savings Chick brooders, like other f a r m equipment, may well continue to raise in price. This means that poultry producers should use more carefhan ever in m a i n t a i n - ing brooders--so they w i l l give extra years of service before replacement is necessary. Associate County Agent Lowell Lankford polnletl out t h a t at this time of year, p a r t i c u l a r l y with home and f a r m flocks, replacement slock has already passed . , whal Ihe follow,,,, .nanner: ^^^^^^^ , I. r n u r ono-ycar scholarships o f ! provide an a n n u a l K ran{ c .-.bout WUO each lo be awarded to farm j$300, w h i l e the Sears Foundation stock ^e dealers. In l!iis contest, bnys must drive :a tractor over a .set course which will br- T nid out similar to -tO-inch rows on a field. They also must · hie In back a four-wheel I r a i l c r between stakes HI feet apart. In t h e scoring of thir con- lest, the tractor driving is only a small part of the contest as it only makes for 35 points out of a pos- ,,,,,,.. , , ,, , -, ""' youth; two nf Ihe scholarships t o j h a "iris 8nd U TM '" bc Northwest' Arkansas Farming By John L Smith offered so pure-bred bull awarded t o l Some fossili fon» «( fjlcphart i were only 3 feet tall EVERYTHING M NUMBING and sumits FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVHtMMtNT AVt ·itb *%} WBLVESf A'l-Alamlmum fi ft N I M G f .7' *r ««y · ·# Weilhwproof ind Fireproof Biautiful Colon PHONE 3031 FOR FHEE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. U Willi«n During the present drouth it Is noticeable l h a t a large number of [arm water ponds have remained muddy. Cattle seem to pay little attention to muddy water but I believe they will d r i n k a lot more clear water and lhat it will be The other parts of the test w i l l incluc'e a demonstration and ex- of d a i l y maintenance lie- 'state in connection with the show'! fnre t l r i v i n " a tractor. 35 points; .-- ^- .'demonstration and explanation af- . ,, ,. , Mer driving. 15 points; and safely .. on» should lime the entire:'),, n n i n . Th ', ' . . . « " " · ' · . watershed o'f his pond and line t h e ' ; , , . ' " 1 . Th ° h " s « i l l alio be I pond itself with limestone gravel .'"." pn 1 '"'- a n d f i l l s c icfl l 'TM-, i the job would be satisfactory but i 515 "" 8 "' 50 Questions on tractor! , at an u n k n o w n cost. .maintenance. j The University of Missouri has ' Tho ho - ys entering the contest j recently anounced two methods , u ''" lc divided Into two age -of settling ponds which it claims S'oups; those 14 nncl older ?nd I ,,,. are effective and reasonable 'in ;those 13 and under. The first prize ! trumpeter swan is believ price. These methods arc the a p - | i n each class will be 1525; second ^ ln n a v e been saved from explication of either agricultural .prize, $15; and third prize $10 I tinction when a flock of 76 vas gypsum or commercial a l u m i n u m .sulphate. The cost for a half acre ~~" J "" Raw eggs are easier to digest -- --- · ·". ......ui.,1 |/ii,iat.ii i_ii-ni wciii-i anu inai n w i l l be the need for additional heal. Thus better for Ihrm. Then, loo. a clear the equipment can bc readied for storage. And proper storage care can increase thc life of equipment from five to 10 years. For proper slorace. the brooder stove should bc cleaned and TONITE For a Holiday Tr«at. . . Bring Tht Fomily to o Driyt-ln Mori* 8:00-10:15 Midnite Show 12:12 R*ol Sfory of an Inttilutt for Mental Patjintt "Behind Locked Doors" Ev«ry M:nut. a Thrill STARTS SUNDAY 3 Big Days Here's a Musical Trear That Can't Be Beat . . . See It and Be Glad f i i u t i ; . T I I U U I U UC l . U ' i l l l L C * t l l l U H I i ( good coat of oi! or paint applied ^ t o n lhc mctnl surface to prevent rusting. The same procedure should br used on the meliil pnil.s pond is more attractive. A murtciv pond near the dwelling is unsightly. There a i e lo'.s of reasons winsome ponds are m u d d y and some lear. If wnt?r flows off grass it has a tendency to be clear If it HELEN KELLER HONORED --America's Helen Keller. 72, ·proudly wears the Cross of the Legion of Honor, presented to her by President Vincent Auriol, of France. The blind and deaf woman is world-famous for her work in behalf of handicapped people. The Man for Ihe Office | pdhd is about 510 to SIS, and the clearing up of the pond is immerii- j than cooked ate and fairly lasting. Gypsum 1 can perhaps be purchased at any hen a f found in Montana after thc bird was believed to ho extinct and a rcfu7" was established for them in 1935. of electric or the brooders and oiled or painted, they should be stored in a tcl^livel.v dry place where they will not have to he moved until the next brooding season. Feeder* and waterers should be checked for signs of rust. Where present, rust should be cleaned off and painted with a l u m i n u m paint If there is no rust, clean and store the equipment in n dry place. With such care, feeders and watercrs will last as long as thc brooder. lows off plowed land or conies down some mud-walled ditches it has a tendency to bc muddy. . - - - . Cattle standing in ihc shallow brooders. After parts of ponrls tend to stir un th" · been cleaned 1 ---' : " "-- ' ~ · WEEKLY BROILER REVIEW Northwest Arkansas: The mar- cel generally steady this week, losing steady Wednesday, July 2. Supplies of broilers or fryers over .65 Ibs. very short of the ^ood emand for thc entire week. Thc ery few good q u a l i t y birds these sizes brought ton prices. Hulk of sales 28 cents a pound, broilers or frycT under 2.u'5 Ibs., adequate for lair demand and mos!. trading centered on these lighter weights. Prices closed unchanged to one crnt higher and the mos'ly price I \IT.S unchang( d. Batcsvillc-Floral area: Fully j steady, closing steady Wednesday. Supplies of broilers or fryers un-l der 2.7S Ibs. short nf the very Rood demand, lighter sizes adc-l quale. Trading was fair lo heavy I throughout the week, with prices at the close unchanged. Used by thousands in rcducim liets--Jungc's Roman Meal Bread. 11-10-tf mud in the water. Sand and gravel in the shallow parts of the ponds I know of a lot of ponds in ou and around the edges helps t o ] clay and low lihicstone sections counteract the muddying effect of j lhat could be benefited by one or local lumber yard, and a l u m i n u m i sulphate is now being stocked by j a local merchant who handles farm I supplies. ' The Missouri report states: " I f ' you use gypsum, simply scatter i t ' over the pond from a rowboat in ! order tn get some of it over most o f : the pond's surface. If vou use ^_ a l u m i n u m sulphate, it doesn't need ! __ to be spread over the pond bec.iu.-e it dissolves rapidly in water, it takes about 12 pounds of gypsum, or four pounds of a l u m i n u m sulphate for each 1,000 cubic fe^t o f 1 water. Both treatments seem to give about the same results." '· I know of a lot of ponds in our BUY YOUR TELEVISION From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP -.-- ...t,,..^ ,.,,,.- i i l l l l l u . v l H K C l l e C l OI k l l H L i m l l u DC OCnelHOCl O V 011C the cattle and give a better back- the other of Ihese treatments ground in looking into Ihe walcr. The most important cause of muddy ponds, however, is the presence in some of them of People who Jive in the north of Egypt are likely to have darker great amount of Heflocculated! s ' c ' ns *ri an those living in clay. This is about the same as southern portion of the country clay in suspension. It refuses to flocculate and sink to the bottom. Acid soils as well as heavily nitrated soils are inducive to this condition, and limestone soils have the opposite effect. South Arkansas ponds, sloughs, and streams arc more m u d d v than those of Northwest Arkansas Our streams t h a t have a ' l o t of limestone gravel such as Clear Creek Barren Fork, riichland. and Osage all clear up after a rain as soon as the firsl flush of watrc pusses It takes a couple of weeks for clay bank streams to clear up. Lime can be used to ecttle muddy water, but I do not know if it can bc done in a practical manner with farm ponds. Perhaps HUDSON REPAIRS A SPECIALTY See BOB HALL for o Free Estimate on this Popular Car. W H I T E L E Y ' S G A R A G E Cornn ei School k Mountain The administration of affairs of Washington County is a big business and require! the services of a man wel acquainted with the needs ci Washington county who wil put into operation plans to adequately meet those needs I have proved my ability to serve Washington County in my record av Circuit Clerk and Recorder. I now present myself, with a constructive program for an effective administration of our County affairs, asking YOU to use YOUR influence and VOTE o elect me YOUR COUNTY !UDGE. RICHARD B. GREER Political advertisement paid for y Richard B. Crccr. Faycttcvitlc. LAST TIMES TONITC "FRANCIS GOES TO WEST POINT" W A N T E D CHERRY PICKERS Apply it th. Poll! July- Zlth. Compensation: Good QoTtrnment Political *dvertiifment paid for hy cherry for Governor Committee. fc/ SPECTACLE WITH THE IMMORTAL MUSI6 OF JEROME KERK itt*tac**rw"SM«MrFffttlTESL F»lnl--RemAdcl--RepairB Gi«rw--RrrfiTway* No Money Down E*«T Monthly Payment! OTKE LUMBER CO Ml It Cb«lH Washer mummmuni "··*· G«k kt Yf.. l r «" ·i*-.* r u u«* *r TMh *i YM. H^T O**nl Httl im $!»*! t'NC IHf 1ON01 j i w -U O O - 3 ' 0 0 - 1 7T«*si5S5^ mm SUCK SIMS, SKN SMK, SMI monw UNCWC! 'A-^^f --.» ^SSS£5£s NOW SHOWING 2EZTT2!23i;'*"3fc-±: OPEN 12:4$ P.M. IT'S THE NEW, HILARIOUS AND HEART-WARMING ADVENTURES OF THE "CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN" FAMILY! M i, f TB5*T RED vwsa,! HOWARD GBlON-SKEiJON-lEL -~ --, -~w~, TM atona nnnmw, BOMMTIC JINOM Marges GowerCHAMPION-Ann MILLER " Jsa Zsa GABOR · Kurt KASZNAR \ScTf \ IMEHIO'S MOST | lEiUTIFUL MODELS lull* ·CLITTEKIHG \ ADRIAN F1SHIOH RtVU[t n. RIOTOUS aauti To 'Cheaper l r Th« DoienH rl HMD bnPJMnrflKL 7^V/#743e' » NEWS BUGS BUNNY CAHTOOW __We^ Fun, Nfty ftito Monk** VilUfe |: i. _MU4t*Mf« Gdt PH«M 3103 T1 DRIVE IN 7 ^S Coat ii 1.4 SEE ibt BIG A«c"MAinic B f.| fc ,V«!l"i; y*f *"*!*"· '·'· «mooili«. ^^ nv i e^HMTi nor* *ektaMfc S M I T H DOROTHY FIELDS lEROMl'KEMI J P A L A C E LAST DAY "GOBS AND GALS" "TRAIL GUIDE* and m MIMIf TECHNICOLOR sT ^, ROYAL UST TIMES TONIGHT NANCT . »^ OLSON DENNIS MOKGAN VIRGINIA MAYO Pjti'tirr !hr flloiirt wi'h Sunshine SUN-MON 3 BIG FEATURES Sit 1 HOPE V Bfiniv! il -,-, Plus! Round by Round! Blow by Blow! ROBINSON-MAXIM FIGHT PICTURES! MOST UNUSUAL INDtNO IN RtNO MIITOUT

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