Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 5, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 5, 1952
Page 9
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loan Amendment Proposal To Be Up For A Vote .Submitted In Time To Get On Bailor ' In November Little Rock-i'/T')-The deadline t f o r filing proposed conslitutioi Motimwn AMANSAS TIMK, Hillside Adventures STAUt SoturAir, J, June:, with seared fields and ! meadows led behind, hurried off the calendar to lose herself in i the hills of. Time, »nd nobody i wept at her goinj. | _ The Ozarker-- even the very old I uns -can't recall a June leaving so many cruel scars on his hills. He has come to expect July and August to get in some low snd heavy punches, but Jyne seldom hits below the belt by withhold- mg moisture, and moisture ii one " i n g these h l l l B h a v e l ° Set amendments and mp nal p ,.,,£ °{ ,'° make * livin ? livable. A proposed amendment to allow jThen the bottom fell out of the 1 . private loan companies to assess chicken market. And now, no to- I charges on loans in excess of the imatoes, not enough corn to feed 1 ·onstitulionanimitjof 10 per cent ,a goose through the winter, a n d ! "" ' " less hay than a goat can eat." I "It's limes like these what drives folks away from the farm," remarked another. "And there"!! ton many in town already. One! thing wrong with our country is : that we've taken away from was submitted to the srrrrtary of ,ftate's office here. Petitions for placing the proposal on the ballot containing 57,940 signatures were filed by supporters of the measure. Only 31,709 signers are needed. · Charges on loans totaling more than 10 per cent of the value of the loan were outlawed recently hy the Arkansas Supreme Court, · which held that such charges violate the constitution's usury provisions. Voters also will pass on three other proposed amendments, placed on the ballot by the last legislature. They would permit all . I U I · counties, regardless of population, j \ve the state Highway Commission, Bhould not he quitted and confirmed I IHI PONTIAC. Radio and h.ater. |1U In Ihe P l a i n t i f f s and Petitioner! [ will Ilnance. 40! South Locust clerk of thli ' ~ ~ "~ Wltncu Court and !9:!i t!jy (BEAM, Richard too _ o thing but their hands. That's wh many laboring folks every- a t i -,,1 I causes strikes. To be happy and feel secure a man needs a garden to tend, some grass to cut, and some posies to grow. A body loses sight of everything but the dollar sign when you take his feet off the ground, and take away his riKht to say when, where and how long he works." · had a chance to swear by the C H E R R Y QUEEN-Ruth Madonna Belanger, 18, of Lake Lel- lanau, Michigan, will reign as queen of the 1952 N a t i o n a l L'herry Festival, which begins on July ». Queen Belanger won the title in competition with 17 other . nprtljein Michigan girls and permit counties to levy a tax 4 to promote industry. Supporters of two other proposed amendments and two initiated acts failed to get the measures referred to a popular vote. And another--a move to get the contro- " versinl 1951 state purchasing law on the ballot--still is entangled in Supreme Court procedure. Measures which will not be. on ' the ballot because of failure of their supporters to obtain sufficient signatures on petitions are: moon to see just when'the drought is going to end. I calculate if we all go picnicking at one time there might be some relief di'ied out. Thel-e's nothing quite so effective on the elements is when everybody goes on a picnic. Heard one feller say the only consolation nt had was the fact it always has rained. We noticed this morning down in the meadou--looks more like the Sahara Desert than a meadow now--the crawdads are cleaning out their roosting places. That An amendment to repeal the so- j"s«d to be a good sign, but called Ficedom-to-Work amendment to the constitution. An amendment to lower voting age from 21 to 18 years, , snonsored by the Republican par- , seems a l l the best signs fail in a dry spell. the I 'Pears iike in so much as we have a weather bureau, and the Okla., entered in bareback riding, saddle riding and bulidogging. Glenn and Harold Parsons took arf part in the calf roping contest. wiihm"hve Mr. and _Mrs. C. H. Blankenship ! seMiTcf [lie srnl ih'-reof on thli IhC f J u n e , 1952. B Groer. Clt-rk -0-27 J u l y -lt-18-£5-£ PftOPOgtD CON11ITUT1ONAL AMCNOWfNI NO 4» BR n KKSiil.VKU 01 the' el thf Stale of Ark«ns«fi mri o th* Hf«tM of HtnrrwntitnvM. * o* All ihf Mfmh^r* Fl«tf1 to Enrti ft mi*? A PC mm Pierrtn: Thai thr fnliciwiht t* ntrtby or* IWMl I* an arnpnrlrnrnl to Lhi» Co* ·I'Miltnn nt fhf ^tfilr nf ArkjtnRM. tnd unon rwlnf «iihmlMer1 In the Hiv-Tiir* at tht *.'U. for uporovaf nr rf,i»tfinti ·t I hi* fsPwf prnfDil flcrtlon for R*fift ·WHaMvM anrt Srn-tmn. if t mutnrltr of thf *lpr!nr* vntlnt thrrrnn at *»rh tn t-lcrftnii urtnrT *nrh nmfnrt- ITIIV.I'. (tii carni* shall hymnr a oart nf thf rnnitii.ttlnn of the Stal* of ArhflfiiiK. tiw)t- SRr*ni)N I Com ml 15 ton Created-- Mi-mhcrn--Power«. Phfre I* tierrhir I cr-Mirt a Star** HipfnviiY Commiajtf-n . whlrh *hnll nt wfFipr) irilh al) the powf-rs tnrl rtntlts now OT nfieiifter .mm-sca hv IHW fnr Iti* atlmint«tr»- tlnn nt ih*- Htehn/av DenitrimtMit. tf.i7.MhiM tvfth all oowpri ntwssArr or to enable the Cnmmiscinn I or anv ol fta ofrii-crs or *smpinvr«*i , to rnnr nut fully and rfOrHvcl? the rr-Kulatlnnn nnrt \tiwt ri-l*Mnn tn th* Staff Hlwhwav Dcnartmfnt SK("nON 2 Qualification* and Appoint ment of Mtmbrrr--Tcrmi of Off left e* Firtt CommiHlon. Within ten rtay» after the convrnlnr of th* Genera. Assembli" nf the. Rtatf of ArKansa« tn tnp vear 19SS. the Governor, nv tnrt wifh thi advice and enn*fnt ot Ihe "mate, shall ticjpnint f)ve penons who are aumifietf elerfnra nf fh« State to ronstituie the Stale Hlihwa? Commit- *tnn fnr lermi ot two. four. six. eight anrt Irn vrars reaiwliveijr Tht terr*i» of th* nrrsnna so «pp«in!ea thill M rtcttrmInert hv int The, Commls«tor.- vrs to o* anpntntefl from the Slat* ·t larpei nrnvlrtprt. however, that no two Commijslnnpri shall nf anoolntPil 'rnm iiny iln^le Inn a I Dli- trlct. In the *vent of rejection by ttie Vnate of · twrson whose name hm 'al MOIJEL super A Turn mower, dlic. plow, culll gam. Phong MznB.I lift 1-2 TON Dod«e cash Ivan Dvnton. Fork ll tractor. · lor. !!»r. IS5500 I. Welt pirkii Route PACKARD-WillYS Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO %?"'-?-$?·. *J£ WANTED TO BUT WANTED. I gosllm or price. ale. ind breed. boKjN.I. _ 'ii.i'iKKJndi V l t t ^ FEEDKR 1'honi I93S NIOTlCaf L. "A. "BRNCH~prn?riiiianii("pBlMTefi 349 GovDrnincni A v r w i l l he o u t of town for two week* FOR 1«M re"iuTu.~icli or ronal^i youi f u r n i t u r e , diitici, houicnoM a p p l l ancrs. tonli and articles of all kindi lo the A u r l i n n House ]'., miltjj north o( SprinsdnlL' on Highway 71 Plione 9'M. Spnnndnlc. A u c l i o n snlri Mo_ndjiyi_and Thursday^ 7:30_ p m EXCLUSIVE nawapipLrfranchUe w i t h the A r k n n i a s Gnzcttr. 'ulj lime job Ciish dcpn.ilt r r f j u i r r d Experience imnecc»w.ry. i'honp Sf)TR3. ·.ravin!', nmnrjp PD* XAI.K--UAL ESTATE DIGGING rOOTING*~w tier. K*i and dltchtn, Mptle tank liolti D SUN-TIM v# num window n free ea'.lmatci. GK)M Cci i«r Sumhi__l£ruii Phf-rtt Itilfi E X C A V T f I N T " B U L L D O Z I N G G.-Qvtl, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T 0 N Phon, 249 "I'm Inn inoolh lyp,. Lor. '·,, ·nd I,,,, ·»,,,, |h.l'. my mc ,t| 0 ." MONET TO LOAN 1v An act to divide the state's elec- a GOP radio keeps saying dry and hot every fifteen minutes, "that folks l h a t °"ce looked for signs in na- toral vote according to the popu- I t u r e hav « decided they have too lar vote received by each presi- i m "ch competition and have taken down all their signs. When folks used to «sk pa if it was going to ram, he'd and say, "Well if it don't this will be an iwful long dry spell." Mr. V. L. Wallace, a good friend of, ours over at Langley, Okla., writes in to help us out with kadydid und cicada lore. He seems to be partial to kady'dids, claiming they are not so noisy and ugly as the cicad*s. Anyway, V. L., one or the other, or both, started their nightly serenade hereabouts last week. According to some that means this heat wave will at least be broken rlential candidate, also measure. An act to provide that the minority party would be represented on all state boards and commis- - Kions. To refer an amendment, 31,709 signatures are needed. For an initiated act, 25,367 are required. Hoger Bacbn is believed to have been the first to produce a gunpowder which actually exploded, although incendiaries of similar composition but with impure ingredients had been known for a long time previously. Before contact with white and son, Jackie, of Rockaway, Ore., are spending a two-week vacation with Mrs. Blankcnship's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Harrison and daughters, Judy and Janie. The Blank- enships will also visit relatives in West Fork. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Lowry Walker, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lichlyter left Wednesday morning and will stay till Sunday at Grand Lake. Okla. Neil R. Runyan, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Runyan, is attending » six-week training camp for ROTC students at Cnmp Gordon, La. He is a student at trie University. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS lUtt: l ntibi per wor- iln.fl* i.. nirtioa. Three comecutive inierUoM T c«nt per word. Minimum order 42c. CUMiflwl «di euh in idvinct--kot Uken over the tclephorw. Deadline for clanlfled Ida: kt:M A. D dally; f:M ·. m. Saturday Cdrrectiotu and rerun cheerfully made after first insertion No correc- Uom or rerun made after ad haa ti- fired. NOTE: Advertlainc copy for otlwr ifea la due at 12 noon the da prt- Jedlnc publication; 12 noon Saturdir tor ^publtcation on Honda» LEGAL NOTICES many Eskimos meat. ate nothing but CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon. CelUrt 1)51 Fi7«tttviUt. ArkanH* Joplin Rendering Co. PARTS CARS and TRUCKS in 12 mor« weeks, for ,-ilong about j,J-"J, 1 n ° wn addrTM of . then there will be a frost. We've I m. h ' F "' CMevil1 '' NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF WASHINGTON COUNTY. ARKANSAS In The Matter Of The Estate ot John M. Clayton, deceaaed. No. J09S-A. decedent: Arkan- fit i t * MAPI LtlOHT FIT RIGHT LAST LONOER ABSHIER-BRYAN V«vr Deator put the date down on our ralr-n- dar, and hope to be able to tell you 12 weeks hence whether the katydid is as t r u t h f u l as he is pretty. In the meantime, thank you for your help. ; Springdale Mrs. Frances Turner operator al the Western Union 'office in Springdale, was drafted for special service at Cotter Thursday and helped to transmit the stories about President Truman's visit and dedicatory address at Norfork and Bull Shoals dams. The news went through the Cotter office. Mrs. Donal Art Goodart of Kogers worked in the place of ! IV] rs. Turner. Ray Noblett of Maple Drive spent the first of the week in I Kansas City, Mo., on a busine: | trip. He is the manager of the White Truck Sales and Service on Highway 71 south. Tech.-Sgt. Lee Lichlyter of the Marines left Springdale Wednesday morning for Washington, D. C., where he will be reassigned to .special foreign duty. He was home visiting his mother, Mrs. G. D. Lichlyter on Holcomb Street after spending several months in Korea. Mr. and Mrs Gus Sanders have gone to Brownwood, Texas, duo to the death of Mrs. Sanders mother Mrs. M. Frossard. They will be gone several days. A. M. Peterson of S I R Caudle Avenue was taken to the Veterans Hospital Thursday morning in a Callison-Sisco ambulance. The Brv. Douglas Brewer, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, is in Washington, D. C., this week on a business trip. He was accompanied by Mrs. Brewer and children as far as Norfolk, Va., where they w i l l visit her mother, Mrs. Henrietta B. Roberts. They wil return in 10 days. Mr. and Mrs. John Welch nf Wichita, K«"n,, came to Springdale to attend the Rodeo of the Ozarks ind visit friends. Capt. and Mrs. Harry P. Rabb and son, formerly of La Crosac, Wis., returned Thursday to Mena, Da!c of d e a t h : J u n e 28. 19J2 instrument dated May 1 1910 was cm the 3rd day of J u l y . 195? ail- mitted lo probate ai the last will of the above named decedent, and Ihe undersigned has been a p p o i n t e d executrix thereunder. A contest of the probate of the will ean be effected only by filing « p e t i t i o n within the time provided hy Jaw. All penons having claims against mult exhibit them, d u l y indenifned w i t h i n ;,,x the cslate verified, to the urns ot another aoootnlM to fill tuc*. vacancy. In the event the Governor nhouid within five dayi thereafter (all tr antmlnt or (all to submit to ln« Senate for confirmation the name nf any wrion to he aDbntnted the Semite Khali Drm-eeri to make the apcoiniment of tts own cnotce. SECTION J Terms of Office of Membert. uoor, the expiration of the fore^oiPR term* of said Commisiinner* a successor shall he auoomted b» the Govprrmr In the manner provided for In Section * for a term of (en v"*n. which term of ton yean, ahull thereafter w for each member of the Cornmlxston. SECTION 4. Removal Of Memftert -HMrlno-Rtvicw and Appeal. A Cum- mlsstnnrr may t» removed bv th« Governor onlv for the same causef a «Dpiv to other constitutional officer* after · hearlnff which m»v Be re* vlewedt hy (t,« Chant-err Court for tht First District with rlirht of appeal inrrefrom to the Supreme Coun nirfc review and aooral to be without or.* sumption m favor of any flndmf or the Governor or Ihe tnal court, and orovidrd further, in addition to the rlcht of confirmation heretnabove reserved tn tr-e Senate, the Senate ma.? upon the written requett ot at least Five (3) of its members thnt a member or memltprs of the Commtsclon snnuld be removed therefrom, proceed, when In session, to henr an? and all evidence pertinent to Ihe reasons for rriiioval. The member or mem Den whose removal is so requested nhall be entitled to be heard in the matter and to oe represented before the Senate by iesal Counsel These proceedings conducted nv the Senate ihall he ouhlic and a transcript of lh« tcsttmonr so neard shall 0* prepared nnd preserved in the fcurnal of the Sf-nat*. The takini of evidence either orally or by deposition shall not o* Ofnind hy the formal rule* of evidence. Upon the Conclusion of (he hearlnC the Senate, alt line » i body in **ecutiv« gefsion. mav remove »id member or mem hem o* the Commission by a majority vote conducted by ·r-cref tjallot SECTION I Vacancies-Filling. V.v canctes on the Commission due to reinxnattons. death or removal !R;s!l be filled by appointment of the Gnv rrnor for the uneipired term within t h t i t y days from Ihe date ol (urn varancy IJDon f a i l u r e ot the Governor lo (ill the vacanry within thirty divi. the remaining Commisslnnrrs shall maht the appoiniment (or th« unex. pir.^1 term. SECTION I. Th*} Commlstlon ih.ll appoint a Uirector of Hithwavn who ·hall nave such duties a* miy ot inscribed oy tht Commission et bf APPROVED: March TO. .MI S*cietar of ·*·.» C. U HA1-L FHA HOME LOANS Ix)w interest, long termj UTLKY AND COMPANY, INC. r i'hone 3C03 CHINCILI.AS NOW available., limited auppl q u a l l t j Chinchlllw. Reglitered fi. C. B. A Vliiton welcome. Free literature FOft SALE--HONE NEEDS LEWIS BROS. BASEMENT Uwd Frlgidaire refrlferator $9.1 used Servel |aa reflfierator _. 79 00 Uaed Rop«r 3ai ranfe 7t 00 llaed Benriix waahrr 7» 00 Ua«d GK waBher 45 oo Uied Maytif waiher 6 fULLER BruiheT. DaCfitt R.pns- dcll (Drbutinte) Coametiei. 26 Louiie. Tor Quicker tervic*. phon* 2377B, 12:l»-l:00 or 5:00-7.l» FOB SAKE--LIVESTOCK REGISTERED Kampihire boan and Kilu. Beit of breeding and are choiot pics from a litter of 12. I. E. JONES Hiway M Phpnt 3iK Sprlngdole A BARGAIN. Good gentle work mare 8 years old. Collar andNfcrldle Some corn and hay. Pho. 8GOR3 I O1C pigi, 8 weeks oi'd.'A.'D McFai-' den. 2 inil * I _ w 5; t _ o f_Silem. FAMILY cow. Jersc';~Fr"eih "ln~To daya. Bred to WhJl« face bull. Cllne 2449W. South 71. by Home Show FOR SAM OR TRADE BAY hone. ( years old. black horse S years old. Set all leather harness wigon. c u l t i v a t o r , mowinf machine, hay rakr, registered QIC pl(S, Hointon Howling l 1-2 mllei south f i f G r c e n l a n d . 1-2 mile FOR LEASE FOR REVT--MISCKULANEOUS i MOOKRjTcotfaM CIOM In. or rm.ience Phong iV ' ~ - " ***· Mir',Mj|i«,:it on sewer Near ichool I'nrr.l .i' o n l y I5JOT Oli. w i t h J7MOO down Balance on fair terma WHEELER REALTY COi REALTOR '-O/.ark ih*;a'cr Bldf .'; 't-nni-JM Nllhla Oil KAI.i: is" arr«« Juit . im AC'IlEJi ,n ill tituln. « room mod- r'n hou.", lir«« mrn l»yin| house 1C': i hen c u p a c u y . l»rtf. h--n BERRY! J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, Weil Fork MATTRESS" R E N O V A T I N G Cot Ion M n t i r r i K e i B u i l t ln!O Gufiranlrn! I n n r r s p r , r . K J Hollywood IJ.-tH M.i.l.' TII Ordfr ONK DAY S E R V I C E ..[-HONE 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. ^^120 Soulll Kim SI SAI.B--KKAL ESTATF. si ACRES. * r-,ni . f a i r house, barn S r e « appt« f i »prm^. Pricr J4 J. n i - n t i v open I . Vt :r. for n - v prnprrty Motali. itrje am! .--inail f a r mi »n rfranrhei J. P. PETTEY PIONEER REALTY 511 !ll«nviray Tl South _ 71 ·Rr.S Jail off i- F i y i t t e v l l l e , i room modern p turdwood floors, levcral nicl . liuiMlixa o.-.i of -ht moil a t t r a c t i v e locauoiu nnrt the Ihr: W i l l h i l l with f entt« slop* to n t h makes i t mlfhty cool for hnt f l a y s 15 acrei tilUble. ' ' pr[ce f r r q u i r k m e . DUG6AR REALTY CO. I Htvtfl Mot*. COOL 4 HOOM morlern hoiut. 702 S Col- _Jr«e^ S30.0Q per m o n t h Phone »3 NICELY furnixhtd S room api ireh. iirtrr large front and back porcfi. Hardwood floors. Venetian bllndi. Plenty cloiet* and bullt-lni. On, Wation Street Phone 1UTM · 2 BEDROOM home, full iTisement la- rage, central heat. Available A U I U I I IS. 524 Whitham. Phon* 1M7 or *03J. TWO or thr*« room furnUhed apartment 5 South ,W«tt. Phont 727, Leonard Brewer. FURNISHED I Phone 27I3J. ROOM furnUhed~alTiftmcnt ""Private entrance. Private bath. Ill Welt Spring. -·-- 4 RO'OM hniiw and garden near citj- ake. Electricity and telephone. Walter W. Brown. Route 4, Sprini- - - ........ Jleepinf room Cool clean and comfortable. Prlvalc bath and entrance. Alio 2 room elflcl- rnry. newly decorated. Cu rang* Serve! refri|ffi-»tor. Prlvai . and hath, u t i l l t f e f . Phone 402J. . Eniploj-ed couple be forever barred nnd 'precluded from any benefit in the e s t a t e . notice first published Slh day This of Jul. . Elizabeth H. Clayton Executrix M5 Olarlc Ave. rayetteville. Ark , 5-12-c IN THE*CHANc5.RY R ??U argaret Wilklt. Charles K. Bi' for Washington. niSTRIBUTpRSTtlP Bcnlon. Sebastian Counties. Small household appliances. Very profitable. Full time or smrc lime. Write Box L-Hu c-o TIMES. rwvw^m^-^ , PERSONAL COLDEST Beer (rooti in town! Out of he barrel. Served in trozcn mugs . only Sc. Yc olde North Side lerb»ck and Mrs. Dew back hlj wife. Francis Hnh Potter. Jessie J Billin ·h T . h H.. ^'^i'" 1 . Margaret Bildor- Fannie Bildefback his wife F. Fannie Potter. * ' and Aucust v - FJten his w in thli Con: inci 1 ; Hohert.s Jcasie J. Billincslry' step, and Mrs. Augiisl , «r.c. warn..l to apnenr ^"^Tr.d'rofCrU' R'chard n 'n.( .r Chancery ricrk Notice N*lic« Of O* Li.|u«r i* hereby ; ; I2-ifl-2fi-c Ptrm'tt ·«*, . E i v n n t h a t jsnment of Alcoholic Bev «.,| R °^ i" d KaThlrfne^Bnlmf^M 56i1 sen nnn diflpenae vinoiii ^Uruf oi^^rt h C o l l e g e . rRANSPORTATCON OFFERED DRIVING to Californii. Saijor leav"- ing for Long Bench. California J u l y 11. Have rnom (or one service m n n Kxch;ingc personal references. Contact P. L. Ncal. Phone 2U9M. Brn_1 iinvil 1 e. LEAVING for California !he scventhT. W a n t in lake 3 or 4 passengers. I'hone 1641.1^ LOST AND FOUNT LOST white, hoar p".j~~ff~ found call __2i04 1 _Farming:on, W. D Wilt LOST w h i t e wirc-hairefi'FcrrTcr puppy* Black L-.TS. Black ring on tail. Call LOST or slrnyed from the Deer Ridge m u c h on i h r M i n e r a l Spring* road red White faced cow. W r i t e nr phone W. W. Hcflin. v i l U v FOR LEASE 340 ACRES pasture, livlnn walcr NEIL SAWREY. renllor STANDARD REALTY CO. Highway 7) North. Fhune MO-1705J SERVICE STATION For Lease Close in, doing very good bujinesi. Alio good sidelin* business. Write Box L-27 % Times PIANO UPRIGHT Ludwig. Phone 223BW. Reronditioned. BEDROOM house, rock vtnetred _wHh_gar«Cr. i n ? North Blorer. ROOM Hpartment p« r 11 y~fu r n Uh« d $40.00 month, hill* piM. 3 roon. furnijhed «p..r!mtnt. |40.fM m o n t h Phont 513. COMFORTABLE, CHOICE LOT by 15)0' in spclion. Hfflucpd for f j ' j i c k r n i p Was $2400, now $1750 Cash nr Terns Phone 150-\V n f t r r fi p.m. BY Cool, comfo7tJ"rhiTMhon",V Spacious hedroom.1 213x1^0 ft. lot 12 large oaJti for *h«riP(l l u w n . wonderful hill-ion view, nrnr Lcverelt School «nd Unlvenity. Phone 27G.1- 20 ACRES, 2 home*, antl olhtr im- ttrovemfnli. 3 1-2 mile* K a n t "n 4A highway and 3-4 mile n"r!h on Ojhluiid C h u f p h Hd W I, Ma}.· n room ·p»rtraent. _j» 1 " CAUFORNJA r a n c h horn* only 10 r n i n u i e i from town and overlooking nnatnii Mountains New and comp l r t e l y mnricrn I n c l u d i n g dUhwasher and b u i l t - i n electric range in kited- en b e a u t i f u l large living room with *b*» wall and large fireplace NIC* mMcm guest house. The Ideal hon» for grarioui llvtnf and «nt*rtal*» ing The price ii much lets thitt replacement cost, Shown by a^* pnintmcnt only. ; THE RITTER AGENCY--; )· K. Center fh. 113»--431J--may SPECIAL i 2 BEDROOM hornt, harrlwnotl flnon. f · Utomivtir heat, drcuraied. Ven*: tiHru. A t t a c h e d eanui», rloir to cnni- ! pus and new Ovvtu-r nlan- ! n i n g to Icavr 'or q u i r k tsnlr in- ,' elude f f a r d c n t r a c t o r , M a y i n g l ninne, rhllnj R r f n « c r a l o r , f h o r WHalilng m n r h i n o A L L N E W F M n n n ' and n t h r r f i i r t i l s h l n R s All lor ST.'jqi). | NEIL SAWREY, BROKER STANDARD REALTY CO. R A N C H E S ' SALE OR TRADE 200- 14,000 ACRES Konioi, Arkontai, Miiteurl, Oklahoma, Ttxai THE BROADHURST CO. 1031 North Coll*g*. Phon* 24S7 p op, ' furnlihen , I272W. ' ' modern PLEASANT room, double cloKI. next to oath. Suitable fur un« or two gfntlemen. I'hone g«J. DESIRABLE rool lurnUhrd a p a r t merit in new home. Entirely sep- _a_r«te^_IWO__c;ii;vplan(l. phone Klfi FURNISHED dupVx ""Vipiriinent, ! room. hall, private bath and Itp- _I^hlne_507M4_a^ter 5. LARGE Iurn!ilii7l~ba«tntnt. Norm university. K u r n U h r n 3 Roll i lon_87pR. BEAUTIFUL South 1 room furnUhed apartment. N.wly dceontid. Utlllt- Itlea. private bath, front and bach i-ntrance Walklni rllilance inuarr ami Ifnlverilty. fmployed co\iples Phone tozj. UNUli"DA~i;LV~'ni t ^~;i~~~ uned n p n r t m e n t m Phone 2136J. room u n f u r n ar H n l v t r i l l y . PASTURE for 20. Unfalllnl water 2 mtlei eat of Cincinnati. F. rilhcr. route l._.Summcr.i. HO\JStKECI'ifid~ a» r. MO i t n l n I'hone m o -- I 7 H W ni'Klcrn Improve- i'.iiinmbly priced. AUTOMATIC AP»LIA»Ct i» v A itttot PUc* to ··T "Hutpoint II N. H«ck DEALCT Ph. IN l r ACFIKS. 4 r mcnlji Closf _Ternu,. 1'hotn NEW 6-room houir. '«ti-rl~,r*~N..7i r v.5 mrk t r i m m e d tn t n i f l brirk Five ·crw inml. at a B ivr n w n y price lor ·HTM no. Locfllcd j mile Writ on HH (rom 71 llf|hwny. See J .B. Keaton · I Steel.*. Arkania«__; $506.00 "DOWN "~ Cl LOANS n v m l a h l r on t h m c d;indy nrw three- h^drnnni h-iinra 1'lif.y · rr l (l[ .«ir.| on I w r R c I r v o l iotl in r n j i t n p i p d Wli».n.nuiii. A i i d l t i n n and t»ch hn.i n K n r n R c mul l i r o c M t A n v H u r r y nnd you may hav y o u r choice ol Ihr two .-it $S7j(l 00 THREE BEDROOMS IN lovely Wahnrrta llrlfhtl on n font l-vrl lot Dili vr-ry a t t r a p l l v e ^il r' iir f ' 1 " m1 ' '* " H B f t l . a t only »H,2.jf It hns all you wnuld rrpirct In i much h l j h r r prlred home m- chidlni c t n t r a l heat and *onl burn- Inn fireplace. MANY others to rhose from RITTER AGENCY [t. Ci-nter ph. iris-mj-iwuw i 200 ar of Jorv 20,000,000 Policyholdvrt 20% , Savingt MUTUAL FIKE AND AUTO INSURANCE ".Sovir"ji for pr«f*rrwl rltla*" ··~. :-f»t Iht Factt ~ The Ritter Agency^ Loans KM! EtfaW 16 Eoif C*nf«r ALL e q u i t y in Inrge morlt-rn dv.-f]- ng with huiineia f r o n t u g e onr 1-2 i cr« corner lot, South 71 and Coun- MILK rout* with or wTuhtJijt" 1051 Studebaker truck. $750 wihoul t r u c k or J2100 w i t h . Elmiu Bunon, Greenland. n llr j. Kllchrn prlvlle«e optional _Mrj._Jone3 1 _16_Weil_Rock. APARTMENT, if E. Sprlni. fTV)5K«3" _ private hath. Phone 2»MR.1 SMALL modern hou reenland on 71. Mm. ^ OZARK Beauty Blackberries. Hlgh- IS E_«j(t._p_hone Canon. .1199W. size bedsprfn«s." and ' inner- mattress._Phone 127U. ~ BEDROOSl, private nquare. Buiinexa 798 J. NICE 3 roon" ;. louth of _ J._W. Barker entrarv. neai man preferred . - _ _ -- idem apartment. Near UnhrM£ity._bullt.iu. Phone J7v«M. nient. furniilied or unfurnTfh.d' uniltiei paid. Phone 21 n7J or itSltOR. IT'S cooler . apartment! arr nlT*. -ccnrry ii wonderful. You'll Mk RAINBOW TROUT told" dally? phom: i ., ., - ;-. · « - » Sprinfdale 3201. Ozark Trout Farm. I Rorfcw "°d Apartmenti. Phont near Johnion. ' j RABIJITS. A good chance to get "in Ihe hminpM. Doex. bucki and h u t c h - , . _ ,, , M. A romplrte o u t f i t Rea*onable * ROOM a p a r t m e n t . All utilities _Phone_819R n f l f r 7 p m I W i l l provide r e f r i t f m t o r and ALL " "-"· UNFURNISHED OR RJRNISHEO wool Blgelow rug, 9x1 Like _ . . _ 5 HP Sta-King boat motor. S75.o6~"7Tu JJpjiglas. Phone KUV KObT"?rl8idiil7. ~i25.00. M7 " rays for garage iue. City PUMPS PUMPS ,1 FURNISHED apsnmeni;~2oT'H o r 1 h Church. Phone 3I32W «fl«r t. SERVICES OFFMBP ____ t I'atntinc or paper han«ln(|. phone EXCAVATING - BULLDOZING clearing--ravint; ynur top- '1STON purnpj.^ji.t junipi. ^ I r r i g a i i o n | snil. Heavy duty discing. Brush LOST. Ilii'iVy und" White Ipotted 1C male Corker. Reward. Phone 2.176. DOGS--CATS-- PFT8 22G.,,c- c r p unm. ,.1; U^h-BirrV j'.i ' W. ijill wv,i fork. f|i. 1mi ·/! thr "W"»--t-A. liquors for bev i tlfft FRKF,_half punter pupl R K D - b i i l f nnd lilnck r ".NOnil.ITY Silver?"" " Call F.I.IZABETII JANF.S ' F.VKMNGS spirit . nt retail on th bed r.-- 20-39 East Cm- : FayeMeville. A r k . w This permit Usuort on thf 1st day -· July. 19.«. and expire* on Ihe 3 0 t h ' d WANTED of Ji . . 1953. Hoy A. Bnimfleld Permittee- WARNING 0*D» AND NOTICI «F PITITION TO Q U I I T TITH In Th* ChMMIrjr Court Of to visit Mrs. Rubb's mother iftcr spfndinR t few days with Mrs. Rabb's sister, Miss Helen Scarborough on West Emma Avenue. Dr. and Mm. S. E. Williams of Holcomb Street spent the Fourth of July with their Ron and d n u j h t e r - l n - l a w . Mr. snd Mrs. Dale W l l l l i m s of Blackwcll, Okla. Mrs. Wllliar-' sister, Mrs. I,. J. Brown of Hartford, accompanied them to Blackwell. Three Sprinfdale boys took ptrl In the events of the Eiehth A n - nual Rodeo of the O^arks, Bill Walker, who Is home from Oklahoma A. and M. at Stlllwiter,' Jamei A. Stevenson a n d Kllzahcth Stevenion, Husband and Wife. I'lain- l l f f i Harry E. S h e f f i e l d ' and Miris Sheffield, Husband and Wife. Defend. Jamrt A. Stevenaon and f t l i / a h e t h Sttvenion, Hulhanri and Wife, Ex- Pane The Dtfendantl. Harry E Sheffield and Marian A. Sheffield, husband and wife, and each of them, are hereby warned to appear In this Court w i t h i n thirty dayi and antwer the complaint of Ihe P l a l n t l f f a Nolle* ii hereby ilvtn that there haa h*«n filed In my office, ai Clerk of the Chancery Court of Waihmf- ton County, Arkinlai. a petition for Ihe quletlnt and ·confirmation nf the title lo Ihe following described lands situated In Walhlntlon C o u n t y , Ar- kamm, to-wll: Tht Weit h a l f of the Southeast Quarter of !he .Southwnat Q u a r t e r of tectlon t w e n l y - i l x 126), Town- ·hlp Thirteen il.1i North, Rante Thlrtr INI Weil. All persons r l a l m l n l laid lands or ·ny Inttrxt thtreln, are hereby w a r n in tn appear In Ihll Court w i t h i n ·!» :· from the nit* of tht f i r i t pub- kinds One pii of town buyer. r , Times. _ f u r n i t u r e and Hem"s~o7""aT] 28.14 _ ! Fiuiit~j. "* · WARiy~Winri77w rooif-r copper pipe. Itsed 2 _»MOO Phone 2I1M.II _flide_Falrf round al" Means" Gro- rakc--ponds. H. H. JONES, Contractor .1.17 r Lafayette. Box 143 University Station Phom 14«B Fayettevllle W r i t e Box L-16, Salar HELP WANTKD G R A D E TKAClfER^^WANTED · w i t h decree SJ'.'Ollfl a m o n t h i"r :i m o n t h s . School s t a r t s J u ' v 14. we c i p c r n t e on n spill lerm If Inleir/.'rrl m i l Laninr Harhrr. Su- P£nnt,.m|piii, V i i n n d a l e . A r k a n s a s ONF. 2 year old Dohcrman Plnrhe male. _fa_ll _ l'EKIMCF.S'r W r i t e or i ._lhop. Himt. SAI.ED OAT . en-d. Phone .1112W2 nobffrman Ba7orl,ack C l e a n r r s uppies. AKC rerlilf rr? uire T and F Barber l l I r . _ A r k a n s a « traw m" fl'eTd 'oTdeiVv- WAN'TF.n. e ncr cook, also c o o k s wades A p p l y Mecca H i K h w a y 7 ] N o r t h wornV lipljie PHILCO REFRIGERATORS Topi AT n A H G A I N PRICES ·am. One fl ft. Servel Gas Hefrigerator ^~. | Speed Queen Washing Machines HELP WANTKn-FEMAUE ! -. . f' ASY TERMS SAI.KSMKN WANTED · tep I n l o · p r f i f l t n b l e nil own In Fayettevllle .·n_CPMAI » lt.flSY i EKMS ·"J^ ; "e"ri^e- CLIFTON LUMBER CO. t'hone 27 Weat Fork. A r k . IDEAL MAHRE5S CO. Quality n*w manr«i and mattrtji renovating. Phon* 3036 WtST OICK10N TYPIST w i l h clerical cxpe: Dictaphone. F o r t y - f o u r hour w r r k Steady employment for q u a l i f i e d person Addrefti Box I.-29 c-u Tiroel K i v m K work experience and refer- rncea Ineai nf welt Waahi'niton'Co'uriiy "NO' capital needed Buy on rredli P».v as you sell. V. J R u t l r - d f e . Arkansai. lales ovi "" OI HKI.PllR. y a r d work, dfjihwaihcr C Wa»hhurn. I'ho. 2J»OJ Illll (iitT-'ruioR r5ft"on^~cTfTcRr~Rna lev Dealey. The Barn. Hlfhway Sdiilh. Phon* 111] ; NIC* 1 ; brdroom In prlvat't" horne." ad. I lolnint balh phone 2mw ' ' ! ! · _ Phone \twtl. " '"_ '* *'" QUICK SERVICE ON v/alrhcv clocks, ipectacle a n d Jewelry repairmc EARL'S WATCH SHOP w i t h Brcwcri Cleaners. IS r. Center "Who's Who" For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory BEAUTT SHOP 8__ _ Mirthfl'l Beauty Shop ,, ^ Complete Beauty S«rvlc« ^ J ^ M o u W a l n ^ Phont J3.ll ( M L V A R D S BiAUTt »rl(JF - 2M W. Meadow-Phone 3001 ll»ch[neleii 3M. Cold wav MOO ysif - R!CJKJm-S BEAUTY R Block MLUII.I momt 1-TMa.i TM coRnrnnn __ ftpiNCKR f o u n d a t t o n i . lurlleat IUD"K rti Vlylan Oreen, Z2 yean nrv . _ i Phone 7M-J. ?u n lc«»t. _ W McOthM 1ZT. npvnccr CorMtlcre flmilh Unlvenlty Si HOME FRSONAI. aervlc* on w*t wiih and drylnf North 71, near Mecca Reil a u r a n ' Phont 1.1IH. WAM.PAPKR f-dglt, kM, W, PAINT Wallpaper antl i»«lnt "Hew" Interior ~ // AND BOY DO I GET ATTENTION It's true, I'm juit a little "feller," but I sure can make myself heard when I want tomething! My slightest indication of a need always brirvf* immediate response. Little inexpensive WANT ADS in th« Time* are also "Little Fellers," but their far reaching "voice" booms like a giant to the thousands of people who read the Times every day. When you have some no-longer-needed article to sell, when you have lost or found tomo- Ching, a vacancy to rent, be sura to place your message where it will receive the greatest atrtn- rion . . . in the Times. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES 25 N. EAST STREET Hours 8:00 to 5:00

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