Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 5, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 5, 1952
Page 7
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Gilbert Edges Wilson In July 4th Golf Tournament » . Cards Beat Cubs, 13-U-Uo Grab Third Place In National Alhn Gilbert, Jr.. emerged as* · champion of the annual Favelte- f villc Country Club's t'ourth of ~ July Tnurnament yesterdav as he riek'atn.-l Wallace Wilton. 2 and L in the men'.- finals. Mrs. ,J»re Blork . carrcid off top honors in the women's division of :he tourna- mont. b e a t i n g Mrs. Garland ·Wheeler. , Gilbert, twice a runner-up in;, anally broke through, although he was not \\-ithout sciine anxiou; moments. The deciding hole of the match was the 17th, a short par-3 test, on which Wilson's tee shot hurie.l itself in a sand 11.41. Only .-, speck of the ball . co'ild be seen in the sand. Gilbert had already hit his tee shot on the green and when Wilson failed in an attempt to cle^r ihn trap, then pitched on and ini.-seu a pu't hi' conceded the hole and thu championship. Neither golfer was able to play the kinu 01 golf in the final match that had hecn dirpliiyod in ihe ' march through earlier rounds. However, there were three birdi- 0 carded on the first nine and one on the hark stretch. Wil:-on held , a one-up advantage »t the end of the first nine. Gilbert's winninp advantage in the final.; was his lar::r.-t nf the tO'ji-nar-.-.ent. He won hi; first tlm- ma' Dr. l.rmon Chrk Gsrian-l Whfc-lcr and .luliu- LaniT --hy one-up margins. His firs', match went 13 holes. Wilson jea'.hr-d the finals on victories over Ellis Bogan. Roy Woorl and Larry Bird. The match with Bird 1 coing 20 holes. Jim Ptak took consolation honors in the championship flight In the first flight Garland Melton downed Earl Williams and Charles Hanks took Grady Harisn in the consolation. .1. D Erimiston tripped Bill Adair for second fiifht honor-; and Cecil Failey defeated Jere Block in the consolation. 1 St. I.ouis - I^Ti - Th* St I.ouiF Card inn I?, riding the iTn-t nf 3 r?r|-hnt mid-sP35 Mi""sk. tonk over t Chisox Beat BrownsTwice, ; S^fivr . The Cards handed nv Klippficin iir-l pitchers for Ifi hits hnrn 1 Chira;o-i,ri-P,,II Kenne-ly liirne-i in two fine re'ief performances' a two-run round-tripper In- Dirk i vpyterday RS the Chicazo v.'hiie Sis'cr in the firrt come. :So:; won a double-header fro-n : G"rald Slaley. rackir.c un | Ihe St. Louis Browns. 3-1 and 2-0. nth win of the season. limilM l--p I Kennedy pot credit for the .vin Bruins to onlv ;-.ix hits in the scc- i after taking over for Lou Kretlow ond rom.-rt as the C-irris won ther .'in Hie first game and saved the F j. x r n j n n ,-,,-...- and their l.ith in j win for Saul Rogovin in the sec- the '!".'. 10 caiv-'s '""d ''"· I Toby Alv.rll hit ····,, homer The line scores: , h p Cubs in the firM f;m ~. First Game ! Thp Iir( , srorrv i.Si Louis .. 100 con o r 0 l i \ First Game liTiicauo .. Or.o 30-. . 1 1 ] | (-';io-.-n on ivi? DIM 7 I I .1 I Pillctte (LP. Paiee and Court-. S t.' l',oui« nnn 31(1 MX--i fi i. ney; Krellow. Kennedy (WP) anri KFrnsT-m (LP). liam.dcll .Int- l.ollar Mar.i. |pll Lm ,. n Lpnn , r(] , 1|K| A ,,,,. ; second Oame i ,, ( W P ) w , rf R| i K-'TM' S '-l" n ° p n n n "° ' " " " Sw-n-IGame K.hiragn ... ooo 002 n o x - 2 fi 0 nvra-n mo iioo onn i r r ""· ,-',"". ' , Holcombe. Ovenr.ire (LPl and . e, , ~°- ' ' ' , no ',o ,T i I "" """ " Johnson; Rogovin ,VP). Kennedv ^ ^ " 7 ,, p " , . ; ' ' ' ' " K l fi :·"*·!"*···. ' 1 i T _n-.. ! -^ | !"i''. i t,r), ji.nn -nt!!. Knr'p- duo d;n' ri ! Boys Club All-Stars ·' **f ^..^^^fc ^BM^ SPORTS ; NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, Foyatleville, ArkanMi, ! Soluidny, July 5, 1952 Jean Womochil Engaged To Wed Don Tyson Mr .in-l Mi- Howard Wnmnchil. ,! I-*-. 1 -.;:··;·« Kan.. today an- en5.icerr.en! of their di,i-h','r .''.-ic. "i Don Tvson, son · ·! Mi ..:··! Mrs John Tyion of and Lollar. . slf'i and Edwards; Staley and Rice. il'f Mi''i;i-l League A'l-Slar team, tcrcled lasl week Irom the m-mbcrj of the i.ul for its first same as an All-SUr unit The All-Slurs played rrair'e ::." (,rme, \, rdne'.dny aflernoon. wi mini 12-.V Members of the lemn «'r- i renter " ' . l-ft :n ri=ht --mhy Morris. ;virby EMes. Harold Hnhanan und Gavel Raiip.iif -.n-ond -;in-in. John Steelc, .Imimy Watson and Georje Lewis; third row-.I,,,, Fries .!,,,,,, |i,,i v ii^Hr;:; fourth row--llnl Meyers. Dor;ey Jones nnrt Georje AlfvannV-i- ion i-ie left i linn- n nssiMam n,rector Sam nimins stan'lins behind: (on the rijht) Johnny Mahan, with v Safely standing behind. iPnska Tl,MK5?FnTO). Roife Predicts Headaches For New Tiger Pilot Detro HPi-"The next suy will have a lot of !-eadache? too." savs Frd Rolfe. who expecis to lie fired tonisht from his S45.000 iob · as manager of the last place Detroit Tigers. Who .-.-ill inherit his headaches for the rest ^.' the season? Proh- 1 ably first base coach Ted Lyons. Lor.psho? candidate.- are farm dire-!or Muddy Ruel. coa-h Bick Ferrel! and several others in the T;"or T^ani/.a'ion. In a dramatic setting just prior to tonight's game with the St. 1-vjis Frowns the hoard of direr- tors will discuss the managerial ' . f tion in President ^ p i k e Prints' office adjoining the grand- Hand. T:cer oiayers ar.l perhaps ei-en Polfe will be dressing for their pro-game workout at about Hie 1 moment Snike toils neu-^naner- ' men the board's official decision. ' Kolfe hisn't been tol-i hy club officials that he'll be fired. Rul Red knows Spike will mske such a recommendation. Rriz£= will alr.o recommend third base nach Pick Bartel! be fired. Tiger rpok«sman said irritiled fans asked for removal of both men. yorrrallv Polfe wo i).| he j n lnr cluhl'ouse getting dri i --s n d nt I'^e m-'iip: time. '-Bu' I m-iy nist stay home and wait for i ohonr cs'l " i:d Red. Barte'l said he planned to he at the stadium. The yesterday were 2m;, fames out of firrt place i-.d 7N names behind seventh-place Si'. Louis. Athletics Take Second Game For Split with BOSOX jMaHie Early, Beat Gianls, 5-1 Sedgman Wimbledon Champ \Vi:'p\_ l !°'! i in Knrlnnrl-i/PI. l m t i - n i,~.,i.,,- i.,, o i- -T-I_ _ * . . . . . . ^ il'i Phi!adclphia-f/Pl-Thc Philariel- i piiia Athletics fought hack for a i sp|i] \vith fie Roslon R^d Sox ; vestcrday vinning the secord \ came. -1-^. a f t e r the Snx had O iin- ' ed a lO-.i win in the opener. ! The line scores: ] First Game Boston noi one nni -- i n n n Philadelphia inn nil 002-- s 9 . ] Parnell (WP) and While; Hooper (LP), Nev-som, Kucab and As;troth. j Second Game i Boston . mo nnn 200--3 10 2 ( Philadelphia 100 012 mix--4 7 I. ! Nixon (LP), Hudson and Wilher. While; Byrd (WP) Zoldak and Murray. - rrn-n Bov^rlv M i l l s . Ii;is \\-un thrpp Win-. -...!. fnr: \"llr..: ni: · Mnurppfi rnnnnliy, ; fhnn'pinn f'-nm S,-in InHa.v i' 1 Jh? all-Ani r*i'r- . c i:v:lr-5 finaU nn Cnlif.. who lilr-lnn litk.;, ] - ypRr-old Thp U. S. Hif,-;'). Calif.] rnf-jn M-n?r- \-ictnry. i*iip an Xr v Ynrk-i/V'-Thi- n' !:-'-·)! up Pels Win Right To Play In Southern All-Star Classic By Tht Associated Press ; When the Atlanta-Mobile series opencrl Tuesday Ihe odds on A l - lanla winning five m a row and knocking Mobile out of the all' s ' a r rare mii5t have been about HIP sam? 55 the nrids on a Pippr Ci;h flying to the moon. Tho Cu'.t lanrlc-i last njghl- - A t - lanta rn-.mded out i;s artonishing sircak by whipping Mobih I w i r e m a double-header 3-2 a n d fi-]- Mobile fell flat on it? fare in thn NV - T Vcrk . Oricanr- lio, bpfl-inp tnr '.'·'.r \- ^'ori; are .")-! \ .-slrflny in a tailed r.ouhle-heaficr. Thr (i rst tilt \v n s 1 i m i', cd to P i£ h' flames by the ram with tlie i-e; 1 ; ond Rame railed off. I Mngiie, nn old Ilnrlrer noniis! fnun way lin''k, bp^lrti t u 1 G'jnis right slfinehl ti;r,r? iifi'-rc ycyicrdny ;md had a strr^rli of ^8 scnrrlc.iS innings goni;; in:o yesierclay'? tr-;. But yr.-irrriay \v,-,-; nnt :hc day fnr 'he Burner. Thf? Dodder? v.-cnl upht tn v:ork .'-rn]\ng a run in t.ic iir.'t v hen M.'igiip waihrd Jnur nion. ,T.n ^etlin^ t"-n mote in Inu ·sr.-rnd. .Maglie departed the jiyinf lor a pinrh-hittcr MI thf scmncl. . Prea-hcr Koe s^riod for tic ! Ilnrigrr? and he iHS'cd only or.o .inninje as the t.^ianl:; st-nipri' thr;r · Inr.c run in fairly e.^y ];i;:ijon in ' the initial framr. The Brc^iklyn manage/pen* rieridcd it \va?n'i . Hoe's d.i.v rilhrr and C!rm Ln- bine went in ;o iiianl: th° Durocr.-' ermen the rc.~t of tl.p -.vny. ! The vir'ory cr.ablrd tne Dnl- . SOT, to repa;n thf»ir thrrp-^ame od^e over the Giants in the National. ; ' The line score : 'Bmni.-lyn i; ( n T02 OH S 8 0 inn 000 iifi -! 8 1 (WP) nnd f.rn- Kns!o, : by Po'Umnn. Thr Aussifs 'Jnn^or hpfnrp oppose Vie Scixas of F'hilndrlphia ' find rarrd lhrou"'i and Plrir Sturgrs?; nf Smith Afrir;i.' self fi-3. fi-3 fi.? in . Sedgman. a rtirlv-hnired 24- ; It w«5 thr f j r : t vnr-nld who al«n holfis thr U S. tralian rnppwl HIP l '·rnu-n. slcamrd past .lam^lnv j Crawford bf-ai AITIT ni-nbny. s«lf-pxilrd ('7"rh u-!m nnu-1 Vinos i-i 1H3.1. Amcr r:illy Kc.vpl hii- li'imr, in f'uir lark- j sinrp l!Mfi. , lu^tro -^rt« thnt IPM niarn among! S"dcman spiked , tho contnr court rrnwd nf 1.1,000 ! might turn pin \ i- v ; i w l n n c - |mrnl lhat IIP W:IMI i MIM-H-I Drr.hny npvrr mnHr a fisht of it ; thp play-fnr-pay r;mir- .-iflnr winninK trr first srt fi-4.. Thp wnmrn's' finfl shnuM pdpnian rhu ; SPrond .set, puardmc Iho hang affair . .. of liRi'fl hiitu Yanks Sweep Twin Bill From Nats, 9-J, 4-3 Mt-t. Cora Alica Hughoi Kinipnil rrvi'c.-, | i M i ? . '(,[·-, ; Alirp Hiifji'.r;, HS, v ut -i;..- | ;,; j City Mnspit.iJ ju.y L', .-,,1 L'- (.-or. - 'ditflcd at -I p. m., tufl.t.v \\\ {.ic , Wai;,nn Mnrtu.'iry Crin," H C V . Joilll A M J R i J . JiMr;,'.. V .i · m the Ka;r\ if w r f m ^ i i : ·· Eph Marlrn Toiler : Klill'T'il .'. 'I \ :: I", f , , ' ]·' j ^ *] lin K u - l T , 1 i. ;.· :i , , i ;, .... . : lair .M.-irv I ! · = .-: . - · -r ! .-, : · ' '·- dlPd .11 L'-P ] - , : - , . ,,' !;; "..... !"'"'h «·; I'M.;-.- ( , . · ," .;./ W i l l in. . -nilii: ; . - | ; : . .j ,. .,, (lay hy t h - |{ ". \ V :i .· !. . , - , Bill ,i;i:l Knirk -f V.', -'.^.., ]';. { H)P Inn i : !',: v . .,' }.'.'.. I-,'.-'', ,Sn|rin. (J .-. .'.:, r . I.,!;,;,' ,..,, 'V \V,'i?hinet!in-(/Ti-Thp ,\'r-\- Y'irk ' vrlnprd In thp «prnnri Rair^ with V--m^po" dn^ijpdly hum: "n tn their thp Spn;itnrs ahpail. 2 - ] . Yogi Bei- Am-'riivin Lcapjp !p;,d yPMp r r| ; iy r,-. crm nrlprl H ball dnwn thp first linp. Nats' first ba.sfman iiy l-.-immcrinc out a 11-4 win over Hie \V.i-!iinEl-in Srnn!ors in Ihr fii. 1 ! ^,-irne "f a dnuhlc-'ieruirr and Ihrn ,-!il!a?;!('d the Xatp, 4-3, in a hp.'iU'd ;-Pl"nrl Rainc. K.-iin rlri-iyed 1 l -e firrl r-unr nvcr f-vn lining and it ,..,-,s *\nw, ri^ht hour-: hnroi-p Hi" l\vn jMini-s W,"'P |-(l|Tlpll-|rrl. A rllllhai-h ||P. Nats' first nasmifjn i Mi'-kry Vprnon fipldpd lh P hall,! but thinking it foul did not bothpr tn touch the ba:;p. The umptrt* ral!- rd thp hall fair and thp Yanks wpnt on to srnre three runs and lake thp bad. Th* tvn dpfpals Hrnpppri IhP Spnalnrs intn finh plarp. six x«niP5 'iff the mr". The luv 1 scores: First Game New York rail I2H 111- n 17 n Washington n.ii .in 1 ) 111111.^4 7 3 Miller, Hofi c I\VPI. .T,id j r ra: Gumoerl (I,! 1 ). Johnson, Ferrick and Xlut?.. r r S^rnnrt Gimf New York Illlll 1110 300 -- 1 \7. 0 Washington 000 020 1)1(1--.» a i Kti7a\-a (\VPi nod Renn; Mnr- rero (I.Pi and fJiasMi, Klul?. PiratesComeToLife-Moke: Bulletin Rcdlsgs Walk Plank Twice Labine How They Stand AMERICAN LEAGUE W L ill-slar race, and N..,. ^,.1,,,,.. moved in as Ih? tram tn meet the I P' 1rirlla : Magiie (LP), ·Kouth?rn Assnrialion stars July · · C 'l 1e ' ncer an fl Yvars. c./;^ rie?/^ A-unTM knn^: :M ' SSOU " Woman Hsirl cri off IVTnMe livir? nntl the Pel? , . . , ,,, . divided vi!h Birmin;ham. Nov. Ifl AUIO COlllJIOn flrlrans won t.'ie opener 1-n nir] , Rirmi.-.iham Ihr nishl-ap, l.i-ll.l A Cslhajn, M.i. MT..-.,, In othrr .Inly fourth donh- . fprcd !irnHpr« Meinpiiis l ,von tv.-ice from ' 'i:nrn ·Vafhville. 3-1 and 4-3 and I.ittlc Rork snri Chat:anoo-_'a divided the Tr.ivs winning first 5-2 and Chatlanoi.'sa swond. I-n. , Theater Will Present Irish Comedy 'if- Vork ____ S:. I.ouis Detroit Friday's Results Xew York 9-4 Washmcton Eo?ton 10-3 Philadelphia s- Cleveland 11-10 Detroit 0-1 Chicago .1-2 St. Louis 1-n NATIONAL LEAGUE , Indians, Yanks Win 1 In Midget League The Indians ;.nd the Yanke^ Tamed victories ] sst ...fekpnil p- FRycttrvillP n,,. s rinh's mi d K H .-. -..I.-. Tno Indian: lnn\, an jj.f; viri'iry m.T tne Oi.inlf and Ihe .I'iks Iriirinrr: ;hp O'hs. p-fi nporie I.ow:« «-ss thr winning p.'rhrr ,'.,, inp Tnhp. heslirc Hor- ir.inor i:;j:irio' yiv'rriv.- i iiinniin^ ·.··!-, C i n ji'p ( . nr ,,, -^-hjch slip was a riasrprcrr rollined M-,'h arnthpr aulomohilp ;,! tl'.c corner of Third ar.d flnnih Siinp'-: Mr?. .1. W. Rrai.p. K, \ v a ? ' r » - ic-:sed from C'lly yr-ip;-- 'i:;y af ; rrn'pn. She injsrert Cily p.ilice sr.iil Mrs. I'r..n(. · · · , = a passencer in Ihe -;-r ;ir. -;; h- her iuishnnd \vhr-i i: . -i'!;-!^'.- ., ·;, Thp i.., riir.itcr ! to :i | , Irnni S t | \Vh.iehpj ic. ';'· p.-r tin-' n;; ,1 In- ma-- thp no.v 2(1^0. "The x .iflire at ihn rni"or.;:!v .\:'l IIP open d-i:lv frn;n · in., an-l on Saturday.; ·i 12 a. in., for "Tlie 1"i Hoy." !,·:,;, ro:redy ·-cnirrl for four .lays hc- \'.' pni,;. h ".-. Hi-nnis. Drr.n.s fails his ex- ci ,, i;] . Hl |, r ,. ""'r'':' :s ·:' 'T m|1 ; i: '' ;i1 s ~ hor ' 1 - Smith and'n,', , Ihif. . ::-·! -...-I'll rNile lo a farm !i ' .i.'i' ; '..-i. :-·,.;". his fam.iv h i.: IM:.M: in ps-r/yonv ;vor: ; ,-loth * f mcinn,i!i-'^"'i.Thp Pitlsburfih I'iraicr, in HP lo lifp yeslprd.iv tah- nic h.ilh pud; nf a double-hr-adcr from the C'jiu-innatt Kedp, 4-2 and j."-2. H marked thn first douhlp- ! ^icader v. in fnr the Pirates since ! August of last year, i Ted Wilks' fine relief pilchin* ! saved Ihe victory for rookie Harry ! 'Fisher in the second utmf, \vith! rookie Dick Groat coming up with i a two-run single in the ninth I mninq after Uvo were out. The twn tallies snapped a 2-2 deadlock, j Boh Friend hurled t steady six-hitter to wm the first game. The lino scores: first Gamr 1'iitrlMirf.h 110 nnn nn?--4 11 n Cincinnati onn inn nin--2 R o Friend IWI'i and MrCuMniiith; Frrkowski nl.Pj and Seminirk. Second r.ame find n^i fpo_ s a n Cincinnati l i n n n n n n n 2 7 2 Fisher lU'Pl, Wilts and f.ara- iVuxhall IU-PI, Wimbledon. Enslsnd - f/I'i - ("onnnllv. ,S,-,n Dienn. r'ahf . stni defeated Louise BroiiRh of never- ly Hills, Calif.. 7-S. 6-3 lodav In win the women's slock-; title of the AII-En«lan'l ch.impinnshint The youngster took just (is minutes to defeat Miss Rrnui;!i. three-time winner of the t i t l e from 1948 throuph 19.50. At the start of the two-week tourney Mis^ f'onnntlv was : offering from a sore liKht shoulder --so painful she was in tears at tht clo«« of some of her parly matches. j Today she showed the same powerful stiokjs that won her the U.S. title last September. She is the second youngest ever to win ! the American crown. I Ihe W a t v - n Mnrlnan. , Orville O. Grnham i Kllll,- :i| .: , v ,,.,.. (,,,. (1| .. J|,, (| ·Gi-ah.i,,i, -h,, ,|,,. d ..,, hl , ..,,.,.,. |n Ihe \Vyni., n ,,,nirnii,-,-l v .[,,·.. 3 I were ro,,,|u,-!-.| , v ]|, ., ,,, |h ^ Ini'.rninr .-,, t:,,. |,,,,. .,,,,. ,-,,,,,.,·., by the liev. K.I r,,ui,;r. H,, r i n | ,,....,, in Combs ,-e,,,,,|,. ry lmrj ^ r , hr ( ( | _ -rerlion of Nc!.',.ir.-, (Mineral llmnu. Wllllom Thomai Dl«en | .Spiin K d.-i!,--i.s,,e,-i;,l| - William: Thoma, iJisoii. 77, dird ycMcroViy ! 'innrnine ni hi.s immf. hi-ie. ||p v-.i'.;: , horn in l.rfavfe. Triui., A n i i l i 22.1 B75. and ,,,,,,,,.,| ,,, lhn arra \ wilh his fnmrv ,..-hcn l,e ...a, pi,.,,, I years old. | |P ,, .,,,., r ,,,, ,,.. ;. r j 'wife. Tinin T,'or,|-!i-ir. lij--.,n- r x i 's«nt. Aril.-., H,,.-. a,: I , ,,, i f ..^prini;,;.-,!,, H.IH,..,- ,,f :: ; , n .-,- ; |, r i-|. , Mo., Jimmy T. of Ili-n ,.,, a n .i ;- ;il'-y Join:: nn of ||n! :: ; ,.-n-j., tn,,,-' ;I:iii','iilns, Mrs. I ) - - - , - |,;,.. ; ,. f ' j Grand Prciri'-. T. -,a .. M,-.-. ol|, n ! llaihor of l.ov-rM. :i.-. .lr r: , ·rhi,'niiv.lll of Siinoi:-'-:'.. ami ;i rf i .MaiiMe Cialvim .,1 ihi. I ,,inp : i-.vo . hrothpr:;. Char!'- ,-f ]:,.-.:,-' .-.nd ' J. W of Spri.iij.inl..; 'hi-.-,. ,,...te r ., ;Mrs. (Ha Mm Inn ,,f Tae,;:.-.,. | Mr. Kdii'i H.ill ft S'.utlgart ar- '··. · ' ·'.·! ,-)·· tn i- p^nd the .nim- ·'i her Msii-r. Mrs. Mar(ir»t e h l i n went to y morninj n'T m o t h e r . She returned i Fo.jfh ,if July guests at the ! ),,· me of Mr? PoherU Fulbrijht ; i-.-lud-d h-r daughter ind »on-ln- : I '···.'. Mr and Mr:. Kenneth : T.-;,?,lal" ,-,f St. I.oiiij. C u t F'lis arrived from St. I., MI!- FiH.iy tn spend the week, nd with Dr and Mrs. Lipn«rt . Mr. and Mr; Fred Huff «nd children of Midland, Tex«i. ind Mi. and Mrs. Leonard Huff of \Vnntiett", Okla.. have been week.-d ruesti al the I) H. BnvrJ home. Mr FrPd Huff, tt-c former Miss ' · · " ' - ' I'"'.. I. is th« Boyd's «rtni- ' Warren Wants No Part Of Party's Second Post - i,J'i - falifornia'5 Gov. n-eii said last night, "I '" Ihe vlre presidnntial n if it is offered to me.'* 'publican leader declared "lolled only in the par- iiiiLi'in for president. He Hint he will rtlease the delrpntion with Hi 7fl v o t e ' arcorriinj; to its :t-n.-ni-e" only when "I »« 10 chance for tht nomint- New Jump Record Set By Parachutist Grand* Prnirje. Texas-'P}- A sluntman bucked buffeting winds f',r nimnst 24 hours to let a new marathon parachute jumpinc i**c- oid. Keal Ste-srt, 27. of Birm- in.'iham, Ala., toppled from i small plane I1M times yesterday 1:1 M l;..-:."i. 35 m.nutes. The old ncoid wa 1:3 jump» in a 24.. l-'iur |-«ii.,d hy John W. Swedish of low, W.-irh . Mr,. n,|ie Ragsdalt . of fuhl. Id;ho. anri Mr(. Jane Don- .ildson of Sprmsdalo; 17 jrand- i-hi!.ii-cn and f u e irreit jrind- iiildren. Funeral services will be con- iii-i-d M,,nday at 2 p m.. at th* c.illi-.on-Si-.-o chapel by Cecil Jarrisnn, with burial in Bluff ccnicterv. and a triple bat. Ronnie sacker, also How T ° Long-Trapped Doq - 3 h Brooklyn .., New York .. St. I.ouis .. Chi'-.lpo Philadelphi.i . Cincinnati . Boston . W I. . 4n 43 40 33 30 30 Pet .700 .fi." -lor, fine . Friday's Revulls Hos.lon 2-3 I'hilartclphia 1-3 Brooklyn's Xr-.v York 1 ei:-|it ir.nuiRs, rn!lfd rain: 1st same- I'l'-'l. Pi. I.ouis 13-1 Chicago 7-1 i I'ittshtirsh 4-5 Cmrinnali 2-2. ' SOUTHEHN ASSOCIATION in thiee time* ;,t .lores, ,-,11-stai- third flot I.-,-., f nr jhrcc. Cl-arks Iluchps played e e:mf f nr , hp ],,..,,,. C.p.iri;? Alexander twirled In\: lil.ers tn ttipir Miuto.jt win gi\ n ' : '' '·"'Hini-i "ff In--MI;; un ,,r.Iy f y v p hi:s. .I.ihr Stei-lp ' ''' '"''"'' " l!n :! '" "-veil v.-.-i.- ihe loser lor llip Cuhs p,,,,| * ''"I 10 arniiral ! !-,;;. -i "·»» -de a circus catch ill TM..J? f , ^ " "·' ··-.·'.pd nn Hunhes 1 imm fiyi ";' rf ,/,.".;,,'',;,.:, ,,..,,, "ir dcfonsre gem nMhedav.V,., ,.,,,,,, ,;,.^ li . l . J, ,',,', Homers, Tight Pitching Gives Tribe Two Victories Over Tigers, 11-0,10-1 . - . I I h , (hicks Wallop Drapers in Qzark Till, 19-7 The entrv l."a-ne C'.| r |, nr %1 lliel M |l I':. 7 u | n New Orleans .son .IflS .420 Atlanta Mobile Nashville . B i r m i n g h a m Memphis Uttle nock rrldi.v Reniilki Atlanta 3-B Mobile 2-1 M»mphl» 2-4 Nashville 1-3 ,\w Orlcanj 1-11 BirminRham "-15 ll'l* Rnelt s-n ChuttanooRa 2-1 W -18 37 _ 4s 3fi 4.i 3d , ]fi 3 | 43 422 . 3R 45 3fi 4R 33 47 I. Pet. .542 ..,42 'anrt Roh Lemon's and Karly v.-.lh a round-tripper «ynns stmrv purhini!. handed the The line .Tore- lasi-pinct Delroit Ticers a pair nf First Oume Iheir worst lirkinss nf the season Cleveland "14 mm !!··· n u n yesterday, li-n and m-i nnroii nun nnn r'm.. i 2 l Catcher ,Ioe Tiptnn Inngcd n ' \Vynn HVPi and Ik-an- Gr,,- hasfs-londwl hnmrr in the first H.Pi. Houteman. .lohn-on and Kamp ann singled home · pair Swill, Oinsherg of runs m th« second rame. frrnat (rsine W.vnn rave up onlv iwo hitu in Cle-,eland din mi in(i._;n n n Ihe nnener as tear.imitcj ,Iim nptrnn ion nnfi nnn . 1 \ n Fridlev. Merill Cnmhs and Harrv |,emnn i\Vd. ., r ,| Tioion Simpion .-it one-run h n m e r s . T r u c k s i i P i . l l n t . f i n-hn^ t ..i. ,I.enaon «ive up only five hlU «nd| field ml Swt/1, |he rninprd r-'.'::ln uver mi Ihr 'rontiliiHii lin-nr -'· imnr.l ,t sjl,,,,,,, SprJuv Th" rveiis ,.,,1 n, r sl:np n , mi |, rr of hits ?\ run«. mak.nt five errors. - The Oan-rs t nt ihrir nei-rn nirs nn II hits .111, 1 made six errors. The latirrir.s fur Kai rllrvlllc: |San'lrs. Maltlievs and Phillips; ; 'nr Tnnlitnwn; I'enin. Slirllnn Mi'e-ieli, I ;,, r | ,,,,) H'iiklnsnn. Th" nr\l Irjcnp fame for the f'lil-ks uill he pl.ivrii m | nr W«hln«!nn Cnnnly I air (irouniH Mondiv nlthl, ,?nly 7, it n.|,v It Car Used By Bank Robber Is Recovered r.'iiluin.Okla. - i/Vi - -An .lourd auiomohilf u=ed in the $3.. (inn roWioiy ,,f the Si" n r. r stale Mauk Thursday va seen inday «s the key to Ihe snlu'inn nf the crime. The old model auto. f...,-d nil a rjlllhrie resi.if-ntinl plrcet yesterflav. was identified nv fie :lalc Crimo I'.uifaij as tin- :'."a- wav car in t ! - o hank holdun. It U-.T: c t'!»': finm an Oklahoma Cl'v Int. Claiiftp Sr-\ innur. Crmic I'lireau ai:enl. said th«i lar definitely wa-, HIP .--IP m w h i c h a ynung Negro ocapfri. FiriKf.rpnnts in the car v.PIC desciibef] as n'ferinif prom- i.-p nf leading to the rnhliei's iden- lifii alinn. Braves Cool Phils With Double Win I Roston-f/T'l-Thp Boston Rr,ivpj '·noled off Ihe upsurging Phila- j'lrlpliiq Phlh in a Fourth nf ,1'ilv dnrhle-header al I'.ravej K --I in 1 1 mnliic- The Phils 01 ih hnth games hut couldn't £- runs across the pi^i. n,,.,j, Malth»"..s hiasled Kts Mth t o: the season for the nr.v Ihe. Mth inning nf !'"p first fnr the winning margin. i The line scorer: r'lrnl name ; Phila. uiifi it jn ii' n i'.| Boston n.-.'i riff) nin ni llre-.-t ( I . P i ,·,,,, |i ., f c n n t , |{'i r .|i!« f \ V | ' | Claire. Srrond f;amr Philadel[f''iM nin I li'i nil; Boston I in nil.i UK Heintzlp Cooper. 111 ' II.PI. ni'iz.k ' k ( o r t, i W l ' j Three Gross Fires Are Extinguished fires, one Cors Collide At Highway Intersection Three Grass l." firework'. .. ere exlinfiilhed tv.-n ram ypMrrriav and ThiTsrlny. At X sn Hiihwa.v' niKh! firer.ien were rflllfd to ' Ih. FrM Hunt home on Ml Se- qnny.ih Drr.e after fire'rarker" set fuc in ihr B rass The Mn.f was oi-i ,, n »rnv«| of the firemen Kaiher vr-terrlnv. it 1 3n p. m I Sprmgdalp .(Special). One person reri'iircd hosmu; ire-|tmev,! "fused last nigh! a f t e r the rn|;i.-|nn of at I'IP inter'rcijon of 7 1 r.fl here a l...-it fl'^'l n'flor;- A .MI on- f.,, |,\ Oinev Mni-in ,, | i,;,,i. . ,11, |p which .lamct McNeil .,f l.n-Af.|! w-as a pasiengfi. tinned intu '!^ from 7 1 «nd jtruek machine driven hv Joe Kilpiinrk of i will he the flrtt nliht timr nf Ihe . -.,....... ... , .,,, p.m.. · unven nv 1 ·'"·m fnr Fa-Mln-lllc , r " nl|1; " 1 " '' "-"landed to an ' Rrnn«flVe, ncrumel ,-iisf, l,. .i.v,. alarm at ihe iVarki Prnductj ' nlta and Winds Meidort M, .Ve ,1 ( prnpar.y on Muhwav «2 wm l o - w a n liken hy ra!!i«in-Sisrn .111. rvlingiimt, a EI.VS fire. It «·», the to lh« W«.hmflon rnuniv the h if ''.".i ' *'" hm 2 ' Ho «P' ljl l " hrrf I" ··'···'·· TMted Ihe hniir, A n.js p m Thunnv , in4 returned lo Rprmidnle TM inrr.llar hl»r.« was PxlinxtiifhM 'ftthers were lew senoiniv |n)ure* PLEASURE ' Firings \ou Every Day -\ r--ir.r: c-'o r t-:: nrr . cn | j, t [, t ; v ::.··'·/.-·.···/.· :~'.r:d eTch any in -'I:P j^ii.--, .;-.; y-'i,.- nswspap«r. ' ·:-. ; · ; cv\--.-.-.., T: i;-.. cream ol '. ·--.:-.:·: r--.-;.- -ir'oir, d(!:;-jrt ycu with i-'.'-^r r-.r.-.cdy, sxcit- r:-l» sfi:::;r.g humor. : -, :v everyday! ;ro c; nci~;.r-:-,n li this all-stw - hy ;-[. i.;-,.-.i mirth-ir.aktni if n y- .; ca;,'.i\--ray a«lcs »aeh y. Yc-,, y-'.ir n?wr.par«r is w»U ;,'-" hr cnierimnmsnt alone--hj r! nil thr- n o :oad;n -J y vt iy i f- 0 -i- c fnrn culture m iire.fnli.mlusn times spre.ifi o\'er mo" nf the j western hcmirpherr whert 1 corn plant would crow. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES ·* \

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