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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 5, 1952
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WOK, tff**,m». AHumM*, StMwrckir, July S, If S3 Church News Central Presbyterians Deceive National Mention '* J The C e n t r i 1 Presbyterian Church of Fnyettevllle wan recof- fized ut thi 164th .General Ai- ·tmbly of the Presbyterian Church CSA, , fh the National nullrting Fundi enormously In the last decade The and srminrles h a v i n g to are t u r n overflowing candidate.', for the m $7n2iun:! pledged. Thli Sunday the Central Pr«- n y . . n ; i M Church will celebrate The .Sacrament of Holy Communion at the regular Mornini Worship hour. 10:5(1 a. m. A «pe- , cial service of preparation for the; i '. · ' (if '·rninunion will bt\ j UM(J. The choir will uln* the [ ; ..IK« in the De»ert"j | by Jennlnffc ' | Mm ii i e reminded t h a t they! are (·nrnuragcd to leave i h e i r ' coals ut home and come dressed as j comfortably as possible. } Baptist YouthGroup j 1 * ar«i t * - I A meelinc in New York City rector of religious e d u c a t i o n ' t i m i ' I f a v f « F n r A c c / m U K , May, for Us outst.ndlns work nthcr church vocation?, hence the VLSrorASSCmDlV trip National nilllrtirto FnnHi ntintl tt.r u ....»..i . . . need for expansion of facilities. Between March nnd the meet- ftmpatgn of that denominatio j The Presbyterians began In March a notion-wldc cumpallin; 2,(inil churches lor $12,000,000 in Capitol fund«. quotas for the Of this amount $7,500,000 ii t o i C a m n i j [ n Of tl ese 4-] c h i l i * to In loans ind gifts toward the accepted s u b l n n i i a ' l l v m ,,,,, tV, m rection of new Presbyterian ihelr sufgested oiiot. a n d w.r. ' ^lurches, and $1,500,000 w i l l be »scd for the exptntion «nd 1m- frovemeht of the nine theological ajpmlnarles of the church. Though Oie Presbyteriani have organized ' new church every week for lix «irs, they h»ve not yet caught i with the demand. There are filldated request! from organ- lied groups for flOO more new ·fiurch building!. Thli doei not iTirlude the remodeling of older Buildings. Moit of these churches ajre In newly developed arefts ^here there were no churches, or wen towni, i Twenty-eight young p e o p l e ing of ncnor,,rX 51 ,e n ',blv"i n "M a "v' 'TM "* First Baptist Church left ·hn -iccc,,;,., ii ' r " ml ".v for the A r k a n s a s Baptist flu ding Fu n d i A s M ' r ' l j l y " l S"TM»n Spring*. The m " *" na encampment w i l l continue through Wednesday. Those attending are: Judy Robertson, Nancy Cole, , recognized for their ,,..,,,, contribution. The Fayetteville church was one of the 43. H was asked to accept a quota of $3 'On 00. The Official Board of the church recommended to the congregation th»t it ncccpt a quota of $4,000. Thin was voted unanimously hy the congregation. A few week! after the decision the campaign was held under the direction of William R. McNair, and the new quota was oversubscribed. To date $4,299.99 has B n p Kathleen Johnson, ligious nary _. , · -" ·-··. | · *·"·· J.UU\.«LIUII in me oouti Sk^M^^y r-iL" ! WP """ «"*'·' Th^oHc., Sem Skelton, Marilyn Hudson, Peggy Ciiambcrlain, Donna yoe«, Judy McFarland, Valerie York; Dnrliene Steel, Carolyn Steel, Marilyn Bdnc, Camelin Morrow, Emllo Sonnernin, Shirley Wells, Betty Stewart, .llmmie Atherton, Honald Slcnseng, T. O. Spicer, Jr. Ralph Brlckcy .John Steel, Donald Stubblefield, Warren Burdlne ind Bob Smith. Mrs. Bill Monigold Is the adult Dr. .1. M. Price, professor of Rc- speak at |he 10:9.1 morning wor ship service at Church Sunday. District Assembly Closed Here At Mt. Scquoyah This week approximately 65 young people of the Fayetteville District of the Methodist Church »nd Harrison h«ve had fellowship and study at the annual Fay- ctlevllle District Assembly. Each morning the entire assembly was taken to the Fayetteville pool foi a short swim. After this the youth group was divided into classes. In the Intermediate Division the classes were. At Work In Gods Plan--Earle Cravens; At Worship In Gods Plan--Vernon' Chalfant; At Play In Gods World j --Jack Winegeart; anrt Learning' About Gods World--David McCartney. The Senior Division had : two classes, Friendship and Mar-: riage--Jim Workman, and Chris-; tian Ideals For My Community--' Ed Dodson. | From this they went to morn-: ing worship which was opened | by Jim Workman. The speakers' were . Ed Dodson, D. L. Dykes, and Sam Ouslam. Ih the afternoon the youth had First Baptist Opens New Mission Pastor Of Mission lion among Southern 'me Rev. Glenn Steele, a mem-- her of the First Baptist Church, has been chosen as pastor of ths new Baptist Mission on James Street. Mr. Steele resides at West' Fork, and is well known to the people of this area. He served as superintendent of construction in the erection of the educational ... -- ,,._,...., 11JV . , l t w unoaiun wl my r i i b i DHpusi L-nurcn, (aoove pno'io) located building of the First Baptist * :, Nature Lore--Wayne Hen- on Jemcs Street. A short program will be given under the direction Church, and built the basement _Jl. lon KrC been"p.ominem'as 11 ^| Ca !l C r ^J".""? |h°T "V* ?"£ . 4l , Tomorr(lw "'"noon at 2:30 o'clock the first service will be held in the field of Religious Vduca I. rf M . Pnoto * r ?W-*- M- in the new mission of the First Baptist Church, (above photo) located " _·"-"»'«"··» j^uuLd- , Mparfe. Naturp T,or*»--Wavn** Wnn_ m TimTM ci- aa 4 A -i 1 ...m T. _ - . . . , .. '.. been pledged. N.tioniny spe k- ^" ~f, '· '."··*" '-Hy of the'siToam Bap, « ?° ing well over half of the inn I h« rvS l, ih H » sembly, which is in region this ?he hovl " P ° n '° r '° r week lhrou « h Wtdr. 6 sd»ro!I next i-ion among Southern Baptists He v, * r- · -- *r · ·-*··- «.. w.,.,i.a ^i. CC v. j\ ,-muit piugiam w i n DC given unaer tne direction v-nun.ii, mm uum uic utihuinuiii has taught thousands of..turi.nU ^f- ' i_ ran i lc , s ,~ , y. lr « m " j pl Dale Bradford, chairman of the Missions Committee; the Rev. section of the Immanuel Baptist , * mi,,..TM,,.,:) ui MU'.ienis Clinen^nK Fnllnwlno tViie t h n l n t A . n C4««i n »*: --: . _ _ , « , . . . . . . . '. . . . I /^L. u t n_. .1-- T , T _ _ A r.-_,_ in the Seminary and is the author of various hooks. He is on the · ---· " ~»,t u i a u i u i u , mailman in me missions commiuee; tne nev. aui-iiuii ui uic imiiidiiuci joupubL Umeftrns. Following this the | Glenn Steele, Mission pastor; and Dr. Walter L Johnson pastor of the I Church, formally the West Side young people divided Into work-Hirst Baptist Church. A reception will be held at the close of the Mission of the First Baptist *H In towni that . »uo hive grown ing well already over been lalf of lub.ic the goal ribed, \ has Griges pfeiect From This List the Church of Your Choice week. FtMT BAPTMT WAtm L JOMNtON. l:» I m (IMW M 1i:U i m Morally w*nKlr Itrmon: Or. J. M. Prlct. louth western Th*olottc*l femtniry, F0r WarU). (:M p HI lUplilt TnllUIH UMM 7:10 p. m. Evrnlu Wonhlp tarmon: ' Th«t I Mi Dr. Wiltir L y Know Him"-- C (OWAU IRUBAXUl. PxMT mUUtm Ji QlbHrnTHlaiitw to ·*·· f el a. m. Church 1«K a m. Mornlnf Wonhl. AntlHm: "TIM Sprints In The Dee err--Jsnnlngs Ce)*braTi0n or the facramint of Holy CeHnmunlon IM p. m. Westminster fellowship ·Intent Canter. FIMT PIUEMTTHUAll JAMM * ·UTLUl. JR.. PWM B. OlkMB. Mllllmt · ·» 1I:U Memlni Warshla A»ihem: -Onat U Tne L*r" -- ·enami: "Tha Athlavmwni 0( rra«- ·:M m. Jf. Wiitmlinjn Fellowship ·tuOn" dEntar. MeaUnf, Honaar, T:N p. m. * i. UNDUirr Faurth lundar art**- :«| a ni bolj _ m (ai»u» lervlc* i. m. Heix Comie)unln anal + MBTHOOmt:^ -.:.' f m. tvtnlnf Woratilp ,;-"----*· ·*" · . rjiniur !?·!· «. · *unda» School . m. Training Union -.»- f. m. Worship Service Wedn«d.,. 7:30 p. m . p r ,j., r , . U. Fourth Frfdiy £SJS5»S!L ·eutii LMU.I itmt " '" *' '"' "* a '° , nf - I Pr«jr« Htct- «:}} p m N. Y. p. n. Proinm ·:« P. m. Adult Pr.ytr Ait " 1 *·""»·"! »«rv|c. ». t:J» p. ra , p rl ,, t n Mt p m.. Vtaltitlo. C T"»«»'»T Ch " :o * «· m *«· Ota ---··-- - -- - » WtTMErBSEB 3rd floor Red Croee Dr ' 7:» p rn ·idool m. I*eh tund.r. lt:M · m. SuMiy Ichool i. m. «n« r.-rf.. m Pri.chln M Fourth «n rifth lund.y iM a. ·. Cliurtt hbool ll):lt a. m. Mornlru; Wonhlp ten Anthem.-- Chancel chair ·ernwn;-- Rev. D. L. Dykea, Jr. a wi p. m. Wesley reunoauoa H:00 p. m. Youth Uroupa 7JO p. m. Evening worsuip a«rvlce Anthem:--Chancel Choir ·arrnon:-- -Hour 01 r"ower"--Rev D. L. Dykes, Jr. Hroadcul ovsr KCIIH · T riMT CKRISTtAH ·OBMI aiurrcTT, Piutt · « a. m. Sunday School 1I):OU a. m. kund.r ttenool Cl.sws 10:M a. m. Morning Worship ·Kreadom and Democracy Mund.y «M p. m. O. I. r. «.:»» e- m. Christian Youth rellow abli and Chi mio ellowshlp f ·T. JOHN'S LUTHEKAH ·:M fn. Huntiay «tcno«l l:eg a. m. Adult Bible 1:M a. m Nursery open. **:*» a. m Sunday arshlp Sermon:-- Pastor a. c. Gumz, Waupun, wu. Anthem:-- "The King of Love My ·hephard I."--Shelley 25g«»««=" or CHUIBT. V.N a. rn. lundey Scnovl 'I'M ' m Sund.y Service ·:«l p m. KOHH Sunder Radio prograni Wtdnead.y, 7'4l p n ·eaeUtif Room In church «Uj aicept Sunday and each ': RUD. Potor · m SumUy SckoM. ·. «. Mornliw Wonhlp. P. ». Bipllll Tr.lnln. Unlo p. ·. tvcnlnf Wwihlp BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH «OY WTlWU). Putor «ll Mtalon Slr.ri ·:l« ·. ·. Sundiy School I1:H (. m Mornlnf Wor«hl». «:M f. m. Tralnlni Union 7. JO p m. tvenliu Service Mldwxk Pr.yw sVrvlct-Wndnn. d«y p. m. CEKTHAL BAPTIIr JACK DEAN. Pastor · :U a. m Mund.y Ickool. 10:5(1 a m Morning Worship., 7:OD p m Baptist Tr.lnlng Couree 100 p m Cvenlng Worship l:» p. e«. WadnKlajr. Prayet ear. 1C*. FULL GOSPEL TAftCRNACLC * M STOGNER. Piaior 10:14 · ni Hunday ik-hool. ll'di *. m Pfv*chini 1:1* t m. KvinMllitlc rTM- 1 -- WcdiWMliiy. 7:30 p n Prjytr »*rvic«. Friday. 7:M p n PYPA Scrv***. ·LACK OAK DArTilT HOWARD PR1C11AHL). Pmtor 10-00 · m Sunday School 11 00 * m Preaching Servlc* 7.00 p m Training Union B:00 p m breaching Servio* indiy 7-» p m Pr«ycr mc*tln Midweek Thur SBSaW*" 11 CH ° hCM ° F OKIS SALYEH. Mlnutei 10:00 a m Chuich school 11:00 a m acrajoe, 11 U a m Communion Service «i«i? * * * on * ** ryii:t · u *w« ·T. JOSEPK/S CATHOLIC rATHU EDWARD U MALOY. P.stor Jund.y Masses 7:30 and 9:30 a m. Thursday. 7:30 p m Noven. Misses Devotlona rr*ay kl 7" M "**' * l)nd ** """"a* Baturdar Mass. t:W a. · tjrat Friday Maai. 7.W a. ·. nnt S«turd.y Man. 7 M .. sa. *«pT." U ".I..^ M '" I M » " " d CHUHCH OF CHBIBT ·"·ID McCLUNO. Minister Waal Center ana Norm Lonan ·:« a m Bible study. i:H p m Claasas C l a « " " ""' Wtdn " B «»' Ladles Bible T'M p A W«xln«*day, p r a y a r ««eung and Blbl* study for all ag CHXIirS CHURCH nitD Hl.'OKlXBURY. Pane* QOSHEN METHODIST t M VANCEY. Pastor 10:00 a m Sund.y School. 11:00 a m Mornini Worship 7:00 p m. Cvenlng Worship ATETTEVILLE BIB4.C MISSION ·00 DLOCK SOUTH CULL.»;UI Intardenomlnallonal HOMER MOUTTtT. P.slor 1:43 . ni Sund.y tu-nuo!. II (Ki a m Morning Worship 6'IJ O - 7 00 p ... ^ , Junior Choir wl,l L. ,:; '' . v " *"«» | vw .mi rrHax. l:4» p m. Theocratic istry School j( ^nd.y, 7:30 p. rn. Wa.ehtowar + ·ECOUD BAPTIST N V. DRAAE. P.SUr t:4S a m Sund.y bckool. 10:19 a m Morning Worship. 700 p m. Baptist Training Union 1.00 p. m. Evening Worship Wednesday. 7:30 p. m. Prsjer Meeting WEIT FORK ASSEMBLY OF GOD URANHAM .M STEXLK. f.ltors »:4S a. m. Sunday School 11:00 Morning Worship C.W p. m. Christ Ambaesador «:*! F m. Junior C A. Hrvlce 7:30 p m. Evangelistic SJervIca Wedncstl.y al 7:* p. n.--Pranr Meeting .nd Blbl. Stud, * COMMUNI1T OTMA TACKITT. P.itor 10:00 ·. m. Hunday Scnool ":00 i. m Sermon ':M P. m. Ivenlnf (.rvlw T^S-p. Service. 7:M p Strvlca S«rvlc« . i c «rvlc« n W.dnwmy. TirrJ-rf juuiig peopie aivmea imo warn-1 first Baptist Church. A reception will be held at the close of the shop groups: Senior Division Mis-|,ervioo. Members and friends of the First Baptist Church are invited slon Study--Mrs B. K. B e n t ; j t o attend both program and reception. The structure, 29 by 77 feet, Worship and Evangelism -- Jack is of Hadite blocks and was erected at the cost of 511,000. Those who umcn miiis, ana 01 tne Berry Winejeart; Intermediate Division,!served on the Construction Committee were Carl Tune, chairman, · Street Mission in Springdale. He Worship--S. O. Pattv: R e c r e a - . R r v ^ o T~la\.ie RTM, A d a m * n--Un- o,...u:~_ 3 T^ i. .-,--,. .n,_ _ :.. ««.,. n ^ - 4 n - *.* *U A Ta...~4:_4 of the First Baptist ' Church. He has been pastor of Baptist Church of and of the Berrv the Library Dutch Mills, wiiie-nenri; imtrrmeaiiue. jjmsion,!served on the Construction Committee were Carl Tune chairman, Worship--S. O. Patty; Recrea-.Eryce Davis, Roy Adams, Parker Rushing and Everett Skelton The lion--Arnold, Simpson and David mission received the name of Garland Heights Baptist Mission, at a McCartney: Organization of M. meeting held Wednesdav *v*nintr at ih* v Tri r ci n^nfici nv,,,-/,K "' "" -- "" ...."-.".· .....\.«.I.M nit jmiii^ vJi viaiianu 12Ul($HLa £ii1pU5l lVH551Or McCartney; Organization of M. meeting held Wednesday evening at the'First Baptist Church Y, F.--Betty Letzlg. -- AKNOLD SIMPSON. Pulor South Church ,nd Third l.« I. m. Church BchM II Of i. m Mornlnf Worilup ···* P m. Youth F.HoweK, 1M p m Wotihlp* WEST FORK CHRISTIAN JOHN ASBILI.. Hlni.ler ·:« «. m. Church School . virm Irwln The group assembled at Vesper Point for the evening vesper services. These were led by H. M. Lewis, Jack Winegeart and Betty Letiig. On Thursday night a special communion service was conducted by the Rev. W. F. Cooley, district superintendent of the Fayetteville District. This was followed by a recreational program led by David McCartney, principal of schools at Prairie Grove. This included « stunt night pro- New Officers Named At Christian gram «nd folk games. African Affairs Conference Concluded Springfield, Ohio-- The most .., IM lllt ni,, 1U ai it^un u persistent fact to emerge from minister, J. Robert Moffclt. Will Conduct Revival The First Christian Church departments of worship, evangelism, membership cultivation, education, community and world service, building and grounds and finance; the Board 'of Deacons, Deaconesses and Elders; the Sunday School and the Christian Mcns and Womens Fellowships'. ' have presented their a n n u a l re- . ports, which were heard and ac- '. oepted by the congregation, along l I with the annual report of the 1 " Preaching averr flrat and third iflWSnwai OT CH»'»T BILL t 10:00 10:50 SMITH. Ulm.t.r mr Bible Study m. Wonhlp Service ,,"'·«%;' C "" M dny, !:00 p. m ., Pr.ytr Meet cons: James Arterburn, Buckreus, Leroy Rurrts, A l l a n \v. A. E\-ongelist Aaron Wall will conduct a revival' meeting, bcginnin the 10-day North American Assembly on African Affairs, concluded this week, is that Africa is emerging rapidly as the most critical mission field anywhere in the world. I Long regarded by some as a kind of "second-doss 1 field for missionary endeavor, Africa as presented at the conference was shown as a continent torn by a Deaconesses: Mrs. Clara Bogan;|_ - - Mrs. Bruce Crider, Mrs. Carl;Texas. Henry Slaughter, also Wichita Falls, former pianist The election of new members of j the Board of Officers was held! and the following names w c r e j added to those of the Board whose terms had not expired. Elders: F. E. Delzell nnd Dale Kent; Dea- now pastor of Church at Senora. the Baptist Church Of Christ ~4 Plans Special Service Fred McClung-, pastor of the Church of Christ, has returned from Texas where he has concluded revival services, and will conduct the Sunday services here for the remainder of the summer. j Tomorrow morning at 10:45 , I o'clock Mr. Mcdiing will use as I his subject, "What the Church of ; Christ Teaches That O t h e r | Churches Do Not Teach." Mem: bers of the congregation will be : asked to write anything t h a t i might be found in the Bible and taught by any other church,' that is not t a u g h t by the Church of I Christ. Members or visitors will ; also be asked to write or tell of anything taught or practiced by the church, which is not a command or example, Jourid in the New Testament. 'Now I Lay Me Down To · T " Tl.« f"n««1ij|lc StrvtM **"*""* P" ·ON'S CHAPEL ;* *' LSS EA ST ON HIGHWAY M "t 30 . m Sund.r School superintendent--Turner Brown Auxiliary aver, umr» Muiia., M* FAMMINQTON BAPTIST 1 M KRE1S. !.,,,,,, ·"" 10.1)0 a. m SUM.I.J School 11:00 a. m Mornini Worship T i n E '"' 5 aplllt Tr.inln. Union '.11 p. m. Evangelistic Service ^Wedncsd.y 7:30 p«m. Pr.y.r jfeet- FARMINGTOH METHODItT H1CGS P.slnr CALVAHT BAPTIIT an }' 8 p w. M. A: iinday ' S ' :4fl a ni Sund.y Srnuol. Ml . m Morning Wunhlp 15 O m Yf.tinf Tropln Scrvlcei 00 p in ^vnnKCllitlr H r r v i r c . tr wl,l mccl Saturday .t . 7 30 p m.. Pr.ycr Meet- · »** * **"**J · «p»* · *-im»u«n ^ngeevor P. m. rreachln.] larvke and s p. m.'lUvl'sl Night . Children'. Moling Pw » ll l' 1 Chrutlan (ndeav Int SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST RK' E MURUAN. P.slor MOSTKM.IR. A M l l l n n l P..lor 1000 · m fiunclny School I'.IO p m Cv.niellilic Wednesday prayer meeting al 7:30 p m ·f HIGHLAND COMMURITT 10 30 t m Sundey lichiwl 11 15 a m Morning Worship. *erineed.jr ni«ht. 7:Jg p m.. Pr.eer LINCOLN BAPTIST CHUBCH Jr.SSr. C COI.KMAN P.nlor 111 00 . m Simil.y School I I no a m Mornlni Wnr»hlp 'M p m Trilnlni tlnmn " O p m Kvenlni Wonhlp Prcschlng on second Srconrt Thursday esch + AStCMILT S A M U t f t BRUCH. P.slo, I" 00 a. m Sunday School n 00 « m Sermon '.·» |) m. Evangelistic Service. Tuosil.y. Voung People's C A 8a»- vim 7:3(1 p m Knda/ Prayrr Service. 7 4k p ISL PABKSDALE BAPTIST H E N N K K DAVIS. 1'uslor f,''E N MOS '''*:t-l-AR. Asslst.nt P.stor 10.0(1 . m Sunday School 7:311 p m Kv.rujcllillc M Wednesil.y. 7:.10 p. m Pi Weekly Meet- CHUBCH Sermon: -The of Justification' 5S« A ^sa Y '2r» BoD ».« . m Sund.r School 11:M a m Preaching. ?:.TO P ' "" V ' P Cl * : J|M p m. rridaT. Bible sl^dj**' '·M P rn. Tueaday. c. A. aarvloa combination of highly explosive forces, yet potentially a more promising field for Christianity than any overseas land. The conference was the most representative gathering of its kind yet held. It was arranged Davis, Walter Franke, Jack Fagc^l l c K e Avcnuc - The meeting Joe Cox and George Stclnbrucgge- F o n t ' n u c tot two weeks. Mr. Wail ' ' i s coming here from Wichita Falls, MI Texas. " Gray, Mrs." Clara "Hvizdaiek and:* 1 *! 1 ' Mrs .Tnhn Karvml. I the Sta roTon-ow-U e m Ce el t n r 8 a'l S'em^ S "*T -" te the -««"«' ^ of God Church at S^Lmh^l ^r^f^iifll,^^.!" , . Mrs. John Sample. ^ Fno.J. Hireling. f. m Meuige Prayer Vealy OLn g Peoples OAKLAND BAPTIST ideas today represented in African life were well illustrated by the composition of the Assembly's 300 delegates. 'ryit£ * n f'nd a common ground understanding were missionaries from Catholic-dominated Mozambique and Angola; from Brilisb colonies where Moslem, Catholic and Protestant ran free- the Union of South Africa where a church-blessed government pursues a policj| of racism and oppression. A brief organizational meeting , of the new Board of Officers was'--'.held and Glen Sines was elected! chairman, .lack Page, vice-chair- l man and John Sample, treasurer. All of the new board members . mps Ozark Quartet, will be I the musical director for this re- Announcements The C. W. F. of the First Christian Church will meet Monday as follows: ^ Circle one will meet with Mrs. Lutheran Hour To Have First Guest Speaker Tomorrow the Lutheran H o u r | p - m will present the first of its three!. Circle^three, Miss Betty Wright, , which Mr. McClung will use ex- cerptations from the child's prayer suitably for adults. Ha If-Way Mark Passed In Church Campaign The $12,000,000 campaign of the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A to establish new churches and expand theological seminaries ha* passed the $7,000.000 mark since the appeal was launched nationally on March 2, 1952, Announcement that $7,026,392 has been subscribed so far, leaving almost $S,000,000 1o he raised Fred Delzell at 2 p. m. j in"thelasY six'months o"f the'veaT Circle two, Mrs. Jud Smith, 2 was made in New York by the Lutherans To Hear Guest Speaker summer guest speakers, the Rev.' Kenneth Hoffman, who will address the program's international audience on the topic "Christ Our Only Hope." Mr. Hoffman,- who served as a summer guest speaker Inst year, is chaplain of Lutheran Hospital in Vicksbur£, Miss. The institution is owned by the Lutheran Laymen's League, sponsors of the global broadcast. In his address, prepared for delivery over the Mutual network . . - - .and affiliated stations, the Luth- pulpit at St. J o h n s L u t h e r a n : er an Hour quest speaker w i l l say Church Sunday. He will speak | "An abnormal tendency is might- on the topic, Now is the Time." , \ y growing in our world today to Mr. Gumz is the brother of the! drift around and attempt to f i l l ·· m Sunday School. :.--- - -ARTKfl. Superintendent 10 00 a m Sund.y School W*yrUT OBOTt COMMUM1TT CHUnCH Huinlay School 1030 a ra ·*· -'"JMVILLC PHESBYTERIAH CHURCH TOM WILSON. I'aslor 10(1(1 . m «unclii! Srhnnl 11 m . m Worship Service, first nn Third Jlund.ys JOHNSON BAPTIST CHURCH E M LOGUE. PASIor 10.00 . m Sund.y School 11 00 fl m Wornhlp Seivlcee 7 (W p m Tr.lnlng Union « W p m Evening Service Wednesday. 7:.lo p in.. Pr.yer Meet- SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIBT .17 SOrill STREET SATURDAY. 10 no . m S.hh.lh School n no .. m Chiiirh Service. Tiind.y 7.3D p m I'r.yer meeting + SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST ·V R SHARP. P.slor six Mile, northwest looo . m. Sund.y School 1100 . ni Morning Worihip 2?!**TM J"" 1 !" _*'»"?* CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS J A M E R FLETCHER, rider Student Union Blue 19.M a. ·, PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSER. l'a.tor llllghwty is Waal) 000 a m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Morning Worship. 7 30 p m Training Union «:15 p m. Ev.ngelliilc Service ^Wednesday. » p m.. Pr.vtr Meet- Monthly 7 n m.. Third Friday Fel- wl OREENLAHD COMMUNITY ·OB CORNELIUS. P.stor »:«.· . m Sundiy School 11:00 . m Morning Worship Wednesday 74.1, midweek Bible Study .nd Pr.ycr Service ·f- APOSTOLIC PAITH CHURCH NE01.A MOORE. Pus-or Highway 71 South 10:00 a. m Sund.y School 11:00 a m Morning Service 7:30 p m. Evangelistic Sorvlee ^?.?5L nwo "'- 7: » P m., Mid w* Rev. F. A. Gumz, pastor of St. ·lohn's. He is a graduate of Con-' cordia College, SI. Paul, Minn., up l i f e with small thing;. pleasures, small tnlk, small ailX' ieties, small sorrows." and of Concordia Seminary in St'! Louis. i Widely known in Wisconsin: F d V e t f e v i l l e GrOUD through his state-wide r a d i o ! - p n . r Z broadcasts, Mr. Gumz is the senior! 10 KetUITI rrOITI Lamp pastor of Pella Lutheran Church! at W a u p u n , Wis. His larqe r o n - i S'regalion recently completed a: one-half million dollar buildin,; project. lie and his family plan to spend I Those from Fnyettcville who this week attended the Washburn Presbytery Pioneer Camp at Ferncliff near Little Rock are: Janice Butler, Monroe Corwin, several days in Fayetteville, h i s i Virginia Corwin, Mebane Har first visit here. Moffell To Stress Freedom-Democracy ST. JAMES BAPTIST (Html I W WEBB Pastor ""·"· 10:.1t a m Sunday School. 11:10 a m Morning Worship iS " m J""" 1 * Peoples irwtuiw · " t ny ItaqcclUlle Service. ST. JAMES METHODIST WifT*) A I. BUCHANAN Pastor ·« · " »und. Ichool 11 au a tn Mnrnlni Wnfahlp I « p m Ynulh rajlowahlp. ·Arkonw7w«^^'?o W ; e C n U h r,; F .,r W r 9 ^^/"^^ ^'^ TM» Sc^"" : SS^^^svs^S2S^nS^,^ t , \ 'Trpedom «nd Drmnrrnry Sun- m'.'rtC '.f^J 011 lim . ( ;. rc ' co S n 'i | iTM Is m,. mm Blrs . Hoy snarp have m«rtc of the significance of re- as their guests this weekend, Mrs. URion m the preservation of ] Sharp's mother. Mrs. Nina Colthar, in Ihc church, 7:30 p. m. Circle four, Mrs. Wilma Taylor, leader, at the home of Mrs. Bruce Crider, 7:30. j Central Methodist Church | The regular program and busi- | ness meeting of the W. S. c. S. of the Central Methodist Church, I ' w i l l be held Monday afternoon a t ! 2:,"0 o'clock in Wesley Hall. The' program. "Working With Chil-' drcn," will be presented by Mrs. i Paul Petty. Mrs. Charles Dodd. Mrs. Evans Hudson. Mrs. W. O. Chamhlce, and Mrs. Xzin McN'eal.' Special music will be presented' by Mrs. W. J. Smothers and a ! quartet of girls from the rhurch ; schonl. Mrs. James Burrow \v;ll j he in charge of the nursery. j The belief that certain persons i can injure iind even kill by a I glance was widespread in ancient I times and is still held in many parts of the world. i campaign co-chairmen, Dr. Hugh Ivan Evans and Samuel C. Slaymaker. It was a *· LUTHERAN boy who called a LUTHERAN sexton to ring* the LIBERTY BELL ' The Lutheran Church Arkansas and Dickson risnn, Marilyn Johnson. Sarah Smith, Kaycille Woodruff, and Konnic Woodruff. They arc expected to r e t u r n ! this evening. West Fork Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sharp have American freedom, lie eele- , brnted by the First Christian Church in their service on Sunday mornlnx. The minister. J. Robert Moffett, will preach on the subject, "The Past Belongs to You!" and the worship service will reflect the theme of the morning. "Freedom anrt Democracy Sunday" wns instituted by the Dis- fiples of Christ a number of years ««o, tinder Ihr direction of the department of social welfare us ·n effort to rekindle n ron- . . .tr i and Miss Adell Colthar, of Fay- 1 ctteville. Cpl. D. H. Waters, son of Mr. ' and Mrs. n. H. Waters, who re- 1 cently returned from Korea, has reported to Camp Chaffec for * : physical examination. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Woods i nnd Mr. nd Mrs. J. \v. Hill have! had as guests this week, Herman : Snyder of West Krnnkler, 111., and '' c-'red Snyder of Peking, III. , Mr. and Mrs. F.d Watei field have as their guest t h i s weekend, Mr. Waterfield's brother anrt slster-ln- l»w, Mr. and Mrs. I,. It. Water- - ............... -..,,.,., ,, ,,,,,- , . . Jdnmnrss of our u l E n i f l c a n t p o l l l - ' ' i(l1 "' Ultle Bock. lc»l h»rll«i«. K h»j i-mphnsl7fd . Mrs - Ev « Smith h»s an her Kusst t '*"'"' M "' r '* Iln Luc - v of Mrs ' L " cy '" * n i io . . fnr mir nation to muke : S? rt '*"' ·n lntflllr,nt nnd ·plrittui recni-, ' ,. m ? n n N h , of thf Mrth M our pr,| ltl c5l ! [ 0 ° m " n ? , trvkhlircnr I prtwvt II in limn IUA M these, i .t the cii? lio S plt»l. REEDOM Americo's Churches Are Iht. Bulwark of our Defense Against - Insuring fht American WoyotLife! · DO YOUR PART TO KEEP AMERICA CHRISTIAN ? y REGULAR CHURCrflrVTJENDANCE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Or. Walttr I.»n, Patter Sermon by Dr. J. M. Pries · Biptist Stmlnirr IB * rl1 "·'·hip Ho«t lOiSt Sunaliw Sclsflol I'll 'THAT I MAY KNOW HIM" Tr.tata, o2L Ml Nurstry it

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