Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 5, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, July 5, 1952
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10 PAGES TODAY Read by oxer 25,000 Dairy J£ortf)toe$t iOCAt KWKAST -- F»y«ttevill* antf »ic:ni ·loudy. little rhtnf* f n t t m Uinifht anri tomorrow ; '*h tndar ·rrdictid ». tow tmttly Tfce Public Interest It Tfce Flnt Concern Of T«» Newspaper VOIUME 90, NUMBER 294 Astockrittl Pint leawd Wire FAYITTtVtlU. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY EVENING, July S, WSJ AP f .Congress Faces Busy Day As It Ends Session . Yesterday's Confused · Meeting Blasted By Some Lawmakers Washington-opj-Another feverish day of legislating lay ahead of Congress today before it shuts up shop on the eve of the Republican National Convention. Before adjournment, tonight or earlier, the lawmakers still had to jam through anproprialions Totaling almost 60 billion dollars. Agreement also had to be reached - on measures boosting social security payments, bolstering farm price supports and authorizing f a r - f l u n g military construction projects. | Administration leaders planned for a sine die adjournment, mcan- . ing that the law-making days of th? 82nd Congress would be over unless President Truman should call it back in special session. Some Republican senators, and a few Democrats, favored recessing until a fixed date, or at least giving congressional leaders authority to call another session. Senator Bridges of New Hampshire, the Republican floor leader, . said that GOP members were divided among themselves on t h e . Issue and had not decided whether! to fight a sine die adjournment. One viewpoint was summed up ' by Senator William? (R-Delt, who said t h a t "it's not right for Congress to adjourn sine die with the Korean war and the steel strike on." Republicans were not u n m i n d f u l cither of how President Truman in lf)48 called the GOP-controllcd Congress into a special session a f t e r his n o m i n a t i o n at the Democratic National Convention and vent nn to campaign against what he called its "do-nothing" rorord. But Senator Democratic Leader, McFarland of Arizona said he saw I no reason why a final adjourn ment should not be taken, Hou P leaders were in agreement, he added. Confused Session At a rare Fourth of J u l v session yesterday. Congress passed bills left and right. In many cases no copies of the measures or commit, tco explanations of them were available to the lawmaker?. and NEA fwtur« met cmm Raise For Phone Workers Granted, Rate Hike To Be Asked St. I.ouis-lyipj-A the Southwestern Company for M-hi, foi lii ? hc follow a new wage wi!h union employes. spokesman for Dell Telephone has indicated requests i»u^t, ,, i telephone rates may The contract is effective tornor- ; weekly for operated, plant crafts- rov -'- men, linemen and clerical I I . R. Towles, company general 11 ploycs. Covered by the contract manager for Missouri and Illinois, are some 52,000 employes of the said tn? company will study the | firm in Kansas. Missouri, Okld- a x r e c m e n t j effects of, the wage increase on i t s ' h o m a , Texas and Arkansas and a Thc c o m - i riiumcial position before t a k i n g ' s m a l l section of Illinois. nany and the CIO Communications'any action. i Warren E. Bray, Southwestern'* Workers of America agreed early! "In thc final analysis, the p u b - ' g e n e r a l manager for Arkansas .yesterday to a new contract call- ; lie pay.: Ihe b i l l for wage in- i said at Little Rock that wages and j i n g for nearly 12 m i l l i o n dollars .creases," Towles sairt. 'associated costs for other new in additional pay d u r i n g thc next The new contract provides p a y ' b e n e f i t s will run from 5500.000 to c : l r - 'hikes ranEins from 52.50 to $$6 !$750,000 a n n u a l l y in Arkansas. Competition For Who Gets Cool Knuckles Bared In Fight At Republican Convention Eisenhower To Slug It Out In Chkago Convention Officiols At Work mm*-- General Said To Be A "New Ike" As Battle Hears Aboard The Eisenhower Soecial -f/P)-Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower was to arrive in Chicago at noon today--transformed almost overnight into a fi£htim*-mad presidential candidate. This was the "new Tkc" lo his lieutenants. He had decided to step clown into the cockpit of noli- tics to due it out with Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio for the CC n presidential nomination. He h'adn planned it that way. He had hoped o campaign on national policies and brcuri issues without setting nvolvcd in personalities. HP had ntended, by his own admission, o remain aloof from t^r bare knuckles business of National C - mention maneuvers. But then **ame the change. He watched the COP National Committee, dominated by Taft forces, toss out most of his disputed con- \cntion delegates in favor of Taft delegates. He got mad and began plugging. Changes TaffMayTry For Nomination On First Ballot It was 95 in the shade and Mr. and Mrs. Jame :hc yard lor t h e i r 11-momhs-old daughter, Michell ook over. Michelle's not hurt, she's just plain mad. (A A. Beasley of I n d i a n a p o l i s put a tub of water in Along came the pet ducks, Salt and Pepper, and Wirepholo.) Civil Rights Platform Plank Has GOP In A Swivel U takes work to run n c o n - , ) venlicn--especially one as r,-d h o t ' i as tile Republican convention which opens Monday promises Chicago - W) - Republican architects admitted ible with their today plank All members on the civil rights ;ihc voluntary commission he au- '· gal " 1 ° " 1C convcntion subgroup agreed t h a t the party thorized to examine i n t o , racial ~ , , ,""" bcBa " b be. Above, Charles Hacker, Republican sergeiint-iit-arms raises! his (ravel to help enforce a r u l e ) barring photographers from the Chicago session at which the N a t i o n a l Committee decided on , representation from Texas. At t h e , Eisenhower charged vesterday , r i g h t , George T. Hansen of S a l t ! , there \vas evidence the T a f t forces ! Lake City, Utah, chairman of the ' · were trying to steamroller thc I subcommittee which passes on n l l ' i convention and force their will on | contests, mops his brows as the j the nconlo. igomg gels rough. ; He charged "a little group of i -. . men" were trying to control the ! republican parly by throwing out j majority rule. He said the issue i was "whether politicians arc to be j loyal servants or arrogant mas- I tcrs" of the voters who send dele- I should not urge a compulsory fed- conditions at state and local levels eral system of combating racial and make recommendations. , These latter proposals irked strict I other subcommitteemen who in- The confusion was so great a t ! f o r m limes in the Senate that s o m e j j h p v members protested Senator Mi SK-"af f t « M « » Among the measures sped to the Scn Eu K° n c D. Mi White House was a new GI B i l l j r a d ° . chairman of thc Platform .nor Gen. D wight D. Eisenhower (state and local levels. of Rights for Korean War v e t - ( C o m m i t t e e , said ho now has rough j::as sonc t h i s far. As f r o n t - r u n - ' C h a i r m a n M i l l i k i n asked al] his 1 erans. It provides education, 'drafts from 10 or 11 subcommit- n i n ^ prospective presidential can- .subgroups to hand in their mustering-out and loan benefit;; jtces, "all except civil rights." i dictates it was "If we don't get one from t h e jshould prevail. before thc general left Denver two days ago McCarran (D-Nev) said | on dv 'I r 'Sh's. In recent years this Discrimination is J20 ^years jn ^Congrepj con vent ion headache has afflicted j Some Republicans favor ats, but now,'federal anti-poll tax, ami-lynch sisted t h a t if Republicans are to I f l o p ' the scl 0I J as well, j a n d anti-discrimination measures, 'gain Southern votes the party plat- i t o r n f -" over l l i k i n of Colo-, but neither Ken. Robert A. T a f t . form should favor "hands off" at i m ^ ° ' that would cost about one billion Also sent to th? president was a coin promise measure designed to , bring about a $1.395,000.000 ox-J 3 5 ^TM:,. pansion of the defense housing' M i ' l i K i program. tight cover on details of the A compromise 546.600,000,000, platform, but other romm military spending bill was passed .sources provided this version- by the^House and now ROCS before the Senate for action. It contains i iboard it . tp*cia| train which has rolled (crocs Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. But with each whistle siop, the general's anger and bit- thc Chicago dcvelop- become more obvious. ~ j Yesterday he turned loose, «t . J Dcnison, Iowa, a blast against the _ i Taft people when he said thc Chi- f e l t their views j n r a f c planks for pnlishmg'and'nn- c ? go , nom j na ' ion ./ i|!ht ' ! " a strug . ... |nK,is by staff technicians , hi J ' subcommittee, then the f u l l com-' As a compromise nnd a bid for j forenoon. M i l l i k i n , widely known mittce will have to write it," he .Vejjro nnd other racial \otcs, some '.us one of the Senate's best com- , · commiUccmcn suggested a v n l u n - promisors and peacemakers, has j s t i l l tried 1o keep a : tar.y federal commission which been maneuvering to gel warrin i n n 2 ; c o u W ban discrimination on *ov- iTaft.Eiscnhnwir'factioS signed on 1'° ittce p r n m r n t j o h s n n d government ron- the doited line before he reveals ! ' ( m o t s . They also proposed t h a i ' i t . president to expand the'Air'FoTce j DeniMA At)OUl TO GJVC ToiDatO (Op t o 1 4 3 wings b y mid-1955. ' · · · » · · » Tanker To The Reds In D a n g e r , . The huge money bill, the largest nf all the appropriations measures Jor the 1953 fiscal year that started Tuesday, also provides extra pay of $45 a month for all members of the armed services who havc been in a c t u a l combat in Korea. The House whipped through and Big Crowd Turns Out i For Holiday Event Says Agent Thc lomnto f r u i t worm, ;wionth-hodicd c a t e r p i l l a r about {dress, [he Fiftn last ni^hl -.vherc Mayor Powell M. Rhea pave a short painotic ad- Copenhagen. Denmark-i/Pi-An ' emergency meeting of the Danish cabinet today failed to reach a decision on w h o t h r r lo hred a U.S. protest against h a n d i n g over lfn/ in n^^ t a n k c r tn t h c K u s - ' ° n c and t h r e e - f o u r t h s inches Ion M 010,000 000 bill to finance the s i a n s _ Meanwhile at the s h i p - : nri Sta o. Justice and Commerce D,-1 ds t h c ? , cok ncw ^ .-nd , ., ..,,., ., partmcnts". aIrK|dy f l a u n l j n s t h c h a m m c i - a n d j'-vork on tomato crops in this area, j A n imprcssjvc f , sickle and manned by a Russian anc * County Agent Carl Rose s a i d i m o n y led off the ! opposition was trying to concral from the American people the reasons t h a t led to "certain deci- * | sions" within the narty nnd he out at "Star Chamber' proceed ings. Pu*h*s Attack Later at Boonc, Iowa--thc birthplace of Mrs. Eisenhower--the general unleashed a double-bar- relled assault against Taft and the | Truman administration. | He said of thc Taft camp: "Within the past few days there Several thousand personse visited the Veterans Hospital grounds has bccn developing very definite scntcd Armored Divis- band from Camp Chaffce pre- concert and an ex- Military School Target Of Allied Air Attack j crew, was Awaiting only minor al| teralions before sailing for a I Soviet port. Some newspapers pre- tanker might clear j today that if something isn't d o n e j g r a m . .Mayor Rhr immediately, tho crop will be r u i n - ' h y Dr - Leslie H. He recommended as an cm- i -lowering cere- evening's pro- was introduced '/right, hospital j manager, who welcomed thc hig crowd. A n a t a l reserve unit from Cherry To Bring Talkathon Plan To Fayetteville Campaign Gimmick To Be Used Widely By Candidate Little Hock-(/P)-C h a n c c 1 1 o r Francis Cherry, elated by the success of his 24',-i-hour rjdio t a l k a - thon over five Little Rock radio stations, prepared today tn lake his campaign gimmi«k i n t o 12 other Arkansas cities. The .lonos- boro iudeo, one of five candidates for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, announced yesterday that he would broadcast a 12-hour talkathan over stations in F o r t . - - - -. ,,--Smith and Fayetteville on Satur- ,eral of Arkansas who is a candi- day, July 12. HP will conduct sim- dnte for governor in this Sum- Jar programs In Pine B l u f f and ! mcr's Democratic primaries w i l l ] lack Holt Ra!ly Planned Here Program Slated Tuesday N'ght ·lack Holt, former attorney gen- Senator Accuses Opponent Of Making "Wild Charges" C h I r » R o-OTVSen. Robrrt fi. Taft's Texas-borne tur«e toward the Republican presidential nomination laced a blistering challrnf* today from supporters of Gen. DwiRht D. Eisenhower. Th« two major contenders, arrivlnn her« d u r i n p thc day, were r*ady to take over personal direction of a round-by-round battle In next week's convention for the 804 vot« needed to give nne o£ th»m the party's nomination. Taft'j chief lieutenants reported they expect him to decide whetlwr he will shoot the political works cin an attempt to win i first ballot nomination. The senator loday accua«d Eisenhower of maklnc "wlW rharees because he doesn't hav« the delegates" to win the Republican presidential nomination. T n f t al«o eharijed that the ftn- eral's forces arc fllllnit the lir "with libel and vituperation" ov«r the GOP National Committee'* **- cision yesterday to award Taft fl Texas rielegatei and Ehwnhowtr 16. Taft said the Els*nhow-r camp's rejection of hit offer tt) cnmnroml-c the Texai dispute- on the same lines the commit!** voted--"shows tlw ruthlns chir- 1 acler of the Elsenhower tnanajers. "Not being able to secure- enoufh delegates, they apparently are |o- !ng to try to override the convention by the unlimited use of pr(,p»- Kanda through a pre*i ifhd radio television system which they think they can control. It should b* UIMT now that it Is their attitude and not mine which threoUni party harmony and success." rii*s To Chk*«* Ta(t arranicd to fly tn Chktfo this afternoon by privatt plan-, - TtH?Ori(o«n »UI yeit«rday he understood that Gen. Dou|lm MacAfUrar would b» wlllinf to accept th* vice presidential n«n- Inatlon on a Taft-MacArthttr ticket. Taft made It clear that he was not endorsing MacArthur to the exclusion of others. "There are many others who ar« well qualified to nerve »s vkt pr^xident." he said. The National Committee has handed down decision, in ftfi contests-- snd the bulk of the wma*U ; are for Taft. 1 The N'ational Committee took j the Taft compromise on Texas j yesterday after rejecting, 58 to 43. i a substitute motion to seat a pro- Eisenhower delegation from Texas. Urges Quick ActwnTo Prevent Feed Shorta* encc or from radio tclnphone h i m . in.-j The chancellor claimed t h a t he | (irngr.'tm received 5,000 questions in h i s ; Mlcvillc Snu Fayetteville tooK part in thc flag- i Copenhagen loriav. .ergency measure t h a t farmers use Seoul Koroa-(7P)-Unitcd N a t i o n s , The United States has t h r e a t ; 1 0 per cent DDT dust as an cm- Iowcri'n E "ccrcmonv'' SrnunistTis ^ ?TM big '' S^^fi'Sin^^ '%**"* T^"^ ^ T ' "'*"" ^ ^" ~" "» Ked m ,,,aryUoo,,,,hout,osi,^dc^ evidence that a croup of men are KoinR to try to thwart the will of these citizens who elected dele- catcs to the National Convention-they are going to try to take away the birthright of those citirens." Thc Republican party, he said, has a chance to "lift off our backs ; k i t t l e Rock program, and the burden of indecisive leader- in Campaign contributions, ship hy .22 caliber m e n . We mustn't m u f f that chance." Perhaps the hardest licks of all came in his appearance on television last night at Ames, Iowa. In that talk, he said: "The struggle PTOOU. Portia and Corning: In announc- j vls( , d VMtor day. J. V. P in"'!. k ° , ? vonin . (t - The ' Mate director of the ivlll b e h e l d TM t h c F a y - : t n c : a l r n m t o : a single plane in a Fourth of July : delivery nf the rtccntlj- complel- now going on in Chicago has f a r greater significance than any mere raid near the Manchurian border, the U.S. Fifth Air force reported today. About 70 U. S. Thunderjet fighter-bombers d r o p p e d e x plosives and flaming gasoline on a large headquarters building and barracks structures al the school. 20 miles south of the Yalu River. Intelligence reports estimated 1,000 Communist officer candidates were to have graduated there this month. cd tanker--the 13,000 ton Asphcr- -,, son--and six other merchant ships. harvested and sold within two band. Only One Fort Smith Escapee Still At Large merchant Usual rccommendalinn*; are not to use ihif. m i x t u r e ? within three weeks of harvest, the a pent said. but he cautioner! t h a t unless emergency measures are adopted the t o m a t o crop in thf county if threatened, if u?erl as a spray, he recommended one and Teachers For Keeping Church, State Separation contest over personalities for the! Today, speaking sites presidential nomination. It is a j candidate included: straight-out issue and wrong." , , ,, , P I a n t ----- «-- - ----- -| A f u l l program has been ar-. oiiirk grazing and silage for fod- Four" oMhc candidates Rr.p. : ransccf ' w i t h Ron L °2ue. formon der for the coming winter, utf Boyd Tackett. Atty. Gen. Ike j footl5a!! quarterback at thr U n t - ; provide for an abundant supply Murry. Jack Holt and Cherry-- j vcrsity t a k i n g part. Mu.sic w i l l . of fall, winter and spring frazin*. ve.sterday appeared at three; be provided by the Barnyard Hi«hfill recommended t h a t Fourth of July community picnics.: Frolic ganjr w i t h C h a r l i e Dial nnd ; sweet sudan allan sarge and swert Thc a n n u a l affairs were hold in i Cindy, and Wayne I^ney, f o r - ; sorghum bc'phmted. He said addf- merly w i t h the Grand- Ole O p r y ' i - o n a l FHA loans may be arranf- i n - w l l l p1.-j.v thc harmonica. * c d for the purchase of seed and : Thr program IK tn start at 7:30 fertilizer for planting such crops. ' · · p . m , v.ith Holt to spra): at 8. Governor McMalh spoke Q u i t m a n and Sprinsrlale. for between r i g h t : Holt--Nashville; M u r r y -- T u c k - ! f n l ! o w c d by m o i c musical n u m - state line. Found After 21 Hours Wandering In Rockies Roulder. Ooln.-f/Pt-A ynuriR Denver church worker wandered in ainiless circles for 2! hours after becoming lost on a holiday outing before searchers found her in nigged m o u n t a i n country w: t "f here. Her t h i n synd.tls cut to shreds on the jagged Kicks, Mrs. I-esla R. O'Sullivnn. M. suffered bruised and blooding fool, hut "llierwiso survived hor ordr-;,! a p - i lions nf iho GOP N a t i o n a l Corn- partntly in good shape. ' m i l t o r hearing on tho Tox;is dole- Taking a Bible w i t h hrr, shfi ! gale d i s p u t e woir c.irriod List went for Fort Smith, Ark.-f/Pj-Four of P olinr! f l f a c t u a l DDT for an acre ' ' n f five men who escaped from ~ m i x w i t h cnm^h w a t e r to rover ' '"c Sobastian County j a i l here last ^ i l l c acrc - hfi · t:;i|(l Tuesday are back behind bars.! i The I n u r t h escapee. Bill Porter, j was raptured yesterday in n homo 1 in t h e Coke H i l l residential riis- I f r i c t hero. ( Tho oniy escapee s t i l l at larpo is Harry Windsor, convicted of t r a n s p o r t i n g a stolon car across a Detroit - f/Pi - Somr 3.5f)fl teach- one-half ; C r dcloRatos to thp National Education Association's 90th annual Thousands Turn Out For Rodeo Performance I rrman. Newport. Newark and Batesvillc; McMath -- Lake City and Harrison; Cherry.--Clarendon. S t u t t g a r t ., Des Arc and Searcv. Tackclt--DCS Arc. Gillette DeWitt, Hampton, W i l m a r and Banks. Hong Kong Warned MacArlhur Will Fly ! Of Approaching Storm To Convention Monday New rof Scoop York-l/Pi-nocouled Radio por- Committee Agrees On Living Cost Compromise Wishinqton-'/Ti-All member; '.f .Connie;:: would bo allowed to exempt the f i i s t $3,000 of t h e i r · W e l l i n g t o n l i v i n g expenses f i o m mc'timo t.ixfs under nn agreement reached hy Senate-llini.-.c ( n n - ferros. Thc a g r e e m e n t , reachcrl . In.'.t n i g h t , is p n r t of Ihe 7fi m i l lion d o l l a r legislation budget h i l l and mil: t be approved hy both chamber. 1 ;. It was a compromise holwecn n House bill w h i r h would have ex- Springdalc-(Speci,-iD- The f i n a l convention yesterday urged t h a t , performance of thc jtodeo of thc _ no public f u n Is be used for s u p - ! Ozarks came off on schedule here Ann Kcnw.lrd o f Joncsboro was ].ort of private or parochial j ' ast n i g h t before a standing-room- ! crowned Miss I.akc Clucot of schonls. Tlie delcRjites on a voice ' r n l y crowd which packed the ro-' vntc approved a Restilution Com-i f l ( '0 grounds to the bursting point, mitlec prnjjosal t h a t the "Amcri- The f i n a l evenl of the four-day can t r n r i i t i n n of scparalion of rodeo celebration came a f t e r the church and slate should he vigor- closing performance. A f i r e w o r k s f u s l y and zealously guimled." ( d i s p l a y in observance of th Mrs. Sarah C. Caldwell of Ak- K o u r t h °' Jlll . v w ' 15 »t'onded by ron. Ohio, was elected prcsidcnl of larBC r ""'. 1 °' l n t rot leo crowd. Mi.u Lakr Chlcot Chosrn Lake Village, Ark.-l/I'l-Cynlhia . lf)S2 last night before more t h a n \ 6.000 spectators at thc :mnu;il · I.akp V i l l a g e watci c a r n i v a l . N'cw York-l/Pi-Ocn. DOUR!.IK M . i c A r t h u r w i l l U'.ive Idlcwild Airport in a chartered United A i r lines plane Monday in deliver the keynote aldrc.-s t h a t mcfht at thc R e p u b l i c a n N' Convention in Chicago. M a c A l l l i l l r ' s plane IS to Iravi' at 1 p. m (CST). Ihe N'KA for 10S2-S.1 al thc group's closing session today. Other ncw o f f i ' o i s ini'lti'ln l l o y l c H. Pylr, I . i t t l f Rock, director for A r k a n - Arhunn Visit Nfar Knd Ilio de .lanicro, Brazil-iVl'i-Sec- i c l a r y of Slate Dean Acheson poitr f i n a l calls nn top Brazilian o f f i - icsiernay, \vith its big morning parade ami two od«o p c i f o r - j manccs, was the biggest day of thc Hodco of the O.arks. Thc p a i - adc, at I f i a. rn , f e a t u r e d r i d i n g [Immediate Senate Inquiry Into Spending By Presidential Hopefuls Will Be Sought ! Hong Kon$-(/?']-Storm warning* · were hoisted here today as the destructive typhoon which lash- 1 ed tho C e n t r a l Philippine 1 Wednesday and Thursday ap- . pronchcd thc Chinese mainland. The Royal Observatory laid the storm, with winds of up to fro miles an hour, was about JWI miles southeast of Hong Kong, and , moving northwestly at 18 mi In in i hour. An overcast iky and choktnc I humidity heralded its approach. .The typhoon left S5 d«ad. 115 missing and more than 10,000 homeless in the Philippines, »o 1 cording to incomplete reports. I t h p W^hlngtoiM,1VSPn l l u b e i t 11.' H u m p h i P V called today for an iin- wi clubs from a dozen citlfs, do/.cns I mi-diate Senate Imiiilry into c n m : c i f of ancient, h o r ; e - f i r a w n vehicles, P"'Kn spending tiv presidenliiil iiiut rodeo participanls. Goveinor i "'·PjiaiitJ of bo'h majoi panics. M c M a l h nnd members of his of- , ' ,,,, i"" 1 ?""-". "P""*'TM 1 ""-' trcml i f l c i a l f a m i l y rode in the parade. ! 10 " nt 1 , l l c . l s inlr"' 1 "^"" » "ill ' m o a n t h a t w .,,* ,n «s. l r nl ^'» i rr*3iTM' r^rtAr 1 "xt : sr ,^; f ^sssr?^- ci - ] - ^ - * ^"^-.-«*. * ***** ' h e a r i n g in Chicago yesterday w;,* ,.,, m n | ;1X nn ,| ,, spiiaip Apppropii lions are true, wiUir-Miij! the ilcjrudation iioniin.itui!: process. This an re;. lilt in an increasing public cynicism about politics and if th« not stopped will, in fact, have allowed a prire the prnl- mfnt of Crisman Thursday a f t e r noon. Sheriff's officers nnd mcin- b(*T» of the Hocky mountain rcs- cu** Rroup searched u n t i l three boys from · nfflrby summer camp banned to radio and televisio cilities. CMS announced Ihe recording was made w i t h o u t the knowl- spotted Mrs, O'Riilllvnn on n ridge. . edge of the committee. Conimitlfe b i l l which wo- ' I have l i m i t e d Ihe a m o u n t to the f i i s l 52.'ton of l i v i n g costs ip Wfl.h- inelon. The Senate \-ntrd fi7 to 2 ncalnst H^ own commlttc* bill. · nf his visit designed to demon- ( s t r a l o America's c o n t i n u i n n Interest in hi-i L a t i n neighbors A f h e , son will fly to the South l)i,..-.ilian | c i l v o f S a o Paulo Monday n n d w i l l leave from there for Wnsh- ' Inpjton on Tuesday. to provide for such an Invi-Mlga- l,ig to be placed lion. He »Ko wrote a Senate Elec- 'licnry." lions Subcommittc?--which w o u l d ' Humphrey namrri no name« A 1947 Kord coupi utolen here conduct thc I n q u i r y -- t h a t : Hi« move for an I n q u i r y camt " M " n V Americans »rr seriously »«alnsl Ihe b.ickuround of" Intense dis'.uihed by UH- c h a i g f s of politi. , drives foi i m t h the Drmocratic and pal deal-, 'stealing 1 of (lcli-g,.tri. [IrpiiMiriin. prnldenlial noiiima- smrai litriiitlirc,' us of patiorun- tlonj. and I h r like, belnx marte tot«v hv The COP nominntlnf convention m a n y of i h r prrildrntlal c a n d i - 1 opens In Chicaeo Monday U» 'dntra i n j their lupporlen. - . . . . » - . '· June 2B was recovered yesterday nt ( i i e a t Bend. Kim., w h n r it had hern abandoned, city iiolice said todi.v. The c»r i. owned by Ralph Taylor of F»yetlevi Home I. Named Queen EMtrte Clarksville, Ark -i/»]-A t«-ye»r- old Clarksville Hi»h School junter ' w«s selected last nlfht us QutM · Elbcrta l l t h to reifn over lit*son County's annual PtMh val. Joan West will b* when the two-day feltival July 17. Sh* ii th. d*u(ktaT«(« Mr. and Mn Joe Wtit. I I I I . *'·.*! l l l f l l l l l l l t l l l l K I - 1 opens In Chicago Moi I Urmorrati' July II. Arkannai -- ClMT f« cloudy today. onl|M MMl flwi4to. i Widely Kattend th« ' ' In south,portion. N«| | I In MmytrttuNk V

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