Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 3, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1952
Page 8
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g*-4MMIHW«T MMUMAI TMHI. , Jvly 1, t*S2 Opening Night Crowd Attends Springdale Rodeo v ' SprrnRdale-fSpeciaD-Thr lar*- dancing. Yesterday MW the first ·ft* open.UK nlfint crowd in the j of two bin rodeo parades roll tight-year history of the Rodeo of j through the business section. .the Oznrks, cstimnlrd iin^f''"' 1 "" ' At 5,000, turned out last night for th* first of four roricu jici.nvri,- This morning rodeo performers Showing Next Week At fayetteville Theatres "LOVELY TO LOOK AT." Gl.m- eroui, Fabulous Muiietl Situation! Something wonderful is In thr spring air, a musical about which there in no question of appe/il. IJ's *"ny. colorful and wontl"i-ful, because )t'» "LOVELY '[O LOOK " ; and members of visiting riding I dubs were guests of the Spring- I t l i n o uie WfJ11 , ·ftccs here. dale Riding Club at a (I o'clock I Kern songs, H has the comedy -- ··The rodeo events followed two j breakfast at Ltike Faycttcville. j by the well known Rod Sko'lton. AT." It has the well beloved Jerome *i*ys of preparation. Tuesday, res- j The second rodeo performance is scheduled for 8 o'clock tonight. The second parade will form at 10 a. m., tomorrow, with riding clubs from three states taking part. Also featured will be Gov. Sid McMath and members of his official family. An afternoon rodeo performance will begin at 2 and many visitors--'took jn a chuck wagon party at the City Park and p/trtiripatM in a Jquaro dance contest and street ROYALTIES* PROM 44 PRODUCING TEXAS OIL WELLS "AUFTforllFE" It has two fine stars--with handsome Howard Keel and lovely Kathryn Grayson, the two sweethearts of "Showboat." It has music uc ' s b """:· »"'' songs by p. m. f i n a l dancing without peer -- by the handsome pair. Marge and Gower Champion, and others. It has fifty- followed at 8 p. m. by t h e l c t y and romance and Universal show. A fireworks display after the rodeo will conclude the festivities. Non-Pity Government In Egypt Tikes Office Alexandria, Egypt-(^-A new government, pledged to return parliamentary rule to Egypt, went to work today under Premier Hussein Sirry Pasha, a veteran politician and businessman. The new premier and ministers, nil non-party men, were sworn in yesterday at King Farouk'i summer palace here. Progress Made At Meet To Simplify CAA Rules Oklahoma 'city-OP)-Clvi! Aeronautics Adminiitratlon official! met with representatives of the aviation industry here yesterday In an attempt to eliminate useless forms and other time-eonttumlng regulations. John Burke, Oklahoma City, member of the National Airports Advisory Committee »nd president of the Aerial Applicators Association, said he was pleased with the results of the conference. Rogers MNMjpHr JUlJfml ji m income from stoi OM. "tut 44 producing TYias oil wtlli. Or win one of 899 o)b«r :.:fMlly vaHuablt prizes--just for ; (Oflftptaingancasy 2-line jinale liut may be as simple as, "G*t · · Lift for Lift, it's really true, · you'll go for Dr. Pepper, too." To get YOUR winning idea, lijsl taste delicious, sparkling ,:Or. Pepper! Then send in the mraplttc 2-line jingle, enclosing a Dr. Pepper bottle cap for Aach word in the entire jingle. --Eottr as nflcn as you want; "f«1 your friends and family to ··ur, too! f u rim M i And Dr. Pepper w i l l pay Federal Income Tak on your 1952 royally earnings, provided you double the number -'·f honle.caps to he vnclosed, ~^'«nd stnd your antry on an ~* oAciil entry blank. Get one at your Dr. Pepper dealer'*, nr writ* Dr. Pepper, Box 50R6. Dallas, Tnas. Knwr today! The stats x-ray mobllt unit vis- tcd Rogers Monday and Tuesday. Assisted by Mrs. Eurie Cady of Rogers, executive secretary of the Bcnton County Tuberculous As. ·Delation, and the Rogers PTA more than 400 person* registered ·nd were examined. The ex-ray unit wan parked at City Hall. Bill Keltner, genera! chairman of the annual Fir* Department fish fry at Lake Atalanta, reported a total of $180 In receipts, all of which will be turned Into the lire- man's relief fund. The Rev. Robert P. Hall of Eureka Springs will assume his duties as pastor of the Episcopal Church In Rogers soon. He will also continue to nerve the Episcopal Church in Eureka Springs. No morning service will be held next Sunday but an evening «rv id will bt h«ld at the home of MM. Drew Patteson, South Dixieland road. Until the church it built, Sunday morning wrvlces will be held at the Callison-Porter Chapel. The American Legion will sponsor a firework* exhibition and program at the Athletic Field Friday. The Rev. H. G. Markley will give the {vocation, and Mayor K. I.,. Vogt will make a brief address. The Fire Department will jc in charge of the fireworks. C. Jimmle Carter has announced le plans to open a poultry supply store near the Frisco Railroad station. He has been a salesman for oultry supplies for 10 years,. The llrm will nl»o have facilities to diagnose poultry discuses. Car-! .er'j daughter, MUs Patsy Carter,] will have charge of the office. ; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Bull of Rof- j ors announce the birth of a son j July 1 at Rogers Memorial Hospital. Mr. ad Mrs. Jack Lasater of 'ea Ridge announce the birth of H sun June 28 at Rogers Memorial iospital. HMpltal Annex Dtdltatrd Joncsboro. Ark.-(fl)-A new 50- «d annex to the St. Bernard's Hospital here costing $600,000 wan dedicated last night. The new iving will increase the hospital'i capacity to 150 beds. Used by thouiandi in reducing licts--Junge'i Roman Meal Bread. 11-18-tf appeal -- from the musical comedy "Roberta." It hns m a g n i f i cent and celnrful sets and lush Technicolor, skilfully used by the studio's masters of fashion, editing, direction and photography. Also starrfd are Ann Miller and Kurt Kaszner. This picture Is top entertainment for any type of petson and every member of the family, because thorp is plenty in thp picture to satisfy the various types of people. "LOVELY TO LOOK AT" opdns at the OZARK Sunday and runs through Wednesday. "MACAO." Smoldering Melodrama oi Hide-and-Swk with D«aih! Plunged into the turmoil ot seething, exotic, Oriental "MACAO" -- port of sin and phady dealings, are a man from nowhere tHobert Mitchum), a woman with nowhere to go Uane Russell*, and an apparently happy-go-lucky traveling salesman (William Bendix), whose secret life is filled with danger, and whose activity threatens them all. The pivotal figure in this fast- moving melodrama, smoldering with passion, is Jane, cast as a lovely cafe singer whose peppery temper does not hide her longing for romance. What happens when this feminine soldier of fortune falls in lovp with Boh, thp footloose wanderer haunted by his past--and the two arc tagged as participants in the deadly manhunt of Bill Bcndix -- makes for adventure that is jammed with action and suspense. Jane, who as you know has a wonderful way with a song, warbles a trio of top tunes in "MACAO." They arc "Ocean Bree'ze," "You Kill Me," and "One For My Baby." 'MACAO" comes to the OZARK theatre next Thursday as an outstanding offering for the picture goers who arc looking to the screen for an escape from the realities of the everyday world. It is entertainment that you will enjoy, 'BELLE! ON THEIR That "Chuptr by the Dozen" 'amlly Rfturns in Riotous SequtI! The lovable Gilbrcth family of 'Cheaper by the Dozen" fame rc- turnj to the screen in "BELLES ON THEIR TOES," a comedy in color by Technicolor, which comes to the UARK theatre Saturday. Junnie Cralnc. Myrna Lny. Debra Paget, Jeffrey Hunter and Edward Arnold have the stellar roles and the supporting cast is headed by i Hoagy Carmichacl and Barbara ' Bates. The story reveals th? further adventures of the uproarious clan and tellj what happens when the Gilbreth boys get growing pains and the girls discover romance. "BELLES ON THEIR TOES" captures the spirit of the flapper age with such dances as the "Shag," the 19Z3 vintage of Pierce Arrow which the f a m i l y used as a carry-all and the familiar racoon-coat- eolleit boys. The hilarious comedy is highlighted by a silpnt newsrecl sequence showing the mealtime efficiency of the Gilbreths, the atomic explosions of a hatch of homc-brc\v and a bathroom scene whero the boys give their sister's boyfriend, Al, a very bad time. There arc COMING TO OZARK IN PERSON wruttlK immortal mink! KATHRYN ORAYKM rills you wild h»r fsMtn vote*! OZARK SUNDAY SATURDAY 11:15 P.M. Th« Oiark Thtatri will b«i nnTtrlwl inta an "Asylum of Honors" nixt Saturday whtn Dr. Sllklni. Ih. ghost masUr, 1 ·Twills his wtltd comtdy riot on Ih* slat*. This show ftaturtsj Ih. on* and only FHANKEN STEIN MONSTER, who is pic tut»d IDOTI. dlrtcl from ih. Unlnrsal Studios In Holly wood. Critics proclaim FRANK ENSTEIN lo b. mon grunom* M Ih* slag* than on Ih. scr»*n. Glrli: This show will .llhir put n.w 111. In your m.n or n«w m«n In your 111*. Bring your swylrtmd and M* II you hav. i MAR or MOUSE. You will bo IkrllMI Herrllted: Scand to pMlk whtn T" ·»· FRANK- CNSTEIM In anrttw. This show ta Ik* atirlwl MM. and icmn Itlfkl ft th«n all ... it's a tmr anyon. « I. 10, but as Dr. lUklnl saym, "It's all In good fun." Many film away at «».T7 twformtitco; M U you want an unusual «··· nlM, don't mbi !h« "Asylum ol'Horrors" M th* ata«* of Ik* O»rk TNMtr* n*xt Silurdiy. DON'T BE TURNED AWAY-BUY TICKET* MOW! Plsa On ·CTMHI 'HOUSE OF HORRORS" six new »n(i to listen la M tb* fun foes on. -BELLES ON THE1F TOES" plays at the UARK Saturday through Tuesday. "THE WELL." On. of Ih* B*s Most Stimulating PiciurM of Ih Y.arl As to put the final stamp of ap proval to the United Artists' new film, "THE WELL," which via hailed by those who had seen ad vanced showings of the picture a « powerful realistic story, Natur did an about face and Life imi tated Art. Jn essence "THE WELL" tell: how a town lorn apart by preju dice is reunited in its relcntlcs. efforts to rescue a little child who has fallen down a well. It shows the quick-thinking ingenuity ant sacrifice of the people in getting emergency equipment, digginf parallel bores,' shoring up crumbling walls and working in the ' murky d a n k tlepts of an aban- . doned .well. . .. . '-' anyone thinks that any aspect of that rescue was exaggerated for dramatic purposes, he has only .0 ask anyone who was in Eugene, Oregon, last September the 3rd when two-and-one-half year-old Marie Payne fell into the 22foot well an event that happened after the picture was filmed. "The Well" is entertainment for the entire family. Walter Winchell says "It's the best of the new film-dramas." "THE WELL" opens at the'U ARK theatre next Wednesday. The Courts Municipal Court R. M. Crabtrcc of Shreveport, La., was fined $5 and costs, a total ot |H, on a charge of speeding. He was arrested yesterday by State Police. Bernice Emerson of Springdale %vas fined $2 on a charge of passing Jn a no-passing zone. She was arrested by city police. Kenneth LaRue, no address listed, was fined $12 on charges of speeding and operating a motor vehicle without a driver's license. He was arrested by city police. George McLarty of Mt. Comfort Road, was fined $12 on charges of speeding and passing in a no- passing zone. City police said h« was traveling 50 miles an hour in a 25-mile speed zone. Oil Tanker Rammed By British Vessel Rome -UP)- The tanker, Rose Mary, held in Alden harbor after an attempt to run a British blockade of Persian oil, today was reported hjt and damaged by a British vessel. The Italian Middle East Oil Company, for whom the ship is hauling the disputed oil cargo, said it received a brief cable that the Rose Mary had been rammed, but neither the name of the British ship nor the extent of damage was given. AlTtrtsM hi the TIMES--It pan Keep up with the II; UK TIMES daily. ad CABH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phon. ColUet tSSl FiytttrrOI*. Arkuuu Joplin Rendering Co. BUY YOUR TELEVISION From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP NOTICE I Will Open at 416 WEST DICKSON on Monday, July 7 I shall appreciate your continued patronage, and welcome you to my new location. FREE COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS From 6 a.m. to 10a.m. on Opening Day HOMETOWN CAFE ENJOY THE 4th AT THE C-O-O-L MAI-CO THEATRES! O Z A R K ^ O W - ITS THE FUHMIEST YETI DONALD O'CONNOR IMMUON-MKIMUn l:00-2:4S-4:90-l:15-l!00-*:SO UARK SHOWING BOXOFFICE OPENS 1:4! Li* STONE CARTOON 0 LATE NEWS ENDS TONITE P A L A C E Friday · Saturday -- Big Double Feature · R PUCE in THE sun- A GREAT PICTURE 9 CCLORED CARTOON *) SERIAL CMAPT. NO. T · THE FIGHT WITH THE MOST UNUSUAL ENDING IN RING HISTORY! Roy Robinson vs. Joty Moxim PALACE SUNDAY A MONDAY Few QriMre* Drown n Poftd (Kir Memphis Memphis, Term. -UPl- Four sets ot footsprints leading to u pond-and none I'eturning--were evidence that four smalt girls waded to their deaths near here yesterday. The tracks in the soft mud, going to the water hole from four icat piles of clothing, were found jy two worried mothers who 1 feared the worst--and were right. I Bodies of the girls were pulled | from the 12-foot-deep pond by divers within 90 minutes after the mothers icreamed th* a l a r m . ' Drowned were Norma Crunk, r, ter sister, Joyce, nine, Bobbie Jean Hudson, seven, and her sis-_ cr, Gloria, nine. All lived at' nearby Kerrville. Ken a» wHh MM ttmm ntl Uw TisM* «UUJ. EVERYTHING M nUMtMO and SUPPIMI FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO. OOVBtNMBIT AVI. Woithnproaf and Fir.prool BnutUul Colors PHONE 3031 FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN ILIND AWNING CO. HUDSON REPAIRS A SPECIALTY See BOB HALL for a Free Estimate on this , Popular Car. W H I T E L E Y ' S G A R A G E Corar of School k Mountain Special Notice We Will Be Closed JULY 4th We Wish to Thank Our customers for your patronage and your splendid cooperation with us, especially the past week during the time our driveway has been under construction. We will re-open Saturday morning at 6:00 with a new Paved Driveway all complete for your and our convenience. Your patronage is appreciated. Thank you, Whiteley Service Station Skyrocket Gasoline Fayetteyille, Ark. Phone 1957 Tonite: Giant Fireworks Display -10:15 P.M. PLUS A itory that will live in your hearts forever . . . The greatest comeback ,,, the history of sports Starts Friday -- 2 Big Days

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