Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 4, 1974 · Page 20
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 20

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, October 4, 1974
Page 20
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18 Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Friday, Oct. 4, FAYETTEV1LLE, ARKANSAS Variety Chain Stores Alter Merchandising Philosophies NEW VORK (AP) -- The last two decades haven't been kind to that old familiar Main Street fixture, the fiv.e-aiul-dimc stove. In the '50s, Ihey faced sudden competition from the new discount stores and mounting consumer demand for a one-stop shopping center with plenty of parking. Now in the '70s, big general merchandisers like Woolworth. W.T. Grant and S.S. Kresge see property taxes soaring in downtown locations, making giant, high-volume outlets in shopping malls even more attractive. This combination of factors has forced national variety chains to alter radically, and often painfully, their basic merchandising philosophies, some of which, like Woohvorth's, evolved over nearly a century. Not that variety outlets have become unprofitable albatrosses in every case. But few national retailers seem interested in building them anymore. "We haven't opened up a variety-type store in five years," a spokesman for W.T. Grant says. "The national retailers have left that field to smaller regional concerns. The big companies are getting the hell out of it." The name most synonymous with the five-and-dimc concept F.W. Woolworth, still had more than 1,601) variety outlets as ol April 31), but that was 51 fevyer than a year ago. They antici pate another 50 to 60 closings in the current year. Woolworth, like the other na tional giants, has been con centrating its expansion pro- ·rams on its 100,000 square oot-plus "Woolco," one-stop shopping centers located for the nost part in suburban shopping nails. Woolco stores have jrown in number from 192 in .973 to 230, about 17 per cent of olal Woolworth-owncd stores and that percentage is growing. S.S. Kresge, which once had '45 "Green Front" Kresge Stores of the five-and-dime type n the mid-lSSOs, now has only 379 in the United States. They ire in a holding patten, a spokesman says, planning to iiaintain and modernize existing variety stores. But expansion energies will be spent on longer, one-stop "IC-Marf Little Backlash. Seen In New England Election BOSTON AP -- The six;tale New England region, vliich otten lakes pride in its lolilical independence, shows iUlc evidence ot any posl-Wa- crgalc backlash against Republicans or incumbents in general as election lime approaches. An Associated Press survey ot slate and congressional elec- ion races in Massachusetts, Maine, New mont, Rhode Hampshire, Island and Vcr- Con- discount outlets which will soon outnumber smaller, variety out lets by about lwo-to-one. About half of W.T. Grant's !,· 172 outlets fall tinder the small er variety heading, a spokes man estimates, but that per centage is shrinking as the company builds more and more: giant "Grant City" outlets. These moves, which changing consumer demand and inflation have forced on retailers, continue to face the national chains with enormous challenges. Kresge appears to have adjusted well. Over-all sales were up about 19 per cent in the first half of 1974, while nel income grew by about 14 per cent. Kresge's relative health, corn- lecticut shows that incumbents are favored in most races. Otto er front-runners are comprised largely of present or past office-holders. Campaigns in which in cumbent are facing the stiffesl challenges are focusing strictly on state issues such as taxes and the local economy. Governor's offices in all six stales are up for grabs, along with three U.S. Senate seals and 25 seats in Ihe U.S. House of Representatives. There will be at least two new governors, two new U.S. pared Grant, with is in Woohvorth and part due to its being the first to sense about 12 years ago the growing consumer demand for large, one- stop discount centers in suburban locations. senators and six new congress- ien in the region due to relire- icnts, incumbents seeking gher office and in one case a rimary election loss. TWO SENATE OPENINGS The Senate openings are in : ew Hampshire and Vermont here two veteran Republicans re retiring. Despite Water ate's alleged harm to the OP, the two senators are ex- ected to be replaced by two epublican congressmen. U.S. Rep. Louis Wyman, R- .11., is the favorite to replace en. Norris Cotton, a con- ervalive. Wyman apparently overcome efforts of his Jemocratic oppponcnt, former tale ohn Jeanne Ehrlichman Says Her Husband Did Nothing Wrong jessman to former President lichard M. Nixon, U.S. Rep. Richard Mallary R-Vt., is expected to replace WASHINGTON (AP) _ The wife of Watergate cover-up de- fendent John D. Ehrliclnnan says President Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon was "Iremen- Today In History By The Associated Press Today is Friday, Oct. 4, the 277th day of 1974. There are 88 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1957, the space age began as the Soviel Union put the first spacecraft into orbit around the earth. On this date -In 1777, the British defeatec American forces in the Revolutionary War battle of German town in Pennsylvania. In 1824, the Republic of Mexi co was proclaimed. In 1910, Portugal's monarchy ended as King Emanuel fled to escape revolutionaries. In 1940, during World War II Adolf Hitler, and Benito Musso lini conferred at Brenner Pas: In Ihe Alps. In 1945, the Premier of th F r e n c h Vichy governmen Pierre Laval, was put on tria in Paris. He later was executei as a traitor. In 1955, Pope Paul VI ad dressed the United Nation General Assembly, appeal! n for world peace. Ten years ago: Hurrican Hilda moved into Mississippi a a rain storm after leaving mor than 30 persons dead and mi lions of dollars in propert damage in Louisiana. Five years ago: Communis China belatedly annnounced its two latest nuclear weapon tests, including a new hydroge bomb explosion in the atmos phere. One year ago: Peace talks were begun in Northern Ireland in an attempt to end five years of conflict that had taken nearly 900 lives. Today's birthdays: Actor Charlton Heston is 50 years old. Baseball coach Frank Crosetti is 84. Thought for today: He that will not appply new remedies must expect new evils -- Roger Bacon, English philosopher, about 1214-1284. ously compassionate," but her usband did nothing wrong to varrant similar action. "II you take a pardon, you're dmitting there is something to e pardoned for," said Jeanne Ihrlichman. "We're saying he idn't do anything wrong." In an hour-long interview hursday at the hotel where lie is staying, Mrs. Ehrlichman discussed the impact of 10 Watergate scandal on her amily, her marriage and her rivate life. "You draw closer to Goc vbenever you have anything hat's tough," said Mrs. Eh rlichman, a Christian Scientist 'When other people are sayinj hings that you know aren' rue, you have to sort out you own identity ... you have to hi very strong in what you knov to be the truth, what you kno\ ·our motives were. If you havi hat, you can live with your Republican Sen. George D. Ai- ;cii who lias spent 34 years in he Seriate. Mollary is popular throughout he stale and his Democratic ri- ,'!!, County Prosecutor Patrick Leahy, is bucking a Vermont tradition of sending Republicans lo the Senate for Ihe past 140 years. The third U.S. Senate race is in Connecticut, where Sen. Abraham Hibicotf, a Democratic liberal, is favored over state Hep. James Brannen, the first black cleclcd to the state General Assembly. M A R I N E AND CONNECTICUT The holiest gubernatorial races are in Maine and Connecticut where incumbents are not, or cannot, seek re-election. Democratic Maine Gov. Kenneth Curtis is prohibited by jtate law from succeeding him- sell after two terms. His departure opens the way 'or former slate Atty. Gen. James Erwin, a GOP conservative; Democratic Notional Committeeman George Mitchell businessmen J a m e s wongley and Stanley Lcen and County Court Clerk William Hughes, all' independents. Sargcnl, a GOP liberal, may face the toughest fight, a battle with liberal Democrat Michael Dukakis. Dukakis, a former state representative who authored Ihe Massachusetts no- Tault auto insurance law, has waged a low-key but well-organized campaign. Despite talk of political upheaval and anti-establishment candidate success in the wake of Watergate, the other New England governors appear lo be on somewhat safer ground. New Hampshire's Republican Gov. Meldrim Thomson, a maverick conservative' who rifled late tax department corporate ax files of his political opppo- icnts, apparently has found a Insurance Dnrkin, to Commissioner fie the con In Gov. Connecticut, Republicar Thomas Meskill decider not to seek re-election and was nominated for a federal judgeship by Nixon the day before the former president resigned. Meskill's job will go either to G- 0 P congressman Rober Sleele or Democratic congress woman Ella Grasso. She coulc become the first woman in the nation to win the office withou the aid of a husband who pre ceded her. INCUMBENTS RUN HARD I n Massachusetts, Nev, H a m p s h i r e , Vermont a n d Rhode Island, the incumbent -- two Democrats and two Re publicans -- are running har( for new terms. Massachusetts Gov. Franci home in his northern stole after loving from the South years (Jo. The slate Supremo Court ulcd that Thomson's actions ·ere illegal, but no charges ·ere brought against him. Thomson is favored over Jemocrut -Richard Leonard, a ormcr slate senator from )emocratic Nashua, DEMOCRAT FAVORED Vermont, usually a rock-rib- cd GOP state, elected a democratic governor for the econd lima in a century last ime, and Gov. · Thomas Salmon s heavily favored for ro-elec- ion against Republican House Ipeakcr Walter Kennedy. As in virtually all New Eng- and stales, the issue. in Rhode sland is how to draw the line Likes Privacy LOGAN, Utah (AP) -- Jack Tord says most of th people in lis classes at Utah State Uni- ·ersily still don't know who he s, and he likes it that way. The 22-year-otd forestry stu a son of President and Ford, says he likes his dent, Mrs. riv,ucy. But since Aug. 8, Ford has )een under the watch of Secre' Service agents. "I don't concern myself with their operations," he said 'They told me that it was theii concern, not mine." Before the school year start ed, it was reported that the So cret Service agents were goiiij to move in with Ford in hi rooming house across the stree from the Utah State campus. EXPERT WATCH REPAIR SWIFTS rt S*. on stale laxc.s and stale spcml-' ng. Democratic Gov. Philip Nool is being challenged by Republican business m a n James Nugent, who has pledged not lo raiso taxes. Main Interest in the region's congressional contests centers on five districts where incumbents h a v e voluntarily moved out, and a sixth where Ihe incumbent, U.S. Rep. Robert Tiernan, D-R.I., lost in the primary to state Rep. Edward Beard. As in the U.S. Senate and governor's races throughout New England, the advantage in the congressional campaigns is with candidates who have held, or at least sought, public office. An expected regional crop of fresh faces did not materialize ti Ihe primiirias. One exception is 30-year old 1'oby Mofffclt, a former Ralph Nader employe, 'who defeated New Britain, Conn., Mayor Stiiuley Pac to win the Democratic nomination for Mrs. Grasso's seal. Moffett will bn opposed by Republican Pat Piscopo, a former Connecticut banking official. In Massachusetts, the retirement of long-time U.S. Rep. Harold Donahue, a Worcester Democrat, has opened the way for two stale representatives. Joseph Early, a Democratic powerhouse in the legislature is favored over David Lionett, a Republican. Top-of-the-stove, one-pan recipe. no-bake Macaroni 'n Cheese Stir it up; boil 10 minutes. J ONE PAN MACARONI AND CHEESE S Add the cheese and let it stand. ccleiy or c*eam ol mushroom soup 2soupcansrrnlk 1 soup can waler 2 Ibs. margarine In 3 quart sauce pan, blend afl fngrodienls except Bbo-Roni, cheese and mushrooms. Bring lo boil, slir in Elbo-Roni, relurn lo boil and cook ur covered, 10 minnles, storing frequently. Add cheese, stir until melled, add mushrooms. Turn oil heat, let stand on burner 10 minules. Makes 6 cups. SAVE OVER 50% 19 HRS. ONLY SATURDAY and SUNDAY 1,OOO's Of Other Sale Items! Kidnap Victim Died Of Carbon Monoxide Poison AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) - Authorities say carbon monoxide gas hilled Jean R. Rcville. She died in the trunk of a car where she had been left by three bandits who kidnaped her for a ransom paid by her banker husband. Meanwhile, officials of the Georgia Railroad Bank and Trust offered a $5,000 reward Wednesday for information leading lo the arrest and conviction of the bandits. Mrs. Reville's husband, E.B. Reville, is manager of the Hephzibah, Ga., branch of the bank. Three men kidnaped Reville early Monday and told him they were holding his 51-year- old wife. He gave them an undisclosed sum from his bank to arrange for her freedom. He was found locked in the trunk of his car by searchers Tuesday, APPEALS CONVICTION Ehrlichman, 49, once one Richard M. Nixon's closes White House aides, resigned hi domestic affairs post in Apr. 1973, in the midst of the Water u ate scandal. Last July, he wa convicted of conspiring to vio late the civil rights of Danie Ellsberg's psychiatrist and tw counts of perjury. He has ai pealed the conviction, w h i c carries a sentence of 20 monll: to five years. Until at least the end of this year, Ehrlichman will be defending himself against accusa lions that he and four oilier men tried to thwart investigations into Ihe Watergate scandal. Throughout those long, agonizing months, Mrs. Ehrlichman has been almost a con- sfanl companion to her husband, appearing at his side in the courtrooms, consoling him the privacy of their Seattle home, smiling bravely for photographers as Ihe cover-up trial began. Even when a demonstrator spat at her husbanc Wednesday, Mrs. Ehrlichman kept her composure. Mrs. Ehrlichman said one ol Ihe hardest times was. a month before her husband resignec from the White House when headlines thrust him into the snowballing Watergate scandal BROUGHT CLOSER "Those days I was very un happy," she said, "But honest !y, you can only he unhappy just so l o n g . . . . So I'm begin tiing to get very good at pass said shi almost 2i years have been brought closei together by the Watergati scandal. It's also had an im pact on their five children Ihree boys and two girls rang ing in age from 14 lo 24. ''We have felt our children have had an oppportunity through this to learn at a ver. early age some very basic les sons. Sometimes people are well along in years before the; understand what it's like for someone to be accused, for someone lo be maligned, to be ridiculed, to be criticized, to be " Her words ran together a! she reached a verbal crescen do, not taking lime for breath Then abruptly, she stopped. ing these things off." 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