Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 2, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1952
Page 9
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Mathias Sets Record Decathlon Pace i BATTLE OF FIREMEN T u 1 » r e, Calif.-oPi-Decathlon ktaf Bob Mathits leids th« way Into the final five events of the IJ52 decathlon tonight, already fir theid nf his own brilliant feats in i drive toward the Olympic Games and his second straight t r i u m p h in this international battle. Tonight the handsome, «-foot-2. SCO-pound pride of Tulare and Stanford University bids fair t o ' outshine even his marks last' night, when he surpassed every-1 thing he had ever dnr.e before 'in j the gruelling decathlon competi- i lion. Mathias was better in the. 100 meters, tut broad jump, t h e ' shot put, thi high jump and the | 400-meter dash. Tonight he competes in the h i g h ' hurdles, the discus, the pole viult.' javelin'and 1,500-meter run. And his big' events are the hurdles and discus." Mathias racked up 4,394 points · last night, 180 points more than he! scored in his record-breaking per- ; ffirmance. in J950 at the halfv.-ay! mark. And since 1950, the s-oring: system has been revised, generally ! ficnvmvard. His 1943 Olympic half-way mark wss only 3,848 points. Mathias' closest rival is Milton Campbell, a high scnool sensation in the East, from Plainfield, N. J., v.-hp scored 4,132 points, 222 points behind the chsrnpion. Mathias started his winning career in 1913. when he won the national title and \vent on to win the Olympics. He took the national again in 1949-1950 and remained out of the decathlon last year. Aggie Stor Just Misses [SPORTS Brissie 8e;!s Paige As Indian Edge Browns In Ifth Inning, ·JORTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMES,, Arkaniw, f W.dnttday, July J, 1752 Flam Faces Drobny As Last U.S. Survivor At Wimbledon Walt Davis of Texas A. and M. tries to cqm\ the world record .,, the high jump at the Olympic trials in Los Ansclcs, hut he nudged the bar off the stanc'arrl,. Two other attempt;, also failed. He won the mcc'. wi'h a leap of 6 feet 9 inrhr?. ( A P \Vircphfitr.i. Brown Bats Yanks To Victory Over Bosox New York-(/Pj-Bobby Nals Edge A's On Relief Job By Johnson,W Philadelphia -I*)- A stellar relief pitching job by Don Johnson paved I'.-.e v.-a.v (or t:-.e Wasliin?- ton Senators' 6-5 « i n over the Philadelphia Athletic?, l a s f n i e h t . Tb? Nats' bi? richl-iiandcr limited 1h? A'5 to t'.vo hits and no runs In four inning; as the Senators movpfi to second place in the American League. A r-ig fnur-rnn inning in t h e j f i x t h put Washington ahead «nd i Johnson came on to preserve the ' gdvsntage. ; nlaying his next to last game in ?!,,,,,,],*,,., /""',,/_ 1 (\f\f\ll* Yankee Stadium, doubled home \J 1(1115 fJtST (jClS 1 ,UUUt/J Mickey Mantle from first bare in j . J" .. ,,_,,' \Ax Cardinals Trim Reds, 8-3 the eighth inning last night tn give the New York Yanks a 3-2 v.-in over the Boston Red Sox. j St. t/iil5-(.f-Env! Slaughter.* Rrown was notified before the better known s- "Colon-:! Clutch" , ·i,,, s ,- ali ·, game that he must reoort for duty ; arountl the Cardinals' rlii-nut ! l :-". J 'n n as a doctor in the Arm} in a batted t'-e St. Lviis N - i i ^ n a l ' wJnJSV- '"^ W'««k- j League t-am ID an r-'sy, .1-n. \v\ n '· i The loss dropped the Red Sox over the Cincinnati Rrds lart from second lo third place and en- I night. Slaughter rirove in live ni'ir- abled the Yankees to widen their I in a pair of homers to pas? the American League lead. ' 1.000 mark in K13j':--. He ir- r ? Dizzy Trout, and Vic Rasrhi "Ccond active played in t^e r-eninr '·ere locked in a tight pitching · loop to pass fiat mark. Bob K"m Podb elan * I'l a f f r n - i b e r ^ r r s-s. »n li.rj. Mi:e:l r-IJ Wimhh'ilon. Fln-bnrt-WyHerh Flam of U e v u i l y Hillf. Calif., the lone American men's survivor. t;ikc* his try-and-pH.-K-mp pnmr nnt't Wlmhledon'r center court tn- (l-iy in a duel w i t h Jarosiav tlrnh- ny, the cat-footed Czei-h, for a plarp in thr fina's nf IV All-Ens- I n n r i LH^VII Tpnn'S C'hampionshipr. Drubny, 31. of a thou- snn'l tournament. 1 -., w i l l b* ppnt- l i n c Flam einht .vnr*. If the heal U 1 .-!! ''.IP pmoti^cred i h i hu^c ten- nip bowl for the !··*( Tew ]?\? rnMlinw". M nvql'l juit thf- em- ji'i.isis on youlh. Flfim has developed Into lirelr.T retriever. A p n i n p t such a s t ip.i-?. Hrnbiiy h n p a dangerous serve ^nd a d a r t i n g lefl-handed barkhiiud (lint "flen scores with cross-court placements. Two youne Australians, 51- ycsr-nld Frank Sfdgman, and J?- vrar-nld Mcr\-vn Hore, meet in Hi" ol'-;rr r r m i ' i n a l . Thn survivors '. will clash for the t i t l o Friday. The American women .vet un an i i l l U.S. semi-final bracket for In- m-irrow by hrushins of t'i» last ··outside" nnpnstlnn yesterda However. d e f e n d i n g champh Doris Hart nf Cnral flalile.!. Fla.. ' won'l he amonK them M r . , Torld of |, n .Irjlln. (Tnlif.. f i f l ' , - se.Tlert. npret the c'lampjnn b- o n i l a M l n n her In three sets. 6-8 : 7-fi, 6 - 4 . ] Maur".'n Cnnnnily, Hie A m r r i - j ran chnmpinn from Ssn Dir-c'i. i Calif., ousted Mr?. Thelma I,"ng · of Ai'ptrsUa :n a three-set match, ; 5-7, 0-2. R-n. She will meet Shir- Icy Tr." o' Akron, Ohio, whom she i hni in the American f l n i l s lust 1 yei'-. M*r Fry defeated Mrs. .Je;m i W-iikcr-Smlth of K n g l a n d , 6-3 'ft-3. Mrs. ToMd's opponrnl In tomorrow's semis will be 1/uise Rrnueh of Beverly Hills, Calif., who '. - .,pi - Two nf I. ,:;. . hMI'-j $T:-, l--| rrll"f p;l.- v c r j ..hooked i.p Hi n ./larsic- h a ' H p i r.( .1 i,h: ::i.ii I.-. t-l 19 nuiinr; . I.ou · t r i - . ' " -:..-".'\ \:\* \ i- ;ory for C'lev! uid n\'cr lh» .St Louis i ' '· ' ' ' · ' · - ' P"?«. J-1 !\'-- · sie u n r k e r l 10 fr.imrs of rcl'cf. ' ...": f!- run. I'.TI^P u rnt 1 1 ' - · · , - · · - ^nd s^v'e up two run- in t h e I D i h . Hnh f e l l » r and Ked f i » r \ r r h-tf! .·-I i^ed a line duel over the rey- : i l l a t i o n distance R i v i n i j th" f a n s ' onr of the lin;;iuesl nitching spcc- Hcles in in.inv yf.irs. : I'an-e. « - , , ; :0 [l won six nnd Sd-.ed ninr- nf th» Urown's K \\r-\ torirf. f i m o v i t i i i n inrh»i of h i u h n a 11 ..firel".", r e l i e f ronndf. The nrc-. n-i had broken Ihrou^h Mrh'Ir-V. ·-,;·"·: \-\ |he lop of !he i n t h . l-.'-mn n :i--' li-n-l .vh»n nii-k K«rlui.«l(i v alkcd, a'hnnred lo s-con-l i:n sacrlfict tnd Mart .on .rim Doing's sinile. Ronrjy Avil», however, epvi* tf:« last h»lf of the IJtti »tth . 5in5le and scored the tylaf rui on Al Rosen's one-out doubll A f l r r Larry Dnby midt tht Me ;ond o'Jt; pinrh hitter Mini MajesKi sinjlert to scort R«ei w i t h the payoff run. Th« victor; moved the Indians int* thiri place. . Hall Tire IK*u rUrmon The Hall Tire Company batK · H n r m o n Pliyfield, is-io, yttttr- ,' day in a City Softball L«afu g«m n . s.'inford was th« wianin^ pitcher, illowini ei|ht hlti. H; \vas hacked up hy a H-hit it'.Erk. Itnorkwl m r Mrs. .i-vn R i n k e l of (i,^ bv ihousandj In r« N n l a . n . r.-l. :i-V. in ···{ .,urat uf a lifts Jun«e'« Roman M*ll Bread! fiiurt'i \Vimlil,-!l,,!i l i t l f . · ll-ll-tj ·»AfliGRICAn*u» ITRAIOHT IOURION WHItKIV ' aWlKM MimUN CMWMT. MC. · MM, M. . 7cr 'S-r,i u --r-ircr-.-. gcln. ind Jortia. T-.M3. rtue! until Brown's payoff blow. Hew Yerk I a«lttt 1 HM V.rK ·Htii ab r h . . . 3 2 8 Dlttmcr. 2h 4 1 1 Sisit. I f Thorr.p'n. cf -1 1 S' I b r k ' . v vf , ftm s o n Cooper. 1 0 1 -·' '-' I f - r f 2 t ,leJne.«. p 2 0 0 -Spnhn ~n, o iSl. Clalr i M t t r p of (he G i a n t s has a m;iior loop msrk of 1.121. I Vinegar Bend Mizil. t^e rnrdr' b r h j hard-luck rookie, hur'ed a s i x ^ J J; h i t t e r in rbalhiin u:i tl-e w i n . I!" ? j o] weakened in tl-e bpt f r a m e nl|o\v- * n ' ing the neris t^rff riinr:, inil hr 4 o j was ridirc on an e i c l i t - r u n ciir.hion .1 o i at t h a t time. It. marked Mbell's ? o o- t n i r d win aenin.-t five losse-. 1 'I 0 It. Loiilt I Cincinnati 3 n o ", ctncinRi*.i St. L*U;I l i o 0 0 0 B-k , v/ood. if Vernon. 1 Moreno, i Con'frs. ] bCoin Johnson. To mi «b r h .1 1 n ioo;l. u 3 l l .'ain. IB 4 2 ll?hi!!?.v. cf 5 2 2l"2srnii!, If 3 n llVilo. rf 3 0 IfHitchc'ck. 1 0 '.;Pnhsrin 1 n fl \stro'h. r 4 0 HThomts 2 0 0 ; \sllrsr. ,··] 0 o n 'Vr-gir, p 1 0 Oi Hooper, p 1 0 0 iScheib ib r h , Totals ,15 fi 10 Tots'* 3 0 r «-Grnundrd out f o r Joncj 4 1 t h-Crfunfl:d out for Cn!p c-S'ruck out for .le-, rr i ^ " P.BI Thompson -- j H u t l o n . 2b 34 3 . , AUcock. If · b r h v/ski. rf « 0 1 ttmii". · 5 0 1 Sn'dirnv ' 5mith Favored To Flatten Flanagan In Second Meeting S m i t h will crlchrntp his 2 h t i b i r t h d a y t n n i ^ h l h.v« to; v ' i i ( i i r » i " himself v.-iih a clean I victory nvrr G!Pn Klnny^;in of S t . j a 10-rouml fraJliorw-plg h r h ' i n t e r i m - t i t l e elimination bout. 1 , f m j ( h v . |nr| j ( U . (H|| con?cru1i\ o vk'inry. S'h. 6 7 Totals * 1 1 3 0 1 3b o o 3 6 0 l o n . 3 1 1 1 0 0 . 2 1 1 0 U 0 t 0 1 34 S 10, M u t M t r n . Wilson. Mi'hown t-FiiH n u - for HoMerln tn «th h-?rpped up for Consueira in f h. rr-Fi:c-I nut for Suder in Hth. f-FoJ!rd o']' fr^- .\T-ro-h in 9:h. K-SingJcn for Hoop«r in s;h. ^ a - h l n R ' c n 300 DM MO-fi r.-'iiadsiphia :on 050 oon--5' ;o. Yosf. RBI-Wood o l n T 3 1 " D l V r ? . . 1 0 1 "i i i] M!JC!!, n ThT|er. p 2 n o _ V-:ilBkfr 1 0 0 Wliifam3."M9thew."DP--"oit"'^^^""^^-I H a u « « ' » d . p 0 n n san. ?nti "rowr. Left--New York ?.:' Pr " 1 ( ''^ n - P n n n Boiton «. BB--.lone-, 1. C» i. .^*t?r i c-Kn-.ak 1 0 n' ' r-r-- L Wilhs'm ?. SO--Jon"« 3.! Col* J. Grrtg ". Wi'hr'm 5 HO- ' To!nH ."4 .1 f Tnlnijt Grtr,f n in 4 2-.1 in;i : n?.*- "'i'h( *m * , · · in 4 l-.-i; Jon=s « :i 5:" Cftle 1 in 2: ' a-Grnundcd (jut for R a f f s ) Jcsltr 1 In ". T*~R- rr??:p ' - l ; Wi!- I '^ ^ ' n ^ ' n r he'm C-2: .Unnci S-S: Cn!« 0-0; .tf*:or | h-Ran frr K!ii*7eu-ski in 9rh HBP--Jon?* 'ThomDsonj: . Grc?z ' c-F!:rd out for :n : K-«- -in ,H J n ? -^"^.'"ir rf i ; ;!\\'^h!nt;ton bnxr,' i;; r - t - l l u n h - m n - K?,?wski. Ih 4 0 1 o A r r . . I f 1 2 !,.,,,,,,,, .. ^ . . . . , _ , , ; . b-Pcl'r.Brinl . ! 3"ni!n!ck. c ! Mn*-hnll. rf Wil- MrMiiis ^ibout th? boos i h a l nron|n f r his 4 n n i : ; t ) l i t decision over here K t n i i h , a knocknul n r f i M , har;t [fioorpd 2.T nf his nnpnnmlr: for I'T-I i f ' » " M j in curly round?. Sn wtirn · ! K h i n n p n n fnrcrd him Ihc l i m i t , ! Ihc \Vn.-iiin»tn:i lad slipped badly t in i h ? ];j'c int'P:!". Ho jnsl w a s n ' t , ,, ' , hp . i.Ic'hron . PB-- Vv . . ^ Winner-- Wit- . 17-2): lotrr-- .Ton^s P^--- ili. Epcorv, Warneke. !"5 C ' n c i n n V i i i - n i h n s b: ln n pu( t h r o u g h ' nnt'OS t hr iv^l 1 'irrf 1 .' , .. ' . " " h a n d l e r s say l i e s -- Sophomore oulfirldcr \r- Carr of BirrninRham vas I'-e i;ni- S?5s: : R ph?plv !s: » a o£ P Vr 7j - nr " l8l - n ^ : v crsity of Alabama's top baseball : Cincinnati fi ? si. l^uii'^BB-n-,ff*nv 010 nofl 00!5--T - · s:. Louis . . . 4'Ki 01 i ro::--i jrcatfv this tim". ; rt^^i'l'h^rTD.^r/ 5 ^.":: '··' ; TM« a "' °. t l"-" ''"«'·. s '-'i^ !n-»rk^wski 2. 2B--Hcmur-, Adarm. HR-- h^ : c n n , sri"-it h"'-i I""'! :-in th, · Bnbb 1;!TJat^/-»Srr: P JJ^^^ "inurh h^ on the sh.rll . WSKI. .J. lll - z ;W-«j c n d O f 7.10-5 odds. j ! . fuu "" IB BE--Moreno :: -Tr-hnson I. Kellncr i ... Jn ; insPn 2. HO--Moreno S in 4 ·»--. | ' n r n f : Cnr.:»c7ra 0 in 1-.': Johnson r 2 in 4: Ke'Iner 4 'n 5: Wrirtt 1 in fl- .rrp^- 2 :n 4. R «nd FR- M a i c n o .l-.v (.-^r.-i^-rq n-0; J n h n n n ,10 Kr]'. j B-fi: Wright p-n: Hoop?r 0-n Win- ' ° -- ' Homers Help Giants Beat j Braves, 6-3 ; Bnsion-i/tVHome runs by Hsnk ' Thompson and Da\'e.v Williams sparked Ihp Xrw York Gianls' 10- j hit atlack last nighl as they downed the Boston Braves, fi-3. i The gam? got off to i fasi start in th? /irst inning with Tribesman Earl Torchon and Ihe Giants' i Sal Yvars pxrhancinje healed! v.'ords. In t h p second Torgeson I v.'as ejeclpd from the jam; for ' ruFhinz tn the Giants' benrh N*w T-rh J | Mtf n i ··"·n Htw T.rti Tr'nh r 1 . *rf G?rncrt. Ib aSchmce- T.f»pfin. 2h rl.iprn WhllP. r Trou'. p ah r h 3 2 i Writing. If 2 0 ncoilin*. Ih t n l|3iufr. rf 4 0 l 3erra. c 4 0 o M«nt!e. rf 3 0 0 3rown. 3 b i o n rD'cid. :b 2 jj 0 Saschi. p o n n 4 fl 1' 3 n o · b r h 3 o i 4 0 0 4 ] 1 .1 i " 4 1 I 4 0 j 4 0 0 3 0 1 i ! 1 Totals 3! 3 I ··?. t(ri . I . ch °. ut for Gernert tn 9th b-Wtlked for Ltpico in 9th c-Rin for Goodman in Jth. Boston ioi ono 000--2 rc«w vnrk fflfl nfl Oix--3 E--Lepnn 2. G r r n s r t . Thrnnehfrr.v. hcDnufMld. ftcrr?. RBI--Sttnhtni nr-rr», M u n t i f . Brown 5B-3rnwn. nP--Slrphrrs unri Laprio; K f l l . i.*l*".et «nd G e r n f r t ; Throntbrrry find While: Brown. Mmou?»ld *nd Collins: McDoufald. Rizzuto *nd Collins l.pft--Bna*nn fi. New 1 York 7. B«~ Trom I. nsicht 4 SO Trou? A Fmrhi s HO-T r r,,t H i n 71.3 inniner B-n- tnn n In 2--; R/^R-Trout S-.1 Bfn- , t-n 0-0; R ^ » r h i 2-1 Hm»~Hiisrhi 'Di- Mifrtni W i n n e r -- R i t t c h i IT-?I Loier- Trm»l (,1-7i a--Wnbb. F«»tr*lld. hirry N»pp. T--? M. A--4B.W7. Junior Legion Nine To PlayHuko0NJily4 Tb« riyttt«vlll« Junior L«fion btfrtnl] te«m will pliy Mua- *·!*«'« Junior Ufton turn it tlH Vathlnuton F»lr Crou«ita c:Hfnond Tridiy ilttrnnor, July I. The ;»mt will ttirt it 2:10. Th* locil turn will pliy i Mrturn -im* with MuikafM Suftdiy. Good for ajj cars, but, fest for 9 out of10 illyfir'roand Esso Extra Gasoline Many motorlitu b«li«Tc that ill food (uollno Krv (rnrrRlly pretty much alike. But here ar; the (act|« proved by Induiuy-arcrptcd road and laboratory twtsl EMO Eilra give* you a ttmirkahn tr-nnmallnn ol (juallilci thnt will improre tht all-year, all-around pertorm?.nre~ol 9 out of It can on the road. We belleTC a trial will prove to ;o-i F-*w Ritra ddlTert retulti no other |a»oHne can. It then you ful rtcwti. lon» milni««. high antl- knock, quick itartlnt, fait en|lnc waim-U|., and protection aialntt vapor-lock italllnf. And while you're at your EMO Dealer'!, there'* certainly no better time to let him (Ive your car » complete lubrication and cartful check-up (or the hot weather driving you'll b doing. *K««o R*!rn (iMolim ii (ood lor ALL -»r«. hut in 9 mil nl It) it will |ivt bttlcr ll1-4round ptrtorminrc ill yeir 'round ihnn · nv other |llnltn«. Only · c»r with iin cn|in* thut'l poorly ·djnittti. hidly «nm. or «n* with uniMiml romprminn chiir- ·ctcrittici mty h« nnwhlt tn imt fully ihi miny t\irt qti«!ilic« nf thii |rv«t liiolinc. Set your nwrhy EIIO DHlcr imliy! £sso COSTS NO MORI THAN MANY A * Got i nose for · hirtiin ind i tutt for retl Knilgcky Straight nmnhnn' Then you U go for fiv. Brwhtr, - Vynr-oM hourhon l ill finrx »nd priced no higlitr thin miny food 4-\or-n\l nr.ijht!) Mike It i (mini tn ,,k for Five Brothen it ynur hvoriie liquor M,,rc The odd) ire Vto-4 i v «n!) ihit ihi K e n t u c k y Striinht .ill ht i icar-' ·round fivonte in your 'Bourbon Book". i « « ) c « r FULL 90 moor FIVE mrraras UNTUCKT ITRAMNT MIWMN WHISKIY · IOUR MAIN · M«dl«y DiKillinff Compiny, Ow*n.iroro, Kentucky Oumtd mmi Oftrtttd CnAwW// f tltt Fin MtJIn fir* ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY ·»· *m.mmm. P L I A I I D I I V I C A R I · U I I T . . . T H I I I P I T O M I A V I W A T I I t O W t HATFIELD'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER Corner Coll«f · and Meadow 71 Hifhwty IMI bMn ck«f»t«4. I wouM ·Mracivtfl y*vr pctrtMf*. w^wtlww SUTTU ESSO STATION 11 WALL STREET ESSO STATION Cw»i Covtrnm*nl ad Will ICE tLZA rtNCHCf) AND L. U WIMKU COMPLETE IERVICE rirmw NOUHS A IIT Ut AND WAX TOW CM AT 11} WIST DICKSON SPYRESESSO rti j

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