Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 2, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1952
Page 3
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«OBTHWK» AMANiAS flMB. Tigers TOT Two Homers Into 6-4 Win Over (hisox Detroit-WVThe Detroit Tigers made two homers pay oft with Bums Nip Phils On Pinch Single 7 By Reese, The Leaders In Republican Controversy , My 2, !»JI How They Stand -- * . , w _ B U ,, i , , n , mj.\, v 11: n ei li, »i_ L. ' and Joe Ginsberg each smacked j O B ' bench due to · P ull «i j a three-run round-tripper. The loss dropped Chicaso down musr.le, went in as a pinch-hitter ] -- yesterday with the bases loaded, to f i f t h place in the standings.' a n d nvn ou , in the la , ,,, t h ; four and a half games hack of . ,. ,, . . ... . the leading New York Giants, b u t ' n m t h ' H p ronn « tfd W l t h nn ' of i only half a game behind second ! relief Pitcher ,Iirn Konstanty's ! " place Washington. | slants to give the Dndgprs a 4-3 i Freddy Hutchinson. who re- win over the Philadelphia Phils. I Jackie Robinson started the ! rally by walking to open the n i n t h . Roy Campanella beat nut a bunt. George Shuba then popped placed starter Bill Wight, was the winner, and Howie Judson the loser. D«tr»!t I Chirac* 4 eiiie«t. D«nn For. 2b 5 1 1 ! ab T h i . · Mmoso, cf 5 0 0 Priddy, 2b Melt 5 0 IlGroth. cJ dMiranda 0 n o H a t f i s l d 3b H'bl«s"n. Ib 5 0 2! Werlz. rf R'nguez. 3b 4 1 liDropo. ]b .Lollir, c i 1 3:t.=nhardt. if Stewart. If 4 0 VSwUI, c Dent*. Sfl 4 1 2iCinsberff l c Kretlow. p . 0 0 0 Drrry. ss aThomas Brown, p Judson, p . b' A 'ri4*ht 3 I 1 3 I 1 3 1 t . . 0 n n \v\jfh\. p ' ' out and Duke Snider flied tn the | outfield permitting Bobinson tn · I ] j advance a hasp. Gil Hodges was ' 4 o i . intentionally passed and at t h a t o n o P°' n * Reese went in to win the 3 i i '· game. j 4 0 0 . Ralph Branca started f o r Bronk- n o n ' NATIONAL LEAGUE : Brooklyn New York | St. 1.01115 . .. .. j Philadelphia '··nrmiiati . . W .. 48 . 1,1 I. I D 22 38 .11 39 ?! 30 37 31 31 27 43 !! S3 Pet. .413 .443 Pittsburgh . TnfMla.v'* RtMlllY Brooklyn 4, Philadelphia 3. Nrw York (i. Hnston 3. St I.IIIMS S, Cmnn.ili 3. J'lttsburxh 3, Chirac" 2. AMERICAN LEAGUE There's Something Wonderful In the Air! And It's New York Cleveland RnMnn ... St. I.oun . P h i l a d e l p h i a Octroil W L pet. .. 40 2S finfi - . SB 30 .MS 3R 32 ..'.4.1 . . 37 32 ..Mli . 38 .13 .MR 32 38 .457 . 27 34 .14.-, .. 23 4(1 ..133 M-G-M'i Technicolor Muiical "LOVELY TO LOOK AT" 11 Song Hits by JEROME KERN l n o Hieft, 0 0 0 ' Kennedy, p 0 0 0 . Total! 3D 4 lliTollll o o O'H-itlnion p s I n i n '. vn anti w »» relieved by Clem La' o o o ! bine in the sixth. Howie Fox | started for the Phils and held a : 3-0 advantage until the seventh 3 * 6 ; when his shoulder tightened up on him forcing him to leave the a--Walked for Kretlow to 2nd · I -- FliQd out (or Judson in 6th. I same c--Grounded out for Kennedy In i » r aalilyi n ~ R a n for Mele In 9th. Chicago n."o 090 001--4 Detroit ,100 030 OOv--« G--Mela-. Wight. Priddy. RBI--Ste- v.irt. Fox. Mele. Worlz 3. Ginsbere 3 2B--Lollar 2. Robinson. Dropo. HH-- .Wer.z. Ginsberg. S--Groth. Hatfield. DP--Hutchinson Berry and Dropo Kretlow 2 in 1 inning: Drown 2 in 12-3:. Judinn 2 in 3 1-3: Kennedy in t-S: Wight 3 hi 1 1-3: Hutchiiudn 8 ] n 7: Hoeft 0 in 1-3 R and ER--Kret- Waiikus, Ib 5 I) OiFurilio. r f " 4 0 o i 2 0 o : Cox. is 4 0 1 4 0 0: Robinson. 2b 3 1 0 4 0 liCamp o'fa. i 4 1 liShuba. If 4 l l Snider, cf 4 I 2'Hodges. Ib 3 0 l.Bridfei. 3b J 0 1 »Holmes I 0 0 Morgan. 3b Hitnner, aa Wyro't'k. rf Enrui, if Ryan. 2b Jone*. 3b -- »low ?-3: Judson 3-3: Wi?ht 3-2- Hut chinson i-1. Balk--V'icfit. Winn=r-- Hutc-hlnaon f2-n. Loser--Judson (fl-1). "--Duffy. Hommel, Fracse and Berry. T--2-16. A--5.298. Branca, p .iN'elson Labine, p Totals 33 3 TiTotala 3 1 2 4 0 2 1 3 1 1 ! i o n ; 1 0 Oi 1 (1 0 1 1 0 I ( 1 0 Ol 0 0 0 2 n o 32 4 9 Every mellow drop a . * TOP KENTUCKY BOURBON a--riiefl out for Bridge* in 5th. bBatted for Branca in 3th Hide retired during hi* turn at bat) c-Singled for Morgan in 5th x--Two out when winning run wai scored. Philadelphia 000 300 000-3 Brooklyn 000000301--4 t--RobinLOn. Cox. FBI--EnniE. P"ox. Ryan. Snider 2. Reese. 2B--Shuba. Ennis HR--Hodgm. SB--Ryan. ^--Fox. i DP--Cox. Rohmsoo and Hodges: Morcan. Robinion and Hodgrs Left- Philadelphia 7. Brooklyn 5 BB--F* i 1. Konaianty 2. Branca. SO--Fox 3. Konstanty 1. Labine 3. HO -- Fox 5 . m 61-3 innings; Konitanlv 4 in 21-3: . Branca 5 !n 5: Labine 2 in 4 R and I ER--Fox 2-2: Konstanty 2-2: Branca 1 3-3: Labine 0-0 Winner--Labine (S-2: I loser--Konatanty {4-2i. U Gugliel- ' mo. Core, Conlan and Stewart T--2 32. j A--7,184 (paidl. 17,121 I total). STILL ONLY $406 $.486 PINT ~ * Wilks Stops Cubs For Pirates, 3-2 Chirago-W-Tpd Wilks, Pittsburgh's much-worked reliefer, turned m one of his best jobs yesterday, taking over in the eighth with the bases loaded and none out. With a fancy assortment of nothing-balls he stopped the Chicago Cubs cold to preserve a 3-2 win for starter Forrest Main. Pitbtarffi 3 CHieiff* t _.~__ Cfcicjf* r h ah r h D Greco, cf 4 0 O'Miksis ?b 5 0 1 Grt-at. 33 S O OJeffcoaT. cl 4 1 1 BeU. r f 1 0 0 Addis, r f 5 1 2 Kiner. If ^ 1 OSaucr. If b o l Mftrson. nb 4 0 2 Atwell. c 3 0 2 r-Koos'k n o OiCaVretta. Ib 4 n l Cast'one. 3b 0 f 0 Sertna 3b 3 0 0 McCul'gh. c 2 1 n i-H-r'ski W i t h (he l^opubliran X n f n n a l Cnnventinn pn'liminnrirs -- ;mr!. w h a t prpliminarips--.gouini,' miflpi-' w;iy in Chicago, t h i n g s \vrrc hot t h i s week in Chicago. Above. Son. I Rnhrrl A. Tafl receives ,T "Tafi hni" frnm supporters ns lie sirp-; off a plane in the Windy C i t y . ! Lnw*»r photo shows barkers nf Dwit'ht D. Eisenhower di.-plo.ving f h e flat; ihpy brought frnm Texas. PS they arrive for the cnnventmn. | I-cft tn right arc H. Jack Pnrter, Mrs. Pnrter and Ron Guil!. They! w i l l battle for convention seats. Geispr. who resigned last month tn accept a position dJrei-tin* y n u i h aetivjties for a Methodist Church in Dallas. Hrtrnit fi, Chir;ien (. Ncv. 1 York .?, Rnsinn 2. W n h m » i n n fi. philnrinlphia ,1. ripvolnnri -5, St. Louis ,^ ; jji J n - in* Him*-- r**4 the TIMKS dmlly. i n i Strlckl'd. 2h 4 1 1 .Tackion. .Ib 0 0 0 ib 2 0 0 Smaller, w 3 o n Main, p 3 0 O'Ramsdell. p 3 0 0 WUki. P 1 0 0 b-Fondv i n o [Leonard, p 0 n 0 Total? 30 3 3Tot»ls 37 2 9 v",::*-*- ^^"wfiil OLD $TACC sA$£^2^^'''' i''i*'" 1 *** ' KPfTlHIT SRAICHT IDUIIOK MtlSKtY 4 R|K mi M HOOF, mi STAK nsnuiw ia.Jrlwma. Sirfriert ror Scieno in Sth. -Flitd for Hamsdell in 8th. c-Fan for Merson in 9th. Piltaburfh . 010 200 fiOO-- 3 Chicago 000000020--? E--Croat 2. Del Greoo. Miksi.« HRI-- Strickland 3. Sxuer. Hermaniki Atwell, Jeffcoat, Saurr. HR--Strickland. S--.Ttffcoat MrCullourh- Left-- PittJburfh G: Chicago 11. BE--Main 2. RamsdelJ 3. L*on»rd 1. SO--Main B RamsrfeU 2. WilJu 1. HO--Main 7 In 7 innings (pitched to four batters in 8thi. Kamsdell 2 In *. Leonard 1 in 1. Wilks 2 in 2. K and ER-- Miin 2-2. Famsdell 3-2. Leonard 0-0. Wilka 1-0. HBP--Ramsdel! (Kiner) WP--Rams- dcll. Winner-- Main (2-61. Loser-- Ramsdffll (2-2i. U-- Barliclt. Gorman, Donalelli. rnd Bnllwnfant. T--2:10. A-(actual) JS.93S. Boros On Hand For Detroit's Open Tourney Detroit-f^i-Twelve of (he nation's top golf pros will get a sneak preview fodaj of the Red Run Golf Club layout under actual playing I ( conditions before the o p e n i n g ' 1 round of the Motor City Open In- ' morrow--and one of them might be a $1.000 richer. i Seventy invited prns will team ; with a like number of Ked Hun members for an 18-hole b e s t - b a l l . m a t n h for sorw- ?3,000 in prize? j ' o n e - t h i r d nf whirh'goes to the I winning pro. j J The pro delegation will he headed by National Open king '· Julius Boros, m a k i n g his first · tourney appearance since winning the coveted crown; Lloyd Mangrum, the Motor City Open defending champion; and Jim Tur- ncsa. who only last week won the National PGA tournamnt at Loui=ville.'Ky. Pclers New Grid Coach Al North Little Rock North Little Pock - I Pi - Ray Peters, former University of Arkansas cuard. has been elevated from assistant tn head football} coach at North L i t t l e Hock High! School. Appointment of Peters, who also played football at Arkansas Tech. was announced by Sup*. C. S. Blackburn. He surrrods Elvin HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery r. a. ·« in gr Keep tfp with the ttniet--r«d (he TIMES daily. ROLLING HILLS GOLF RANGE NOW OPEN UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT DRIVING RANGE * MINIATURE GOLF ' * Open All Doy Until Midnight W«othtr Permitting * Mr. and Mr*. M. U. Ollbnwtfc, lh« ntw ·wnora, invlt* you (· ram* Mt ln d *n|«y an«J *x*rcM. LOCATED ON HIGHWAY 71 SOUTH OF SPRINGDALE 41 E. CENTER PHONE 21 GUN LAY-AWAY SALE $2 HOLDS TILL SEPT. 15 Be ready when tha season open) with the gun or rifle you've olwoyj wanted. Put one aside for $2 --poy balance or start time payments Sept. 15. Hurry while stocks are complete. 24.95 REPEAT. SHOTGUN Western Field--lowest priced bolt action repeater on market.. .21.11 29.75 .22-CALIBER RIFLE W/F M/85 Automatic-fires 5 shots os fast as you can pull trigger.24.81 64.93 SHOTGUN, 12 GA. Western Field M/40, "Multi-Choke" oives pattern at every range. 5?.IS 72.93 DELUXE PUMPGUN W/F M/60-Tokedown model, ex- pintiv features. 12,16,20 go.69.II BOLT ACTION REPEATERS M/185K "C-lecl-Choke", 20. 29.93 M/190 "C-Lect.Choke", 16.31.93 BOLT ACTION REPEATERS Mossborg M/I63D, .410 26,22.95 Mcn.bergM/ISJD, .20 26..25.9S IUY WAKCS MO HEAD SMELLS Hear/ r zz- HEARIIM AIDS "HOY Al" wri "SUfR-IOYAL" 75- and here's why! 2 Great Musical Stars! KATHHYN GRAYSON fiTirfimrirn ffji ·VVlVCTOQ by KEDBOOK "Piclur* of Iht Month" HOW AID KEEL * * * GREAT COMEDY! with laugfn for all with RED SKELTON KURT KASZNAR * * * DANCING WITHOUT PEER! Mara* A Gowor CHAMPION ANN MILLER * * * GAIETY 4V ROMANCE! from Muiical-CwnWy "ROtHTA* *·** 2 if HOHY FINIIN ·Ol»IN riNIIN H-MrftlUWMMUM DIXIE RADIO 411 DIckKMi PIKHW 1241 and * * * Hollywood'! Mott Gorgtoui Modoli In A FASHION REVUE! by Admin This it MM Nctvw YOU cert afferi tomiMf wKin lh riiily India .« ini amal N«in h Iw «*HM minimum naidi (Mr · . In ·on. NEtri YOU wu MCN K Don't let these symptoms rob you of AN ACTIVE, HAPPY UK! AMU.HC ntw mtMctt fennula combinM euentM B-vHaiiiin, ken, M.I trace mbwrah kucwn to (M nttnttal hi human nutrition! BEXEL SPECIAL FORMULA, lh . wnnd.rfui n;w viuTMi n compound, may be exactly w h n t j/ov ni. f d to put you on vour again il you . . . like no m a n y , m a n y m n c r j . . . are suffering from common symp!flms of .specific dpficif-nripn. With all l h » mi-dical knowlodce of v n a m i n j now made available hy BClrnr? snrt health r»carrli. it if Fonjrli-M for you to continue Mine «xcr«ivfly w-Mk and nvrr-fnliiruod. IVhcrn ,,irh conriition, are d»e In ark of H - v i l a m i n F , irnp. and I r A r r m i n e r a l s knnn-n to hf .irontial n h u m a n nutrition, IScxcl may be the "miracle drug" you ar« looking for. GAIN NEW VIM, SPARKLE ... NEW JOY IN LIFE! If you've· roiign,.,! y,,,, r .,.|f In a |,f,. withnm. rnmpanlonhhip ... within', fin:, parties nr other jncinl a c t - v i t i o j simply hcrauto yn.i haven't tlw ."ron K th, the tlWMlirv phyj;ra| pow.-r n n d i-nrrity . .. I l K X K t , f P K f ' I A L KORMt : |,A m « v he ju.t w h n t you nrc,| to pep you up ... to giv* you nrw vim. sparkle . . . new joy in life. It Hncin't m.-iu-'r who you are nr how old yr,,, niny I.e-start ukinit Bcxel todlr ar.d see- how much it may help you. £»try ««·! ejpMl* coftMut HMM Vilmm t* mm*: of TU , J o Thiamme Hydrorfclori'l? i V . t . m i n B , ) , 2 time, th minim u m daily rp/iuirement of Rihoftavin ( V i t a m i n B.) and 6 Hints the mininvim dmly requiremfr.t nf Iron, plus the full rr n ,,remon' for A-.rorh.c A r i d ( V i t a m i n r , to^thtr w i t h Pyndoxir.e Hydrorhlnridr ( V i t a m i n B.), CilHum Pin- tothonalo, fol.r A r i d . Dr.irr.t.rt l.iv-r. Chohn, nihvdro^rn r, r n l e , I n o,,,o|, M,ve,| Torophrrol,. I'M.^ium lo,|,d,. Topn.r b u l f n l r . Mani-.'ine,, S ' l l f n V . /,,, r SllK.U-, }l«,;nriuni S.llf«U . . . n,u» important ViUuinn ll |r PNONI 717 !v«ryhody knowi ihf importiact of Iron bi you riifl to help you Inild r». r«d blood. Wall, Jut or. ra|»ul of Bcifl Sprrial Forwula a itj am- '· t»!n» fi'f h*,** t h r rfmly rpquirtmenta »f In* ' dectora 11; n nwiini by ih bixij. You tab* j.nt O N E eair-to.i»i!lo» rapiui aaT any irarof tfc, ,l,y ... n ,| ih,,', ,u! Itcoita jo« only «I)ONI «« a .-lay ... a nn; pnr. ta pal to fn- Itfi yo'ir«flf ajra;n»t lymptomi whlrh may MCO? whfn you are ifrfl'ipnt n R-vitamini, iron. f j inf rajs known to b» nervtiarj in aumta r IT you don't not|» , thana* ft, H, t*mt Ulmj; j.j.i on. boll!, nf BfT.l gptt o., r n-.^nry will w dmrdtllr n(aaM iM nutilion. aikKt. ·AST tQUAM ·vamp

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