Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 1, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1952
Page 12
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-NOCTHWK1 AKANiAf TVMt, , July I, ItJl Nay Be Long Convention, If Arrangements Are Spbolical '-.I xa 1 ""I Br ART EDSON Chic»([0-(/r'i-ll t h e T a f t - E i S f n hover rurlius keep. 1 : on jit tho stmt don't-Kivo-iii-.-m-im-h \ac: 1J)« Republicans arc h;ibli: t« he- in ChiraKi ml summer. "Yesterday, for c:aTnpIt l . tlmsc who want Sen. nnhcrl A. T;ift ;is tile GOP nnminoc loi nrri'idciil and those- v.'hrt w a n t f i e r i . I wuihl D; Rlscnhnwrr nirt hr-;ir1-i,i Th'- nbjl'Cl (if Ihcir incclinu v.:i-. i i\f- cldn how lori£ each ; i'lf vnuH h a \ c t o p i r s r n t i t s ;t*r i l t h r arguments OVIT disputi'^ rlcl ^ate;. 10 tho national convention M a r t i n ^ Monday. So bitter is this ran- thdt willing the issue turned i n t o rtlnl--Krmodfl--Repaira ft»racr*--Bree'rways N0 Money Down Eair Monlhlr Pirnitnli DYKE LUMBER CO. Ml *L Chirln WMllMrpraol ind Firtproof Biiulilu) Colon PHONE 9011 FOR FREE ESTIMATE 1 CLARK VENETIAN ILIND t AWNING CO. ABCgjRATjC Af t*»ti Wodiir Con* !· ··! SEE tht BIO D I F F E R E N C E thu p u t t ABC- -MAT1C far tbwd of wftsbvrs. li'i imootber. | a major produrlfon. Ms total t-lapsed t j i n c : six hours find 17 ! i i i l t i u l r s . ! Mimic Appel f Washington, in Tafl'.s corner, and Sinclair Weeks I of, Eisenhower's .second, went through t h e door o f ; t h i ' s u i t e m a r k e d ll^Oti of the Con| i i . d H i l t o n Motel nt :i:45 p. in., ' Chirago time. W i t h (hem wen! 1 ( J i t y (jiMJigc Giibi lel.son, national c h i i i n n a n . Tin; t-ntrance Jias its :,ymb"]ic sifinificanci 1 . The suite mirnbrr is on a ciown, as if it . wrrr sugge.'iting those behind it :;nr k i n g m;ikcrs. 1 Reporters settled dov;n to wait. Hep. C'!*rcnt'C Brown of Ohio ' w a n d e r e d by. NO comment. ft;tlph JGnU:s. g c n c i a l counsel of the Re! publican p a r t y , wandered by "They wanted legal ndvlre." he .^aid. F i n a l l y the word (rum 2306 came al (1:15. That there would be no word u n t i l 9 p. in. Back at 9 p. in. Hotel f l u n k i e s busy pushipg out carts of empty dishes. Counted seven cartloads. At, at I0;()2, Bill Mylander, tup pro.-irt .'ifcTrfii, announce:! the verdict. An h o u r and a half for each side on t h e arguments over Texas nnd Louisiana. Everybody else, .'10 minutes a piece for each btate. It looks l i k e a long convention. Defense To Be Planned San Francisco - W) - Australia's Primn Minister Robert G. Mcnzics said today representatives from his country, the U. S. and New Zealand w i l l meet In Honolulu in August to establish a mutual defence organization for the Pacific. In the YtMRft--It M7* Delay Seen In Making Applicable Federal Law On Down Payment For New Homes W5hliifilon-(4'j-A ppa r e n t I y i higher than 1.100,000, it appears you'll have to wait u n t i l about, lh _? re will b e a n immediate easing December I--or later--before you can start or build clnss for as little as live per ecu clown. That's the earliest date nn which the government /inures it ran comply with a real estate provision of the controls extension bid President Truman signed yesterday. The new law .says the govern- rnent cannot require a down payment of more than f i v e per cent if Thieves Who Stole Safe At Ozark Are Caught In Hurry gy, Dr. Vofiet is the author of numerous articles published in anthropological journals. Among the courses he will teach at the University are peoples and culture of Mexico, culture and personality, and *ocial anthropology I off on : 'down [ The two agencies which udmin: islcr housing controls, the Federal : Honorve Roard and the HousinR and Financial Agency, issued a j statement saving the rate of con; struction will have to be determined after the law goes into ·X." which fixes! Ozark, Ark.-UP)-Sharp plaster*- I off'-et - · and no estimate the rate of new construction f a l l s helow 1,200,000 ;I jcar. i Since real estate experts ' t h e current rate of b u i l d i n g indi- I rates, the 1052 total w i l l he no - today before t h a t is yppJicablc. Thus, if thrr figures for housing starts arc below the 1,200,000 rate for .July, August and September, 1 two more months would have to say . pass before down payments could casts of tire marks and footprints i . , ·» r by investigating officers led to the ASSOC.OtC PrOTCSSOr arrest of /our youths in tho theft of a safe containing $17,000. Sheriff Robert Pritchard said today the youths--all held in Franklin County jail -- have admitted taking the safe from Roy Green's store in the Grenale's Chapel community northeast of here. Prosecutor Jack Yates said burglary a n d grand l a r c e n y charges would be filed against Francis Askins, 24, Hunts Town, Ark.; Bettis Morgan, 19, Lawrence, Kan.; Mack Walden, 19, De Sola, in w a i t u n t i l December !. EVERYTHING M PIUMMNO md SUffUB FAYETTEVILLI IRON and METAL CO. OOVfRNMMT AVL S M I T H UNO APPLIANCE (me h Mi See Us Abort Our Easy Payment Plan on lU-Modalinji Your Homt, Buildinf N«w Garogt, Chicken HOUM or Milk larni, etc. Clifton Lumber Co. «/. VrMT FvriL AfTl. More Layoffs In Industries Affected By Steel Strike Seen As Stockpiles Vanish By SAM DAWSON New York-tfVThc steel strike --.starling its f i f t h week today will begin strangling industrial output fast from now on. Layoffs in industries usiny steel will come Taster. Ry the middle of next month most m a n u - facturers w i l l be c u t t i n g back. Already hundreds of thousands are being idled--not only in steel I m b r i c a t i n g plants, 1ml in coal, railroad, auto and airplane industries. Even if the strike should end this week, it might be mid- August before all the supply pipelines could be filled again, and companies have balanced inventories of steel products, industry sources estimate. And the effect of the strike may be felt next March--in a pinch of iron ore supplies. The iron ore boats ply the Great L,akOs in summer to bring Minnesota ore to the steel mills to be stockpiled for use in the winter when the lakes arc frozen. These boats arc idle now bc- ause the iron ore workers also .ire on strike. Total iron ore shipments fnr the season have been, cut about one-tenth by the strike far. Steel mill stockpiles ol ore may be exhausted next March Before the boats can start up their Tiring runs. Most businessmen had thought the strike would be halted b y . government action before this. Therefore, few made any attempt io hulld up steel inventories before it started. By lasting four weeks, the strike ias thrown industrial inventories out of balance. A shortage in any , one special type of steel used by ; manufacturer can halt his pro-| duction even if his inventories o f ' other types of slecl remain adc-1 quale. ; W i t h steel inventories inciting be lowered. That's why you'll have 1 Kan., and Jerry McCartney, 16, " ~ " Ozark. Pritchard said Morgan and Walden are formerly of Ozark. The safe, stolen early yesterday, was found in a wooded area around Horsehcad Lake, near Clarksville, Ark. Pritchard said thf locks had been tampered with, but the safe was unopened and its contents intact. Inside were $1.000 in currency. $1,000 in checks and $15,000 in bonds. Tipster Indicted At University Named Frederick W. Vo«cl has heen appointed associate professor o f ; sociology at the University, under a grant from the General Education Board. His appointment will become effective on September 10, Dr. G. D. Nichols, dean ol the Col- BUY YOUR TELEVISION From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP fege of and nounced today. A Sciences, an- spccialist In the field of social anthropoio- W A N T E D CHERRY PICKERS Apply At the Polls July 29th. Compensation: Good Gorernmenl PoJitical advertisement paid for hv Cherry for Governor Committee Fayetievillc. Arkan*as._ Watchdog Is Fooled By Master's Primping Home-(/P}-Farmer Luigi Costa came to town to spruce up a bit for July. He bought a smppv new suit, had his grey hairs tinted back to their original brown, and wunt back to his farm smelling s woolly of shaving lotion and pomade. 'Well--rny big watchdog just didn't recognize me," he told doctors who treated him at a hospital for bad bites and lacerations. Keep IP with the times--read be TIMES HARRY A. JARV1NIN (above), · Seattle travel igency employee, was indicted by a federal grand jury and charged with wilful fal* siflcation of facts. Jarvlnen it accused of being the mystery man who falsely tipped the State Department that Far Eastern expert Owen Latlimore planned to journey behind the Iron Curtain. Jir- vinen's attorney said his client will plead not Euilty. (International) Mrs. Hazel Porter will be chair- an of the women's division, with fast, the steel industry is assured ; Mrs. Lillian Flecman as co-chair- now that when the strike ends the steel mills will be running at f u l l capacity well into next year. Rogers Thirty Northwest Arkansas dentists and their wives attended fl dinner at the Hotel Arkansas before the regular nice-tins of the Ozark Denial Study Club. Saturday night. Col. Edwin K. of Camp Chaffec lalkrd on benign and malignant tumors Colonel Lyman is chief of dental service at the Fort Smith military base. Dr. Carlyle F, Jones of Rogers presided during the meeting. Denver Murray, chairman of the local drive for Salvation Army funds, has announced the campaign will get under way here July B. He also announced the appointment of the following captains of the various divisions: Shuford Reynolds, Rotary; K r n n r t h Rltter, Kiwanis; Ernest Godfrey. Lions; William Kelly, American Legion; Ray Henry, Riding club, and Mrs. Mary Bigger, Business and Professional Women's Club. man. Solicitation w i l l begin in the resident district J u l y 15. Tcxans of Northwest Arkansas w i l l hold t h e i r a n n u a l picnic Sunday. July 20, at Dream Valley R a n c h , four miles cast of Rogers. A l l former Trxans arc invited to attend the basket picnic. L. B. ! Greene of Rogers is president of ! tho group. | Mrs. Jnmr.s McDonald and Mrs. | Wan en Felker have returned · h o m o a f t e r a t t e n d i n g the national ' convention of Delta Delta Delta · sorority in Sun Valley, Idaho. Mrs. McDomtld, editor of the club's · publications, is a past president ot ' tho sorority. Mrs. Felker is state ' recommendation chairman. Mrs. i Frances Whitlow Fleming, a for' mcr resident of Rogers now liv- ; ing in Faycttcvillo, representing the Faycttcvillc alumna.. : Mr. and Mrs. Everett King of ! Rogers announce the birth of a j , son. June 28, at Rogers Memorial j ; Hospital. ; Harness driver Harry Miller scored five victories in one night recently at Lebanon Haceway Lo. banon, O. Me is the first drive: ; t o accomplish that feat this year. WHEN YOU'RE IN A HALCO THEATRE - YOU'RE COMFORTABLE AND ENJOYING YOURSELF! PALACE-NOW- SEE IT AGAIN1 YOU MUST SEE IT ONCE1 UARK ENDS TONITE frrol FlYNN · Ruth ROMAN ««» M»RU BEGINS WEDNESDAY O Z A R K STEWART GRANGER | ELANOR PARKER ENDS YOU'LL SAY IT IS THE TONITE BEST OF THE YEABI JANET LEIGH MEL FERRER SCARAMOUCHE' BEGINS WEDNESDAY IT'S A RIOTI BE THERE IF YOU LIKE TO LAUGHI : TKot TALKING MULE Is : and the Army's TO WEST FEINT | HUDSON REPAIRS A SPECIALTY See BOB HALL for i Free Estimate on this Popular Car. W H I T E L E Y ' S G A R A G E Conn al School k Mountain Ronald REAGAN Diana LYNN HEWS It CARTOON Starts Wednesday Pony Rides -^ Minitlurt Golf IIDRIVEINI FIREWORKS ALL KINDS S. 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