Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 1, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1952
Page 11
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MMTHWB1 MKANSAS TIMIf, hytfMvifl.. ArfcmMM Tu«fay, Byrnes Hints Party Split Is Possible Declares His State May Go Republican In General Election Houston, Texas-(yP)-Gov. James f. Byrnes ot South Carolina, scoffing at any "sugar coated" civil rights platform, said today Ns stjito miirht jro Republican in November if the Democratic presidential candidate is unacceptable. He left the inference that other states of the traditionally Democratic South might split away from their party or even vote for some t h i r d candidate. Byrnes, a former secretary of state and stiprcme court justice, indicated t h a t Gov. A d l a i Steven- «on of Illinois, a possible "draft" candidate, would not be acccpt- ·ble because of his position on civil rights. Stevenson said yesterday he favored letting the i n d i v i d u a l states enact their own employment practices acts, but that he favors compulsory legislation if they fail to do anything. Byrnes called tors «nd/or taifn slow; early sal« choice »nd prime | LKGAL NOTICES spring lambs steady; early top 28.50; same as Monday; however some lots held higher; nothins sold early to packers; quality much less attractive than yesterday, when there was an u n u s u a l l y hish percentage of choice and prime; slaughter ewes steady; cull to good ewes 4.50-6.50. FOR SAI.K--HOME NEEDS Tt * -- MlSCBU-AXEOPil . hereby wirn- I USED RoMd O«k d m l n « room iul:e td In apprnr m tild Conn w i t h i n biHfri. uhlt «nd MX rhs'.ri. |;so) thirty UUi iays find jinswerr the com- I up:. Louis Ilros To Inc I Plainl ol the- p l a m t i l f . ] -- ...- ---- ..""· _. ---.WITNESS my and leal on Itm , 1!SED liymf. r.nm.-i s i u l f . ana \ fOH Kent: Nicely furnlh«id S rcom - · p i r t m z n t 1'rivnto bath, p r i v a t e en- ' t r a n r f - j Nr:tr n r w hicii ^rMol ind ' bus lilir I'hcim- fi.-IS or 9KIW. Sulphur City Mr. and Mrs. Charley Ramsey and daughter, Misi Marjaret Anne, have returned home a f t e r a v i s i t to t h e i r former home in 2Rth day of May. 1952. (SEAL, Rlrliard B Grt'er Circuit Clerk clia 1..- Ur, Oi Inc. IN MEMORIAM LEWIS DUOS DASKME.Vr I Hii-il rrinuiairu u'lrici'ijior j:»s nn ' I Usril R i T l L l tJ.HS r r f l K P r . i r o r 7i) in 1-c i UnM it.-,;,-.;. GJS 7'JOI "~ 1 l/si-tl H r n d i x ivmher 71 u'l ' ; Uili:(l Ct. washer 4:, uu · llsoi! M:iytiiS w;nhrr l,n no 3 IIKUROOM « n h i:im, ; t house, rock venrcred 1117 N o r t h Storrr put. [iinii.ilH!(1 NICELY / u r n i NfMl.v tin-in I'll Ml .T r i v r r s n y apari- r u n f u r r m h e r i _:'I07J ( .r Only those « tlie tears \vi for the ones Dr. and Mrs. ho ha' to U can tell o( ithi-d in ilk-Hue we U.VI' 1.0 well H. C. Moore and Gen? t?r and brotluT. For quicker jprvice. 12.00-1:0(1 or 5.IKI-7.UO. . phone 2377R. FOE SALE-- LIVESTOCK " ' FAMILY" c- days JJrr PERSONAL 'j«ricy . V.'hitc li 71. COLDEST Bcpr (root! in t o w n 1 Out i the barrel. Scm-d in f r o r - n i n n j for only Sc. Yc o!dr N o r t h Sit Drug on North College. Pearson %·! daughter. Rebecca Anne, of i j !ainvtew, Texas, are visiting them. H. D. McKinnon of Trinidad, j INSTRUCTION Colo., has returned home after a visit with his mother, Mrs. Neil McKinnon. Miss Ruth LaVonne Hunter and Miss Barnia Mae Hunter of Chickasha, Okla., are visiting their uncle and a u n t , Mr. and Mrs. Roy Gore and grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John Tuttle. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Ferguson of Fayetteville were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Harris Sunday. The Rev. O. W. Wilt of Farm- . ciydi- I l u l l a n u . ' '."Frcih"~ in 30 face bull. Cline. Hur.-e Show frp.ih"~Jrf?t-y ' j miles \\t,-!.'i * i liAMI'SlilRKS: ny BOWS to ngton preached here Sunday and was a dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Price, Sr. WANTED MEN TO TRAIN FOR TECHNICIANS IN ONE OF AMERICA'S LEADING INDUSTRIES NOT AFFECTED BY STRIKES IF You can quallfy-lhis could he- yon chance for f u t u r e Fcc Kind of work like. YOU mint he ^OR SALE--, ! P'LATFbnMTuT-kpniTil fBOTmahnViiny I l o u r pfntt-r lied. fc9.SH. Propane B.T.I I ranyi-. j7 5(f. I»THH i-hc-sl of drawers, like iiL-w, 317 fro. heavy d u ; y Simi n o n * \n-il t p r i i i R s . S10 r,0. child's dc«k. Sll.'ift Ffir H larct- v « r u - l y of a n t i q u e s , hnrtiwsre. clc;tn uxril f u r n i t u r e , visii !.!, i]'s Trad;ni; Tost H i g h w a y 71 Kou;h ol F a y c l t c v i l l c . jic.'ir Purdy 1 ;: S t o r e Free D e l i v e r y . Fll'lllf" .Tnrs. i'mjuiru in MLMIIS" Gro- rcry. F;::rKr.-:i:nH. for F . f l l c Dinhop H A U L t r r i k - r i n RdOti r o n d l t i n n ) f l l 3 North Collciie n i t e r -:::(} j). in. Bfcn _ r c K i s l r r c ( 1 in C a l i f o r n i a . ELKCTRU:~Fri'gici::ir»."A-7~i : TndTtioii. I r r a d l e Slng?r si-wing machine, mnv, Rood s t u d i o nui'-h. Jcs.«c J o h n s o n . 4 ronmv f u r n i s h f d or u near University Phone KU'KNISIIEU 'J Ix-droom _u-ith porch. JS3UJ 3 NICE roorni furmihert for men off campus. 212 Nor.h Dunciin Phon* _iia:;\v. 3 ItOUM furni-iiu'd iiiiariinvm"'" »Tr conditioned. -I Wt«t N o r t l i Phono _jM.'4 LAKGK flpurtrncnt, a rnonvi nnrt" ba'th. _uiifiirnishi'd._Phone 271UU _ 3 ROOM modern house. Lii'J M o 1 1 j 1 Slrept. Phone IJ077R. IT'S 1 } FOR SAME-- RFAI- FSTATf CONVENIENT LOCATION CLOSK to iq ti » r« iinrt h i g h C f m ( n r t a ! . f o u r f r.f.m h n - ' t * ly m n d e r n nn-1 in ro'irf f p i l g n l f i i ! h a c k y a r t i w i ' h p'f;..* · nd h i d r I t * i*!lint .1: an'l vrni h»d h e l l e r tec it ai o BUILDING LOT fiO FK.KT (.v ;':f) f V f t !.»,.;,· i for FOR Ml*--APTOMOTIYI . t for l l D h . ..r.- . - - - - ....... . MI-V. irhooli arid r a m p i M 62 HIGHWAY LOCATION U S I K A U l . K ITid f f r . f ' i c « .i j ' U t y h l c h w u v I f * r i f r f : ' in j u » t two h l o r k f W r i l r . / ' r h c 'w «rhoo]ji. The n t T A ! - ! i v » 4 r :« f«!nw i« I ' n c t l y nvMern " f i t r m l v S-MMiOA - M I .Sho *flfniembtr, too -- Jf *t A r i l you Jon't iucc«cd, try, try ·§«in," Hr codl ncry ( lc\voo . mid bath. one-hnH block ol Univcr- _ s n y _ Phone 'M. _ "UNFURNISHED OR FURNISHED 1 ROOM a p n r i i n r n t AM u M l i t i c * paid W i l t provide r c f n R c r n l o r ;md stove Red Hud A])sr:munt». C41 W h i t h a m ___ FURNISHED a p a r t m e n t . U03 N o r t h _ClHir£h Phone 3I.12W nfU-f U. _ KI/KNLSHF.D aWtnu-m. 'a'rnnmi. jiiid halh. one-half block nf U n i v e r s i t y Phone ^48. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS iuch a proposai "su^yr coatinp." Byrnes, a lending supporter nf Sen. Richard Ruspell nf Ornrsin for the Democratic n o m i n a t i o n , ! Rate: a «nU; per wor; iin!e !·· declarer! the Drmorrats' lO-ia civil j ^J^JJ Mr r wor? I SnJmum orSer^Sc riRhts plan is "entirely unarcept-J classified adi able to me." This cnnorsed Pros- idcnt Truman's advocacy of fed, cral FEPC, a n t i - l y n c h i n y and a n t i - p o l l tax legislation. Byrnes said he woultl be surprised and disappointed if Russell doesn't have 300 votes on the first ballot at the national convention. , The Dcmocrr' ! - nomination requires G l f i votes. the telephone. LEGAL NOTICES L I*O A L N O T I C E Pursuant to the provisions of Pro- hate Code. Sec. 152. notice is en education or more NO F X P F K I - ' CUCUMBERS. ;tc pound. .T nillos FNCE n*coss.iry--hul m i n t hi» \ v j l ] - ! _N"rlhc;i-l on Wire ro;id._S A. Reed.! inf to irain In spnre lime at hnmc nA~LFD~ OA~T straw in " f i e l d ' o r d e l i v - ' . . ( W i l l not Interfere w i t h present: rrcd .'iMlW? nd ,,,,,,,,, i in. y n* age und For f u l l details tion on how y qualify-Write c tion to Box L-28, care of TIMES CHINCILLAS ca- j SCO on. Plio ' pr. :: HP, 24 jr c ,1]/inJ. V/lu.t-Xof Shop. IOC -V WANT TO RENT UNFURNISHED "* room Apartment. Musi he modern, cenirally lorn led. Kmund floor, close in. Suituhle for ( m e w o r m n . P h m i e 2 « 2 l V ^ SRR VICES OFFERED Hammond Really Co. Eve P h n n r |( O I f . i n . r n ' i i H n;1 ·I A J n r v ' « i V M W ' " COOL . CAUKOn.MA rs m l n u l f ! I r n m t i- ' C A R E for children Phone 3074J. ' in my homt q u a l i t y NOW available. limited supp) Chinchillas Registered N C 'B A Visitors welcome Free l l t c r a t u n ' See_at Clyde Timhrnok. SIS G u n t e hat accounts of the administration WANTED TO BUT of the estates listed below have b^cn filed, on the dales shown, by the COOP used baby criij. I'hn 1943W. TRANSPARENf'nppTeY Phone 926 or r " R , Painting or paper hnn|in«. phone _sec · .12 N o r l h College. _ CLEAN "Rcd'clovpr h Wednesday Phone y from" the field 2037, Fannlng- . nny. $3pltD. Lewis liros. Co. Jnc. TWO gnori u^D-1 iron beds, t w i n Bi7.c S7 50 each Lewis Bros. Co. Inc. FEEDER hogs. 103 to 130 poundfiTvTTT.' SNO-B11EEZE "niowrr lyp led personal rtprcnentative*. All interested persons are railed on to file objections to such accounts on or before the sixtieth day following _ the filing of the respcc'.ive account*. I FOR brat results, sell or consign v o u r ! f u r n i t u r e diihi-s. houscnold n p p l t - 1 live w.nclow 2S89L1 GOOD fun. like nrw. ynpora- Phone _ _ . Apt?: Thrrlhclil. WL»! Fork. electric washer, EXCAVATING - BULLDOZING j Land clearing--saving your topsoil. Heavy duty discing. Brush rake - ponds. H. H. JONES, Controctor 537 £. Lafayette. Box U.1 Univerilty StAtinn Phone HM Fsyetteville . Today's Market-- fit. Louis Lirtitock National Stockyards. Ill.-(/PI- USDA-Hogs 9,000; fairly active: harrows and silts 25 to 50 lower than Monday's average; weights , over 230 Ibs holding up best: sows s'rady to 25 lower: choice Nos. 1. 2 and 3 180-230 Ib barrows and fills ?l.25-50: larsely 21.40 down but 21.50 paid fairly freely by L shippers and butchers for choice New. 1 and 2 190-220 Ibs: 240-270 11)5 full width of choice grade 20.25-21.10; 280-300 Ibs 19.5020.00; 150-170 Ibs 18.50-20.00; few 20.25; 120-140 Ibs 16.25-18.00; sows 400 Ibs down 17.25-18.00; heavier sows 15.25-17.00; stags 13.00 15.00; I 1 '-" boars 10.00-13.00. Cattle 3,500, calves 1,200: opening slow; few onrly sales good and choice steers and heifers 28.5032.00; small lot high choice steers ·33.00; these steady: cows opening fairly steady w i t h u t i l i t y and commercial sparingly at 17.5022.00; canners and cutters -13.0017.30; bulls and vealers unchanged; utility and commercial bulls 20.00-24.00: canner and cutter i the ; mi except ,, . _ A. B. Bank.t. Derca^ed: J .L ford. Executor: Annual. June 18. JU.Vi. i Eli E. Beard. Deceased: Ez.ra E.I Bsarrt, Executor; Final, June'2:i. 13.")2.! Nick KabouriE, Deceased; GBOTRC S.I Pappas. Executor: Supplement to Fi- MONEY TO LOAN nal Account. June I I . I9!i2. Marie Davli Richards. Deceased: Edwin P. Richards, /.dminisirator; A n n u a l , June 17. 1952. Annice J. Ruppel, Deceased; nhine R. Tolb«rt, Executrix. Final, June 27. 1«J? Lena H. (Florence) Skillc.n. »nccs. tools"snd'inTcicii'i" in itiSliii BETTER USED FURNITURE Sr,!!".,^Bi.STTnfc.T'irj "-"· ~"\ Group-bed. Phone »o*. SpringdHie. Auction Bales I chest, vanity, bench, inner- l?cd FhA HOME LOANS Low interest, long Arms LTLEY AND COMPANY, INC.! Phone 2203 hulls 15.00-19.00: sood and choice vealers 28.00-31.00; sorted p r i m e · 33.00: u t i l i t y and commercial veal- trading npening i9.nn-2fi.nn. Sheep 1,1)00; CASH PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Phont T^Uwt 2953 P*Tt»«Tllle, ArkinlH Joplin Rendering Co. comppunl; Alice Virgin:;i Fletcher. Guardian: Tina!. June 26. 1952. James Dona!d Smith. Dcreafcd: E. O. Smith, Administrator; final. June 20. 19.-2. .1. I. Stricklrr. TlpecMfd: Emily Elizabeth Slrirkl#r. KxKUtrix; Final. June 25. 1152. James Randall Walker (Also known »t Kan'! 1 Walker), Deceased: H. E. "" Executor; Final, June 27, DATED this 1st d*v of Jnlv. 1952 ROY A. SCOTT Probate Cl'rk rf Washinn'on County. Arknnaai .tenn Henderson Deputy Clerk _ 1-11-r Nolle* Of~firi»ntiiif Of Liquor Permit Notice is hereby given that the Dc- R artment o( Alcoholic Beverdge Con- ·ot hat iisutd n permit No. 554 to Guy W. Pinkrrton to sell nnd dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as: 401 West DickHon St.. Fa.vettcvllle. . This permit Issued on (he lit da; " U EDENS Feed Stof cost. W a n t soni: rrenmery on p e r c - r . , f e l ,,,. Croiifh Creamery. Good busin llinfi out' » t a k e o "P«P^ franehUc inth j the Arkansas Garette full Unit- job i Ca*h deposit rcqnirrd Experience ! unnucessary. Phone r.OTR.1 ; ; spring mat tress, coil ? j p a i r boucjnir l a m p ? , ' spread, p n i r I'lllov/s _ ; G-pr. H a m b o o type l i v i n g room % r n ti p--snfa, (wo chairs, cock t n i l table, end t i . h l p , t a b l e l.inip 59.50 S-JIL*. D i n o t t o -- s o l i d oak (;jble _. ; jmtl four Chairs, sturdy .£· pnod c o n d i t i o n '3150 nr Melal hcd. f u l l s i / . c . _ . 5.00 · s " , "-pt*. J i v i n g room Kroi.p - lioi.oc tapes t r y .sofa and, two step tables, 2 1:ih!e lamps, cocktail t a b l e R9.?iO THE STUMP F U R N I T U R E CO. -°:'__. Vl " l _ I:)i y k i cn - _ p h o n o 3 1 1 2 HOUSE tnHcr". ^7 "loo"t."~ f i l u n i i n u m ' f u l l y pfiuinpivi. oak Grove Motel _norUi_;.' miles. Highway 71. KAINliow" TKOUT" -old d a i l y . " Phone SpriiiKihik- :^fj], Or.ark Trout K;irni. iii-ar Jnhnsnn. QUICK SERVICE ON watches, dork*. specUdt · 11 d jewelry repairing. EARL'S WATCH SHOP With Brewer's Clenncrn. IS E. Center J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, West Fork DITCH U1UUINU FOOTlNGS-wa t c r. gns and tewit ditches, septfc tank holes and back fliilni. Call Ll» firm _Dayja _ S U H - TILT venVtT mim window s Frre c-i'iiTmics. _HiJUih l,cru*t. I'hon ens s "nml~*rumT- anc 1 a\vnlnK« uct per 44] of Jt. day ol aly 19S2, and Of June. 1953.- expires on the 30th 1-fl-x PARTS CARS and TRUCKS Guy W. Pinkerton Permittee __ N»l-» Of ttrwttini Of Llqu«r Ptrmit Notice is heruby fiiven that the Dei r l m r n t of A'rnholic Deveragp Control has lined a permit No. 553 to William M. Hudson to cell »nd di.v penae vinous or spiriiuout Jiquors for beverage at retail on the premisES Jcsrribcd :'.s 119 W. Mountain, Fayr t t r v i f l c . Ark This permit Issued on ihe 1st da . of July. 1952. »nd expire* on the 30th ' day of .lunc. 1953 William M. Hudson Permittee 1-8-c LOST or itrVyplffn.:]! t h u bt-cr Ftid're r "/ C u.i°i n l h e M i n p r a l Springs roail red W h h e facrd rov W r i i e u r phone \V. W. Heflin. 22G. J'.iyotk- LOST, Honey "and' White~ipoltcrt fc- J^ ie _ Cocker._Rp\vnrd__Phunc 2.17G FOUND. WflVzb truck ~tirc"nnri~vhi-] I «y for t h i s advr?rlisemcnl. C';ill Pflul Cnrti«._WcBt Fork. REWARD, "simyPd"" vlcfn"hy~Salcm Church, I) m o n t h old blnck miti w h i l e wire haired terrier. I M ? name is - . i.l}^i"*?i^l_ p| f a £P _ p h o n c 2J!)1R74 STRAVED v i c i n i t y Siloin Church ~l, m o n t h old hlai-k and w h f i c wire haired terrier. Name is "Whisk DOGS-- ATS-- !»KTS j WHITE wfrc"-ha"irpd~ leTr Blnck e?rs. Black r i n £ 22G/W. N.tic* Off Qrantinf Of Liqn«r ferlttit Notice is hereby jiven lhat the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control haft Usued a permit Nn. 556 to Sam Evans to sell and dispense vinous or npirituou* liquors lor beverage at retail on the premises de- rcribed as: 7 East Mountain, fayctte- ville. This permit Issued oh the 1st day of July, 1952, and expire* day of June, 1953. S*m Evans Permittee on the 30th 1-8-c WAMHlMtt OftDIK In Th* Chwwtry C*«ft Of Wa*hlMft«M eMmtv, ArkMUt Florrncc Jones, by Martha McNeefe. her mother and next friend Plaintiff! v«. Lee L. Jones Defendant The Defendant Lee L. Jone* Is warned to appear in (hit Court within thirty day* and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff in (h« above entitled cause. Witness my hand and seal of this Court thin 21st day of June, 1152. Richard B. Grcer Chancery Clerk 24 July 1-8-15-c WARNING In TMt Chanwry Cwrt Of WHhtngwn CMfily, ArkintM B«*t L Cnffcy Dixon Plaintiff vs. Ned Williams Defendant The D e f e n d a n t Ned W i l l i a m s Is A'arned to appear in Ihis Court with- .n t h i r t y dnys and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff in th« above entitled cause. : Witness my hand and se;.I nf this Court this 2isi day of June, 1952. Richard B. Greer Chancery Clerk 24 _July 1-S-iSj: Of rilinf'Of Pttllltn T«" Quitl Ttttt AM Warnini Order in Ttw ChMK«rr ft*«rt r itcmtt MADE RIGHT FIT RIGHT LAST LONGER ABSHIER-BRYAN Y«vr frltrMliy Nrd Dtcttr Walt H. Beach, Ex Parle P l a i n t i f f vt. M a r t i n Wntiion. HiN Unknown Heir*, Kxccuinrs. AriminUtratort iind/or Ai- slf(ns Def*ndanl« Notic* i* hcrrby nivrn t h u t there h«s been filed In my office, AS CltTk nf the Chancery Court of W m h f n K - lon County. Arkanun. thf Petition of Walt H. Dtiicti, prnyinn for the vestin«. cnnfirmntlon «nd q u i p t l n u o[ litlft in him to the following described renl nstnlr shunted in Wnshmnton County, Ark«ns«s. to- w i t : Tlie Soulhwrit qimrlcr iSW'O of lhr Northeast quarter ( N K U ) : th» Houtheait q i i f t r l r r ( S E ' 4 i of Iho Northweftt q u a r t e r i N W ' 4 i ind Ihi Northwent qunrKr iNWUi of the Hoiithrnit q u n r t r r of Section Five (5i. Towmhip Fourtrrn ( H i North, linnet- T h i r t y - three (.I.It West of thf 5th P M , c o n l n l n t n n onr h u n - drrd twenty (120) «cre, inurt or leu. All jwrnoni elalmlnir *ny I n t e r r n t n HA id lantl* or nny lien therpon w r r ht'frb.v notified »nl wurnrd to up- H'*r In «*ld Court w i t h i n .Six ifi) wKkl «f th* Ut* of th* f l n t pub- _ _ . RED-buff and blnck registered Cocker Spaniclpuppics. Phone 1686. fcfnds. One piece or van load. Cut of town VTimei. buyer. Write Box L-16, WANTED--MALE IMMEDIATE placement in~Tco"Dhyai- «l work, both 1MPB rch and fijfrt. Permanent positions open for Grad- uaie Electrical Engincrrs, Geologists nnd Petroleum EnRinrcn! AUo positions open lo men who had apeciaijzfd radio or electronics training while in Service. Salary competitive. H e a l t h and life insurance carried. Furnish rollc-«c tran- ·crlpt with first letter to Sci/mo- «raph Service Corp, Box ]590. Tul- ·· _pkl»homa. DISTRIBUTOR A BUSINESS of your own. No' Investment required. f9 year olrl AAA-1 manufacturer of mnin'.enance coatings desires man over 35 for protected territory ronsist-ng of 13 counties centering around Fort Smith. Fayetteville. Hussellville anl Berryville. Every n-.aniifaclurer, ins t i t u t i o n and huxinctt building h a prospect. Active acconnti; F u l l PHILCO REFRIGERATORS AT I 3 A R O A I N P R I C K S One 9 ft. Scrvcl Gas H e f t iKor.itor Speed Queen Washing M.-iohinrs EASY TERMS CLIFTON LUMBER CO. Phone 27 West Fork. Ark. IDEAL MATTRESS"CO. Quality now mattresj and mattress renovating. Phone 3036 401 WEST DICKSON SPECIAL MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton Matfrcsiei B u i l t Into Guaranteed InnerBpringa Hollywood Ucds Made To Order ONE DAY SERVICE-- PHONE 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 1^0 Small East St. E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Gravel, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N ' Phone 74? t-- REAL KSTATE OR Trade. Gfaqltlty. 2~ "bedroom. lirerr.eway and nsrage. lot BOxXlo in rpalric-ted addition, phone 31MJ TWO bedrooms nnd den. wilh won- d r r f n l cln'ct and i to rtgc ipsce Spacious n vintf - d i n i n g ronm well arranicd k i t c h e n , tile hath. Jtttch^d KBTSBC. Ltirge l o t complete w i t h patios, j u i t the thing for theie warm ·nmmer evening*. Located in bent ·ectlon of town. «nd priced HICHT. Call us for a p p o t n t m c n t todfty. p o l n l m r n t n(i) THE RITTER AGENCY IJL ·· __ f'n^-r Ph ijt) r.1.1. i:"«v "RANCHES'" SALE OR TRADE 200 - 14,000 ACRES Kanias, Arkaruas, Musouri, O k l a h o m a , Texai THE BROADHURST CO. 1031 North Colle fl e. Phon. 2487 5% FINANCE CHARGE The lowest f inane* chargt In th«"' *"··«-/ cf uuioinuoiit financing.' ' DEAL VALUES 1950 Oldimobil* 88 S * d a n. ~ Condiliontd air htottr, rodio, hydromatle. Nylon upholjtery, famoui Rock*) engin. $1995 1948 Chevrolai Aero . . . 109J 1941 Oldimobilt Stdan. 295 1949 Mercury Convertible 1295 1951 Plymoulh 2-door. . .1695 TRUCKS 1950 GMC, Long wht.l ban p i c k u p , 6:50x16 6-ply tiroi H«at*r. On» owntr. "" friple checkid, juaron- ' '«d JH95 ' 1947 Ford pickup 795 ~ 194« GMC pickup . . . . ! . 595 ':'.. 1946 Chevrolet 1'/4-ton. . 395 1950 GMC IH-ton 1293 SAVE AT WHITFIELO MOTOR CO. Oldimobil*-GMC Sole* and Strvict 15 North East icr«. lm»rn*- -- . KINCAID COMPANY M»B " ]M1 2MO-H IMMEDIATE POSSESSION LOCATED in Northeast auction on corner lot. neiir market! and Inn ·rrvirr Living room with Hr# place | d i n i n g room, throe bedroom*, rloi- l rrt In hnrk porch, front porch, *»r- [ a*e tiaccnient Be-ndlx wniher Prie«- $111.50000. WHEELER REALTY CO. Ozark Theater Bldr Phone JOS _ N i g h t s 3731U NEW f-roum house, rxtrnor N a t i v e roi-lt trimmed in h u f f brick. T\vt acres land, nt n f i v e n w n v prlre for $R7:io OJ. Located a mile \v*»t on flfl from 71 H l K h w n y . fice J .B. Keaton at_Stee!e._ A r k a n n n i 80 A C H E F~Hrm"inr';ili . P m i r f e CJrov* on fond j r n v c l road, nr-ftr H u h h a r d nchoftl FJvf room hnuio, S.fiao r n p f i r l t y brooder house w i t h t'rjiilpmrnt. r u n n i n j t wator, «lrc- I r l r i U . m a i l , m i l k , and school hu* by thn door. Deposit up nn telephone. ITire WOOD. E d f n i Feed 8:ncr Prnirie Grove. 2 H E I J R O O M ~ ~ h o u i * w i t h r a 7 p n r i p l e n t y b u i l t l n f t , vnnp.tiani. Level lot Rnrrien. 905 Holly. |1.7SO.OO Phone 2ri:iriM. "CATTLE RANCHES" .'(06 acrci dl nrrci 279 arm 152 acrci THE abnvc listinfs are nil locntrd In Northwpst Arkansas, near Fij'Ptl*- ville. They n i l have threr MUST for r n l t i c raising Good Jcncinf. pfrma- neni p;t.itur».i. Rood r u n n i n g water. · ALT, Ihc ;ihovc m c n t l o n r r t arc f X I CLrsiVK r.ISTlNOS. f u l l i n f o r m n - tiim w i l t In- g:vrn »t nur officr. I COOPKKATIUN wi!h other llecnsfd ALL mrtal lawn c.h.iirr. 15415. whlli- they last. Open evenings u n t i l y 0;i I KUion Bros. Drive-In Furniture i SKLDOM Store. FCIR SAi.K--RfAL KSTATl OPPORTUNTtV " "" Real Estate l^8_N'orth Bust Street Phn · ROOM hoiwr In Winilow l ' « ncrti Innrt Good well, gnrdrn. elepiricilv Will Hell or t r a d e and pay rtifft-rence for n m n l t f a r m nr«r Fiyeltevlllfl. Phone Kidd. 1310.1. Only $7,000 $5100 loan. T r a d e equity for car, truck or livestock. $105 per month income. Duplex, 7 rooms. Near new high school. CO. 1031 N. College. " " Phone 2487 : - Evenings, KJV.jJQy, Phone 2139W FOR LEASE SERVICE STATION and garage. Excellent location. Two U.S. Hi- ways. Will make very attractive proposition to right party. Phone 188 or 2929. SERVICE STATION For Lease tlcrplnc and u t i l i t y . hi floors. ib'J! ol slornyc ap»cc. locn'cd on Hichland avenue, near schools and churchrjs. jn tuch liberal terms ai S1000 down and p a j m e n u like rent. STOCK FARM-CLOSE IN WKLL located 1^0 acrea. about 91 mow land, balance pasture, p l e n t y of ponrt* and well lor water, modirn six-room horn.- v.i11i ehadc nnd view. " ( I ' v * i AUTOMATIC APPLIANCE CO. rdwood .' A Bttt*r P1«C* to BUT "ttutpaint 11 H. Block DEALEB PK tftl lir 40ii'f c.ip.ic:ty au'.omauc rqmpi... and schcjolbus routes, e, K a y e t t t v i l l e . houxc an'l I m:iH j drive ol I Clo in, doing very good business. Also good sideline business. Write Box L-27 °o limes missions pnirl w r n k l y phu up to ' 52000 y r n r l y in "xtra tir,mrr.--.'i S.i'.- ' u r d a y Kvrnmfi 1', N;itif,n;il T r j i d c M a f i n / i l i R .inrl Oirri-t M/i:! A f i v r r i K - . me procure m.-my iiuiiiirK-. th;it r.-- i sul I in . m m i - d i f i t r hu.i;rn-s« mt; hy f i r l d nnn.-igrr (!.-.r r r q m r r - H Phnne M A Crrf ,Tt M o u n l n m I n n . K f t y r t i r v i l l r on Junr; ;il):h. J u l y I or 2nd for nn mlci-vi! w ___ WAITRKSS. rxprrlfTicc not nrrrssary Apply in prrson at M;tji-M;: He* taur.tnt. _ LADY u T n m p H n h m In"? chU-Jly l;idy. FOR F t i l l M S H K f J jin* m e n ' 1'nv.i'i- _ Un.vcr.ii for 2 I. . an, r .1 p i n d i r n . f h p t SITUATION WANTEh PART~iin . «l Stephc ' ~ " ph', ~l C;tll 3 WAN. fit. w h i l e , r u p t u r e d . rirnv ill H I M ;i p.ini sr.r.' Ho* of thii NAlIt* in* *now e«uM, , . hm, why th« tlU* to ·AlA l.Mlrti llKrtlK Wit b* vMttd, «W- fiiTMd inrt fluJtird In U» p»tltlnn. W»it N Aftrn, for^vtr Th* rtt frndfcnli. M o f t i d Wmnon, hti unknown hrlri, eircuion, ·(tmlnuirn- l i f t l n i ; . Cnrolaker. yard work, t h i n g steady Stale t;i]nry. Itoom .12^ Woiit Sprinfi. WANTED, u-nrk Will d o ' l i n t u t u n f k U AHre J r l t o n FOR SAI.B-- AUTOMOTIVE 19M DKSOTt) w i t h ovfrdnvi- ;md new tires. Sacndro ni Mii.'id'i See H i l l . Sinith. .Intinson, Ark MOT)1, W T A l l m ChfdriKTf. tr.-icKir nnd mowrr Hrn^nniiMi-. Home .1. Sprmvd/ilc. ' « mile K.ui of C i l ^ w.;i- __ter_plnnt. Irven Kllioit ~ "PACKARD-WILLYS " Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. I'tl'-iic 7. r ,HW FOR RENT ON* N n r i h W ; i ] n n t S:rret T h r r e , " IT SHAMBLIN REALTOR N l i l i l i r Tttll Hi NKW1.Y J ( r n t srilifHl p- . i-t n n i j .n fMlUll "npar Un* -nf S2!i it'i 1'lione Ppn.TRT .11 | SOI_N5fthJlo«k i ;}·;', ^"'" roiw rnn" HIT ·Her ntt rci Pho WADE FINCHER, Realtor Arcade Bldg on East Center St. I'hnnft fM IX5CATED in~\VJlifm~Adams~ AridJUon on N o r t h Vandcvenlcr Street rn Inrjc lot with ?r foot frontage, ·ur- rocnrtc-rt by h c n u t i i u l homca u n n Rood nplKhhr,rfl. Thn Invr-ly thrrr. he rl room honif. Inrco llvinit room ilinlns room. Inrjic k i t c h e n with loti of hmll-ias. two f l o o r furnaces, new a t l i - fan installed. G. I. loan In forcf i.t 4'- intrrcit A. L SHAMBLIN REALTOR Trlrphone 211 nr ?t,'\ N't 1') N C n l l f - H c i CITY p r o p i M v . if ado for f; N r a r j I' 2fi9l,H l?ij ._. ! M O l J K R M ' V n i l f i c i - CI'i'i-* n Ph'DK 1 i rir r f i d r u r r . Phone Hll ,,,,, r i.j WANT SOME GOOD"" ;/" : " r -! ILLINOIS RIVER BOTTOM LAND? W K h i x * - d c - v r r n l f n r m t l l i a l yfiu u i ' l u ; t n l \r, -re Onr t h a t y m j w i l l \-'*r i t h i n 101 (irrr* w i l h o v r r h a l f nf ,: l.-i!:om. i i n i o r n y nf n m U-s- pi'd'-/..'! l n d i n o and o r r l i n r n ir.iM T I I ^ i h r i r tiii* two p r i f r h f * o f r f i r n w..!h a l i t t l e h e l p f r o m t h f w ^ n i h c r iii.-.n. t h * t w i l l m a k e .-, l,i x v i r M A MI a i ir I f c d r r.* \ \ - f i l r i f r n . b r o o d r r x Well p.ninleO S room hoini* In conrl n t n t l l l l o n w i t h r u n n l n f -.vhlcr n n d R;I* ft room t r n ^ n i hom^ 2 him* c h f r k r n hnnie R a n c h m v ] f l i , n , , . ' On tn.ill mlitt nnd ir-hool hu* r o u i x A n v r m e would tip proud to own t h l i f a r m , IN THE MARKET FOR A FARM? IIEHK 1^ (me I i M t i h yr.u should f'ini. 4 ' 3 aft tit iiritwbrrricn. n i l f i u i n m e n t i h t r ^ A (i»f wjitcr. 2 dpr.niti. nil (cnri- h u n f i . p :,n riw* n i f p | \ tint} I fin**' plnri- in Oil- ( n t l r r f ( ( i i n f . i i 'ililr hvin|, Thf pt I v tl't'iofi. hi]/ down and 200 Y»ari of Service 20,000,000 Policyholdtrt 20% Savingt MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savingi for preftrrtd riikt" Gtt th« Factt The Ritter Agency Looni Real Estati 16 East Cent*r For Service Consult Your Classified Service Directory Cnniplrle Bnuly Service I" 1 -'- Maintain Phnn« 2351 CUI'.V'AHBlTiiEAutV SlioF" 204 W. Me»rtnw~l'hnn* 300? HtAUTY SHOP MU.IAILI WOM *» .H _ jjotjl l-hoiMi '»» :oi»iirnicmc _^_ U'KNCEH Tounditlnni. nirglckl (tip- ports V l v l u n (Iretn. 22 yuri lerv- Jc.^_Thonf_7M.J, 211 N till. um. 71 It.'i.i.i f u r n t n l i r i l n p i r t r n f t i T . nd t»ntv an I lu-lp hut likf r t r.ttht *nd r u n . th.i plic«. l! irn» "d rrt't'lrrn h»m · n1 b.ilh Phr Phnn* 171%. «f. four NEWIIN WAITY WKST roRK. ARK. IHI I'm King" At My House AND BOY DO I GET ATTENTION It's true, I'm juit o littU "ftll.r," but I turt con mokt mywlf hcord whin I want somtthing! My iliqhttst indication of a n«*d always brings immediate response. Little inexpensive WANT ADS in the Time* are also "Little Fellers," but their far reaching "voice" booms like a giant to the thousands ttf people who read the Times every day. When you have some no-longer-needed article to sell, when you have lost or found MAM- thing, a vacancy to rent, be sura to placa your message where it will receive the greatest atttfl- tion . . . in the Timei. NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES 25 N. EAST STRUT Hours 8:00 to 5:00

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