Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 1, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1952
Page 7
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College Moves Campus Without federal Assistance \ MOKWWBT ABUMUf. T1MB. Turn Against Tall-Hartley CIO States Views On Law; AFL To Be Heard Also New Powerful, Streamlined, Medium Class Tank Unveiled Newark, Del.-MVThe Arm.v In- · On. Ooi jr S. Pattnn, famnuj day unv.iled what it railed the W orld War II romm.-inder »nd a first completely new medium tank , ,. Icadms exponent of armor. Hla widow was invited to christen the new lank loriay in cercmoni*-*. presided over hy Secretary of the Tu^fe* My !, IMI · · ' 0 n Z ' - he developed since Wnrlrl War II--streamlined, more powerful, and almost as easy to handle as a new automobile. Dtiignated the M-M. or "Patton ! Arm . v frank Pace. 48," It is being produced at the Chrysler tank plant here and at i two other arsenal*. Officials said I sizeable deliveries are expected before the end of the year An earlier model medium tank also had been named for the general. It is called simply the "Paiton." Th« Pattnn -IB is now being pro- and at tank plant;, .if general Motors and Ford. ForH said its contracts total mrne than $426 - QOO.nnn It added thai completion of its tirst model was delayM be- · them easily spotted. · Park, Mich., plant last February did Old Colby Campus. In heart of Watci villc. is surrounded byt river "extreme r i h t ) railroad ards to an a " . . "(extreme right), railroad yards (top) and factories. Bj- LEONARD BtTFERT alumni and friends, have ifiade it Waterville. Maine - iNEA) - possible. A surprising sidelight has |-- T -- -Thirty-one years ago this spring.] 1 " 1 TM n* heavy suopovt frnm sis-lH nlt »!! on ?' blls ' n tiny Colby College was handerl a I t f r shocking ultimatum by a state- ( o today asked the Republican' · - , , · · · · 1 narty to disown the Taft-Hartley' The tank, in the 45 to sir tnn dured at ihr Chrysler plan! hn-p Maw and favor its repeal In a plat'-1 class, has several notable new ' form the organized labor groups : features: ·aid could woo tht working mini I. A lower silhouette than anv volet The CIO charged thai the : other American tank of corre.- f^K f TM^ j^'-fj^.52-JL!i*',·-!- .President Truman has avoided 7 .. . I using it to date--has favored steel h "« ht - · · - . - -r , ·employers against the CIO Steel; J - An egs-shaped. sloping ellin- 29. ; workers Union. lical hull and turret. This makes 1 The company said the rrndur The AFL's statement was with- it harder for an enemy shell to ·· · · · · · held until delivered in mid-after- "bite'' Into the armor, noon hut it. loo. was certain to 3. wider treads than present ,'. S r? h ^"h y ^ 5 H h( ! r l" wP ' 1 "-! medium tanks. The wirier the ''"leadiog^sp^.nrrorth'e- Z j TM«' th ' *'»" "»''?" "" «P' _ - j _ . - . , . , . .. D e r a t e on muddy roads, in swampy terrain or in snow. 4. A 90-milimeter. high velocity will he In the IOOF cemetery at Ocave!te. Infont Cook T'IP d.iujhli-r nf Mr and Mrs. Meivin C'ook of Winy!n\«. this iniirning. She Is survive'! by . n"i pdreii!^ arid six brothers and sisters. Arrangement* with the Watson Mnriuar. ;TI? inrnrnplete. John Middltfon Clayton Fuii'-ral services fnr John Mld- dletnn C l a y l n n . relred Ijis Angp|p; attorney, were conducted at in ;i m. tndav at Moire's Chappl by ihp Rev. w. S -Pop" n'T, 5 "" 1 ' l - Irl i"'''-nt* chajl.iin. Pallbearer- wer- Capl. j ,, r k Phillips. ,hm Ciognrv llcrmin Tuck. George Mr-Klnne-. ,I,m A Robinson, and 11. L. Pearson. ChdrlM Cnldwall . f ," n 'TM' "rvires for Charles . 72, rp.lirrd fanner whnl died at the City Hnspi'al thl imiirmng, v ill be 'on-t'i'ted at 4 jp. m., tomorro-.v at Mo,,re ft Fu- j n e r a l Chapel hv trr f l f v . .Vn riTv ^ n : Drake. Hurial vill h» in Kair--i"»- '·emcler-.- m rfiHrile ,,f }- t ,. |oc,,; iChnpter nf Ihe IfiriK. Thr son of Sheridan .irul F.h/a- 1 heih cald'.vell, h" »;n lorn at : Cedar filades. Ark., .1 inuary 2fi IRRf. He \vas a memher of the Hapint Church, and the I OIK i II* ]:;ta hern n r^'ulcnt i-t F;iv- lette'. ille for Ihc pail iR and on«. half .-.ears. : He is s u n j . ' d by his \i-jfr-. Otha. of 'he l,ornp; ^ «on. Charli--R of T.irkio. Me : (vco d.iunhtT- ' Mr 1 . Mar?e fletiei ,,f It^rhn^lni, \''ash., r.nd Mi--. ..'fir. T a l d v i - ! , of Kan«ss Cilv. M ,.. j -n!i r. ."r; .' W. ..}nrj;»n -: Si-rlro \\'r,\f- ',V««hir-lf,n, and euht iranri- rluldren. ChorlM I. llatkman Funeral jervires for Charl»« E. Blackman, 73. were conducttd it 1 r m. .'·sterdiy at Ml. Com/on n; th- R-.. o L. Lisrly B'jriil · Mt Comfort cemetery dir.i-fion of Moorfs th- I'.ilihearers -v«re : Elmer. E»rl and l.yndoi '.:.-. Burnie Pondi' Herman Greathouse, «nd Hugr Mnimi. CHICK SPECIAL each prefidential nomination. Contrary to the AFL, and CIO declaration* was one from the U. j S - Chamber of Commerce, an or- ismen groups. sponsored committee on educational facilities. It said, in effect, that Colby jnust "men 1 * or die." But three decades later, Colby Is still very much alive and · he gave bark to Colby nearty $90 heartier than ever. Because it had ! 000, representing his en/Ire sal- ( Jhe courage to undertake a unique | ar y during his presidency--his ' "venture of faith," it has licked ; own cpsture of faith in "afventure. · will next I of faith." ' i thp hcavv suopovt frnm S'S-JE,T'--^r"' 7' " institutions such as Bo«-dom, Th ' Ch ! ml ' fr . TM"N. OB ? rt 'I?'!"' 1 1 'spread of industrywide bargaining ;urh as has marked Maine and Bates. The falher of Ihe proick, Dr. .lohnson. nnw B2, cnnsidfars its. completion his personal responsibility. When he retired ten yrnars ago he gave bark to Colby nearty $90.- . , , gun with a ouick change tube. Us- , in, only simp e tools, the liner of I , )h linn model was damaged in the fire hut that it was completed »w monlhs later. Disclosure of the fire damage had not been made known because of security rr-cula- tinns. Many of Ihe details of thi new (.ink's construction are atil classified, the company said. The Patton 4(! will use a four , i compulsory union membership. A : rf^niand for the union shop -- to . compel workers to be union mem- , bers -- is the principal unsettled point th , ^ disoute - tremendous odds and wi ^P|_ 1116 fall open one of the most beautiful and modern campuses In the nation. . The old campus, which had existed on the same site near thp | _ heart of Waterville for 11.1 years., Gjr C Wprp by 1931 had fallen a victim to in- | · -| Even The Floflrver i 1 Circuit Court field in minutes instead ding the lank hack to roar replacement of lr ]' medium lanks--a tank command ! er. driver, gunner and loader. new enr: when rrpeatcd firing has worn the. rifling of the luhp. 5. A 50-caliber macliine (tun on top of Ihe turret whlah ran he aimed, firrd and Inadod frnm within the tank. No longer HOPS the gunner have to stand with head Jbituory Mn. Agn»» Cut* nunner navp 10 jiano wnn nean ; Tuneral servfew fw Mr*. Agnes and shoulders exposed to enemy, Cato, 73, who died Sunday, will fire. | he conducted at th* Witann Mor- Nimed Tor Gen. Fatten tusry »t » a. m, tomorrow bjr *h* The tunk is named for the late Rev. Richard A. G*lger. Burial irs ajo at a couveiltion of the.Danford: yards and a state highway on no" side: the Kennebec nvrr nn ih" other. Noise, soot and smoke were growing problems. \ew Location Snunht Colby was in no condition In begin a moving campaign. Cases of colleges transplanting their pn- tire campuses tn new locations, even in times of prosperity, \vprp rare. And Ihe few that had done it were heavily endowed or had some other assured snurpe of funds. Colby had neithpr, and ihp n a - , (ion was in a depression. But in- i identical twins in iffr- United spirsd by its president, Dr. Frank-| States at that time. "Phe double- lin W. Johnson, and with nothing | budding lomanre led jfo ihe altar rfiore tangible tn gn nn than failh i and thp. twin bridps w f r e preceded and determinating the board vol- 'down thp aisle by livin flower eri to move the college "if and j girls--nieces of. th'p hijidefrrnoms--, when feasible.'' , and twin wedding ca'ies were cut Skeptics snnn dubbed the p r n j - i a t the reception. ! Raymond Steivart vs. Edwards Hatchery, inc., and Charles Yates: j Plaintiff seeks $30,000 damages] i for injuries allegedly incurred In i ] a bus-molorcycle. collision on ; Hifhway 71 last D«ember S-. . . . . . . , , - i transferred to Federal Court. Hot Springs A r k . - W i - Twin ; Wayne Neff vs . Jim ,,, ij: .Innesbnro. Ark., schrx 1 teachers ; p,,, intif , SMks $4m) (nr nam , ftf married hvm farmers [rom Lena. | al , cgedlv inrurrKl ,,, , ccidfri , in "!·''" i '" r ( ', m o n - v » t c f" | ra! Bap-.Marilsnn Countv January S. Denst Church here Sunrihy. | ,,,,,,,,,,, SMk , j n5 jn fi : o!is ' rom . The trachers, 3l-ye.a«--old Mar-| plaint -- Testimony heard, case. ?aret and Elizabeth Binrli. mol ' cnnlinued. F.ldin and Meivin Damriipr, 39. two Citv of MR. MOTORIST- it's your money, f/iof pays for roads International Twin A-fsnciation fn Springrtale vs. Zekc' Defendant enters plea ' St. I/iuis. The Dameiclre; were co- presidents of the groifip. and the Sinch's were chosen the most Following a twin honeymoon in ' ' I Marriaaes p'-t "Johnson's Follv." Bui rallerl it "a venture of failh." | r , nada ,,,,' fo|lr w , ni |, i% : e in on , . « hen the news was announced..' house at L(;na ,,, » n'fprs of new sites came from all over. The most attractive was j from a retired publisher who o f - ; fered his 600-acre estate in the capital city of Aususta. PrwMwit Get« Action When the publisher's offer was revealed, it stirred up Waterville citizens, who had assumed that any move would be to the outskirts of their own pity. It has always been strongly suspected that Dr. Johnson deliberately encouraged the nffpr to of guilty and fined J150 and costs.; Municipal Court ! Buster Wages. SS. of Fayette- · ville, was fined $30 on charge? of : speeding and driving without a I license. He was arrested by city police who said h* was speeding on the Square. James E. Case. 20. of Fayette- ; j ville, was fined $11 on charge* of Miss Billic speeding and failure to obey .. | stop sign. i L. W. Osborn of Fayetteville j was fined 17 on a charge of j speeding. Vernon Gray of Fayetteville. was fined 12 for operating a car with improper muffler, and Ed : Nickels, also of fnyetteville, was fined $5 on the same charge. . shake Watervill" from it «rgy. Whether this -was true or not. the hoped for results were achieved. A citizens' committee of Ion w a s ' , by Thomas formed to match the offer and judge, .promote the advantages of Water-' William Dwayne .'Smith, Sum- ville. It agreed to underwrite mers. and Miss Frances Florine SlOO.OOn tn purchase a site and the Ford, Siloam Sprinrjs, were mar- City Council voted to provide all : rird June 27 hy Charles Carter roads, water lines and sewer con- (justice of the peace., Z. C Dawson. Fs/rrtfeville, and Mrs. W. R Ball. Raymonrlville. 1 Texas, wpre married June 27 by i the Rev. X. Duane Pringle. I.enn Franco and .Miss Barbara F,. E. Tidball and Jean Ramsey, both o,,, ,., 1M . wr ,,,.. were married June .''p hy Maupin fl»»k« Ml In Formcta Curnmincs. circuit itirlpe. j Taipeh. Formosa -IIP}- A sharp W. L. Oifford. Oc(pfata. Okla.. earthquake jolted Hualien of Forand Mrs. Rertha E. Leard. Rar- j mosa ' s East Coast yesterday, hut tlesville. Okh.. wrrp parried Jim P i Ihere were no reports of casualties .10 by John Kirsch. .i|usticp of the nr ***»· peace. · -· - ·· ^=^=^tTT=rr-r=--j William Blevins aiptl Miss Jacqueline Baurav. both; of Kansas Citv. Kan., were maiiried June 27 F. Brju, chancery V/OUR gas tames, lictnic can be designed accurately A rets and other taxes pay for any legal axle load--and for building fwvement, for it keeps its load-carrying ca- mainiainmg it and for re- parity throughout its life, paving it when it wears nut. Concrete rosts less to Concrete pavement is maintain, lasts longer. It is moderate in first cost yet fo,Y-onnuo/-cotf pavement. PORTLAND CIMENT ASSOCIATION t14 p.llt IIJ,., Menphli 1, T«nn. A Mtionol organiratien to Improve and extend the us« of Portland cement and concrete . . . through tdentifie research and engineering field work S ections. 50-Acre Tract Bniuht The site purchased was a H50- lere tract known as Mayflower J-U11, located about a mile west of the city on a hill ridge. Bit hy bit . Reckford. both of 1 Springrlale. the beautifully-landscaped "dream : were married June 25 by the Rev campus" has materialized, without Thomas n. Stauder. Keep at *ith trie Him--ru4 More than 12.00(1 individuals,' !he TINES d»n. any financial aid from the government. Independence owning a horn* i* aj ·ftp toward incUp«ndc«uv No other jingle move will »siure youfof the p«rson«l independence that comes with owning i home. We'd like to help every familylin this community to take advantage of this pcfruliarly American opportunity. We can arrange! home- ·Mating ihit'i tailortd to your occdi indfincom*. Drop in and Mt ut. i BUILDMG 4 LOAK 0«tr TMffy YMFI ·! Swvta hi TlihUCwitmii*h «l*t SEMI-ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT FayeHeville Building and Loan Association AS OF JUNE 30, 1952 ASSETS Cash on Hand and on Deposit. . . $ 67,096 21 170,000.00 $ 237,096.21 wu^i i ui i i iui i»j ui HJ \j t j Lxejju; United States Bonds Owned First Mortgage Real Estate Loans Fedtrol Home Loan Bank Stock Furniture and Fixtures . Other Assets , .. 2,303,891.80 40,300.00 518.00 1.00 $2,581,807^01 $1,775,350.00 ., 492,604.33 29,568.23 64,375.00 -._ -- i 49 63 Total Liabilities $2,361,947.19 Reserve for Dividends Installment Shores $ 6,13570 General Reserves ., 177,00000 Surplus ., ,., 36,724.12 Total Atseh LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL Full Paid Shares : Optional Payment Shares , ,... Dues Paid on Installment Shares , Federal Home Loan Bank Advances Other Liabilities Total Reserve* and Surplui 219,859.82 Total Liabilities and Capital ....... $2,581,807.01 Our Most Important Asset h Beyond Value ofl111 "' r'ayit- thi?y tfll ynu , hlllt.v and nrr,ai,.r. A ' «nMt thf one thlnK thst wp ronidfr nur mnst important a.ssr! , , , roperly studied and lntcrprrt»H . and lntcrprrt»H about nur «ii», jtahlllt.v and nrr,ai,.r. Anrl y P t It' ln t u ihf nrrtinnu t*r\ r !n list on a l,;,Unr» . Ihr public rnnfld"mr i5 rnnflricnri- upon which our nnnrintinn is hiull and rfMiliniire li \nii\-e Ma« rnm« from many jnurcw; il jtcms from Ihp larsi- invoOnr n« wr-ll a thr- nnrlav aavfr. Bwausf or II Fayfttrvill* HnildmK and I, nan Avsnnaii.m has rontmiiwl to frnw over Ihf yean from small hf(tlnnln«it to a position n[ jrfat worih In thin community. Ann thl» triut. pluri-rl in our insiitiitinn mnkoi u pr^iiilr f.,, u« in ( on- trimit* to thr projrrrw nnii prosprrity of industry and iniliviriunk in ihr arr* We apprnarh our thirty-first annlvrrsarj' with thi h'«» thai thr' future Mil! hunt u . *vfn grrattr opporlimily for norvirr. Safety of Your Investment Insured Up To SI 0,000.00 BuKdbii md Loan Assxiation A SAVINGS AND HOMI LOAN INSTITUTION "Svvlnf · ··* NCIM OwMnklp ... Scftf Mr* «f Mt Amwttt n W«y tf Lift HfAVT MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery Senri-Sel Wales rwi9hP .;r" T * 2 Pk .,,29 Servl-Jal Cups Durtbl ;, l :r c "" 2 Pfcf , 29 Spoons Forks M "j.r. d '" 2tfSi 15 n vroqer v ) Salad Dressing Miracle Whip Peanut Butte Armour Treet 3969 39 Hunt's Peaches 4- - M Holrti in Heavy Syrup. Pork Beans 3 2? «r Brand, plump, meaty b*oni in MUC*. tlicioui on Hot Dogl. Frtih' baked by Kroger. French's Mustard' 7 16' 20 39" 57' Hot Dog Buns Delieiout three layer Kroker Cake, each Party Cake Frying Chickens Kroger', fancy cut up, troy packed. Smoked Hams 5-e Ib. shank portion wift Premium, Centers Ib. I9e Butt Portion Ib. 55c , . _ _ . . , _ . . . . . · a w ^ r « i a v « a i i t e « 7 I 1 I V I l . Skinless Franks Arkansas Moid, Tender, juicy. Watermelons Cantaloupes Ib. cello Rtd-ript, Frit balloon with each melon. «och Dclicioui thick rntot. Lorg* 36 litf. «ach AJAX CLEANSER can 13c IVORY FLAKES '*· C R I S C O 3 185* CAMAY SOAP 2 IVORY SOAP 2 fc 29* DUZ VORY SOAP SiM. 4b«ri25«

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