Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 3, 1974 · Page 21
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 21

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Thursday, October 3, 1974
Page 21
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Federal Prosecutors Link One New Name To Conspiracy Case WASHINGTON (AP) -- Fed- '-· cral prosecutors have linked . one new name and may add others to the conspiracy case that has brought five Nixon loy- ' allsts to tria! on Watergate-relate criminal charges. The claim of "newly discovered evidence" was made to U.S. District Judge John J. Si- ·- rica, who was engaged for Hie third straight day today in the painstaking procedure of trying to select an unbiased jury for ", the months of trial to come. The five defendants, John D. Ehrlichman, H.R. Haldeman, John N.- Mitchell, Kenneth W. - Parkinson and Robert C. Mar... dian, appeared to take . the snail's pace in stride. With the jury selection process not half completed, it ap- i peared that the first testimony in the trial will not come until the middle o[ next week at the ; earliest. Bui the forces that will shape . the trial continued to converge, , nonetheless. obstruction of justice will place iim in double jeopardy since Ehrlichman already stands convicted in the plumbers case. T h e prosecutors' memorandum said the new evidence made it necessary to add one co-conspirator to. the list drawn up by the Watergate grand jury. It did not name the per on. But a source close to the case confirmed the man is Richard A. Moore, the former special counsel to Nixon, who testified at the Senate Watergate hearings that he urged John W. Dean HI to tell the cover-up story to the president. Moore, who had been a hold over in the Ford adminis tration, resigned Wednesday The proseculor's office had in eluded Moore on its lisl of 44 prospective witnesses, largely because he was involved some of the taped conversa lions that will be introducec into evidence. At the time of his Senate ap were expected to ask Sirica to excuse the former president from lestifying at the trial on grounds that his health will not permit it. And Ehrlichman posed a new problern v for the judge: a claim that trial for conspiracy and Reinecke Says He's SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) , -- Former Lt. Gov. Ed Reinecke is back in California, describing himself as "ruined politically and financially." Reinecke resigned Wednes. day on his 2,078th day in office just minutes before he received j. an 18-month suspended sentence in Washington for perjury . in the ITT affair. As a convicted felon, he could no longer hold slate office. Gov. Ronald Reagan, who appointed Reinecke to the job in 1969, planned to fill the vacancy ' today. : As recently as April, the 50- year-old Reinecke was considered the front-runner for the Republican nomination to succeed Reagan. But after the perjury . in- dlclmenl was returned by a Watergate grand jury, Reinecke was swamped in the. ' June 4 primary by Controller ' Houston I. Flournoy. Reinecke maintains he is in- 'J · nocent and says he plans to - write a book entitled, "So Help Me God." He said he would appeal the conviction. Reinecke has put his subur- . ban · Sacramento home up for ,.'. sale and has been living with his family on his ranch near Placerville in the Sierra foothills east of Sacramento. He also has advertised his * cattle for sale in an effort to pay off his legal debts. Reinecke was convicted July '' 27 on one count of lying to the Senate ' Judiciary Committee about his role in arrangements 1 for financing the 1972 Republican National Convention. The charge centered around · Reinecke's testimony about when he advised then-Ally. Gen. John N. Mitchell of an offer by International Telephone Telegraph Corp. to under- · write the convention. represented by Herbert J. Mil ler, retained by Nixon after hi resignation. The addition brought the number of unindicted co-con spirators to 20, according It sources. The only name tha has surfaced officially is Nixon's. The prosecutors indicaled th list may be extended further saying: "The government may prov at trial that individuals othc :han those named as defenc ants or identified as co-con spirators by the grand jur were in fact members of Ih conspiracy charged in the in diclment." By the end of Wednesday' court day, Sirica had finishe preliminary questioning of 31 prospective jurors, in publi and private, and had excuse 171 who said they could not b sequestered for the 3 to months the trial might take. The remaining H4 were t undergo more thorough, privat questioning in the coming day If a sufficient number surviv questioning for possible bia lawyers will have a chance eliminate a specified numbe DENNIS THE MENACE By Ketehom HEAR A 6000 ONE ON OC AV«3«£T ? BEEK ww^e^y LESSONS/ HELEN HELP US By HELEN AND SUE BOTTEL Should Be A Law To Protect Kids Privacy My parents wouldn't allow me | third-degrees friends -- any- to date anyone but Jim, the son of their best friends. To ;et out of the house, mostly, ! went with him for 18 months. He was my first and only boy- triend. After a while, he expected sex, and well, it beat staying home. I've never thought of him as anything but an escape. (I'm an A-average student, a little shy, and have never been in trouble. You'd think, after all the Watergate stuff, I'd have better sense than to keep "proof" of what I'd done, but like a dummy I had a diary that I thought was well hidden. thing. So she found my diary and now she's calling me a prostitute. Says girl should until 12 jurors and 6 alternates are seated. i Nothing is ever hidden from ny mother! She reads my mail. Inflation Brings Increased Sales Of Home Freezer Units PITTSBURGH, Pa. (AP) -Home freezers are the hottest selling major appliance in this inflation-wracked year, marketing reports show. The sales boom is generally attributed to consumers' desires to hedge on rising food costs by buying in quantity. But home economists caution that buying food in bulk is not always the least expensive way to shop. A sludy done at Pennsylvania State University showed that beef bought in bulk actually costs 34 cents a pound more acturers are looking for ways expand production. A spokesman for West- nghouse Corp. estimated that etail freezer prices have in- reased 25 per cent in the lasl wo years, but said his com any was having substantia difficulty meeting retailer de mands. "Inflation gave the freezer msiness a shot in the arm," he aid. "But this is not a short- erm thing. We're In a freezer- ype economy." Fort Smith Pastor Escapes Abductor ; FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) -Bill Fairchild, minister of the Fort Smith Church of Christ, was abducted at gunpoint while working at the church's building Wednesday but later freed himself unharmed, authorities said. The FBI said Wednesday night that William Rowland Roberts, 37, an escaped convict, was wanted in five states in connection with abductions and robberies of various persons, p r i m a r i l y Catholic priests. The FBI also said it wanted to question Roberts about the Fairchild abduction. The FBI said Roberts might be in the Little Rock area and that he was considered armed and dangerous. He was described as white, 6 feet tall and weighing 185 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. Authorities said Fairchild was doing paperwork at the building when a man walked up to him and identified himself as John Price. The man told Fairchild he was an insurance salesman who had moved to Fort Smith from Charleston, W. Va. Officers said the man then allegedly took the minister's wallet. Fairchild said he told the man he had no money and that ban if the same meat were bought separately at supermarket prices. Still, savings can be made in money and convenience, and :iomemakers are snapping up freezers at a record rate. Guenther Baumgart, president of the National Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, says freezer sales this year are running 26 per cent higher than the record level set in 1973, while applJance buying in general is down 6 per cenl this year. "It's concern over higher food prices," Baumgart said "People Ihink they can save by buying in quantity." If the current rate holds, more than 3 million freezers will be sold this year -- twice as many as in 1972. Baumgar said this rate of sales growth i; unmatched since the post-Worle War H demand for refrig orators and washing machines. The association estimates that only one home: in three now has a freezer and manu Bone Implants From Cadavers Saving Teeth ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) -- Bone mplants from cadavers and animals are being used to pre- ent some patients from losing eeth, a Universily of Maryland there was building. no money at the The man allegedly told Fairchild to get some money from church members. The minister said he telephoned two members and obtained about $200. - Police said the abductor then drove Fairchild to King's Row Motel, where the minister was left bound. Fairchild later freed himself and called police. Woodward Dies SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) -- Dr. Carl R. Woodward, 84, president of the Universily of Rhode Island from 1941 until 1958, died Wednesday. He was tht ichool's fifth president. I mates. Former Alderman Begins Sentence CUMMINS PRISON FARM Ark. (AP) -- Former Alderman Don W. Garrrison, 45, of North Little Rock is working in the vegetable house at Cummins Prison Farm sorting and stor ing the farm's garden vege table crops, a Correction De p a r t m e n t spokesman sai( Wednesday. Garrison began a 12-year sen tence at Cummins Sept. 16. H was convicted on charges tha he converted to his own us $30,300 in. assets of the Nort Little Rock Policemen's Pen sion and Relief Fund. Circuit Court Judge Williarr J. Kirby of Pulaski County vyho sentenced Garrison, spec tied that he serve at least fou years of his term before bein eligible for parole. New inmates at Cummin normally begin their stay work ing 60 days on a "hoe squad in the fields, but the doctor wh gave Garrison his cnlranc physical examination recom mended that he not go to wor in the fields, said Tim Baitz. in formation officer for the Co rection Department. Baltz said Garrison was Class 2 inmate -- a step bclov Class 1 or trusty -- and that h lives in a barracks area of th east end of Cummins' mal building along with other Clas 2 and Class 3 prisoners, consid ered maximum security in protect her virginity with her life and it's always her fault. Funny -- she doesn't even blame Jim. He's the one who said he'd drop me if I didn'l do "what every other girl does." Now I've got three choices: I. Get married to protecl my honor (Mom's version) or get away from parents I can't stand (my excuse); 2. Leave home and try to find a job (I'm a high school senior so that would be hard); or 3. Break up with Jim and suffocate at home, as my parents won't trust me out of their sight again. They said, "Once more, and I'll go to reform school." Which? And am I as bad as my folks think? -- L.H. L.H.: I think your parents 'crime" was much worse than yours: They forced you into a situation you weren't able to handle, and now they're blaming you for their mistake. Also, it's too bad there's no law that gives a child the right of privacy. Your diary and your mail should be off limits to anyone but you! Which choice? Tth'e first two would only get you in deeper, more permanent trouble; so go with No. 3 and try to make the best of it. -Sue. Dear L: School (and perhaps a part- time job) will take you away from home nearly half your waking hours. Concentrate on making friends, and enjoy the companionships you have there. Keep thinking, "This part of my life is nearly over -- I can make my own decisions soon." After all, you've weathered 17 years. Is another final one so difficult? And don't give up hope of c h a n g e ! Even stone-rigid parents have been known to improve offered the righl impetus. -- Helen enlist has reported. Dr. Gerald M. Bowers told enlists at the annual meeting f the American Academy of 'eriodontology here that al- hough the professional commu- ity regards the process with ome skepticism, he believes hat "hone graft procedures do vork and can save teeth that ouldn't be saved before." When decay-cauahg bacteria nvade the bone structure which anchors the teeth, fibers attaching teeth and bone are roded, Bowers said. He explained that new tech- Li ques stimulate the bone, ausing new fibers to grow and irovide an anchor for the teeth. In the process, dentists take ive hone cells from animals, he patient's hip or mouth and nip!ant them around the diseased area. Anolher method utilizes pulverized and freeze- dried bones from cadavers for he implants. Dentists do not fully understand how the process works, Jowers added, but theorize the mplants stimulate the old bone nto producing cells or trap one-forming cells into a sup- jortive trellis. Dear Helen And Sue: Is a girl ever absolutely sure she wants to get married? I'm icve -- at least was -- but the sure I'm in I thought I nearer we come to the date, the more chicken I get. Sometimes I look at him and think, "You're giving up your freedom to move around as you please for -- what?" Would you ask your other readers to give me reassurance, or courage, or whatever it takes to really want to walk down that aisle. -- Faltering Dear Faltering: S o m e w h e r e I read ,, description of true love: 'We got married realize another we day only when we couldn't stand of not being married to each other. 1 It's usually not that intense, especially if you've had a long engagement. But if you're doubtful more than a fifth of he time, you'd better seriously examine your reasons for getting married! Comments, readers? -- Helen and Sue Harold Wilson Commenls On Nixon LONDON (AP) -- Prime Minister Harold Wilson says iormer President Richard M. Mixon "destroyed himself by his devotion to the muse of history." Wilson said Wednesday in broadcast interview with David Frost that Nixon wanted the White House tapes io ensure his place in history. "He wanted to have everything recorded that he did, for the sake of history, for the historians," Wilson said. "It might not be published for 100 years and those tapes have ensured for him a place in history the very opposite of what he would have wished." Justice Burger Receives Therapy WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (AP) -- U.S. Chief Justice Warren E. Burger is receiving daily therapy at Williamsburg Community Hospital for injuries he ceived when his bicycle was struck last month by a drag racing auto. Burger, 67, suffered a shoulder separation, five broken ribs and a broken finger in the accident near his home in Arlington, Va. The Supreme Court justice said Arlington police told him he was hit by drag racers. He said the driver of one of the autos was apparently trying to see how close he could come to I the bicycle. Norlhwosf Arkansas TIMES, Thur»., Oct. 3, 1974 rAVITTEVILLC, AMKAN*«S 21 WAL-MART DISCOUNT CITY WAL-MART GIGANTIC Open 9-9 WE SELL FOR LESS Health Beauty Rids DISCOUNT WAL-MART Discount City S A T I S F A C T I O N . G U A R A N T E E D . Southgate Shopping Center COUPON SALE Discount Coupon Wet Ones IDolst Towelettes ones 7O Count WllhThl! Coupon Umlll Expires 10-5-74 Discount Coupon §· St. Joseph ^ flsplfln IOO Tablets "-With This £?/Coupon ' Limit 1 Expires 10-5-74 Discount Coupon COVER GIRL EYES 4 Color Kit With This Coupon limit 1 Expires 10-5-74 Discount Coupon. SECRET Your Choice 13 Oz. Deodorant Or 14 Oz. ftntt-Persplrant Secret With This Coupon limit 1 10-5-74 Discount Coupon DRISTflN Nasal mist 3OccSlze 1 HlttiThli Coupon limit 1 J 15cc's. Expires 10-5-74 Discount Coupon Ultra Ban flntl-Perspirant Reg. OrUnscented i Oz. Size W/thThls I Coupon 'Illmftl Expires 10-5-71 Discount Coupon Noxzema Skin Cream 1O Oz. Size SXIHCfH With This Coupon Limit 1 4Oz. Jar. Expires 10-5-74 Discount Coupon DiGEL LIQUID Antl-GM AntecM DI-GEL Rntl-Gasflntacld 12 Oz. Liquid WHUHIt Coupon Unit 1 Expires 10-5-74 Discount Coupon DESITIN SKIN CARE DESITIN Skin Care (Dedicated Hand Lotion 15 Oz. With This Coupon Limit 1 1O Oz. Size. Expires 10-5-74 Discount Coupon DRISTAN Decongestant Tablets 5O Tablets I /WlthThli oupon limit 1 24's i- -s 10-5-74 Discount Coupon ^PEXCEDRIN Extra Strength Pain Reliever IOO Tablets I With This Coupon limit I Expires 10-5.74 Discount Coupon VITALIS 8 Oz. Dry 3 Or 7 Oz. Liquid Your Choice I Coupon ll^Jlt U»ft1 V Expires 10-5.74

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