Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 1, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1952
Page 3
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Alf» for A, Brtvo for B, Coc» for C--is «j confusing it is dangerous. They advised the pilots to stay · with the familiar old Able-Baker- Charlie routine. , Alphabet Change Not For Good, Pilots Assert Washinglon-IjTVThe Air Torre today ordered its air and ground communications personnel tn be- i gin using a new phonetic alphabet I despite widespread objections that I It isn't as good as the old one. | The nation's two largest civilian : _ .,,, ,., ,,, ,,.., pilot groups and the Navy have i fatalities for th« first half of 1952 refused to accept Ihe new a l p h a - ! have reached 524, with traffic bet, although the Civil Aeronautics taking the largest toll to date. . Admmislralion adopled it April I . I Arkansas State Police reported. The civilian groups are the Air i that 193 lives were lost on Line Pilots Association composed i Kansas highways and streets Traffic Toll I Above Tornado i Deaths In State Little Rock-(7P)-The total known of about 11,000 airline employes. and the Aircraft Owners and Pi'lots Association, to which, about 40,000 private pilots belong. ALPA AND AOPA have In- fnrmcd their members the new ·Iphabet -- which starts out with Ar- riur- ! ing the 2fi~\veek period that ended · Sunday midnight. For th* corresponding period in 1951, 174 traffic deaths -were reported. The March 21 tornadoes rated : the .second spot, taking 110 lives.! Firr claimed 75 lives. ! Forty-two persons drowned; 40 ' died homicide and suicide; three · were killed in hunting accidents,; and miscellaneous causes a c - , counted for 61 deaths. ' oned with Murry c«mp»ifn slogans. Unit T* Attack · Earlier ypslerday. Chancellor .'rancis Chprry toM WPS! Memphis supporters he would "hea! Ihe tar out of Sid M c M a t h " in the . runoff primary. Jack Holt, a Little Rock a t t o r - ney, said he would attack the governor's "w h i I e washing" at would "tell the t r u t h about Mc- Mountain Home today. He said he Math statement t h a t all r u ad jobs had r?one to the lowest bidder." Mc.Vlath is expected to r e t u r n loday from Houston, Texas, to at- nn President Truman's dedica- I tion of Bull Shoals ann Uorfork · clams tomorrow. ' Hiln At Murry In Morrilton yesterday Rep. Boyd Tackett, a n o t h f r candidate, ^said Hurry's criticisms ot M c M a t h iwere "liki the pot c a l l i n g the kettle black." Moves To Enid *? long-Disfance Swimmer Stalled By Porpoise Avalon, Catalina Island. Calif.-! f ^P)-A porpoise interfered with j attempts of Roy Suiter. 38, a ' Texas chicken rancher, to swim the Catalina Channel earlv todav. LEADS OFF FOR COP-Walter Hallanan, of Chartaton, W. Va., hai bctn chot*n as temporary chairman of the Republican N i t t o n « l Convention; which optra in Cblc««o, July 7. ion. Brooklyn, 12. PITCHING-Roe, Brooklyn, 7-0; lnd r,, lnfi St . Uujs . j. Majlie. New York, 11-2; Brazle, . umur oiriuo n u St. Louis. 5-1. HOME RUNS -- !rrn. N?w American L*agu« RATTING - Rrwn. Cleveland ..1.12; Fain. P h i l a d e l p h i a . .333, Kell. Hoslnn. .320 RUNS--DiMaRRi-ii, Bnslmi. anrl A v n l i . Cleveland. 44, Rosen, Cleveland. 43. HUNS BATTED IN -- Rosen, rlovrlaml. 47: Moby, Cleveland, 13, Primmon, Chicago, and Drnpn, Detroil, 42. HITS--Fnx, Chirauo. 8S; Rob- insnn, Chicago. 81; Rnsen, Cleveland. R3 nOtmi.ES.-Pridrly, Dc'.roll. 21; Vmion. W.-ishiiiKtnn, I f i ; Rnlinson, C'hirnilo. 17. TR1PI.F1E -Yniliis. SI. I.miiv (I; Slmpjon. Cleveland, and Riven York. 12: Avila, Rivera, St. Louil, and ,/iMa Washington. *. York. IS; Wert?. ivtrnii, 14; PITCHING--Shantz, PhllMtat Rosen. Cleveland, and Dropo. De- nhia. 13-2: Marrero, ~ troit. 13. STOLEN BASES- l i w t i t n . N e w ' I . , i-2; Raschi. New York, Piift. ··£? ' * , . and Shea. Wajhinrton IL NOTICE We will be closed at 1.00 July 3, and All Day July 4th and 5th. Bob's Studio ! Tacket said M u r r y had "failed f, rnrn ." ;lrt '" nssislan l m a n a j o r nf l a n d refused" to prosecute f o l l o w - I "' s Drv (""""Is store. C u i s i n e - i l i n g revelations of ihe Highway I e r lvni ' k TM in the men's d e p a r t - ! British Officer Chosen To Work With Clark London - t/P] - The government announced today it has chosen a A u d i t Commission and "U just as derelict of his duty as the governor he criticizes." SNAFU AT-- CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE fore our soldiers believed and. in my judgment, rightly believed, national Leagu. mcnl at Hum's storr- in F n v c t t p ville for I h p past three and one- h a l f year.,. His wif.- and f a m i l y arcomnanicd him to Kmd. Major League Leaders (By The AMAriated Pre«s) that in the conduct of this war you must protect those men who are _ | fighting and dying on the front. "senior British officer" tn become i "' mention thai because I t h i n k deputy chief of staff for Gen. i i ( . i s m . v duty to do it, and not BATTING--Muslal. St. Louis. .336; Robinson, Brooklvn, 321- Marshall. C i n c i n n a t i , .321'. RUNS--Lock-man. New York, 53: Robinson, Brooklvn, 51; Rec=c, 1 t 4 . . . . . . " U C 7 ^ U l * l l U n ' M M H I l I . , . * j ^ . , . , . . - - - - . · . . . - . . . . - . . . , sutlerj5lunf:ed m t o ^ i h e ocean jit M a r k C l a r k ip Tokyo Selwyn ' w i t h any desire In engage in any f rc "? kl . v . n . nnrl Homiis and Musial. : Lloyri, minister of state in the i internal controversy in Greal _; J ."i" s l 4 I; · 3 a. m.. (CST) and started his attempt to swim 41 miles to the Southern California mainland f o r , a prize of S2.000. But his handlers agreement, told a House of Com- | Britain." mons .the appointee had'been ap- , . .. , . ., . , ! proved by the United States and i Bl * Stt " Gain Seen reported that a h a l f hour af er ,,,, c o m m o n w e a l t h BO vernments i New York-(/P)-Retall sales the start, when lie was- twn milo "I:.? J°,n»'*' t . riJ . ! l S "). te L^; P«Wlc in the near future. l a n d thai his name would be made ' J u l y will total $12,200,000,000, for knocked him three feet out of the Carried in Stock for Your Convenience -- Immediate Deliver)- -- Since 191J FLINT STEEL C O R P O R A T I O N PHONE 2 - 2 U I TULSA. OKLA. Llovd said B r j ( a i n had a six per cent sain over the like month last year, Sales Manage. . w a t e r His trainer. J i m my : . i d e n , d carefu |j v - whelher ln ask ment Magazine forecast loday. |Crowell. said Sutler s right sioc , nr repreeentation on the United | . i , w ? s injured The swirimer was N a t i o n s delegation conducting Ihe ' Not white, not wneat, not tit. taken anoard the pilot boat and ; K( , rea ,,., Jce , alks at P a n m u n j o m i out a flavor blend of all three- I rr-lurnrd to 1 trp.atmpnt. Catalina Island for Delegate Switches To Camp Of Eisenhower bul decided against it. MURRY LASHES-- Romin Mtil Mrtaa. 11-19-t? 9 ) DOUBLE EEN STAMPS CONTINUED FROM PAr.E DM would he placed. \ 5. Public competitive bidding ; Wilmington. Del. - iff*} - Another on all state purchases under sup-! Delaware rielpcalp tn the Renuhli- ervision of a purchasijng apent j ran National Convention switched named by the Fiscal Control ! His all^^ianris today from Sen. Board. j Rnhrrf A. Taft and announced fi. Completion or the Highway ; support for Gen Dwight D. Eiscn- ! A u d i t through June, 1C53, and an- hnu-cr. Thf shift was the second nual highrvay audits thereafter by of its kind in the state within 12 a commission designated by the .hours. The Assoriated Press poll -M j legislature. the delegation now shows six 7, Restoration to schools of favoring Eisenhower, five for Taft ! funds diverted in 1949. and one unannounced. I a. An industrial expansion pro" * i g r a m "which will entail eventual Hot In Englxm* ' e l i m i n a t i o n of the double taxation Lnndon-r/P)-Europe sot another ! low in )posed by the stale income dn. w of hot weather todav. British .'"V^, °" Men } :ncom ^ l TM iudgcs doffed t h e i r traditional ' 9- Publicity on "essential facts white wigs. This wa; a special . a n d ( f ' K r u r f ( re3atin .B to mana^- roncession to the 9n-rie*ree heat i menrfl °f stale agencies and acluai j from the Lord Chief Justice. {"*??* ? f a " P^«s °f government. -- * I in. A amendment American i l i m i l ' n e t e n u r e °' governors to ! Kect n* : Ihr Ttnn with the time.--read RUNS BATTED IN--Sauer, Chi cago. and Thomson, New York, 62; Campanclla. Brooklyn. 52. HITS--Musial: St. Louis, 8fi; Adams, Cincinnati, flj; New York. H I . DOUBLES -- Williams. New York, 18; Miksis. Chicago, and Schoendienst. St. Loui? 17. TRIPLES--Thomson, New Ywk, and Ennis, PhllMdlphli, «; Jtth- roe. Bmton, and Mueller. New i York. 5. HOME DUNS--Saner, Chkjgo 20: Hodge=. Brooklyn, and Thomson. New York, li. STOLEN BASES-Rees?. Brooklyn. M: .Ic-throe, Boston, 13; H o h - ' KENTUCKY SmtGHT BWR60H Given Wednesday, July 2 AlcKeeban's New York-OTl-Thf """ ; " t1 " I t w o termi ni! indti?trv is spending more lhan ,. . '' ... fo;ir billion dollars on expansion .'^j^ ·'·'ailing this year to be able to m a i n t a i n : nf r ] n ^J^,f nnr ^ an adequate supply of petroleum products for civilian and military use. Keep ·* witk tk« Item ntt m* TIMES dillt. CENTEB 18 E. CENTER Look For th« Nam On iht GiMn Front. FOK DELICIOUS 5ALAD5 DRESSING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT'- £*f titMftfort ~ " · \t WONOtRFUlLYOtLICIOUS v MO W OH SMC AT YOU* period between announcement and effective dale of clemency orders "sc as to allow time for protest." 12. Opening of welfare rolls for inspection. 13. "A sound, honest govern| mental base for Arkansas's economic growth; honorable, experi- j enced men and women on boards i and commissions and in top ad- I minislralive positions." Murry was Inlrqduced by Harold A. Young of North Little Kock, chairman of Ihe Citizens Committee for Murry, The speech was broadcast over a 21-station network, j The crowd was estimated by | North Little Rock police at 4,000 persons. Fordyce. Ark., Women for Murry Club members mingled in the crowd wearing whit* dresses and carrying white umbrellas emblaz- Who Gives Green Stamps We Do! MK««han' Fabric Crtnr»r tl Ent Ctnttr Johnion'i Flint ind Wtllpipir Start 19 North Block Si. Hilton IrM. DrlT-ln Fumltur* Start Hwr. 71 Horth T«wn Campus MEN'S WEAK Oiuk ThMtr* Bid* Unwr Irw. $h*t Item Fairway Orottry 411 R. Colltg* Gknn'i Dairy (HouH to haul* diliT«ry Phon. IIO-W-4 Otark Cl««h«n 101 north Block St. Hfln0n · Scnficv Ktwtivfi PrlMdlr Ovll StitrM 11 llorlh Coll«t* MctfyM«N*ir rir*M«Ttll« Mnthif C*. BM|N'I J«w»l«n 14 Eui Cmtn Meera'i Gift Shop » north Block SL Fairway Hardwarf 110 Mill SL Wafiantr'i laktry IN WtU CHIIM St Quaker Dru| Star* tl Em Cwilir St. South IM* aVnar* Ratal) *IM* CASH tain Only Ml N*rtk Coll** yMr S4H Cram Snms« M HM Cimtar, first in Fayettevill* A Special Purchase! Extra dollars in your purse . , . a smart coat wrapped about you, come Fall ... by taking advantage of our early savings jamboree on the newest, handsomest, most quality-wise coats of the '52-'53 season. Hurry in. Share in this fabulous special purchase, today! 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