Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on July 1, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 1, 1952
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PAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily IOCA1 KMKAST-- \ r«yi!!i«vij}« jlrtd TlelnJfy o r ' y \ ·tr/u'lv with widely K« tiered ::'.v./.-i- \ anil tomorrow Continue i » arm Tear* of ram Hifh ffm«f»- t u r f y r « r d « y »?: low *7: n«oa todiy K! Sunrlw 3 07; lurmt 7.JT. Tfc« Public Interest f« Tfce F/r»f Concern Of Tfc/i Ntwtpaptr VOiUME 90, NUMWR 291 Prms UaMd Wir* Wickard Honor · Guest Speaker At REA Session Morning Session Includes Registration Of 893 Persons A large crowd gathered at th? »nnual meeting of Ozarks Electric Cooperative here today to hear an 250 Sign Up For Classes In Swimming j Big Hed Cross-sponsored swirn-' ming classes will be held in Fay- ctteville starting tomorrow. That v/as idicated yesterday morning i when resistralion was held at t h e 1 City Park swimfning pool. Two j hundred and 50 persons registered j during the hour from JO to 11 j a. m., and signed up to take be-| ginner and intermediate courses. I Courses for swimmers will be held | address" by "REA^Admini'sTrator Iatc . r ' La . st *" r approximately 75 Claude R. Wickard, at the Fair I rcgistcred - Herman Tuck, Jr., is j Grounds. Registration of members totaled 893 at noon. f-AYtTTJVIUt. AUKANSAS. TUESDAY EVCNINO, MY I, 1»5J AP, Kinfl and NtA FMtum U.A. To Continue Work In Panama HttCI WVI CINTS of the program. A second life-saving course is j ^^3^f?i°?^^,^i^. : b !_^ a ': lcd J mdcr . Red ?TM*iThe University has agreed lo an extension of the , and _ demonstrations bv 'l-H'ciub'niem- i h^/f^r" 1 "' "i"! 1 ' -' TM' SS M^ I !' f a rro " ram of teaching, research, and extension in agriculture and .' b=rs and a puppet show illustrat- ?, asll ""?» Jul v '· . M1 « «'?'! »°TM economics in that Central American country. The new con- ! ing rural electrification co . op | M=gee, of Jo,)lm. who is attending, tract is expected lo be signed in Washington todav. Shown here! policies and problems. I classcs l n l s summer at the Urn- i ; r ounii the conference table are four ol the officials who worked ' Appearing on the 4-H program ! vcr _ sll '- wl " be instructor for tnc out final details for extending the program. They arc left to ri"ht rvere Sveline and Caroline Watkins of Tahlequah, Okla.: Owen Odell and Ernest Shankle of Tahlequah; Helen Mae Starr and Sonja Alderson of Adair County Okla.: Nancy Reed and Shirley Mhoon of Fayettcville, and Jimmy Estes and Joe Dunn of the White- Rock club. j The afternoon session was to be i called to order by Shannon Pharr.! president; with Harry L. Oswald, j executive manager of Arkansas j State Electric Co-Op, introducing ! Wickard. Award of service pins was to be made by Managcr Chester F. Williams. After reports by officers and the . manager, election ot board mem- . bers was scheduled. : . | Applications For TV Stations Are Sorted j women. Tuck wil have four water s a f e - I d Truman All Set For Appearance In Arkansas Major Address Is Arranged At Site Of Bull Shoals Dam Dean Lipperl S. Ellis, of the College of Agriculture; Key M. Hill', Little Rock-Wl-Prcsident Tru- President Gives Congress Scolding, But Signs Bill Controls Put Two Escape Injury contract -cctor, division of agriculture and n a t u r a l resources. Institute of j man arrives here today for . . . . - - - · M . . ^ L U I , uiwaiun 1,1 «ei n . u i i m c anu n a t u r a l resources, institute of man arrives nere Today lor · y helpers and six assistants for! | n t cr- American Affairs. Washin s lon, D. C. ; Dr. R. H. Walker, n s - i scheduled 22-hour visit in Arkan- the classes, the Red Cross report- · sistam director of the office of forcisn agricultural relations, U.S.D.A., sas. The president will dedicate ed today^ The classes get under | Washington, D. C.; and John R. Nealc. country director. Institute of Bull Shoals and Norfork dams In way at 1(1 a. m., tomorrow, at the Inter-American Affairs, Lima. Peru. The University has a staff of I Northern Arkansas tomorrow, de- Lay 1 a r k P°ol. nine specialists stationed at Divisa. Panama It is hnnri^rf ,,,-, i,,, liverln^ onn momr a/^TMc« nn* .line specialists stationed at Divisa, Panama. It is headed up by Or. H. P. Bartholmew, former associate director of the Arkansas f , I I T Agricultural experiment station. ipringdalelo j MnkMarkeljng A^AppikaiionTOer Celebrate With Taken Under Consideration In Washington Rodeo 01 Ozarks Festivities Open Tonight With Dance Following Barbecue Washington - (.T) - The Federal: Communications Commission to- ] day began sorting out 315 appli- · Springdale-(Special)-Springdale cations for new television out- took on a festival air today de- lets, with prospects some may re- ' spite oppressive heat as it waited ccive grants before the end of the | for the first event in the eighth month. ; annual Rodeo of the Ozarks--a i --' This v/as the first step toward a i Westcrn-slvlc barbecue complete resumption of grants which FCC | with Southern-style strawberry suspended in October. 1948, in or- ; shortcake. Washington-f/IVThc application 'project. The f i n a l decision rests nf Fort Smith milk producers lu w i I h Secretary of A g r i c u l t u r e jcslablish a milk marketing area ' Brannan. has been slated for early action However, Bninnan, in n confcr- j h y the - A g r i c u l t u r e Department. :.nce w i t h Arkansas senators and I The m a r k e t i n g agreement branch Representative Trimble, s.iir] Kay! of t h e A g r i c u l t u r e Department's etteville could establish its own .j d a i r y division already has rccom- marketing a i e u , ;tnd then il later i mended t h a t ·,, referendum be cculd be combined adminislra- provided for t h e establishment of :tivc:v with Fort Smith 'he area, hut the FayetteviHe a r e a ! The etfec. of a m a r k e t i n g area was not included. is to establish a m i n i m u m price Fa.vcttevillc milk priducers h a v e ; v hicb milk producers would re- asked to be included in the reive from m i l k handlers. Into Effect Under New Law Ignores Provision Asking Him To Use Toft-Hartley Act der to create 70 new channels and deal with interference problems. The chuck wapon party, spon- i sored by the Springdale Riding Murry Lashes Governor And Wa.'.rington.i/Pi-President Tru- ni;tn s.nd tu;lav the nrw economic controU law "weakens our n b l l j t v | lo hold down prices and stabilize ! our economy." I In a statement. Truman In rffeet . scolded Congr-Ms for not sivin* | him the stronger powers he asked, · and struck particularly at Drovi- | sinus l i m i l i n c the Wage Stabilization Doaid to advisory powers in Ihp future. The change as to the Wage Board. T r u m a n said, "destroy* th" existing system without providing any substitute." I _ In this re:.pect. he said "the Two Washington County men escaped i n j u r y about fi 4 t h i s morn- " 1(r , rOSS h!15 oncnrrt " dangerous ing w h e n this swlail collided with a p i c k u p ' t r u c k two miles'wcst of : K °Trumii "' I ; ' tion nrol rarn " dale said Leonai 'if Pia'iialtn "l-fat n'rn^c"] wa^dr"'.'^ Vis^in' ''"he h'-',' 0 " 1 ""' "' '''* * iev " m tllc ncw redan followins Kurlr BaRgr"". Ml. ,-,!o of Ro'ii't,- I. i:, .-, p'.diup. l i e 1 point 'did ho'mc'Sn'a^vhinn said Ilagget. a t t e m p t e d a I c f l t u r n off the h i g h w a y juM iis I'lanallo requesting him to invoke the T u f t , attempted to pa.'.-. Oam.-iM In t h e | ,I;,M.-II-!OI i-.-ir w;iy cslimatrvl nl i Hartley act in an effort to end $4.111. .Damage to Iho truck was a p p r o x i m a t e l y $1011. (Dovlc llcm.lcv tlle slcl?l s t r i k e , photo). " " ' | The new law continues for 10 - . . - . . . . i months powers t o curb wages. prices, and rents and to allocate scarce materials. But some of th«e powers nre whittled down Instead of strengthened ar Truman had asked. He also had requested a two-year extension of controls instead of the 10 montht Consren ,o. « i L , i ,nicni.-ii,-in.i; piuuivni.s. sored ov me aprmgaaie Hiding I M^ ·% f^ m Under the procedure announced j Club opens at 6 o'clock this after- . l.QVS UOWH FTOOfOtn' ClVH^r when t h e commission ended t h e - noon a t the Springriale City Park. ! / mtfym^mmmff '^^^··Vl thrce-and-onc-half-year-old freeze I and lasts until S o'clock. R i d i n g 0* ·· I m*. m ^* li *£!!· ,1's. ^?«TMu!^^!^! -TM? b . c ?.^ vc ..' i . rovidc r Candidates Push Campaigns , ave p r o v e be given those areas which have pounds of meat for the occasion. . , never bad any TV service and to Following the barbecue, a square I ' nrvcr naa any i v service and to Following the barbecue, a square I those communities which will p i o - j dance contest and street d a n c e ' Little Rock - iff 1 } - Ally. Gen.* " · ^ neer the use of the ultra high lie- · will be staged on the roped-oft' '"" e Murry, Democratic candidate -- _ fluency UHF channels. ' streets of the business district I' o r governor of Arkansas, lashed TMHAV V/Vnv^nA · Tomorrow the m a i n events of o u t a t Governor MeMath in his |K||U! jODrflllO Eiilkviflkl Ufill ltl..J i the rodeo w i l l get under wav a t i o f l i c i a l "P rmrl S laK: last night at "^"""f »w|»n«iiw rUIDilynl Will AlienQ \ m a . m.. with the n^t or 'tw 0 : N o r t h Lillli Rwk - !! = ^^ the parades through the business riis-governor's contest "the case of I k c ' T , . C!---- A l II A trict. Almost a dozen riding clubs 1 1% " urr - v v(irsl " S i f l n r " M e M a t h , " ; I Q \l\\n 111 II fl from other towns arc expected to ;md E 3 l d hfl nllcd " lvas illc 3-ii for , · " ^illj| ftt Wl fti participate in the parades. A va- slalc officers or employes lo sell ! Fulbrignl Will Attend Mountain Home Event Washington «P| Senator vie I l M r l i r i P a t e in tn(1 parades. A va- ciSMMw^'hc wm: ::^^^-±!;r^:f]--^ %ade v,nrndii Lj-rtiit; saia ioaay nc w i n ; . · ., :. . ," · be unable to attend dedication ·· in Siloam Springs Frontier Days i iplo t h e state and his opinions. it hazardous for the ad- ccrcmoni'es tomorrow at"two "big \ P aradc w ' ] l also roll in the two ' niinislrat.on to continue its pur- reservoirs in Arkansas. He noti | features. chasms rackets. fied Thomas B. Tinnon, president i Thcfirst a c t u a l rodeo perform- ! He said, 'Thci of the Mountain Home, Ark., I ance is sc Chamber of Commerce, that be-1 morrow a ·si a c t u a l rocleo p e r f o r m - , TM sain, i ncy scheduled for 8 p. in., to- j v/ ' ln the infamous at Ihe rodeo gioumls. The ' 19S1-" Concert Scheduled At Arts Building Fulhright scholarship then came up . Act 242 of foreign study has been awarded lo Paul Knowles, tenor, who with his livering one mnjor address two minor speeches durinff his brief tour. He is scheduled to arrive In Little Rock at 6:30 p. m. He \viI1 leave for Norfork. in the extreme , north contra! section or the state, : about 7 p. m. f aboard a Fpccial I train. : Two Arkansas member. 1 ; of Coni Kress. Secretary of the Army ; Frank Pace. Jr.. Presidential Ad- j visor John R. Steelman, Sccrclarv , ! of the Senate Leslie Biffin--all j Arkansons--are to accomnany the i ! president on the trip. Thf con- ! | cressmcn a r e Representatives , Mills and TrimWr. One of the three mountain- towns which 1he president will visit. M o u n t a i n Home, has more t h a n doubled its population j-ince I f l 4 l when construction was M a i t ! ed on Norfork dam. It has a popu- ; lation of 2.217, compared w i t h , 9'.!7 in 1940. Flinpin and Cotter, l nearer to the almost completed : Bull Shoals dam, also have ponu- i lation increases. Flippin now has i some 646 residents, comnared with j 332 in 1940; Cotter has 1,083, com! pared with 903. i Plans Auto Tour i The president's train will arrive at Norfork, Ark., near the dam area, about'2 a. m., and pull onto a siding for the remainder of the night. Mr. Trumin begins An auto tour of the wooded mountainous -^..,.. region about A:f5 a. nr tomorrow j the nominee. ! Rroup" ab a ndon" s Us" favorite son j »re« The'pViciTof inTlk "wiU go nnd pulls up to the Bull ShoaJs "I t h i n k he should." Kcrr said, j hacking of Son J William Ful ' U P-" I dedication area a). 1:30 p m . "and I would be surprised if he bright of Aikansas. to whom i t s ! ' Gov. Sidney McMalh is to d e - . didn't." , 2 4 voles , ir(1 n f ) W led H · l i v e r a welcoming address. Clyde-, ' - . . -. . . . ' * i Ellis, former Arkansas fonRiess- · man and now executive director i of the National Association nf ! Rural Electric C'oonerative?, w i l l · My to Springfield, Mo., today and drivp to M o u n t a i n Home by auto- There'll Be No "Draft" At Party Convention, Kerr Says; He'll SeeHupport Of Truman L i t t l e R o c k . Ark -MVSeii. Hub- i Asked if he though the president · ,, 1V . nrl ert S. Kerr ruled nut the would p l u n k his political hat foi ,. O ntiols hu-i-inlrrHlla«l*n.ll!II hi b i l i t y or , " d r a f t " at Ihe Demo- him. Kerr quipped- "Well, I'm : T r u m a n declared the bill e r a t i c n a t i o n a l convention later w i l l i n g I may encourage him "Open, the way fnr Increases mis m o n t h . a | om , ,,,.,, iint . r m a v cv( , n ,,,, , 0 (n r c n t s , 01 . 50mc f [ x m i[|j on (, m . hairt Kcrr: "The Democrats lar as tn suggest it to him." But he : "l'« " the r»nl estate lobbies «re arcn I going to d r a f t anybody. | lidded quickly his remarks were ! ?^ e l " forestall positive action by Whoever the nominee is. i l ' l l be not a prediction, "ju«l an cxprcs- ; ioc1 '' bod i c '-" - L " · - · · · · T h e housewife will b e exposed someone who's after the job." sion of hope." . The Oklahoma senator, himself . Kcrr was in L i t t l e Rock to seek candidate lor the nomination.; the support of the Arkansas dele- said he is convinced President i Button to in* convention. He said Truman will attempt to make his I he hoped the delegation would mfluchce felt In the selection o r ! support him if and when the to higher price! on fully 20 per cent of h«r market basket" by removal of price controlt from all fruits and vegetables, fresh, canned and frozen. 'It Is very likely that- In many Admiril Insists Rerfs mobile. He will appear on the pro-1 ' n m Mr. Truman will speak from a Traffic Campaign Is Pushed Understand Force Only By Police, Speeders Caught " - - ' · t ··- · · · " , ·· "·· v im in.-i | in i . i i u n i i i n w i n hpcdK i rnrn n parade will be led by a Marine The a t t o r n e y general said he wife. Adrians, will be presented Platform overlookinc the Bull ,,,,...,«·. Corps color guard composed o f ; had whipped -the MeMath c r o w d " ' in :. concert at the University A.'f; i Shoals dam and lake, which is ! i 0 break Marine nnn conn; frnm SnrmnHolii in f/ mitl*n..,,,.. n u^.-:..-- t :., . /-* .-._ ^.. . . ,. .. . . . * I 1 . - j . _ . . . A n n n n n A m-ai^ cause of legislative duties he cannot make the trip. He asked that Senator Fulbright (D-Ark) ., '-' ,, -- - - - - _ · · · ··· i-,-- w ...^. ^ l v ,,. u ,,, ,. ^WIILI.-! L m UK.- umvcrsuv mi-; represent him nn the program Marine non corns from Spnncdale. in court on the purchasing act in- : Center Concert H u l l tonight at 8 McClellan's decision reduced t o ' Llttle Rock a " d F " rt Smith. Three . tcrprctation. when he recovered o'clock. Knowles is the latest w i n - commotion. Norfnrk cost some three the number of Arkansas con- j bands wl11 march in the naradc. : money originally intended as a ncr of the Metropolitan Opera ! $28,000,000 Both dams were built srcssmen who will make the trip ' Thursday's events will begin citizens' contribution for road im- Auditions of the Air He has sunc ' from Washington--Fulbright and with a sunrise breakfast at L a k e . provemcnt, but which wound up I with the Philadcloh'ii Orchil,-, ^^l^ir^^ 3 "^ 1 "^! 1 :^ 1 ^^'- .-!""* ^:i" ! he ' 95 ° W'* -nipai^iBolrs^rrr U,e° r HSnde, Representative Tackett. who is i clubs and "rodeo performers'"The f u n d . Ss^ow* r 'ra r ns g ro e b"°on'hand: i ' Prri r a e C e Ridi T S H C1Ub ^ S ^"- i *'" ° U ' P "«TM i_ u . sor the event. The second rodeo The attorney ceneia performance will be at 8 p. m. a i; per cent cut in state "admin: - _ un niaay. the second parade . i s t r a t i v e costs if he is elected qov- j chestra Society of New York . will be staged at 4 p. m., following ernor. Other points stressed were: ! Mrs. Knowles, a mezr.o-soprano A D ^ f - ^ I k ' 1 ' 4 - ' h = 2 : M P - m . rodeo performance, j I. A S50.000.000 highway con- has been soloist in many musica' A r O S S I D l l l t y ! T n c f l n a l Performance will begin, struction program - without new ' 'Canned' Suits J;mri Haydn Oratorio Society and I the American Broadcasting "Sym- promiscd phony, as well as three Town H a l f performances with the Little Or- Bj- FLOVD fARI,, JR. · City police mot v:ith increased success : a st night in their drive up organized speeding in I-Hyetteville. Three men w e r e ; arrested on speeding charges-, - one when he was caught r a c i n g 1 for flood control and electric pow- around the Squaie -- and K,-o er generation purposes. | n u,ers were arreMed for operatin" ' The president's sncech from this cars w i t h o u t proper m u f f l e r s . ; vantage point will be broadcast A , the c - mn i · rr nationally and has been billed as j.iv \-iolator 1 ; conlin' ·'] 1 a major address. leased accident ''·'""«' ( '~ T«-o Appeinncn Planned · ~ U F t . . . , .111 U L I I U I 1 J J l U ^ l ( t i l l V.I 111! at 8 p. m., and will be frtlowed by j bonds--in 1953 and 1951 ' a fireworks display. In The Future Washington-^-You ..._,, writing 3'our favorite haberdasher i Pusa ". Kon . , ... _ . _. one of these days for a can of Scconri Logistical Command today double-breasted blue flannel coat · said 61 P ers °ns were killed with two cans of trousers to i S u e r r i l l a s in m a y bc ! Guerrillas Kill 61 1 Pusan, Knrea-OP)-The ,,- res ( o \ ciiii-; ,, , , - · . , - -. the month of ./unc. Thev showed Following a luncheon and puh- a sna ,. p incnllfe O V c,-".lune of lie fish fry, Mr. Truman will 1051 . Last month police inve.sti- ^ -.. , boarri hls l r a l n for Newport, m a k - ! K a t e d 39 accidents inside the c i t v nertormances in Boston and New | '"K a short 'whistle stop" speech j limits. During th York. When only 17, she received: 3 ' Batesville, Ark., en T,,,i e A t . m o n t h a year ago only - scholarship to the Berkshire ! Newport, the president will m a k e i d c n t s were reported. Four persons, one a young girl Madison Fanner Dies In Wreck Crushed Beneath Overturned Car n.-.n R . i r r c - n . S5, Huntsvillc' (armor, ws.s killed about 11:30 ycatcrdrjv n.ornmR when the car cniTcspnuding- '" which he: v/as a passenger lost a whoe! ;ind turned over north of j Hiintsvillc on Hi«hway 68. Sutc Trooper Carl White of Tokyo-i/l'j-Ri'ar Adm. Ruthven K. Libby, retiring U.N. armistice talks delegate, said today the Communists will "holler uncle" in Korea only after the Allies "hurt them militarily." Libby Raid he does not expect an early settlc- ! ment. j He told the Pacific Stars ind I Stripes the Hcds don't want an · armistice "simply because they I arc not being h u r t bad enough. I They only understand twee." I The 51-year-old admiral leaves' ' lodyy aboard the USS Anderson, lie will report to Washington for icuxsignmcnt. U. S. Teachers Want i Federal Help, '. Not Control 2. Reorganization of the Fiscal ' . ^....^ . _ , ,,. Control Board. ! Music Festival, where she m e t ' a short spcech'before boarttinR his · 3 Establishment of an inde- ' Paul Knowles. Later both received ! P^ne for Washington. pcdesTmn" we'rc""inju r 'ed"1 a%'i Fayeneville aid Barren waifrid- pendent Mate comptroller's o f f i c e . . scholarships to the New England i Other Washington dignitaries ! month ompaeTv'.th no persona j "« in : ' l '-TM m.Jcl Ford »ed, n ' responsible to the F.scal Control i Conservatory of Music. Scones accompanying Mr. Truman in- i ln]uri( . s in ' Jui ^' o ' f i as " ye'r . d r i v e n hv hi., «,,,, Goldman Bar- ' De.roit-l/Pi-Thc National Edu....- b y : B o a , r d c ' r n o't? d 0 f . l h c «° V t '" 1 0 r i. i f "TM°P"as and operettas will be; dude: | The number of arrestf'also rcr, 27, also of liumsvillc when "^" Associations classroom cans of trousers to i S^rnuas m a train attack June ,*.; ^, n °,"°J \ tK «1«cHon j ' « "red on the.r pro Rr .-,rn at | hc ; Secretary o the Intenor Oscar climbed. This June, 10 drivers ·'· «'he,-l came off two miles north twchors are on record today as match. i 24 in Southwest Korea. The dead i "^ '" " u '"' h . s ' nm ^ abovc ! " n ! vcrs ! v ' Almission w , l l be by . Chapman; Matthew Connelly, sec- were arrested in accidents, three "' Hunl.w.ll,-. The car skidded 150 """Sing speedy enactment of fed- Thc Air Force already has gone ' i n c l u d c lwo American soldiers. I CON-HNUE^ON PAGE TOR"^ ' carriTrfr ,^ , nTM w"'"' 1 ""' 0 " i Shn,7 ih, nr»ciSTMf' d0nt: Jascph j ?" ' l r u n k c n "Inving charges anri '«!. M . u c k a culvert and over- «·'! aid. "without federal In for canned clothing. The Air "" " " ' Sma ; " rr "-""' n trc 'Materiel Command announced ! yesterday that 5,148 varieties and sizes of uniforms, underwear, shoes and other items worn by i Snafu At Home, Says Acheson To British In 'Explaining" Bombing Without Proper News The car si .,.,.,., ,.. l l l t tufMui-m; joscpn'o., drunken driving charges and l«t. .·.t.uck a culvert and ovcr- j Short, the presidents press s c c r c - j f o u r for running stop signs. Dur- '"'"H. The elder Barren was tary; Mai. Gen. Harry Vaughn, i i n g all of June. 1951. only Ihree miMied b e n e a t h the machine military aide. Rear Admiral R o b - D r i v e r s were arrested, two for The son and a second pas-ieneer ert 1 Dennisor.. naval aide to t h e ; d r u n k e n d.ivin,, and the third for Jam-:. H.,vc" 20 of HunlsCfl"' ! P B n g . n O e n . Hunter Harris, act- | "^ n'CTM^.", no, V rol: n inded ^"^ J!v ^^ ^ TM i ing Air Force aide; Maj. Gen. youngsters fell off la:;t night as - - - ' . - _ _ Wallace H. Graham, thr presi-1 is usually the case on M o n d a v . dent's physician, and Lt. Gen. j Police don't believe they rm'c dent's physician, and Lt. Gen. j Police don't believe they hive SnlHipr Of ^rn»af»a Lewis A. Pick, chief of A i m y E n - | broken up organized racing, and C W ' u r « v erte i In Korea Is Wounded will continue t h e i r effort; clothing packages. General Motors To Begin Idling Workers airmen are being packed in drums ff for. shipment overseas. Later clothing may bc canned for shipments in the U.S. Officials said the air-tight con- Mv n i ru , DC-ACIC^V .,-, talncrs are cheaper and offer more ,,, *' DRE W PEARSON Shouldn't the British n o v e r n m e n t ! Defends Bombing nrntrf-tinn t h a n anv nthrr tvn^ nf \\asnmgton--1 hjs columnist h.'is n n v c been informed or consulted 1 .«». rtotWnTrackaVs boen Mc to obtai " "e full text of .about t h i s ? ' " " ; · N TM '«" ^ me whether t h i : the so-called ''apology" given by! "To that, my answer woulrt be was a P r °P er action. To t h a t 1 .Secretary of Slate Dean Acheson.'Yes.' It should have been' in- sa '-' 'Yes. a \ e r y proper action regarding the bombing of hydro- 'deed, it was our intention to do i t . ' a n essential a c t i o n 1 It wcs l-,Ven ; electric dams on Ihe Yalu H i v c r . M ' !·'· only ns t h e result of what ,,,, ,,.:,,. ', " : It shows that Acheson gave an I ' " '" l ' «· ^ known as a ' s n a f u ' , ^"fi^ planTM four , f ^ ' h i ' h ! explanation rather than apology, j h a l r ' u were not consulted about wcrc , a r rcmr ;. pr , f l n»irr,ii i IT, r n i M i " nd dld " ol rvcn a d m i l t l i a l Ihc . frontier one of which v, , jjcuoii - 1/1 i - u t n c r d l .\loiors jj r ui s n i lll( | a n "absolute lichl" t o ' ' a m SUI ' C ln;i1 - vnu 'fe wholly 1 trnnt,^ \n n i, j 1 , " ,""1 """' """"i '"«·· u»t.ii y-'ar , ···""". "i nuwi. corporation announced today it bc consuUcn . 1Icrc is , no , ,, · inexperienced in England with ,^" , . ] · , . . , . ,, , ,, " " ' h o m b c d . TMded yesterday. Ohn S. Godwin, m i l n i g h t . hut all I I p a i a c h u l e d will suspend most p r o d u c t i o n - t e x t of exactly what he M i d - I nwernmont errors. We, unlorlun- h ,r, i,i n H - ., b!c ' 1usc - t h e y , acting A r k a n s a s collector of in- ^ f r l y . Shc.itf Rob I.e.,,v n, "If I dicress for n moment I a "'' v ' }me h; ' d mnr(1 ' a m i l i a r i t v wished m nreT" ,i' "" ^' l "" at Avenue, .said the total v.-.-,s' Roger M i l l s County s.,id the II t I d.giess for a moment I ' . j l h h - .ui.shcd to preserve them m Ihc a new record, exceeding cnlVc- ; men were able t 5h: '" ""^ S ,TL r ; r :;'±,': ,°l.^.^t one person wa? sCp^J "o; T Z' ^ ^^-.."L K '^ ; |!«-^ "»-M by nea,,y 2 ,J. i houses. Leary ,,, ilion lion dollfus. New Tai Paying Record |11 Wl Out Of B-29 I | · nn- ui-|ji] intcni 01 ucienso ijrc 1 Is Set By Arkansas 'Before II Crashes l-...^'^';;.^'^''^^^:TM 1 A r k a n s a s ' r-a.sii;,li,i... h, the Ko| re;,n Wai A i e a a.s announced hy j the Department of Defense, are: ' Li "' P nTM*-'/VFedcr;,l !,x.s Cheyenne. Okla.-'/l',-An '"e totaling $154.729,709 were paid in Force B.-29 crashed in the . , A r k a n s a s d " ri "l! Thursday at Us GMC truck and coich diusion at Pontiac because of the steel strike. Minor layoffs will begin July ; followed by: m i l i I yoffs of nnproximatel-- S.2001 " n employes by July 15. _The slecl strike has idled about 7,"i,000 Michigan workers. Only Chrysler Corporation nf the Big Thr*« has announced 'no layoffs. which , woum c r^S;£-- h '"^ about in Knglanrt were it not f o r ' s n n tlie fact t h a t this is off-thc-rcc- 0 J .- Altnt Killed | Hftlly Grove, Ark.-iflVAn Ar- ':«Kws revenue agent, Raymond 1w!n of Lcxa, Ark., was' killed iciir here ,vrsterd«.T In * fnirk- .ir collision on Highway 17. Gwin s id. been debating In the last two or!| s n o u iH l h r o e d "- v!; ' !to n r s u e ' "You wnuld »sk me. I am sure,! "\vhnt if 1 did nnt say this, two . ,,,, . ,,.,,,,,,.,- ,,, ,, llr , ,,, ,,,,, linns, .nd I should like to reply operation, und we wanted In ron- vcry f r a n k l y In both of them. O n r i s u l t ,vnn : we shotilrt luvr and we i question you would ask Is: 1 reco(rni7.e an error wished C^ C'lH 01 u m i i ( . i u u i l supposed to j They had been put i n t o open .n was sMpprert'to'do.lT, "X",l lh ' y W c r n ""n'yin K ; Income and withholding (,, r :rs-:,MT^ : "- - ^" r -'^"^S:t^r^S^^^^d'" ».TM q ,;o.,l^^^ ..,. t . , m against our planes. ; ^^l^^^l^"bility Poynwnts The 1). S. alone has had .10,11001 mCOSUri It Signed raMialtiM d u r i n g these a r m i s t i c e , ..,.,. man ai»n«l into law yeiterday morf B-21U than w« could re- country of Western Oklahom.i List walk tr, Ir-n of l . a k f - V i l L i g e . i,nd t'pl I-'.iv A i t Alher! f'ntni.-in. nt Mrs. w i l d · F.v. A. P u t n i n n , (;i,i\(-t*c. Poultry Market -- trol." fnr public schools. The classroom K i o u p of the NEA in convention here, approved without mention of leligion. a resolution ycfteroav requesting Congress to vote federal aid for public schools only. The group also approved a single salary .schedule for the nation, which would provide a rrdnrmum of $3.600 and a maximum of J8,- 000 for classroom teachers. I Madison Construction Job Is Advertised L i t t l e nock-I/Pi-Four more cftti- M r u i - t i n n pmjccts were artvcrtllM for bids ycstcrd.iv by the Arkansas ; Highway Commission. The Tour . new jobi. to bc contracted on Julv I I . i n c l u d c Madison--10.S29 mllA R i . u n l base course on St. Paul. Wittci load. State Highway 13. -ibout nhsolule r i R h t . ,, The poullr\ market today » r*- P° r !" ''y Ihe University of Ar- Ammunltio.. .._, cui red about ... miles t i o i t h r,f kansas I n s t i t u i e nf Science Secul, Kni-e.i-l^i-AccldcnUI CR- here, which is next to the Texas Technology and the Dairy and plosions of incendiary ammunl- ""T · Poultry Market News Service of lion followed by fire killed a Ke- One engine c a u g h l f n e a,,.| the i the U. S. Department of A«rlcul-'. rean woman and injured nl»e men hailed out The M,, spun to . ture. ! poisons including two AmtrlctM the ground, ikiddcd about .100; N o r t h w e s t A i U a m a s 1,1 a r It c I at Ulsan. an Armv port M mlfct , yards «nd was demolished. Trial Dtte U Net Wichita falls, Tcxas-UVMrs. steady to f i r m , tradmn cell- north of Pusan. the U. S. ItfMh tered at :s cents, with occasional' Army announced today sales reported at 2(1 and JO cents) for heaw si/cs and good quality place for «omr time, «ndj 1h»r(. n ON TAOF. THREK bill provlrtlnc lnrre«se« nf about M I ft eent for rt|j»hlli»7 ptymrnU In w Mary Jean Parsons. Tills- oil i buds. Demand nood on h e a \ y heiress chaiged w i t h . t h e murder ,ji,e,, (.,,, on l i g h t e r v.euhu n i i t n n s a s - m r i i r r of he, A i m y o f f i c e r husband, w i l l j l ' n c e s at the f a r m repoitwl up to afternoon, IMII R ht antf be tiled In D i s t r i c t r n u r t heieSep-13 ·· -- · -- · - · - - ·--· · ' ··· - · " lemtwr !fl The dale was »et yesterday by Jud«e A r t h u r 1kii ,· - afternoon, ((might and Mnol p. m. todav: broiler" or f r y e r s . [ w i t h widely K-attm4 ittn'«MI nl weights, 2» to in .ents, moally and evening thuixttnlMwwi, 1M 18 «nu. 'much ' -

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