Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 30, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1952
Page 12
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gfr. .1 i MOtnnXtll ANAMiAS TIMH. AriM JUM 30, 19S2 Meson Pays Veil To Capital Of Austria Pledges U. S. Help , In Hastening Day Of Independence Vienna, Austria-fflVU. S. :cv rttary of State Dean Achcson 9*id in official visit lo this Com- inunUt-rinsed capital today and told the Austrian* "the const;m ·1m of the United States policy It to hasten the day when inrtcprml- ttice will be given to Austria." iComin here from Berlin, Ache- ion win scheduled today to mil nn Austrian President Dr. Thcorfor Koerner. Chancellor Leopold Fi«l f t f i d Vice Chancellor A d o l f square at Franz Josef Station In the American sector of Vienna to greet him. On his 20-mile train route through the Russian zone from Tulin Air Base, thousands of other Austrians cheered him loudly. A u s t r i a n police were placed pvory 200 yards jilong the route of the special U. S, t r a i n . A police cordon was thrown up in the rity : filong the Danube Omal which borders the Soviet seclor. ; The 1hre;il of lied demonstrations fiiiled lo materialize, how- , ever, a f t e r 39 Communists were jailed canic-r in the week for R - i e a r i i i K streets and walls w i t h "Achttson, K n home" BIRRS. THESE HATS WERE AND ARE IN THE RING R.F.D. Seven By JACK CARLISLE We sure lire needing some rain --anil quick. All of the smaller| along the route have been! dry for diiys. Kven the larger! ' J o n e s are dry in places. Some of : my patrons a i c Koing to have a! 'The secretary's schedule called f l a t of work l( do, just .supplying | »1so for lunch with Foreign Mln- j their livestock \vilh water. Some.j Ister Karl Gruber. a reception In who were pasturing their l a n d ' the evening by U. S. Deputy High Commissioner Waller Dnwlins Dowllng and a stale d i n n e r by the Austrian fovrrnmcnt. Ac*-- -nn ·lid his parly planned tn work in sjclty slfhtseelng trip in the after- ODon. T h e secretary's " s y m b o l i e visits" to Vienna and Berlin aim t» bolster courage in the be. 1-saffured cities and demonstrate lo 1h«i:- fr« people Ihnt they arc fully backed by the west. Achcson will tike off tomorrow for Brazil pretty heavily, are now h a v i n g to buy hoy, a very unusual thing for this time of year. ' And the du«t is t e r r i f i c alontf my d i r t roads. A large tornado- like rlond of the s t u f f seems to be in pursuit of the car. As long as! I can continue on my way, i a m ! out of it, but when I roll to a stop, the cloud overtakes mo and buries the car In that heavy blanket of dust, · · And I have learned i mrprls- Independence Day Celebrafloiis tamerow And Varied In Ozarks, Truman To Visit Where he m«ke« »n official visit int; thing about cars that over- before returnlim 1o Washington. Hi said on his arrival here yes- ttrd«y that American! "admire Uid honor the patience and cnur- *ft with which the people of Austria have borne the disappoint- ncnt In not having had the liberty ·hd Independence promised them" dtiTlni the war. Or**M »i Ctvwdt ' Chcerinf crowds thronied the ' Wtathnpmf ud FLraproot BwnlUul Colon PHONE 1011 - FOR FREE ESTIMATE : CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. bent going up long hills. If you will put your car in a lower gear than you have been using, the rdr won't get so hot. 1 suppose this Is because your fan and water pump work nt a faster speed-and your car isn't under so much of a strain. At any rate, I have plenty of jjood steep hills to try out my system. Forest King IB using a sprinkler sysfcm nf irriKution on the Gene Goff form. The water is pumped from their new lake and is passed Ihroueh long, a l u m i n u m - like pipes, which have a scries of holes about every 20 feet. This snakelike a f f a i r Is laid along the ground, probably a quarter of mile, and there is · nice gentle rain for · width of thirty or forty feet. When (he ground becomes KUked, it If I llmpli matter to mov* the wholt ihttbtng M in- other dry spot. Where If) Highway Intersects the new cutoff as you are coming Up East Rock Street, there is one sign showing 16 Highway going to the right; hut there Is another showing that 1(1 also turns left. Can this be right? · * · Last week 1 mentioned that the week before we had at least one round of "boxholdcrs" every day of the preceding week. sort of odd becauM, as a rult, we MAM THi WHOUiMJMlY HAPPY - « O O U T T O A M O V I H COOL! UARK MENACE ft LOVE-MADNESS AIOARD A TERROR SHIP Ernl Until FLYNN · ROMAN Mara Maru O Z A R K -now- YOU'LL CALL THIS THE YEAR'I KST STEWART ELANOR GRANGER PARKER JANET MEL LEIGH FERRER P A L A C E ENDS TONITE "THE MATING SEASON" "PURPIE HEART DIARY" If You'vt Sun it -- You'll Want to Again! If You Haven't, It's a Mutt for You! A Love Slery Ait Will IJvfFw EverjMe! STARTS TUISOAY CLIFT-TAYLOR . GEORGE SmiNS. AIWKINMSl A SPtClAl EXHI8I1 of prcBiui-niial campaigns from Washington's day, called Hats in the Ring, la on display t At the New York Historical society. Sl.irllng at bottom left and going clockwise are the li'Js of Theodore: RoOMVClt. Andrew Jackson, Daniel Wchstcr, ThomtiB Jefferson, Andrew Johnson, Grovcr Cleveland and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Sylvia Simlhnl. sncicly rrrrclnry. ia placing a coonskin cap. aymbol of Democratic! candidaU Senator £stc§ Kefauvcr. inLa the center of. the ring, next lo the general hat of Con. D wight D. j have them about half the time. And it was just as ndd--but a lot nicer--thii week when we didn't cielivcr a single "boxholdcr" on RFD Seven. J. V. Wood was h a v i n g quite a bit of trouble with r u n a w a y livestock. First, lii.s fine quarter- horse stallion lc;ipcd over a high fense and took nff for parts unknown, And just about thr time he was safely corrplleri-, « young bull, recently purchased from W. A. Thompson, also got the wanderlust After a two-day search he was found wandering around up there in the mountain. 1 ;, footsore and weary, and very glad to be taken home nguin. Mack Shufncr is coming right ·long with his tew house. The roof is on now tnd the rest of the house it covered with it heavy black paper. Of course they will cut'through this where the win- daws gn; it Is easier, I guess, to do it that way. j When hens first brv*in l a y i n g j eggs they surely produce snmo. funny looking specimens. Mrs. j Claude Atkison was showing me one last Saturday. 11 was ha 1 f white and half coffee-colored; j just as it it had been placed in ! about an inch of brown dye. You don't see many Scotlic dogs these days. I guess t h a t is why I happened to notice the one that Hal Shofner has just acquired. She is a dandy-looking pup and Hal in going to raise registered Scottles when she gets grown. Scottics are supposed to bo tough l i t t l e dogs, but I don't 'Ihink they will ever be as tough as Hal':: feel, lie came out In llio m a i l box barefoot. The sun was hot and the ground was rough, too. In feudal warfare, much of the effort was devoted to capturing noble fighting men a l i v e so that they might be hold for ransom. YOUNG HEROES RECEIVE MEDALS Joplin-(Special)-Probably more people than ever before arc looking with anticipation this wedk- cnd on the Fourth of July holiday they will enjoy someplace in the three-state Ozark ploygrounds of Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas. If these visitors are looking for variety, they should not he disappointed. Information on the celebrations, compiled by the Ozark Playgrounds Association staff, reveal more events during the coming week t h a n in many years. Of course there is no way of determining in advance how many persons will visit the playgrounds over the extended three-day Inde- pr-ndnce Day holiday, but it likely will set a record. However, new and expanded facilities will make it possible to accommodate larger crowds than ever before. While reservations .were generally heavy in all sections, some facilities still were available Saturday. Vacationers or holiday visitors are urged to complete reservations the first of this week to avoid disappointment. Thert are gigantic fireworks displays, picnics, carnivals, parades, ball games, rodeos, speeches and even an old time balloon ascension and parachute jump on the agenda. Heading the list of visitors this Fourth of July holiday will be the nation's chief executive. President Truman will dedicate the Bull Shoals and Norfork dams on Tuesday at Bull Shoals, Arkansas. The dedication will open a three- day celebration in that Northwest Arkansas lakes area. Several events extend over a three-day period, lasting through Saturday and Sunday. At Pineville, Mo., where an Ozark folk festival and homecoming celebrating the 103rd anniversary of the community will be held, and it I Aurora, Mo., where the balloon [ ascension, parachute jump, fire- j works and other attractions will tie held, the events will continue t h r o u g h Saturday. Continuing through next Sunday \vill be the mnual colorful Indian pow-wow at Qcvil's Promenade near Quapaw, Okla. Indians of the area will be? 'm the four-day festivities on hursday. Following are events scheduled over the holidays: Bull Shoals, Ark., and ares -President Truman to dedicate Bull Shoals and Norfork dams, fishing rodeo, square dances, fire- wrks. Springdale, Ark.--Eifhth annual Rodeo of the Ozarks, fireworks, parades, chuck wagon dinner, July 2, 3 and 4. . , Pineville, Mn.--Ozark folk festival and homecoming, carnival, square dances »nd horse show, July 3, 4 and 5. Devil's Promenade (near Quapaw, Okla.)--Annual Indian powwow, dances and games, July 3-6. Aurora, Mo.--Old-fashioned balloon ascension and parachute jump, and carnival, July 4 »nd S. July 4: Grove, Okla.--Huge $800 fireworks display on breakwater and from barges at Honey Creek Bridge. Vinita, Okla. -- Fireworks display and picnic. Monett, Mo. -- Children's races and games, speech by Missouri Lieutenant Governor James Blair, baseball game and fireworks display. Harrison, Ark.--Carnival, fire- worki diipUr ind I ipeech by. well-known speaker. rayetteville, Ark. -- Fireworks display at veterans hospital and country club. Rofers. Ark.-- Fireworks ' Carthage, Mo.-- Games, entertainment, fireworks "and baseball Neosho, Mo. -- Fireworks and picnic at city golf course. Pierce City, Mo. -- Fireworks and baseball. · ·· TtMIM fag*. HUDSON REPAIRS A SPECIALTY See BOB HALL for a Free Estimate on this Popular Car. WHITELEY'S GARAGE Conor at School k Mountain BUY YOUR TELEVISION Prom a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP Come hi and See Us About Our Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Home, Building New Garage, Chicken House or Milk Barns, etc. Clifton Lumber Co. 27. W«l Fork, Ark. If you've tasted todays. SCHENLEY know its the best-tasting whiskey inages! B L E N D E D W H I S K E Y 8 6 P R O O F . 65R B R A I N N E U T R A L S P I R I T S . SCHENLEY DISTRIBUTORS, INC., NEW YORK, NEW YORK ' TWO AMERICAN BOYS and one Ctrl recolw medals from President Tniniitii at the V^itc House for bravery anJ outstanding service during ]001. Receiving medals uro (from left) Stuart W. Obcrg, 17, Milli- liockct. Me., lor outstanding sorvict le his «chool, town and country; P a r h e r K. Strait, in, Coral Gables. FlJ... for risking his life to save a'ar-old Riil. llcrry (JiuUifson, who was attacked by a huge alli- Kator, anil Margaret Galassi. 16. Springfield, W., for saving the liw» of seven young children when Uu Uorn« wlior* (be was babysitting burned to the ground. . i . sr *:· . .. (International KAUTY AND BEAST ON OZARK STAGE OZARK JULY 5th 11:15 P.M. Th« "Bttuiy" pictured aboT* il b*ing strangled by en* of Dr. Silkini'i ikclB- toni. This il just one of th* many beautiful Holly* wood starlits who asslil Dr. Silk'tni, Ih* world renowned ghost multr. at he presents his l«rror-ific and bloodcurdling performance of Ih* "Asylum of Horrori" Slag* Show at th* Oiiuk Thentr* on July S at 11:15 p.m.. This unusual show f*atur*s th* Hisonal app*aranc* of the TBAWKENSTEW M O N · tTErl, dir«ct from Ih* Unl- T*rs*l Studiot In Hollywood. E I § h t shocking sc*n*i: Th* Wild Mm, Th* Gorilla, OkMll, Ik.letoni, Human VamitrH, Pntnomtnal cr*- ·ti*Mis thai actually l*av* Ik* slag* and float ortr and I h r · u f k Ih* audi*nc». ·innf ·»* t k l n r . . . w*ak SM« twl w«m*n lain! tt*t away. It's halt ralilnt . . . U't Ik* mtM tilting and ·ItmitaMKlliit prtHntallan n« o* that hat tv*r been offartd in any Ihcatre. Com* pra- pnr.d for in unusual *Y*. ning as many faint at *v«ry performance of Ih* "Asy. lum of Horrors" Stag* Show. Don't mils i.elnj FRANKENSTEIN in pirion. togilhar with a host of baautlful Hollywood il.rlett, all on Ih* slag* of th* Ourk Thoatit n.xt Saturday at 11:U p.m. DON'T BE TURNED AWAY --1UY TICKETS NOW! "HOUSE OF HORRORS' \ Catholic Girls Told Not ; To Enter Beauty Contest I Albuquerque-WVOatholie girls i have been forbidden by Arch-' bishop Edwin V. Byrne In take I part in i "Misj Duke City" beauty | cnnlcst in Albuquerque July 4. Tn a pastornl letter read in Catholic Churches la Albuquerque yesterday, the heart of the Roman i Catholic Dincese of Santa Fc said' such contests are "an appeal 1o the baser instincts of mankind and an incentive to unclcanliness in thought and action." Cows which eat wild onions \ often give milk which has an : onion flavor. Advertise In the TIMES--It pan. Tonite Tuesday 8:00-10:15 UIM ·ONALD DIANA REAGAN-LYNN Alw Haws k Cartoon Pony Rita )»/ Minitjturt Golf ANNUAL OF THE OZARKS Springdale, Ark. July 2-3-4 Performance: Nights July 2-3 at 8 P.M. ' Afternoon July 4 at 2:30 P.M. and Night July 4 at 8 P.M. -Don't miss the Chuck Wagon Dinner; Square Dance and other entertainment, Tuesday Evening, July 1st, 6 to 8 P.M, Gigantic Fireworks Display Friday Night, July 4 It's the Big Event of the Year--Come Don't Miss o Singlt Day

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