Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 30, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1952
Page 9
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Ail-Star Team Chosen From Boys Club's Midget League $inrf L«i by a trio of .,,,,_.,.,,,,, pitchers the Fayettsville Boys Club Midget League All-St«r team was selected Saturday afternoon by Bill Ferrell. University baseball roach. Fcrrell observed, the candidates for the team in four hard-fought games played' on Thursday and Saturday. H? was assisted in the ssltclions by Allan Giibsrt, Jr., TIMES sports editor. j The team includes 16 men as nn l decision could b? reached on four! outfielders. Two of the games' resulted in tight pitching b a t t l e s 1 STAN, ENOS IN OUTFIELD Durocher Names Sfanky, Staley To National Loop All-Star Team ·will be from Lippy Leo's own Cincinnati-OPl-Leo Durocher, [ Giaills ' Rul tn * Brooklyn Dodgers peppery manajer of the New York run °' f witn lne "mostesi 1 honors SPORTS NO«THWttT AMCANSAS TIMB, Foy.n.vilr., Arkomot. _ M»ndoy, Juni 30, 1»$J I, Began, Laner Tie For Medalln FCC July 4th Meet E5.mes, although featuring more . , base hits, still served as a poor : g" guide as to individual lalents : he'll be in full evidence for the major league all-star game July ith seven player?. Four St. Louis Cardinals, three players each from ! the Philadelphia Phillies and Chi- I caqo Cubs, and one enc'i from ' Cincinnati, Boston and Pittsburgh, j ; round out the 23-player srnun. I i Durocher will bo manager of the ' . National League all-stars since .' : his Giants copped the pennant last j season. Under game rules, he must ; star,! ihe eight players chosen in ' ,, ...-,,»,* wiui me rtmeri- lthl! fans ' " atior '-«'We balloting/ The three pitchers on the team cjn League standouts at Philadel : an y must pla v ' or al I - 8S| Inclurte Georje Alexander, who phia. Durocher was grounded for : c '""'"*«· Tnt chn '« of pilch- turned in a no-hit, no-run game, acting up in s game Saturday p " " " p to in the tryouts; Dorsey Jones, who ; night, fired a hvo-hilter in losing his Five of the National Leaguers first game of the season to Air:;- -- ' '. ander's no-hitterj and George Lewis, a loose-armed cross-fire artist. Behind the plate for these All-, Star pitchers will be Billy Meyers, j who smackcrt two home runs in I one. inning Saturday, and Jimmy F."t?s, a hard-working receiver , \vho controls the ball with excep- ; Brooklyn; WPS Wrjtrum. Nev. tional ability behind the plate I ~ Philsd «lphta-MPi-Th New York : Y "'k; and Toby Atwell. Chicago · · · ' - · · ' Oiants pliyint; with Freddy Fit?- | Infielders--Alvin Dark Whito.v I ni^T° n J .S ctm * "" , B V"l i *« r ln ' Lockman and Boh Thomson. " place 01 me SI rocher. didn't s Dunlap To Lead Pierxal15la " For Local Entry In Wrmin 9 ham ' Aflinta A i i Takes 2 From Rocks Ozar* League Dunlap. fnr many years By Th. Asioclaled Pttu Jim Picrsall. nrw addition to the Rirminfiham B»rim, h i great quench his thirst. Me rnntlmiallv i whistled »nd heckl-d Memphi« . players from Ihe outfield. And h,' doffed hit r«p evrry lime he passed the Chick rim-nut. In the firtt name, he s-ni tl-e Barons ahead with a»l double lo renter with two mates aboard. In five nffir-ml ,,,,,,; ln ', 1 a" the plate, he got two hlu -nid grr scored two runs. He walked four foi times, fanned once, an-i ^rn'inrscrl f nr U.S. Olympic Track Team Rated Greatest In History belic\ r cr in sending the hometown Uf.ll.. Ilflllfln flllllVJ* nL!||!-_ O 1 i KllllllP\ I /"I ' 1 '"HIV*f IL J : ~ lv complete makcuo of the i Nation8 ' League all-stars. an i nouncerl through Giles' office here yesterday, follows: Pitchers -- S?l Maslie. New York: Ro; ' in Robrns "id Curt Simmons. Philadelphia; Preacher ""*· Brooklyn; Bob Mush, Chics- ·"Mr. Baseball" In Fnyetlevilie. is ,,, ,,, jwh* nan^^e'^yenSlr, wTM°, T'' ?'TM " '"" ! Mcrrh;:nts f n a hi^h ami r?spertfid j TroVolnrM \ K ' mir ',, ,, I perch in srm.'-.-rn circle, in Ai-, SoX( . r d |d his f h a r o ' t o L""t he jktmsas and the r.urrmndmg region | sajjaln.i morale of Birmingham a few years hick, has accepted the ' " ' ' | jo' of inan.Ttfnj! a new Fayctt?- ' villc 1~ini u-'-ir-h \vill enler the O.,".rk Bar,c'opll Lcnffiie. Dili- Bo-an. who -Is h'elpinc spon:or Ihf? l?am. was instru- mentnl in cfltin? the new or^ani- 'ation trc"'.hcr. The Fflyettevi followers yestcrdav as the sixth- place n.irnrn split a double- henrler \vilh Ihe taiiend Memphis Jhick-:. Birniinshim v.-on the nprncr. 8-7. then ciroppd the nightcnp. 3-4.. HP drew applause frnm the fans -- and linos fio.'ii Ihr 1 CMoks with his ritflmn-irt antics. He out Isvlre lo i he infiel:,. ,, r handled nine chances afield fault- i lessly. I Atlanta swept Its twin-bill from 1 Llltle Rock. 4-0 nnrt .1-1 hut the i other teams spin. Mobile an d I 01 ' 1 " 1 '' 0 t n l! '" j Chattanooga each scored a D-4 '· l "' por'irliiaii i victory over ihe other. New O r - . 'he (inl lime I leans whipped Nashville, S-i. in i "The? I.'n Ans(lcs-i.1'i-Ai:ierlcii'j 1952 will h« trying tn do · UtU* L lymr-.r track and field te:im, . than your best at MtltiaU' b r Ir H ih« nnili-nV nil-tune ' Keleciinn of tight atJlWM* tit ie:i. fhe^ t u ,\ · Vork loday ! the marathon and walking trvDM n fin-1 week of eonditinning v-sa announced n" ftneui §o%*jt, ihe inlorr.stlnnal rliis-lc In ! chairman nf the track 1114 ff«M Fmlanrl nert month. U'ilh Ihc tf.ii i w*nt ;t rnf frnr'l llenrt fo-.rii Ili-Mius ll tiin C'f C'llifornla, nhvlouslv ii ; conimlttee. ·s.ige i Three decathlon eentwttnh vtO ·mil- come from the Nation*! Ch«n- ref- pionships at Tulara, fillf, terMr- infield. consisting of six men. includes John Duty and John Sceele as first basemen. Charles Hughes, as either second or shortstop. Baby Morris, shortstop, Ronnie Morris, selected as the outstanding member of the team and serving as honorary captain, at third, and Johnny Mahan, who pitches and catches, too, as a utility man. Outfielders include Ken Bo-; hanan. Kirby Rtes, Jimmy W a t - ' son and Gayle Baufus. i The All-Slars v ill p'ay a series o r earner, with out-of-town learns and the public will be invited to attend. Kryhoski Homers To Give Browns Win Over Tigers the Philadelphia Phils. 'l"-i. ThV Giants came un with 14 hits and scored *tx runs in seventh. Durocher. suspended four days for his antics nn the field aeain'st ny Hamner. Philadeln'-ia; nnd Grudy Hatton, Cincinnati. Outfielders--Carl Furilln and -- _.mi;^ mi mr iifm acamsi . Duke Snider, Brooklyn; Ralnh ihe Phils Saturday, watched from 1 Kiner. Pittsburgh; Stan Mus'al '_ h ? ?ts p^'- _ ^ and Enns Slaughter. St. Louis; snri KIW vo«m ". ^HILABILPMI* an l! H " nk Ssu er. Chicapo. n b r h n a a h r h f M Slarters. as named by the fans. ' V 'c''m'' l!l h J ! J * '·"' *·' ' h ' " "'" 3 i were: Lnckman, first base; Rnbin- T'm'p"ncf i l ft ·' n Bnrf.v.r 1 n i ? n! stop; Thompson, third base: Sauer. ^"ii-t.K 4 i i * fi'e-!.'nn'*.r l n n n fl left field; Musial. center ficlri- M,,r.r » 2 : 2 n wr',n,.rr » j , J ;; Slaughter, right field; and Camp,-' ' ' nella, catcher. go Warren Snahn. P,ostnn; and Gerry Stalev, St. Ijouis. ,,.,,1... ,,,, . n... ,,^1,,,, i w . 1)n n ^ oiamo'in antics He Catchers- Roy Campanella '" nm V '' IM "P 1( "'* nogers in the,'slrnllorl from Ihe fie.ltl twice tn :;ix-le-m O?.ark League, ivhich' =^==== =--=.--= plays night baseball twice a week. | The home fi?!rt for the Fayette- vil'e entry--lo be knn'-n a:; "The C''ic':s'--is yet tn be determined. It is hoped some arrangement use of the Coun- m-.- oncier, hut dropped the night. ;enl." H.-imilton inld ihr. TM PI '' 1 - I'll an official hrenlcfasl trew hasn't won the Intercollegiate R«ttta since 10.10, tie Dig Rert ,,.,,,,, stm l*nds in numhier nf victories i "F '.vlth u. ih,,,., tncl ihat Russia ' row and Wednesday. in the unrnes for rm.v-tvn mtmocri at ttM u»^ '" ""''·'·."· : plus coaches and official*- tn d'j» be riirfi-r-'to reach N*v/ York toni0it. To- 'iletes morrow they fo to Prlnmon M ' Th '. v '"In (or the r«malnd*r e* ttM i \n\ may be sure . week. They will comp*tt IB · in in- some, lensenem, b u t ; final (und-raislftg me*t it Htv 1 he able tn meet any Jit- , York. July «, «nd Ukt »ft Mr Mill that nnse«. I B i n |,| t h, ,,,,, 6ty s ported guwts lo a p«ifecl ! nation. I know nil of .--r' '« iii»i n . i Y ° rk: Gil Hftrii! "' rccWo - ri Schoendinnst. Kt. Ix-.m: Gran- ! . ' Vvar.vr . S n .T 0 ! rl-Cl'rk.rf 4 1 2 1 " Knnis.lf 1 0 1 (1 1'Hynn.?h n ft ft 1 ft .Ton«?.^h 1 fl ft ft OiMtyrr ' ' 1 ft ft fl 4 1 2 3 0 4 ft l 2 ,1 5 n I 2 1 2 o fl n 1 . I W''h''m.o ft ft n n n K'nsl'n'y p 1 ft n fl t . h-Wb'nlM ft 1 ! ft'Mar^rti.p * n fi ; ] ; Lnni*r.p 0 ft fl 0 (t's-C'b'irrn 1 1 1 1 n ToliU 41 n 14 n 7Tnlnlx IS 1 « 27 1? t y Fair Grounds. In lakinjr Fayetlcville intn the league the other members granted the new team the right to reclaim nny Fayetteville players now signed no with other teams and arbitrarily gave it a six won nnd seven lost record. The won-lnsl record represents last in the · lea-!!!". but is only nn" game be- 1 hind Renion\'ill' 1 and Tonlitown-- the teams tied for the next lo inst potion. ; Current slandincs in Ihe league : find Prairie Grove in first place j w i l h a 9-1 mark; Siloam Sprin and Gentry tied for second with 8-.1 records; and Benlonville and Tonli'.own tied for fourth with 7-8 marks. fo-^lifij mil for Wi'h*!m I c-Ground«{1 nut for Hnr| St. Louis-M')-Big Dirk Kryhoski ! "l-nrounned out frr Wvw provided a welcomed finish for ' v f "' s '7, Tlf ^ ror Hin *^ n ln the home fans yesterday as h e ' phl'i', ri ;.S. smacked a two-out, last of the, r-n ninth homer with two mates ba a in fi!h. n 7th. ^ in Tf . . r. Wvro*l*k. mill IIUIMC.I iviill l \ V l l . IIIHL^S Ull l ' *' KU . V V r n l t V K , IJFTK 3, WllfPI ? ssft to give the St Louis Browns ! wniiatm, Thnmnon . Y*.«r« 2B~Bur- 3-2 win over the Detroit Titters. I "***· n v a n - Thnm'in. Elliot). WfiMn. Vircil Tmrtrc u-Il'i':* tht-n* hii na ~ Hamnftr. HR--Thom)'on. p.- Vv"i ' ^ i n n - fiddie Stanky, manager of the Cards, and Frank Shellenhack of the Giants, were named by Durocher a.i his coaches. Yanks Win Two from Senators j sun's streak AS JBucs Nip Cards, 2-1 . . in 1. I,»n'rr 1 In tho K~or. AH threr runs wpre un- | Hpnscn i. so- Xo^n'?. M r=nip:l nff him. Duana PilieHc, ! --Grrcs n in ^*,T inninf; Ihr Rrownis st?rtcr failed in his ! ""· W Jl hc'm fixlh attempt In got a rircision ! Mry " r . 7 '" 6 river the TUors. HP went nut for I,':," Mlj e ;'\. a pinch-hitter in the eighth and '3.0! PE--Yvflrs Satchel Paige came on to r?gi5tcr i **'. Ln?er--Mfvi 1be win. · Stewa-t. GugH* . . .... . . - . . . I A--12.0.14. DttROlT ! »T. LOUII ' Pfdy.'Jh 4 n 1 2 ·( Youns.2b 4 0 0 ( 2 h'tfoirt^hi n o i n M'ch'pis.^h * o i n i £]f 4 1 0 1 0 -?'\?r? 4 0 n ^ 0 3 1 0 3 1 r '4-ti. TT -- O~ Imo. Gere. Tim ·-- . . . . r f S'u'h k.rr o n n o ft c'nrn y.c * 0 i ft i n n o . 4 I J 10 i i 3 n n fi n ] 2 n fi 1 R ' 1 ft 1 n ft ' 4 n o 7 n d-Gsrvcr n n i R n K vii'.«trit R-'-ifl r 5 0 n 1 n Srhm-rt.1 a-Hopp i fi n n n nMi'?'i..« G'n'h'rfi.c 0 0 n I n h-D'!sing 3 0 1 0 1 Truckj.p 3 0 n 0 0 Pilt::r.p 1 r - Z a r i l l a 1 Paige.p Tola Is 3! 2 S 2 3 x R T f t a M -12 3 :. L" 12 a-F[ipd out for Swift in fUh im.infi. b-SinglPd for DoM^p^trl in fl!*i. c-S'ruck On: Tnr Pilleitp tn J'.h. d-Kin for Courtney in 3,h. X-T-A-O out whtn winning run scor- Wesley Nine Gains Win Over Oark, 7-4 ^ New Ynrk-OTj-Thc pace-getting N(!i\- York Yankees opened uji their widest maialn nf the season , in the American I.eatfue yesterday j 'i y w r t ' J 5 'ut 15 ^' Mvept bnth pnris nf a ' Piti^buiRh-(/P)-A thun- ," · " '' double-heftarr from the Washing- rterstm-m ended the Pittsburgh Pi- Ai? 0 "^ 0 " 1 5 " fl and 3 " ' - l rate? loslnsFlrrak by rutting Fhort Allie Reynold- and Bill Miller-- ! a came with the St'. Lnuis Carrii- a veteran and a rookie--huil-d ! nnh aftrr five inning wilh thr th P leader? ot the twin-win. T r c i B u r s leading, 2-1. PittFburch hnrl lo^?fs snapped a five-came win , Inst seven In A row prior to ve*- streak for the Senator? and irrrtay. A second «amf was raited dropped them into fifth plarr. j off Jackip .Tcnson, ex-Yank, picked ! Ston Musial, who had hit safely '·" hits in bnth Rames to run his · in 2i previous gnmer, walked find AND MATOMl BORDER 1 hitlinp streak to 15 fin mop. WAIHINOTON CAM!) HIW YoiiK VnI. .1b A 0 0 1 n Norcn.lf i Un-n. If 3 0 0 n 0 Corns Ib ! -lonjen.rr 3 0 1 ^ 0 Bfliirr.rf ' V'rn' 4 n n « 0 Bcrrs. 1 i I o n 4 o n i · 4 i i i n - o , ,n n ": rslcy , saincri '. T - 4 «-"· "·"-i8?,KS I S I I jiBsSSi' 1J! f ! ' n o i n! * classy semi-pro haseball : Bakrr.2h 3 n n f 3'M'D nid2h 3 n ft 4 . ," n n o n | team yesterday in * game played I K'i]'- r * 2 " » i'S-"^ 2 H ? I ? 0 o o o n j a r Wesley. The winners collected . JciS?£ ! S S J J, Rno!d3f1 3 O I n ° 1 3 v - 7 1 2 1 1! h " F ' bunenin fi lnpm heller tnan JTmfn.p o o o o o " i t h e visitors, who picked up 10 hits. , Junior Harriman, \\-ho relieved ! Tnta!s s n 2 24 TiTotai* . I O S T - ^ M jSfirter Sanders in the fifth, was ! a-striirk ^f»r~^n fr ur^"^ v h Wesley's winnind pitcher. Gene h-w a! ked for j« h SnS"i n,h Johnson r a u g h t for W*slpy. | *'*»hinfion . noo no;) nin--o h-Ripp n o n o o ; Haynts.p ft n n o o j lined out i:i two triiis to the plate ' Howie Pollelt was th? winning pitcher and ex-Card : Jen Oaragiola scored one run (tnd rirnvp home t'rc other. ·T. LOUIS | PITTfBURGH ncnui«.s(i :; o n l 2 K'.«h'r'k2h 3 0 1 2 3 .Srh d st2h 2 fl n 2 ] GrnitAr 2 0 0 I 4 ! MuS:(il.rf 1 0 0 3 0 BcIJ.rf . 1 1 2 0 0 = K'"i;h 1 'r.rf2 0 0 1 0 Kinrr.lf 5 n 0 1 n I t.nwr'y.If t 0 1 X 0 GT'jTlji c 1 1 1 1 n ' J'hni'nSh r! 0 0 l 1 C'f(ri p ne?h .1 n 0 1 fl RiCf.c 1 I 1 0 1 n Gr'tn.ct 1 fl 1 I fl Sblcr.lh 2 n n ? n B'r i'rtieth 1 0 0 B 0 Bft,v**r.p 2 n n o l PoMt-i.p 2 0 0 0 0 Totals Ifi 1 2 IS fi Tola's U 2 .'. t.i ' WALLPAPER FOR A10xl2-FOOT ROOM/ ALL THIS WEEK, YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM 85 LOVELY PATTENS IN 4 LOW ROOM-PRICED GROUPS (enough sNJewoll and matching bonier far a IMWf' roomlFOR AS LOW AS '1.62, BRING YOUR RDQt non coo no3--.i | ,,'. Berry. RB!-~ M1 S' Louis E-Pridriy. Kryhoski. ,,... . .._. E-rry. Wert=. Kryhnski 3. £B--Wtrtz KS -- X-yhoaki. D?--Fillet tr DrMjes- tri »nd Kryhoski; Barry. Priddy and Dropfi: Nirmin »nd Kryhciki. L03- D.troit .-. St Louis 4. EB-Piilfftle l. Truck-, i. SO-Pillane 2. Trucks 3 ·Pin*Me I in H inning. PJiifr I in (,, -- rillrttf 1-1. paije i-n. | A iiught was Ihe losinp battery mate was R pitrhtr. Acord. . Both teams uere charged with three errors. r-Biuhy ' RBI-Bcrra " 2B-Ma7- He. HR-Bcrr. DP-Klnttt «nd m,S- orli; Jjrown. MrDou,»ld «nd Cnlllni l*'t-W»«hinir:on 4. New York J Si --.lonnion 2. Hiynci 2. Rrynolds 3 SO " ·'· j , t -u. winner-- HI IK 115-2). Loier ! innmf*: Jnhn»on 0 in -, Havn-s 0 in I -- Trucki I*-PI. TI--Summers. Grieve i **EF -- PortrrfieM ."i-3 l'oh'"'sc-i n o '?n^ tnrt Honorhick. Timt--1:5*4 j H«ynw 0-0. Winner--Revnni^ "nn-i' I.S*d. ! T.oscr--Tnr!rrffe!rt - - '- T.oscr--T»nr![ .., ft]1 , ,,,-,,. ,,._ ...^ Soar. McOowan and PApurplla The whiskey with in its favor wahinf!/in N r w York ItlCOND OtMIl nnn IM nni -i 010 020 on-- 1 a^sn. Miller and Borra. W p -- M i l l e r , While Sox Win Firs! Gime From Tribe, 4-2; Darkness Halts Second 1 "hiciKr)..;p)-Th" thiracr, Whil- Sox scnrfd a psir of unearne-i j ruiif in thr tir-l camp nf a fioubl". j h»srlfr yfttfrclay in c ^j n t^, d c . ! rriou ,,v fr the Clfvolanrl Indians. 1-2, in Inat on?. Thf .oco:id iamf was ct\M fl i th* rnr ) n i |f| in | ninns hfcauso nf rtarknKs with thf scorf IIM n\ 7.7. Thp second jch-nr will havr tn lr- rcpbyi"!. The Snx mnvrrl to a third plaor ti- w i t h Clrvcland on Ihf atrrnith of th" win. i i plii^hurgh l^n in--", ' K--Ncn*. RBI--Guriixioli. Rice. Pnl- ! lei. 2B--Konhorck. Del Green. MR ' ftlce. SB--Miuiql. DP -Grna: tn Ko- shnrrk to B?r;irr;ms. LOB--Si Lnu 3. PiMflburjh 7. BB--Pollel 3. Bo- SO--Pollpt 1. HBTM--Buyer IJ?1 Gi -- EnKrlin .tnrrti. Bnmess «nr] Pi A--H.TM T-l:.17. Sooner Edges L.S.U. G o l f e r ! In NCAA Meet^ I I,,-!f;iyrHo. In'l.-i/ri-TIv cnilc- ' cicii uilii Ihr- lipt'rr in.n shols deipatod t!ic h(,y with the superior woods in t'ic ch;nr.|)innship match j '. o, U'o s.i:h nnnuai .M'AA S"K tourn'iin^nl ;H Purfiuo llrn i n-cir-. | Jim Vickerr.. 2.1. of the I'nivcr- ! . sily of Okiahor.ia. ^.-p.s short o f f the !^e r.? times Snttirria\ in his · .",fi-hn!o li'lr-!i with Ifl-ycar- nifi KHrlir- Merrins of Louisiana .St?.;? tlni.-cr.-ity. ll'it V'ic'tcr; ···:·; inside on '.".' greens ".'ith some pit-nine ,inrl \'on. 1 HP. p.ith 1 ic tournament anri Ih* wcaihcr hit climaxes m 'he fin il GftOUP ONI QKOUt TWO 33 r»ATTt«NJ O N L Y ALL NON-FAWNO COIOM All NON-FADtNC CCXO*S AU tHMTAST AND WAIWAtT OROUP roun Nomt-Owrar'i Complnlt WALLPAPER TOOL KIT ft0vfar I4.4D V+*l Stunhr 44L ST9 UNB wctuots *U THE TOOLS YOU hf£D TO HA,VB rout OWN $120 ALL SUNFAST AND WATWAS! Medium Weight, Ftb BOM DftP-TONID COUM 9x12-ft. RUGS «G. J5.65 V/UI/MI IWEAK-WSISTANT, BAKED ENAMEL SUdf ACE ASSORTED DEMNS SMCIAL Ask frit "double A" traight Kentucky Bourbon { " double A" htsts... (fm»T cnmci CHIC/CO R"pi'ft.rf 1 n l ,1 n Kox.L'h R'dlno.^h . 1 0 0 1 l JO'w;ir: · M'C'ikv i fl n n o Mn«.r( I Ci^mbj 2h o n ft n j fnt'pi n M i o n i o l n ! ; n R h n j n l i , I I i ( I. ANCIINt AM 6UTIUIt« CO., FlANKf-OH, KV. 4 0 1 ] .l' MVit cf 1 fl i 2 n t n n l i B r. 17"i - 2 i t Bnone.^. 4 I I 1 2 I nllar r I t 1 d (1 f'lVfr Ih 4 0 n ft ; Hrrrr M ·· fl t 2 ,' H'Han.r 4 1 3 4 1 Wynn.p .1 n I n 1 n R v . n p ^ n ft ft n Mr-inn." and Vi(kor.« rarh M a* p^^-r-ii tf"?i in their hampinn- shin ttr'iBBlr and Vii kf~r had to ! sink a i s - f ' v i i ivitl nn the 1^1 l l 1 .1 f i-.olp fnr a hilf t'ist prfsrri'Fr) the '·Mil he RnmM nn Ihf .Mrd. ] The. lemnM-atiir". hi«h throuch- I out t'l" fix-rlty, 172-man nlfcl. WHS si Its hidhcsl Suturday. A Ihorn-.oiictr-r pxpoitrt on the Ifl'h Krcrn wji5t.«rM III. *JL**" Tnl "" ·"' ' · " J ~- h. | ftrrry - M.I i : i n i t». Mlnwo, re« nf-- Doh.v. E«5:»r ina MnMn. ntvtn in.1 Rtnrlf.*-^l*v«- l»nrt ». OIICM* .^ BR-w-nn I Rft- .....rovin B. Wynn 4 K»«'. Wvnn (-2 *nfnvm 1-1 Wlnn.r-H^jnvln Mi . OriH»m. lirnwit init Mw hy thousand,, in redi.rinf Rom«n Mi«l Rread l l - ! 0 - t f HOUSE PAINT cots ON WEMi LONUK ' LOOKS imtlt ' STAYS WHIt£» if row COlOU, UK TO Stt COM'S HOWt MINT FINEST QUALITY $i (n mn U$I YOUR CRIOIT AT COOK'S · It MUSTE OOIMS · 2 EAST SIDE SQUARE 'S PAINT PHONE SM

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