Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 30, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1952
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

Coat Wise- *MTHWtn AKAMAI TUMS. fayMMvflh, *j, us; ^ j Washable Fabrics Exciting News WEW YORK - (NEA) -- Evw think the diy would come when you'd wash out · coat at , night, hang it up to dry ind find It looking like new and ready to wfir the next morning? . That day is here. A pastel coat. with no cleaning hills attached ; has be*n the dream of many · women for many yparn. The I dream is an actuality now, marie possible by fluffy orlon fleece ihal jls completely and beautifully 1 wuhablc. BY GAILE DUGAg NEA Wmn»n'» Editor It takes to the judu at night, Just as your nylons do, goes on a hanger fnr drying and is ready for wearing when you get up in the morning. And, of course, it needs no ironing. It's shown (left) in white, with pointed collar, turn-back cuffs adjustable to any sleeve length and pretty hut unexaggerated tullnen. DuTont O. ; A Lfedi deiifn, it'i the kind off coat, in ihort, that you can wear and wear without fur of frimt or smuiftf. In addition to the white, It's done in pale blur, maize and beige. : Equally practical is Main Street's nylon seersucker com (rtitht) that's a foatiier-light riiln duster. Point for summer travel- era II that It takei only a comer In a suit cane. It hat mandarin collar and deep turn-back cuff*. The practical hood Ii detachable. jThret-Wetk Extension School Opens At UA I Afc-rinilMirp! cviniyi.,., j from 21 s l u t ^ s arid t w n foreign irountrifs hPFfin rrmptniltnn ,-,t Uu I Unjvrmty simmer school indav i fnr a thrrn-wrr-'t r p f r r - h e - - i-otir.. · i n pxtrnsinn mrthnrl;, ;url JMH:;- !TPS. Advance tuu:n| ] S l . including inrihirinaK fr,, m Puerto 'Kirn and Jnrin. '.i he -nniit i.s r-i':;-. [nsffl ni;t;n1y i| r-.'i ·)· - . n ;-.- [ - . {··onnp! imm 13 southern Mates. This is the fouri'i r.ij j:.,;( i , , f . Univprsil y hn- br-'n himi i ( , ii- Southern Rrjrional Tr.nnjng Pn- Emm. SitViil.-:r i i'L r i"n:i' M-h'i"'' arr hold in N'cv.- York. U'hcun^n .-j-nrt Colorarln, Conr.Ts arc nffcrod in do'Tiop- mpnt nf pxlrnsimi prncr.-im^ n;-- r.-inixntHm ; md iM-m-p'tur".- in l - l l Club \vnrk. u.-o n f "rn-.-p;, ri r--:- trnrion wnrk. p^y-ho^ry (or r v - ; tension worker?. p\1cn?inn Fuper- v if km, fmd PNlcnpion'-i role in public prollfrms. Buys f l u b To Mrrt Thr K.'iypfirvilip V.nys CIuli ird nf dirpdnrs will innrf to- I morrow morning; at 7:30, Jame.- AValkcr, npd prpsirlrnt of the club annnunppd yrstprrlav. Ii. will b(? the first mopting sinpp (ho election of offiprrp. * | Pruning inks arc mixtures of pitrmrnt and a varnish. Obituary John Shrev* rUIH-];il SCT\ let -; f c i r ,1 II 11 11 . Khrcve. (in. \ h" ilicd Thuisrtjv. at !hp hnmr o! his d:iu^ti;or. Mr*. SMI.i M ii-.- V.'.n-l. wiil hi- n:nlu-l- ·'r.-imilll!liili mill-'i'iy hy Uip Hcv. .Ii'-sr C'" IJ-irial v:!l lir- in I!"- ililc'-lii.M nl Nrl.i"!'5 flli:'-i;il Andrew Jackson Huddleston An--:: .l-i-'-i-.i,n Mil \.\'.r ',-M. %. ;i n-1 ii"l farmer (rum ihr- llnh- h n ; t - i M airmnunity, '!"·! at Ins l:o!ii« nn Koi||. M.!! -.-·rn-i In Snfin.7'hlp yrsircrl.v.- ,'ift^rjinnn (iili'iwine a inr.r ilim-..- ii- ·., n bnrn in Frhniarv. I""-!'- \\r u-.-i;; iirr-'T.k'l in rlca'li hy In-, w i f e , ihp i,!|r \ i n r - - .liihiuini HiHrllp.tinn. Mr. I iti'Hlrxton inhr^'l .nvl rtTivrr!. In Snriiuxln'r in l'ii.-i. l[r U'.-'. 1 ; a iiT-mbrr nf Hir Mrl-r,il: ; l rinn.-l-. lin ir: viirvirrd hv thrno t-on?, I/lfl nf l.-lHiihr.-i. C a l i f . .In... i.f f.'iilifnrma, ;in.J IV'f n! okl^l-.nma: fivo riniichlp]-;:. Mr^. J.iura Jcnkin" nf C'aiifornifl, Mrr M.ii-ifia Haln of Fli'ind Mnunlain. Mrs. kla Pn'inc or inn. r.-iiif., v.,-.. rian Byr.! of Pjn-inc'lalp. .1111! Mr". I.n'a Bairdt nf I,n;( Hills, Calif.; 2C Rrandrhilrlron. Fmiri-nl nT-r:inncmPnts with Nrl- | wo'i Funeral Hunt art Incom- Sprlnji icuthwfit of , I plete. . She is survived b- one son. Grr- | -- -- M of Harrlshuri. Pa run'r.-!! sr: John Middletsn Clnylon rsncrmenn v.-!th the Mnr- I l i r r a l M T V U r s Ifl[ Jnllll M l - l - ·n rl.v-tTM. Tn. ,,.,;,,.,, ,,,,,,,. Mf , E | itabt(h m 1/11. Ane'-li-. will h" IT,.,, ,. , , ,, rd nt Mnnrp^ piin«»nt Chaprl , (I .1 m. innvMinw h" W S !' r Llehcni r* tmnpatcd at tv9 different pl»n!i very (lowly Uf h l.-iin' M'-. Chvlm, i.-.,, ;, ,,.,-,,,·.,. ,,r K!, niii-i-"«-.,'-. |-,nrn".'\i ; j'ii"ri lavl . -... Flk-.!f. 'h P ('.ilifrtniia Jlur ,,, N.,-lo n Corn'- M- Sh» - i - - - . A: -'I'-i.-iiinn. alu l Ihe K,ipp^ Sif;in;i ., ,v:r'« Ii- nr"'n -In., ,··-! --.· ~ !l " r '' trnl "- v - I" S,,:-,nc,|.llr. ,, ,,.,,- ,-.,, (,-,,.,, · - - n,,-,,;,-. K., ..,. . ' . . Mrj. Agn« Cote I" 1 ! of ihr Meth'irii.M I'lMirrh . t ' Ml-. Agnrs Cit.i. 7.1, wirl-.w- n f . ' f-,in'"-j|| .riv-rr, vi'l r- II,.'-' in'rllv'^!'TM,,^':, ?'"', !'"' V "'- '; ""'"'"··'· ; ' ! "^' ·' ; ' · '· '·-' : h'.nir in Spims-lalp nh.-ip shr h.Tl h,,r W | ,,, H,, u.i'k in,' '', ,' n r ··'·' l-^n .-, p;,i,rnt fnr I,,-., ,,,,,,.. Thp .. n ,,,,,, pil (·;,]),-,,,,. s ,,,. n y a ,^.-^ rl.-HUMilor nf ()b»d ami M.iry Mill- Mnmp is in rliarro «t nrnn-r- cr r .110. s hn v.-m horn nr.., r CM,, mn-K No! »-hl!ir. nm wnmt, oat rn .. r-ut a fl.ivor blrnrt of all tnrt»-- ' - j Ji-iiBc's Homan Meal tueao. · / : lili-prll^ In inr TfMpTK--It MMb' Hear! HEARMW AIM "ROtAL" «rW "SUff I.ROYAl" DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED PROMPTLY Quick Sanitary Service Fayefteville Rendering Service Coll ColUct No. 1819 Keep Your Farm and (touch Sanitary if MONT if ·019IM HNIIN it-tur iinm DIXIE RADIO 421 Dlckton PhMi* 1141 Both Parties Plan To Cut Expenses By Holding Conventions In The Same Hall HURRY! SALE ENDS MIDNIGHT, JULY 5TM By JAMES M A R I . O W Washington-wi-Herr are the answers to a rnuplp nf qupsiinns about Ihe poliiirnl mm-rnti-ins held this year in Chirar:". The no- publicans npo.n their? .Inly 7. The Democrats follow July 21. · 1. V.'li.v do the Drrnni-rats hold their convention after the Republicans finish theirs? Answer. Just habit. There's im nile. But it's been happening that way. with two oxreptions. for almost ino years. 2. Why rlo the parties pick Hie lame city the last three time*. But mo^t nf their conventions before wpre held in different HEAVY MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery n. ·« I Frnni nnw nn. = li. Ihey'll i pvniiqbly always niee! in the same | city and the same convention hall. i This i-. why; T'IP rx|H-n:.-f and problems involved in the new?, radio and TV } '-overage are becnmina so huce I and mmplrx il's be.-| al! around to ', inert in tbn fame place. : To l\p Ss.-r.ji Hall ! The t w o Chieapo ennvenlinns Ilii" year will be in the r.anie hall. 1 Thr Dnmoerats ,nnri Republicans , worked hanrl-in-glove making the ; ,-in-ancemenfs. ! l^s saved them Mmi*. mnney and · trouble. A f t r r Ihp enn\-entinn 'hey i ean return In their unjal orcupa- ' linn nf happily trying to cut each ' other's t h r o a t . Cbonr-inc the ennventinn city \$ . done by the n.nfionaj cnminiMees . of hnth parties a half year nr morn l-.efnre the ennvrntions npnn. AetnalJy. yiibrornniittees nf the hit! errnmiltees have been scouting arnuni-l Innc befnre lhat. They l;een the-e main pnjnts in mind: Pick ('pntrtl Location 1. location. They usually pick a place mnsi e^ntMllv located frr ^ a l l the d"l"qales. Il's no accident ' t h e two parties have met most- often in Chicago. 2. facilities. This covers a lot nf Ground: hniel space, e n n n g h rnnm ill Ihe convention hall itself ; In ent I he wnrk dnne. from nnw nn | prnhably only a hall wilh air-enn- IdilinniriK will be selected, fnr the Chicago convention will hp air- conditioned this year, and ample arrangements for the news, radio I antl TV people. It's been estimated at !ea-:t 2.- 1 nnn news, radio and TV men and women will cover this year's convention, j 3. How much mnnev a city is j · willing tn kick in to get itself : pirked fnr 1he convention. Chieagn will give 5Z50,nnn each lo the two parties this year to help cover their expenses. The; city hopes to get the money hack ' in business, prestige and publicity. I 'Guesses Cod Changed Mind, Spared His Life ; MMHleshorn, Ky. -f/p)- "Well, I Ignc 1 "?; God rhanped his mind." Thai was thn comment of Jam PR |P. Loii£wnrt)i nn his apparent; jcoort liralth nflnr cxnlajninR t h a i ! .God (\\-iro told him that he would dip rt 7 n.m,. Satiirnay. j "1 Tim · crrplly dicjiiipii hn".T\'cr,'' thr 6n-ypnr-oid mf»un- Uninrrr said. "I \vap rrariy In ^o." j 7,nnfiv/nrth hari arranged fnr his |0v;n funp.ral Saturday and about js.nflft person K visitrri the n?at, :fivp-rnom rotla^p where hp livpc .with hi? ririughipr. More visitors 'pnnred in yeslP.rriay. 61st SEMI-ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENT Fayettevilie Building and Loan Association AS OF JUNE 30, 1952 ASSETS Cosh on Honcl and on Deposit. . . .$ 67,096.21 United States Bonds Owned ..... 170,'000.00 $ 237,096.21 DURING BIG F a m o u s For Value First Mortgage Real Estate Loans .............. 2,303,891.80 Federal Home Loan Bank Stock ........... .... '. ..... . ' 40'300 00 Furniture and Fixtures ......... ...... . ....... '...'. '518'00 Other Assets .............. . ......... ,., ....... ' ' ' ' J'QQ Toml Asscfs ..................... $2,581,807.01 LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL Full Paid Sharer, .................. $1,775,350.00 Optional Payment Shares ..... ..,. . .......... ,., 492,604.33 Dues Paid on installment Shares . . .. ........ ..,.,. .' 29'568 23 Federal Home Loan Bank Advances ....... ........... 64'.175 00 Other Liabilities. ............. ,. ; ...... ........ '"/J9.63 Total Linbilitici .................... $2.361,947.19 Reserve for Dividend, Installment Shares .......... $ 6,135.70 General Reserves ............... 177,00000 Surplus ....................... . 36,724.12 Total Reserves ond Surplus 219,859.82 Total Liabilities and Capital $2,581,807.01 Our Most Important Asset Is Beyond Value · The ficnres vnn .(,(. 1,01-0 pirr..,i ,T profile nf Fnvelleville nuililinK nnH I .nan Associatien. Prnpeili- ytitflied niyi n-.:ei p.-ffvj Ihey tell yrnj vnn Ihe pntir.ent f i r t s ·bout nnr sbo. slnliiii! .- ,ind p.r,-,, . .VH vrl ,! isn'l p'n^il'ilo In Ii.' en ,1 h.i|-inre theel the rme lhi"C IhiH we vm..ii,-r oiii n-n'l imporlanl .-i«-et. Ihe pnhlji- ennfi'lenrr Thi i-nnfi' upon \ \ h i r - h nm .,'^nr j,- t !jon is built nn--! rnntinne? In t h r i v e ha; r,,in" frn:i ninny fonn-r-,; ,l - l e " !"im Ihe large inve-lnr as well p s ih r i, au |r- mver. Heenilfe nf il r.-iyellevil!.- !!-.·' c in-.f! I .nan A-si.ei.iHnn hns rnnlinuc'rl in jrnu nver the ye;irs fiom smiill heiinnii'Bs in ,1 pnsiiinn nf crest wniili tn Ihls enmmunily. Anrl Ihi? trust, |bri»l in mi?- jr.-lilutinn m.ilies il pns-.ihlo fn r us u. mn- Irihute In Ihe prnr.i-ess and pra-pen^ "f inrli^lry and indivirinals in Ihis are.i. W" approach rmr IhiiU 1 firri aniii\'ci.'-iiy v.iih tlie Juipe that Ihe future will hrinn us *ven greater opportunity for seivifo. Safety of Your Investment Insured Up To $10,000.00 Fayettevilie Building and Loan Association A SAVINGS AND HOME LOAN INSTITUTION i cud Horn* OwMriMp ... of fho America* Wty of Ufo" CHAMPIONS .4 SAVE -- SAVE on this high quality tire with ill th« ertn vtlue feature! tfiit hire m«d« FitctMiat Tirti f«mou« for over $0 yein! Wri-Suwd GwavDipfwd cord body for grntcr blowout ptx»t«tk»l -- "Plat- MilM««" trcmd rubber -- wider, jUtttr noMkid tmd. Bickcd by · LifttiaM; .;, l"^^TM««aBBBB^BaBBBBBB11BBl The Masterpiece of Tire Construction Tfretfon* DELUXE CHAMPIONS First choice of champion race drivers-first choice of car manufacturers. It's the same high q u a l i t y tire that's given phenomenal mileage on million? of America's new cars. It's the tire with every safety feature--the tire that gives most miles per dollar. SIZE 6.00-16 AND YOUR OLD TIRE . * * * * * * SIZE 6.00-14 EXCHANGE PLUS TAX E W ° T R E A D S Drm't drive on smooth worn tires when you can get new tire itfety at these UN- HEARIM)F LOW PRICES! Firestone New-Tre«ds ire made with the name high quality tread materials--the same tread design, the same trud depth and width as new Firestone tirw! Carry * New Tire Guarantee too. STORES 101 North College

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