Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 30, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1952
Page 5
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Unusual British Plane Crashes; Powerful Engine Under Development, It Is Revealed T./ndon - (IP) - Britain's revolu- I burst into flames i/marV «*w f l v l n u 4 T . o n M t M t u ~ ITirn pnlliilv *H tiontry "«w flying triangle--the only plane of its type in operation --cnfhed in flames ycsteH-- but officials 'said another o' the supersonic jets will be completed within a few days. · Tert Pilot Bill Waterton, 36 leaped safely from the plane after he crash-landed it at Boscome Down Air Station. The Canadian born squadron leader jumped carrying vital movies recording the aeeldfnt. Seconds later the plane Fire squads moved in quickly and saved it from complete destruction. The Air Ministry three weeks aeo accepted the delta-shaped Gloster GAS for mass production. The strength of its triangular wing construction. Waterton said, prevented the test model from blowing up when it hit the runway. Its two Sapphire jet engines have been considered the world's most powerful. Yesterday, however. Britain released figures on a newer and even more powerful engine. The new jet engine, the Bristol Olympus, has maximum static thust of 9.750 pounds as compared to the Sapphire's 8,300 Ibs. This mc^ns it has some 9,750 horsepovcr at 300 miles pc '-our and 17,000 horsepower at 600 miles. i The Olympus was first develop- ! ed here by '' -· Bristol Aeroplane i Company, but also is being work ' ed on in the United States by the Wright Aeronautical Corporation under license from Bristol. NOtTHWBT AMANSAS T1MH, IDLE STEELWORKER SEEKS RELIEF Blonde Beauty From Finland Wins Miss Universe Title '^ong Beach, Calif.-MVA Scan- Se'cc'.:ri as "the most beautiful dinavlan. beauty-Finland's bl jnde j girl in the world," Miss Finland is Annl Kuusela--rules as Miss Uni- five feet five inches tall and weighs yen* today. One of her country's official grceters at next month's Olympic games, Miss Kuusela, 18, reveled in her royal reception here after besting beauties from 29 other lands. The fair, blue-eyed Finn was crowned with a diamond-studded 110 pounds. The weight is symetri- cally distributed on a figure measuring 31. 23 and 34 inches around bust, waist and hips. The apple-checked schoolgirl from Muhos, a little town North Finland, plans to fly back to Helsinki this week. But she in- coronet that once graced the heads i dicated she probably will come tt of three czarinas of Russia. At her · Hollywood after the Olymnir coronation ball last night, she re- i Her plans of attending the Uni- ceived a ^otion picture contract, varsity of Helsinki and going into a ^3,000 sports car and a $2,500 ! school teaching have been side- 'i tracked. wrist watch. If you don't have Hit proper AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE coverage, it's to your advantage to let ut explain our various types to you. Advice is free--the policies low priced. Consult our insurance agency today mm COMPANY, Inc. "Insurance of All Kinds" Phone 236 .For trarcl and for holiday fun . . . an tx- . 'tiling selection of foolwear lhaf will keep you juit ai pleased and smartly outfitted through lh nst- of lummer, too. Com* choose now. Cool and balmy u ibe spring air --low pumpi of ·iry nwih, accent with l.ath. er. So pretty with Mitr Ihingi, loo. Blood meih and l e t t h a r a n d Black meih and paint leather. A $ 3 45 BE Goodrich CANVAS SHOES A complete selection of Men's Women's and Children's Canvas Footwear. A wide range of prices. Barefoot Sandals for barefoot comfort. All th« famliy will enjoy these for that long drive, IASEMENT STORE Miss Hawaii, dark-eyed brunette Elsa Edsman, was a close second. The honey-skinned 19-year-old Honolulu girl made a particularly impressive showing in the bathing suit division. Judging also was based on performance in evening gowns. Miss Greece, Daisy Mavraki, 18, of Crete, was third, with Miss Hong Kong. Judy Dan, 21. fourth, and Mls Germany, Renate Hoy, 21, of Munich was fifth. Mossadegh Supporters Prevent Vote Decision Tehran, Iran-(fl)-A walkout by supporters of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh has blocked the election of an anti-government man as speaker of the new Majlis, the lower house of Parliament. In voting in the House yesterday Dr. Hassan Imami. a religious leader and longtime foe n fthe prime minister, received 33 votes for the i post to 17 and 16 for two pro- Mossadegh candidates. , The walkout followed a proposal by the temporary speaker that, because no candidate had received the votes of a majoritv of I the 73 deputies present, the majority rule be waived and that, after another vote, the candidate with the most votes be declared i elected. American Experts In India Develop Projects In Red-Land dc : - rahid boys in tho top. :amo in I n d U . I think hnrrt-bmled "It's III we'll run into some of mr best cooperation and hnrdrt'. work from prople who mijjht have Ml only a l i t t l e w h i l e bark t h a t ihe Communists were the only ones \vhci cai'.'d. lleie there's rio Red ..!!*.nation-wide ,tcl atrlke.. Norman Muddy. 24. spends hi, as.60 cents to take his family to the Department of Public Assistance In Pittsburgh to ,cck state relief. With him are his wife and children Ruth Ann, 3. and Norman. Jr., 1. ll«ter«al,o«ai SoiinrfMoto; Now nelhi-i.-Pi-Amrriran r\- I.,/If of Kiancsu perls h c l p i n B Indi.i l i f t eromnnir rir«n r n «i.,, standards are i n k m s on Ihe Cnm- Conlacl m u n l s t s in I h r i r h'jmr trrn'or'.-. Ten out of .s.* ro.'iimunit v dnvehp. ment proJTts rr-cen'lv selected under Ihe Indo-U.S. ' T Cn-operatinn ARrermon! are in areas which p sweeping C o m m u n i s t \ irt t h e .January K e n n a ! r l - t i "The Conununir-ls ahvr Americans have irnpm.i MRIIK in India," comntrn'rd , , , , , ,, , , . Holmes. U.S. a g r i c u l t u r e chk'f in j Indi.i. "We have fnunrl t h a i the i folks here foci nui!,- f r i e n d l v in t h e United Slates wi.i«n Ih-y vr- ! by concrete ppfformanro th;it \i c i only w a n t to offer c o n s t r u c t i v e a ,- sistam-e. Just hw.iuse a v i l l a c e once voted rnmrnuni.-.!, we't write 'em off.". Denies Manes Helped I Communist leader P u r h a l i p a l l i j Sundar.iyya. rod-fnml at the American invasion of Rod :tionj!- i holds, contended the aid "will help I only the bij; lannlonis. not the ! ma/.r,es." | Me said the Cominuni:! line in i the project areas would ",,implv I be to expose the fact t h a t thi 1 I whole t h i n g benefits the r e a c t i o n i aries. It's just nn advertising stunt for America." The 511-millinn-dollar U.S prn- | dram provides technical and f i n a n - cial backing for r u r a l - u r b a n projects patterned after successful Indian Rovernment experiment.; Holmes helped pilot the model Indian agricultural project at Eta- wan in Utlar Pradesh stale through four trial years. instruction in the use of better seeds, flowing under of s u i t a b l e weeds as green manure, Improved cultivating techniques and new methods of pest e l i m i n a t i o n ' doubled and in some cases tripled crop yields. An old China hand. Holmes directed UNRliA agricultural rehabilitation activities in Kiang-.ii Province in the two years before, the. Red Army captured ronlrol o f ' t h e mainland. Moxt of t h e t i m e ' Hie Communists held the Northern "Trnl I had » Int of dl- ploughi instead of fun*," J ,. Fir. Prefect* Five development projeeti hart been set up in MCtiora of Uxfrai ( « t a t « which went iolldlr Commu- i nut. Officials plan another t» the i «dj»ccnt East Hyderabad district of jValgonrta. scene of armed Communist peasant uprising) aaeinit I Prime Minister Nehru't for*TM. Imen'. in 1948-M. ·""yir i-hniral h u m i m u r i a n relief'regardless of i rnunr!"out"ihe 'ISnat'tSTtt''^tn. center politic.,.' Holmes recalled. t.ire, i n Communiirt center! ri-T'ir . '' W '" wl ; n '-' rM¥ '.v "cross th» line: Indian authoritlM viewed'.th* ' .mrt f o u n d they ilH have » lot of Selection of Communist-Influenced zeainti, workers t r y i n g to dr. cnnd .areas as American- aid tanpts Tor t!,p |inr,p| 0 . I r j n n -i nvm , h( , j rno | h% n ?iri(! , n v s Amta 'Jjg^ · i . i i m i l i- .-* no urn . n 11 itH A r m y . Wo ran f i g h t it nut with .Congo. Chciter Bowles remarked. It w«i only th" jtrong Hand of Bowlw i and Holmes, a former Whitevlll*. Tenn.. farm county agent w»ich finally won Nehru's approval There is i srhnnl for trafning A f r i c a n eicphanu in th« Belgian · f » Don't Pock That Bog Until you'vt callnl ut fint . will p«rk up rtwt vacation w in than erdtr .. . r*fr*th limp, wiled . . . »id you off cMl ai a cucumber . . . allured of havlnf · wonderful llmel CITIZENS LAUNDRY CLEANERS 326 N. WEST PHONE 2144 DOROTHY DIX -- "oNTrNutD ntnM PAR? roun clnsely into the p r 1 v a t e lives of even our closest relatives; in your case it would be foolhardiness at its worst. Face the facts! Your husband has erred. Incidentally, have you acquired this knowledge through trustworthy sources; are you sure your suspicions are founded on fact? We'll assume for the moment, however, that you are certain of his infidelity. The affair is a thing of the past, with nothing existing in the future except your own unrest. Wouldn't it be unwise to brine it all back to your husband? Why remind him of something you sincerely hope he has forgotten! "Let the dead Past bury its dead!" saitf the poet, and truer advice could not be given. If you love your husband, have faith in him now. Guard your marriage by keeping unpleasant, and untimely, discussions out of it and trust to a happy future Your husband is not the first man to make a mistake, and atone for it by deep devotion. Don't fai him! Return ^his kindness with sincere smiles and his love with equal affection. Forgetting won't be easy for you. but a good marriage is worth considerable sacrifice and what is demanded of you now is really not too great a eon- cession. Prove your womanhood by doing gracefully what has to be done! Antlers are made of bone while horns usually are modified skin and ihe horn of a rhinoceros is modified hair. Kee* i* wttk OH MssMe~re*d the TIMES tOb. famous prod-in s once more nn the wing The four a "'»" Jets that compose the formation are see,, above durinj! final t r a i n i n g maneuvers -..-·- DEADLY FLOWER blossoms" from a ]6-in battleship For Your Vocation Pleasure FISHING or PICNIC Sun Glasses -4 and 6 base ... 2.SO 2-gal. Thermos Jugs, with spout . . . 4.50 ke Chests -large size ...... 7.50 2-Burner Gasoline Stove ..... 14.50 (lurm any kind of gasoline). Skillets, Knives, Forks Spoons. HSHINO TACKlf, line., rods I roeh, minnow bucket!, dipt and nan. CANI ·OUI-JO. II f». 2 for ........ j s M-i* ft ................ ;;; ..... 2S 3 joint CANVAS KHOINO CHAIRS wild back and arm rnt 3.92 .»4 Cawat faMina chain-kunee type 2 Cejnvea faMina *a«h (l A* MATT«IS$, II . 72 , 0 , 0 ·OAT CUtrttOW-Caaet Owanl ap.raved ]. M ·OAT PAMUf HAMPTON'S ARMY SURPLUS STORE 311 W. DICKSON ST. When water freezes it gels more bulky, reversing t h e usual rule · M h a t mailer expands on bfine heated and contracts when cooled.. It is believed t h a t fieep omirs ! i o n l y among a n i m a l s v/ith a f a i r l y ; , h i n h l v developed central nervous ;ystcm. j Most snails have a shell which · -s coiled to the right, i,ut in r.nrnc | 'sperir.- the direction of the coil i s ; reversed. j * w In thtM day* of inttrnatieiMl fur. moil, th« significance of Hia FMrth will bt clmrtr to thot« Americans who will pauM to .-Kail HM brava Declaration of 176 ytan ago, from whtnet coma tha baqiMst of Frca doms wt enjoy today. The Performance of Our Heritage of Independence Can Re Assured Only by Our Sincere Determination to Protect These freedoms F t R S T NATIONAL BANK * * * if * * * * * FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Member Federal Reterve inturarK* Carp. Mtnri Rawrvt SyiMm n^Mlj^niMmilMllniMIMMIH VACATION MOTOR TRIP BOB MAEDER'S DON STATION Corner of North Collate and Dickton Streets. Phone 454 Let HI a* are r ye»r Tire*, ·attery chacked

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