Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 30, 1952 · Page 1
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 30, 1952
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4* PAGES TODAY Rtad by or«r 25,000 Doily IOCAI rancAir-- ^ F*ve:tevHi« ind r l e l M t y partly "'rujfjy and rintiniM* w»rnt 'tntijlM ·i-l lomorrow with fWkWlhili'y of .ftviy ac*urrft «howeri. Tr*« nf .n H:"h :rn*pernture ytitrrftAy inn · v M. noon tattey M AunriM 1,«; .an**-1 7.37. Tht Public Interest!* Tfcc Writ Concern Of TM/i Ncwspoptr VOLUME 90, NUMIER 290 ARKANSAS. MONDAY EVENING JUN* 30, 19S1 Af, Klnfl and NEA MKI wvi CJNIS Stevenson Considered A "Draft" Candidate To Decide Later It's Hot Everywhere! If Convention Makes Demand Taft, Eisenhower Forces Go To Work In Chicago Koustom Texas-W;-Gov. A d l a i Speeders At bid Tricks And New One ' By FLOYD CARL. JR. After-dark racers were on the ' i j o b early yesterday, rounding the Square at high speeds by 7 p. m. And they added a new feature-- I driving with their lights turned ^.^. ....... ou '- ^ ms P r °ved of help in evad- ' E 'sfevenson'of "lMino'is"sVid today j ' m S city Police, but added sharply ' he will decide later what to do in j t o the danger involved. Annual Meeting Of REA Slated, WkkardToTalk Former Officer Of Cabinet To Be Luncheon Guest a u d e R : W l c k a r d ' national the "unlikely" event that a move! During recent. days police hav , i REA administrator and former develops to draft him for the Dem- i campaigned againsflhis organized I secre ' ar . v of agriculture, will ar- ocralie presidential nomination, violation of t r a f f i c laws. As a re- ! f lve , h , ere ab .°. ut 10 . a ' n .'" 1°TM"TM The Illinois governor, considered ' suit, many speeders and other vio- d ver lhe I"'TM 1 !" 1 address lalors have ended up in Municipal by many in his party a prospect for nomination at the Chicago convention opening July 21, said he still is running only for reelection as fjovernor. But he left the door open to what no said is an "unliK-ely" move to draft him, although he said he would not participate either openly or secretly Court, hut few of the deliberate at the annual meeting of the Ozarks Rural Electric Cooperative.l , r I ° ..., have been caught. : "1 "^ ",',' , G ^r"t' ,; v l c K a r o s _. . speech will highlight the a f t c r The drivers operating without . noon business session, vl.ich vill lights last night headed into the feature election of a Board of Di- I south part of Fayelleville and j rectors and reports fro:n the man- separated. The cars involved were j ager and other officers, the same ones which can be seen j The a n n u a l meeting will open tonight or almost any other night | st 0 a.m. with registration. 4-H I cruising slowly around the Square j Club demonstrations and displays ; until police turn their backs, then 'Of electrical appliances. , , , ,, i pouring it on for a few laps until ; Wickard will travel to Neoshci i Jersey and Walter Kohlcr of , anolher polic( , ca ,. snows U( , j ,,,, ,,y , r a i n , Q fec mc , ^ f,TM"^ , State Police joined In the earn: ^ - Williaris, manager of the c o - j paign last night, operating an un- , operative. He will leave Fayetlc-| marked police car. However, the ! v '" e at 3:3(1 l'- m . for Cotter, group of speeders in the past has · v :' ncre h . c w i l ' attend a congres- aiways proved able to spot even | slona l d i n n e r j.rior to dedication unmarked police cars promptly. °^ Bull Shoals dam by President Truman. At noon tomorrow he will be a guest at a noon luncheon · ai the Blue Mill. ; The administrator will be ac- I companied to Cotter by Provost Joe Covington of the University, Williams, and Lynn Thomason of Starr City, state REA president. Wisconsin had ,-greed t h a t the GOP faces an uphill battle in November no matter whom the party picks for its nominee. Democratic fccvernors generally saic 1 they were conf'dent of victory for their party in November. But they shied av.-ay at predicting who would · win the nomination. ! GOP Fight Looms Chicago - W) - Sen. Robert A. i Taft of Ohio flew in last night | from Washington. His chief rival for the GOP presidential plum, Gen. Dv.'ight Kisenhower, booked a day of rest at his Denver headquarters. Their rforesentatives met last night with GOP National Chairman Guy Gabrielson to discuss procedure for settling disputes over seating rival slates of delegates. Accord on some things was reached, but not on others «nd another session was en tap today. One point at issue: How long should each side argue at the. hearings opening tomorrow before Die GOP National Committee? Previously time limits hivi. been a half-hour each. A committee spokesman said the conferees agreed to call contested delegations in alphabetical order, keep the meetings -pen to the press and public and send the arguments to a closed session of the convention for a vote. Left unsettled was whether the hearings would be televised. Taft's headquarters issued School Charges As Registration Fees Outlawed Assessment Would Violate Constitution, Justices Rule Little Eock-f/Pl-The Arkansas Just Not His Day To Drive i New York-WJ-Glasses oh or o f f , Herbert Feldman made something of a soectacle of himself. Feldman, 19, crashed his car into the fender of Detective John Fleming's car yesterday. Fleming noted that Feldman's driver's li- I Suuremc Court today said that no I cense bore the notation: "Void if registration fee may be required in the state's public schools. The court said that to require such a fee would violate the constitutional provisions for free schools. The court made this point in tm- not wearing glasses." Feldman was not wearing glasses, so Feld- ! ing took him to a station house and gave him a summons. This time, with glasses on, Feldman got in his car to drive statement saying Alfred M. Lan- i t i o n fcc - holding Boone Chancery Court's i a way. Greatly agitated, he drove dismissal of a suit brought by j tn e vehicle into another car and ; Louis Dowell and two others to caromed off into--Detective l-'lem- cnjoin the Boone County School in s's car. Feldman then sat on the District from collecting a registra- i station house steps until a friend i came to drive him home. don, the 1936 GOP eandidate for president, has endorsed Taft because he believes Taft can win thc November general election. Posfoffice, Treasury Money Bills Are Signed Washington--President,; Truman today signed the first of the reg- . ular domestic appropriation bills j sai1 of 1952, a measure giving t h e ; Treasury and Postoffice departments $3,437,895,000. The money; finances the two agencies for the fiscal year starting tomorrow. i Its total includes S644.095.000i for the Treasury Department and S2.793.000 for the Postoffice DC-i partment. The court noted that defendant Truman Said Ready To Sign Controls Measure No Enthusiasm Far Bill, Party Leaders Report Typhoon Moving Across Pacific M n l l l l . i - i.-Tl - A t y p h o o n w i t h j winds u! Hll miles ;.n hour ne.,r i lhe renter is moving vvc^lw.jui ! across the Pacilic .some 7."0 m i l e s . ' east of i^c SiHilhmi PiiiiipCdut-.T. . the Weather Bureau reported today. ! The bis storm, v.-hiih Is Im-ica.s- ing in inlen.Mty, w.,s ic|«itcfl mov:ng wr-.t-nui Ihwest ;it I-l miles an hour. Murry To Open Drive. McMath Starts Campaign Cherry Plans Long Radio Program; Speeches Slated L i t t l e Rock - I/I') - All;,-. Gen. Ike Murry, thc last of f i v e Dem- , cratic candidates f o r so.ernor \ n ] o h i r i a l l y npcn his campaign, i.; · expei'led to concentrate on a 11- p n i n t program al his f o r m a t open- | rr in North L i t t l e Hock t o n i g h t , j M u r r y said today his speech v/on't '· deal with generalities. He said he'll talk about Cover- j nor M c M a t h , who npcnrd campaign for a third term at Pine- B l u f f Saturday. The attorney general's speech will bcpin at 8 p. m.," v/ith a radio broadcast twer a 21-stalion hookup. Motorcades will b r i n g M u r r y fans from Fordyre. Tex.irkana, Malycrn, Pine B l u f f and S'.uit- Kart. McMath Opfitu At the M c M a t h opener S a t u r d a y iiittht attended by an estimated 7,000 persons, thc t h i r d - t e r m ran- didale l.ishcd into w h a t he called "special interest groups," hut nrv- er mentioned any by namfc. The governor devoted a Major portion j R r n o o n seemed to offer the best prospects for rain in weeks in this area, but only * sputtering of uhow*r« hit widely scattered points in Northwest Arkansas and some spots reported no rain at all. A low of fiy was recorded at Drakf! Field al about 4:30 a. m. today. It wag one of the lowest temperatures in several days. Litfrle Resemblance · To Laws Requested; Congress To Quit Rain, But Only Trace, Recorded At Drake Field Showers At Various Points Reported; Weather Stays Hot The first tract nf ruin to tie recorded by thc CAA weather station at D r a k e field since .lunc 5 was registered yesterday, but an nfficialsaid this ninrninjr t h a t it "wasn't enough to run down into leaders ?ai-l tortav PresHcnt Truman will fi",n liter in thi d a y a bill c.xtrndini? wag* and price controls for 10 month 1 :. Sneaker Rayburn ID-Text re- nortcd a f t e r a While House, conference that the president l.i "not too u-c-1! nleaiirii with it :; but thit shnin-! the mrasurr rs "the only t h i n g he can do." The bill as passed by Congress S a t i u d a y bears little resemblance I to the controls legislation Trumin ; asked of the House and Senate last year. He wanted authority to control wanes and prices extended for two years, until June 30. 1954. and he asked that thc current rrtntrr.U provisions--contained in th? Defense Production Art nf 19.10--hi- strengthened. I n s t e a d , Congress weakened some of the controls authority and Disced a 10-month limit on an extension. Thf defense production act will CAA station was 97. Weathermen ; " plrp »' m ' r f nl«ht tonight unless , , . . , , . . . .. , ,, . ' 'be piCMijfnt signs the extension, i nunucicinurs mat rolled up ·--.! school officials contended the fee was voluntary and was collected Guards Al Kentucky Prison Fail To Report - 1 ; to enable the district to obtain 57.000 or S8.000 of additional funds so a full school term could be , - h e l d - i Eddyville. Ky.-f/Pi-At least ,, j In any case, the court said, the i dozen guard.-, failed to report f o r ! I fee has been discontinued and re- jd-uty at the state prison today and I funds offered. "We arc a f f i r m i n g j arrangements to allow prisoners, because the regis- i freedom of the courtyard were j In the top photo. Carol and Cheryl Juc'y, three, identical t w i n s of Kans.-s City, Kan., fry an CRf, on the stove-hot sidewalk. In some Kansas points the temperature has jumped--officially--to 115. Lower picture snows Pandora, the Philadelphia zoo's pet chimpanzee, seeking relief from the hot weather. She uses an umbrella to keep off the hot sun, an ice bar, a cake of ice and an electric fan which the keeper has not turned on. tration fee has ceased," the court Funds For Little Rock Base Voted Washington -i/P- Rep. Brooks Armistice Talks To Open Again Tomorrow canceled. Warden Jess Buchanan attrib/ted the guards' absence to "nervousness." He said "I can' let any of the prisoners into the courtyard for exercise or recrea-1 rion until T get some help." | Rebellious inmates have been | restricted to their cells since trouble first erupted last Wed- War Industry Bombing Might Open Rebellion, Says Chiang Washington - (.T) - Chiang Kai-* shck predicted today an a l l - o u t bombing of China's v.-ar indus- Hay., (D-Ark) said today $23,, 000,0(10 fof a new air force bomb- !cr liase near Little Rock is provided in a 10 billion dollar defense appropriation bill passed by the House Saturday. The bill now is ncsday night, leaving eirrht pris- tries might touch off a powder- . oners wounded, a xuard injured j keg of rebellion b u i l t up by Cr,:n- and S3,000 damaRe. Rain Cuts Out Battles pending in the Senate. Munsan, Kcrea-irfVThe t i g h t l y ' "While the appropriation Along Korean Front deadlocked Korean armistice ' t a l k s : A i r Forco was m a d n in a ' ur "P Seoul. Korea-WVThrec days nf resume tomorrow after a three-! s u m am °u"'." Hays said. "Air drenching rain have turned thc day recess called by thc Allies i ^ ' TM o f f ' c ' n l s advise me that the i Korean battlefront into a sosEy · nd protested by thc Communists ! s u m of 523,000,000 is provided for j swamp. Allied planes w e r e · ' | the Little Rock base." I j-rounded again today. Bear Bryant To Help munist t y r a n n y . Chiang, president of the C h i - nese Kation;j|i:,t government exiled on Formosa, was interviewed in a ; Federal Power Warning Issued To Governors of h : s address to his highway program and thc Hithway A u d i t Commission, which he charged was used as a weapon to "discredit this administration. . . a n d e l i m i n a t e me from politics in Arkansas.'' McMalh left yesterday for the National Governors Conference at Houston, Texas, before /;etting into an extensive state campaign, lie will return to attend President Trumnn'i dedication of the Bull Shoals and Norlorfc -rfama Wednesday. fiep. Boyd Tackett, who spoke with McMath's three ether oppon- ei Is at Perryvillc Saturday, also will attend the Mountain Home dedication. Jack Holt, and Chancellor Francis Cherry, said they will go to Baxter County for thc president's visit. Holt laid he will deliver a spcc:h at Mountain Home Tuesday. Cherry Plau Talkathon Cherry is to stage a .1-1-hour radio tall;, which will be carried on the five L i t t l e Rock stations at different times during the day. The t a l k a t h o n will start 8 p .n-, Wednesday and end 8 p. m Thursday. The broadcast be carri-d continuously, jumping from one station to another. The judge W;U Rayburn and Senator McFarland (D-Arizi, Senate majority leader, gaid after th* conference they see no reason for calling Conjrcst back In special nealon after the political convention* In July. With the big military appropriation bill and th« mutual security appropriation mtittire the only major Item* remaining for action, the two Icjiilatorj itid Congress should be able to quit ,, , . , , , - i Yesterday s high recorded by thc Saturday ninht. CA Astation was 97. Weathermen Rayburn reported th« president said the thundcrshoweri did not ! "didn't neem very enlhuslaitlr" over the legislation even though r«pr«cnt a break in the overall picture of heat and drouth. A hfgn of 95 Is expected todiiy and generally fair and continued hot is the forecast for today, tonight the final hill was considered « victory for the administration after the House earlier had votid to kill nearly all wife-price controls. anrt tomorrow. Tnc measure includei a requett Showers were reported In t h e ] -- not binding-- that the prejidenl mountains at points in Washing- j invoke the Taft-Hartley law in tht ton and Crawford Counties. "Dust steel strike. This would mean ask- laying" showers were reported ar '"" (or an *"-day strlk*-ha!tir.| liiwasse, Ccntcrton, and Avoca I courl injunction, which Truman in Bcnton County. Rogers and I h!ls Mid TM.° M ""Omplish "othtol Bentonville reported but . few j "{E., vict ory scored b , th djops of ram. A "good r a m ' was .dminlslration In the compromiw reported in thc Harrison, Berry- was wiping out a House-approved ville area. | amendment by Representative Thc Associated Press reported | Talle R-low») which would hive Texarkana had 1.51 inches o f ! exempted from price controls rain w i t h at lr«st nine other cities everything not rationed or allo- reporling light r a i n f a l l . "f- Thls wmild , hav e meant an cn) to prlce controls since nothing J3 rationed and little it all«at»d. An Office of Price Stabiliulion Ill Capital Gusty wind* created minor dust fare a battery of telephones =r.d [ lures di will answer any questions abojt | minutes yesterday afternoon. A situation trace of rain was recorded. Thc storms at Little Rock and Texar- 1 spokesman faid the compromise kana. Th. the Arkansas political put to him by listenei-*. Flow Of Wheat Slowed By Elevator Workers' Strike Kansas City-fflVA s t r i k e of grain cl ova tor employes v i r t u a l l y p.'iralyr.rd wheat-recriving oppia- tions tod^y in thc Kansas City mrtropolitjui area. Thc walkout camr w t h nearly 10.000 tars of wheat standinc on fhe capital city's tempera-1 measure !« not as 9trn«-tt hag .ronpcrf 15 degrees In 15 b " n "OP'° tor, but is "workable." Tuck Bishop Sentenced 7 of rain was southern section of the state m a y . he dampened .slightly this afternoon, i 1 Blythftville, for the second «uc- ; ' ccMivc day, \vas the .hottest spot! in the state. Other maximum* i n - ! c , Salt _ Lil J cB . City./n-ArkanM* eluded: W a l n u t Rid^e, Jonesboro Slayer Tuck Bihhop has been sen- j a n d O?.ark 105; Newport, Flippin tenccd to die before a firing squad Houston, Texas-f/Pj-Gov. Waltci copyrishtftd articlo in U.S. Nrws j. Kohler of Wisrcmfin w;.rnpd t.i- I fira.n and world Report, a weekly nov/s . ! I . . - _ L . , . L i t t l e Rock-M'i-Arka LitUe Rock - (/P), r Univei-sity of Kentucky Football Coach PaiiJ "Bear" Bryant will Lccomc a political campaigner this cummer-- in behalf of a former high school teammate, Ally. Gen. Ike Murry. Murry said yesterday Bryant j President Truman, who will attend the attorney fjeneral's \ here tomorrow to dedicate Bull ; opening rally at North Little Roek ' Shoals and Norfork dams. People tonight and will stay in the slate | in the mountainous region sur- . next month to "do what he can" | rounding the twin lakes area near ' !Ic said C h i n s h;is few war industries, but if they v.'cro knockr-rf . out by bombing thn C'ninn";iin! would would iiavo t r o u b l e hocp- ! ing order to thickly-populated j Jireas. Bombing of communications ! linos leaclinn to Korea or of ,-jr- scnals in Manchuri;i would r.oi i- ously liamper Chinese Kod force:; in Korr;i. hr ;.aid. ''In C h i n a ' s lont; hi.,torv. no t y r a n n y remained in pnwrr 1'i-iy." fir- ;i.'iid. "At t h e f i r ? t f ; i v n ; i h l f f.ppoi at 10:.10 a. m., will be delivered by' m r i i t v t h r v ( t h r c h i n r - r nrn-,V) sprcadinsout t h c welcome mat for .Governor M r M a l h . who w i l l bo w i l l t b r up .-iq.iiiv! i h r ' c n m m u n arrives followod by Clyde T. Ellis, former JM TU.' Ike Murry In Campaign TfUmail Vi$il$ AtollUS THIS Week, With Dedication Of Dams Scheduled Wednesday · d a y nf "fir.v/e danger t tion'' in the "growing ;ismnptinn if po'vcr by thc k-deiM government."' "vV'e in Wisconsin," he ,';iid in a prepared slatcrinil at the National Governors Conference, "are fr.mkly sici; to death of federal interference in thc administration u.' progran-.s v.'hirh :hould lie, and hr.v,- : '.j-.-.diti.-iiij.Ily heen. thc responsibility nt t h e stater." The H f i u b l u ; u i govcrr.or -bred Wirrrin.,i:i v.'nuld be l i c h t e d to ir. i mi p'-cry federal railroad sidings a w a i t i n g unloading. Thc Ameiican Federation of Millers ( A F L ) , seeking mir na- ' ' li g'' t ' r wages, i-alled the strike ' ye.stcrd.-iy H of the 16 t e r m i n a l elevators here Member 1 ; of a CIO union work at the 16th elevator. anri Gilbrrt 104; Fort Smith 103; *? crc A u R u s t 7 f°»°win« his mur- Batcsville, Morrilton and Wilson I J er Conviction m the depth of wfc_ 102; s t u t t ^ i t 101; DardancllcJ b«nkhouse mates at Oph.r. Ltah.,r Mcna, A r k a d c l p h i a . Camdcn a n d i _ Blsh °P- wno used the alias Carl Portland 100; L i t t l e Rock and j B. Anderson in Utah, may «ct « Nashville 93; Soarev 98; El! Postponement of the death d.te. however, because his attorneys are seeking a new trial. Bishop was sent to prison in Ar- lunsas in 1943 A f t e r four men Dorado. Fayetteville and Pinci Bluff !)"; U n n k l e y 96, and T c x a r - j Arkansas Congressmen Split Votes On Control kana !)-t. The d e a t h t o l l in the n a t i o n ' from the summer season's lunxi-^i · ,,. , , . . Mretch of hot wither mounlc-S: w « » v c n a Chnstmas lurloujh m tov/ard the 200 mark. Thousands of persons have been hospitalized, for heat prostration. Beaches, p a r k s and resort areas were jammed with millions. In Chicago, an estimated one million persons swarmed to the city's dozen Lake Michigan beaches. ; ; were killed at Springdale, Ark. He was jyvcn a Christmas furloujh in o( him was his arrest for killini the two Utah miners. Money For Air Force Voted By The Senate iri w h i c h 11 Washington-Wi-Foiir A r k a n s a s Auto Rrportnl Stolen congressmen voted against thc ; A 1947 Ford coupe owned dc- compromise wage-price-rcnt con- ·|e- l r ol b i l l w h i c h the House sent to f/esident T r u m a n , nepresenta- · 11 p. in. Saturday, the sheriff's W a s h i n g t o n - !/P| - The S*n*t« voted unanimously today to five Ralph Taylor of F a y e t l e v i l e |he A i r Force enough money to Route 1 was stolen between 8 and ·A- r'--mcs. In re- lives Hays and Trimble voted for o f f i c e reported torl.iv The was far the Murry campaign. I M o u n t a i n Home. Flinpin a n d Col- Arkansas Third district man now executive manager nf In: N a t i o n a l R u r a l K l e c t r i c Cooperative Association. The dedication ceremony w i l l Chiang repr;iVi tifin to ]rad his Ff a military!' mainland .vnme d.i hi- dricrn /OK on Ihp Chm.i t u r n he propn.'rvl t h a t the government h a n d over some of its t revenue. t h f measure; Representatives nalhini:*, Harris, Mills, Norrell again;-! it. taken from a p a r k i n g place near the intersection of niock and Dickson. Bryant and Murry played foot- : lor nrc p u t l i n R the f i n i s h i n g be held al a stand ovci looking R u ball together on the I-'ordyre, Ark teurn in thc early 1930's. Governor Of Hawaii To Visit Near Avoca »»ieri .(Special)- Gov. O. t. '/nf ef Hawaii, who li attendlnx ht Governor's Conference In 'lo«iton, Texas, will visit hl« su- touches on a three-day celebration i In the president's honor. | Mr. T r u m a n is scheduled to arrive at Litlle Roi-k 6:3fl p. m,, tomorrow by air. He w i l l be driven to the Missouri Pacific railroad Shoalp dam and lake, whirh is lo! catod on lhe W h i l e Hiver. Mr. Truman's speech, hillrd jis a majoi address, will he nationally. loavr Poultry Market -- Two Airplane Crashes Add To Accident Toll In Arkansas L i t t l e Hot k-'/IVTwo persons w e i e k i l l e d in a plane near Rates- ville. Ark . yestrrday In bring Ar- i Thr p o u l t r market todny AI reported by the University of Ar. kans.ij I n s t i t u t r nf Science «nd , protirlcnt w i l l ICHVC the · Technology nnrl the Hairy inrt for thc week cn'lins last m i d n i u h l sat.on to board « special train for ; »rea about 1:1.1 p. m.--aboard a Poultry M a r k e t News Service nf ln 19 Two other nerwns were in Nor ' orl - .*P«i»l train-and deliver k hort lhe U. S. Dcp.rfr.em of Awlcul-' ,, ^ ,, upwcches it Batcsville and New- I lure. ''"TM w h c n Paul F i e e m a n . .!] , J-t. of Conwav. I villi-. Hex Kelly of Stoelc, Mo., Arnold said Frobc attempted to was i n j u i e f i r u t i t a l l y w h e n Ins land his plane at the Frank Saxer plane apparcntlv stalled in an at- The train, scheduled to arrive ·bout 2 a. m., Wednesday at Norfork, will law over on i track reported violent death toll i their light plane Mrs. Will Culley, v.'hn lives! near the s t a t i o n u n t i l the P L . . . IMT Avoca, J u l y 3, 1 and S. Go.'- : dent starts on his auto tout of the ·rnnr Lonn is a former junerln- I two-dam area about (1:4.1 a. m. c h °'" *' H n n / l l u l u -l A address at the port. The Batpsville address will i Northwe.-t ArVansn:, tn.nkel ! be made from the re«r platform o f , steady, demand Roo.t for heavy , u - ,,,»,,, ,, ,,,,,,.,,,, and jr*viou»ly lived In Callfrirnla. I dedication ceremony, which Blurts ! about 4:S« r m. nine hoiu«i of the f a t a l -rash . , . - . . . . --_ s u p - ' n o r t h e a s t n f t h e town, speech delivered at the Newport ' ply very shoit. Pntrs pnid f n h. | The dead were Identified by In- air field, where the president's ; f a r m up In 2 p. m , hioilers and | dependence County Sheriff Bur- fryers all weights U. 10-2.00 lh...j ' ton Arnold m two Navv veterans 5»-J» cents I n , mostly M. I Ray Frohe, M, of Mal»ern, and tempted t a k e - o f f from a pasture nn bis father's farm. Mis father, Clarence Kcllv, also was injured his railroad car and the Newport chickens, for l i g h t e r weights plane U scheduled la lake o f f . f a r m near ChailMle. Ark., it apparently stalled and i-rashed. Arnold said Saxer told him thc two men were cnminB to visit him and had buzzed his house preparatory to landing when the crash oc- A Forrester. Ark . Negro wai curred. He said he was not watch- killed near Glenwood, Ark., Sun ing the plane when It fell. ' day In a four-car collision which Arnold said Frobe picked un «|M) Involved a deputy sherlff'i Freeman at Conwsy and took o f f " car. Deputy C. C Myers of Glen- build i!s f i g h t i n g strength to Mi wings by the middle of 1935. Dewey To Do All He Con To Help Eisenhower New York - 0?) - Gov, Thrnnai K. ne-.vcy says he propose* !o do n i l in his power to help nominate C,cn. Dwljht D. Kisenhower ai the .'icmibllcan presidential eandiditi This was Dewev's comment on a letter from the Brooklyn - C*m- mittee-for - Taft. which «ik*4 kin publicly to free New York tttf- to the GOP national in the crash. Young Kelly is in a ventlon to vote at they ehooM. Little Rock hospital. I . about about The plane crashed n hour and n h a l f Utcr. wood Identified the victim ai Hubert Moon, ,1». Three other fit- Arkanwt--Partly afternoon, tonljhl intf with wMtly K«tt*r«d i thunt«r»h*yw»n, mo»tty Ml ·outh pm-tlon. N«t ·· In thr .tecond crash near R a t e s - , »nns w«re injured In the eollltlon. I U ttmptrtturtfc

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