Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 28, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 28, 1952
Page 7
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(Br Th« Satchel Paige {lined farn'e'with his "hesitation" pitch. Con M a i - of the Washington Senators is foing the i{tH Niigro one b«tt«r with his "minim' pitch. V'hen Mirr«rn delivers it ao- the ball gat to Tht Brooklyn Dodgers pulled four games in front of the New York Giants in the National League race, trouncing the Boston Braves. 9-3. while the Giants to Curt Sim- V L Of i ' l !i^_ t l UR P L L R PLACESSECOND t.*" 1 **. Blast A s H"ogjT 0 deriMakesOlppkIem; r^^^^°^'±r±l ^"N TexasAggies'HooperWinShof : ·· - ' a w i LU nnme plate manina or even tht i--.--...-... ul ,,L.m.iii dav after. But when the ball does L r * v ^i 9 ' 3 ' *'! ile arrive it does f u n n v tK;n»« s'-ooi ar °PP«" ' 8-0 decision ,,, ,,». i omi- Ing down, UB or a w f v from *'. T s ^ d t h f Phiimtlphia Phils. · tonihed hitter : , B rTM k b'n. in posting iti n i n t h ' ' , "'""· · straight victory over tht Braves, warrero looks like duck soup to «'hacktd four Boston pitchirs for the batters. They can't wait to let 12 h i t s - Th ' "rjves t"«'- .- ·-« '--·' it Mm. But once they s t*p i n ( 0 i i n lhe . first innin« ifainst Johnny it batter's box thev're" u«uallv as 5 c n m i t z °" a ho.nt., ... ,.., . iclnless as an Ar,h ,. I.K- i C »r" b " 1 Brooklyn came back hclnless as an Arab without .. camel in the Sahara Desirt. Liirafcpji^e. Marrero's ase It a question. The Cuban star is listed as 45 but many think he's at least Cooper but Brookly.. ,,..,,, ,,,,,,, with four in its hilf and clinched the decision with thrse more in n the third. Ralph Brtnca took ov»r c in the iecond for Rrooklvn and i " pitched two-hit ball the 'rest of: «·· ·? · um many i n i n K ne s at least i" L1 - M * u i*u-nu 0*11 me resi o r . in. Marrero has a simple formula I h t- w a y - , . , , , . , , , _ . ' for his amazing success ol.ntv nf Simmons blanked the Giants on : rot g suret!S - ol *Ptj o f ; , hree hj , s wh ,, t , he ph . lg combor , i . ' , ' , _ L«rry Jansen and Monte Kennedv '· l-o's of Rest for 11 safeties. The Fhilj tagged i The c h u n k v cigar-'mokinf Jan!; ' n - ' A 'h° hi* beaten them eight r 1 Wander ze's" anvur-erT from ' s t r a i f h t """?' '. nr five run! '" * h!? seven to 12 riavs off ari- r nitr-v. * H '° innings. The defeat in- I?'t n l . h i h . i j -VJ TMW1 N*» York's six game »V^t 1 * worked with winning streak. i cipht d,r.-s rest and came through After the game It was a n - ' v h s 5-3 triumph over t*e Bos- , nounced that Steve O'Neill, f o r m e r . ton Fed Sox in Fenway Park. j Cleveland, Detroit and Boston Red : Marrero who gets by with a ^ ox manager, would replace §lliil:^Hggll; Ray Scarborough. Ed Yost, v-ith Lanky Paul Minner also turned National Loop Box Scores · Chlt-~ I. Ciltclr--ill I CMIC.IO* I C I N C I N N A T I ab r hi ah r h MikJii, 2b s 1 J'Borkrra-'i If 4 0 ! · i c o n , cf s o l ^ d a m * . ?h 4 n n erena. ,1b 4 o 2 ' H a l t o n . 2h Saner. I f 3 1 3 «.dc«k. l h B fi'tt. t 3 I) n 1*m:nlck. c 1,-avar'a. l b J i n M«r:hall. r ] bnnlley. u 2 2 llWlltllfcc. c Herman 1 !, rf 4 (I tl'M'Mlllan. is Mmntr. p ( 1 3 - r f f t r . - r . ,, I ' K a i a k I 'inbl-lan. Total! Jj | 12 Tola'i ISPORTS Box Scores 3 fl 0 4 0 I 3 0 1 i n n 2 .1 n i n n p n n n jn o 6 i- Filed out for Kaffen.'hentcr in . Btn. ClYici»r ... n o opn 013--6 C i n c i n n a t i . OOO OOP flQO--n E-- N o n * KB!-.l»frroil. Minner. Miksfi.. Kmillcr .1. 2B-.lefrrc.nt. M i n - ni-r 2 '.Stren.*. HR--Smaller, n--^rt- c--rii. DP-Ad»m^. H a f l n n ' a n r l Art- · t: Ovirettn. ?nnll*.v nnd C i v n r r t ; Sm^lley. M i k s i ^ n n d (**v)tr- 4 ta TP-McM'llan pn*1 Adrock. L e f t -- C h i - r ^ g n S, C i n c i i m a l l 4. p ^ -- n - f f r n ^ ^ T ? - rr ". r»n'ihi?',-n 1. M - n n * r I SO-- 3. H O -- R a f f c n F h i r j c r P in R i n n i n s . n-n. R?fffnsl3«r-:cr "-.-; PoHhic'an 3-3 H^p--R!«/**n 1 ;h*rg?'' iFJ»n'V · W -- ··* T«Hl tt. ,, MIILAVILPHIA ! ah r h : Jft«l. if I r i a r k if I Vilo. rf 1 P h ^ ! ! ^ ^ . lh ! Snflftr ?h h . A t i r n t h . f I Hoopir p ! f o w ' t r . n i iThdman · K i i M h . p HtW · « » -;,,,.,,. n 4 I) I Cnlllni. I b l a o Bailor rf 4 n i s« r ra ' r : n I Manl r 4 (I fi B ,,, vn 3h 4 n ; MTViau 3 j o t * .,,,,,,,. ,, } a l i n n . v p nun hM)I . 1 0 I Merian. p n I n · b r h 3 t 2 1 I 1 4 I 7 MORTHWIST AtKANSAS TIMES,, Arkonio... Saturday, June 71, 1952 ~ - - ·· · · · ··»· * ~«» i-iiiiiici n i a u LUJ nctt TI--B»!'("if»nt Bifl ; rlr f - - f r ·orns run. and Prte R u n n e l s . . m a 6-0 shutout for Chicago, stop- Donatem r'-io4 A-IZSTS v-nh a pair of triolet, led the : P' n * "" Cincinnati Re-is on six ' Washington at^ck. Billv Goodman · si"! 1 -*- Minner helped his own . homered for Boston. The v ' - t i m cause - banging out two doubles and ' ro'tVo'd^; 5 !eventh ""^Jnisa"^? isss?" 1 ^-^ _. verdict. DOJOX Lose Grsnnd ah r h ·'!throe. II 4 n 1 fun T norne. rf 4 li 0 Coy Torr»--?n. lb l 1 I n^h h d v ? a t e r r i f i c parly. And as soon as \ rnouch r-i^h f,,- a f^. v · n iTiid h n r f - ^ e a k we're toing lo oul. The i - l r ^ r,i?Tir In ii^ a f n~o at :b( u'hirh Hfa for a* r-HII I'h P U I Cftf mi for · forr* RBl-M. nnn npn nnn nnn 74,1 m v ''· J. M-n, . Jirni'. rain i, p* t i l inn fi.r pl/ir".-. fin Ihf U S Olvmpic !TT t find fi^l'l t*»m fir- i n t o tht la*! stay tud;iy, f f f n t u r i n ? on* rf tho h'fT'rt ijneups in !h* rlijh hurcflfs in th« histor\ of the sport. A m f r i ' M n r?rnnl^ wrr? tirok^n. one \vz% litrf n n t l '-.-,·" s t a r t l i n g up^t- ; \ Vt rp regi.vicrrd m th* f-r«! I n l f nf ;hr Olympir f i n a l J n i rxnl«n)i*nt u ' i s ("incrtM lo-fay f n r . 4 n o 'hr t i . i t i n n ' : t r a c k hua." j On t n p today u-frr f h o ) i n - n u t P r ! hlch hurrlks.' 200 an-! i n o . m c i r r '«, lkf l.AOI-niripr r!in. th* v f u l t . rii'ni'-. high j u n i p «nH hop. s f f p n n d j u m p First t h i ' - r f i n i t h n s m c.irh' *»vrnt madp ih« F i n l i n ' ( - h f a . - | M ; tpam. Hurdl* F f d t u f t i d A!l-s:.-i! f-.-jturr /iciir A 'l 'n h* 1 f ' l u h . won t h » hammw throw it 18: · ?. NV x t rame Sim Ftlton. Wavy Olympics, 182. and Bob B»rkm. N.Y.A.C. 176 J-4. 4 1 1 o o n lib Boys Club Weekly Card Cubf I n d i a n j vs. Yanki Smiori vi. Harmon. . l ,,, HH-Marillf Jw , ,,, f , 111 rrriiim. Mcri fr C'raij Di . Flilly '-""iiTM. mciwum'rl in )rji r v ""» I ^ I A M M . D I I I V / x n n p r r o n ; w ',,'"_i*' | -''nilart.lphn j others, rated I h p fmlcst field K II HU -- HnnK_. r » . . u. 1.1 '" S: " " · " a v end nf a rlr c .-irv p v e n i n a ' . v , c i a l r l i ^ u e ram? ! f" " The Reds pulled the saeson'j from fourth to third pUce.. Ed Lopat. another "iunkball' pitcher, pitched the Yanks to a 10-0 victory over the Philadelphia Athletics. Lonat blanked tb« A on four jinnies :n eiuht innin-s. Looat was forced to retire after the stepp«(! on neond to double Bill i , Serena and threw to first to nail I Hank Ssuw. |. Enos Slaughter batted in f i v e 1 ' runs on four singles to l?ad t h e ! . St. Louis Cardinals to a 6-4 decision over the Pittsburgh Pirates ; Slaughter's fourth single came in I 1 .completely ,-ipart at the seams. and happened across our old Monopoly board. We investigated and found a h o n d f u l ot l i ' l l e jjrccn ho'fes antl red hotels in one corner and f.ack of lOU-dollar bills in ano|h«r. Collcrlhr .ill the nart?. includ- "htipks o"?,' J2nfl °r l n Per rent of hrr money. Dive: Who's the banker? S:im. 'to u." Why didn't you nsk Duck Lewis to drop bV Bob: Let Sam be banker. His ^ys the same rate of in- vou knou- that Sam t r v it ' d s v s . the world *1 O t h e r lnlcrii.illrin.tllv ntcrl p«r- ,.,." formers include P a r v m n-.Vi R j r h - ardt anrl Don In llir pol" v a u l t ; mlraculou-. Mai W h l t f i ' l d . . fivored to w i n hh second event In t h e ·inn.meter d.-.-h afl«r B r-'-nrd-'. t v l n K run in lhe ROO; And-. Stanfield In lh" 2iW-meter d.-·:!·. W j r - 1 Gkj-**»* t. . t r -, ri - ., to donate hood cold p a i r nf dice, ! Ireated to the por we re- assem- a sood s u b f t i t u l e for ammonia. Sam: Listen, Einstein. If you're goine to jet personal. Bertha: Bob. please. Rob: Aw. shut up. iWe interrupted long enough to suecest t h a t we'd serve at banker. This proposal was met with a silence, t h a t we choje to regard as McKenzie Wins Harmon Piayfield Tournaments Lynn McKenzie won first place In both the jacks and marble tou.- rwtnents st Harmon P'.ayfield this wee*. The two victories put Washington School a h e a d in points for the summer's activities McKenzie is a Washington School s:-.:dEnt. Second place in the jacks tourney went to Charles Young, .of the University Training School. Charles McKenzie. of Washington, wjs second in the marbles tournament, and Allen McKenzie. of Washington, and Leo R y a n , of , Jefferson, tied for third place. The summer ping pong croo.uet tournaments at Harmon Playfield will be held in two vceks as i closing feature of the activities. Vickers Ousts HiskeylnNCAA Golf Tournament Lafayette. Inct. - OP) - The ! championship cnntrnders today in ; t h e S5th National Collefiate Golf j Tournament are » couple of fel- 1 lows .who are not accustomed to I public putting. Eddie Mcrrins, 19, sophomore ' c a p t a i n of Louisiana State's team. ' licked both Sammy Snead and | Byrcn Nelson in exhibitions when . he was 17. I His opponent. .Tim Vickers of : Oklahoma, whipped Frank Stran' ahan in the- first round of the j Western Amateur in 1950. , Vickers. 23. from Wichita. Kan.,! won the Colorado Amateur Cham-' i nionshin in 1K43-SO and was med-I l a l i s t in the Kansas Amaleur two. [Jj" cn " his shoulder-stiffen- . in,..,, ,,,,. ,,,.,, , ri ed. Tom Morean finished un. The nine thr«Truri r»nv Stan m M,T'^i V.nk, pounded three Philadelphia Hhe CardTdoubi'ed "and" s^ied ... 8hu s, Hvo-'n'ho^r h^rkev-iln* il-ST "" '"""« " r " k '" » *-*-'' tie. Mantle Tmncctod off Bob Hoooer in the fourth and the fifth. i Drnji To Fourth The Cleveland Indians dronped from third nlace Into a fourth place, tie w i t h the Chicago White Soi. Chicago turned back the In- diinj. 5-1. behind the four-hit pitchine of Billy Pierce. Pierce fanned in snd walked only two in bestinn Bob Feller. Four Cleveland errors led to three unearned runs. Feller also forced in two runs by walking F.d Robinson and hittine Shtrm Lollar with a nitch with th« bases loaded in the first. Lefty Hal Newhouser. making his first start since May I I , allowed St. Louis onlv three hits but the Browns beat the former Detroli ace 2-1 on two errors. An error by Ncwhouser set un the. first run ap-l Gerry Priddy's miscue admitted fv winning manter in the fourth. Bob Cain, with heln from Paice in the eighth, gained his sixth victory. -- .ipprovnl." ( Dora: i l n an effort to j h i f t the i How've you been : bled the pame in w o r k i n g order :,, ; In m?mory we relived all the · prand times we'd spent over t h e i ',',,,_ .,: , i". '· came. Which proves t h a t l i m e ! L," ?r ' cM TM, "i ""n--. tempers rvr n t h e most r e p u g n a n t ' T '·: hal '' v7 11 "f-'i incidents for we'v- nrvrr eilE.'lged I , , , , ' · ; . Prp "- v "ood. Of course , ,.,,,,n . 7.^;!-" i in a came of Monopoly that d i d n ' t ' , ' r ,J' l r £ n , hsv(! h " n '"""inn :-cn np ". S.-F-'-H..,, n-. result in vast and complicated u n - i ' r n m 'b» heat, and our maid got x nnn "s'kc: t~ n i h - ; friendline.«"s I n r r n a n r | ra| iSht in the orange irfr!«=- M- 1 !!!-"'- n ; - i.i-- · i ' juicer A esterd.iv i .;.._·.,,..-'...".,. In f a c t t l i e r c s one fellow t h a i 1 - . r . » i u , i v we've never spoken to since th" fall of 1038 when he refused lo sell us Pennsylvania A v e n u e which »"·«! F."*".' Ton), 4 a n U'ri»hi' 4 » 1 ^-hli.nn 4 fl i --,..,,,,,, 4 n i ^A^ U ( , 4 1 f) » -i||(|.. r ' m i ! ' -- Conn 1 "- - n n vn T P-B--nk'ir^ T .i -hmi-7. 2. Bruno 3. so-- . *' ' " ' ' r n ' ' Irrtl: *urr«?l s | n 5. .T»,^ r | ; r Sclimi!». l in I: Br.nci ! in a 1 *· FR --Bickforrl 4-4: .Inhnsnn r.-r. R-irrl-M- n , : small monopoly for us. And if that - ' . . n-0: Srhmitf inner-- ^rpnra d I ' - H l . I I -- W r r n ' - k r - « n rt Secory. T-- 3-3s! T n« r r_ A --11 II. ' iT. nrxtlc. p ·lihn.-en. .ih n"F*TM n r: Yuh · «- ·:"!»liri!li · LOUIS : PITT»UMrH ah r h ah r h 2h 2 2 1 nn Grfrn. cf S n 1 2h i n n Great tt s I 1 " 4 2 i ijcii.rt s n i · ' 4 2 2 K'ncr. I t 4 1 1 r. rf 4 n -l Merse.n. 3b 4 n i h 4 n n M'C'lnuBn. r .1 1 1 If ' n n S'r'klanrJ. ?h 3 n l l fi n'jviirom*. ib n n n'M*in. p 4 n n.rp 7 .Gr'rlrt i'. c * n n Mnir p C 2 0 n r K m h n r r k l i n n Lapalme. p i n n n If 2 n n' .14 B 0 Tnlal, ! Merrins was in the Ifl'iO Nation- ' ; al Junior Chamber of Commerce 1 j champion. Tie also has the rtij- i ; Unction of being one of the few ! i golfers to make two holes-in-one i in a single nine-hole match. ! j Neither of the NCAA meet fin- ! ; alists did so well in their confer-1 ' ence championships. Merrins was i . eighth in the Southern Inte.rrol- i , legiate and Vickers was third in · i the Big Seven. Vickers had the toughest semifinals match Friday, having to birdie two extra holes to stop Marion Hiskey. lait member of North Texas State's NCAA team I champions. Both shot ex-en par 'golf for 18 holes. Both birdied the 19th, hut Hiskey had a par on 20. tt-a.-.n't bad enollRh h" e v e n t u a l l y erected holds on Park Avenue and the Boardwalk and sent ir In ignoble h.inkruplfy. A small and selfish t r i c k any wav vou look nt jt. But in looking back we felt less i n d i i n o n t over the episode and determined to i n v i t e some folks to play the same. We can-fully chore our friends Snllv and Sam Tu- perscent (he's in the building and loan hiisinessi, Dora and Dave Deeductuble i n n insurance mam. and Bertha antl Bob Bumloser (a professional intellectual*. P-ather Ihfiii run (he ri^k 'if )-av- ,, , ins ,1 lonq list of rpRr?!s we ciire- n n ' f u l l y ni-oicled i n e n l i n n i n ^ \vhal lhe 0 0 n ' evening's c n t o r t a i r u v n t would . I'oii-irt of. nnd \ v i t h the prospect ., . . of some free l o a d i n g all arrived ' .'..' at the appointed hour. ] ' h After Ire urns! convivalitiey "'h i had been pawed around 'w Eiih- 1 !OT £!",·· stitliteii them for hnrr. d'oeuvres'. ' i nBt -. wo whipped out our Monopoly Fii7Gr--iin. board and q u i c k l v ortjaniwl the ^c.""v-""i" I "--i -"-'--i 2B--BT. ' g»m? on th? ( l i n i n g room tan]'it. Auisiil. .vfrrron S-- Miz«'l n^ ' M, u . ' W h a t transpired thereafter : went FomctMng l i k e thi.i: Sam: Is thi^: all the money we Dave: (Ears sharpening! f a m h t I her h a n d ? Was she hurl bad? Sav : do you all have any romprehen-1 sivc? | Bob: Oh. for Pete's sake let's ! 4 i I '1 '"men. rf V'rnon, in lain, aa s n i Voll m ,r. r j 4 I r P - i - r a n l l rf 4 I " K|l. .-h 1 n irv»r». If 4 I I ' eri-lo"*'h * 4 » B ' W h l l t . r !"."".""- n not start selling insursnre. , ,, Dave: Look, his-brain. You lend j BII.SV , f to your business and I'll tend to j """·'. Jh m i n e . j ^ra.iwv r Sally: I don't know w h a t kind ' Mlrr ""' " of insurance we'\'c ^nt. We've not a whole drawer full of polici-s at home. Sam: If you'd stay home some ,-ifternoon and clean house instead ' ro r F-..^.., ,. .,,, of piny bridge maybe we'd know .,J|P "''«« OKI for Urarhorou.h what insurance we've "ol I ,,, t Sally: Well, you his baboon, vou BnVton"""" °" "" " t u n - Gorrilen anrl Jim Pillion in the (iiscur. YesterriBVs crowd of 12.3(1 sot; . , . , 1 8 boot oul nf niovt of 'h n events i '/ ! n 11 and a sigh of regret for one con- Vb i ? , j t c B t n t - ! . i n n 1 Jim Goliiday. the nation'! finest J i ·: 100-meter man. bfi«-ed out nf the; * ' 'I picture. The groin I n i n r y he suf-'' fered In the heah of'th"' K,-.ilonal I AU a week befni-f c i n p n « - | up T em «fvi_.i again end r.-nirH"d hi- chmccs. i rm asx...^ Americas' hope, u-jih 11,0 ,\'nrih- wfstern f l a r h gone, ic-.*-. v j i h A i " Bragg of Morgan Sla'c, w i n n e r ! of the race at j Record! Broken I ^1--^ !^ f^M^'r j ''''"' Ameri-an r [1 c(iiti'; brok"n:' Pier-f '.· un" I Cliarlic Moore, l\Vv York A t h - ' H'nni 'V^n- r . | lelie Clllb, in lhe 4'lll-nieter vi'»- .«.?, I ' - , j hurdles. His t i m e : 0:.Vi'l Th" nl-l and Rnmm«! 7 , m ark, 0:S1.1, hy Mo.i'e. in l!Mfl. | Curtis Stone." New York. A C . ' t ' S.OOO moteis. Ti'nc-- 1137 Olrl ···TON I m a r k . 14:.10(). hy l i n l p h Kill. USA. and Lauri Li-lillni-'i. F i n l a n d , in the 1M2 Olyi-.pir: film's. Tile Amciic.-in m f t r U tied was Whilfield's blisl'rlnt l:i,1.(i in the Fights Last Niqht 'fly The An«rKl»{e4 Prtw) rw York -- Ernie Durando. HH, fiayonne. X. .f.- outpointed New Orleans. Mopped Glenn Bruce.' HO. ,%·-· Orleans, 4. Pave Srhimmel, 17-year-old freshman performer for the Duke t - n n i i team, wai Baltimore city champion lait year. .tuck Prrnder»ast, former Junior Ij now an asulstant coach to H«r- man Ulckman at old Eli. M-O-N-Y ACCIDENT Mtd SICKNESS INSURANCE row Hit dctaUt. "SEE GEORGE" MrKinn«y Afmwy Ovir Mcllror Buk. PbM* IH i*n. ·r . t i n it ^ i i 3 n n i n n 4 n i n i 1 4 1 1 4 a o 4 n i Tnta'a i n n l n i ! I n i a--Flicrt oul for M m r , h--Singled for M-Mri in r--Flicrl out for M u i r in Pittlht.r.h .. r,J E-- M*rr,pn, S c h o f n r t i r n s i Davo: Why don't you drop hy '''hner. tht; office tomorrow-. Wr'vp sotjr" n n e l ! sovcral new kinds of policies 1 I (in--iti haven't sold you. ' | M n , ^-^ Hob: Come on ~ ' 'lomc. S.-ini: I curss we'd h-tl. , ,,,. ,,,,,. IY It s Intr. and besides I don't have : -- nny property. noolman. «· H»-VP ?p- .,,,,,,,, «. rj m rtrr, n I""" '· ."Varhnroinh I. Mr'r.-ern 7 HI H c r l h a , let's ,o j -Hilrlann I in 7 l-nlru.v K-^rhnrr,u»: ROO. Johnny W o n - i r u f f , Inn fornirr Pittshurqh runner, set It In 1 9 4 0 . 1 W h i l f l e l d won as he pleased 1 over his local r i v a l . John Barnes 2 n n , of Occidental College, with Hcfisie, New York Pioneer Club third. The mnjn , Th* triumph In th« iholput by Dirrow Hoop.r, Taxai A. and M.. o»«t Parry O'Britn, louthtri Cill- t*rnla and Jim Fucha, K.Y.A.C., in that ordir. Ho«^«r Hot Hooper hit r," feet 1 S-0 Inches (best In his carerri; O'Brien 57 1-2 ·nd Fuchs ,1ft-11 1-2. Meredith Oourdlne's win in the MUTUAL 0' HI* TOIK tt. rf tin Tat l n n M .1 « ; «o j er go. too. HO 2 In 1 n t, itR--M'rrrrn -T: lliMaiin 4-4: S,-a_rbrr)uth I .(I. HHP-HiKl.on - .. ...... , ,.,,.,,,,,, ,.,,. ITMII. »lnn»r-- Marrprn broad j u m p and the first loss Jn ! 42 meets for the favorite. George n I '^rown, UCLA, who finished third. - Gourdlne'i; distance, 2")-4 1-2 If. L««i. I. ·trit The parly broke up soon afler it had flartcd w i l h even-one feeling i n d i g n a n t over the poo, sports-! r«ky » m n n s h i p shown by t h e olhers Ail i Kerry. « nf which gave us the idea we've --Strlcklsnrl. Great and B j r l i r n m - M.ilr .r"so'- I, Brai .1. S in ... . Vuha' 2 In f.R--Main :-2: (·IT "" I " ft. LOUI ah r h R h r h S a 1 Younn. 2h 4 n · I 0 t Mlch-fla. 7h 4 " i fiol for nur"next party" As"veT»id r I Rum*''!, ? ! J .?"'£"i'/' v 1 ' ° T h TM ^ n * I O / M TM' ·«'«!«· I MTU If . ! ! o v , k " t f ' ' ' h n ! Then w e l l no down to the fire- awerr " ' 1 MiVMiT'M " V"v"i ' · ' '" li " T1: ls '" JS a l 1 'hf monev we plar '' h u i l d » h i K fir'. nd h a v e ' "--' l. HO-M,in s in 4 Mizril '' « cl? '^mme'see the rul»s. ' :" steak-fry. Doesn't that sound iraw; n rn 3: M ' i : r ' s In 4: l)sv e: Yeah! I don't have n e a r ' E n o d ' n. i .n.i-- n :. , « v enough. A plumber's helper rfiake* ! ; morn than t h i s a month. We're , . suoposed to be irrtl. If s n o Bveh If I fl (I Rlv«ra. cf n a n n,'.i n . ,.f-if 4 n ri rwMv.u . ,, lh t.aPalm? 0 in 1 . M m r 4-4: MirirM i » « Pm,./ rda. T-2:3«. 'A--it.m. Enfftln and MIW TOOK ah r h fMiL*pii.»Mi» ah r h William*. 2h ^ 0 n Wni'hn*. l h 1-ockmsn. lh 4 n n A s h h u r n . rf Tnomion. 3b 4 n ] Hrmn*r =5 Flliolt. If 4 n 0 Burse's .r Dirk. IS 3 rt 2 Wyrntcl( rf Mur*ller. rf 2 n n Enn'S. !f Yvars. c . I n n 2h Thoma'n. cf ^ n n lnnr«. ^h ·Tansen. p fl n n S'mmnns. p K nnertj 1 . p . i n n Totali 29 n .1 TnlaU '· How They Mobile Takes New York Kr nm ooi--n fi om onx--« (By Jhe Associated Press) AMERICAN LEAGUE W New York 37 Boston 3R Washington 3.T Chicago Sfi Cleveland .16 St. Louis SI Philadelphia 2B Detroit . ._ 21 Friday'. Rttulti New York 10. Philadelphia Washington S, Boston 3. Chicacti,S. Cleveland 1. St. Louis 2, Dctro:t 1. Pet. .807 .545 .541 .5.17 .537 .463 .448 .323 0. Pet. .726 .(1(11 .56,1 .322 .444 .415 ·2SO RATIONAL LEAGUE W L Brooklyn . 45 17 New York 41 21 Chicago 3fl 28 St. Loub 3fl 33 Cincinnati _.. 2fl 36 Philadelphia 1 .. 28 ,15 Boston . _ 27 .IS Pittsburgh _17 Si Fridiy'i R«iul!i Brooklyn S, Boston 3. Philadelphia f. New York 0 St. Louis 6. Pilt.'bursh 4. Chlragj fi, Cincinnati 0. ·OUTHEHN ASSOCIATION W L Pet. Mobile 4« .14 ..17S Vew Orleans 44 .M .5f!4 Chlttannciga 42 35 .541 Nathvlllf 41 .10 .5,11 Atltnta J7 37 .Sft» 8lr»ln|h»m ...3.1 42 .440 Litlk Rrxk 31 42 .4J5 Mtmphii II 4S .4M As Pels Lose By The A»j«lat-d rren N a s h v i l l e baseball f a n s who lake I h e i r sport in a minnow-sizeri park called Sulphur Dell have seen many a homer which would have heen a long Texas Leaguer anyplace else. j Last n i g h t however, t h t v got to |s» the real thinf _ a homer for I four bases in any park in Amer- I ica. Roh Rorine hit the homer which , r o \ c r e d at least JrtO feet. Old| time Sulphur Dell f a n j who certainly know more about short homers Vun \nntf nnn, claim Hor- inju's blow was the longest In Nashville history. | NishviHe. w i t h Boring In frnnt. whipped L i t t l e Rock twice 7-0 and 14-3. Since recover'nj frnm a , knee i n j u r y June 24 Boring has · 16 hits i n c l u d i n g three homers,! one iriple and four (Viubles. | A t l a n t a and N'ew Orleans p l a y - ' ed mother of their Innf winded iam«i and t h i s on* wtnt to Atlanta In 10 innm;s 10-9. The result ulso created a TICW Southern A»- Keitlion leader. With Nr.v Orleanj ki»in», Mobile took tint plic«. Mobile won from Birmingham 16- I. rnitek 2 HP--.Innr* an*l V.'ailk --Nru- York 4. P h i l a r i c l n h i a .l.insfn I. Kennr-rlv ?. S n i n i n n ^ .S in 7 ' j . R A/ KR- -.I.insf-n ."-:- K-nne-1 1-fl W i n n e r -- S i m m o n * 'R-:i I.nsr- lansen (fi-4i U -- C u B ' i r ' m o . T.---P. Cer Ian. Stewart T--2.m. A-.|.1..")S9. « Snead And Ferrier Take Lead In Golf Meet Al Inverness i To'edo. Ohio-IVPi-The t.-.urney- ' l a s t e d champions showed !he ··· = · today as the third round openo-i the Inverness I n v i l a t i o n a l S l U i n f l 1 best-ball olf classic. I Out front, w i t h a pius f i v e M I i n j a f t e r w i n n i n g f.-o m a t c h e s , .were slammin' Sim Snend. i h « , West Virginia hel-shfli. and Aus; t r a l i a n - b o r n Jim FerrTei. a couple j o ' former f(1A t i l l e h o i d e r ^ On t h e i r heel*, a! p l u s i h t r e were former .Valiona] Opm rlv.m- nions I.lo-d M a n c i u m md Tary M i d d l e r o f f , \vl-o climbed i n t o t h e runner-un fpnl yesierdsv w i t h a par-shattiring 61, ten u n d e r t h e eird. The (II gave coff a 4-up win Dora: Oh. I just I h i n k this is I the most adorable little ol' game. How do you plav? Rolv Somebody ptart "r we'll be hTe a l l n i e l l i . I've p,n\ \n get home and studv some. B?rlha: I've" got the dice. I ' l l .start. Sam: W a i t a m i n u t e . You h l f l a roll for high point lo f ee who stalls. Dave On on and roll Bertie. I'll hct a buck she comer. Sam. Snm: A buck she doesn't. 'Bertha rolled a four. 1 Sam. Little Joe. Never make "*--" i that point. , v ..'l Dave: Roll ag.iain Bertie, roll a l.-fi . Inn. nn-- Boh: Cnm» on' vnu fello'vs. Let's S ?io pl; ' v " 1 " K '' ]m " 1: ' s m y ro "- And know what we're going to Mart the fire wilh? Yep you guessed it--the Monopoly board. hwk. rf 1 l I Ca'n. ., H.iflfla. jr, t n i Pal.». p »"»lfr. f .1 fl l' i N'hoiwer. p * fl n 1 i n! 2 n n, i n f . We had a viiit a couple of days in'iih ai M ? .1 a--HII Into (founle play fni 4 1 1 4 n t 4 I I 4 1 1 3 IP n l 4 fl- n . . . . . . f r o m Hospital Corpsman Pat I D»troK .. . rm «in rmv-i Steele. USNR. who was playing 8I ""· . . mi m r^j football and basketball for F a v - 1 ..^"f w n - e u i i r. rririd.v. RBI- OT-nSp^ to^il.Krx^t.arS plelion o f training school duties - - - - - - at San Diego nnri will return for duly at Camp Pendleton, Ocean- Place winners behind Bragg in the ion were Lindv Bemigino, nnd Dean Smith Texas, and Jim Gathers, Army who tied for Ihird. Roth weft- named for (he team. Behind Stone In the S lino meters were Wei Snntce. Kansas, and Charley Cappnrzoll, Onrgetown Meef«, LM Yoder of Arkirui ·nd Roland BlackmiR. Armr, nukt up thi 400-meltr hurdU Iris. Bill Miller, U.S. Marines, won the jivelin at 23.1-8 5-8. followed by Cv Youn;. Loi AnR"le5 A C 334-1 7-8, and Dud Held, Olympic Club, 224-2 1-2. Martin Rngrl, New York Pioneer CWt ··^·TCraTvinH side, Calif. Pat will be on his wa about to 1, ri.-i « n ·. M ) i os n 2. hf informrri i S --.. ~*u» «. an--new _.. . J. Palfe I. SO--Cain i. Newhnuwr I Pain* 1 HO--Cain s In 7 Hn'nrt (faced nn* man In Hth): Palie fl tn ? * aV m - C a l n 1-1: PaH» -W: Ncv.-- hniuwr J-n W--Cain a-:ti I^-V*-- !J--Sirt- ena us. and would like to know ,, anyone is looking for a ride out t h a i way. Me can be reached at him Springs. i.tT2 -- Gritvt. K e n l u r k y n n n u a ' l y pro r !urp* an r s i i m a t w l oni»-ihird of ih thoroushhrcri rflrin s crop country. Rogers BY LAND, BY SEA, BY AIR 7-14, Little Rock 0-.1. CrMttsnoofi 4, Memphis .V Mobile Ir), Blrmlnihim I. Atlinti 10, New Orl*in» » in linns. p v l-down ol »,000 air milta. P.citl, union «tie«n«, in , "" '""' " ·""· Bflcl1 ' CW- Hft PI"* « «·' t)mv»r» ar. ,f r ,, m i f f ( , )vt , rjinn, Mm H«m Kou- Afititiwi. MIH Hiwati, reriiiu Sucrtes. ' McC. rtwT ..M,» AuMr,,,.. ma win comp.1. ^tk oih,, world IM »nlir» Indies Night was observed bv iti lhe "" ''""" C l u h r " rM ". v n i « h l - Th ' meeting was held in the Masonic Temnle d i n i n g room Members of lhe Order of the F.astern Slar served the meal. Dr. C. A. Pierre was master of ceremonies. F.rnesl · Godfrey, program r h a i r m a n . in- j trodured the new denulv rlr'ri'-l ! governor nf Lions In'ernat.'onal who inslalled the nrwl^ elected officers. A n p i o x i m a t e l v fto oerson* were present. A program of music was presented. A new business will he sri up in Rogers .Inly I. according lo lhe publication of arlicles of i n c o r - poration f i l e d T h u n d a v at t' e office of couniv clTk In Benirm- vilfe The hiisine'is of the i n r M r - ; noratinn is lo m a n u f a c t u r e . prr- duce and sell concrete, cemeni. re. ; inforred steel, and other b u i l d i n g materials. The im-ornoralors are ' .John Van Wav. of Pojers. John W. Oven, of K i r k s v l l l t . Mo..-and Helen Van Wav. of Rogers Au- thorised c a p i t a l ;tock is Jio.nnn. The Rev. Alfred .!. Ordel. pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Ro«rs. dfllver'jd Iht I I o'clock sermon Thursday al the ; Bible training school at .John Brown Unlvtrslty a t S'j l o a m 1 Sptingi. He is a member of the ·lohn Broivn a l u m n i llhle -chnol Mr Ordel was accompanied by I Mrs. Oerdel and t h e i r three r h i l - dren. who were »uest» of Dr. and Mrs. Stuart .Vhmlpf. is for the PLEASURE lla Brings Vou Every Day fOWl. to* HF.ALTH /lt» Bttium eVi»nnt IMM, · TOPS in pHor-il s.-ii*rlxnm«nt li th« r irK-uriT vonely shew ' Icund each day m t _ . « .fn:-.ire pa^e; o( your new»pap«r. K'.ere.? iun for ev«ryon«. as th« cr»ani el /..·TiericT s comic L-'noract«rs delight you with IT:.' nrr.'ir:,-;-) anlics clever comtdy, Mcil- ::;'] adventures and side-splitting hunor. And i t s a htand ncv/ »h-5w »very dayl Yft ih pries of admiscion to this aJl-«ar by top-llit)ht mirth-me.k«r» It t ·· Bmil s'im your earner-boy atlu «odl c-i!*ftion day. Yes, your Mwtpapir it v«| v-rth th» pn-« l-r *nt9rtfiinm»nt Jjcn»--lo t'-7 r.flhma of all the- n*w» and Inal complet* youf reoding tlsrt bT thwiMild. In mucFm I(4jts-Junf»'i Roman Mill Brnrl , 11-ll-U 1 NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMO

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