Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 28, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 28, 1952
Page 5
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Big Fourth Planned * At Veterans Hospital Band To Play, And Display Of Fireworks Set aantu root MMMM. «.l«--,. i,n, it, m, w Dorothy Dix Dear Mua Dm My husband is ever, you must give her the strong, in service, and I am at home with est morjl support you can, and encourage her in every way tc for het In m a n y a n i m a l s the same f r n _ ! » organs are used for ho'.h t-ifto and f m e l l . Thousands Expected At Evening Event · On Front Lawn By TED R. HTL1E A lot of people in Northwest jArlumsas probably have already planned where they will spend the evening of July 4--at the Vet- *rana Administration Hospital, .where, as in the past several years, a fireworks display will be set off in the nrea directly in ' front of the Administralion Build- · ing. Lait year there were 2 , 0 0 0 j cars by actual count, each bearin; I three or four people, on the scene. This year a crowd of thousands I ·is expected to view the display, hear a patriotic speech by Mayor Powell M. Rhea of Fayetteville. a \ former battleship commander and retired admiral, and listen to i band concert by the famed F i f t h Armored Division band from Camp Chaffee. This band has been here before .--remember the Chicken of Tomorrow celebration of a year ago - -and those who heard arid watched the performance presented by the musicians won't want to mis'= It this time. With thousands coming In from out of town to a t t e n d tie fete, it will be no surprise to those preparing the evening's entertainment for 10,000 folks to turn out. The Veterans A d m i n i s t r a t i o n ·Volunteer Services put on the tiro- gram each year. The tentative schedule calls for the event to get under way the Evening -f July 4 at 6:30 o'clock. »'ilh a concert of 20 minutes by Ledbttter's Western Swing Band Employes Stay At Thtir Jobs 18 Years : o u r three children. Shortly before l o u r first child n a s born he had Ian a f f a i r , hut I d i d n ' t leave him i a s he bejsed me not to and said I he would n e v e r be u n f a i l l i f u i ' sjain. TVo years l a t e r , the same thins happened. At Christmastime he l e f t me for a n o t h e r slrl. solace find a proper troubles. Since vou a r e i n c a p a b l e of soil i n g out to h e l p her. ynu must h a v e someone else act for vo.j The best ajent would be thr clergyman of your church, who r-ar!y all fuel.:: consist of rar- bon, hydrogen, o x v g n i , an'l ni'rr,- c^n in v a r y , P R pronori'on.L Although th« Romans occupied England for 400 ytari they oevtr conquered IreUnd. : Th* original form of th« n»mt "Iran" :n t "Aryana," the country or t h e A r v « n i . "UJT IIT mi me ror a n o t h e r clrl · p t i e . " i i n " ·" .'iui L n u i c n . woo Now he has rnme hack, w i t h the v -' r "' lrt nl " . vour wife in touch with usual protestations of' remorse A'"* 0 ' 10 * Anonymous, if he feeli «nd repentence. He promises to lh " sh ' n " rts l h f i r h r l n - " 'he ' i settle down and never h ' / ' ^ m e I again. Would I be foolish :o do so - L. A. L. Answer: I f i r m l y believe t h a t everyone is e n t i t l e d to one chance to mske good; when it comes to two, I'm 3 l i t t l e skeptical. Vour husband's i n t e n t i o n s may be good 1 but two gross i n f i d e l i t i e s m four years of marriase Is enough to raise doubts. Of course, there is always the possibility of compi.-te reform, ana if you love him very luch. it's worth a chance. Yoii are f u l l y av.-are t h a t t a k i n g him back may lead to more h e a r t break for you. but establishing a happy home may be w o r t h t h e risk. Should he prove f a i t h l e s s acain. your supply of forgi\enes- should be exhausted. Ifewprrat* 811..·(Jo- nes r Miss D i x : For twenty-one years I have been married to a woman I love dearly. ] , m now n a sanatorium and don't know how long I'll lie here. Since I ame in. my wife has been drink- c o n t i n u a l l y . t'\ c o n t i n u e s her present course, th« children will e v e n t u a l l y be t a k e n Irom her. and that t h r e a t alone may serve to set her s t r a i g h t . The very worst t h i n g you can do is to carry out your t h r e a t to "let her go altogether." she hut. had. at best, a most d i f f i c u l t llm »nrt desertion by her t a m i l v and friends is c e r t a i n l y not a s o l u t i o n . She needs help, and friendt, more lhan she ever has needed t h e m before, and the present crisis will hi- a true test for the love and loyalty of those nearest to her. --- * i VA Employe Wins A Prize For Suggestion The Veterans A d m i n i s t r a t i o n operates an "incentive program," in which employes are invited to make suggestions for improve- n - j ment of the service. The p l a n and has paid off for Edwin H. Savle wan ner ,o stop, but contact officer at the Veterans success, w, have reven; Hospital In Fayettevlll,. h i l d r e n . two on their own, three! -, , k . ... . I s a \ l e has been notified t h a t he; s m a l l , | 5 rirn( , r bv t .,,, 0 n s v i n g wnn t h l ( t : amount In the incentive program; by h a v i n g a suggestion accepted. He proposed a tpeedup method , to school, and two ones. What can I do? JAMES H. Answer: Both you and your · · ~ t r ·-· wife h a v e my deepest sympathy, i"' getting patients home quicker Come! Hear! Or TUHE-W Awl Listen! BIG OPENING RALLY ******** PINE BLUFF TAYLOR FIELD Saturday, June 28 8:00 P.M 'til 9:00 P.M. L, Every word will p, c k · punch. He«r th. TRUE itory of Arkansas' re.n.rkable record of prontM during the M?Mith administration. Th. FACT. IML iHiiei of thb campaign will b. .Wpp* rf their political tripping*. McMath hu the urwett . . . U.« TRUTH WILL BE TOLD. \ ' *" ! ! Today And Tomorrow --j The men and women hown here have been with the Veterans Hospital since it onenprf in Thi« will be followed by a flag lowering ceremony. George Ernst «f the hospital staff will introduce Mayor Rhea. who will deliver a ·hort talk, to be followed by the band concert icheduled from 7:30 .to 8:SO p. m. Then the fireworks display will be put on for the next n w e eerans Hospital since it onenprf in FSV.H.V.II. monJ°«".f h 1 t0 Pid " r!S " a f f memlw " at the'hospital at the present time. Left to right mond W. Henley, res.strar; W. 0. Hitchings, assistant manager who 1 manager; J. C. Kennamer, supply officer;; back row E H Savle chief of special services; Otic L. Wilson, personnel officer, Chwttf A Allen, engineer officer. .... .... . ' -' ··" F-"^'" IM,,C. i^n 10 ngni, iron! row, Rav- --'·^K-ame^u'p^ -'" ' Howell, finance officer, and L. A! (Puska TMESFOTOS) 000 for food for the quarter is in: eluded in the proposed budget. There are 21 persons on the pav- . ill of the Veterans A d m m i s t r a i lion hospila'l who have been here since Ihe i n s t i t u t i o n opened--and |a few of t h e m helped in the construction of the buildings before the hospital opened. This hospital has one of the very best records of all veterans hospitals in the country for keeping its personnel. And, it ma' Boyle's Column By HAL BOYLE Denver - W) - Having trouble nature's free druc-store with your mother-in-law Joe? But althou«h thev are Spartan ' 43 minutes to an hour. Additional parking facilities .have been provided since last J'eif, and preparations art a l l ready to rare for the large crowd which is anticipated. IT.lIt Patient. Treated The Veterans Hospital, with a «Jaff of 305 persons and an annual budget of more than tl,200,000, has become a part of the Northwest Arkansas community since it opened April 1. 1B34. More t h a n $1,000.000 was spent in getting it i -··· ready to serve the public, and P"P»':'i' at 'his hospital t h a t ap- meet face to face unexpectedly studying In lw one" nn'i'"r.«"' '·" lince It admitted its first patient Plications for jobs are constantly, both would go blind. ' (h , medicine men' =et M£ ? -George Washington of Benton- on fll(1 - I They had another rather unusual : and their foes are always paid ville, a veteran of World War I-! By far the 'ui KS esi majority o[ Isolation to this old f a m i l y problem The other reason is t h a t N»v=io, It has treated 47,130 patients. | p a t i e n t s cared for since the h o s - j l f a young I n d i a n brave knew »' while fearless of death are treat The »lte-»4.« acres-v.-a, pur- j Pital opened Jm-e been World W a r , ' widow with an attractive d a u g h - ' l.v afraid of illnrss They are also and will a member Then take a tip from the Nava- ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,, , n p v ,,,, H n j r t a n iou'U b' Si 'h" "'" ° n ""-""Vvond belief; they are mo^c dor" n u l l hear her coming and y o u ; tor-minded lh,-n I h e hvprocbnn- ·can get out of her way. | r ;. riac ma|rnr . ,,.,,,, n w e l l P0 ' nC ^,''. . .. , - The Navajos started this pecul- ! Avenue in New York he surprising to sonic, l«r custom hundreds of years ago 1 Some a u t h o r i t y p v i i m a t e t h a t ..-..-iJutely no shortage of because of a superstition t h a t if about one out of ovor'v i n M (nurses. In fact, the profession ,s so a son-in-law and mother-in-law men Is elthTM ,"'medicinemarI or for you are truly going through a great hour of trial. A woman with seven children and a bus hand in a hospital for an i n d e f i - ' 'ONTimtrn ntOM PAni roim nite stay certainly is treading a warfare. W h a t matters here how- thorny p a t h , and who can point ever, is t h a t this Chinese govern- a finger of scorn at her for try-1 ment has used against the old ac- mg to shert these troubles t h r o u g h , cusation against Japan, not ,top- a form of o b l i v i o n ? Certainly not j ping to realize t h a t the Japanese I. She needs help desperately, methods which they attribute to and you, of course, are not In a ! us h a v e long been known to bf In- posltion to get it for her. How-1 effective and are q u i t e obsolete. KGRH -- KBRS -- SpringdoU JIM WALLACE, LITTLI HOCK. CHAIRMAN OF THI , t» emntn · fnftm » fnf,t Weekly Classified Business and Professional Directory EMERGENCY TELtPHONE NUMIERS CITY HOSPITAL Ph*M 1200 OAI. Ptwiw 21*0 ·UtIHIM TRAM POD aVH HtVKI JOM ·ECRETARIAL -- STANDARD COUMKI FAYETTEVILLI lUSINESS COLLEGE FAYETTEVILLE. ARKAMAf ** H. a DAVIt. PMEaV CITY WATM rtANT. Fhww 711 UOHT AND POWM. Plwm MOO. ·WTVAt. HataMANM MM. POUCI. 71 "JTO OLAtf AUTO OlAII ( MIRROR SHOP Aulomobllt Clui ImKlM Glau TablM -- Pl.t. OliH _ Mirror. Mifror B«ll».rlnj. Glau Furnltun Tept ALL WORK aUAKANTCED l i t Wett MMdcw. Phcrw J7JO iv ii.s . c.ira »i,»»i. patieou. iKf.tcii,.-, L.III-H inr since me nos- n a young I n d i a n brave knew « while fearless of death The lite--»4.« acres-was p u r - j P i t a ' o p e n e d have been World W a r widow with an attractive d a u g h - ' ly afraid of illness Th fhased by the city water plant |H veterans. The oldest patient the tor. he would first marry the wid- ''"W of dead people »ith funds raised through a bond j personnel recalls was "Pop" Hoi- O w. then the daughter' and thus "bandon home if Issue, and the city limits were ;lowa.v of Missouri, who celebrated avoid having anv mother in law of the f a m i l v die, in , extended to Include the hospital, .'hi; 100th b i r t h d a y at the hospital. tr n ,,w. .. .M A , uTJ.! .'" J"*, /-, '. .l/ 1 ^T.." extended to Include the hospital, jhi; lOOth b i r t h d a y at the hospital, trouble at afi All h i ' h . r t ' t n - H « i f i n r o r .,,* *· ^.. In 19«, through the efforts of | The American Legion of Fort TM n w ,t two wiv«%inli.- imon/^h/ T K ,","" i Sen. J. W. Fulbright, working I Smith sent a flower-decorated ake The N. v^jos IOM 1mw,eri,h TMn however ta" / TMTM with civic groups in the county, I for the occasion, and the party ed or'a v.,t "rid^ sixteVn^llnon" r«trieted M ' h ? i r ' a plot of more than nine acres I was an occasion. Holloway was a I acre reservatio^ emhrTe^n T T^ I *'as obtained from the original i veteran of the War Between the · of four western t«t» »^ Today many pileface doctor-, purchase area, for use by t h e ! Stales, and some of those at the !,,,,'. ia r TM«t t n H i = n iri'J"* j "" My brtaltf a' : t is th? mo.-t i m p o r - ; «'ashin«ton County Hospital, a n d ! hospital recall it was nothing u n - ; 4 eari of dvin, out ,h.' !"-. lan m '«l "' the day. The Navajos It present the Veterans Hospital .usual to hear him sing "Marching !,,!«;" * * Ut h * 5 *" 'n- anticipated this view w i t h an old file includes 7J'i acres. Most o f ; Through Georpia." ' Th en j I Proverb: "What you eat before 1 it not occupied by the 13 buildings.'Fllialwing Question lip |...,"" "'" weave rugs and cast noon makes you fat." They a U o : If in grass--mostly hermuda grass, i The question of s u f f i c i e n t ap- : R , ,i 'T' U n s t tr " de ' pr "* r tou * h t o l M n meat, on t h e ' Borne of it is Mill wooded, and a ' propriations to keep all the pies-',-"'; ,'L * . n r w sour " of ln *° r - v il m u « stay wir, a man I . . . · i j j . ,_ · ' , T ' . . .- . l*»-.- ' I n C O m * t f W l A V -- m i n t n r , , , T - ^ n i , * . / A - ' 1 - _ -- , . . . ' ! l u l l | pfcmc area is maintained in t h i s . e n t \ R'ooded section. j pitals Local utilities serve the hospital : and there is some talk of the ffirough specially constructed sew- necessity of closing some of the tr and water lines, gas pipes a n d ' h o s p i t a l s . lifht poles. A private telephone; Will this hospital hr rinsed? Dr. txchange is m a i n t a i n e d at the hos- | Leslie H. Wripht, the present m a n - ^ital, and a teletype system also.'agcr--v.'ho is the t h i r d since t h e ; ~ ~ i " " ", '"'·' "" " i* 1 ""-' "*"- nimy caugnr e? '* operated. This enables the hos-: hospital opened--thinks not. He !'? "'·" 0(l P (? "P 1 and some feel this and captured rt lital administrative staff to be in says he has had no i n t i m a t i o n i l s a rev.i!: of t h e i r upbringing. In- them down on f. rontaet with all other VA i n s t a l l a - 1 from any source t h a t Ihcrc is any aon« In the country. It is n o t h i n g i l i k e l i h o o d of s h u t t i n g down the inusual for "wire conferences" to |Fa.veitevi!le hosiiital. It may be * held between officials in I h e ' come necessary, so Ihe story BOGS, 'arious hospitals concerning some'tc. close an a'-erase of one velerans Irgent matter when it arises. The ' hospital a state unless more mnne- ieletypes operate daily from ·I. m. to 4:30 p. m. ...... ,..,,.,,, ,.....- ,,.,, ,,v.l^^^ nut i i n v i ner pamper nor pun- domestic h a r m o n v mrf Eighty five per cent of the an ' ""' ' '- -·-'- - ·- -- · · - · : -"- "-; - --·····-- ---- · · ·· narmom and AUTO -- - ----FAYETTEVILLE AUTO SUPPLY II EAIT UUUMTAm FArFlfTEVILLE. ARK. FHOKE TH PMtl Pa» Al Can ·** Trad* nc quwtion 01 sulliciein an-:t3,.t tt. i. i"^.^. IUURO 10 lean meat, on the wiations to keep all the pres-',,,"' ,'L hav ' . n r w sour « of ln *° r . v it must stay wir, a man Veterans A d m i n i s t r a t i o n hos- '^TM,l%£rTM n ' n ' "" mum '" '""W because i. takes longest" Is open is now in the news.. P alefai:es "torn bombs. ,chew. Butchers haven't been able there is some talk of the i T ,, .. . . , . , ! t n !e " 'his revolutionarv idea in The Navajos are held In high the white man's w o r l d ' b u t they reaard out here anrt anthropolo- are trying gists think the white man well ' ' . might adopt some aspects of their Navajos are so tough thev for- cullurc. They are a pretty well- merly caught eagles hare-handed rteer hy r u n n i n g SINES BODY SHOP ·pKitliifaif In Bo^r uid Fmdir Work. Palntln«. «.I.I 227 W. Ditlnon Ptwn. -f - · · · · · · · v » ' « u mi /oof in rplavc ]Rii* sanity is very rare among them, if » r a t t l e s n a k e crawl, intV'their It is also said that no full-blood- home, rather t h a n k i l l him t h e v fdI N'avajo ·' ultors-an a f f l i c t i o n ,,.,,, ,,,,,,,, , hnn h i m pm nf [ which !«ych,atr,sts think arise, m* carefuly t h a t he reallv doVn't 15 from childhood msecunty. )ivf , hfr ,. ^ fy Mifvf .,,· a ..'.;",] "The Indians make ihe world's and-let-live" policy. CLIANIM · LAUHMTT -- ' CITIZENS LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Quality -- Service 326 N. rhon. 214* DKUO ITMI ihe 8. is a p p r o p r i a t e d by Conaross. But : hest parents." one man said. : These I n d i a n ^ »r i Dr. W r i g h t does not believe t h i s ! "They neither pamper nor pun- 'domestic harmnn - ( m e a n s ( h a t ,n each s t a t e a hospital ish Iheir children. Thev let them maTrTed ouarTeK mal operatinf expense goes for w i l l close. There are only two in ; learn for themselves and as a re- a one room Hirt f tersonnel _ which, of course, ! A r k a n s a s , he explains, here and suit an I n d i a n hov is self-reliant call?* jends the large part of the money ' a t Little Rork, w h i l e some stales at the age of 10."' ered k - h ." r ' * *n-|ee workers. I- doctors, and .vn dentists--*!! full time. ·mget CarefillT Prepired The budget is carefully worked ut and scbmittsd to VA about He middle of May each year for tie ye«r to come. A quarterly bud. »t is worked out--for example, n* budget which is planned slart- 'i* for the next quarter this year, leginning July i, is $37010. Of nls, th*. payroll will take $M4.. Of. The rest will go to consul- tits, for subsistence, travel, _*jc. The sum of 12(1,- tution, and he t h i n k s its maintenance is pretty certain to continue. TK» A . F V , n r » , , n l - 1 C ' m i ne v e t e r a n ? nospnai at spring- field, Mo., w i l l not t a k e j » h f n r h j , g ' v Phont f77 Complete Drug Storo Service. FrM Delivery from 7:30 A. M. to 10:00 P M. PALACE DRUG STORE Walgreen Agency J*»^M_I . m* ». 411 Dkkxm SI. r. r «tt«Till«, Ark. WIS)Hrr|iM MirtMlFirilnirMci Orgamzedl922 1952 will be 200th Anniversary of Mutual Insurance Pfcon. 1M 209 North Itoek CARMEN'S NEWS STAND (Fmwtlr Fowltfi FnM In4 Mm ttmit ·THE BIO LITTLE «TOllar !· FAYETTEVtLLE It 411 WEST DtCKIOM FHORI IN JOHNSON HUMMN6 AND HUIIK CONYRACT OR RIPAIt .ml SchMl. some* »T«TKM» " · --.^--··^ WALKER AUTO SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOR ALL CARS r- Whwl Alttnmnt Wb«l talue FRAME AND AXLE ITflMOHTEWIHO in s. coiiKH, FAYirrtviui. AK. FHOWE nt ·- (KOCHY ' great disgrace. The Navajos are 'as free to get one as her husband, among Ihe Her method Is to take her bus- peoples and hand's saddle and other belong- a f t e r J u l y I. and operation',* t h a t ; ^''."i, 1 ^!.*^. 1 !".']" fnllnw '. rt in( " ". nd F'". lh ' m """i* '"? ho- LAND'S GROCERY WE DELIVER "K/gfcf en fkt H/woy--*lgM en ffc« f r ,et" tM H. COLLEGE PHONE 1111 CHICK SPECIAL hospital will he iliscontinu permanent hospital. Dr. Wright feels t h a t since the hospital mc.ins so much to Ihis c o m m u n i t y -- u ' l t b i's larce personnel and its his payroll- t h a t Ihe public should feel "clorer" lo it. That is one reason the Fourth o f : ·'"ly celebrations are expanded each year by the Volunteer Sen- j ice«. They give Ihe people ot the area a reason for v i s i t i n g Ihe facility and enjnyins its setting. Dr. Wright desires to m a k e the ho»- pital more and more a part of the a plunge Into cold water. I f gan. If a husband wants a divorce, : i n snow or dry sand. Long before You can gather from t h i n t h a t I the virtues of chlorophyll were i lawyers don't do too well among i extolled over radio and television ' Ihe Navajos. The odd t h i n g is that these Indians had « way of remov-]- with no laws to confuse them -- inr body odors. They slmplv r u b - ' m o s t Navajos marry and live hap- bed themselves under the arms pily together ever after In t h e i r j rorks provided bv hogan-sweet-hogan on the range. JIWILRY Accused Of Lying About Owen Uttlmore section, with c]oc !ie« to the pejple and their am 52-year-old Finn who came to this country I I year* ago after fighting the Russians In . his homeland was accused yester* | ( l « v _ h y a federal Grand Jury nf '"' " Lattinwe. The Innooftit. Me Is trrf on bond. . . Hl» attorney blames "too much drinking" at » cocktail party for .'arminen's trouble. Th» falie tip given by the travel agency manafft was that I.altl- more, Jnhns Hopklnn University Whe.n he sees the crowd t h a t ; lying about f)' turni e,ut for the Fmir'h. he'll I i". r v rrturmrt ^ lwn_ lnd|«i»i»p»s ...... P"(essor and Far Eastern expert, -' ' to niir,«l». An a re- Department harred - - . . . . ,, -----: -- ; , . . - . - . . p . i i r i i p (i^^srTurr 1 Trow ihln A ,, r ,e number o, different M, .'"'«»'·«" A «-- »"" ^^X'K^M. yp»t of p l i n t s c a p t u r e and con- ,i,p-inen -i-il| he arraigned M o n - ; denied all along h» had any i n - 1 |*t a Inne hooi in his belief t h a t "f.V n ". H "TV A ''" n ' lnm ' » *»· P"(essor and Far E the fnlhi mnreciate what fhey *["* tr * v '' »i«ne.v (xecutlv*.: planned a trip to Hn have S«h*lr Veteran. Holpltal c h » r f f n « h '- m *'" living fall* and . suit, the State Depa. n " * '" 'neir veieran._nti«pii«i. f|ct|tTolu» utetementi hnth tn the Lattlmor»'s deeartu irr.ra.1... ··-- r » i * l _ » l I _·»! 1 ! _^__ _ ^ · _^ I ' _ _ . _ . ' X --, Also LOANS LICENSED PAWNIROKER ROCHIER'S JEWELRY SOUTH SIM SOUARI SAM'S LIQUOR STORE r «r«rf«vN,Vs MM* ft. uit FAYETTEVILLE MILK CO. W PEERY SIGN AND ELECTRIC IICNI - NEON - ELECTRICAL WIRWO I - D A Y IERVICE ON NEOM REPAIR* FREE EITIMATE* ON ELECTRICAL WORK Ml SOUTH SCHOOL PHOHI SMI TMI MWVWf 0-K TAXI CO. Out Ceke en t,e* fin r* Tli« N«w ROYAL is fyt4nfl t* YM AUXANMR miWRITn CO,

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