Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 28, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 28, 1952
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Saturday, Jun* J|, If 53 Church News ^dependence Day Be Observed On Lutheran Hour In his f i n a l message of the sea- ion, chc Rev. J'rof. Armin C. Old- Ma will address hlj International · Wlhrrin Hour audience tomor- ,»*· on the topic "Thl, NB t| on """' WPder God." Pivnar,.,! t~- .1- i ln " livery Cod." Prepared for do-' Lutherans Install Cooling System New Film Series Moth* Fights For Dmghfer. It, Who Weds Airman Produced By F.A.E. , i . over the M u i u n l m - t w n r k i ·no nffiliatcd utatlons, the pro- «r«m will he nlrcd from Mutual'si U-._l' r r i . , ·jtudioj in New York where Prof, negotiations CoiTiDlefed .gjflscn will rnnduct a rally at r ··Konxvillo in the afternoon. The Lutheran Hour rally w i l l ! .oHIelnlly open the .lillh national I t n , .. hl . , rn _ convention of the Lutheran Lay-1 n p ? m Ccr ' n ""v - Dr Wen's League, sponsors of the o f f h . n o " TM a "». »'·'·""· Clohal broadcast. During the nine - I h , Si L ,"" P T "P 1 "' '"" ""»«·* j week .summer ccason three gu"V 1,1 , L "'" hearl w«-r:;. t h a i 1 --- , inrce guesl ),. h a 5 slK . CMSfu | ]y ,. nm|j|r)Kl For German Broadcast r i c n l j r e l v by member 1 ; ·nervation. fioLerl Je4Vi-'" e | .r"TM"""'" W h i c h j l 11;-TM ,-f -ho l-Jcct:^ r^t^r 8 ^ I" "JI.UI. 1\I lliu.'.e who arc assisting him A l r x Mandrill, William My Harolrl Tcssman, and Dr. A E. speakers w i l l suhstilt'ilc ,'or Prof. wgotiations f Boys .To Leave For j Episcopal Camp Oldscn. ,;, wlll"r,luTMVVhc';^h-!r?r o rn l " 1 - ( ; C r m i i n r ''""° £^4r mS Trr ]' Th H^in^V^ n er,n'^rtt^ Cdn 7: riay '" *"TM i "" '""". .·rth^orroVo?'£hZnxrrv , , i^^^r 1 "·- Ks^^ss^^ £B:i Kir rTM^\^ ^t ±^^ -Wnlln, out that a man or a TM ^£TM,$J *°TMTMl "«TM ShoHon* Winial *£$· The second series is a slurtv and rtl.lcuss.on of today's world j [5 countries and peoples. «,i?h he F ?" d For A d u l t Question wiin regional headquarters in the Chicago Board of Trade Building '« "" independent organization' lon ', Tne f i l m discussion program The following boys will lea,.. TM nslsts "' combinations of mo"' - ' " v Hi°n picture films and back- w ground materials. The latter is supplied^ the Fund to accom nation will reap exactly what ,,Z ri ,"?!!ll 1 . 1 , J ''.? ur ' 1 . mi »''«tlm- , _ Select From This List the Ch , " n ' - l l ) c t - i i m n .lir^i^ ' ' " t -iimn The (Tettinr ' New Immigration Law Approved Over Veto ! Complicated And May Take Time To Work Out i -Ji -i*..».awuil. 1-IJ · M a m Uundat MUHI 10 55 a m Morning Worship s»rmnn: Translormatlon of t.ll« J : * » m Baptist Itamms Uuiun ·'J£:* r £wjrs$ts, CE«;T;AL pnEurrEHtAii Invlubli"-- Or Nan t. Mnta I« a m Church School 108S a m Mornlnf Worship Anlh*m: "Immortal '- Thlman Srrmon: "Talth In Democracy Cud?" * n W iP, "' " nlv ' r 'Hy Westmlnsltr rtllowahlp, Wtstmlnstir HOUM PREHBVTEIIIA1I W BUTLCM. I f . . ranw Wllllax K. Glbaon, Mlnutur U Ilia- ··nts · f. 45 f. m *"4** School IO:M Mornlnf Worship Anthtm: "In Heavenly Lova AbidSolo: "By the Watera of Babylon" · Kolnlit Serinon: Dillii Ixini "The God of Nljht ind t:-a KURH 1:11 · m Sunday .iclmol hundlf. 7:00 p. m ., Vl.ll.llon ·4- I /^".V^T"" 7 £"»"' *:W ». m. Weitminner Ftllowihip' Pwktr ' "" u * m rt Pfnmr*** * . . J -- * ,,--.^. BfCOnd SURfllt 11'OD .. m ·. r Lauderback ' " " · · " · . «". C Sunday Tuwday, P. m. *«*!· Deaei Student con's Heeling, ft. PAUL1 EPIKOPAL MAitms j UNDtorr RMW Third Sunday Alttr Trinity rju a m Holy Communio* ··30 · m ramlly (*nln 1I:W i. m. Mornlnf Prayer ind ·crtnon CEKTRAI, METHODIIT D L DYKE* JR.. Pa. lor Hour* * m *"'*'' r » u "l«ll» Colin ·:je a. m. Church School ; i, 1 " 1 " ·· "'· Mornlnf Worship SWY- ; · A: them: "t Will Lift Oj, My Ey« f--Enwaftl* j Soloiit: Mary Ann Urother 1-r.nS '*'" ·" L '""- C «» Srrrnon: D L. Dykes. Jr 1:00 p. r.i. Wesley rnunilatlon 100 p. in. Youlh Croups 7:JO p. m. Evening Worship Service . A n t h e m : "Now the Day Is Over"-Soloist: w. !. Smothers Solo: "No One Ever Cared (or Me Like Jeiud"--Weigle Soloist: Judy Johnsnn ! Solo: nichard Orter ; Bermon: D. L. Dykes, Jr. FIMT CHniBTIAN ·OBERT Morrrrr. PHW »:« «. m. Sunday School 10:t» a in. Sunday School Clasaes . ' 10:50 a. m. Morning Worship , «:00 p. m. D ; B. r. j*lp and Chi Unit rtUowship ·T. JOHK1 LuTltESAP) C. trvrln ii.n i, I:hool , . Sunoir School ",! : SS ' B1 - Aau " Slhl « Claat !: ?? * m "urtery optna 10:« a in Sunday Horihlp Sermon: "Are You Aihamed AiKs u wh°wi; F " : " · m »«» rpurth Hunda,: 1| ;M «. m Rev. V m Each Sunday. Kundnj WEOIKOTOH M +E THODIIT » : »j" nT.if'""?"' Bcho "l Services 'on" rourth 'and rmif'sundiv! __ + WG8T rORK BAFTltT » H RKED. I'aslor t:« a ni Sunday School «S * m l * orill 'i« Worship I J 3 R 2 ?;;,,',:,'. V u »p unl WEST FOBC ASSEMBLY OF GOD BBAN1IAM and STEELE. Pastora llipo Mornin.'^^, 511100 ' . :.-!l) Service P m. hip Chriit Ambaiudor how to say it. SECOND BAPTIST DRAKE, l-aitor °° * B eMa^h7,, LIC?N! ? E PLATE-Wilh the addition of the - ......*. v..b. t j vdLdllon I)Y ! ing their twn weeks off from I with him. He has lots o?,*?* I sized chickens, roasting ears f ?· 'vegetables, to say nothing''.. S the delightful berry cobblL J home made ice cream his ivim folks can dish up. He ha abundance of milk and M There is always a few extra S 1 · to fall back on in cane th» chi ck T ! . :rop plays out. And the nice hi ( a b o u t all this, thinks th e fi ! thing. 'So he" urges "his' wtfL ^L ' kids to eat all they can. He msv even hint around that to !, )ad ,?· car with all this free stuff would"' be amiss. It would also make thtm' forever beholdms to their kissin, · cousins. - fi But beholding or not you iut' let the country cousin serve noliTM ha ...;]1 !,« ..«. t _ ii-_ ... nuUCC erve noliTM Washington - f/Pi - The nation I he '·"" be U P to 'he city next suit' today has its first new immigra- i " lcr . for a s P e '' to try and ; tion law since 1798. Congress a p - 1 grub ' a n d sides of questions. We Dl-L*- ft a · i them what to say or DlSllOp 11X08111 A$SigneQ Institute On Sequoyah Closes; Election Held To Washington, D. C. ·· i It becomes effective in s i x : all be down with some kind n j ·months. Immigration officials said. TMntagious disease. If he happens I It is so complicated--completelv.''? dr °P in "n^pected, he is given j overhauling the immigration and ' . e ? ame wel TMme as a snake at i naturalization laws-it may take; plc ",! c ' ( t h e m even longer than that'to p u t ' ; Vh , at w * were reall - v trying tn Mr-thnHM n- i, ^ ~ |" into full operation. j Ret at was a discussion of the jovi -Methodist Bishop G. Bromley It .,,,, . . . , · to be derived from getting hotft Oxnam of New York, a president' J f -? , « sharp "buff for t h e ' from a vacation. Most folks spend I of the World Council of Churches i p " laem -- lne "rst overriding o f , 5 0 weeks a year looking fnnvard '"- ' ' · ' vcl ° on major.legislation since : to that grand and glorious time '. when Congress put the Taft- I wnp n they can turn their " J 1 ' ! it nil gnrl t*{j. a... CHURCH i W ."· n7 sSn* Scl " H " ·oo p. m. and prayer *H,rd £ S85 AHNOLU SIMPSON. Pastor 11TM f .'""^"""ch Scn'iii 8 "*"* I'M n 1"TMin« Wor.hlp "·» n ^ » YOU111 MtowalS. '·30 p m Worahlp SMITH. p ulor C3^I Minaion' street .?·« *' m Sun dny School 11:00 1. in Morning Worship »:* p. m Training Unlnn ' : TM P m. Evening ServlM a." p m. ri) '" wO'lfi-Wildm CENTRAL BAPTIST JACK DKAN. I'aauir · J5 a m. Sunday firhool. ? : S " m Morn "« Worship. ' · O O p ni Baptist Training Coun a.oo p m Evening Wnrahln 1:00 p. an. Wednesday, rrayei M FULL GOSPEL TABERNACLE M. STOCNEH. Pa«lor 10.00 a. m Sunnai .Scnool .ll:w a. m Preaching 7:15 p. m. Evangelistic service. Choir Anthem: Light'--Gounod "Send Out Thy o in Sunday Service m KGRH Sunday Radio Wedne.dny. 7.45 P ,,, . m eelln« ln( Room In church open each except Sunday and holldaya. ^u^rJlT"*" 1 * *-nwnun OF · CHRIST OKls SAi.vr.n, Mimnei 1000 a m Chinch schooL 11:00 a m Sernioe, II 4S a m t'ommunion Servlcfj 7:30 p m Song Service and dlble Study. ·T. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC rATnr.ii EDWARD it MALOY Pastor Sundny M.m^s 7 30 and 9 :lo a m Thursday. J:3u p m Novena Masses Friday. 7:30 p m PYPA Servi··.. BLACK OAK BAPTISf 10WARD 1'IIICHAKD t»stor 10:90 a m .Sunday School J : S " m 1rc » rl "n-! Scrvict 7.00 p m Training tlniiui «:00 p m I'rcachinR frvl« Thursday 7:30 p m Trnjcr nu'rllng QOSHEN METHODIST S M. YANCEY. I'nUor 1000 a 111 K u n i J n y Srhool 11 00 a ni Morning iV.)r«hlp 7:00 11. m. Evening Worship F'AYETTEVILLE BIB..E MISSION »00 ni.OCK SUDTII CULl.Llik Intvrdcnointnatlonal HOMKII MOU'lTKr. Pa,tor t i a in Sniulny SI-IHUII I I «) a m Mnrning WorOiln FORlt CHRHTIAN 0 IN ASBKI.I.. MlnUlM u Preachin, tvlr , S.udy »'. 8.00 p. m , Pr.yer M « SON'S CHAPEL I I 00 n m "I (mirth T..KI p. injay w. i. c. (intti Ki'naa*TM" "" "'"' lfcmi1 in 1'icaching on secon S Second Thuisday eacl m \, |- f o|il Mast. Monday ihroull) Weekday Salurda; Mala 7:00 · m Jlral rrlday Max 7:ta) . M Jlrai Saturday Maaa. 7 M a CHURCH OF CHRIST ·"MD McCLUNG. Minister West Center ana Norm IXKHM · 45 a. m. Bible study. 7:00 p m Classes 7 "n p M'. Sv;iilficllsti(' Sen Jimic'i wi,l meet Knlii Wednesday. 7.30 p i n . I'r.ivr i| + in ,?'" " m . '» C A vlr. 7 ' n ,n Krula/ Prnjcr Service. 1 J p 11:00 :3U i Scn»i. ?* L r^"oTi*fTMTCHUHCII u . " «nd Bible 1 o" Sludy" M 8 i: m · Serv ozark I n s t i t u t e closed at Bishop Oxnam replaces Bishop lertiay arter a week o f , Charles Wesley Flint of Washing- atop Ml. Sequoyah. The ton who is retiring ampers were divided into 1 1 ' . , ""'·· roups; Religion Before Jesus' ' , A P rcsdienl ·" 'he World Coun- Time. Importance Of The New I , Churches, Bishop Oxnam T«lament. The Story Of Paul · S!f° ' S a me ' -lbcr "' the general How We Got Our Denomination-' -' ri, ,. thp N a l i o n a l Council of Worship Through Hymns. An In- '' S" r f^V "7 \"- ° f lhe Divi - teresting Journey to Africa, Court- ! Ch H, f "r^" kM '"T S ° f The Bti. n -«j TI*^_. T ... . . . . . . · iMeinoQist Cnurch and secretary Henry Senator McCarran (D-Nev) a ing home fever that af^fts us fn" co-sponsor of the measure with j ",,£»« ^ "^ no d,^ -o overturn as^n^e «**?$£ ^C '$£ - · "° "j me tne wrong t of the nation's welfare. tracks, we ,, ,, t , lu ,,,,,,,, i, mlr , -.,,,,,. ., . _, - . , -- -- i .,, ,, :;:" "": " "··="«';· iracxs, we all want to haVtsn ship and Marriage. Worship A n d 1 e , t K d | t( ,5^ Urch and secretary I Amons; other things, the bill re- there when we have finfsW Symbolism. Whv We Act Thit i Methodist Council of Bish-j t a i n 4 ? lhc present system of immi- I whatever task is assigned us to ' " " ' * r |«t;on quotas based on national, l h e day- Even the animals seem to have · · * - J i t l l l l d l · Way, Sharing Of Thf- Gifts God i Gives Us, Christianity's Part Toward a Better World, Good Meet i ops. , oo eet- ings Don't Just Hanpen, Meaning anrt Purpose of Prayer. There were about 2,1 young people in each group. West Fork Cpl. Vennis H. Waters, son of i Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Waters, arrived home Thursday from Korea He will be h . . ^-- uaocu UM national [origins. It boosts but slightly t h e : -·-·· " lc ·"""« "-cm 10 nave number who may enter this coun- ' ?. desir to spend their lives near try unnuallv. | l n c Place of their birth. That place orThe' H S :use"the f0 d 1 aTb n e?or t e he o, Iead ! ^^^^0^ho^U ^^S^^'^^A^^ i? a gi ^'i V* D I 10 aiO. A tW n --*' 1 *'*'^'" * - " J - · - : * - - ' *n«-«'.~- i i - · · ·- _?-" tl The Presbyterian Church win i|£ l ' n f' '"PPOrters of the'icgisla- be host to the Ozark Larger Parish ! ^i,Jf pped by one 4hc 5fi votes churches Sunday, June 29. Serv- i", .' A^wHch of only two sen with about 5 in each of these groups. In the evening vespers were held for the camp, and the campers assembled for nightly jro^rarns. i ~ ·· · · ··-"·"*"n^ ui r w c i , jjasior | T *u T* Officers elected for the vear are I '" Char(e ' Foll ° wi "S the worship L id ., T«. "^ ' --" · - · · · " · service Sunday School at tn-in w '. d "' There the ... o ,tL U U j a voie i upponuniiy. Home is a maenet vo-thirds majority j forever pulling us toward it. There With 83 senators we 'ind comfort, and a welcome re nf «!**. ! · * _ : _ , _ HO nthor nlnnjt nttr.*.^- no other place affords. . , , . ,, , , ,, U S I t » . J , t j f l V - I S l nf ] J , * " O C l t - t i f f ?.ss ^'^r t =!-r=;s::::r -ISHSS In the current issue of a popular magazine there is an article urging young men and women to «tTM ,,,!,,,,, .u... ire lnstead ,. i ......o.,,, B iu me large centers. was j Home is where we have our roots, ". »i.i i .- vivt-ied i or ine vear arp · * IIU1 ) J wiHur TV.- iu *HJMIC is wntre we nave our root* president. R i c h a r d Thompson ' SCTVICO ? unda - v Scho °' "t 10:30 | " d " n J-." 6 ' h , e veto was »TMr- and often we are never able to ^prinRfield; vice president Jo-inn i" 1 ' m " " int "mi.'ision. and at |, h .TMVi · j" 7 more votes P J n t them d "P in the s°^ »' B l a n k . Booneville- secrcHn ' ' 2:3I) "' m " a Coverw1 dish d i nner '" the r cq""-ed majority. other places. Home is where our Katir. .lamTM 51,,,·..',.. ' . _ ' · · i will be served in the church h a c o _ " interest lies, and where folks arp " f l t i k , Booneville; secretary Catie James, Marshall; treasurer' Helen Lain, Joplin; publicity,' · ita Wiclioman, Kansas City- Worship and Evangelism-Hugh Springfield; Mission? and Vorld Friendship--Larry Folkins, imar: Community Service -- li'Il Autrcy. Monett; Hccroation --Gaylonp Little, Clever. Mo. "Mr. Power" and "Mi« Con- r - . - . t f c nici.i uccp II] ine SOUS 01 other places. Home is where our interest lies, and where folks are interested in us. The man v.-ho wrote that beautiful song. Home Sweet Home, was ' i _. = aid not to have one. But I'm sure Nr-wlm had as quests ; Tn(! Rev. Hayden L. Striclit o f ' e m u s t nave sometime or other r ««J Rff /--, i . . ! M i n n A n n A 1 : _ ,«·? . . ' --..--.·- .. . . . - - -ill be served in the church base- i ' m c n t . After the dinner hour a : Council Secretorie; short'business meeting wil, be j Elect New President Mrs. A. A ' ···· · 11. «· mi 11 nn «;· nut'^is · i i c i . nayuen li Thursday. Mr. and M rs . Charles Minneapolis, Minn., has stright, o f ! c " . sl "« ve sometime or other been elect- i "P pr "' n ced the joy of hastening iociatinri «rf tome to a P lsce where h= TMuiiJ l U L l d l l O n OI c h i l l * K « .. u _ . . . _ , . . . tySSStifiSS* CHU " C « .^^rrhoir §fs w fiHH« lfe TM»n: ! TT.e"i 1 cl/o? r jS^c,t"or ,, -···-" ^."ii- Tn werlding of Miss Wanria crn were elected Thursday ' Wattorson and Carl Doke was sol- I « ,, Elit hy people who bought sub- emnized Thursday. June 27 at the United. States. Mr. Stright has scnptions to either of tho organ,- home of the Hev. T. H. Burgess of i becn p «eutive secretary of the Minnesota Council of "churches . ""d feel he to ^ Snodgrass of Medicine Lodge! I'd President oVi'he'AssocTa'tion of i .W,V,",K" Kan and Mr. and Mrs. Grover ! Council Secretaries, professional ^ the Newlm of Devil's Den Park. j organization representing- nearly a that TcTnciir'f t' 6 r d nMi0n!| W 'TM Y ^ » "««"»· «"ejov n councils of chureh« ,n .h,, of petting back home makes me I went. nation's ma the M. Y. F. devotional g "Concern" is the news magazine They -were "married" in a ceremony held Friday morning "Mr Power" was Tommy Hosteller of . - - . a n d "Miss Concern" was Helen Latta, also of Joplin. Among the outstanding person- o enncr of tho organ!- " om '' «f the Hev. T. H. Burgess of i 1ecn 'xecutive secretary of lagazinrs. -Power" is Springdale. Miss Watterson'Sj the i Minnesota Council of " Chu '. devotional guide and 'laughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arben ! a n d it! predecessors for 25 v is the news magazine. Waltcrson and Mr. Doke is the son . . ^_ ' " Announcements i : · I M a m do, SCHOOL Preaching reaching t co p m y. p. C1 .J, jf ;gw i BAPTIST «. m Sundi.y School. '·» y*bVIDEHCE BAPTIST A LTER JESSER. Pa.tor "Inn iHIIhwuy II Waal) 11 S! " m S U """J School. .,00 a. ni. Mornini Worship. ,;.10 p m Trainint Union W'L'ir.j.".'. ^""K'Hllc Service v c Prayer Meet- Vo "" 1 7:.",0 p m K v n n i e l l a u i WedneidHy prayer nn't p m. Hill at 7.30 HIGHLAND COMMOH1TT IO::iO i m Sunday :,i-hunl u-.'. S * .".',, Mor ,"."'i Worship IOIHI , II ni « 7 111) p 7:30 p m Wednesday P r a y e i M'-HIni and Bible Study (or all a«', CHRISTI CHURCH r »«" HtJCKEI-BtlRY. Paator 401 Wen Rock Street »« a m Sunday School «···» a. m alible fchooi II »» a m Wonhlp StrrK* pmimunlon ··»'«· ·Vrmon ·:4» n m. Children'! Meellni youn, People'i Chrlallan Endeavor " 1 ' Pr " rh "" ** rv ' ct na · P r » p r Revivall Nlghl LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JISSK C COI.KMAN Pa.tor 11)00 a in Sundav Sfli,.,,] II 00 a m M o i n l n B w.i « M p ni. Tiilnm« I'nii... ' M p. m Evrnini Worship -i- l'l«y. 7. Suilday School Worship Seivicea Trulninj: Union Kvenlna- Scivlce ··'10 p m.. Prayer Meet- '"fr pr S»TM low»I!l lhly - 7 " m - Third Friday Fel- W M P . ! . Sl ffi r , n ,, Br " h " 1 " 1 °' 1 ·"- -«,, COMMUNITY ~f.CORNELIUS. Pastor ll-'i. * m Sunday School w :,,m a m Mornlnc Worship *'""V n .rd'- VP r. 7 y,r' .SeT^r" TM' r-.hlp SATI'RUAY n I S " '" s " b "«"i School m«ctln| m Sunday School CHUrlCH G " 0 ^ COMMU " ITV Sunday School 10 .10 a m ·f- P R E S B Y T E R I A N v TOM WILSON. |««ior W N n, Sumlny Srlin (n) N rn W o r i h i n Nc "id Third Sundayi ' ··" Six Mllra 10 INI n ni 11 oo a m 7 :»i n m Wnlnrsday. iTtlni northwest Kiinilny School Mnrnliif Wonhlp Evening Worshll I'M t m , P r a i a m Sunday ICIMOI * m "nrnln. Wonhlp * m '» u m Ample a nwtMM p m Cvt -. _,,,tevllle Drug Store · J. C. Ptnney Co. «W G · Whiff*ld Motor Co. SH,p,.y CHURCH OF nam CH«I«T ?A, L * TTE " DAY *M*~~ M M K H M.KTC-MEII. Elder Slinlenl Union Blue h Id .10 a m Sunday Schovl. son- alities attending the institute were Bob Nicholson the Missouri United ChrKtian Youth Movement president. Miss Alice Weed a mission ary from China, and the Convocation speaker Prof. Meredith Eller who snokp each morning on the book hy E. W. I,ynam entitled Religion jmd The Issues of Lie.' Southern Baptists Show Membership Gain I.itlle Bpok-WVArkansas Smith- cm naptist churches showed a membership K ain of (1.031 during 951. statistics Iran the Baptist informahoti office show m TM s h . r .ings the total church membership to 248,080. American Indians are so-called because Columbus believed he landed in India when he discovered America. f....^. ... ...I. mm ims. Aroen i Walterson and Mr. Doke is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Doke o f ' ' years, i li Us. TIMKg-tt ployed at the Uniwrsitv. The only j W. S. C. 8.. Wl(riln, MtmttM attendants were Miss Neita Hays : W- S - c - 8 " Wlftflii and Htigh Caudle. The couple will · " I '" l «'l»t Church be at horn eat 337 North Ores* ' The w - S. C. S. Street, Fayettovile. Hindsville Gregg ! MThe W. S. C. S. of Wiggins Memorial Methodist Church will have a program Wednesday at 2 P- m., in the basement of the church. Cpl. and Mrs. David Smith I lh Movement prayer service day furlough. They went to Tulsa I from here. j Mrs. W. A. Fahrenwald Is ill at her home in Hindsville. .' The Pev. James Buchanan of .' Fayetteville held services at the ' Farmer schoolhouse Thursday i night. He was accompanied by (he i ·hoirs of St. James' Baptist' and ' St. James' Methodist Churches of I ayetteville. A large crowd at- Biided. Dana Fitch. Paula Flannagan J i m m y Vatighan and Pete Parker are attending the 4-H Camp at Devil's Den this week t Th J!t., Buddhi5t religion was loiindtd m India about 520 B. c., m the Indian subcontinent about 10 centuries ago. YOU --have sinned --need a Savior --have no Savior but CHRIST The Lutheran Church Arkonsoi and Dickson I l l TM " " Sunday School , 7 .» a m Mornlnc Hervlc* We5 " _/" Iy «"lellsilc Servln strn^,"*"*'- '» P. ra. Mill week + Dodors To Try New Medicine In Effort To Check Polio In Texas malerasjran^lomtoTcwVd^enwillikcv,', 0 H",'!" Vht 2 givsn to m TM' saed/cine' assjBs?S S i? T IF-- x% p7 .v o prevent paralys^^u'e^to | "M^cflBS?..?^ e, -^""s^ssssav^:-; iSHtii-S TM"% S?.W,TJ»ffffcrto ! ^iJH? U "^ at nn f s t l m a t m l cost nf $500000 i(· IK ! R r' a l l n s Kasr±j^t5p£S| ^si«;is^ ;: ' s '"' s ' ; TM s ! "* ^L 0 .^''!? -J-Vn»de from I as H, FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Of. W«ht* i, John»en, Patter "ANSFpRMATION OF LIFE" Monin. WoHhlp Hwi 10:11 'THI harm to children. i: hTv;" U.H, urMrvii · rMn WILCO MI

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