Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 27, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 27, 1952
Page 5
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Ibxander Hurls No-Hitter As Midget" Leaguers Battle For All-Star Berths Barber Back On Ball - Trims Dodgers, 30 . Track And Field Stars Bid For Olympic Positions Tom Earl, hiv* .': :' n Setfgemaii AtVMCtt h Nel Jonsr, t-.vo of the top pitchers in i · . ti. .; Club's mid. iict !:ai;uc, hcukpci up in a piich- rr i; b;: ,'c yc?t2rclrty with AtP:c;m- clcr ,7 iii.X'! i;i " r'lpo as he hurled , Now York - i/J'i - Sa! MacHo,* iTi-hit, no-run R.-nc to help; knocked nut of the box in his last thr? Yankees to n J-O v.'-n o\rr 'the f'' 1 " starting appearances ?nd GhnX once while in relief, rame h a c k Jones turned in a fine two-hit- ' d: '' »U"ir f t the Foln Grounds 1r.-, l::r sujfeieti Ills fir. I loss in' w '''h n brilliant. 3-0. victory ovrr 1-vjr t'r-ir-ions J 1 :;'; ;;cv f in. His : ^" Irn.^uc - leading Brooklyn rinn-;ifr.!I crime in Ihc third when Bothers. Kirby Er.l?z pnkr.1 n single he- Ma:*lie hr,d a nn-hidrr fnr FIX I 1 '/?" 1 ! fp'-l and sccnn-J- hare nnd innings nnd surrenirpri only ihrpp K-'n Bn'rr^n foUrv.vrd with a Mno hits in al! as he helped cut the driv f'"-'Me to hf firlrl : w'.iich Dofl^rrp' Jrad ovpr Ihe Giants lo . ?-'!·:? Estra with the game's only throe games. The win marked Ihe run* -extension of a strinq of ruccrs.-pp In the afternoon's romad game · M^lie h?s experienced in facing C,:ny;"c ridn-.-u-m flin^er'lhe Dodgers. Since returning from fr:r tho Ihrlians, rircd a onc-hittcr a flintr at Mexican hafehall the. n 1 ; hir tern doivnrrrl Ihr; Cnrdin- Barber has y:on 12 nnd lort one--I als. i-r. f x * * -- '·.'/r ' jjOrUjuJpai ·***·* ^_ Los AnKf»lry--'lVn hundred *th- j Irlos su-inc inln tV iiryt half n. i n two-day tr.-ic',; and field strucglr i tmlay, bmt on winning places nn the Finland-hound I'S. Olympic · tr.ini in ire final tri;;Is. By nh'n'all tomorrow. this firM nf survivors of ihror otlirr rxnct- Ina qualifying meet* will hp trimmrd nnrl srinrtvH flown to t'u- Tuni!mim -- thiT" mon in o;irh rvcnt. Thp niH'n shmv Indav WHS sot to .s';irt in Mrnmniil t'olisrurn. srrno nf th" IfM2 Olvinnir (*;im(;. th's (I'^-r.i^n, \vith intir firM events DM DIP schrdnlc. Thirtv i-.- nnt^v h'rr, bent.* Hrul finnls in fn-.jr f ;i-k rvfiif- Sl.-itnd tn R rt i!".HiT u;i\-. Hpnls vvrrp (ir-f-nuvi nrciv- I fir Ifli) ;nvl H(in-tnpt"c PVrn'r :-:vl ll'.- .Ifn-MiCl'T b fnllnv.Ti-l lj\ finnl r in lhp? ,-mtl t!-,n .vnnn-mrtcr run. \\'prc als. 4-r. Uonn.v McGnurh pitched n heart-breaker decided on a Carl! NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMES, FoyoHeville, Arkansas . for tnc c-rds and v;as touched for :Furii!n homer in the 10th during: c,;j_,, i,,_- vt ier-» si:: hits. 'ihc Gi;inls 11-came losing streak 1 niaoy, Juno 27, I¥j2 Vc:-;!^: city's ^aims marked t h e , i n April o f 1951. ~ ' -- ' -- j'rn of t w . i;,v ? in which t h e : Ma2]il , nnw hns hurlcd 27 ron . | n N a n ono | League i m l r v i l l r . Vi "I;:!"!"!, EnsUnd-On-Mn. ·n," i:.-ii'i I V V . (i-ri -..I':, '':·'· r'"-pln? TVH of L« Jollj. Mrs. [Ir in ;;·.,··: f - i : . , . jf(f;r.r,i;i C . - | f . ! ' · · · .'inh-s-p-M player In 111 '" ! " '''" ' · · . i l I;-:-IT.-| t:nni; champlon- '-'···r . v.-h : -n.rl unseeded Dorothy U'i-r-n I'.,. I'M.-...:., o' I ' , , - : , i;--! ,·· \\ ,T, : H.I. Cjlif.. in »n "·i I!-.- .'-.ui;,.. |. r!l a, : ,I-,-.-.H-! ,|.. An , nrl -. nv:-h Way W enter Ilns-l-iill t.:i. ··..., - : :,,·, --,.. _,._,, ,.., , n ,, ^ r i . h , "'·' u '"' M ''" ' l ''··'""' l ' \ r-jn-l h*l;ind in the women'3 rri.M-n rim- Ihe h.-.; v.-iit forme-, -i i-lr-. Srirlry Fry of Akron, In 1B..3. ')·.;(). trd I,-)uirr Brough of B*v- '·li.v !'i!i . Caiif., reached Ihe f-'-jrlh i-'i'i i'l '.'. Ith pasy victories, ·h ik . inli'O. fl'in C.m'iy, 6-2. (!-l 6-0 ! BOWl. KOI) MFALTH in Jf) minutfj nt t fourth round j ,/lm hcntun Hnwhnir ? -tnf-t Ad*, irut'li. 1 ''.' ;i| .' . »-jii;., iL-acnro ine 1 l.'::rd Ijy thf.n: iin.l.. in r-'li.'. n« 'J' 1 '^'' 1 l .' 1 ' n ' 1 '·'·'"?' ·«." victories, lifts- .Innpc's It'inian Mi-al llrcti-) . ',';" '"""' "'"" s "if? 1 TM ""ff 1 i II i n t r "' " ilVl tn P ran!l i n S Frank . . S "'".m-iri hi|ipefl another Aus- joycr." bat!!c fnr posl'lons on the Bccu(ivr fmrrtrfs inninss ..,, , V',1 All-atnr 1-am. ("narh Kill lhn R ,, nls . -,:] 0 ,. v i ng nine nils rtur .; r. r? ri S^ j ' r\L f^-^SMSln^' 1 "? '"' - nb . ,, :^ ?/ ^ ^^^^ ^^ ; « Cer/^M* O/ A H --'ir ] } i-i H . I n winning his seventh in a row T ·* * J 7 f r i ·»-* ·» -£TM!^;iTM^ Laudmg All-Star Positions season. Ma?lic r;.n bis slrin f-^ch Fen-e!l an-J r! the enrl of L ' 7 .""'^TM|»'0 fhutm.l inninsr that limn a 15-man team will he' as f.' ns ' lh f, bo - vs from Broolilyn. r.ime.d. Awistiiu c:oach Kerrell in i, M ff r thls , yp " on 'J 10 Rodgers haven't scored a run off Sal. Maylie, of course, was much too r.mart to attribute his sudden rp.- turn to form to the. sitjht of R Brooklyn uniform. "I madp. up mv mind to iust Jhrnw tlvt bail wilh a Rood follow gh." hp said in the club'. Bi? elohs of sweat drioped r^own his face. "I .iust decided to " Til" \Wm will he marl- un of throw ''· lr ' 1 as ]m * as ' TM llld aM ! Bv The Associntv! Vrps, th-! six infieldevs. four outfield-' l c l tnpm hn ''· Thc " v;c d ! ' GC Luke Applin? knows v/"ll -.hat -,. t-o ,-!"'.r" pnd ibree pilch- - vnM hapocned." iVs , ik( , , 0 nla ,,.; m ,, |,, sill ., ,,, m . f.r, who r'nnw up ben in the two What happened was mostly hr seldom piaye-1 o-i nnythini; (:-v^ rf r:'ay. nothing. He threw only 45 pilches else hrlwren nnf) anrl 107,1. uvcrcl to attend '" 'he first six innings as he And. last ".U:rrl,iy r n d ^ r the observation of 1'-e relerticn is Allan Gilbert, Jr., ipc-rt-editor of the TIMES. Tile All-Star team, when selected. wH] b;.' matched v.-ith teams fnrp surrounding towns in a ser- i'!~ of eybibition tramps to be held."' til? W.-'-hir,,iloo Comity Fair Croii'xlr. Crimes v.-jtb Van Bur.?n.' Pr~.irh Grove ap.d Fort Smith arc Chicks Making ·Bid To Vacate Southern Cellar Kirlfl rvpn!; tin ihn nppninR sc^fflujo \V*M p t l 'p i;ivpiin and h.-Miiii".-r t'-ro"":. t!lp shnt put anrl the brn.vl inni". wit'i hr-il 1 ; and f'n,-iU in Hip "nn. mrtpr hi^h hnrr.lp;;. t 1 P I'llM ;nui thp l.finn-mcUT ri'n ;md .T.OOO- m"tpr rln^plpchny. Firld pvpnl*; -.vinrl n;i n-it'i t);p polp vault, hiq'i .iiuim. h'ip, i-irn , and jumn ,"?!ri rli.-.cin I'M-HV.-. j ^ nril ' ln "'l, ""'I allrnriions for Ihp pnt'cixairrl 4 0 - · lilr "»Ri Scandinavia and North I ! nnn fans tnninirnw i-i.-Vd" f-p : Amcrl( '» before icliirnini lioir.c In 19M. WORLD CYCLIST Jr.Trry V/allcr Vinhlry, nf Hrn;«d\ In-/, Anslrnlln, |i;ni3« in Fraiikfini. Ocrmany. on his 'rouiul-t'ic- v.nrltl rycli:i(j tmir. Winklry h;^ tourer] £niiaii'J and Kurnpt ?inti: * tomnrrnw rvM'd" I P : r \ e n .N.^iuiul Lcasuf startins as- nn-mr.lpr htirrllr-. brin'jine tn- sKiimcnts for the all slar name | R rt'ier Ihc world's finest--I'arri- in i hildrtelphia .Inly 8 appcarc I | son Dillanl, .fni-k n,ivr. Cra'l! srlllcd as tr.c n.r.ion wide poll of j nixon and Dlek Atilpsey. ani"np l.;i?cl:ail fans drew tu a tluiie to-!olhpr.s. tla -"- '·· Dillard, vietur in tlie Itln-metpr The 2?-day \-n!ins: In name .slarl- , dash in tlie 1IMR O'ympiP!:. ij in^ hneu|:p with the exception of , favorpd. Attlppey holdi Ihp v.-nrlrl .'.-.·licrs ·.·.:!! c:id at niidnisht t o - ; rpcnrd. Hut A'llOFpy I'nq still tn · 1 J SM- ! rc^nii; Ms foi'rn aftpr 1°^ injllriP5 TIip rival mruiHKPr.s Ca^ey Klen- j "lis rniini:. Sol. rf the .New York Yankees and j WhWrlrt Is Hniw- Le" Diiror-.-er of Ihr Nc'.v York j Pi'i'ip nf t ^ c 4(i!'-mrtpr rlH:.-ti h Gian!::. will n-lccl their own pilch- | M"l The f;m 1 ;' \-ote uill flctrrniinP | ^, lcU1 I'le o'hr; starters, \\']m inu.^t ;'nipi'' 1 iv Thr l-;i:ided \v Oliver, Ford Take Inverness Tourney Lead th? r--V-jtion ramss as they are worked on a no-hitler. Jackie Poh- phis from r,: Fcher'.ulcd. i, ^iiinu- tn Mvm- · "'··"'! :·'- ^;i*\ Ihrce innircs bclorc lr:nniP- in Mi-- t ' r -"'K iTpilirrr!. .in?on finally broke the npell \vith ida. all I,nice cou'd s"? \'.-;!s r.uir^ An-ortHnK tu thp l;itesl labula- ! a Ip.-id-off single in the seventh. ;md more of that Icsinn for hi; liinj, iirvc arn fit American ·Billy Co:; and Roy Cam|mnelll Chicks. . League's he.ivy lcadc-s '.-.ho seem an^^d sinplPs in thp ninth but lilpy . "I tell you.'' Luke i:nid. ''this to hn\c won starting snols: j ci'nn't prpsp.nt a threat bemuse tram of inine isn't in condition.i Kcldie Uobin'on. Chir;u;o. first Robinson grounded into a double \Vc had a lot of rain in Florida ' base; Da'e Mii-hcll, Cleveland, lefP ' play brtwren the hi's. j aiid t dou't s;'e how \vp c-n do field; Dom UiM.i^cio. Boston, ren: ' · When the statisticians ttilri Mae- 'much in the Siuthcrn until \ve L-rt ' lp r fipld: Hank Bauer, Nr-.v York, lie. he threw only K pitches, he in shanc. We nned hot run and;riqht field, and Yogi Berra. New wasn't surprised. That was the baseball weather." i York, raU-hcr. kind of ji-mip he hopyrl t o pitch. ' Luke was riihl. In April Mem- 1 Close races .still ra»,« between "The fewer pitches the better phis lost 14 and wen four. The Cleveland's Bobby Avila and Chio r f you are nn a hot ni7,ht like wcalh-r improved a little in May "jvi's Nellie Fox for the second thi::," he said. "Xnw I'm out of and Memphis won nr"p and !i;-t ]'.t. ' );! -e job an'i George Kell o'' Mos'.', nvT.vr.:. T'IP ball landed the slump. Everything is goine to! in .tune'the tide turned. Good' ton and Al Ilosen of Cleveland c riviKor, roof in rit'ht cen- be all ri"M." jwealher, good reinforcomeiit". t^in , ^ nr fi,rd iiase. ,vc':l beyond the 405-foot H was the (bird stroizht t i m c j K n o d nyinagingi by Luke anrl r Tnt ' National l.cauue starters Mrnaier Chrrlin Drcsrcn nvcr- '· Momnhis h=s an 18-victory, 11-. !i " ! '.. 1 !' 1 " lis wilj ' : fii-;! He'"-'! in ni.-in,- , ;if:o ;ind is n hone t (r;*t n( MrUmki. 1'uni here- ;r S;m Fl'Mn'-i^r. son. a's i vnwiir; ti knock wns, 6»0 ir:8?i F.t. I.r,-.i:.--W',-v;r \Vortz hit a tr: i Kndous fj!-?; inning h me run v, I!'- "·.·n men en to start Drtmit ".""v to " G-:i \vin o\-cr 1'ip ni'l V.'irht, ex'-rle-l Six, rmde matched rookie Ben Wade h: )· .· f j ~ s t Detroit v.-ih a - s t y l i s h six- j nK him into n main even' CKf --''PP~. [double and Hank ThomKson's ?in- ' fir.-t in nrooBcd the Browns | , ;!e _ E1]|(jlt ,.,,,,,., In . jnV , ,.,,.,1-,^. ||| ).p mP y am rr. Jim Simhc " n'-i^i "· Ba . n ?" inient. iilso d r o - c hmne the final ! pitcher! a six-hitler. ^ ^11 T'.eip.rn :\ .--. , j.^^ w u^ a t!-^!^,;!^^,,,^ flv t o ' Nr^- Orleim slipped n;iir ll "'' CT LCU's · Hi'^e Snirter nr;ir the ii!esi.-!crs in , h"-U into fir.-l pla-e wilh a · !· ' ^, r ,, 'left erntcr foi!o\'.'ili£r i^nk Thonip- .victory over AUnnla in \7. innn i "C.' f \ ·.'"'*·, 1 " : - ro;1 ' s triolc in the '.hire's. : Y -v.' Orleans holds ths crest o 1 D." r '; if i n i l Thrt 'v.?s the only came in the l rf 4 o o N,-|i O nal I.pacoe and there ^ar *'·?· M"U''C I"1 - to n the American as the "-" ilf1 " a M-lwnr VIMI to :ne for th» :B( Midgeis To Hold - : 3 i . t o o p " n n r n n I 1 0 I oul fnr Sw'ft in K:h ! r:'p-n-!]-i. "T nvi (1.1II--1 Si!"''''. If 1-t.t o-n nn_1 , S»:ilT. cf Prrk-. I1T-- "-i-r 1 - .1 ·'"···":·.·. ' - ' 1 - " Mcr' Y--k - Fmrklirn » Br-COK-YN NIW YORK «h r h all r h Kilrilln. If . T O O Villirnn. 2 1 ) 3 1 1 Cov. s s 4 0 ] " nckrn-in. Hi . T O O Hnli n-nn. 2h 4 o ] Thcnrrn. 3b 4 0 0 Tventh. Dllstv Rhod"?: The 'nig'lc in the National is bc'.v:eon Al Lark i;f Xcv.- ^rk and Granny H-imner of Plnl- June 27 (Prael'jiT) I 2~^ Inclifins I 3-1 Cardinals | 4-5 Intermediate I S-fi:,10 Seniors '.Tune :'8 -- Card's vs. Cuix; i Indians vs. Yanks i of the 'une 29 -- Seniors vs. Harmon. . .. . .vill hold '--· »:-- vallnncrt I.illlc Rock l( Hnnre tonight at the Hoys Club Tuhprrulin TV«K Tn Xarhvilie scored five in the FiM'i hiiilrtinTM nn South C.llo E e A v e D ^ Be Given Saturdays Mn!,i,o in- a narro. ..0, ^nj. . JJ^^ ^ (^^jj Tol"dn. Oh in - !/Ti - The 1?m- lirr^hirf nnd the scnr:':; werr 1 due lo Iv lower Ifr'nv as n rinxrn of Ihr country's top fjl'of"v!onnl:i rnmpr'i into the .'-mind r"tinH nf Ihr $iH,(i[)n ]n\-rrnrss Invittifidiinl Clolf Tournaincnt. Thn thrrmonielor hit 100 in tricJriy's first iciund ;md thr ;;i nly .'H-iive , wri ' {% l''«^. ' n() . dfvpjln ihr rnrd- l.'i fort, i' 1 '' "^ M liirdirvt ;md ;i Imlc in mi" in IV nolr; v.'iull. Rirh- I'* f l "Porky" OMvor. nf I.cnionl, ' Vrf ;ii,ii in t!ir v Olympics is ' I"., ninncr-up in Ihe I'occr.t Na- nn'r ' -iiilt. bui 1^'lt flVfpnH his (i'WKiI njir-n. p;iirrd wllh PHUK ')nl A A U il-'Mthl'in litlc ;ind ' P"" 1 f l f Pnrri-:nn. N. V. to snnHi for t^r d?t-ithl:in i";in nt Tu- "ic l°Hd In yr: ; !.'.'i c';;y's first round . C'-ili'.. .Inly ] nnd 2 :tR;i:risf v.-ilh n phi::-3 ;-cnrc. I'n'-rr.s Olympic kins. Boh M;i- , The two stars ripped s e v e n KlrnkPs off pnr with a :iO-:!5-(54 ···, w'-n i w j c p h;is nrrfn-ir' 1 !-"' lo hand n ,')-rio i .vn dr- I lit'i inches 1'ii.«. VPHI-. fpat lo Jimmy Drmnrct nnd .Jnrk jumn c'-'niro. nnd Jim Blirkr. In thr nicer nialrhus. Kani Sne;id nnd .I'i'i Ff rrlrr finished one up o\rr ClayJtn Ile;ifncr and M;irly Kui ant, nnri Byron Nrlson nnd Rkep Rieprl hrH thp y.-utitj m;tr- piti over ' ''H-d ?1anjrrii"* 1 * 1 ' 1 (,'arv Miridlcroff. Jtir«cl. /nun Tiihri. making hi.-' fitTt apppar.i"!-o in th? br-il-hall round-rohin claKSie. .sitnckcd ;in fi- iron into the cun on the Hfi-yard third lv»lp fnr she njirblh "ncp" of his career to furnish the victory infirfii'i. yesr Kit Rrl counlcd a I- shoilcr in thp Sioux "ily Oncn, whi'r p'avine in tho same threesome with Miridlrcoff. Un l.-ir V.'fiM :;rn'-ri G i:; i^r h . thp chrim- 1u lead in the Boys Club WeeklyCard i- T nm°rs nnd fi\ r-run r;;l'.". T' 1 " younger rvnb.: lurnrd un in NsFhvillc \vbnre Ihr KayeMovilIr* KO.VS Club and Littlo Hck cot fiv . - p.--kv. Pridrtv nn-t · -^I'm-'. ':v ,i-l ii-op-' I -'I ''·'"«- P -.i.-. i. r.H-G-nv- TnMU i n I'Thi-m's'n. 4 n n K'linf. 1 f n n 0 "? ; rrinp. tf 2 0 0 Miirller. r f a n o nark. 51 I n n Yvnr-:. r i n n Maglip. p i n n n n n :a n .tTouN :f 4 : 4 n i n n n 4 n i 4 n i ^ n i .1 0 0 R.ny homprpd fnr H.- 1 ! Simnpon for I. ! I ,, r , r -i-cr P-' :, . vr ,,-/T?«!r;'c'""t- -nri ; i.\: /....VT-IS (pnun. .-rv"T c · irr_ Hpr-Tr ft in R 11^ a - Grounded for Lors in ^lli " , ',, 7. vr: firi'k'vn ....... lira OM ' I.---ri ·. I^J. I/is Anqrlcr-. lf». V.'.-itc-.-'iv.'rv, Cnnn -TI ' ; F!I r r l Mu:-nhv. ; T 4 . S;«n Dic^o. Calif.. ptfippi'rl Knyr.innd Dicu, 170. !' ( iri: ; , :!"n'I. M.:inc--Bob Slcrhrr. H L -ook!n '.ir'.hnd. Maine, knocked out ' \ c w York ir fjiuuirt, lofi, Camhridgr, Chica^f fi. Si. Louis - '~ ~ .-.-.-:_. ^-.-^.:.,_^:~r. ( - [ [ . r i n p n t i Vnrh Cfil MO nn -'- -"· [i_c:-"i" ; A'· nr!!-E"io:t a ae-wiiiism-. n^irk. ini"-^ T-- ' -"W-- KIlioM. Thomp--nn. DP--D?rk. Wi!' )nni-. nn'l Lockrrnn. Lr;:--Rrnnl'.!yn !.-, NT-.v York 7. BB--WMr t. Lnr--, 2. · M^pli!- 3. SO--Wad- 2. Lnes a. Blarlt r» 11 . '] Matfltr n. H O - W a d e 5 in 1 inninf-. 1 ^" ;i.n c s I in 4. Blark 1 in 1. H A- m - ' W a n e 3-3 Winner--Map1:« (IO-"» I,e*rr r"s-0 _\VRdi '.VV. U--S"cnry. Wirnrk- nif. ITfi. Gee!?, anrf Uascdi. T--2:W. A--^'.7n7 Cl^rcnro RirpiinshHin 7. Mnhilp .T. ^niplV' fi. Challanon?.a I. N:i-!ivi||'! IB. l.itl'p Rnrk 9. CUB CUTIE GMAf? "TURK" LQWH, OF THE. CHICAGO f f c nne. Members of tj-c rlnh on th" HMT n-ic'crt te?ms are invited lo attend, and '''·'' Club Dircrto- Maoric? So7.-- i Tuberculin tests are Mutable .'.v raid that all hoys who want ',o at Ihe counly health unil at the :. -. attend nui?:t have dates. County Hospital only on Salortiav - . (night vere Mr. and Mr:!. YA Fron'- Karl Srhlntlrman. Midupan a. m., not nn a daily hash. Chil- Slatr'? tracl: coacli. has been a dren under I t should hr p:\pn Hindsville track mrn'or for 'fl year - - By Alon Mover Makes Shaving So Much Easier! Try It Today! How They Stand (By Ttif A'sjorinird Press) NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Uookbn .... 4.f 17 41 20 . .13 2B -. 3S 33 . . 29 35 ._ 27 3S jlo^ton ' . . 27 37 Pitlsbiirrh . .- 17 50 Thursday's Rfsulls Now York .1. Brooklyn 0. Only fame schedulc-i. AMERICAN LEAGUE \V L Pet OY t/AP TO GO wer TO wAxe sooc nillie Ilavls. son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Davis of Wichita, Kan., is vlsltlnc his Rranrlpntrnts, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Davis or Hindsvillc unrl Mr. and Mrs. Grovtr Harris nf Huntsvillf. Thp Rrv. and Mrs. Raymond H. Rfrrl nnd son. Dirk, of Wp«t fork were guests of Mr. Roll's nan'ntw, Mr. and Mrs. Fred f.. Rr-pd, ink Thllrsdnv nnd Friday. Mis' Iri-; Ihp tPFt before heint; X-r.ned h X V,v'Tm . n r'M rt h n ' n'h'" 1 r'";!' 0 !^ "' ^ Smilh 1, at horn, -\-r.i un i uhich -,il he m Wash- r-,, a two-week vacation. niElnn^^nnnly^hd^ ,,, y;. I Mrs. Fayc M. Smith and son. ·!6? ^pv,?-;j:,: r#e w.R ·· · ·%"'' y 4 *:.;.'.'..-.**^ #e POPS ,-, T ''' *e Those who want only fho bett say... "11BOISIIPREME please" // *' Shaving Crocm conlaiiut l^thor- An Aran.'.tnq n«w ingi«di*nt that , your fbiv -·k. Child: . Buy . lub IMME« OH UlUiHlESS ·ChlNi' Ittili Mirk lei Lecithin. ·UMtHTUl FUN tllltlHMM rhi'ariclnhia -. SI. I."'ns Urlroit Tl'irrvrtay's Rrsttlls Detroit t, £.1. I.nllis H. Only can e scheduled. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W I. Pd. New ( .. 4 1 33 .5)71 Mobile . ... 4S C'hatl,u:oo2.i . .. 41 N.-.'hvillc . .. Ailjmla . -- nirmlnshain .- I.illle nnrk .. Meninhir .. . Thursday's RMull* Vfv Orlein.'. n, Atlanta S, 1.1 ?/!! BPOCKt-Yfl F fi'-U'ST fr'AVE /HAPff Tf/E f/.AreU5H FOKces I'IS fGCAPC, WHCrl HE Hirreo THEM FOK 8 41 E. CENTER PHONE 21 PRICES CUT RUGGED RIVERSIDES FOR SAFER HOLIDAY DRIVING 10.95 12.55 EVERY OUNCE FIRST QUALITY FULL NON-SKID DEPTH-FULL TREAD WIDTH-FULL SIZE KIVERSIDE AIR CUSHIONS Si;. 6,40-15 6.70-15 7.10-l.S 7.60-15 C.00-15 6.70-14 T-r« Pr!««* 12.45 12.55 15.25 16.95 16.75 13.25 Tvfc» Pritt** 2 2 5 2.55 265 2.10 3.35 2.60 RIVERSIDES FOR OLDH 6.5P-1S 6.0C-7'. 6,50-16 15.35 10.95 1535 CARS 2.5S 2.30 2.69 ·fl,, r«l. 1~^r~"H+*. ··MM Ml fm ONIY 10% DOWN ON TERMS SALE ENDS JULY Srh

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