Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 2, 1974 · Page 23
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 23

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1974
Page 23
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THIS PJANO IS TOO MUCH COMPETITION FOR ME... 50 YOU KNOW WHAT I'M 60INGTOPO?I'M60ING TO SNATCH IT AWAY, ANP TWKOU IT DOWNTHe SEWERi WOMAN IS WINNIN6.'f WOMAN IS W INN INS. 1 .'! MINIATURE SMfS FILLED WITH PEOPLE AND ANIMALS, ARE CARVED BV THE INDWUS OF COLOMBIA, S.A., AND FASTENED TO THE KOOFS'OF · NATIVE HUTS TO C4RRY WAY EVIL SPIRITS Believe Jft or Naif I UIDC -- - " ! f.~AND NOW,A WORD (_FROA\ OUR SPONSOR FIZZV COt-A IS THE TOPS V VOO'LL UOVETO HEAR IT SO TOP FOPS ESTER L COLEMAN, M. D, Cigarette Smokers More Susceptible To Emphysema Two of my friends died., of mpliysema in the past seven months. One was a classmate of mine t medical school. The other 'as a brillant lawyer. Both ere between the ages of 50 ml 55 and need not have sacrl- ced their productive lives to le Golem of cigarette,smoking, Neither one had taken the THE MOST FLUCTUATING POUNDS IN BRITISH HISTORY VISITING THE GERMAN REOTKntf HCMBOEG TO ' tN3Z SOCCER SUSH$ A TOTAL OFtfBOFOONDS OKb«F M jM V»**» Uc. 19 It V«U *fe M«ndL .'" *t MIGHT EVEN '" RIPE OVER ON ." A BIKE AW ·'~ PICK UP THE" GIRL. WHAT'S HftORE, UOVI IS SHE TO KNOW TO CATCH iw ROPE, mi. THE CABLE ACROS^AW ANCHOR THE HOOK SO WE CAN VMIK ACROSS IS A PROBLEM.' WE HIWE A PROBUM MR. SAWYER. HOW IS KEUV'S OrKLTO KNOW WE'RE 6CWGTOTXX TO RESCUE HER BY HIGH W 'VE5, OR THAT WE B/EH HAVE A PLW. AN' PONT WORffy '9OUT HE'S UK SOMg Of TH6W HIS IPEA Of CHAH6IH' SOCKS IS SWTGHIH' I CAN MO UNSegSTAN0 THgSB SCAUPtgSS -- IS PlFPlCULTTO WNOeRSTANP 1 THINK YOU MSANS SCORELESS 0AU.SAM6S, ' I CflN'T EUER GIT HIM TO PICK UP ENWV OF HISTOVS fSflWMUSTBEGOlN' ) 1 THRU HIS SECONT ' QULDHOOD \V£- SiO FABRICATE A POPV FOR fT FOR A TKIFLIWS /tlL-UOU VOU./- .'J- We Y IT WERE BOIL'OFF J WORTH ITHA MIU.IOM A DID you EVER KICKAPOO"° A FINS* VAT- ooy _ 1OO AM1.UIOM AGO, I'O IT WAS KOAMIH6 THE YOUR 100,000 ii-^_ IF I OID^T f KMCW THEY ui ME SOMETMINS/ (SRANPMOTI-IR WHAT'S THAT/ POKEV? WHEN R6DY WAS A LITTL Boy, DID H£ C3ATHER FiREWOOD---66T WA-ret? AWP HLP you AROUND TMfc -T6P66? HEAVNS NO/ --YOUR FATHER WAS ALWAYS A GOOO LITTU soy! w o I M - yvmimlr:- ~ \ BLONDIE-- N. I eoop NEWS/ ) I VON A y-fe-' DOLLAR IN -^C/ THE OFPICE E-Si ^ POOL [ TODAY AMP TO SHOW YOU WHAT A SPORT I AM, I'M GIVING ^ ^ ,,. .. ,YOU f^, ^g| HALF/J a^7*T*'?. WELL,ITS WOT EXACTiy THE -I IRISH SWEEPSTAKES Your Daily Horoscope JLook in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your, outlook is, according to the stars. FOR THURS., OCT. 3 ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) There . is evidence that competition is on the move. Don't he left at the post. Good judgment and prompt action needed. TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) This could be an extremely telling day in your life. You should have high hopes and new incentives. Generate enthusiasm commensurate with past "best performances." GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) You can make this a bright day by capitalizing on your outgoing and pleasing personality. Use your versatility and intuition in revitalizing, firming things up. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) Some caution needed. Determine a suitable program, and plan which phase to develop first. Counteract possible opposition with novel moves. Strengthen position shrewdly. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) There's a tendency now to lei things slide. But, without careful thinking and planning, complexities could arise to plague you later. Face up to . future requirements. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) You will De judged more by action than by words.' But he sure that both register to your benefit. Discuss "sticky" problems with knowing heads. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) = You. can swing some things sSij_ the way you wish; others will not seem to yield. Keep at the latter in the patient, practiced manner that finally brings results. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) You may encounter some opposition, but your opponents may have valid reason for dis- 6 « Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Wed., Oct. 2, 1974 AYITTEVILLI. ARKANSAS i dvice of his doctor moking 10 years ago. to stop agreeing with,you, so look am ';hink well before you get int ruilless arguments. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec It may be well to consul others before taking unusua action. Your intuition is e\ cellent but another viewpoii could be helpful. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) This should be a day of great activity. Get as brisk a start as you can and keep on course, but don't overtax yourself. Administering affairs with finesse l reward. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) . Though actions speak loudly, don't overlook the importance of a few well-chosen words at the proper moment. Special care needed in family discussions. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) The right start and "follow through" ,vill keep you master of all situations. Your bright handling of a stimulating challenge could bring increased prestige. Despite their emotional and ntellectual strength, they both ad the fixed idea that "it was mpossible for them to give up obacco, the cause of-their em- hysema. When ,they finally saw the ight "both were chronic invalids, buttling from their homes to he hospital, breathing through ixygen · tubes, and living close o their life-saving lung respira- ors. These two mature adults per- isted in an Infantile inability o grasp the. importance of the relationship between - tobacco and their emphysema. Both of them rationalized their behavior by saying that hey were not afraid of the sta istics that cancer of the lung and cancer of the larynx oc Burred most frequently in smo iers. · I really believe that cancer )i the larynx or lung would lave been kinder than the long drawn-put invalidism of emphy This is not virtually an epidemic disease which incapaci- ates people, makes them hronic invalids, and cheats hem of their right to normal lealth and happiness. Perhaps those who insist on moking will benefit From knowing what emphysema is. When air is brought into the mouth and lungs, it spreads to he terminal air sacs in the ungs. These sacs*are highly elastic and are important in the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. In emphysema, these air sacs lose their elasticity. Air lecomes trapped !n the lungs, and is responsible for the obstruction of the free passage of oxygen necessary to sustain health. There are, of course, other reasons for emphysema. When :obacco is the culprit, sensibta people must balance the pack-a- day against sustained good health. Emphysema due to tobacco is avoidable. When the condition is caught early it can be kept from progressing. When fully established, by long periods of n e g l e c t , cmphysematous changes in the lungs are irreversible. They remain fixed.and virtually nothing can be dona to return the lungs to their normal^, healthy state. Emphysema Is a pathetic and unnecessary:'waste of human potential. · B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) West dealer. East-West vulnerable. NORTH * A 8 7 ¥ 6 4 2 » K 5 3 * Q 9 7 3 WEST 4 Q 1 0 5 4 V K J 5 YOU BORN endowed with TODAY are great dignity * A K J 8 4 EAST 4 J 9 6 2 V Q 10 9 B » Q 7 6 4 *10 SOUTH *K 3 ¥ A 7 3 · A J 10 9 8 4 6 5 2 East I V South 2 * Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer ACROSS 1 Voting unit 5 Bing's brother 8 Singer Paul 12 High tableland } 13 Spanish river 14 Weather word 15 Sandarac tree 16 German city 17 Tend 18 Circus showman 20 English poet . 22 Vapor: comb, form 24 Note in the scale 25 Lass 28 Man's name 33 Miscellany 34 New Guinea base 35 Sea bird 36 Spanish veil 39 Contradict 40 Mark of approval 41 Author Gardner 43 Oar fulcrums 47 Sea nymph 51 Split 52 Mature 54 Vainly 55 Wife of Geraint 56 Dutch cupboard 57 Levee 58 Root of the taro 59 Utter 60 Greek letters and charm; are intellectual and artistic in your leanings, fastidious in your tastes. The Libran can become an outstanding leader in almost any field -but especially in the judiciary where his sense of justice and equilibrium woujd shine. You also have a gift for words and this talent, coupled with an unusual fluency of expression, would make you a writer or lecturer of rare ability. Your love of tradition and heritage attracts you to history, archeology and the classical art forms. If you do not take up one of the arts as a career, jmit him to play a hand as hence one diamond. in fact, you may persue one though the opponents' cards He therefore plays .a diamond or more avoeationally. Birth- were entirely exposed. to the king and finesses the Consider this case where jack on the -way back. After Vest leads the king of clubs, drawing 'East's last trump, .ontinues with the ace, and South enters dummy with a ilays a low club, East ruffing spade and discards a heart on lummy's nine and returning the the queen of clubs to maka ight of hearts. exactly three diamonds. The bidding: West North 1+ Pass 2» 3 » Opening lead - king of clubs. I Declarer goes up with the ace | and must now find the right way to play the trumps to maka the contract. He can play the A-K of trumps, hoping to catch the queen, or he can play the ace planning to continue with the jack and finesse, or he can play a trump to the king planning to finesse on the way back. Before South casts his bullot for one of these methods of play, he should first try to assemble each and every clua that can help him to make the right decision: He knows for a certainty that West started with five clubs, and he can deduce from East's heart bid and West's raise that East started with four hearts and West with three. Declarer can also deduce that the missing spades are divided 4-4, for if either defender had had five spades he would surely have bid them. By putting all these infer- There are lots of inferences ences and deductions together, a declarer can draw from the South can safely conclude that bidding or play of the cards, West started with five clubs, and these inferences often per- three hearts, four spades and George Bancroft, historian; Gore Vidal, renowned author. DOWN 21 Land 1 Spill the measure beans 23 Papal veil 2 Girl's name 25 Herd of 3 Bradley 4 Corporeal 5 Beau -6 Lubricate 7 Missile 8 Military groups 9 Brad 10 Cattle (poetic) 11 Singer . Williams 19 Guide's lowest note Avg. solution time: 26 mln. whales 26 Miss Claire 27 Operated 29 Proximity 30 Golf mound 31 Decorative vessel 32 Curve of ship's. planking 37 Ohio city 38 White House name 39 Mock . 42 French article 43 English actor- manager 44 Stag's mate , , , . 45 Poet StolRIAI 45 Japanese beverage 48 Redact Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 53 Fuel 26 40 38 47- 48, PONYTAH "Maybe you should take a break...I wouldn't want you to STRAIN yourself doing that homework!" 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