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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 1

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Friday, June 27, 1952
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8 PAGES TODAY Read by over 25,000 Daily j^ortfjtoest IOCAI FOKCAST-- FavtHrviiii- »t\tt vicinity el«nf trt p a r t l y cloudy jind continued hot to- ri a v t n r t i x h t and Saturday H l f h tTnpcraturt yettrnlty !K: low K: n - ' i n today 31. fiunrU* » 02; lufiset The Public Interest Is T.'ie Fint Concern Of Th/j Newspaper , VOLUME 90, NUMBER 383 Associated Prtij leated Wir* FAVETTEVIUE. ARKANSAS. FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 27, 1952 Increase In School Age Children Recorded Eisenhower Hits At Democrats In Denver Talk There are 277 more school-aj;c children in the Faycttevillc school District than there were tv/o years * aso, according to results of the bi-annual school enumeration, a census of school age youngsters. Back in 3330, wlnjn the last of six and 17 in Fayettcville and thc surrounding area comprising the Fayetteville school district. Today there are 3,350, an increase ceeded our expeL-talions." School officials believe the increase reflects the lar K e number of births during World War II. and that the upward trend will continue more or less steadily. Jn other words, six years from now it of 277. ''Frankly, this is a sligh/. 1 larger increase than we had anticipa- .. . .. ,, . - _.. .. ted," Virgil T. Blossom, supcrin- ; appears probable t h a t there will j tendent of schools, said today, j be 831 more students enrolled in · enumeration was made, there were 1 j "\ve realized there would be a ; Knvetteville schools than there 3,075 children bitwecn the ages j considerable increase, but it cx-:ioday. 'Hot Springs Girl, A University Student, Winner Of Titie "Miss Arkansas" No Miracles Offered, Says Candidate Murry Two Party System Needed, Declares Republican Speck Little Rock-(/Pj-Atty. Gen. Ike i Murry says t h a t he won't promise ; to double "old-age pensions, teachers* salaries or roads" in order to be elected Rovcrnor. but he will promise an honest a d m i n i s t r a t i o n . Speaking at the a n n u a l Turtle Derby Day at Gould. Ark., yesterday, M u r r y reieiTL'd to only one ot his five opponents for t h e The daughter "of Mr. and Mrs I^T^H """""""""-p"TMTM,- Peter P.iul NicUsie of Hot Snrings. Mrtlal h- He repeated his oanic, . . * . . . . .. _. . * ····, r h a r r r O S l h : i ! f h o u i f i i m h n n i rt rl ,.r Russia Handled Too Delicately, He Says; Toft Is Confident Newport, Ark.-WP)-A 20-year- old brunette from Hot Springs, Miss Bonnie Nicksic, will repre- . sort the state at the Miss America contest in Atlantic City, N. J., as Miss Arkansas. She was chosen Miss Arkansas here last night in the finals of thc annual beauty pageant after singing and dancing a chorus girt novelty number. She also answered impromptu questions in Miss Nicksic will be H junior in tiie University next yea]-, and member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. She was a candid;'tu for , Mi::s U n i v e r s i t y of Arkansas at i Gycbale this past spring. Miss ! Relle Castlebcrry, number 3 in ' t h ( - Miss Arkansas contest, won thc Gaobale title. Miss Arkansas , Miss Arkansas" is five feel, four . charges that the incumbent did not [he experience for the posit h i r d ; a n d one-half inches tall, welch 1 ; ,a ,,",,',".": ,"' 1 1 1 5 pounds, has a 35-inch bSst I 10n ' M c M a l h 1S SQck '" 6 ! 21-inch waist and 35-inch hips :'.'-'TM as governor. Miss Batesville placed second in the f i n a l ralim;s. Miss University 01' Arkansas, t h i r d ; Miss Wynne. · foi.T'.h, a n d Miss Little Rock, f i f t h . ,, ! The new Miss Arkansas vas 'Rv The Associated Press' . chosen from an original field of Perspiring I n d i a n a p o l i s police ; 311 contestants after two d a v s of were asked to find the I h i e f who competition. It's The Weather stoic a pair nf ire skates from an automobile. They were owned by R woman who was going lo a Michigan resort where there's an indoor ice rink. Nearly 24,000 auto workers in Detroit plants were made idle by heat strikes yesterday--the third riay of walkouts caused by temperatures around the 100 dcgiee- mark. Two Springfield. 11!., laborers loaded a truck with bags of insecticide then complained. about the heat. Their foreman sent them home. Less th;ui four hours later both men died in a hospital. Doct j r s baid tliey would inve.sti.qate to determine 1C fumes Trom the chemical wurc n lactor in the dca'.hs. KefauverAsks State Support Speaks At Supper For Delegates J e f f Speck of Frenchman's Bayou. Ark., thc Republican candidate for Rovcrnor, also spoke at the Derby festivities yesterday pointing lo the sudden surge o'f . ^presidential aspirants to Arkansas . - . a s a need lor a two-party system. ' He said presidential candidates didn't "bother with A k n n s a s u n t i l they feared tho uprising ot a two- party system here." Sen. Estes Kcfauvcr visited Arkansas yesterday, Avcrcll Hamman stopped in the state last week (By The Associated Pr3ss) Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, stop. pine np his campaign for tiie Hc! p u b l i c a n presidential noniinalion, , teed off on thc Demon-ats as too long in power. His speech before | an audience of 11.0110 in Denver's I Coliseum Inn n i g h t was beamed especially at t h e nation's youth · Thev are sickened, he said, bv . "epidemic" corruption in high i places, but will meet moral issues . of the campaign w i t h idealism and :energy. 1 Eisenhower said thc U n i t e d . States had h a n d l e d Russia too ein- i scrly. Less softness, he said, m i q h t i nave prevented the Korean con- I flict and kept C h i n a and Balkan and Bailie states from slipping behind the Iron C u r t a i n . The speech came almost as an answer to statements earlier m the day of liisenhower's chief i rival (or tile GOP nomination ! Ohio Sen. Robert Taft. i "I am a f r a i d , " Tafl told a Wash- I inglon. D. C., news conference, "that Eisenhower's backers- would ' yrse him to conduct the k i n d of campaign that Dcwey conducted." ! New York Gov. Thomas Dowry's ' loss to President Truman in 11)48' has been blamed on "me-too" tac- i tics which lacked fight. Dewey i ; ! : working now for Eisenhower's nomination at the July 7 convcn- ! tion at Chicago. j Taft's campaign manager. David lilfialls. said yesterday his man : just about has the n o m i n a t i o n sewed up nnyw.iv. l i e c t e d i t e d i , ,-, ,, ; Taft with all but three of the 60-1 i r " pllcr M Pmku '^legate votes needed to w i n . · l n c Lasl The Associated Press t a b u l a t i o n I t o Picnic --based on statements of avowed I picnic menu. The Cooler In Some Sections thousands Of Persons Treated After Collapse No Wcste Space When They Travel to Eisenhower's 404. wi'.h 129 fnr others nnd 191 uncommitted disputed. Slop-Hamman Talk Jn thc Democratic rac" - · ^"..''^''.P''.?;'" """"/· t h r - v '"",:' "'· '"». ··'· -«''"« n in I h e p i c t u r e snapped ventorday bv Photor- I h i s is the v.-ay the l-am-ll car r. /:oin- to look com- S u n d a y , v. hi n t h e - t a k e nil ,..r ... \ *;.(.-;.!lon l r , p - plus, ,,| ,-,,urse, lu-w.e of vanom-. k i n d s H m c c ' t h c K a n r l f |.-,,,,,I-.- like' it is planned to inclnrlc .in ice i-ompart n e i i l :o l h a t m i l k and mi-.u v . i l l | )0 a \ a i l a b l o on 'h" youngsters arc Juri.v, 11. Hilly. I . I . Kclciii:. nine. I l i i n . : r v c n , K.icliacl. six. liobhy four" r ' a n c l l is on the machine M a f f if the U n i v e r s i t y . I Parcel Post I day. GOP candidate Sen. liobert : H a r r i m a n 'mad''block being f'i"!'- i l a f t made the keynote address at ioned by Southerners. Accordm- . to thc rcnort. some backers of Sen" . liichard Russell of Georgia have : the Republican state com cntion in i A p r i l . Rate Hikes i Are Sought | Hep. Boyc! Tackctt of N a s h v i l l - ' bne " s o u l l t l i n S out the forces nf i Washington - itVi · ·· ·-- " " " - ' o t h e r candidates for Democratic. General Donaldson speech since thc T-. u i- , ," t.i...'--,.ii[j, HUN,jodiion. i ne ia°a" Democratic t i c k e t : Hold thc line against M u t u a l S*. ation of Governor ,'curitv A d m i n i s t r a l n i A,n.ruli ir-,,- presidential n o m i n a t i o n . The idea: terstate Commerce .-skcfl thi? I n - i Cnmmi sion j 100 years there s an opportunity | port the goiernor were those "-ho Illinois Gov. A d l a i Stevenson i tor a Southerner to be president." : expected to get something out of generally i.- conceded the inside- Kefuuver, in a brief visit here ! it." yesterday, also said he didn't be- ! Jack Holt, L i t t l e Reck a t l o today to grant a n o t h e r Amoral advance in parcel post'] - tes. The petition did not say j u s t how much increase will be arkcd. H said a ··".· i* i u n t n . . u me insiuci f o u r l n . cl ' 1ss m : i i l MTVicc "'" parcel track with Truman. Tiie governor, j I 1 '1 ~^ n o t P'O'inn its wav. dc- George Eleff'.s idea of cooling off was tn take a ride in his car. Ho took along his year old prt mon- kry, Sam. The mnnkoy made it hotter for EIcTf when he leaped onto t h e steering v/hcc! and thc a u t o crashed into a railroad viaduct in J o l i e t , I I I . E l c f f tokl Police T.I.irtin Ja:kt.t;ii it v.-;.s an error in j u d g m e n t to L i t thc monkey cirive his car. The n',r;i?trate called it diiordcriv c o n d u c t and fined E l t f f S10. Louis , cither President Truman or i - . , wll ° h n d b?Pn ya - vin o he only ! sr/.c.' n Amoral 2: per cent i a n t s t() be rccloctcd, now evinces in parrel post rales rrant-d bv t ll-e Democratic n o m i n a t i o n , re- m a i n e d in Pulaski County yesterday. ' for the n o m i n a t i o n . · Kefauver said t h a t "the president 'likes some of the other candidates b e t t e r than he does me." l Kefanvcr, in an address at a buffet supper lor the Arkansas ! delegation--committed to support , Sen. J. W i l l i a m F u l b r i g h t of Arkansas as long as he is in the run: ning. also said he opposed remova. of price and wage controls; oppos- T re- - c. i : - cd the Braml TM farrn Plan, but .......,11 ,., mint tun a commomi-o T r a f f i c cops in Si. Louis are , advocated continuation ol the ag: economic control b i l l aceepHble comnlamins a b o u t heat weary p e - | ricnllural price support program !'" Congress. They were Kleins ciostiians moving at s n a i l s pace | and opposed a "quit-claim deed' ' a Minst time because wage pric- while cvnssms streets. "People . to the states" in the matter ot a n d rnt c u l b s expire at midnight just poke along," complained . tideland oil rights vi...j-.. Cant. W i l l i a m n. G i b u l k a . He ?-~-- Conference Committee Studies Control Bill j Washington-('/J J )-S e n a t c a n d ; House eonicrecs met today in an I effort to work out a compromise Tennessee S-_ii. Este.; Kc-fauver -has hren r a m b l i n g the country in search of convention backing, "'flu: Associated Press t a l l y now ..hows Kct'auver l e n d i n g witli 24j'.-. Russell has n-l, " l l a i - r i m a n " DOi'a, Stevenson 50 1 !; othorr, 25G 1: : and 390 are uncommitted or Jn dispute. It tokos f i l f i of t h e 1.230 Drmocrnlic delegates--not vet all selected--to bo nomma'.ciK commission lart ,,..,. and rates became e f f e c t i v e last Oct:)- rrcommcnried: Pick im the c;i- dcnro, nf least from curb to cuib, or run the r i f k of bcins run --lown by a pcr?njring and shorl-ienipor- c(i motorist. In New York, Dominick Abb;i!o. ^n As.sociatod Press teletype -tn- ci;itor, pluuiod t h a t be .*'!iiild bo l a t e for work. HP said he couldn't £el the door of his a p a r t m e n t open. Reason- The brat had caused the door to swell and jam. Tn R f r h i i i n n r i VH.. the tpmncr.i- ture rer.c.hcd KI.J deqrees yesterday but o f f i c i a l s nf the stale Mich- way Deo.trtmen* weren't sivi-n tliC' day off. They were very busy sttidyintj bids op snowplows. Agreement Reached On Deficiency Measure \Vashinaton - i/p, . The los-jam of Congress' money bills f i n a l l y h.-.s broken -- on n multi-billion dollar scale. Senate-House conferees reached agreement today on a compromise SM 13.380,000 deficiency bill .' i t h most of that money designed 'o pay the costs of thc Korean War. Tiie measure carries SI.128,000- Of.-n for Ihe Army. 3R million' dollars for the Mavy and 235 m i l l i o n for the Air Force. The f u n d s are neerVd largely to pay extra ex- oenses in the services incurred in thc Korean f i g h t i n g . At Niagara Kails, N. V.. mritiicr nnd her .'ix-ycMr-olrl s~ were killed by liglitninR wb'! they \vere u-.-shin^ an auto. \V':- p-v .--. nesses saifl Mrs. Ocie Mac B r y n n t , UQmQQG OOCtOfS 31, and her son. .Tames, \ v e r o ' wasliinR the f,imi!y nuto in t h e i r back yard \vhen the holt struck the car. There was no rain hilling nt the time, hut a sori^s of thunderstorms moved into r ? area Inter. Degree-Winners 1 Now York - (/Pi - Fifty-two students -- i p ' - l m h n H 12 women -- were g r a d u a t e d last night as "doctors :f damage;-.." The gr.'iduMrs received c e r t i f i - cates in rar damage appraisal from the Rrooklyn High School of , 0 reI A u t o m o t i v e Trades. Tn Trenton, N. I.. Brock W h i t - Inr-k saw two ambtiliincoM dri e off w i t h persons s u f f e r i n g from thc hoat ].-i*-1 iiijihl nnd decided io rlo something about it. W h i t l n r k is grncrnl manacor of UK- Olden T h r n f r r , an a i r - c o n d i t i o n r d motion pirtniT liou. c o. "T called up my w i f e Esther and fold her to l a k e over thr bnx of- ficp," a i d Whitlock. "Then 1 went nround the neiphborhood tickets nnd i n v i t e d people .sitting out on t h e i r poirhes and in t h r i r bnckyarrls to come on over to thc ;1 K° «TMl disposiil system, thofltrr." Moro than 700 persons, m n n y nf . them children w i t h thoir pare s, accepted Whitlock's i n v i t a t i o n by m i d n t R h l . The tnamigo-r said nor- nvillv he elosed a, ,, p m , hut ii- "^^""hhhlj l-f ran the movie nn until 3 a. m. I M1G Jet fishier. Monday. TJie eonfcrees reported no word ;0f t h e i r prosiess would he r«- 1 leased publicly u n t i l a f t e r tonight's iM.-s.sidn -- and it appeared thc sfsnon would run late into the night. Their job is to take the wid'-lv d i f f e r e n t hills passed by the Senate and House and w h i p them i n t o sonirthiiig each chamber w i l l ap- · prove. Senator May-bank (D-SCi heads the .Senate conferees and Kepie- ' r n t a t i v e Spcnct l D - K y ) those from the House. Press Censorship In Korea Lessened Fuj-an, Korpri-iyiVSoulh K n i o n n Trc-sidcnt Syngmnn liiioe t n ; i a v lifted p o l i t i c a l press ccn.sor.ship in .: formal slat omen t i m p l y i n g was imposed v.-ithout his k n o w l - Normal m i l i t a r y coensorship. s i m i l a r to Ihe ne'.-'s security re- s t r a i n t s of the U. S. forces in Korea, remains in effect. Two weeks ago. Hhee's government banned one i.-sue of the A m m r a n m a g a z i n e T-.'ewsweek. It contained .1 c r i t i c a l a r t i c l e on Korea's p o l i t i c a l f e u r i bef.vcf-n Rhcc ;ind the n a l i o n a l /.ssonihly. L.-tial Korean news alr.o v.-as h e a v i l y cen- IHi CASERVM Bnnd Issur Drfralcd Hot H p i n i K s , A r k . - M'i - Hot SprinRs \-otcis t u r n e d down a proposed Jl,.")!lii,fino special bond issue hero yesterday by a vote of Wl . m I.BR3 a,-;,i':n't l.lh.-i ' f n r . Money w i t h ! f m m ""' pniposcd bond issue was I to liave been used for exnansion and remodeling of the city's sew- B«ll«r Plan«i Coming Wiishincln I K ! i v y K"" 1 '.' I " h -irT'i-SwrMary of the Poultry Market -- The poultry market today at reported by Ihe University of Arkansas I n s t i t u t e of Science «nd Technology and the Dairy «nd Poultry M a r k e t Kcwi Service of thc U. S. Department of Afjrlcul- lurc. Northwest A r k a n s a s m.'nk"! stpiidj. supplies c o n t i n u e d Short of Ihe Rood demand nn heavy sizes. Supphes ample for I h e light dr. «· i - 1 !-··- i"i i i i . i i K " « « ' · the Navy now . mnnrl on light MWS. Prices at the r*s c o m i n R ' f « r m . reported at 2 p m . tod.iv, n r b( *ter hroilci s or f r y n ; . all u c i r b t s publicized i from 2 4 0 in 2.ft."i pnllnd^, 2^ lo 2'.} i cents, mostly 2ft renK The fii;i;|jn^s which have been roosting at night by thousands in .trees near the corner of Dickson i and Block are still in that crca c \ c r y n i g h t , but accoiding io thc story being related m town today, ' have changed trees. They made .' the chnnge a f t e r f i r e a r m s and . liberal doses of shot v,cie use'!three nights r u n n i n g 1 this week. nnd m a n y dead bin-s were picked ; up. N'ow the pc.-:l:; h a v e r e t u r n e d j l o ticc.s v.-hcre they roosted last | year, a h a l f block from t h e other j [lurch. Thc city la:;t year used : spray machine.s to drive t h e m o f f . but then, as now, the birds merely changer! t h e i r roo^imj; place-- h e l p i n g .some p r f i p c r t y ov.-nci;.. h u i t i n - ; (ilherr. U.S. Marshal In Illinois "Fired" l WashiiiRton-i/I'i-rresidenl Truman tnil.-i, r.uinm.-nily fired liob- ert C r a m , I. - . S. m.,.,-,1,.,1 (or It,.- SdiitlH-rii d i M n i - ; of nimoi... Hi- .V-'u-e alleged " i i r e ^ n l a t i t i e : ' ' as !i; : . reason. dismissed r i i a n t on '.he r e c o m m e n d a t i o n of A t l , i n f y General M c f l r a r i f - i y . e f t c i t . v e at once. G r a n t ' s head:|iiai !r-i: a:e .it Spnni'lield. Sale. S«ne And Silent Silver SpnilK.\ .Md.-'/Ti-Tlic Silver Spriii}; I n t n r l n l ) ('..inn il i.. a n a i i j ; i n « M i l i i i ' t h i n r IP v.- m tin- way of K f i n r l h of .luh- ci-lehia lions. T h e l i n t , r j r - j d . - i | 1 o i . i to 1 iavc mi ' p f a h c i . at tl,,. a f f . m |t mono A a f i - . ..ii,, : .md M l i - n t f o u i t h . Man Fllehl Kuril | Hrue N m l o n . l-.nj. . i,r, , l y - d n e H-.'Ifis landed beic lodav in the l i n t m.v. f l i K b ! lo KUIO;,I. .,| Ihe I ' S An Kon-c'.s ln;;--.pst lionib- Roy Kimes Of Chester At Large I I.ea\-en-.toi-,h. Kan--T".-n con. | vii;f: fled e a i l y today f i o i n the I federal priyon tinnor f , u : n in I Platte County. Mo. Warden W a l l -r · A. H u n t e r i d e n t i f i e d I h e m a; Jamc.s J. Tomiin:-on. 'M't. l.r.c 1 ., 1 Summit. Mo., and Hoy K i m c : . - i l , ! Oieyler. A r k . The inTM, i tiu ; .lee3. were mij.'ed on ,-, c: ,-c-i: . a f t e r m i i i n i ^ i i t . j Tomlinson v.-as s r - i v i n ^ a f i v e * port.atio:i A a and Kimes live | fice b u r y l i i r y . j i u i l t v to t a k i n g al and S5n i, C'iie;-.tcr i)fi.--t lie v.a, ii-ar I t n - /o '.lit ;.2flH II imp:, f i o m o f f i r r i,, .M;, r , h. .n ie. 1 t f i in A n ^ u : t A i k . Embargo On Shipment Of Grain Is Ordered Bulletins Washington - ,Tl - Contrcin MTtitp (he M r C a r r a n - X V a l t r r im- ·miRration hill Into | a w today ovrr ('resident Truman'* veto. Truman called 'hr hill Infamous. Detroit - I/PI - Shutdowns of Ilircc. four and fvc'ri fIVc Wrcks in the auto Industry's production arr distinct possibilities as a result nf tit? .iif?l slrikr. \\'ar!i's Aniomoljvc Rriiorts said today. Some V.'tO.flOO iiroduclion «orkrrs. H p.cldcd, face unem- lihij-mcnt in July and Aujust. I.cndon - lA'i - The foreign ministrrs of the 1,'nit-il Ftales. Hritain and France agrerd ton i g h t to consult irore rlosoly on m i l i t a r y operations in Korea. 1h~v aii-ec;! also rn thrir rojiiy lo Russia's latent propovais for ccnfrrrncrs on the unification nf Orrmany. n n d to meet v.illi ItllsS'.-i on thc question of -jnifi- ralinn oi (icriiiany. Kdd.vvilli-, K.T.- i.Ti - Thc sor- nnd m u l i r y w i t h i n 21 liinirs hroke oal at t h ^ stair prison toil-iy, hut eiiiiriN rfstori-il r,r- ch-r wi'liin a half hour. U'artl-n Jrss Hui-iianan rrpnrlrd no one was i n j u r e d , in contrast w i t h yesterday's rebellion In wlm-h oitht prisonprs were ivoiuiilcd liy curt.'irr and a i;u:ird was injured. Approximately :IO yir-mc prisoners today made .1 raids on tin- prison commissary. (Guards v.itli sub-machine i;uns f i n a l l y madr thf.m i;ivr up thrir loot and hcrdfd them hack to thrir ceils. Clue Found, Suspects All Time Records For June Set Over Big Part Of Nation Chicago - ,fi - A irj.'.r of cool air brouc-hi i c l i c f fioin intense heat to m a n y NCM thorn areas today. Dili no hn-.-.k v.-.i- in s ,-;ht for the sun-baked soutnern half of the n a t i o n . Thc toll »r d e a t h s in three days of rccoid-bic.ikinc mounted to fil. Thousands of oases of heat orostr.itj,,,, an-! heat exhaustion were reported. ; A coolin;; breeze fanned Albany, j N. V. Col. James M. Oman. Wea; ther Burcnu meteorologist in New | York Cily. reported that "the cool ' all 1 is comin:; in i|iiito sfadilv i Irom K a s t r i n C a n a d a " H;lief also , w=s expected in New Jersey. 1 Temperature:; were ftrnerallv ; around thc 100-dcirrcc mark asain ; y c s t e i d a v in most of t h e vast area ; h i l b . June's opnres.-ii'.'c weather. . A l l - t i m e high records for thc detK : and for June were toppled in many cities. The hot and h u m i d beit extend'. ed from .Southern and Western New E n g l a n d southward nlonj the A t l a n t i c Coast and westward to the i.ower Great Lakes rejlon. the Ohio and Middle Mississippi Valleys, Ihe Central plains states and over the G u l f States. New York City yesterday had a reronl-brcaking mark of 97. It v/cs _ RR above at t o'clock this morning Tr. -- *..., Dl.-, j ' " i l h h u m i d i t y at 60 per cent. The VOprer r i a n n e O l^nt buckled highways in.nveral ! places. MI n .1 r Hospitals in the Washington. D. ,;"\^, n ;ii, "he:^" ;1 TM «·*»'«« '»» '-- had '"·; been treated for heat prostration included 13 firemen who were overcome fighting a warehouse fire In 101-dcgrec weather yesterday. At Augusta, Ga.. the mercury climbed to a sizzling 107 ycstcr- , day. Other top marks inrluded Ifla | in BambcrB, S. C.: 102 in Kloh- i m o n d ; 100 In Nashville. SI. Louis continued to swelter. . will: a hlijh of ni). thc same read! ing reported in Kansas City. i L i t t l e Roi-k ,'1'aekett onnouncc-d tod .had rnp,ai;cd a hcli-.-optcr lor the .reniamd'.-r of hi;; w h i i l ' v j n d cam| paign lor the A r k a n s a s Democratic ; g u b e r n a t o r i a l nomination. Tackclt, i m n s t active of the f i v e candidates j for., tiie nomination \vjth 121 speaking anpearancc.? already bei h i n d him and about 1.10 more p l n n ;' nod hcf'ir;.- t h e .Inly :MI profcren- | t i ; i l p r i m a r y , e x p l a i n e d th;:'. he ! s i m v l y couiiln'l cct a r o u n d the ! state fas! rnnn;:h by automobile. I liir.'iinnin;; J n l v ].' t;- : .j enngrcs.-:- , m a n r a i d , he V.L! fly lo a t o w n by , ilclifoptcr. uvr-r the aiea ! I f j f i g cin.i.L'ii to a i ' . i . i r - i . a'.tention and then land. W h e r e h" can ob- t a i n pcrmi: .mn. In.. hf;.di|Ui.rt(.TS s;oi', he \vi}\ l . i r i d nn thc town's ni:i;n s l i c M . r.rep MU and ijc.'^in Filipinos Take Frank View Of Political Needs ; M i i n i l . i - / I ' . - P o l i l H - : , K i 1 i p i n n style, h:..s ;. f];,vtn uf d i , ; u m i i H : . frariktH.'-T. Tiie f l o u : , - ];ri i:i;;ht vutfd ;t S4. r ) m i l l i o n [jiibli- v.-o'-k; l i i l l . Prc.-Hlvnl K l n i r i i r , Q u n i r i t j . t h r H o u i f - .spc.-ikf-i- ;inf| S ' : u t - J H C M i l l - f i t fjii-ii v/'-rc ki'.inl'.'d ?i.")(iO,f)()fi in J i l l o t ;is Uu-y : ·(.· f i t . K;ifli Cfni;;i f .- ni;m arid :;cn;ilor v.-.ts j'lvcn ;i $125,(J(](j ; .)if;(. in spend in liicir i\'- spr-ctivo ' l i . s t i ' n - t - - . No f u s e n u i l c knnv.-s v / i r i c tlu- (·(iiiunfi f i n i n . Th y f|» lino i-n t h e K,'iiiv; : s C i t y - '.-I 1 * mondou:; flooci of Kai s v, p ;i m p i n 3 r;i 11 ro.-ici v n t h ^ cnrners w i l l pLicr on the Mnpmr-nt of irin.! £i;,\t 1-!:01 H. in. S ; j t u i f i ; i y . Vnrti.i-r. dev.-itnr ( p r i ; , t o | j ; n v r r t n , . , .'iro p i l i i i t ; whc;tt on t l v.-cathnr has p c r m i t t r - f l th'; hunipcr rrop I;.-.! I'iin be h;iu!rd ;i-.v;iv i n t f ' i i i i r - f l ft,r kr-ts of t h f i City arp;i. St thf-v.c nt!,- i, Huh hm;.OM, W(.'lhn;itfiM. 1 No Let-Up Seen Litlle Rock - //P) - Tht U. 8. Weather Burr an forwera no let* un fn Arkansas' heat wave and drouth for the nrxt five days. Thc irxtended forecast for that period rails for (tniperatures four to etxht decrees above nor- Liltlf nr no prrrlpltatfan b rast for thc prriod throuch We4- nesday or ne\t week. Ozark wi5 th« hotte*t upot In thr f.tate yesterday with 104 degrees. Death Reveals · Folks Mistaken C f j J u m b u r , Ohio-lTi-Kveryonc \'/u(i r.iic"/ him thought Fred Fry -/as ;i m;in. H» dressed like one, he-Id ;j Social Security card for a male-, pesai as a man d u / i n p thc days when ho worked as a dish- v/nsher. For 50 years. Fred Fry acted like a man. But Fry died yesterday The boriy was f o u n d hy ;i hmdlady. I'nronor Rol)f! t ,\. I'van con- 'irmr-d th^-t dc;iih (\irrp to 70-!d r'rcd Fry f r o m i heart a t t a c k . A n f f . *..fjd the roroner. Fred I-'ry vris a v/onian. Junior Chamber "Boys" Act The Part At Dallas Convention I D a l i a s . T n .I.-I.M-," v.c i r . lo ni.11' '.V I: K '.i : Kef.iliv-,-1 ' h . T i - n n . n, .1 l : u : i ; i-,,i ~pi-i-i-h to.|,..v. K i - f a n v c i |,ir- I n n ; , m i - n - v i . f r, mil) i i i ; - i i i i , n - w h o -.,- : , , . ; . - , . :,. ,,, il A , - : . , i , i .i,.!,n it w h o !·!! I'.i .. MCX.I-, uf :-\v: t . i t o '.' of Hi., r i j r v l · ( :i.i- r s (.f C - . i n i n - ! ; . . - . I t : n - t l , ' . . ; M h o h n r . l :i : , h , . . ) , :l I, ,,,, ,.,, \.| ' l'11-..i'l, , Sl-clm. j C i l v S p i ' l ' i ' l l O n l y ,,,-, spohe' ,li I cahlicr | . i - l b l a n k . K a l b n . rolk-d to 1 iii,- r. In I ,.l for .l-iyi-cc |,M-:if|,.n! .. ||i.l H i ' K llen.i..,:.,,,, ,,f W i l l i a n , V.i . and Done],is [. MORI-, C i n c m n i l l , n ( H i m . w i n - !., im-.: in .. W . . ! u n .' 1-. I- pistol In'bl K V I - I - . b,,dy i( I nil. .I t l n - v w o u l . l i ; - , . 1,|. ,1,1; M n - t ,,f Ihl- di-|. · . , 1 1 - 1 1 . , ! , . , - -.,. I t'M.l.r. jomul the PH.,ill- (.., II i, " ilri-iin. (inly Ohio and Mi i; .ippl I o It" i . . M M I J t l l ' l - l W i i i n i - i i.f ;h iin«- \^ho. aiT'irdinj; m--!ri. ,;,-tv off t i l . - rr Yc. h rrl iv. O k l a h c m Ji'i-.nst'in M u i r a v t t n i k .1:11! foi i l l l ' l b l o ' l ' l 'A-.-I-. A ' l o l p h n . Hot. I ..- in::,- Hd K .-. l . i d c i l . V . H t o '.111 i n p r . |.,,'ff Four Miners Burned To Death In Shaft C.irft:.!. V." V.i.-i.-VM'our coal m i n f r h w c i t - tj-.jined to de th last ni'I.M v.hea ^.is isnilcd al thc bot- \i;n of a p . t i t i . i l l y completed mine an s h a f t . Thc f o u r men died in . i i l a l s .t*. nciKhboriiiir Welch. A f i f t h , KhiHT Campbell, 42. rcnfiin- Cd 1:1 .sci H I L J S conriitinn. Thp f i 1 . c ".ere b u r n M when an t is- l;;'.!it bulb exploded a f t e r : it wa.s tiioppcd and ignited a gas I . i c v u m u L i t i o n in the shaft. Thc , s h a f t was hi'inn sunk at the Olga C'o'ii C'oinpany's CarctM nvnc two 1 miles '10:11 the operation'* main ,h.. 1 w i l l thc .1 .immd l shots. f f M V f n i o r look nl I I I U M * picko.1 out f,,, h i m to ndr l-i Uic p . i i . n N v "No." he sh.nitctt. "Wh-.l rodro i\\i\ von hiu vi f n r r i V * l l u in ,1 con- v^rUbla, It's The Law It is u n l a w f u l to han/? t sign, cxteiulini^ over 18 inches across tl.e sidewalk: imleu upplication nnd design and specifications and S2.50 fee has been filed with «nd npproved by the city tn|(lnf»r. Violators may be fined not Inn than *5 or more Ihnn 510. Ordinance OS+ wn.i p*j.fd bv the Viiyrllpvllle City Counti Au«ust 1,\ 114}.

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