Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 26, 1952 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1952
Page 14
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AtKANiAS TIMH, F.ytMtviN., ri«MT/AN'THE MOTH I»N'T HAP AS MUCH AST«E NUTH»E. Congress Must Decide What To Do About Price And Wage Controls Before Monday % \r ': U I EAfD NO I SAY SOU .liO ·r..'F.SnCf/ in GTAV EKF fiOJT? AMD WAJC.H AND ^E-rHLVf 7 s00 MEAN ^U 5oBT«ri WA\rr TO VOBK JOB ' TO0 ' J "i ruts PLACE DAV AND By J A M E S M A R I OH '.hiiiKlon-i/I'j-Bf' prcpiircri In 'I rli/./v hf'i\vo'.-n now mid nc/.l w f c n nnw ;ind then Con- nniM decide whether il t5 tn keep price ant! \i-age cnji- . They flic JUMP 30 unie.-o s voles to main thorn. -hfOc 1 business Is up in th" i.i. N'» our is (Hiking a prrn.-c 1 ioca. 1 -! mi the outcome 1 . This is (;;ui h.'ippf'"' I. Cnniirfrs will just Irf all cnn- die. 2 Cnnyrr-Ks will Rot so messed up in rliy;i«r(vmrnt t h a t ju?t be/ o i e the Monday drad!i::r il will vnio a «lop-can measure to keep the controls a liiilc longer, until it r;m Eft unmesscH nnrl make up its mind. .1 By smiie inirnde nf speo-rl. both houses rim agrne by MonrlHy "" a Miiple bill--which President Truman consider. 1 ; workable--10 krcp Ibr rniitinls fnr some months rvpii x year beyond June .10. 4. Corifiiefis can produce a bill In keep HIP control.-;, hut one which Truman rnnsirlrrs so unworkable that he'll veto it. That will kill all controls unle.fs C'nn- ure." then comes back with a bill does approve. Bills IHffrr Widely here can be no continuance of control? at all unless hnth houses acrre. hv compromising their many differences, on a single bill 1« offer lo the While House. The Truman administration wauls the ronlrols continued. A cnuplc of weeks ,'IRO the Senate agreed nnrl voted to retain them for cicht on t hs tn a year bcyonrl June 30. Rui last week the House began News In Half-Size Styles ' action on a hill, and was expected to complete it today or tomorrow, which would in effect ixiii all price controls hut not controls on wascs. j ; Before it can complete action. · supporters of controls will offer 1 amendments to change or soflrn | what the House voted for last ! week. | This may produce a hodyepodne | of legislation. Unless the hill } finally approved by the House matches the Senate hill in every detail, and no one expects that at ' all. Then a committee of members Irom both houses will have to sit down between now and Monday and try to compromise on a hill . acceptable lo both houses. They'll have overtime on that to ' finish before the deadline. little Rock Revival By Billy Graham Possible .tacksnn. Mis.':.~f/P!-A delegMion rrn m Little Rnrk. Ark., cot a promising but uncomniiltod an- .S'.vor from tv-,mseli:U Rilly f.ra- . h,ini nbou! holding -\ "Ci'iisade For 'Christ" rcviv;i| in Mule Rock. The delccation visited Grnh;uy at his niectinK here. Tuesday nitrht find asked him tn hold ;t revi 1 .,,!. Thr drlegnlion \\ p a.s led hv Dr. W. O. Vaiipht, pastor nf the Itnmanucl 'Biiplist Church in Little Cock.. Graham made no definite answer but expressed interosl. The brown rat. miErathiH from central Asia, is not believed to have reached Great Britain until about 17.10. By J. R. William. DONT BE CRAZY TIME.^, WAV TO STAV HERE THE TIME? I'M APRAIDTO GO OUTSIDE OUT OUR WAY DON'T BE FLJWKJY 1 SPEWT TM' WHOLE AFTERMOON GETTlSJS H6R READV FOR. THAT PARTY AMD WOW SHE'S GOING IM THATTHIMG.' TH' REST OF THEM- -WE'RE CLOSER TO WHERE THEY'RE Jft .-' fel" APPUL a. senrs EA. APPULS 3. SENTS EA- -VPPLY roe ocpicFC?\SCHOOL? - ' 1 ^^^ THE HASH MACHIWE grifafe R orM)t/ / Htli'5 STILL AUtTNIR (ARM, SAWVK. WMMTLY THI lOCUtTI HAVIIUNHHE M.MADY. SONF... OUR OUR PLUM TRIE, OUR ««H! ( I DON'T KNOW, MY vDARLINS. I DON'T IN 1450 A SA«ED PlPAL TKEE WSS CUT DOivN fO MAKE ROOM F05 r»E TEMPLE - BUT A SEED DROPPED IN IU 501 YEARS IT HAS GROWN INTO ft TREE WHS SlOttlY SPUTTING lifSnHKniK/UWIT.1 B03. IP VOu'LL DO ^. *\r \ WEVE POP.MFC A PCX5L. L1\C.\ AW WE'LL... G:VE : . vou T\vo B ' I'LL GA-E o-J EACH OPTICAL ILLUSION 01 MICH MU. IS THE WiKDCM? I77S) of Mslmcsboi-y. England SEWO IN THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT FOR 55 CONSECUTIVE YEARS' VOU SbND Ml. BACK Id 1HL LAND W SHtBA ANIM LL ITH 0. EI7ABLE CHUNK OF THAJ r AW nou LADY-6 DOUGH ...YOU LCAVE IT TO ME , I'LL SEE SHE fitTS Hf R B WORnt - - . liy Sue Burnett Sulphur City | The rc\iva! at the Baptist Church closed on Wpdnesci- v niaht. The Rev. n. A. Hill, s la ' to c\anirclist. plans to return here -n ( October. ! Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mi-Kinnnn and children, Mona Marie, Don,,, , Lou, Rickey and Carol Anne nf . Ciirthaiie, jj n . ; M r . an ,j Mr? Hjkp iPclramala of u Junta, "(join · .Mrs. II. I). McKinnon of Trinidad' Colo.: the Rev. and Mrs. Neil M,. , Kinnon. Jr., nnrl Miss Flora Visia ! McKinnon of Ev. inc. Va \vi n were here for the funeral of their father and jiranrtfalhor. Neil Mr Kinnon. Sr.. have, returned' lo their homes, n. D . McKinnon is remaining with his mnlher f n , a ' lonjer visit. Miss llrnry McKmnnn of San Marco.--, Te\a.s has returned hnir.i- a f t e r the funeral of her brother .Neil McKinnon, Sr. ' · Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Edwards and children. Bruce and Marcene of Texas arc visiting her parent' Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hayes. ' * Mr. and Mrs. rioy Pressley of Independence. Kans.. are visitms their cousins Mr. anrl Mrs. K. W Price, Sr. Mr. and im-s-. K | 0 Shnwaltor while w«i!in; for his rail lo jcr- vice. are 'tayins at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hal · SHowalter. Mr. and Mis. R. ,T. Shov-""" havo returned tn Hnbhs, N. If you're slighly shorter liian average, you'll be especially | pleased with this afteinoon frock j IhHi's so new and sparkling. Jf s ;cut in half sizes to save time in allerinu your pat'.om. Pattern No. BRIfi j s a sow-rite perforated pattern in sizes 14 I- 1 ' Hi 1-2. 13 1-2. 20 1-9 ·· 1-2' 24 1-2. Size Hi 1-2, 4 'van-Is of | 39-inch. I Fnr this pattern, send 30e for | EACH, in COINS, iuur name ad- I dres.-, sizes desired, and the PATI T E R N NIJMBEK ; 0 Sue Burnett I Northwest Arkansas Times, 1150 i Ave. Americas. New York 36 N Y I Basic FASHION for '52 is filled | with ideas te make your clothes 1 budget go further -- time-saving and economical dwigns that are easy to sew. Gift pattern printed inside. 25 cents. On The Radio Nc-.v Vork-I.l'p-Thursday: N'BC--7 Kather Knows Res!; ;7::tl) Nicht Bca:; 8 Dragnet Mysilery: B::IO Counter Spy. ! CBS--7 Mi. Keen: 7.3(1 FBI in Peace and War: 8 Mr. Chameleon; R:-10 The Judge Mystery. ABC -- 7 Marlene Dietrich Drama: 7:30 Defense Attorney; 8 '1 oil Mack Amateurs. MB.S--7 Modern CnSannva: V:."0 Hardy Family; 8:05 Rod and Gun Club; 8:30 Reporters Houndup. KGRH EVERYTHING IN and SUPPIIB FAYETTEVILLE IRON and METAL CO OOVEtNMENT AV«. THURSDAY EVENING 6:110 Dinner. Music Starlight Tix» 6:3f) News 6: IS Ozarks Sports Review Wayne King Show Gabriel Hcatter-- M Rhythmic Rendezvous Lomharrio on the Air Bill Henry "~~ Rod and Gun Club Reporters Roundup News J u s t Music No offter drink 10:00 News 10:i:i Platter Party ll:30 Platter Party DrPepper FRIDAY M O R N I N O Rise 'n Shine R K D 1450 (i:01l Rise ,\" Shine 5:30 Markets and weather fi:35 Rise ,V Shine fi:45 Stock Talk Time Koffec Kup Kaperj Ota: co News Koffec Kup Kapcrs Hoher; HurlciKh Kcws--M Mornins Devotions Times Mornmc, I ditnn Holsum Gospel Hymns MorninR Melodies Paula Stone Take a Numhrr Food for Thought Linda's First Love Queen for a Day ·INfWSTffiTAT ; 10, 2 AND . 4 O'CLOCK! 1 Here's a deli. rious sparkling drink, different , from any you've ; lasted, that LIFTS your enprpy within 2 to ft minutes ... gives you j new I.IFH Picks you up when ; you're low. Nothing like it--everyone loves it. Keep a rarton nr a case nr hand, fnr a real "lift fo.r life." At soda fountains, loo! Look for handy green and white carry-home carton Rhythm Ranch Hands Rauckage Commentary Carl Smith Church of Christ Musical Roundup Market Report 'Uuthtr! Your IHlle friend from next door it here to piny." FRiriAY AFTKRNOON Hymns o( All Churches News it Noon Chuck Wacon Jamboree Riders of Purple Sage 1 1-adics Fair Alteinoon Varieties SomclliinR Old HomcthliiR New 1 Something non-owed " 'inethlnc Blue .1:00 Swins Session ·I'M Tune rick'n Time -l.oo Tune rick'n Time ·130 Tun.' Tick'n Tim« » no Thi Orffn Horn« S .in Hobby Benson S:M Cfcll Brown

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