Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 26, 1952 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1952
Page 13
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New York - (A) - Tho rinjr career of Sugar Ray H ( .bin- ton may have come to an end in the blast f u r n a c e heat of Yankee Stadium -- just two r n u n d s ,-uvay from victory over lii;ht heavyweight champion Joey M a \ m i ;.nrl a third jewel for his g l e a m i n g crown. Steaming 103-desree bout m H l - eti the taut flesh of Ihr Irjm middle-weight king and burned out hi* resistance after J 3 rounds of a valiant, winning effort. He collapsed and the victory went to Maxim. i "Ray was goins to call it quits i if he won decisively," ?:ud .Junic, Clark, a longtime friend of Rny.' "Now this could he it ton, I j»- Maxim Score TKO Over Robinson A's Trim Garcia, Indians, 11 To 9 Cle-.-clanri-i/IVThe rmladcliihia Athletics came from behind v.-ith a iix-run uulbur:.t in Ihe eighth n a m e vesK-ruay in t r i p iht Cleveland Indians. ;l-0. Mike Garcia, lop n l d n on t n e I r i b e pr.chirs s t a f f , was the vic- t i m of ihe u p r i r i n R and he uif- li'iecl his f i f t h ]o:-'. a-ninst 10 wins tins sea.--on. G.-.l-ci.-, l e f t the game m lavor of Bdi l.r-mnn with one OiU anrf the n:i:-o:; lo^-ic'l. Turnesa Mps Harbert For PGA Title Paige Saves Brownie Win Over YanklJP ! Jim Tui n- wni. l n c 4 1." 1 -Simpson. If 4 I :: IJfll/y.' [/i ·"' 1 I liovcn. 3b 5 2 2 M i t c h e l l . If I I Bm.iic. is .'I fi 0 t-McCosky I 1 I Eaj-iT. :n 1 i' C iReisc,- 3 n OLcm-m'. f 0 n "Garcia, p n 1 O.Ian is. ii 8'h. Sth. uih. 0 0 0 U u u Hobinson had been hiddinr, to lie-' com* the third fishier ever to w i n ' F TM*'' ,TM three championships and j o i n ' y a l o . cf Ruby Bob Fitzsimmons and Hani-: p"JJj;(!- ' merin' Henry Armstrong in the ul- | ciark!'* rf'" tra-elite of the ring. | Sudcr. 211 The bout will go ckm-n in the! i^ 10 ? 135 hooks as a Hth round technical] Asiroin. r knockout for Joey--the bell h a d j Keiiner. p Hounded to start the H t h -- b u t e v - j ^KobcAf eryone in the wilted crowd of 4!,-! Kell. I'DTM' 983 will credit the TKO to l h e j T o l a l s ·'"·» n lurotals steambox t h a t was Yankee Stadi-j "a-smclcd 'ior~~sTni7r in Um last night. I li~ Vv'aikcrt lot- llyr/ Rny wouldn't and couldn't lall^ Jj-SinKlcd lor iii'imt to the press after he was helped E--Av; 1 ia 1 jso,,n'' S nBi-- In his dressing room. He hart just Zern:ai 2.' Hrgfin 3 r suffered his first knockout--tech-:" S0 '"- Lemon, R O » , nical though it was--of his 1 1 ' ·;; phu^y" vain" years of pro boxing. Tt was only his third defeat in 137 bouts. bu'tjj cl ^|lj.^ J- c !! --«-;ami n. KB--Kciinrr two of them have come in I c s s j i ! so-Kc'iincr"?' svtwib'T icmon"'* than a year. He lost to Randv Tur- H«rri« l. HO--Kullncr in ' i n ' 51, in- in last Jul - 10 - ' i"o"f 7^ £.,',.1; ruf?, 2 ,,",,?· "Robinson is mentally as well;" in i ' = . R ER -KcMncr 9-9. n.vrd »s physically exhausted." sairl Dr IS"? 1 f. ehlil n "°- L ?"°n s-n. Ira McCown, State Athletie Com-.Hc'.anWmn°V%"rd~*."r' mission physician and one of the Garcia HO-M. u--Rommel. B first to leave Sugar's dressing' stevTMi^d^i^-.jr_:M4 A-«.26i_^' room. "He's speaking iinintclliebly. : was replace!) b~v R^~M,!lc7~Roo~- ·£"Z e T P^. 01 ' 1 '" 1 '" field.''ii,,, o n appeared tn wobble'as he Through the first 11 rounds.: retreated from M a x i m . ?,',," ' . r.nn. ;.inchpii. St. Louis-WPi-The a m a z i n c Leroy "S.-itchd" Paisc ambled in from the bullpen in the last of the n i n t h yesterday afternoon to save a 10-9 victory for the St. Louis Browns over the New York Yankees. The lops reduced the Yanks' lead to two and a half : Raines over second-place Boston. '0 Gene Bearden, who relieved \ r ^, Tommy Byrne in the fourth, waf ! 5 (, I the winner. He struggled through i l i " ; a ma/e of Yankee hits i n , h i s ten- i ii } J lire on the mound, but held a one- I ;i i , run lead goinc into the last in- j 1 0 1 - nine. Then with two out pinch: P fj j} h i t t e r Johnny Sain worked the 5 l 3 count to three balls and no strikes. ' At that point Paige was summoned from the bullnen. The ancient marvel calmly fired three ^ straight strikes past Sain to end ; the same. : The Brownies came up with the winning run in the eighth on Bob o. Neiman's two-out homer. The vic- ' ' t i n i of the blow and the loser was BJ»by Hopue. Knch club had five-run innings in the game which saw the two teams collect [SPORTS e'... Ihe f i r [ vie! .'lariiesl. Thill':: r.isy In sny tud.iy a f t e r w a t r h m ^ i;ie :.:win!hy, t i e h t - M p p c d l i t t l e m.-in f i » h t his way back f p i m wh.-it Ir.oked l i k e a certain drli.:it lo v.'lni) Cluck H u r h e r t 1- iip nil ti:e .Slllh hole of Ihe \M% Sitri:i.;.s C i i i i n c to win Ihe 1'OA ; Arkansas Slafe Gains Admission Into NCAA , Joresbfiro-'/T'l-Athlotic Director Il.c Tomlmjon hai a n n o u n c e d Ihe election of A r k a n s a s Sl.i'.e College. In membership in the ii.\!h clisi n i - t of the N'ailonal Colic ;Ute A.-.: ocialion. _ "'L!i!lii''I? ily tlf ·"Kansas ar.'l YOU KNOW lit WttiH i « l l other membert of the Soul*. , ·····csf Conference are mtmbwi 4 ' thi- j i x t h cjj.trlct. State Callef* i« '-tic first Arkansas In(tral!e- f.'V.e Onference member to b* arimlticd to the NCAA. The -vorrl "prle«t" l« i eontMrt- fl form of "prenbyter." t-'sfd by thou««ndi In rtdMlnf liel'.-. JUIIRC'S Roman Meal Bread,11-19-K It wa;. the Mil fi r! .| major nile ever |.rnfi'.^fioHal member Mis Turnesa g o l f m ^ l i e f SSI NORTHWEST ARKANSAS TIMIS, Fqyetteville, Arkansas, Thursday, June 26, 1912 Kell, Evers Lead Bosox To Series Edge Over Detroit Trim Chisox To Gain Gar, PB- ,SL Lracr-- I NEW the d H H . and out and sideways on . pounds weight handicap a n d - the seventh and smashing left In the 12th, ' ninth rounds with on hip fnrc from e x h a u s t i o n . As ncolLt - . the rotir.ri-rnr'i!]- «opg sounded tv.-o rounds a f t e r ; he collapsed aniinst the ropes in Referee Ruby Goldstein became ' a n r i : t r n l corner. His handler.; · from the oppressive heat a m i ' q u i c k l y rira» = ed him to his stool. . Delroit-(P|-George Kell and* hits and commit! . Hoot Ev ' rs lcd the B °s'°» Red Sox seven errors. St. Louis was euilty, !" f 10 ~ 3 Vlc ' or y yesterday over of five of the miscuoB. New York ,' . lr ex -tMmniate6, the Detroit | made five runs in the second ar.d ! gcrs ' Jl mark ert the first series; the Browns came back for live in i won y Boston °» the road since : the third I ^ J ^ tiade executed between I T ri u. Mtw v.rk l i th « Boston and Detroit clubs. T h e ' *· " · T *? Kk '. 9r Loul * ' Rcd Sox took two of thrce Sames Chicago - i/Ti s 1 5 Yn u n B . Jb " h , r , 1, fropm he T .iS"S. - senators moved t f i n Deisms, u-rf s 2 2. R«*ie righthander Dick Bro-| American I C-IBI ? " ,b s 2 t j d o w s k i , given his first K t a r t i n R as- j yeslerdav w i t h a !)-(! victory nv TM n cf I ; 2 : signmcnt with the Sox due to mus- ! the Chicaei k . ' i f 2 0 0 , c u ' a r aches and pains being suf- h«M«, 3b 4 o 1 1 fcred by the Bosox regulars, gave 'inn^w ] fi o up cisin hits - He was involved in rilia i (i i a tight pitching duel with Freddie 2 0 1 . Hutchinson until the eighth when d j S ' t h e Sox broke loose with a six- I o o run uprising. "ii! Both Kell and Evers socked Collini. Ih « ' s n i : B l v i . l i m m y said it himself evr-n · he u c n t out lo me* 1 i h i r - 1 golfer ivhii warles i n t n t h e ' -·pols nnrl n s u a i l y come:, out j.-iln-ad v . i t h the big punch. j C'n.-nparinE his t r i p to the fm.: ' t h i s year to t h a t of in when In- whipped Dutch Harrison, i Jii- Mi-Sp.-H'en, Ben Hogan and B y r n n Nt:!j,on in successive n i n t c l i r s . only to bov/ to Snm .Sneacl m the linn!. Turne-in insisted ihis one was harder. When the wild-shooting l i a r - ; herl became v.-ilder as Hie tension j yesterday, l i l t ! slcadicd, improved his long Iron! shots, which had been erratic, and i sinking the, "pressure" 1 putts, ; At the 27lh he had cut Harbert's j t l i r e e - t i p at the Iflth m.-irf;in to one : hole. At the 32nd he drew-even. | r a m m i n g in nn eight-font p u t t for a birdie. But he never was ahead u n t i l l he .'ffilh. The W n s h i n e l o n : There Harbert. who belted 13 bad; i n t o the drives i n t o the rough d u r i n g the ' s first division a f t e r n o o n round . g o t into his xvorst pOMitinn. Mis ball landed under n Cbiort GLENMORE KtmUCKY BOU»OM CtfNMORI DISTIlLEfllES C O M P A N Y LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY Visiting Around Arkansas B Y J O E M A R S H ev- · jT n w n - TM HIEf ,, 1 0 O.TCr 3 rd»i P.iitc. IB 9 12'Totnls «-Slngloi1 for Marion ."Irrl DETHOIT 41 10 l« n . omrrs for the winners. In a d d i - ; tion Kell hit a two-run single lo tf h- Fouled out for Ojtrowiki in 7th ' a " mml for f °"r "f the Boston ' c--siruck out for Hogue in 9th · run s. d--Safc on error ior ctn- In Sth. Umt*n 11, o«(r»il 1 New York ...151 110 000-- 5 .,,···_ St. Louis 305 001 Oln-10 "OlfOH E Kryhoski. Dclsim. R l z z u t n . l n l M , , . r "!,, Brnwn. Michntls. Dyck. Miranda. RBI ' °' M »SSto. cf 4 0 UPriddy. 21 --Kryhoskl. Rivera .1. MichacH Z. Cfrv i ^"["""an. Ih 5 2 2 _Pf«ky. » 2. Bnuer 2. Btrm. Mosi. McDouitaia. X?'! ',.' ". Nicman 2. 2B--Kryhoikl. Rivem 2.! f ,, ,'i Mantle. Mos«. Younn. Nitman. .in--' !£*"· TM, Ccrv. HH--Nicman. S--Rajchl. DP-- J,\ c Jf' " Michaels. Ynunz and Kryhojki: Me-1 f " V Dnugald. Hizzuto and Collins. I , r f l -- ' ^ ww'u New York 12. St. I o n i a 7. OB--Byrne J r 'd lil ' 10 · . W h l t c Sox - Thc S''" 110 sm.-ill evergreen and Chick had to ." '"!""u K L' : r n , w l b r n e n l h the branches to I be N a t s had two four run i n - ' c h H it out to the fnirw.iv That nrngs- he third in w h i c h nil waited slroke cost him the t i t l e C o a n s triple and .Jackie Jensen's a n d the difference belween « 500 h n m r r produced the ,u,,s_a,,d f i r ,, p r i / c am | lhc i osc ,, s ^ m I h e 10th in w h i c h Sox p i l c h e r f | -,nn MHI-V Gri:;,om r.o! w i l d and vir- ' Turncs , ,,,,,,,,,. ,,,, , nc m|d . U d l v d v e he ramn away. .She,,,, die fnr |,, ;i ,,,,- 4. Chick reached I."H.-,r had hom-rerl in the last of ,, 1C ,,,,,, ,,, l n r l ,.,.,,.,, i n 3 ,,,,, n i n t h tn t i e in, the game, 5-5. coiililn't , ' '-·himtrn 9 c!lic»i WASHINCTOM h r h CHICAGO t h a t was :ill. -lie a long one drop and If rf 2h 3. Ovcrmirr 2. Beardrn 2. SO-- Rashi 1. Ovrrmire 1. Ofitrowski 4, KO--na.«chi 7 In 2'a innlnjja: Mr. JousaM 2 in 0 Ifurcd two hatter«l: Ostrowskl 4 in 3?i: Hofue 3 in 2: Ryrnr ?. in l l i : Ovrrmirr S in l a ;i: Rparrten 7 In 5 tnone oul in 9thl: PaiRP fl in 1 R A ER--BjTne 6-5. R.-ischi S-4. MrDougald 0-0. Overmire 1-0. Beardrn 2-1. Ostrowski 1-1, Hugue 1-1. Paije 0-0 HBr--Byrni- ICollinil ( R r o w n l . PB--Moss. Winner--Bfinrden 13-11. I.o«rr--Hogue 12-31 TJ--McKinley. Froose. PasSarell, ~ " ~ A--4 600 (paid). Puparrlla. T--!:51 Mountaineers To Play Tigers In Grid Opener Rogers - (Special) - Five of the I d J I l', 1h ?- Hu ". hl "« on Csium i.' l football games played by ihl^""^^" t6in \- ^T,"^ ih r h 3 fl 3 Vrrnn.- .1 0 II nunnol 4 0 n I)nl,.v. 4 · ; . Bfikrr. 4 0 i - K l i i : z . 4 LI 1 . S'"a'iT. p 4 II 0 -lit-TiP · ,, |, OitVcrn. n , 1 , 'rn.-k. n 0 i, i i ; ~onnson. p 2 II fl I (1 II 0 n (i n l o o o n o l o o . " 13 3 8 i 2 n ".lit ; i ·; M-C.. cf ' 1 1 W r i i h l '· I I Knhin.r 4 -' 1 I.i!l:,r tnsf- 5 1 = Themn. 4 " " Sic-wan, l n n ,),,,,. r : 1 fl « I-Cnlrina I 0 0 !i- povin l fi n M', n3 h 0 0 " .'-Mrle ' 'StnhhB. Boiton 2 0 O'Mullin. If 2 0 0 Weru. r f 4 2 2 I3ropn ] b 4 2 2-Hatli|.|(f. 3b 4 0 1 Grnlh. cf 4 1 liGinshcrs, c 4 2 3'iMapei 3 1 1 Swifl. c iHutch'son. p ISluarl. p IH. White, p IhHopp Minefield, p ,r-L*nhard! 38 in 13 Total* o., o o a--Grounder! oul i h Hit Into n lorre ' In r,th. l--.l'npprrl nut for riornh in r.lh tl-Flird oul tnt Kinljhi in kih n i n n m i i n -, .. f ~ Sln K |c1 '"r Kennedy in ion, 010 000 no- .1 Wasnincion f»4 1(10 floo 4-1) RBI--Ever«. Kell Chiraco joi ooo oil l-ii -Slephens, I E Carrnsqucl. n n i -- R o b i n s o n -'. Coan 2 .Jrnson 2. Wniihl KIul? Fnx I.ollar. Runnels. Ferrirk. Mlnnjn 1C il, n i 'i New York-Joe M:ixim. 173, 3 1 Z Cleveland, stopped Sugar Rny ·V i'l n « "''binr.on, IS7, New York, 14. I, " ,, ° M a x i m retains world llghthesvy. :; o o weight championship, rf 3 l l . Detroit--Chuck Dnvey, 147, East :. M i f l i , knoclte/i out cbico H!), S t a m f o r d , Conn., S. . T otaLi . K e n n e d y , 1-MnM » 9 8 Totals a--Slnfled for Climbers 'm b~Flled oul for H. Whiir in c-Lined out for Liltlefleld Sth. »!h. in 9th i 000 010 261 10 ' 0 0 0 vejai, I) 0 (I 1 n f) · u ii o 0 II (M ! I T .' in Ii h Dome They've never discovered cold "in them t h n r Arkansas h i l l s " . . . but the old Wonder State can lo«it of the only diamond minon on the North American continent. Folks down in Pike County It'll m e then* d i a m o n d * a r e n r t i i n l l y two pointi hiinicr than the K i m - berly diimondfl of South Afrir*. In (hi* *xe of p r e c i s i o n tcH)li, the Arkmiaai dinmond ha« rifirn l.o the top of the heap indufttrinlly. U'* jiyit another Arkimsnn "Ant" in our'tywem und Bcheme of progress and life. Like Arktnnii cittzeni who art pnnid of thii "fimt" in tha nation*! prugrcftH, the brewers of Amerfll' urc nlso proud t h n t thtlr mtff dislributori «nI retailer! art op(fi* n t i n ? u n d e r a K c l f - R r j r u l t t l n n Program which ansurnt tha public of a fine product in n clean, Home and law-abiding MtablUlf rnent, t JlJf. t Slatrt O«troit E~Mullin. Peiky. 4, Brodowski. Goodman. Pieraall, Grolh. H n l f i c t d M u l l i n ''B- 5. White. Wertz. H a t f i c l d . HR--Ever Kell S--Vollmrr. Brodowski. DP .«cort(l on error b.v Cnrrnsqucl in Ifltln an, Strphftti» and Goodman; 2B--nakr-r Minoso Wr^ht Colenian ' Wrtdy and Dropn; Pesky. Prlrtdy aiul .IB-Cian HH-Hohlr.son Jpniten 1 o]Dropo. Left--BoMon 2. Detroit 6. BB lar S~Jcnsrn ur-Cnrre^ucl ' Fnx T BrodOWBki .1. Lfttlefield 1. SO-Zlro- nnrt Hohmson: H i k e r ,, n rj VLTM..!! ! HO . Vornnn nin-issistrdi T - r f i \\'jnhin(j!nn ! in 7, ""hicsfio 13. UH--nngnvin 2. Slc.'itpr . , . V 3 1 ·' 'nsut srn 4 (in; gum ' K»*iiiii i - l v Mountaineers this coming] LlttlpfleM 1 in 1. R ER--Brodow.iki Hognv:n 1. Slrnirr V. JJorMi' :. A $20!? TIRE FOR ONLY '."JO MOVOUR otorntt ·T « 4 « KENTUCKY'S FAVORITE STRAIGHT BOURBON Jbvcouie it's Every ounce a M^h's whisky! IARIT TIMIS DtSTILLIRT COMPANY · louiiv.Wo I Ktnlucky 5e:ison will be on the Rogers field, Conch R. E. Matthews has announced. The season will open September 12 w i t h Bentonville at Bentonville Games to follow: September 1! Monett, Mo., here; September 26 Van Buren. here; October 3, Sil oam Springs, t h e r e ; October 10 HuntsvllJc, there: October 17, Su biaro, here; October 24, Harrison there- October 31, Spiingdale (here; November 7, Fayetteville here; November 14, Tahlequah Okla., (Sequoyah Indians) here. 3-2. Hiitrhlnian 5-S. Sluurl 2-:. While 2-2. I.Htlrfield l-o. PB--Whlw. Wlnnf r · I --Brodowski Loier--Huichmson , C' i Fern 2 in in 4? 1 ito--n.) .1. S l r a t t - r v Slohl» Quick quencher! BEER Jwior Member ·f · Famous Family! i I Ounces...One Full Glass · Now at your favorite tavern or restaurant ... Stag Beer in the just-right size for busy folks who have time for one smooth, dry, refreshing glassful! -, . Ncuvo Laredo, Mexico--Loaru : s Salas, 130, Monterrey, Mex . knocked out Eddie Hudson, 132^ St. Louis. 5. Non-title. ' n 2. ·» in ^. (.n.s^nni 1 in : ' , . .liihn- i ' , . K.-nrc-,ly II in 3, 1IRl'...lly i L o l l a n R U KK-nie'iViii .'.-., 3-3. Dnrisli li-ll. .S:n!ilil ll-o :ra 1-1. Frrrirk 2-2. Grl.unin 4 ; - K i r n r k i3-2. Loiter G r i - - t. ,. i.. . . ,, .' . Here's a Dream of \ Comfort/... Summer Pajamas by k ·. . k. Ink, You'll never know how cool pojomoi can be until you try our ihorl-sleeve.linee-lenglris! You'll never know how much more comfortable Manhattan Pajamai are until you've slept in 'eml We've jo! a fine ic- lection to chooie from I V s ,. 4" *n The Spot to Shop . BF Goodrich Silvertown ?t:i:)i M« fire tst comet on new cart SPECIAL JULY 7 UMOUS roi IUIIITV 0» 42 V[»RS S - "' 6:70-15 list Prici SALE PRICE plui tax and your old tin NY AS UTTIEAS 1WDOWH ALL TIRfS MOUNTED f * f £ OF C H A R G E THE SIGN OF SERVICE Frigidair* PHONE 35 1 9 NORTH I LOCK JT/ *». · B F Goodrich B . F O o o d r i c h F I R S T RUttIR thm Mid i / f

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