Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 26, 1952 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1952
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

ffUWt JMM M, 1*11 THE BEST FOR LESS . JFOLGIR'S COFFEE .b 79c fitANTStZE PETER FAN »'nut Butter 49c Socialists Gain Narrow Victory In Netherlands By BOB THOMAS Coalition Needed As No Party Wins Majority Of Votes irrnr CROCKER e Mixes 53c DEL MONTE CATSUP . 17c VAN CAMP 'prk Beans 15C o. 2 Con Post Tens Ctraolt kg. . . 29c : COLD MEDAL FLOUR lbt .. . )lbt 89c SRI. First Claw. Clyde «. Harlett. Kit, of Mr«. Maude Hazleit nf IZ4fl North Oakland Avmtit. has hern r*tired from acliv» duty as tht result nf ph.rsirll disability Incurred while serving in Korea. He Li now i patient in Ihp Spring- fipld. Mo., Velerani Hospital. A gradual* of Fayettevlllp Hi|h ' School, Sergeant Hailell attended · the University after World War II | before re-entering the Army priori tn thp Korea vrtr. He served over- [ sens In World War II »nd wan Amsterdam discharged In IMS. I i/Pi-Snelalljts nowd into the lead Aftpr a year in th* University as Thp Netherlands stronger po- studio conlrol. hp re-enlisted and served thrMjMtital party fnr the tint timp In How does it feel? j yean with the occupational forces history today » parliamentary In Germany before he wai or-1 B |,, rtiM , r ,,,, rnf av , ttwm , hrM ne iwved n , w , wall and a lain over 1MB neenmm* voting of almost 300.000 vote*. · Til* popular balloting yeslerday filled th* 100 spats in the naiional Parliament's lower house. Today.; provincial legislatures sitting asi electoral colleges ehonse the S0| members of thp upper chamber. | On the hasis of his party's tri; umph. Socialist Leader Dr. Willptn i i Drew wai p.xpertprt to he rtesiRna-' Manchester. Ky - (IF] . Gnv.: tfn - , fain ny Qur(?n Julian, ,,,! Lawrenc* Wetherby has promised | f ortr , , nfw cahinel. Drees has! to wtKl extra slate troopen IwriCbeen premier of the nul-soinn La- Monday to prev»nt trouble at a : bor-Catholic coalition rahinet. I United Mine Workers mam rally. I Power, Wtth Fox Studio 16 Years, Mikes New Profit Sharing Deal Wffii U-l /jr their Jjluu. hut take 50 per voort-'/I'J-A monnjj v;m n-nl m int: j^uiii.'i. pulled up hoftire Tyrone us inn ititiy Ainu of H deal tn*l Power's drrssmfr room e n the 2f)th mimr.', senst in i.n-be unto.;, i'uw- Onlury-Fox Jot. and hauled away lum.iiitco. 'V.vcn u x ux pdia all UN? 3"tor's personal efiocls, if^' J i \ t urno.s WIIAL i WHS get.aii, Thi5 signaled th* pnri of one nf the 1 cuuldn'L KCtp any more nun i longest and nioj=l surrpssfu] ron-i'iu. niu unrtti me L-i ueai, me tracts in movl* history. [iiioney cfimes in over a periua 01 Pnu-rr is nnt romplpfply severed ' lime aim piles up in ui,ie coun- frnm the studio. He still has a · ine.s. j ncn i can 4,0 lo tnose coun- . picture tn dn ihrre in 1953 and : .fiek hnu ipcnu 41,' The N*th*rlands - another in 19M. Rut ?or the first' ho-.ver was rbiiecung un his Jon| Ifl years, he is free o f . f a r c i r at xox, ana i asueu nun ' lo name his oesi piclurt ouriak hr rcplirrl. "I'm hejjin-|f avoriie Ji "Nifhtraare Alley" dfreri lo Knrei, slmnet two yenr 111. He WM evacuated tn Camp Carson, Colo., lust January 7 by hospital plane, Slate Tmpen T* IMP )n ali/ ' " ' n e answered "Bui Ine iiuuio it, ana it WSB- Tyrnw P*w* 'tit John I.,. I.pwi.i requwted Ihc Irnnpeni dftrr two shooting af- frsyi this weeV, Th* union, .itrivinK In organize non-union miner* in Clay more t hun 0,(K)0 mwnben! demonytration of strength. This is th? last non-union atmnghold in the eastern Kentucky coal fields. .,_-_» " WPl «1 since none of the parlies rxp j rpr ] j n December, and th 0 majority in the voting.: sflldio w;in t e d tn make an ·tr unnffirial returns show- mcnt. "I wanted tn hp free rich! middlo-nf-thr-road au , av cn j rnu](i ) a k e lhjs ( ( ca i ( » party lost, by a small away h* remarked. what Ihf? nutsirie | 'Nignlmare ^uey ·.vorld is like. Af- 'wiuiout nesilatiu/ tpr all, I was : (ija uoining io se Ifi years at Fox j a t a success. j and J did only j ' HS *ar ;is the studio was con- · ono picture for'ierncu, i uuess ihe most success- annther studio, ,ui PIC.UIOS were '^iex«yiaer 5 that was "Marip uugUmc fcsnd, 1 'Jesse James,' Antoinette, whirh -AIU'-A cu iOifo and 'tilood ana w a s 14 ycar.vrtana.' " aj[o!" ; i also a?keri him which of his P o w e r was pictures ue UKRQ the lea^t. ~ f frank to admit; "Tnere were a lot of tnem," he j ,-Mhat his sever- · replied, -'inure was a dilly callea I" anc-e wns initial- i -L/ayiimc Wue.' /\na 'Prince 01' ed by !he studio. Voxes,' 'Captain Castile 1 and a contract would hnvejtmng rallea 'iiose 01 Washington ,Square.' " Power's plans are pretty well laid out for him. Jn isovembe. 1 , he goes on a concert tour with "John Brown's Body." That's an Roundup of * n d, rnarfin, the lead in popular votes n v '-thU H*»I " HP \van i-prpn-ini? i_- · ,, · .- ,. -,, ^ n«» llh.Mlnttal.Mw«!«lfrtlnn.^ 0 ^^rI;iclur.?"Mi^^^^ " mblU ° US """'"* Wh ' Ch "'"' '" ln * ' -~ -- ' ·" '" --'-- to th« ; Gsmblfr." It is nne nf those tai- rcat or pom .. 43c AJAX Cleanser 2 for 23c JRE JELL for illy, box . . IQc Franco American SPAGHETTI on 15c SNOW CROP roien Orange ; JUICE -6-oz. cans 29c Th» Communlstj nljn lost two of th« »«ts thfy won In nun, | lf»vln» thfm six In the Imvi-r Mrs. E. H. Cook with h«r «uesl». i houM - _ _ Mrs. Paul L»wrtnc« and chilclrrn I ., .,, ,, . , . of San Antonio. T«a». aiH Mr.' *.' 10n m " M lbov « "* levo1 ' " Mr.. Mafruder Cook of Ar-, r ^"; fonl ."' «»* c « ""tains only I nhnut onf thre* millionth, afn Ipvol. Prairie Grove TMjn,, rxr*. fnllf I ulucl WUUK Ul rtl- I . ,,, HmrtoB. V... ipcnt Saturday after- h^' ?D' TM mllllnntn » noon JUhln, at Cavr Springs and '" lr ** lhr ** m """ " ' Errol Flynn. Orrery Perk,: n" Dunnp Jamrs Stewart and j vl»l!ln« I.HVc Atnlnnla. Mr. »nd Mr«. AUrrri Strvin« of S»rrimento, Cxlif.. »r« »pcnriini( thflr varntlon hfr». Mr.«. Strvotu will b* n-iwmbcred as Mini Mil- drmf Jonrs, nifc« of 1,. I.,. Jonm. Mm. Donald r»rlcj, ramp TMun- rl!»r, Klti« Rue Hclrn and Eddi* Dfllap r«iirfi«l Monday from Ttrncliff C«mp il l.iltlf Rock. Mr. and Mm. rin.vd Spwdlln and baby of Kogpis jpent Sunday with hl« mother, Mrs. A. T. SprrA. lln, who )» rrcovrrlng from a tall. .1. A. Cnnlilin »oM hi« home here and he and Mr*. Conklln left Momiiy for Kl Dorado to make their home. Srmitmnter Clyde Jlelip his the Boy Smuts on a rump this week near the Ben Hulett place on Muddy Fork Creek. Mm. 15. H. Cook, Mr«. Paul tjiwrenre, and Mr. and Mrs. M»- rrurler Conk wrrt «ue«t« of Mri. .fames Gibson of Muskoffe*., OKIa., GALLON ki CrMM 63c KTM. Itdivr porformed by Tower, Raymond Massey, two other performers and a 20-voice male choir. c concert field is terrific," · enthused, "It's not like doing a legitimate play, where you ^^t^^~^^zL^ l r^v-^i~!!"--" -; throw yourself nn tho market. We jhave a throe-month tour through- lout the U. S. and virtually every Iseat will be sold before we start." Many animals can he classified ;»s having riLlirr cxtprior or interior skolrlnnR the lower inverto- brntns heinR those, which have exterior skeletons. Fine Foods at Dewberries are here! WARD'S IE CREAM f. . . . 19c WISTON SUGAR COOKIES ig. KNTALOUPES Calif. Jumbo ch . . . 19c RESH CORN tars . . . 15c CALIFORNIA nkist Oranges »x. . . . 29c Hard's icuirs, can lOc round Beef 59c Mrs. Walter f.ark and Mm. Waller I)od»on i*lehr»'ed thelt birthdays Monday at th^ home of Mm. Urk. Five tab!*« of rook player* were present. 1-ieiil. Paul Lawi-pnre of l.nck- l»nd Air Base, San Antonio, Texan, arrived Sunday lo join Mr«. Lawrence and children, who are visiting her mother, Mm. F,. H Cook. Mr. and Mrn. Justin Rir.hnrrkon and sons of Raid Knob who were nn their way to n»» Mnlnes, Iowa, to attend a meetlnn of agriculture teachers, spent Monday and Tuesday with the Rev. and Mrs. G C Rldwell. Miss Sue Vinson and Mrs. Jess Ijjdford left Tuesday Inr Hobb», N. M., to visit Mr. and Mrs. Tommy I^edford. Mm. F, L. Curtslnirer, who Ins heen the guest of Mr. and Mrs. .less Curtsingcr for several day;, has returned to her home in Orandflrld, Okln. j Mr. and Mis. Nathan Brooks and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Urk j spent Tuesday at Siloam Springs ' j attending the "Silver Jubilee." i The Assembly of TCainbow for; ftlrls held its regular meeting ' Monday night at the Masonic Hall, i Reports were given on the JSth ' grand assembly at Fayetteville , Insl week. Ten girls and their mother advisor attended. | Gold often is found In rocks sol old Ihnt they contain no fossils «v-. very few fossils. Indicating they 1 were formed before life e.visled on enrlh or rim-ing the very early rte- ' vclopinent of life. I THE FARMER'S FRIEND COOK CHEMICAL CO"S STOCK-BARN-GARDEN INSECT KILLER 25% CONCENTRATE ..... CHIORDANE EASY TO MIX ECONOMICAL 1 OT. MARB UP TO M 6ALLONS OFSPUYORHP ·KINGS COSTS DOWN TO AS LITTLE AS fc A GAtlON EQUALLY EFFECTIVE ON KWTHV. LIVESTOCK. DOGS, TUKS, SHKUIS AND FAKM 1UIIDINGS When Lhad According to Diractiwn CORN KING BACON 39c We Reserve the Right to mit Quantities MISSION STREET iROCERY m MISSION ! fNONI 117 CITY BUS NEWS -- B T H. W. YOUKKtH--i Sim-linn S»t«rd»y of this wtrk Ihrrc will hf no l»t» ninhtly hu« MTvirf. Thp last hus« linvln| the squarr nn Ihp rollowinj run^ will !«·: Tcn-v Villajo d^n p.m., University (i:M p.m.. Knlr«rmmrl» 7:ftfl p.m. Thi-rr will br nn rhanfr In the SPI-VICP nn Ihp nthcr nmj, slnrr they hnvp nnt liwn ninninj liite »t nijht fnr tlw |«nt twn yp»r». Thfrr will hf no huim running (in Sunriny hrrrnftfr. oilifi 4 hinrtx -fivp per rent nf nur rlrlerj u;« thf hiiKn diirlni Ihp d»y prior tn 7:00 p.m., th» fnur-hour rMuptton of liprvlfp. at nl»nt will pn*blr i» IB udd mnrf wrvk* it nmw wh«i th* n«iti»nd fnr th« wrvlrp In tht |r«t«t. New M-Mrtulai IncludUlf ttn'itt' tn point* In th* city not now on, but nMt«i Hill b* innoufWM M' ·wn It MMItlwul MvtM proMtl*1 ·rt eompl»i«l thu tumnxt. l/Uv.) AN OPEN INVITATION TO ALL FAYETTEYILLE RESIDENTS WHO APPRECIATE GOOD BAKERY PRODUCTS Visit Hensley's Market, Springdale, and Rogers Food Town, Rogers AUTHORIZED DEALERS OF QUALITY Franke's Bakery Products Available Now -- RICH BUTTER CAKES iced with luscious frostings. They'll add a touch of glamour to your dinner. PIES -- Cherry and Apple. They smock of orchard freshness. BREADS -- Rye, Vienna, French, Whole Wheat, etc. -- plus our BUTTER BREAD ·-- The whole family will appreciate the difference in toste, extra freshness, texture, crust and other characteristics that make this Arkansas' finest loaf of Bread. COFFEE CAKES -- made with flaky rich Danish Pastry, gener ously filled with fruits, nuts, or both. ROLLS -- Butter Crisp -- That crispy dinner roll, with the real Butter Flavor. Pocketbook Rolls, and Brown 'N Serve Rolls. FRANKE'S BAKERY 1111 W«t Third Stoft, LiftW R*ck, ArktnMi M. Whip Fr. Dressing Pineapple Short'ning Vel. Cheese Upton's Tea Kool-Aid or Good Housekeeper Wax Paper Pa. Towels Kraft's Salad Dressing Kraft's Bottle Fresh, Loro* 2Se Sugar Loaf Eaefc doz, Spry, Mrs. Tucker, ·ak«rit«, Snow Drift 3-lb. Tin Kraft's 2-lb. Box Package Miracle Ade Pkg. $ ""HENSLEY'S Independently Owned and Operated Located in the Land of Plenty SPRINGDALE, ARK. Folger's ,, 0 9 43' 15' 2" 65' 6* 25' 3' 19' 15 125-ft. Roll Northern Roll Johnson's GloCoat Pin 49 ParkayOleo Ib 27 Hershey's Choc. Syrup Kotex C lb. Con 15 23 Wei.fir.Juiced 29 R*g. 39c Box Jim Harper John D. AndertOfl ;· -li

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