Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 26, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 26, 1952
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

41 t. Center Phone 21 Boyle's Column b« welcomed. la N«w. tUxic* I visited , suburb where they h*vt · local zon- Br HAL BOYLE ing law that prohlbiti the creation of homesteads of less than 2*4 tired of the cut-tnd-dricd ap- acrM . proaeh U th. problem. | y, u can look up on a dark night A lot of sons fraw ttUf an* hive ind feel like the stars crowded fought in Korea, many trt ftlll '"* »*y. ·»· n» bo( *y on **rth Denver - (/Pi-Travel notes from t curbitone philosopher's diary: J n c American West today is more sensitive t« and more interested in the Korean situation than any other section of the nation. "What c*n we do about it?" the people ask, · . - - . They have no pat answers to it I" ? a " onal d u t y mor * ""illy, one' nelrhbor, th. closer and more de- They want it solved B"t they are' 1 ** 1 * P»«l»I through, than some pendent you feel you are to each 'other parts of America do. !oth * r in emergencies. 41 E. CENTER PHONE 21 the sacrifice ef military serviet as j there ia b*twMn you and your 0 SBc JUNE SALE OF FABRICS Cotton* and Rayons at Substantial Savings CMSP RAYON fc*r»» 67S. IV. ·""·· uu Un.jn.Nkt Ratyon Is wain- f«» M 1*0*) manlmum ihrM- ·t* 2%. toputcr .port wear tabrtc. tatoh, brilllejnh. RAYON PRINTS C Ait. Mr 'JT'rrf MUt - ffl Ward, am Ptfalttown m nejrHrmf muttlceilor prmfx. rV t*ft, fwnlnin. dreswi, bk»um. Hand-wainabl*. BEMBERG RAYON n.j.7»t 58S rf 41 It. But if tither the. Republican or tie Democratic party -- or th« State D«partmtnt -- has a frtsh avenue of solution to the itale- In big citiea it ia the oth«r way around. Neighbor! ire meit reluc- ttnt to call upon *ach other -- or answer each other -- when/they, mate with the Chinese Reds, it is! lre mo!t in rautual nwd most likely of acceptance her*. I folks ire just tired of the dead- i lock, A new shuffle et the clrdi on a common seme basi» would Most of thi syrnpithy that people feel for aemi-iavages is was- ^^-3* M-S, MM Kin 8U6S FW «« RiAL-KILL .^,. BUG KILLfR .UUNTU» @ Tlw height of faihlon for summer coolntsi and comfort. Silky.ioM, f earner-light prinh in otfroctiv* colors. "Sr^l ·5S** 1 *^ tamwstti ' Prevtnti Mold and Mildew Growth Too E. QUA* j£^ 41 I. CENTER c PHONE 21 E Sale-T-Shirts for the Family SEE WARDS COMPLETE SELECTION FOR VACATION, SPORTS, AND PLAY (5 *«B. l.M cotton T-Topi wl* dreuy ·ryllnfl. Ploidj, emboued types, terry cbtf».FIot,nov«ltylwlti. White, riariu, poittli. In all slz». 1.77 (e) R*t. 1,50. Spwtj.tim* fovoritej for men--cool, easy to launder. Colorful novelty design! In a variety ef open wtavtt. In all sizes. |.|9 (T) »«g. 98c Rettir Quality Flot-lmlt T- Shirh, tmooth combed com*. Toped ·houlden prevent lagging. Cut ·nfffl long. SmoH, mtd., large. 77' E »toulor 59e boW-Wrlp* Ml cottom on lole for boyi and glrk Ntw rw*d Ironing. Snort-tlt«ve, rib-knit "«k ««yl». In sim 3 ro4X. 2far*| (5 Special. Buy 2 and save. Flaf-lmif T-Shirti, trim collarens neck, full-cut. Hemmed openings. White. Stntll, medium or large. 2 for 88° E »eg. 1.69. Men's T-Shirt in soft," lightweight terry cloth. Hemmed pockets, bottom. White, sand, sea- green, blue, yeltew. All size.. 1.27, (f) Regular I.JO blater i tripes for boys.' Modi ef imeolh, long staple combed cotton. Need no Ironing. Bright, wld« stripes. Slzet « to II. 97 C · ® »«gulor J«c T-Shlrts for toddl.n.- N»ed no Ironing. Vari«d pattern In toft «mb*d cotton-lmih. lib. Ml nwk, buffM-thwUtr. 1-4.2 fot J l ted. Just because someone doesn't enjoy th* plumbinf that you do is no proof that he doesn't have more fun out of life. A else in petnt Jg the average Indian who ambushes the visit- ITK tourist, everywhere .in the West, offerint him for sale feathered moccasins made in Brooklyn or silver souvenirs imported from Mexico. · The Eastern tourist feels obligated to buy something from one of those noble sidewalk redskins. He feels urlon himself the entire enormoui »uilt of h a v i n g stolen! the U. S. from its original settlers, i He trie's to placate this sense of guilt by buying a souvenir he really doesn't want and giving i to a relative he really doesn' like. The Indian salesman, · on the other hand, is a complete realist He doesn't waite nil houri grudg- ng the fact the palefaces gyprwd ilm out of his ancestral paradise. The stoical Indian holding out a waded pecketbook for sale on. a Western street corner isn't dream- ng of the race's past fll°ry. He has accepted defeat. All he wants o do is sell his ware to some sen- j timental visitor, and go home and [brag to his family like any other good businessman. He his become a unique figure In the odd pattern of America. But there is a tremendous fact about his son, when he puts on a khaki uniform and fights thf white man's war. He is a more formidable and dependable war- I rior for Uncle Sam, who hasn't taken too good care of his people, than ever his ancestors were in , the tomahawk defense of their tri' bal ideals. j ! I have never seen an American military cemetery overseas thst i didn't number an Indian among ! its hurled heroes. In battle, they have a stubborn steadfastness un- i to death, and the wonder is -- ; ' Why? ! DOROTHY DIX -- coNTonjto rtion PACE roui cumatances you outline requires understanding, compassion . a n d patience far beyond the scope of a young man of 20. Consider the possibilities! You love s girl who at a very early age lost her · virtue--to be as euphemistic as possible. Her extreme youth, plus a lacx of proper guidance at home, are extenuating circumstances. She probably was not entirely to blame for the first, and perhaps subsequent mistakes; however, somewhere along the line she surely must have acquired enough sense of moral responsibility to know that she was doing wrong. Perhaps it took two yean for this realization to come to her; perhaps it didn't. Are You Convinced? At any rate, when she met you her conscience awoke; she changed her way of living. Are you convinced that her reformation is now permanent and complete?. That is the question upon which i hinges the success or failure o f ' marriage. Can you be sure t h a t ; she'll make a loyal and f a i t h f u l ' wife? If thai is the case, she de- . serves every chance y o u -- a n d ' : everyone else--can give her to live !down the past and build a f i n e ; ! future. I j What can you contribute to her ', ' future? Can you give her com- j ! passionate understanding and forgiveness? Can you accept her , promises of fidelity and bring to i marriage the perfect trust with- I out which no family can live h a p - 1 ! piiy? To err is human; to forgive, divine, and you certainly will -esd ( a touch of divine compassion to I evade the pitfalls of jealousy and I suspicion., that axe .almost, certain I to creep into your future. You have a moral obligation to insure Edith's future on. a scale that will : preclude any possibility of her ever wanting to return to the past, or to feel that you have let her down. She is entitled to a chance of redemption and, if you are the one to give it to her, bravo for you: : You will do well to discuss this situation thoroughly with some- I one who knows roth of you--a | minister or marriage counselor' would be best. WEEK-END SPECIALS OPEN SATURDAY NIGHTS UNTIL 8 O'CLOCK Main Floor Specials 5.57 MATCHED TWILL OUTFIT Color-- Tan. Sanforized. 4.44 .98 MEN'S HERRINGBONE TWILL CAPS Color Tan. A l l sizes. . . . .67' .99 { Cool Weather Forces | Beauty Contest Wrapup Long Bench, Calif.-(,?VThe sun did i fad«out in Long Beach yesterday and put a chill on the jiar- ·de of the prettiest Klrls of .10 na- tlons competing for the title of Miss Universe. Mnst of the 70 candidates, 40 of them from the United States, were forced to don wraps over their bathint. suits. ATHLETES FOOT GERM. HOW TO KILL IT. IN ONI HOUR, 1.49 BOYS' COTTON PLAID SHIRTS Sizes 6-18. Sanforized. 3.98 MEN'S BUTCHER LINEN SHIRTS 298 Short Sleeves. Sizes S-M-ML-L. 1.98 BOYS' SCREEN PRINT TERRYCLOTH SHIRTS 1 39 Sizes S-M-L. 2.98 BOYS' CHECKED TRIM TERRYCLOTH SHIRTS 1 98 Sizes S-M-L. .25 CHILDREN-MISSES ANKLETS ,17 Assorted colors. Sizes 6-t to 11. .89 NYLONS ,57 45 gauge, 30 denier. Assorted shades. Sizes E?-4 to /I. 1.00 COTTON PETTICOATS White only. Small-Medium-Large. .77 1.98 SHORTY PAJAMAS 1.47 Cotton Crepe. Two piece. Assorted colors, Sizes 32 to 38. 2.29 AIRFOAM SLIPPERS 1.77 Terrycloth. Men's and Women's. Assorted colors. 4.98 CHILDREN'S OXFORDS Leather uppers. Rubber -sole and heel. .45 CHILDREN'S RAYON PANTIES Fancy trim. Sizes 2 to 14. .59 COTTON PLISSE Crinkle textured, needs no ironing. 2.97 3/1.00 ,39 Basement Specials 1.00 BAMBOO CLOTHES BASKETS Tightly woven with handles. 24" diameter. 1.39 TOILET TRAY Basket weave pattern. Synthetic rubber. 9.95 BUMPER GUARD Chrome plated. .77 .97 3.97 .50 MODERN CABINET HINGE Chrome plated for flush doors. .59 MODERN CABINET PULL Chrome plated with red or black trim. .49 SCREW DRIVER 5!'4" round shank. 5.75 HAND SAW S'-i point. Alloy steel. Taper ground. .15 SEWING MACHINE OILER V4-oz. capacity. 1 ·«" spout. pr. .27 ea. .27 .27 2.97 .07 Furniture Floor Specials 199,95 BEDROOM SUITE Luxurious blond finish. 87.00 DOUBLE DRESSER Limed Oak. 214.95 LIVING ROOM SUITE Gray Frieze Cover. 17.95 TABLE LAMPS 11 K. Gold trim. 10.95 LAMP TABLE Only one. 61.95 PLATFORM ROCKER Matching Ottoman. 36.95 PORTABLE RADIO Battery or no v house current. 56.50 RECORD PLAYER 3 speed automatic. 10.»5 UTILITY CHAIRS Chrome f rlm ,. p,,,,, 184.88 67.88 149.88 10.97 3.97 56.88 37.97 49.97 124.97 8.97 17.97

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