Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 2, 1974 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 2, 1974
Page 11
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19 · NorthwMt Arkansas TlMK, W«d., Oct. 2, 1974 gAVITTtVILtK, ARKANSAS Livestock Report · Cattle receipts at the area livestock auctions were down from a year ago but up tron last week's sales according to the Federal State Market New Service. Auction results were: : SPR1NGDALE CATTLE: Estimated receipt 1100; 965 week ago; year ag 1636; Slaughter cows full sfeady; slaughter bulls S1-S3.7 higher. Feeder steers and hci ers generally steady. Suppl largely Good and Choice 300-70 Ibs. Feeder steers; 25 per cei heifers, 15 per cent cows, 1 pe cent bulls. SLAUGHTER COWS: Utility a n d Commercial: $19.-S23. High Pressing Utilities: $23.$25; Cutter:; S17.-21.; Calmer: $15.-$17.; Slaughter heifers: Good and Choice: 500-650 Ibs. $24.-$28. ' 'SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield Grade 1-2 1100-2400 Ibs. $29.$33.70. · FEEDER STEERS: Choice: 250-500 Ibs. S27.-$31.60; 500-800 Ibs. $2G.-$28.50; High Good and Low Choice: 300-700 Ibs. $25.$28.; Good; 300-700 Ibs. $21.$2,1; Scattered sales Low Good Holstein steers: . 300-960 Ibs. $19.30-522. FEEDER HEIFERS: Choice: 200'-300 Ibs. $24.75-$26.20; 300-600 Ibs. $23.-?25.; High Good and Low Choice: 300-600 Ibs. $22.$24.; Good: 300-600 Ibs. $20.$22.50. REPLACEMENT C O W S : Ch'oice 3-6 year old cows:' 700800 Ibs. $19.30-21.90. ' GOW AND CALF PAIRS: Choice 3-7 year old cows with 7o-300 Ibs. calves at side: $275.$350.; Per Pair; Good: $226$285. per pair. HOGS: Estimated receipts: ISO head; including 15 sows, boars; week ago 240; year ago 138; Compared to last week's sale: Barrows Gilts: $1.-$1.50 higher. -BARROWS GILTS: US 1-2 220-235 Ibs. S36.70-S36.90; US 2-3 200-255 Ibs. $34.90-$35.60. - SOWS: US 1-2 245-300 Ibs. $32.-$32.50; 1-3 300-400 Ibs. $.2829. : ; 400-500 Ibs. $27.28. : BOARS: $21.-$21.90 FEEDER PIGS: US 1-3 35-45 Ibs. $8.25-514.50 per head; 45-1)5 Ibs". $14.50-518. per head; 65-100 Ibs. $22.50-526.50 per head. FAYETTEVILLE CATTLE: Estimated receipts llliu; ween ago ubB; year agu IJI)D; blaugnter cows steady 10 S.ib lugnur; 'Slaughter ouns steady; j?eeaer sietrs heuers steaay to $1. lugner. aupyiy iar- geiy good ana Choice JUO-60CI (D.' ieeuer Sieer6, 'fa per cent hellers, is per cent cows, 1 per cent dulls. '. SLAuurtTUR COWS: UUlity anii commercial: $iit.7b-$i,i.; tlign uressuig utilities: »i,i.- Si).; iAiucr: fi'i.-tzi,; .^annui: ^lij.-jn.; alau'gnter rieners; Uoaa and t/noice: 450-Boi) lus. $; SLAUGHTER BULLS: Yield Qrafle 1-2 12«0-lbi)5 IBS. $28.7o- STEn,RS: Uioice: 25u-ju« ios. j.2tt.-^U.8o; oUU-oaU JDS. i^.-u.'ta. iugn uoua and Low cnoice: iuu-iuo us. ^i-i.- $·?.; uuou: 30U-6U1J IDS. 5iO.-^o. bcailerea sales L.OW Goou noi- siein steers: 'S'Ja-Wa IDS: . HE1FEKS: Choice: 2?u-bim IDS. $24.-ja'J.; tlign uoocl and L.OW Cnoice: 30u-out) los. 24.-$st.;U; liooa: Suu-buu IDS. ; REPLACEMENT C O W S : Good and Choice 3-6 year olds 700-900 IBS. $18.25-524. COW AND CALF PAIRS: Good 3-5 year old cows with 75250 Ib c.aives at side: $220.-$245. per pair. HOGS: Estimated receipts 400; including 41 sows and 12 boars; week ago 511; year ago 240, Compared to last weeks sale; Barrows and Gilts; $1.50 higher. BARROWS AND GILTS: US 1-2: 230-245 Ibs. $36.-$36.50; 1-3 IflteO Ibs. $35.50436. SOWS: US 1-2 265-335 Ibs. 531.-S32.10; US 1-3 290-400 Ibs. 529.-$30.; 400-570 Ibs. $2B.-$29. BOARS: $22.25-$27..25. FEEDER PIGS: US 1-3 30-45 Ibs. $11. -$15.50 per head; 45-60 Ibs. S15.50-SI7.25 per head; 90110 Ibs. $27.10-$28. , Justice Fined LINCOLN, Neh. (AP) -Chief Justice Paul White of the Nebraska Supreme Court was fined $100 and lost his driver's license for six months after pleading guilty to driving with more than one-tenth of one per cent alcohol In his blood. White was arrested Friday by Lincoln police and given a blood test. He entered his plea Monday in Municipal Court, and Judge Don Grant told him he deserved no greater punishment than any other offender. "I still respect you as much as I ever have," Grant said as he handed down sentence. S*/4% 61/2% '· 7'/2% We have a savingi program and Interest rate to meet yoor needs. Foyetteville Savings Loan Association (01 N. 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WXCorn -- Slk«d Beets ^ FrenchBreadSsV....-.., White Bread oven FRUM ,,. "~ 4forM Apple Turnovers *~6for*i onion Bread £11;' 19« w" 9 hf,_. Ub.2-0z. nj c leaf Of ,.^'% 79 C Breakfast Gems Grade 'A' Large! Git Green Beans Applesauce »··«·* Skylark Hot Dog or Hamburger EVIRWAY LOW PRICES! Fresh! SAFEWAY -^S-aOf.YRICirfr W«0-SAfEW AY STORES, INC. Northwetl Arkoniaj TIMES, We'd., Oct. 2, 1974 0 l FAVXTTEVILLC, ARKAK*A» Artists In Holland Get Financial Aid By JOHN GALE "AMSTERDAM (AP) - T h e : - ' land that gave birth to the""'; great Flemish school of-art has = " been busily developing a sense, of acute social responsibility for Ihe artists. The process started soon', after World War II and has.;; now reached the point where hundreds of artists are directly''" subsidized by the Dutch govern---' 1 meat (o the tune of millions of ' ~ dollars annually. '~\ The system appears to ensure ,'.· that no budding R e m b r a n d t ^ ' need starve in an attic. Many Dutch artists now sell (heir best work directly to the -^ state. They are normally those -unable or unwilling to sell their output to private buyers. The state acquires the work- ; for the equivalent of a Social Security check and then lends · , it out to a variety ot worthy '. causes. "The government says this --. money should be paid as part ^* oi the whole social packet," . ' said van dor Mey. "In fact, it's ..' purely cultural affair and many artists believe everything . would be better and clearer if ttie money came from the budget of the Department of Culture." Under the system, an artist, . submits his work to a regional ; board made up of fellow art; , ists, museum officials and so forth. If the work is accepted by the board, the Social Socur- ' ity office is advised and the "· money is paid out, sometimes substantial sums. However, the system is regulated to en- · sure the artist receives no · more than the rough equivalent : of tiie national minimum wage, now close to 5112 per week. Van der Mey said the system " ·' dues not provide a free ride f o r * - everybody calling himself an'-*artist. "He doesn't get the moa-: ·' ey for nothhrg. His work comes beloi'e the jury and must be se- . ;. lected. Many works are re- ··; jected. What the artist does with, the money is his own bust- ness." : In addition to the social payments scheme, the Dutch government spends substantial ri sums on a variety of other measures aimed at encouraging "'. art. These include the award of specially approved commissions; stipends for talented artists who are helped to study abroad or work for a fixed peri- ; od on particular projects; and "ere geld" (honor money). The . | latter is basically paid to mark outstanding artistic achieve- ' nient but it is also granted annually to artists aged 65 and '.' over who have fallen on hard limes or whose inspiration hai dried up. There is also a so-called l'/4 per cent rule, which stipulates that 1.5 per cent of the construction costs ot every govern- - ment building . is allocated fop the beautification of the build- · ing or for commissions to art-' ists. A similar 1 per cent rula applies to new schools. ' The state measures not only fill the gap brought about by a ' decline of private patronage, · but have also resulted in the ormation of two trade unions or artists. Jointly claiming a membership of around 1,700, the unions negotiate directly . with Dutch authorities on tha mprovemcnl of conditions for their members. Tickets Sought In Memphis MEMPHIS, Term. CAP)' -Nooks, crannies and cubbyholes ..... n city ball are being searched 'or what conlcl mount to $6 mil- ,. ^ ion in missing, unpaid traffic .. tickets, ; , Ore closet in the city judges' law library yielded eight cartons containing some 28,000 of the missing traffic tickets. "Fantastic," says Mayor Wyeth Chandler. "Maybe if we '.' open up all the cosets in the' ' clerk's office we'll find the whole bundle." George Supensky, director of · finance and budget, said in ear- ' ,' ly September that c h e c k s by : his office showed that lip to 150,000 citations could not oe located at either the Traffic Violations Bureau or the City Court clerk's office. "These tickets weren't missing," said David Vance, city " court clerk, said of the tickets found in the law library closet. ; "We knew where they were. No"" one asked me about them. I didn't know these were the tick-" '- ets they were looking for." Another 14,000 tickets worth $807,000 in revenue were located by Charles Cagle. manager of auditing and management services, in a city court clerk's file marked "uncolleo- table." Supensky said they weren't even included in his first esti- * mate, and Cagle said there was no apparent effort to collect them, although they were filed as uncollectable. "The courts have made no effort to collect them because that happens to be the city attorney's responsibility," City Court Judge Joseph McCartie said Monday. City officials said part of the problem stems from an April switchover of ticket responsibility from city court clerk to' Ihe T r a f f i c Violations Bureau, · which installed computer equip-' ment to process tickets.

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