Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 25, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1952
Page 12
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2- - MOtTHWB t AKANSAS TIMK. Wcdimdoy, Jum JS, 1952 Doctors To Inject M,OW Children With Gamma Globulin In Experiment In Prevention Of Polio · By ALTON L. BLAKESLKE ' AP Sclcncf Reporter New York - I/Pi - A way to prevent pnralys-ls from pnlln I-. bclns tested this summer in a grcut h u m a n experiment -- lime and 60.0CO children w i l l lell whether it woiks. - Very soon in a few rilies hit by pnlin. children w i l l l i n e up for injections. Half w i l l (tct a niiiKicnl medicine from human blood--(:amm;i globulin nr G. G. ITJ monkeys, the (;. (J. shots prevented polio sls The other half w i l l get t h e injections thai look the same but lacking the O. G. Late this fall, the answer will be known. Was there less paralysis or even no paralysis among youngsters getting the G. G.? Did the G. G. blockade Ihe polio virus and stop it from h i t t i n g h u m a n nerves ? If ihe answer is yes--we have- a fairly practical way of t a k i n g the dreadful paralytic sling put of polio. But until t h e h u m a n .trials are r u n , Americn's parents and children and doctors will never know whether G. G. can do for: humans what it floes for monkeys j thai get the polio virus. ! The experiment is being s u p - j ported by the National Foundation lor Infantile Paralysis. | The success of the trial, sayi foundation officials, d c p c n d s | freatly upon parents' calm a n d ; f i l l i n g cooperation and their u n 1 -- dCTf.tdnding of :i!t the fiicls. , weeks, Klvcfi temporary protrr- Kmnvn Fact* About Polio lion. These are Ihi? l.asic lads asi science doesn't know .vet who- known now Irom icscarch: (her the v i r u s behave* !hc san.-j Thc ixilio v i r u s a p p a r e n t l y e n - I way in h u m a n s and w h e t h e r H i t ten; our bodies through the mouth iG. G. antibodies could p,oicc:i hu- or nose. [ m a n s . That is why hurmui tests I t doesn't caurc any ^i^·kne^s at be made, why some children must get thc G. G. .MjoS w h i l e a l l while it i:; in our stomachs or 'ntcstines. It ran cause mil'l sickness, such as fever a n d nausea and soreness others do not. There is other way of learning w h e t h e r G. (',. can do any good. .if mtisrlcs, while it is in the blood Another v i t a l fact is t h i s : M o s t : and a lew nerve cells of the o f us "I'-Ciidy have had polio. I r a l nervous system There is no' We developed our own ; , n l j b o d - I p a r u l v s i s n t this time. j' c s - s " on enough, and disarmed the i ,. ' . . , l i n v a d i n p virus. \Vn nrohiljly nev- I h , v i r u s causes paralvMs o n 1 y j c r R n c w we h;jfj ^ v j r u s if it j i a m j i K c s a I n t n f ncrve«llF.| Wfi gim h f t v c , h m l n i c l j , o l i s A l l the damage lo nerve cr"- · - ' done w i t h i n fiboul U4 hours I'copk: always recover from po- I antibody, in Iho parnnrj g l o b u l i n , one tiny prnlein pur* of rui blood. If that virus comes nit lio if nerve rolls are not damaged, O ur G. G. a n t i b o d y will capture i'. I or only a few arc h u r t . | a n d njnko it harmless. About D O ! ' They can recover completely o r j p c r cen t of us over thc Jj;;t of IT) (treally even from paralysis.. Tin.'! have these antibodies aeainsi po-! lio, the experts estimate. "Tst wil, extent of recovery depends upon thc extent of damage to nerve Mnnkry'x Can Be Protected Now come;; a vital new discovery, made by Dr. David H'iciinn of thc Johns Hopkins University and Dr. Dorothy l l o r s t m n n n of Yaie,! neef j c( j in polio work with monkeys a n d ! The G. G. will be taken from chimpnn/ccs. the blood of many persons, then Can't See The Kids, But Likes American Beauties London-f/Pj-A British newsman* reported today American school · kids "have less appeal than a . horned toad"--but the little « irls Reach 1952 H i d H D l 'I C I KCfOH 30165 I truck was reported to have been ! demolished by the impact. grow into · women. the world's loveliest WashinRton-(/P)-The Commerce · "Most ugly ducklings in Ameri- i Department reported today retail ca become swans," reported Tom I .sales reached a 1952 high in May. · r-i'-'neb. New York correspondent ; H said thc rise was due in part to '. of the Evening News. "Pretty j thc May 7 order dropping con- i chicks in England tend to become trols on installment buying. May I dowdy old hens." ! sales, totaling $13,540,000,000, rose Dowries £et forth his views In j two per cent over April and six rcnly to Prof. Cyri! Edwin Joad, ; per cent above those of May, 1951. a British philosopher, who dc- * nounced American children in a recent essay as nasty-faced, spoil- Little ROCK ContCStd-lt ed "little brute," ' For "Maid" Selected Paint--Remodel--Repair* Garages--Breenwiyi No Monty Down Eiiy Monthly Paymtnti DYKE LUMBER CO. Ml SL ClurlM Weatherproof and Fireproof Beautiful Colon PHONE 3031 FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. II WilllMH Downes said .load was right as | far as he went, "but lie should ; have devcloncd his theme beyond ' childhood." Downes proceeded to ! do it for him: ! "The point I want to make is ! t h a t age for atjc, class for class, ! the women of New York. Chicago i and possibly I-os Angeles are more | attractive lo the eye than any wo- ' men in the world. Little Rock-(/P)-Miss Jean Hill, ; 21, a brunette, defeated four oth- j rr candidates here last night for I the right to rcnresent Little Rock j : in the n a t i o n a l Maid of Cotton contest at Memphis later this year. Miss Hill lives in Little Rock but her parents reside in Phoenix, Ariz. She attended Arkansas State BUY YOUR TELEVISION From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP "The* Have nothing to fear re- j Teachers College jit Con way. ! garding the peaches and cream i MRS. CHARLES P. HOWARD, GOP supply the antibody G. J. for thJ N n t i n n a l TMTMTM^lc c secretary, is experiments, taking it fr.m blno'Ji s h o w n ln Wnshln E to » announcing _ _ donated to thc Red Cress. O n l y | l h a t tho committee h.s taken si , tC r S ." thc G- G. part of the- blood is Jurisdiction over contests Involving complexion of English girls, t h e ; rt savoir-faire and fashion conscious- i f\OP@F$ ness of thc French, or the vitality ! C* Come In and See Us About Our Eoiy Payment Plan on Rt-Modtlinq Your Horn*, Building New Garag*, Chick«n'HouM or Milk Barm, etc. Clifton Lumber Co. 27. Wmt Fork, Ark. After a few days, the virus gonn from the intestines to the bloodstream of monkeys, before it gcU into the nerves. nTe virus doesn't cause any real sickness while it it still in the blood. While it is in their blood, the monkeys start unking antibodies or agents which disarm or neutralize the virus. If no monkeys make enough antibody, soon enough, they escape sicknf.s;. and varelysis. If they don't, thev f n l l ill of polio. Most importantly, the -nonkcy.: can he protected. They are protected by g i v i n y them shots of K.'imma globulin, obtained from the blood of monkeys which hud fought off polio, or recovered- from f t . The shot of G. G. fives the monkeys the extra antibody to prevent paralytic, Not A Vaccine The G. G. is not a varcinr. It stays in the blood only a few I RAFAEL SABATINI'S "SCARAMOUCHE" THi MAN OF A THOUSAND ADVINTURES! combined or pooled into large lots of G. G. 2 convention delegates, Including the entire 38-mcmbcr Texas dele- Rntion which la pledged to Senator Taft and disputed by Eisenhower supporters. Hearings open July 1 (International; I of the Italians Thev compete o n ' R has raisod $1 33 in U J equal terms_ with all their Euro- c a m p a i g n f o r the Westark A r c a | Council, Boy Scouts of America,! The reason for doing this is t h a t ! ln Chica B°there are three types of j:o)io v i i u s ==^=r--r======r=-^====:^.:.TT^:Trr:.--. -r,..;.,..-. which cause human polio Most , thc G f o r tho u . i(s W J ,, of us probably have miti-hiclio 1 : , . , . . . . . a?ainst two or even all three types J be ccrtaln t o conlam ·' ll;(lbotllc: By pooling the G. G. from man.Jagainst all three viruses. REDS MOVE IN MONGOL TROOPS KttiMBER! a big CARTOON CARNIVAL ·I the OZARK-SATURDAY HORNING YOUR FAVORITE CARTOON CHARACTERS - 25 t 50c I I A D If BOX OFFICE WiMlXlV OPENI 1.45 Louilll Pirioni uyli "A thoroughly adult pielur* with companion Ic humor." S' '-r- P A L A C E ^ GERMANY Eitenocn "N Kattennordheim: said, "are a pain in the neck. Their · demands and their self-expression I f l would prefer to call it cxhibi- t tionism) are such that thc rate of 1 infanticide in the United States is ; probably higher than anywhere ! else in the world." Teen-agers he described as "hideous." (Typists Invited To Apply For Navy Jobs Typists a n d stenographers, m a y q u a l i f y f o r C i v i l Service position with the U. S. Navy Department in Washington, D. C. The Navy Department has assigned Miss Atthea H. Nichols, to Little Rock until thc second week in July to recommend to headquarters f o r . appointment, those who can qualify. Salaries range from $2,950 to $3.175 a year to start. Miss Nichols will be at thc Navy Recruiting Station in the Old Post Office Building on Second Street in Little Rock, daily from 9 to 5 and until noon on Saturdays. ; exceeded by $52 the amount raised two years ago. Richard Allen, 13, Route 1, Lowel 1, suffered a broken right' leg early Monday when he was thrown from a horse at Cave : Springs. Young Allen is the son of 'Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Allen. He I was admitted to Bates Hospital | at Bentonville. Jack Boyd, Rogers truck opera- . tor, escaped injury early Tuesday when a trailer transport truck h e , was driving collided with another! truck near Dallas, Texas. Boyd's' In the TIMES--II HUDSON REPAIRS A SPECIALTY See BOB HALL for a Free Estimate on this Popular Car. W H I T E L E Y ' S G A R A G E Corner of School It Mountain Pony Ridei Miniature^- Monkey If Frtt Golf Village Playground IEMRAN KERI STEWftlT MMCH WATCH THIS SPOT FOB SPECIAL EVENTSI ENDS TONITE SPENCER TRACY in "PAT AND 100,000 Square Mies of Sun- Scorched Terror Hiding a Savage Horde! STARTS THURSDAY MIKE" , ANSCO COLOR Low Ayres Marilyn Hiiwell Andy D«vin« Rob«rt Hotton itii · lilt lilt · Till . Ml · CAMTOOK RUSSIAN MONGOLIAN HOOPS, feared warriors of Ac.a. arj reported .pouring into Magdeburg (1) as special border guards to combat a new | 'wave of anti-Soviet resistance to the uprooting of families which is ; tailing place na the Reds ready a "barbed wire curtain" along the (East German border from the Baltic to the Czech tmrder (arrows). 'Magdeburg is near Hclmstcdt, allied entry point on thc rc'Jts to Ber- 1 lln. Riots occurred at Eisenach (2) In protest against deportation ! from along the three-mile border ntrip. At Kaltcnnordhelm. near i Eisenach, 1.000 villagers tried to free families of "political unreli»blcs". I from village jail, clashing with 200 Communist police reinforcement* lgotConoco'sNEWl-23 Miles No Wear Service! FRANKENSTEIN COMING TO OZARK SAT., JULY 5, 11:15 P.M. Pictured «bov« ii !ht F R A N K E N S T E I N MON. STER and hil biiutiful "Tlctlm." MUi Cl«ir« Rob- ·Ml, Hollywood S I « r 1 « I. Thii U ont of th« many ·c«n*i from the "Aiylum of Horrori" SUga Show playing tht Oiark Thaalr* on Slh ol July at 11:15. Dr. 311. klni. tna ghoil maitar, UMI ·vary known davica of ttaga craft to attampt to convlnc* you that thara ara iplrits and « tplrll world. Ha will il«n (njrrwtitra vnn to a nica llllla play fallow known at tha wild man, and a gorilla that aicapat from lha ·fata and rum wild in tha aiidlmca. Ifka ftlandly fellow Ihii Dr. Sllklnl. Tha bobby IOK glrli ara raipact- fully raquaalad lo foffat Plui On I heir Joes for this one day and come w i t h an older boyfriend, one who is more experienced and will not scare so easily. It has been Dr. Silklnt's experience thai the young Joes can't take it, and It's thote young boys rather than the bobby sox girls that faint away. Don't miss see- i«3 FRANKENSTEIN in person, together with a host of beautiful Hollywood starlets all on Ihe siege of the Oinrk Theatre next Saturday at 11:15 P.M. DON'T BE TURNED AWAY --BUY TICKETS NOW) II 'HOUSE OF HORRORS 1 2 Drive to your nearest Conoco Mileage Merchant and ask for Conoco'a great new "50,000 Miles--No Wear" Service--a service that helps your engine stay like new year after year, perform better, use less gasoline and oil! It's exactly the same service that kept test cars new in Conoco's spectacular "50,000 Miles--No Wear" road test! In that famous 50,000-mile test, with 1,000-mile drains and proper filter service, test car engines showed no wear of any consequence: in fact, an average of less than one one-thou- ^indth inch on cylinders and crankshafts. Gasoline mileage for the last 5,000 miles was actually 99.77% as good as for the first 5,000. Now you can get this same 1-2-3 "50,000 Miles--No Wear" Service, at your Conoco Mileage Merchant's, today! Here's the Famous "50,000 Miles-No Wear" Service! ·, A lerchant Will Drain Out Grit and Sludge, preferably while engine w hot! "Hot- oil" drains flvcry 1,000 milot flush out grit, dirt, acid And contamination--leave your ·niine sparkling clean! 'our Conoco Mileage 0 He'll Recondition Air and Oil Filters! Hc'U clean filter elements, replace dirty cartridges, record thc mileage. Every time hood u* lifted, he'll check tho milcaga to make sure filtcnt have heen serviced at proper intirvata. Ho'll refOl with neat Conoco !T Motor Oil I Conoco Super irtificd with additivM that curh dangcroua accumulation of dirt and contamination--protect mctn! surfaces from corrosive combustion acids--fight rust and OIL-PLATK against wear. Oi»»'CONTINENTAL OIL COMPANY Thitiio HEAVY DUTY ML j 1-2-3 Service Available At F. 0. "BUD" PAGE CONOCO SERVICE STATION College At Center (Hen LudwickCoirOco Station At Lecuit Beat in Lubrication Get "50,000 Miles No Weor" Service At FOSTER CONOCO STATION 124 W. Mountain BUI Franks Conoco Station Mill St. At Huntiville Rd. MtUf ai Chassis Stem Ctai*

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