Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 25, 1952 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1952
Page 11
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THE MARINE HAS LANDED .«0«rMWBT AJKAN1AS TWiS, o e orn tank. Moments later (bottom), a crane crew begins to clear . , r rew ens o c e a r * trackcd-up craft off runway. (Marine Corps-- Internal tonal Photot) , JWIM 35, !M2 ""*'"' and i or von Wm " low 18.00; canners and cutters WANTED 12.50-17.50; bulls and vealer* W A N T ~ « roommal7~s^ steady; utility and commercial , man withnut R 1 fuiiiuy i.. r hulls 20.00-34.00; cutter bulls 16.- I nicnt. Wnu_Ugx_'i..:-6. I 00-18.00; good and choice vealers · WANTED, f u m u u r v 27.00-30.00; lotted prime to 32.00;! k ! nd .» One . n'"* utility and commercial vealcrs 19.00-2COO. Sheep BOO; spring lambs opening 25 higher; bids and sales other classes about steady; early pales choice and prime spring lambs 27.00-75; some choice and prime lots held above 27.75; Jew u t i l i t y to choice springers 25.00-26.50; i NIGHT' H ? k waiitecT^Wrm" F CUll to good Slaughter CWpS Steady i _Kotej Box S. Fredonla. Kansa _ * . * n * ,, ,, I W A N T E n -- C a r j T " : ~ ~ BALE--fciiscEu,* \Knim_ Gladioli G a r d e n i GLADIOLI. Portc-i | Phone fttfiRI rpTiniet. HELP WANTED--MALE R E L I A U L V m u i i " w i t h " "wHiifrTf call r»n iarmer.i in Wnstiiniin-u I'm ty \Vondc-r f u l opp;irtuni!j $!0 521 In a riaj N'n ( xpi-rifiicV or CM tal r e q u i r e d P e r m n m - n t \Vri:o day MrNESS COMPANY, Ur-pl I l l at 4.50-6.50. Most snakes have a hard, transparent covering to protect their eyes. Yk cm f l v r project o( - H A N D made W r i t r r n (addle and bridle I like- row $1350,1 Phone 2*nW'l ' ; T H R E E ' q u a r t e r s good baby beef. Call '· | 219.SM \ : r~ j nip board motor A bargain Phone I'J 19 ; $Tli«0~ : rR^A"i5Lr"i;:nier"«w{ni "m*"- ; i-h!iip. new. Sl(tf (X). 7 foot e l e c t r i c F r i g i d * i r r . ,1-1 c o n d i t i o n . SI W 00 f l n n d i t u t t i r i rourh. o t h e r household Koorti, Jessie Jnhiuon, 147 Fast NF.ARLVnrr/w"^Mm~Mq~sic~Thof" v. : aih- i ing r.urhine w;ih rtmh waihtnil u n i t , j CItiaianteed A-t r o n d i U ' - n $125 M \ Tn-Siate Salt's C o , 3'20 Wen D i c k - urs pe ·k at $225 jyr H o u r ' j . -r*. JaniiinCton. n*irie worlc Union job M a r : S J'KLL clothesline posts K Eby C t i r u t r u c n n n Co . I n c . j painted. Phone «·). Air Bate. Topcka. Kania* -"o. C h a f i e y Fenth- An outstanding flavor-Junge's NORTHWE5T ARKANSAS TIMES CLASSIFIED ADS Rate: 3 oentft per wor* sin(l« !· rartlon. Three consecutive Insertion! 7 e*nti JMF word. Minimum order 42c CluilQed adi caih in advance--not taken over the telephone. Deadline for cluiified fcdi: H:M a, tn dally; 9:30 a. m. Saturday Corrections and rerun cheerfully made after first insertion No corrections or rerun mad* alter ad has expired. NOT*: Advertising copj for other PMM U due at 12 noun the day proceeding publication: 12 noon Saturday forpubfication on Monday IT ADDS 100,000 TIMES A SECOND LEGAL NOTICES WARMING ORDIR IH TIM MunlclMl Ceurl Of rayeitevilk, WaihinfUn CMinty, ArkiniH Campbell-Bell. Inc.. Plaintiff Mary Morse Defendant The Defendant Mary Morie is warn- J to appear in this Court w i t h i n thirty days and answer the complain! of the Plaintiff in the above entitled cause. Witness my hand and seal of this Court this 2nd day of June. 1953. (SEAL) V James Ptak Municipal Judge 4-ll-l8-_28-oc NOTICE In The Prabate Ce-jrt Of WaMil ·(*·!! CeuHty, Arkansas IN THF, MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Raymond G. Gregory, deceased No 10M-A. Last known adddress of decedent. Rauie 5. Fsyettcville, Ark mini. Date of death: June 7th, 1952. An instrument dated November Kith, 1951. wai on the 13th day of June. 1952, admitted to probate us the last will of the above named decedent, | and the undersigned has been ap- ; pointed executrix thersunclcr. A con- I test of the probate of the will can be effected only by f i l i n g a petition . within the time All persons h. the estate must exhibit them. ««.., verified, lo the undersigned w i l h t n S!K months from the date ol the first I publication of this notice, or they chill be forever birred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 18th day of June. 1952. Florence Strand Gregory Executrix. Route 2, Fayetteville Arkansas June 18-25 July 2-c M tn Furbes ·wtXviw* HELP WANTED--FEMALE EXPERIENCED wnltress. Hi r. h' '^a y~ 71 N o r t h . Castle Cafe, Phone 3711. with "Vr~ n ! r ", 3 """° f rfv " "·»~*«in- ! « LEVEL acres. l',i mll^~fmin*nt ? ? J * n d In n *. w rtUir»n f,n _ Highway Good ( room home. batn. jsvultry; 16 Wait E x c e l l e n t hiiv. W i l l _or pan Phone S I M M '" A FEW PLACES THAT MERIT YOUR ATTFNTIOM t4 A CRTS Inraterl ((nod pre!'y fi lind 2 brooder h ^ u j f i J. 1 *: 1 ! in b u r n A fi A C R E true", i d ] l i n i n g W h 1 R i v e r · 4 rnnrn fr-nrr- h i m - i r a p i r i t v \r^n4rr home j m n k - hn. · nrt rave, ham S! .VTi H a l f lov have rut to op ipnt i 1)00 J u WVh i Thf . n t u r d i l y b u l l l . Fimro S u p p l y I R R I G A T I O N lysltm. ' j off of "cost ·12-iO foot jo:iim ;j inch pipe 17-j i n c h j n i n U . 1U Rain Bird spr.nklTH. 1-phiRs and OOP Byron Jackmn p u m p E W. Taylor. 2 nlilc» i c u t h - "The only w»y tu fflt "head in thU · office i* to t«ll th* boM wK«l you t h i n k - M NEWLIN REALTY WEST rr.KK ARK i.I. i)e«iity »hnp" for \i vinjt to n«w loci'.lnn .11.r Pric. KM. C*ttnUf ' JUncnln. Arkini«_ . ; 1 "RAN'CHES ^ SALE OR TRADE 200- 14,000 ACRES j tCensa*, Arkanicu, Minouri, ; Oklahoma, T»xo* THE BROADHURST CO. i 1031 North ColleQB. Phon* 2487' AUTOMATIC A P^L IA If CE CO. A Seller Place i* luf MAN. forty-^ix ytars ol aye a tan ovcr\vhc:m:ni{ desire to earn n , l i v i n f i and m a i n t a i n his home hi Fay- I e t t e v i l l e needt position Immediately, i Many ytnrs w i t h lire company us store nnd credit m.mnger. also rlis- i trict bin'Eei-sales munncer. E x p s n - ! . _ . encd i n car. t r u r k . parts and heavy ELECTRIC f a n s , fan b l a d e equipment ealus. Wide iiL-tiiiaiiiliincc. : Kttnrd.v electric motors, all and make f r i e n d s easily. Address ! Phone 4M. Kiniro Supply Co Box_L-25. '«Times office ' W"6MAl^TMv*anTs~lob"in~ondrr To"~i son in Unlvt'raity. Fxpprlenc:'ri accounting, typiJit: pt'raonnt'l p a y r o l l : o f f i c e in.infifitnit-n'. JUST RKCF.IVED C A R L O A D ot new steel. I beams In sized 4 '-fi"-S"-]0"-I2"-18". P h o n c _-lGJ._Fimco Supply Co WHKELBA'ilRbw.S--ruM)br " lire"" and oteel. all s:zss. Phone 401. Flrrco f a n s . ;. fan .-ilf rcfist rt-d i d e p a r t m e n t . Hotel, private club. MivingR and loan. W i l l consider any wcii-payine job within c a p a b i l i t y . Present salary. f27S 00 pur m o n t h Mrs H. U. Cox, R o u t e Wes: Fork Ark. POULTRY 1EMEMBER "e u irTnui r~"c h 1 c JT'sh of 17i . Don't u-ait. crdr-r today. Booking nnw for d e l i v e r y July and A u c u t t Our motto " Q u n i i i y Firrl." Charley De-oly. superior Urotlir Chicks, phone '-" P. Q Dox S.11. CHINCILLAS REFRIGERATORS AT B A R G A I N PRICES One 9 ft. Scrv?l G n s n r f r i c c n i t n r .Speed Queon W a s h i n g M a c h i n e KASY Tr'.RMS CLIFTON LUMBER CO. Phono 27 Wost Fnrk. A r k . iort"m~ Hou*"-"" 'hi floors. 2" , l.locki f r o m pi«i In S p t i n f r U l e . V.'rll« ! 11 Sii'loh. SiinnBdalfr. A r k r n u t THREE BEDROOMS R A N C H s t y It-, c e n i r c l hr very p r e t t y Iniirtr .»ml trer charted lot r l n i f - m $1000.00 DOWN NXE n e a r l y n *u i, nx. 4";, ni loan «-:th p.iym 14^00 minlh Why pry THE RITTER AGENCY IF~itV~fnnn!ir "fimrhf-.i "citv nr bu'i nr»« property you w a n t . iee WILSON REAL1Y CO. MR W r i t M a i n t a i n i t . fireplace, ·ml Large Only JU.WW nly Hir : G L A D I O L I . J'ti phone f.r-.an4. row avnilablo. limited suppl q u a l i t y ChinrhillaB. Roglslerocl K C B A Visitors welcome. Free; l i t e r a t u r e See Rt C!j'rt Tim brook.. .'.18 Gunier i IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality new mottreii and mattress renovating. Phone 3036 401 WEST OICKSON Clndioli Garden IKKVICM_pmiiini K'xpT'RIENrKn Ironinj In m y " IM1SW. " TON I v a n n.irtpc* Rouk- 1. FOR SALE-- AUTOMOTIVE 1948 " " cnsh. Fork. __ ONE "i9?l~r'7~t A-l c o n d i t i o n Prairie Grovp Jenkins Fnrm SPECIAL ALL metal I n w n t-liairs, H-15. while they last. Open evenings u n t i l 9 00 Milton Bros. Drive-In Furniture Store. i Korrl (ruck, slake. One mile n o r t h t a M n Vincy Grove road. PACKARD-WILLYS H§,sE!LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone^666. 208 N o r t h Block FOR SALE--LIVESTOCK lATOMIC SCltNTIST Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer (left) stands in front ··ot A now electronic "bMin" In Princeton, N. J.. with on* of Us de- jSigTiers, Dr. John vor ' I c u n i a n . in the famed I n s t i t u t e for Ad- \anccd Study. The "tr-tn" is the fastest yet made for its decree of (precision. It can do 2,0% multiplications in one second, add or subtract 100,000 times in same period, and can store 1.024 numbers of 12 decimal peaces each. AEC is om of the sponsors. f International Soundptio'.n · TO RECEIVE MEDALS OF HONOR NOTICE YOU are cordially invited to the Grand Opening of NoArk Furniture Center cxlr.n good 2 ' / West Fork. E 8 QIC w a n n i n g pigs. miles northwest of D. Jlrmlalng. ROAN iliortl7o~rn~i)ull "calf. ~7~~months old. W i l l make splendid herd h u l l . I'hone 213GJ. UNBRED Aneoro doc. hid iiltcr "I'r April, $2.00. 411 Souih H i l l TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES New jnd Reconditioned. Portable Typewriters. Rentals Dependable service Cash or Terms if desired 34 years in the business 0. B. WILLIAMSON CO. INC. 123 West M o u n t a i n St. Fa'yctlevlllc, A r k . 1^TO_2478_ Larry M a l o i i e M g r . FOIt^ KENTr-MlSCr.U.A.VEOUS _*i ^UTli BERRY J. W. HILL ELECTRIC CO. Phone 24, We»t Fork llvmi; kilchr tinn * willi tlnn. In rn hrrtrc nitfd ith ip.irtn . w i t h l T ; n k l ! U ( d K a r H f r K x T l l i t h lot* of um t r i m rock it 70x175 on p a l r r l r i c d area Thr l h - i n I yrlrc ' WILKINS REALTY CO. i KB North College Ave. i DITCH J1IGO1NO rooTlNGS--w 11 · r. in and iiwtr dltchei. Mptlc tank holu. Diflmc ·nd buck tuiini on zia Brrc Divll SUN-TIL1 ven«tl«n bllnai inrt tluml- num window icrceni me 1 awnlnii. I'rrr riMmates O«b« Cci per. 441 South Lrruil Phnnr lOlfl 1C ACnElTjujt PUI of town. 3 room · nearly new m n r l c r n r a n c h type '. house. i i H t u r M gar prlre $12.501 *-. , ., SO ACRES. 6 room *em:-midern home.' i-OnSUlt Y O U ' h u l n n e gis. e l e c t r i c i t y nnd w a t e r from a large n p r i n « In jhc nous.-. Unie- slock pond tiorkrrl w i t h f l i h 50 icrei opin valley lond. good rom- mfrelflt vmeyird. large b a r n , two chicken houses, on n i l routes Price 200 Years of S*rvfe« 20,000,000 Pollcyholdtn 20% Savingi MUTUAL FIR£ AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savingt for pr*f*rr*d rllk»* Gal the Facti The Ritter Agency Loam Rt«l fitaM 16 Eot Ctntf Who's Who For Service Classified Service Pi rectory l.AWN mawinc Pliohe 1910J _7J}0 or n f l c r 4 p. m oxccllc ONE biy horjc. Call 3161J2. QIC brood low. farrowinc in SepU'm- her. Phone^jlMWz. FOR SA1,K_HOME NEKDS : Hwy. 71 South, Springdale j if 0 ^ 0 ,, Thursday, June 26 ' "Where Good Furniture Is Not Expensive" WE HAVE GLAMORENE the New Rug Cleaner LEWIS BROS. CO., Inc. W» Deliver. Phone 246 Basemrnl Bargains Linoleum R e m n a n t s . Large Enough for a Room 6flc Square Yard fiflc 1 PC 12x4'6" Green niarbJe, t i l e pattern. IPr 12-0x9-5 Red and Grey loaf design.- ' 1 PC 12-OxIO-O Grey red and Rrt*rn l^.if 1 PC 12-0x6-5 Grey leaf w i t h rnfco flower. y red nnrf srcrn If at __ .. BioRo w i t i ; r f i*!- (Jov.-rr PC 12-0x13-0 Marble w i t h rtd ahd black tile. Pieces Sf.ghtly Torn Slump F u r n i t u r e O. 603 DSckson f'hnne 3112 rooms, hall, p r l v arate entrances. x a p n r l to bath and «p- ! U n i v e r s i t y Street _ _ K I f R N I S II KD' ~iipa r tmc n t , por c h . "Near _Vet^rnnji__H[;jpita!. 18HOJ. IlfifjM fuTnhKcd"oparrrnenT. Rcfrfg- » )rtld - offlcs upace n't Slrt-ct. $35.00. . - nKAUTY sliop or West M o u n t H l n paid. _ UNFURNISHEDTM? '"iwrtf^nrfT apartment. 2' 3 blocks off _ P 2! nn £_L"_ Sl __ SMALL farm cottnKP^SonTc^ _ p l n c i - _ P h o n c i T n r r n i n g t o n t'41 " " MATTRESS R E N O V A T I N G Cotton Mattrcssej OuiH Into Guaranteed Inncripnnfi llnllywood Ueiii Marie Tn Order ONE DAY SERVICE--PHONE 2774 Duggar-Brown MATTRESS CO. 170 S'mlli Eaul St. E X C A V A T I N G B U L L D O Z I N G Grav*l, Fill Dirt, Top Soil D. M. P A T T O N Phon* 249 . . . 4 room f u r n i s h e r t n p . i r i m u n t . Near UriAcr.sil.v. Ph»ie '.'.'iftTW. 2S"00.' FURNl'SHED tipstairji 1 roonis a n d t n l h l 1 ^ blocks s n u l h o f r n m - piis Sr-c Mr- T\'ler n t r*;nr of J2 K f i r t h ROOM u n f u r n i s h e d ap"orTmchi" Choice location Nrar I f n i v e r s i t y nnd _nPw_h|Eh_srhonj. Phone 2I3R.T. ROOM morlcrn house." H20 Tl o 1 I y Strprt._Phonc 3077H. ROOM furnished nparTmftnt wTlh h a t h . Phone M3M. 2G N o r t h Dim- can. -RKAL " TWO"SPECIAL VALUES W A S H I N G T O N Srhool His t r i r t -- T h i n lovely buncolow 2 bedrooms, balh. u ' l l i l y ronm. h.isempnl. in.sen IflO ACRES, fi room modern hrtn«, f»lr condition. lir«^ him food rendition. 00 «rre» oprn l a n d . * o ni c bottom torn* u p l a n d , large f l o w i n g springs. 3 rrn-lu. and r ' v e r . jood plnrc for boys or g l r l camp, or to develop In n r r c r e n t i o n u l p i n y ground p l e n t y of h u n t i n g snd f i s h i n g Pnr* "1. P. PETTEY BKAIJTY SHOPS Tanha't *6tautr Shop u,umnlete r* ---...E. Complete D««uty SvrvlM Mounl.ln ___ Phoni mi. ___ COLVAAD'S BKAUTY U1OP 2114 W M..dow-Phon. MI ».». Cola ~ ! i BKAUTY ML1ABLB WOVJI coEsrnni SPENCCH foun^ationi, lurgleal ports Vlviin Green, 22 Irc Phont- 7M-J. lit r«ari feat. PIONEER REALTY CO. Phono DM ! Blghwiij' 71 South In Sprlngdnli-. Ark . POR sale by owner, our 'i room horns, j only Ifl m o n t h s old Select oak I floors, V e n e t i a n blinds, numtrou* j built-lnn. u t i l i t y room Located in t mirlctr.i H d d l i i o n i n n South Max- WAI,I, PA PER AND PAINT Hn f 127 J W. ^ r ilh U»hr*niiy It Phone j:p88W. " Street 14.750.0)1. Wcllpapcr and Paint Iton -Interior Dtcorttlnc Ph«» 1474 . ·W'i W DIckMn Old Fashioned ICE CREAM SUPPER _ _ Basement B n r g p i n * ExceptionaMy good ii^cd Kcivi- nftlor reirigcrafor. 7 It. Exceplionally good used Croi- ley r e f r i g e r a t o r . 8 ft. S t u m p F u r n i t u r e Co. 603 W. Dickann Phnn 5 ROOM modern hoirr Aljsrt on North Uorlnnd Street 1207. .i" ROOM furniatierP'^r nlecpinc room*. Phoni MODKRN 4 room u n f u r n i s h e d j 702 South Collccr. $3000 p( ! PhOiic S3. $14950 NICE ~coolTMiTwTy decor«b7d~3 i n l u r n i f i h e d a p a r t m e n t w i t h $143 50 i r 3 1 1 2 . PANCAKE SUPPER, aponiorcd by Pillabury Milll. Thuriday. June 26. 6 p. m. at home of Johnnie Means. 338 South Duncan. ASulta 75c. children 50c. Proceedi 'iO Women* Mn- _ aionary Council, First Assembly o f ' Lamps and Occasional F u r n i t u r e . God church. Everybody invited. | Custom-made Slipcovers and DRAPERY and UPHOLSTERY FABRICS - i FOR best result*, sell or consign your f u r n i t u r e , diihes. houiehold appli-! ances. tools and article! of all kindi! to the A u c t i o n House. 1'i mllei i north of Springdale on Highway 71 I Phone 904, Springdale. Auction lalci ' JUMBO icctT Mondays and Thursdays. 7:30 p. m. i Bros Co Draperies a Specialty BARRETT QUALITY SHOP 522 West Dickson I5c. Lev gns paid P 5~ H~OOM^nhirnishrr"7pn N o r t h CoMogp MHO ;i ' ' n c f j j 1 ?"^- ''hon N I c: ELY furnishe^, i~dup"lcv .1 laFge rooms find h n t h A d u l t s 320 Watson TWO foijrVocm~np7rfmpnls7~iurnhTh- rd and u n f u r n i s h e d U t l l i t l r s paid. I'hone 2I07J or 25ROR. IT'S ronlfr , apsrtmcnlii are nice. KL-encry 11 w n n d r r f u ! . You'll l i k e Hock wood ApartmcnU. Phone 295W. U N F U R N I S H E D apart md bath, one-half block n'nglon the award of the Con- eifilit Marines (above) who gave their rr" ; I 10.50; 120-140 Ihs 15.00-17.25; Todays Market -- JSOWR 400 ins Hown 10.75-17.50; mostly 17.00 up; h r n v i o r sow*; 14,- B . . , , 7.1-16.5(1: -luf;;; 13.00-15.00, boars St. Louis Mvcstork 10.00-13.00. N a t i o n a l Stockyards, v A'i- Cnlllo l.fiOO. ralvos 400; opon- ( U S D A ) - H o g s 5,000; M n a l l i ^ t INK mndornioly a r l i v e on stoorK, Wednesday run in over :TVCII hcifors and cows; n no von Rains months; t r n d i n K j i c ' i v r ; h:irrowK ; shnwn in sr»m.\ spots 50 or more 3nd Rilts 180 Ibs up 25 to 35 high- ' higher on mixed butcher year- "r; fow under 140 Ihi tip t o n s i d - j lings; sf-vc-rnl 1 darts and lots good ."rably moro in nnovon t r a d i n g ; nnd choice slrprs and h e i f e r s .10.- owi strong to mostly 25 higher; j 00-33.00; on* load mostly prime 180-23U Ihs 20.50-75; several loads mixed y e a r l i n g s 34.00; u t i l i t y and 190-215 Ihs to shippers and b u t r h - " " ' ' " fftATERNAL NOTICE FAR WEST CHAPTER NO. 1 Meets Thursday Night June 26, 7:30 Mark Degree ntANSrORTATCON OFFERED " | FOR rent, p u n c h howls, cups iiml . - _*li5L- pI:ttcs - '-' wis 15r()i ( " · I n ~ LE\VIS""BROS BA.SKMKXT Used y r i K i d a i r e rc.'nseratur . S Used GF. washer . . $ 4 5 i t i j Used H o i p o i n t e l e ^ i r i c r a n n c S 22 00 Used Thor A n l o m r i g i r w.ishcr I and d i s h w j i f h c r SISOfJO Us.-d Srryf 1 gas r r f r l g c r a t o r $J8.S in FUl.t.ER Brushes. D a K g P t t ~tt~ Rnrri-i- fic'l ( D ' h u t a n t f j Cosmetics. 26 Louiir For q u i r k r r service, phone 2377H 12 iir)-i on or .'..oo-r m. LOCKEK supp'j]cs."cvcrym"ln(i~*n7rrT- sarv for ireezing foods. Lewis Hros NEED p««**n«cr to to to Miami. Flor Idi. Lea vine Tridty morning. Call LE^ING^lr7~l»si~P^Tla'T~fn"r~S^n i Ditfo. July first. $/*nt 4 share exp*ns* pxssenfers. Write- J W. Mid- i dl ^S n vJ.-"-"- A-. ?P!i"A d A^-_ HONFT TO LOAN i FOR SALE-- MISCELLANEOUS i " "PIANO I FA C T O R Y ( n n d i t l o p . r d F x c e l l r n . Phone 248 FJJRNISHED apartmont. i t . 4 rnomi t Unlver- ·netian Minds. Irirnl location, lot 50 by 17.1 A Jin.- j 00(1 value fnr t8.«1 $1.100 will h u n - I rile; hnlance m o n t h l y pnyini'nls $iO. Von w i l l not hinl this v a l u e . CLOSE ln~Almoit ntw 5 room ztone huneitlow with h a t h ; gnra|e and workshop, lot 75 by 130. 54,150. J. D. EAGLE, Realtor Phone_»l "NORTHEASTSETTlor" B u i l t In 1939 FIVE room f r a m e v. ith n;beitoi sldinf Luigp f r o n t porch, l i v i n g room M S hy 19 C with wood h u r n l n g fireplace, dtnlnc ronm 9 by 11. master bedroom 11 by 15 with 2 large cedar closets, one bedroom II by 11 with c e d a r closet, stcp-sfevlng k i t c h e n w i t h eating space, nice bathroom w i t h combination luh and showrr. service porch, basement w i t h gn- ratfc and gns fired hot air f u r n a c e Shady lawn in f r o n t and back, lots of h e n u t t f t i ] ihrubbery. THA loan available. A good buy at 111,000 Just luted. Better hurry I Ufley Company, Inc. REALTORS LENDJCRS I N K ) HOR3 Call H. L Utley. 2203. Hes. 1607 J J- Pycatt 2203, Ret. 8»9 STOCK RANCH - r - rooms a n d : BM ACRES, w i t h living alrtam bath, one-half block of University ' I'hone 24fl UNFURNISHED 4 ROOM spiirrment All u t i l i t i e s paid W i l l provide refrigerator nnd stove , Red Ruri A p a r t m c n i s . 641 W h i t h a m ' _ I'hnnc 2»;W. __ KURNJSH^D~~!7p~a7im~e~n~t. 205 N~o r i n C h u r r h Phone r.HSW n f l e r G j WANT TO RENT .1 HKIKOOM~ unfui n IC'l fr G K K K N * sof,-! l l n - i r l.-inin ·i r - d nor ·od trrnia or will t 22:i9W. hcri~rf-d"t-hi i w i t h C h a r i r p i i M * pitlnw*. mtitrtn 59 fin I'hnnc ^854 I-'i.lPW t . ' N n f R N I S H F . D .1 \\ rrn!r;il h c t l l n f r;i;rd. Phone .ViT Ilrferttires 5. A f t e r 5 Phone phone om home "with t r n n n e n t l y ]o- r u n - iing through, all fenced In bai b wire, old type house, large barn in poor condition. Only $3200 per acre Keep in mind you can get every- t h i n g for t h u price NEIL SAWREY, REALTOR W h r r e ynnr J u d g m e n t li respected' Standard Really Co. No Time Limit On Our Parking LEWIS E. BAKER, Salesman li«hway_ 71 N^ Phone 940--1765-J BEDROOM house 3 years old, two blot-ks t.'mveruty, two blocks L*-v- r r e t t School Asiumu G j loan Payments (31 ptr month Reasonable r t i u i t v Phone 31 SOW. June Starting at 7 O'Clock ·Ice Cream *Cake WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST CHURCH _ Sguth Church and Third Streets -ri $10,000 IN PRIZES and Merchandise Awards at the GRAND OPENING of the NoArk Furniture Center Hwy. 71 South, Springdale Thursday, June 26 9-30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. DOOR PRIZES FOR CVERYONEI n. A r- 1074.1 ' M A C I C ChH FHA HOME LOANS Low interest, Jonj termi j UTLEY AND COMPANY, INC. i ~" Phone 2COI nngr. ^|J p o r c r t a l i i r i i i j n n Phrvr.f 2 ock of winca. liqn: i -Mo;li d m n r n ' i r ronl Unig S:orr. WCM M n i m ' a i n Sn.ftfi; 2-10-270 Ibs f u l l width of fholrc grade II).SO 2(1.US; few »t; jsn-.inn ibs is.7s-in.ifi; commercial stfrrs and heifers 20.00-28.00: IMS a c t i v e on u t i l i t y »nd low rommerciiln t h a n earlier In werk; u t i l i t y nd commercial rows 150-170 Ibi 17.50-18,25; few *t j 17,50-21.50; few utility cowi b«- LOST AND FOtTNn L.OST. fr««n hllUold In D?lv«.ln TlieT- »t^r. Rtwurri. C«ll 205(1. Sprlnddnle. rollrct. Miixlnc Smith. STRAVrb". "fiftr*h"rnonltr~oi(rivrir» : d Hrrrrord n u l l . Contact J. W. Wood H«7.rl Valley. _ I T R A N S I ' A H '.NT" FEMALE. C o l l i e ' K x r c l i e n t »!or K K R VICES i.'l'iioi.KTKRING. "iMTnlinTng.~MnVr,n"i r.iartr ( u r n i l n r e S » t l s f f t r i l r , n g u n r a n - t( " n 'l ·!' « 'hp u n d e r cover t h a t f o n n t i i L"t in provff 1o vrj'.i \Y\n\ n u . i l i t y r e b u i l d ] nfi IK ns fod In r : u i r h ii!-itiT t h a n n^w Paul O Dye a n i l son. K a y e t t r v l l t p ph'me 3112. SMALL f.irni r i R h t L t K a r m m i f t o n .:lc . of 71 on H u n ely g u c DOOS--CATS--Pm RED-huff nnd biick 7ffRi«ler«d Cocker Spanlrl pupplci Phon" IftM ? c n r f v Int.-.. fihir LLOYD'S. MS Wr 8OL1IJ tahlc. 117 Kiiht .ir.r-' "an'ti "r people R;i rrlTrrTt "··ir?~f'. iel * 110 Sou: _ j ' A I N T K K o \Vll.i, do r p a p p ironim p l u l n hom»*. CASH PAID ran DEAD ANIMALS mi m C«. n - h n l Ki- I n i Drlvr n Vl.illor* the imic lo i, Hig miilm iou1h f\t Hotter* ?S NICK l a y i n g hrrift A l i Irv h u t t ^ r Ph^iiP r!»SfM f J N U K R W O O l l E X C A V A T I N G - B U L L D O Z I N G J*f .iii 1 ;! rlc.innf*- s a v i n g y o u r lrp- .111. MP.-IVV M u l y d i A r i r i f ; . R r u . . h r o n d l t r.XTHA K^.l boat )* fen _lnrhMi i\ff\ IK V ,(i 0 i ll l-.n !·) M. JONES, Controctor T r I . n f n v f t t c , llox 14.1 illy S t n t i o n Phonr KnytHivillfi ""Ollfck SKHVICK H t r h r t . rlnrki, i p r r t u r l * · ATCH With ftrewrr · Clftanrri. f carl Ltm '.iy fi3. Phr, find I n r a t i n r rrioh-r. jihf r v r n i n j a . i ASSEMBLY DRIVH L O V K L V two h f ' l r n n m h n m p f i r h f r t L'ir.ini- On!v dvr- y I K M i n t r d nn Inrgr lot in thi North-r.-tit a ^ r t l o n U u y H tht cuay . v,*j' A.uiinic F If A -CJ. I Loan t ATOP MOUNT SEQUOYAH ! THRKF. hf-drnnm t i u n R v l n w w i t h h.«»- : nii-ni i;jrH)((! and I n u n r t r y T h f r f ' · | » n k r ID n n :n f'jrce ind lota] p r i c e : U o n l y H.1.V) W) Lei ui i h n w you Phone 713 I HAMMOND REALTY CO. Tvr Phone II n Hammond 13T! J A J u r v U ]5(WW ""SELL OR "TRADE" WILL trjidr e q u i t y in « acre f e r l l t t L i v i n g )inij«f, douh!^ far4K«)! i m i l l m i l k hmiir. iinrj iofd f r u i t r r l l i r . f o r l i v p n t n r k , · u t o m n h i l t , f a r m m a r h i n r r y o r a n v D u n K o f r»«li v n l u * I ' r l f f M .'iW ul'.h lonn nf J^ fW0 .it S ' , ' B i n t r r r i t p » V i I ) l e a n n n n l l v Thl f a r m U I n r a t v d nr«r F a r m i n f f t o n on food road H«* p l r n t y of w a t r r and lota of ihadc 20-Inch Window Fans ·X'.\u Removes 3,000 cubic.feet per minute' $69.50 Kny and pay the easy way RUSSELL REALTY CO. » N Mlork fvmlr»i 2751 Phone 35 17-l» North Block

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