Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 25, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1952
Page 9
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Giants Gain Ground As Dodgers, Cards Split Twin-Bill « , _ 3-1 M ; ./ l r I 1 «'-i.- York-f/Ti-Su»ar Ray fiob- inson remains a solid 13-10 favorite to win his third boxing tonight in the once-postponed lisht heavyweight title bout with champion Joey Maxim of Cleveland. Another hot soggy day, with a possibility nf t'tundcrshowrrs in- j warrl night, waj forecast 'nr \ Yankse Stadium where the 15- round match is scheduled at 9:00 York-t.-Ti-Thc New York P,' ^''.f"'"TM 1 ? tan ,'' a '', d Ti TM- ,' f ,._,... . n,tin rain, t "e fight would be shoved hack to Thursda: ·!im Thomson, Thompson Hit Home Runs To Help Trim Redlegs Kc'.v Giants, f:rht:n» grimly tn stav within s'.nkins distance of the r.rroklyn Dodgers, sained a full on the front-runners last ni«ht by sweeping both ends of a double hcaci"r from Ihe Cin- rinnali Re:.'.--. 3-1 and 7-4. The fj'an'5 are nn".- (nur names hark c' the Rrnoklynitcs. Bothy Thomrnn and Hank Thoirpron po-.vered the .New Yorker to !he dnuh'e \vin. Hank cracked a homer and a single in the first Kame and Byu'ny chipped in v.-ith his 14th honr.e run and a druble which ar ounted for three runs in Ihe nichtrap. Neither Ciar.t starter managed to *o the ro'ite, hut fine relief pitching saved the wins. Jim Hearn, starting the first Eame. was c.-cdiicd with his fourth win in a r--.v and his eighth of the season spins', a s!r."le de'c-al. lie got Into trouble in the eijhth and was c.'.'ectively rescued by Max LB- ni^r. Larry Jansen started the second game, but was kayned in the foyrlh v.-lth Hoy! V.'ilhelm taking over In stop a Red rally. Wilhelm permitt°d only one nn the remainder of the game and was credited v.-jih the victory. Harry . Fcrknwski took th" ^nss in i'"ff firs' conlest and Frank Smith. E".'ell Blackvell's reliefer, was charred \vi'h the defeat Norris. Intcrnal'innl Rox! ing Club president, predicted a . gate of over J350,ono and 35.000 : people. ' How much will a second weieht- ' makine take mil of Jooy M,-i\-im? That is th* question h^xin.^ men have tossed around for two riavs : since the Monday rainnut. The professional.- think it will hurt th(, ITS-iinund champ for l i e odds Jtjmpcd from fi-5 and "pick 'em" , to mfike Robinson t ^ e betting ,' choice. They must weie'i in asain : at noon in the Madisnn Square : Garden lobby. ; Maxim did four milc rn-.lwnrk in Central Park vcs'erriav and sweated freely as he lonsoned up with five, rounds of shadow boxing, bng punc'Ting and rope jumping nt Stillman's Gym. They didn't weigh Joey aft- r Ihe work hut he scaled 174ii in the morning. He says he.'ll com- in under the 174'» he weighed Mon- , day. Maxim "dried out' a r ter the original weigh-in, tskinp. only a half glass of water and tea with Six Hits, H Big Inn ng Gives Redbirds Decision In Nightcap, 7-4 Hrnnklyn-'/lV A four -run uprising clhi]nxr;i n\ Onl Un-p's fourth s Cardinals n 7-4 victory nvrr o:i:-nrri thorn .1 .vj!il w i ' h thf UP j cr: in a riay-mpht iwm- PrciH'hT Roc rffrriivcly *rai- ii'fPtl siv hi's in :he jiflernorm affair ir chalk up a fi-0 triumph for llio Bum?;. , In Ihf afternoon Ramr Rnf \\M i in r iarnf throushnut in '"inning ' his seventh same nf Hie ^as'in $am« in whirh Rot has u aUert nrmr, lie allowed f i v e men to resrh sfrorjd ba^f. nui no on? i atlvanctd to third, h marked floe's ! ninth win in a ro -i nv»r th . L'ard- !ln»l$. ; -I.T-kie Robinson niikfri nn frui hit* in eight tups to the plate to nnost his ha; .fi: ,r.c...,. . ,t ; sian Nitisml's, who mack on!} tnc ·^nKlf* in PPT'I nf thr sanies. rwhlr" t. tl. l.«uli I PIHST ·T. LOU it nli r h fimt* i« J O B Mnrinn :-rho nti :h 4 rt 1 Rro-r t MiuUI. ft 4 o 1 Rnbimnr rf 4 n n Camp lit .,, [SPORT? 1 ·JCMTHWIST ARKANSAS TIMIS, Foy.rft«ilk Arkarmn, Wtdnnrfey, June 25, 1952 l.ow*n Johnio n Rln ir i n n Fur,i'ii . 3b . 1 1 1 Smdri ^ Tribe Stops Shantz Winning \\\Streak At 11 Straight, 2-1 4 n i .1 .1 ? veland's baseman. AMiff.n* I n 0 hStnnk.v I n I Vtihu. p n n n · -- Grounrtart on! foi Prtikd Ii h-Slniled for Crimi.n .Si.« n 2 B-n R m _ H HH-llBdJ.. np --Pr»»kn. Schofnrti*nM a n d Clark wilh Ihf Charnofsky «tudy thp . iew Yei-k 3. Clnc'nnat! 1 F'fST C/tMl CINC'.NNATI HEW YORK Adam... S'.i I'l'tcn. ^h ^^ 1 ·r^hal!. rf K'u'-ti. Ih K-JivnrcIi. If Ahranis If i'k. c "I should V e eat'iic spashelli and watermelon todav," moaned Maxim st the gym. "i ihjnk you havp to be cra?.y to be H fiqht"r." Robinson, who n?'-rr weighed as much as 160 in defending his middleweight title, was T Mirpris- ing 1S71 2 after a drill at the I'p- r J tov.n Gvm in Harlem. He had W"ig v ed KiO Monday. However, ''e said he wnuld be 159 or ISfl'j on the official :.cNlc5. "The pns'.nniicme-nt didn't help 4 n o W i l ' i i m f . 2b ." 1 1 Lockman. Ih 4 1 1 - 1 1 Thomson. 3b . i n n 4 0 2 Ellin:-. If 3 n 1 . T o n Oic^inE. if n u n n n n MUCI:CT. rt . i n n either of us," said Robinson. "We Sla'es lias 4 I 1 both want to get i! over with." J T ~?l ir -1. *s 3 n n Hrarn. p i n n J^r'rk*. p 2 n n Lamer, p 1 II 0 feAclcork I n 1 Kiur.-iUrl. p (l n n cn^r ki. p i n n Tn!»' M 1 6 Tnt»U 29 S 7 DOUBLE TROUBLE--1U1, .e.i., .no ou,,, v,. 'Yankee handbook ifter signms wilh the New Yor ·Binghamton branch. Identical twins, they played shortstop and second base, respectively, for the University of Southern California. Jhey made 56 double plays in SO games the past season (NBA) ONLY 20 YEARS OLD U. 5, Hopes In Olympic Distance Events Rest With Kansas' Santee The Cards Irailum I-", knock. ed f'hris Vn:i Pnyk nut o,' the box j w i t h ·h.-'T '."inning sixth-inning I rally. II marked fourlh time j this season Ihe Hcdbirds have beat- icn the hlj; righ!hnnder. who is un- p' s "","·""":, ^nocnmrnit f,t 5 defeated in f i v e ga:nes against ! sViinindtVnit H«mi"«"«nil"»ui«r" l |* · o t h e r leaflic Icamv --St. Lnuli .V Brnnklvn ! BB-Pre Slan Musial r:;lcnded his bit- ' so--rrnkn i. no, 4 HO-Pr«ikr igslreak In j, games by singhn, |J \.^T ff-Uff^W: S^,' gel Ihe big C a r d rally under l-i. Viihn 1-1. HBP--By Bo? iHmu iv in Ihe sixth. Clo--d Rover re- Winner--Hoe n-Oi. Loifr-Pr.,k'. Ived credit for Ihe win «lthough · B 1 ,fi;' ( * B J : ' e .|!i?;. rm j}^ l ! J 14n , i:| "" lM11 needed help from Eddie Yuhis tlilOHB ·««!· in the sixth. With two out und s '- '."''' me bases loaded Yuhas came on B^tti^ei In s t r i k e out Gil Hodges. Cuvk il'.p Sovitt Sharp As Wimbledon Play Moves To Second Round Wimblediin, Kni^land -i/l 1 '- Ten* ' ~----· , , , . lanre-hiltlnR third baseman. A l j n r "ojen. peisonallv snapped Rohhy poc\/ (r\n\r j o l Shanl7' winning s'reak it !| I ut t - u - 3 7 \-MUI I In Bullpen For "Sofch" : night UK h* hom»rrd with A m.i .on h«rr to givi Ihr Indian." a !-l ' win ovrr Ihr ThUnrtflphia A l h - Iftlrv : Slianlr. u-rn MOA- has j r^rnrrl of 12 unit an-I tu.f» In^spj. lorkH hnmi u-ith K a r l . U'nn in a pilrh-, ing rlnrl t h a t *·. ho!h pilchrrs ' wllow f i v f - hi'j and * homf run. Wynn suncmlr-i^rl n honr 1 !' to A l St. Louu-i^i-The St.' Louis Rrn"-n« and Satchel Pane, never accused nf being conformist, ari 1 cmpt, in the at it again. Roslon lo^ mo nn4 non~7 « ? : : Boj ., r . l.rrnltl. II Pnllli.j. ,1h ri.rk rf Snd»r. Jh nThomts Krll, Jh Aalrolh. r L-HI1 CLIVILANE «h r h th 4 0 0 S.mptnn rl 4 4 n I A v M 7 . !h J 4 0 n tint,) cf 4 n n RO:n. : i I II 1 Mltrhell. If The latest of o'"ner Bit 3 I ? Bo J 0 . tl 4 o o plete vith J ' ' printed on j J J letter,, i o i . 1 0 0 1 n o 3 n n J o i ranopy with ll I" bright TED SMTTR lps - )/h - Thn . . V.V'rkr. cl -I 4 0 0 Yvurr. I Them ' a--Flieri o t i t for Edwards in Vh h-S;n £ :o-i ior rrkawzkl in 7lh r--Hit into force out for Haiifst TurnesaAnd Harbert Reach Finals Of PGA dnrful ir,-i':k athlclc5 hut rvrr ;since raavn Nurml nf the dnlricn i '2ns. (hr- business nf running fnr- Ilicr nnd f^Flrr has been monop- ol'.'.rd by /orcipnrrs. That's why Amcricpn Olympic Braves Edge Pirates, 4-3 C nr:nna'i . . . n o t Ono 000--1 Krw Ynrk . . .. 0?n 001 00.x--3 T--Elliott. Dark 2. 4d.ims.« RBI-- Lcckmin. Klu./.?wski. Thonip*n. 2B j Thompson S--Hearn, Dark. DP--YVPTF and Williams; Hatton. McMillan «nd K uizc-A-sk! L e f t -- C l n c f n n i t i fi. New York 11. BB--Perkowskl fi. HouRstad 1, iHsarn). SO--Hearn 3. HO--Perkow- «ki 6 - i n fi Innincs; Haufsiad i in 2: Kearn f in 7 3 ; Lanicr n in 2V R A- F.R--Perkowtkl .1-1. Hcarn ]-0. HBP -By lieern (Mar-htiD. Winner-- 1 u f fin.i! nf (hr PPiA Champinn- Kmit · Louiyvillp-f/Pi-Trn years ncrn Jim Turnrpa. thrn an Army sor- ceant. knocked off fntir nf I^P h:r- Rept names in prnfrpsinnal qnlf tn b«=p nut In Sam Rnc-aH in Santee f .M Kansas. Xn n?ip j ^ *· ' w In think tii» mi^;-,t hcnt 7,alnprk nf Czprhn.slov.ikia in Olynini" Gam-f 'his SIIITUIIP]-. but n-.-rrytme expects him tn make a shmvinr:. V-Milm will lr;;tr on th" T-::*fi. SICOND QAMI Cinrmnsti 1?n infl 000--4 New Ynrk 004 001 20x--7 n»ttrrif?- Wi!hi»'m i\VP), Yvars, Emiih iLPi, Seminirk. Phillies Sweep Twin-Bill From Cubs, M r M · Philadelphia-(ypi-Rii.^ Meyer, With an assist [/nm hreman Jim Kon5lanty, priced thp Chicagn Cub?, 2-1, in tlip second p.^mf nf i douMe-:ientIcr aftpi- I^bm Rnh- S.ncn mrlcrs. n(nn\.-j.cnt of thp 3-milo. Rain'. Hill ^n( second in I'nr n.OOn in the IH32 games and ihnf's our high- \va(or mark in recent years. WTriihijr Soundprf Rrutus Ii ami Hon. the hea'i Olvmp'c ti"'."k r-r-arh, pounds n rf caul inn. ho\vr\ i er. n'p a prrai runnnr now. hm ,Iim scnrpd thr ····innins run irnth innir^ last ni'-'ht in pick un the \ iclory ap his Boston males (THinrfl- .1 *-:\ win over ihp Piits- bur^h Pirairs. Rnnkic r,n^ Mell's niglHh inning home run ar-nuntc'l for al! thr Piralo runs. Hir 1 '. f-rnai. rx-lltike A H - A m e r - iran ha?ke(ha!l st;ir, «1arUM a i-onrpn- Irinlp piny in ih« third inniiiR. H ihr- wns Grnrt'j: f i f i h bifi Jea^up Ramo. yhortrJnp fnr ihe Pitl^lnirRh tvmrnrlnu^." 5nys Hamilton. "He's Mill a bit ynunq." Santoo hnr: just turned 20. Ifn'y a junior ,-u Kansas and with hi*. j Fivo ycj-irs ann Chick Harhni. ; playins bp.fore the home folks in , not fli Detroit, survived a similar ^lau^h- ' " tcr of favorites at Plum Hollow twr but v.-fl«! hratpn in thp last round ·when ,Iim Fprrirr made a scnF.i- tiotifil I'ernvrry from an "imposFi- ble" nn.^itjon. Tndav n:ip nf them *vill cain *hp . . . _ onveted t i t l e nnd the nilrr vil] i: nbou* as In.-jsh Irmkinc ::n r\'-~ afffiin pvprripnce the hrartnrhp nf ; Ir IP ;: v" f'»n find. H (i j s fi f«fi defeat a? they meet in tbf 36-hoJf j 1 .iiri weighs 145. fi**nl of ihp PGA Cbampinnship at ' Snntop won thp s nnn mrtrrs in R'E Snrinc- ' t h r May Be Ktst Chanre ; i.-. It may hp a last c'-ance for bntb. Chick is 37 years n'ri: ,Iim is .10-tint old a^ the cnlfpr.-: in t'^is tnurnamrnt ^o. but nparing t'-e nqp when the unjo tn play p'-uel- int; Sfi-hole matches under a bla/- inp sun bccins to die down. In winning their semifinsl proved Hi) r h r: :. n o .1^-1, t n l Thr- BOSTON : American? ITMIH^ thnii pursuit fif j t h e All-Eni,laiu! Men's l»i"-n Teni nis Championship today :ifter a ! day's respite when !hf larlv \J\R\-~ j r-rr performed nn thi* j.iin-d--enrh- _ cd ^recn SITPS nf Wimblefinn. Head in;; the pacV is defend ins · rl.ampion Dick Savitl nf Oran^p, N*. H-, vho looks in have hit peak fnrm in defen.-p nf thp title he snatched fmm t'ahfornian Pudce Patty last ypsr. Savitl mret.s Gerald Oaklcj, a Ri ili.-h "-ppkpnd \\'i!?nn Player and shuuld have liUle trou- hle advancing into the third round. Gardnar Mullny, ihp Miami, Fla., lawyer, may face iho s t i f f o s l ler;1 nf any nf ih? A'ne.rican? in his ma'rh w i t h Ifi-year-nld Ken Rn?ev,ili n f A u s t r a l i a . The young- sler from "rlnwn under" is nne of thr t.-ilc-itr-d hnnpfii'j; nn '.'.'hom Ihe Aussie na\:.i Cup holdrrs art ri^- prndmg tr ( kt"?p that trophy mil of olhrr hand.-, fnr a IrmR. lnn« lime. Gcnr Garrott nf I.o^!e *\~ I s o may tun into troub'e v.-ilh Tnr- ben Ulririi. a Danish lefthander v.'Hh a slrnng serve and net « t t a r k . The jfpodPd ease. So did Shirley I'rv ron, Ohio, and Mr*. Pat To ha .lolla. Calif., the other Ameriran .*efd«. f A k - nf t w o : KF j ! Duff Ckvelrnl E-- v«in BDI- H Hnn-n. r:i«rk n ' l -*. f - ph '' a ^ ! P h J' " ' ' ' ,,,,,,,,, Old 200 Wx- ·". riirk HB Yankees Support Reynolds In 8-3 Win Over Browns St. t.otii.-i/ii-Th» New York , Yankees backed up brilliant pllch- . ing by Allie Reynoldd wllh a IJ- hit attack on three St. Louii Browns pitchers last nijhl to win, H-1. The win \van New York'i fourth in a row over Ihe Browns. Reynolds-- oiri reliable fnr the world champions--went the route scalterlnn nine hits and allowing onr i only one earned run. It wa« hi« 16th consecutive complele game «ii'l hi» ninth victory of the sea- Senators Romp On White Sox' Pitching, 6-2 brfzen Seeded First In LR. Net Tourney i.lllle Hock-i/pi. D r f e h d I n | champion Bernard Bartzen h««dft) a field of 50 lop notch netmen . who moved out todav in qutst oj ihe 1932 Southwest 'open Tennb Rartnn. a terefant statipnvd ·' Fl. Sill, Okla.. won th« H»trt 01 America title In Kaniai City Un «-e,k and was seeded No. 1 In th I Di/zy Trout in H neiioni wilt Ihe Tinerj hii pitched two open- ln« day fames, in 1844 ind I95J He lost both. Chicago - i/i-i - T h e Wasnlngton . Senators hopped on five Chlc»(n White Sox pitcher* last nlijhl f o r ' (1-2 victory. The lorn ifnt the 1 Pale Hose stagjerinu Into fourth Used by thoiuands In redLcini lleti - Junne'i Roman M»«l Br««d ll-ll-t- '-kson. l r h i n l 1 n i The Yanks had three doubles and t w o triples Included in Iheu hi.rrajie nn starter Duan- Plllette savage and reliefer pitchers Ken Hoi- i combe and Stubhv Overmire. o;her American hopefuls.!"'*' Vnrk 4ln H20 lOfl--fi ]}. 3 or not. appear lo have fair- ! s '. Ln ' J '* O O i n n i n n i -- . 3 n .1 ly smooth passage into Ihe n e x t 1 . .?'' n °L (l » '_ wr ' ;lnd "«"«: TM- two «ames hehlno! nec- 1 Cleveland. .Hilin Mnronn, Cuban rllht- hanrier. held the Sox to five hlt«. four of which came in the first three Innlnm, Coan and Yost hom- ered for the winners. Washington 300 100 000--0 10 I Chicago . loi (100 f»p--2 S 0 Moreno tWfi anrf Gt-asio' Dob-L son iLPi, Kennedy ('1', Judjon 'I'. Aloma K|i. Kretlow (7i, «nd Lollar, Sheelv 171. TOP KENTUCKY BOURBON · - - S - n c l r r i Icr Th.irpc l i 5 ;i Pilt^lnirRh n'in noo n' Hc»ion inn oil mi K -- G r n n l . GargRinla. 5Tir':l;,r D'rkTon. RBI--Torxcson. Mathr-. 1 l.nvsn. Crnxvp. Bell r 21'. Tnrc«-r · Rrll. Dlrlj^on HR R~ll Sll ,lc;hrf rCCAA Chamninnshiii and the S--Burn*. Thnrpc Ti- pi*- p'.'iy -(;rn i round. l The five seedeil American Birlf , , kept the stars an:! slripes flying ' o v e r \Vimblednn Stadium yesler- 1 day by rrcing thrnuRh the first round without the loss of a set. There wasn't any sign Iheil hold on Ihe ".'omen's title--unbroken since the war--".'ill be shattered Ihis vear. · lelle it.pi. Mnlrombe, ' and Johnson. Ov-rmire Arcire Rides 3,000th Winner In 21 Seisons Mo-.( snakes have detachable lower Jaws which permit them in .willow their vldimi whole. Boys Club Weekly Card i eris harl pinned a G-f* lo.-s n:i the matches yesterday, they hapless I?ru;ns in tht firs: s-^ri'-e. that neither is too old Konf.'aii'.y casi-.e on in the oolite golf version of a Plor 6 frlShth of tne se ond game in re- brawl. Tre the side and breezed throucn · ,,,,.,,,,,, ,. )hhrr1 ^ , ,. , the ninth to save Meyers v,-|.,ry. ,, u . ,;,,,, .^r,,,,,,,^ anH r , , l:eyer had blanked Ihe Cuhs on his v ;1 y ou, of one linh. « P nt a , c four hi's until the eiohth "hen of singles and a walk prn- vi a run and left men on fir.-t -- - i another to conf|iier big. placid Rnb llamillnn. 2 and 1 The swarthy, coldly polite l i t t l e Turn"sa put rr- thc AAU. It was nol ? ; mti'-h his double \-jctory. nor hi; fasl timr:-. but the po-.vcrfui. impressive \\-ay he did it. In hnt'i cases he won wilh 20 or mo'-c varr's to spare, ^oin? r'rong, looking over his shoulder. (inod Knouch Tn Win Ills lime in Ihe S.nnn of M:3B..i v.'ould have been £nnd cnouch for second in the e 1 ent at the Lnn- dnn games, .-nd his .1:4!).1 would have won the 1H1R l./iflO. "I just like tn run," he s-avs. ·'That s all. When it gets tn )»:· a chore I'll quit. When I was a ki'l I would £0 nut and run fnr th n sake nf runninc·" His f a t h e r s ranch r.r.-ir .Vh- "' 1 lrn . -kn ni) - W i l a n n U'rhion :mp-w "nil ' - ] - - k n v . r h i Winnr- ".'il-nn i 7 - [.n.'rr--n cksnn i:.-ini K- Cnnlnn Pt . Gus!ic:mt). Gnrr. T - - ; n » A il'-herls u a s in complete c!lai^? in I,]? !ir.-t same x\\ inn up hm Uvn s.".2lcs and retirillK Ihr las' ] r ' men in nrder. He :iov.- has uon n:r~ and In. f i ^ e. Fh;l::ti;!ptiia G, ChicaKe 0 F.'RST CflMR CHICAGO ! PHILADILPHI* »" r h ah r h. Ar!':;.' rf 4 II n Ashhnni. r' 1 1 1 Hr.i.nki rl J n II H-mner. ss I t s \Vyirx:i»k. rl t 1 ." A'.vrll. Fonrt-.. "nil'. .1 » " Hyan. 11 2h 4 i n i 4 n i hr.T. 3--r.-iniirrf fcr n.Tiu'dplI In filh b'-P^pprrl inn for Sphull7. In O'h Ciiip.-ini finn nni rii-;. n I'htuHf!nhi» n.i; nin onx--fi n--Nenr RIU.-Knnn J Ry«n U'.v . - ' ' Hell I. Hnlor · I SO -- R n c h I. Srhulli :' RI'TT'T S Mn '^«i»h « in 2 Inning- Ii ·in.'rirll 4 ,n 3. Srliuli/ 2 in .1 R A- KH--Rii'h S-.V ll-iiv,-1MI 1-1 W l n n - r - - I'.neMI. l:i'c"n .l^rr t Rnfircn. T-- SECOND CAI.'I f inc.icd mn n^n nin- i t, o I'niLidclphi i n.m nni in x --: in j Kl.ppn'.ein' ilip'i.' Hiirtfii * *" '' ncs.i knor-kcd n\ nr a li^t of touch rivals although it c-nuld hardlv he i-otnn.-ired In h-s 10-12 trilimnhc over Iiiildi ll.irrison. .fipg Mc- Sp.iricn, HP,, |ln- a ., and Byrnn Velson. This time he heat Boh To«ki. cv-fhamr'on Chandler Harper, riohcrto de Vireizn. Clarence Doscr and the clant-kiilin? Kroll. " ' n had elimjnatrd three former Open chainpn'ns. llarheri. shootine 32-unde r par c;nlf fnr his five malrh«s. beat i\vn- I'tne rn.-\ Champions neiiii" Shrte. !,c-i:iard Schrriltte. HeIl|·^· WilLam; .'r. Fred Haas .lr.. and the mi PC;A winner. Hamilton Trucks Pitches Detroit To 7-1 Win Over Roso,\ ' neirmi- .-I 1 . - Virfll (\o - hill TriirK-s. -,-irncd in his first win an-l his lirsl complete game since hnrlinc a no-hnier nmre than a month at" :.i;t nichl as he ston- : rr.-i 01 other I iil".i of h- Fll'Fl I Hid IlK'ti i mar ll'.-it « c i e : sily. So far sel ;-l niv a *hTr- I li\ p r. S - i t n ^ - n - " pot s t a r t e d v.-ilh the Ilivj all his i-ecnrd'. il ill h it'll n hniil, lurl i;'^'! rn lircak the nnc" 111! left ;,l |l,c IIMI- cr- 1 ! i a \ e broken all h - - SA Race Tightens As Lookouts Edge Pelicans, 6 To 5 By Thf AssnrlnlH Press T-'o »«· ()r!".,ns Pclirans wfnl tn C'h;ittannnj;a Sunrlsy Irjidinc th^ Sniilhprn A rr nriatinn. Torlay, th- r.-!s rirnjcofl inn Mlar'j -- hi- I'l-i-L'l^fl h-i'-'.-i^fl ;.iifi lrnrms !ho sii'.- ; i'rvt kinH nf Irafl. Fnr. in rh,vi;uv:n[:;. 'ho lurnnl Prls Innk l^'lir ?ti-;M-h: hr,idi!^. r . Yhf ir.«^ hr-f;an ·'.·M'l a dniihlf- h-.'i'l'r Iri-s c,, nr | ;l y n ,,,| r ,, f | nt ] ],., t l):'/::t -M'-i n i ! ; ( r ' i ' . " l'r]i ; a|K !'o'|- ni'l. kickiJi-z da^r rhic.«n - i an - r.M\r AmTM. vflerin of 21 ridlnj nwunns, br- Maurecn Connolly, 17-ypjr-fild c«me Ihf first Amfrlr«n-born . / Amrrlran litlf holder, bbsied Rrit- jorhey lo rirt» .1,000 wlnn»r« when ! 3 u n t 2 -- 'Practice) ' p T t f n n ( ain ' ! M«. Mna Moeller off ihe he won the second «nr] third rtcei i I- 1 CarrihiBls l ?._'i TMr ro " rl ' fi ' 2 . "-"· "t Arlington Park. i 2-3 Giants Miss Connolly opens Ihr renler · ,' H-4 (.'uh« mi'rt play against Britain's Angela Joe I.andrum. property of the. d --'i Int-rmediatj Mortimer today in a third round Brooklyn Dodgers, i* a'graduate 8-9:50 Senior! m a l c h - f Clemson College where he mai- Jun ' J« -- Olsnij vi. Yanks Horls H:.rl of Coral r,,ib| P .,. Fla.. or«d In architecture. I the rciuninR Wimbledon queen, ."id Loiiisi! Rroush nf Beverly North America has nearly one .'lills. C'aiif.. n three-time winner, t'llrd of the woild'j railway'mile- ·vin then m.i: he. wuh speed a n d ' a ^ e . June QUITf A CARD! By Alan Mavtr rue COLORFUL ROOMS nve ··In ··'PllM,'. Arkansas Western Gas Beats Playiield, 13-8 The Ark.insas \Vcsli.i, ' iny not fewer hits, hu to down Harmon r! ··c-Mcrdav aMernnnn .'.'iMhall I.eacue Cilir.c i - h - i"r T ·(· f - n ' . \ r up p-i'cr. Mm; ·-. hit : ins lean-.. nnly se\'en hiK the winner. u,t c nine a hf pr-d thr Br.Mnn Hpd Srix, 7.1 Morr.frs by .Irrry Prirtdy and Jnhnny Pr-ky sparked the ]?-hl! TiRrr altark m Infer Rill Henry and two rt'.ifl pnchw. Thf ioti rtroptiert the Bosox In. lo third pjsrp and marked th" i firhth time in ni^! nnht rnad · - i »ame« that thrv h a v e lost. Ttietf is no Ir.ire n f the usi of Boston opn ",n] 000 _ | 8 0 firearms hrfore 1300 A. D. Detroit Sin nil 02x -- 7 |J 1 Henry. £{h (Ji, Nixon Heenrdj Inlic.ite that the silk i Intltistry misled in China before i J.flOn n. C. Snakes havo nn vocal cords. . . , (fl) and White; Trucks and Swift. 'Rv The Ansnrl-ted I'rrr) Djutor.a Prarh, Fla -'/T--II.HII-: K.H'|..-i. 172. T.-impa. kiv.iv.rd out Tri| Oorin. 172. Wavhlnclrm. 2 I-". 1 - Anc^lr 1 - -Tommy I'rr.oda. 118, Honolulu, knorkcrl out Kponv Tfr-'in, 117. I,o AnReles. 7. N'M'.-ark. N'. ,!._Pejsic Allr.lli. IS2, New York, ontpomtrd ,lfie Tomascllo, i.^. Ms!awsn, N' J.. Kfrp np with thf Umn-rcatl the TIMEfl dally. o'hri i i i ·v;,e H 7-^ · o-.or R i r r n : n r ) To P'av Pro Football li.iii.~« - i,T, . Fic'ldie Rci · r: vi 1 Soulhern Methodist pas 'l.i' I'JM M»ned a or.e-veai ',:-l M'l»l f-e rtn'c.cinnal ^''·i-k f; ; ;,ni.. Im.ihall teim v. l-n ^]ir.i)'-t Mnplf -hjindrdi- drfratrvl N'otir r).in:r- Itut yrar A law s'.urlrnf hr will continue his studii", dunnc the full a! N Y I'., rf'iiT'nr ti K M [' in !-r .pnnc In lhrr« ·. -ar .M S M r |!,r.- mmuie« ol pUvirc time for ,1.37.1 yard and 24 ·nu'h'lfi" nr. More tnan ?.OflO snakes arc known. .lune JS Tards -.*. Indians -- fTrartj-r) I-? Yankees 2-.1 Indi-ns ·'-i Cirdma's 4-.^ Intermediate ··i-'^O Seniors -- f'lrdii \ r. Cnhf IndiRn.i v x. Yank* Seninri i n Harmon. i nuiwt MunM mmr. 4 mm f. I u ma m HIM utimiM (i. mmUn. i .·per 1C!, of JUNE CLEARANCE SALE »3" 2" 2'° r 1!I SLACKS: Gubordinti, sharkskin, Nylon, crtott rtsittant, irr«j. SHORTS: Sportiwtar extended waistband boxer type back -- eliminates need for belt -- washable denim SHIRTS -- ihort sleeve to match shorts Denim Work Shirt, a Knockout SHIRTS Dress: A nice selection of colors, white seersucker SHOES: One lot of discontinued patterns Men's dress oxfords, Johnsonian, Douglas, etc. Not all sites. $ Values up to $9.95 One lot discontinued patterns. j Values up to $6.9$ STRAW HATS: A good drtu or ftp. ! work h«t IATH TOWELS: 20x40. A popular brand. Whit* fluffy Hweli with colored $A10 border . 3*c; lix for 4 5°° HAMPTON'S ARMY SURPLUS STORE 111 W. Dicks*«

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