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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, October 6, 1936
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ALGONA, IOWA, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6,"lJ>36 Theft of 650 Chicks Reported from 4 Farms Haiders Clean Out Hen Houses; Police Issue Warning A warning to farmers that cnlck- en thieves have been making raids in all sections of the county was Issued this week from the county sheriffs office. Among the places reporting losses in the last few days Were the following: Otto Roppen, Lakota, loss of about 200 chickens. Byron Robinson, north of Bancroft, loss of 200 chickens. Klaus Wibben, east of Bancroft loss of 300 Chickens. Oyde Wardrip, one mile west and two north of Hobarton, loss of 60 chickens. All Operate Same In all cases the thefts' were reported as having been committed in about the same manner. No clues have been discovered, or, «*-Oeait none that the officers are divulging. It seemed evident, bowfevcr, that the thefts were being '.perpetrated by "local" talent, from somewhere within or near the county. And in the meantime, all farm- era with chickens are warned to beware of the night thieves, and do whatever they can to guard their flocks. Reynolds Loses Tire Theft of a tire from the truck of L. E. Reynolds of Algona was reported to officers Monday. The tire .was stolen some time Sunday evening, where Mr. Reynolds had parked his machine. Several other minor thefts have also been reported, indicating that petty thievery Is on the rise. AUTO CRASHES GROCERY FRONT HERE SATURDAY Oar In Reverse Gear, as Driver Steps on Starter •urpftod M«V- flamy. by, and the. bom la tft* Conn* CMk 1 cnweiyt last Baturaaji noon. Webster got -.into •' M» car, which was parked la front of Moe & SJogren's. He stepped on the starter, and the fireworks began. The car was in reverse gear, and before Webster could manipulate the brake, the machine had backed across the street up over the sidewalk, and crashed into a plate glass window in the front of the store. In the process of doing so, the car missed two other parked machines on the other side of the street, some pedestrians on the sidewalk, but not several crates of apples, which were smashed in all directions. The damages was confined to the window and the apples, and probably Mr. Webster's pocketbook. F. B. WomenHold Very Fine Meetings The four open meetings held last week, explaining the 1936-37 women'« farm bureau project work w*re very well attended, having a total of 136 women out. Meetings were held at four places ia jthe county. The first meeting on Tuesday was held at the home of Mrs. O. H. Frerking In Lakota; Wednesday at the home of Mrs. A. C. Philbrook west of Bancroft; Thursday at the Library In Algona and on Friday at the home of Mrs. Harold Rote in Swea City. Miss Nora Workman, home fur- niuhlng specialist from the Extension Service, Iowa State College, Ames, was present at each of the meetings to explain the home furnishings course which the women will take up this year. This year the women will study "Loom Weaving" and as Miss Workman, explained it has proven very popular. Previous to the open meetings, Mrs. Jerry Heetland, county home propect chairman, had appointed ladies in each district to serve tea light buch., 140-160 Beit light butch., 160-180 Best light butch., 180-200 Beet light butch, 200-260 Med. heavy. 250 280 Med heavy, 280-326 M*d. heavy, 328-360 Ibs. Butchers, 860-400 Ibs Packing sows, 300-860 Packing sows, 360-400 Packing sow*. 400-600 CATTLE Chnnsrs and cuters Fat steers yearlings Veal calvt* No. 4 wall* com new No. 4 yirtlow corn, new NO. 9 white corn No. > yellow com No. *mix*d corn No. 8 white corn No. 3 yellow corn No. 8 white oats, 30 Ibs. Barley, No. 3 BOGS Hennerys No. 1 No- 3 Cash cream- No. 1 No. f Sweet 17.00-7.26 . 8.00-8.60 8.60-9.00 9.00-9.26 . 9.20-9.30 ....... 9.00 ....... 8.80 . 8.00-8.26 .......... 8.40 ......... 8.00 ........ 7.78 J2.50-3.26 ...7.00-8.00 . 7.00-7.60 . 3.60-4.60 6.00-7.00 . 3.60-4.25 ........ g.88 ...... 82 ......... 1.05 97 1.04 .ttflVj .39 1.00 25c 21c 17c 33c Sic 340 In The WEEK'S 1 NEWS Current Events Photogravhid for The Algona Upper Des Moines SCHOOL GIRL GETS HERO AWARD FROM PRESIDENT —Mlas Claire Kathryn Van Horn, 12-year old schoolgirl of White Cottage, Ohio, picture with President Roosevelt at the White House. Sopt. 12, aa the Chief Executive awarded her the Army and Navy Medal for Valor. Last winter she threw her body in front of a sled berfrins two boys almost to certain death in the path of an oncoming train. She is the first girl ever to receive the award. , , \ViIEN VIOLENCE FLARED IN SALINAS 8TEGT—One of the principal street intersections In Salinas, California, world's!lettuce capital, was the scene of a hand-to-hand battle between lettuce growers and lettuce workers, as pickets in the lettuce strike attacked a convoy of trucks loaded with lettuce. Here Is some of the milling, with action in the large group in HURRICANE WHIPPED JERSEY WATERS—The fury of the hurricane that lashed the Atlantic coast, fathers, the waters off Longport, N. J., into monutainous waves, and beats them Into an angry froth. Natives, ready to flee their waterfront homes anxiously watch the mounting surf. GIANTS—WILL THEY WIN—left to right: first row: Schaffer, (trainer), Manuoso, catcher; Hubbell, pitcher; Snyder, coach; Terry, manager; Luque, coach; Ott, rf; WhiUhead, second base; Riffle, cf; left to right, second how: Koenig, Inf.;, Bartell, ss.; Coffman, pitcher; Gumbert, pitcher; Smith, plcther; Leslie, first ba*e; FiUsimmons, pitcher; Moore, U; Uebar, cf; third row. left to right? Spencer, catcher; Gabler, pitcher, Danning, catcher; Cattleman, pitcher; McCarthy, first base; Schumacher, pitcher; Mayo, inf.; Davis, outfielder; Jackson, third base; front, left to right, T. Troy, mascot Horse* Killed Near Lone Rock A report was made to Sheriff Carl uhlhaubcr by Eupene Pearson of iMgona, of un accident that occurred Sunday night about on>-- mif mile south of Lone Rock, in •.:<•' <h several horses were killed. Pearson found a number of horses on the road, and before hi' ouki stop the car had run into them. They were reported at belonging to Mr. Wiener. Transient Shipped Back to Nebraska A transient was brought into the • ou-itv Jail. Saturday, and although »t /irat believed to be somewhat out of hi.s mind, according to officers, was later found to only be suffering from what Sheriff Dahlhauser th«uirht was a lack of drugs. He had appeared before Mayor Dye in Swea City, and then the cose was passed down to Algona. The transient was snipped off to Nebraska, where he said he lived. POLITICAL STIR EVIDENT WITH A MONTH TO WIN GrOP Prospects Brighter Than For Last Four Years 3 CORNER SHERIFF FIGHT A PUZZLE With October, political activity has again become very evident in Kossuth county, and observers from both sides predict one of the hardest, and perhaps one of the most venemous campaigns in the county's history. Not only is it plain that county 'candidates will be at each other's throats, tooth and nail, but state and national battles will be far from Sunday School picnics. OOP Given A Chance For the first time in four years, the republican candidates for county office are conceded a chance to iset elected. Without thought of partiality, it still would seem that the democratic vote is slightly heavier in the county than is the republican, at least from a presidential standpoint, but any observer can find many cases where straight ballots will not be found in as great numbers as was the case four years ago, or even two years ago. 17,000 Kossuth Ballots An order for 17,085 ballots has been made by the county, to be printed in The Algona Upper Des Moines plant. The Fenton Reporter has been designated as official democratic paper to publish the ballot later for that party, and The Tltonka Topic has been similarly designated for the republicans . . . In addition to the general election, November 3. voters of Iowa will be given a chance to vote on the question of whether" or not they want a state census taken every ten years. An amendment to the state constitution is proposed to repeal the section necessitating such a ten-year census. Three for Sheriff Possibly one of the chief .centers of Interest will be. the forthcoming ?^ p _f or A h<> ° mce of •»«'!«• With Gilbert Hargreaves, republican candidate of two years ago, again In the race, and with Casey Loss democratic nominee, facing a low of votes to Carl Dahlhauser. In cumbent sheriff, who U running Jndependan; ^ 1» not stating iTiecret to «press the opinion that Hargreaves will have an advantage because of the three-sided race. Dahlhauser who came within a few votes ol edging out Loss, his former deputy, is certain to draw many votes that ordinarily would go to Loss, the democratic nominee. Whether either Loss or Dahlhauser will be able to concentate strength enough to defeat Hargreaves remains some- ihing for a straw vote or Literary Digest poll to decide. TO PICK DEMO LEGISLATIVE ENTRY Selection of a democratic cand- date for the Iowa legislature from Kossuth county ivill be made either Wednesday evening or Saturday noon, L. E. Linnan, county chairman stated, Monday night. The candidate will take the place of George Moulton, Ledyard, who recently died, and wtll oppose Tice 3rack, Ledyard, republican nom- nee. x VOL. 34.—NO.. 40 -1-S7 ,250 Damage Suit Against Lu Verne Man Opens Wednesday School Day* Begin For These Tots In New Kindergarten Groups Added This Year Kossuth Boys Win Cattle Show Honor After the judging was all completed and the final reports made at the Dairy Cattle Congress Sunday afternoon, the Kossuth Coun- y 4-H members had to their credit he following winnings—in the two ear old Holstein class, Floyde Bode Algona, was first and Frank Schoby, Algona, eighth. In the senior yearling class, Floyd Bode, Algona, eighth. Brown Swiss calf class, Robert rlayer. Algona, second. In the county group showing, (ossuth placed seventh and for barn prize, second place. The barn prize is awarded for decoration and neatness of exhibit. In the judging contest, the Koa- uth county team placed tenth with Floyd Bode of Algona, scoring sec- nd high individual and also being igh in the Brown Swiss class. Thirty-nine teams were entered in he judging contest KINDERGARTEN SIEANS fun, milk, nncl the beginning of 12 or more years of schooling for the above youngsters, members of the morning class, taught by Miss Josephine Hughes, Minneapolis. Two kindergarten classes are a new innovation In the local public schools. The morning class meet from 9 to 11:30 a. m.,. and the afternoon group from 1 to 3:30 p. m. In the above group, back row, left to right, are Bobby Lauritson, Arlen Brlggs, Gary McDonald, Eleanor Steinman, Sue Free, Shirley Elbert, Janice Bartholomew. Ruth Ann Spear, Joan Hoffman, Shirley Moore, Richard Anderson and Vernon Hagg. Seated on the ground are Bobby Sapp, Dwight Cook, Dickie McGinnis, Barbara Lou Ludwig, Larry Thorpe. Edward Thompson, Bobby Danson and Cecil Ditsworth. FARM MEETINGS IN OCT. TO AID '37AGPROGRAM Township Sessions Will Discuss, Suggest for Next Year -A series of township meetings will' be held, in October, exact date to be made public soon, in which farmers of . Kossuth county wll have an opportunity to give theli the kind of " f _ gram they want to *M7. Farmers are asked to attend these meetings and offer suggestions that may be used in working out a good program in 1937. In discussing these meetings, farmers are urged to keep in mind the fundamental objective of the Agricultural Conservation program. These objectives should be to devise a program that will help to check soil erosion, to improve soil fertility, to encourage better land use, to maintain farm income. The county committee and coun- y agent will conduct the township meetings. To Discuss Rural Church Programs A county meeting will be held n the library of Algona, Wednesday, October 7, at 2 p. m. for the turpose of discussing trends and irogramn of churches related to ru- al life. The meeting will last about two hours. Dr. Stacy, sociologist, Iowa State College, and the Rev. W. A. Winter- itein, Iowa Falls, representing the :owa Christian Rural Fellowship, will present charts and lead the liscussion. A cordial invitation to all min- sters, clergyman and others has >een issued. The meeting was arranged by A. L. Brown, county sg- nt. Fred Runge, 66 Died on Monday Fred Runge, Algona shoemaker for the past IS years, panned away Monday evening at 8:45 o'clock at the Koasuth hospital. Mr. Runge had been In the hoftpital for the past ten day*, following a stroke. He was. born in Germany 66 years ago, on September 21. At the age of 21 he came to this country settling near PostviHe, and later at Klemme. He haa lived In Algona during the past 15 years, Mrs. Range died IS years ago, and three children, or TRanutay Braner will conduct a short service at the chapel and burial will be made at Klemme. 2 Licenses To Wed Are Issued Licenses were issued to the fol- owing folks to wed, in the last ew* days, at the Kossuth court louse: Hubert Tuttle, Blue Earth, Minn, and Mrs. Grace Carpenter, Fairmont, Minn., Oct. 6. Victor Wiedenheft, Elmore, and Winnie Woodwick, Elmore, Oct. 3. Titonka Farmer Services Monday Titonka: Funeral services for Henry Klenk, farmer near here, were held Monday afternoon. Mr. Klenk passed away last Thursday, after efforts had been made to save his life by operating at the Iowa City hospital. Moulton Pictures By special arrangements made with Will F. Brown, local phot- israpher, pictures shown in the Coaauth County News Reel of Geo. ioulton. who passed away recently an be developed into regular siee thouw, and anyone wishing one hould ste Mr. Brown. Screw Driver Tears Youth's Hand Open Union: Louis Bode injured his right hand last Friday when he let a screw driver he was using, slip and it entered his hand between the thumb and forefinger piercing the flesh for a depth of several inches. He had it attended to by a physician who administered a shot for lock-jaw. Rotary Hears Series Following their usual luncheon meeting, Monday noon, the Algona Rotary club adjourned to listen to the World Series baseball game, in which the Giants defeated the Yankees, 5 and 4. to make the series three fur the Yanks and two for the Giants. Postmasters Held County Session in Burt on Thursday Burt: A meeting of the postmast- rs of the county was held at the )ome of Mrs. Maude Hanna, local >ostmaster, Thursday evening, for he purpose of forming a county rganlzation of postmasters. Waler Leslie, Lakota, was elected as president; Mrs. Lucy Newyilje, Titonka, vice president; Mrs. Ella McDonald, Ledyard, secretary and treasurer. Other postmasters attending were Mrs. Finn, Gcrled; J. L. Llrhty, Lu Verne; Mr. Wise, Sexton; Mrs. Evelyn Earing, Lone Rock, and Mrs. Ida Larson, Swea City. Mrs. Finn, Gcrled, made a talk. It was decided to hold a meeting each month, the next meeting will be at Lakota. A covered dish luncheon was served at the close of the meeting. Graft Skin C^ Fenton Gun Victim Fenton: Dr. J. A. Mueller took Mrs. Henry Schneider, patient in the Palo Alto county hospital, to the Colman hospital in Estherville Thursday. Dr. Clark of the Colman hospital, will assist Dr. Mueller in grafting skin. Mrs. Schneider is improving and is able to move her toes a little, which is a sign that she will be able to move her leg to some extent. It will be remembered that she was accidently shot about three weeks ago. USES FULL PAGE AD TO ANNOUNCE USED CAR SALE Kent Motor to Hold an October Clearance of All Models In this Issue of The Algona Upper Des Moines, a full page adver tisenjent, prjftied, on colored poste •toofcsetTiSIiiBa, a eiitantl * L. F. Smith Is Defendant In Action Starting In Court RESULT OF TRUCK AUTOMOBILE CRASH Humboldt County Loses Verdict in Trial Last Week A damage suit for $8,250 will get under way in district court here Wednesday morning, with- Judge James A. DeLand on the bench. Ollie Schalk, Alden, Iowa, ia seeking that amount from L. F. Smith of LuVerne, truck operator, and Henry Zwicfel, his driver, who figured In the accident which brought about the action. Sullivan, McMahon & Linnan are representing the plaintiffs locally, and Shumway & Kelly, and Harrington & Lowe, are representing the defendants. Accident in February The accident occurred February 28, near Ames, Iowa, the day after one of last winter's heaviest snowstorms. Mrs. Schalk claims ahe was injured to the extent of $7,500, and that another $750 should ic paid for nurse and medical fees. Judge DeLand said this would probably be the last Jury trial of :hc present term of court. Hnmboldt Co. Lows In a court case which concluded last week, D. W. Bates, receiver of the State Savings Bank of Rolfe, Iowa, plaintiff In a case against Humboldt county, came out on the long end of the score. A verdict .for plaintiff was returned for $1,041.60, and costs of $196.40. Twenty day* were given the defendants to file a motion for a new trial and exception to the instructions. » Gets Personal Judgment A personal Judgment for $938.50, and $53.86 costs resulted In favor of the plaintiff. In the case of Walter Will as administrator for the G. W. F. Rledel estate, against Carl F. Krugi The action arose over a note. Arthur Klocke, charged with forgery, who signified his intention of pleading guilty to the charge, 1H receive his sentence at 2 p. m., **"—'-ijt-hefarfl. Judge DeLand. Final St. Benedict Dividend $18,714 A dividend for $18,714.10, the attb and final dividend of the Peoples Savings Bank of 8t Benedict, will be paid in the near future, Harry Hull, bank examiner in charge of liquidation, stated Monday. And, Harry added, full notice will be given ut the papers when the check* arrive, so persons ex- pect'nic check* will receive ain;»le notification. The b'tiik huN uttid 10 ix*r fill un to ilat", and the nnal dividend on deposit will amount to 14.19% per cent more. Mr. Hull itatrd. The bank cloeed Sept I'i, 1881. dhnclui will not be available for at least two weeks. L. Tatro Radio Firm Locates in Algona Hcgg & James, representing the L. Tatro Mfg. Co. of Decorah are opening an office in Algona this week. G. W. James will be manager of the lirm which will be distributors of six and 32 volt furm radio sets. The Algona office will be distribution center for northwest and north central Iowa, and will carry warehouse stock to supply the dealers. Milton Dahl of the Kossuth Radio & Electric Co., will be the local dealer. Mr. James and his wife will move to Algona this fall. He has been in the engineering and production department of the L. Tatro Mfg. Co. at Decorah the past two years. Whittemore Milk Maids in Contest Whittemore: Manager Ralph Bartlett of the Whittemore Farmers Creamery Co., and Mrs. Elmo Barber and daughter. Myrtle took two auto loutiu of girls to Wattr- loo Dairy Cattle Congress lust Tuesday to enter the milk maid's milking contest. Manager Bartlett entered the following girls from here: Mildred Elbert, Alice Eisele, Dorothy Loebuch, Cecelia Besch, Verdu Meyer. Phyllis Vaudt, Muur- ine B.oba. Joatpbint Naig, and Minnie Winters. Phyllis Vaudt won second place. FV^'^y.^d^t^^cW, after a survey of all possible 'mean* of contacting the large Aigona trade territory, put his stamp of approval on newspaper advertising us the quickest and cheapest means of informing the general public about this unusual event. To make the October clearance unsurpassed in the history of used cur selling in Kossuth County, Mr. Kent has placed special ill reconditioned cars, n.._ ither attractive offers to be Fouffd Isewliere in the paper. Page ads are not infrequent, but his is perhaps the first time in lie county's history that a full page of space has been taken to advertise a used cur clearance. Academy Pitcher Hurl* No-Hit, Run Game at Ft. Dodge Leonard Seipman, St. Cecelia's academy baseball liurler, turned in a perfect gumu against Corpus Christl played at Fort Dodge, lu«t Friday. The locals won, 3 to 0, and Seipman held the Fort Dodge team without a hit or run, for a perfect record. No man even reached first base until there were two out in the last inning. The local academy boys played Burt, Tuesday of last week, and lost by a score of 5 to 2, in a good game. Jim Watts did the hurling for that contest. In addition to Seipman's brilliant performance, he struck out 13 men. This week the team plays Bancroft and Fort Dodge again. For additional sports news of the past week, turn to the sports page, inside. .Algona) MolIenholT, c Watts, Win., 2b Watts, Jim, 3b Nelson, ss Barry, Ib Gilbridc. If Coleman, If Seipman, p Reynolds, rf (Corpus Chri.stii Avt'llinger, p Carlson, 3b Or en nan, c Haligan. 2b Vohs, If Clements, Ib Byrne, ss Magenuni, cf Con way, rf R H R H 0 0 U 0 Algona Produce Co. Moves to New Bldg. The Algona Produce Co. moved Monday to its new quarters in the building west of the former location. John Dreesman, owner, purchased the building several months ago and Cowoii & Son have just completed an addition to the building and have remodeled the front, giving the firm a tine new home. Danson Lauds One Paul Dansou came back from Okoboji, Sunday, with a good story and a live pound wall tyed pike He caught it on a regular old fashioned polo. And he added that hi: didn't put a pipe down its throat when he weighed it. In Local Hospital Swea City: Hans Christian Beck, 50, of Grant township, died Saturday night at the Algona hospital.. He had been removed to the hospital from h|s home two days previous. Funeral services were held Tues- ifternoon (Oct 6) at the M. B. church in Swea City With Rev. B, L. Weaver in charge. Burial was made in Harrison cemetery. Born in Denmark, in 1886, the deceased came to America when 25 years of age. In 1916 he was united in marriage to Miss Gertrude Hutchinson of Swea City. To this union were born six children, four boys and two girls. For the past 20 years Mr. Beck has lived on a farm near Swea. Besides his wife and children he is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Beck of Armstrong, five brothers and two sisters. Overcoat Season Nearly at Hand Nippy temperatures have begun to bring out heavier clothing, and topcoats, ns the recordings of the past week show: Date High Low Rain Sept. 28 71 42 Sept. 29 62 39 Sept. 30 71 42 Oct. 1 56 40 Oct. 2 65 35 Oct. 3 72 43 Oct. 4 66 58 .15 After a rainy Sunday, the week's weather forecast was for fair and not much change in temperature. Fred Oberman Weds, Living in Oklahoma A wedding announcement of interest to a number of Algonians is that of Miss Viola Frances Jasa and Fred H. Obermann, who were murired August 1, at Tyndall, South Dakota. They are now at home in Oklahoma City. Mr. Obermann was located in Algona for two years or more with the Metropolitan Insurance Co. aa tieldman. Caught Under Plow, Seneca Youth Hurt Seneca: Sammy Orvick met with what might have re&ulted in a very seriouw accident Tuesday morning. It seems as though Sammy was plowing and got off of the tractor and was working with the plow. His hand slipped in some way and let the plow down on his leg. He was rushed to a doctor where U waa discovered that the musclas of his leg were mashed. At this writing he is improving rapidly. Burt M. E. Pastor To Buffalo Center Burt: Last week Monday eveo.- ing members and friends of toe Methodist church gathered in th« church parlors for a surprise farewell party for the R*v. and MX*. C. B. Mitchell, who are mo from Burt to Buffalo Center Rev. Mitchell '

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