Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 25, 1952 · Page 3
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 3

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1952
Page 3
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Korea War Is Two Years Old --There's No Decision So Far Drivrn hack to thp J'usan perimeter, the tide turned for t"\ fnrcrs with the Inchon landing, Sept., 1930. At Inchon, Gen. Douglas MacArthur wml ashore to Inspect prisoners, L'\ drove Inland to Seoul. | Fashion Editor Sees Little Change Next FalFs Styles; Show Is Held In f«h,nn history. fall'* fashion- The silhmiP rhancrH, with ri^ytime. thr D-v-v A few of thp tens of thou»aml of «ar-Hpary South Knrran* uprootPl In October, 1050. North Korean civilians welcomed UN troop* Into from thplr hnmr* Tfsl nrar dpmilishr?d SPOU! build in p. Th* South I'yong.vanjr. Soon thr Chinese e til r-red the wwr. won bark North Kit- Korean capital ban chanjrd hands four times, suffered with each, rcan rapital. Building carries picture* of Jowf Stalin, Kim II Sun*. "JUNE 25 MARKS two years since tanK-iPU Norm Korean forcps plunged i has cost billions in money and Hundreds of thousands of casualties ort across the 3Sth parallel to invade South Korea, The see-saw warfare both sides, but the issues es seem as unsettled as ever. (International/ By DOROTHY ROE hmir nn fhp \p\v Vnrk-'.-Vi-Thi': i* thp wwk nn thp half-hi whrn thp nation'.'; fashion editors \^ thp pnr i · ; Hpndp jiisi hnw Mrs AmpriVn nifiht. editors I and her daucnirrs will ppend MIPJI tn ^fr-p ihpn j I l-hil!ion-dnl!ar rlnthos InKlRpt i\\ t ,-fd thp fn ; npxt fall : sannpnt district, wilting iPnrp- I spnta*ivp.«; nf i ; ip nujntry'.-- Irsding np\vspaper? da^h frnm showroom tn showroom, inspect mp with prartirpd PVPS thp now silhnupitrj. ihp npw fnhrir«:. UIP np'.v hr-mlmr-: which arp fxpprtPd tn roii«p ;n fijKtnmpff nn linrontrollablp urgp in buy. Mamifariurpp: and dr^ipnrr 1 ; \'ip for thr a'ipntion of thr vi?i*ins prp5 c . plymc thpm with show- UIRP nt hrrnkfaM. lunch, rnrklail | timp. riinnpr and nn ;n thp mid- nicht nifihtrap. whilp she harried · prhtnrp Iravpl ;it full gallop, trying | tn kppn up with the jH-propelleri [ schedule. ; · Thi? U thp phrnomonnn known ; j In thr carmrnt industry as National Prp?s Wppk. It orrurs twirp a ypar. under sponsorship nf thp ' NPW York Drpss Institute, for the j purpnsp of pptahlishinp thp bis; lown firmly as fashion rapital o f , : thp \vorld. M*nufarturpr? Show Styles ! Taking pity nn the wpary ndi- tors, manufarfurers ronrentrated the firsl day nf showings at the Waldorf Astoria, sn thp girl?' wouldn't have fn waste time trot- \ ting nptwppn buildings in the garment distrin. Thp vook of fashion concentration started w i t h a breakfast and forum, followed by nine showines oprurrinR pvpry nvir* 1 same !r, th ,nTs f Community Dinner Af ; Savoy Is Scheduled i A rorr.rr.'inj!'.* dinner »-i?h f. .u-irip! if " '''· r| '!(·( k a* th'- Community King da\ and Tunis lat.f ni^hv niji Frpn^h t tf "i^ H-r, ·" m S-i *-,-. r.i'rr«»nri» L*-'-: f . :M1 WPI-P nhlr reslnrpri nrdT hpfnrp anynn" wn*- ' ' : ' ' '?·*'* in h^hn.f rf '.ft? Farrr."pen h.T-i d"- injured. in^t', r . p T A. pr^Krnrn Jor ne.xt K about nr-xt -- *· ~· **''·· t ' S f'lrm fanulire rprpr P ^hnu 1 ~" * lar^ply nn- one-third of the ; r tn?^; rash in- Th*- Siuiir-rr ·"-. « large wha!* '-lun skirt.«; fnr rnrn* 1 from snurrfs n'hfr than Ihnr . n-.^y n* 1 r r-.'^rh .is U Inrhes hrmlinp. full farms ' t n i r j t ',·· ', : r.n ;,r,r\.-,r,- of bodv. hour and soni of ih* whn In Tnnl* Tunis. Ttmi^ia-'4 ·oke out \\c f \'. PAD in the -I' Arms Rationing Said Used To Prevent Waste '-^^ nil ihry npfri. Th "aid, is to prevent t To Japancs Tnkvn-i/T'i-Thp. A rationing, ·aste. r\y annnuncrrl multimillmn -IH3 GSgkeJiiT; ·Seoul, K'ln-a - i.-Pi - Ccn. Jnmes Inrtay that Tnkyn A. Van Fleet Mid tndjiy artillery rinllsr Hanrda Airpnrl--on? of ;,. . , . . " . . wnrlri'? Inrpr^t and hn.sieyt will IT- and anKnun,.,TM ,s ,al,,,n- ^ n ^ rnn . ro| of , he Japallp( , ed_ in Korea, but run crt-ws h a \ c ^(tvprnnirnl July !. CORRECTION The Date For MONTGOMERY WARDS BICYCLE SAFETY PARADE wfei Incorrect ai it appeared in our advertisement in Tuesday's paper. Th? correct date is THURSDAY, JUNE 26th Get your entry blank in Wards Sporting Goods Department today! SAVE! YES, SAVE ON SAMPLE BELTS Books Closed ' ' Charge Purchases Not Billed till July 31st The house (hot we buy mosi of our belter bells from gives us each season one of their sample lines at a bio, reduction. They are here and offered at a · uperb saving for you. Fabrics, leathers, metals-- all types of belts with voluei to $ 4 0 0 ond $5.00. · Bargain Basement Special RAYON Marquisette Panels 75° Limited Quantity 2^ yds x 42' · Natural fRose · Yellov/ · Green Mok» your selection for now, fo' this Foil and for month* to co-rie. Every slnglg belt in thij assortment bears a price that meon» a savings of at least 25°s to 50%. · lit Floor ^.!.. ^- ·». -snr-^^V" · -Mr 1 Choice of Rose, Ypllow, Green and Natural in this fine quality rayon marquisette panel at the lowasl price we have ever offered them. Limited quantity only to sell. An ideal summer drape at a savings that should interest you. · Bargain Basement llunH Artauat' trtfttft Dtfuimtu* Sttft LOOK WHAT "HOT WEATHER" GIVES YOU AS REAL BARGAINS 81x108 Gilbrae Percale Sheets Plpasp don't cnnfufe Gilbrce percale pheets with ordinary branrip. Thr nnmt* "Cilhrae" rnpnns snmcalling and cvnn though ihis prirp is low, the quality is eupcrl). 81x108 American Home 140 Count Sheets · Special Purchase GARMENT BAGS Regular Size (8 garments) Jumbo (16 garments) · Vial Moth Crystals Free With Each Bag Thr nnmf* "Amrriran Hnmr" ha« hrrn in thi? ?1orc for almost ^ luartrr of a rrn- lury. They arp Ihf hrst lypr 140 ?hcrt.-' wp knnw nf. ThPir prices ar« now very low. 2 80 42x36 Gilbrae Percale Cases SAVt'l'l ON EACH BAC Dufi and Mildf.i- proof plastlr madp mln finr quality garm^n* l«g« H-lth qillllnl I0p5 INot from?'. Complete with vial of moth rrvFtals whirh not nnlv hr-Ips prcvont mothf hut alo Kuards acainst musly odors, rhoirn of ci'hpr 517", $ · lit Floor -IH3 EASTERN ISLES' SALESMAN SAMPLE Fine Lingerie! Save To 40% Cottons, rayons, nylons in fine quality lingerie from Eastern Isles' salesman samples at savings of about 40 7r . ·Gowns · Bed jackets ·Pajamas ·Shorty Gowns · Robes ·Sets · Nylons · Cottons · Rayons Beautiful Sheer Summer Pajamas $260 $3 $350 Not o single pajamas in either of these three groups that is not priced at about 70% of its original value. Many of them priced at 50% of their original value. To go with your Perrale Sheets, you'll want Percale cases, nf course. They sleep ever no. much better. 42x36 American Home Type 140 Coses Home cas« usfrl with American Home shcMn will give yon mpcrh service n n d p««ceful 69' A Man's 23x46 Size Towel Cannon Reversible Towels 1 40 No. 1 Cannon Imperfects of about $2.50 value. White anrl rolors In ono M thf finv! to-.vh -A-C ha\'^ ovrr of- fenvi al any \mi- tor this low pn.-r-. DurinK this hot weather, rrvry prrpon in the family ·.«·!]] liko this jumbo f\r". xlra hMvy, rrvpiTihlf Cannon Tnwol. GOWNS 1\ Iff $330 Av ° Beautiful sheer cotton gowns, lovely rayon __ ', crepes. Save about 40V » ·^«-AS^£ Bedjackets $3.80 Truly bdauliful berfjac'«eH ihol you'll wan) to buy for yourielf and pftrhapi for gifiv $3.98, $4.98 and $5.98 valuei. NLYONS Slinply beautiful nylon* m pajamas and gowns. All priced at s u b s t a n t i a l savings because they are sample*. About 25 piocfti to icloct from. · CAMPIELL-IELL LINGERIE, lit Floor

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