Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 24, 1952 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1952
Page 12
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M«vnr Rlien Mndte Honorary Citizen .12 MOtTHWilt ARKANSAS tlMij tayttMvflU. Tu«day, June, J4, 1952 jtheck Without funds Used To Pay Filing Fee Now Opponent Would Bor Nome From Lonoke Ballot Llltic Rort-r/IVThe Arkaiwis Supreme Court v.-ill hr.-ir n cult next Monday ir-onr-MinR removal of n candldatr-'.s name from tho JJpmocratir primmy h;d!ot ho- ciusr h« nllfRcrtly paid lij.s (jiiu,-; fee with nil inadr-qtlatr? ihrck. Stair ,-n. \v. K. (l)uclii Kk-uh- er of nr;tr Srotl, has chaiRr-d that although tho tandidale hitfj' madr '-he rhei-k Rood, the- tii-lii already had clnseri. lie rnnlenrls that Hie candidate's name .should nol appear on Ihe ballot in Lonokp Cbunty. Fletcher nnmrd his opponent far position No. 1 in the Ifilh rli; 1 .- trict, .1. Twcrir.ll Ciinler of Cahot, ·» defendant. Two years ap.o, Gunter--as Fletcher's opponent-attempted unsuccessfully to h»vi the senator's nomination voider!. F'.olchcr appealed to the Su- p»?mp Court from Chancellor CUiy E. Williiims' decision iigiijnsl hini. It appears that if the Supreme £ourt should rule in Fletcher's .favor his opponent's name still 1 West fork Bill Undcrhill of El Paso. Texas, and their daughter, Mrs. La Eura i Hudspc-th of Tcxlinc, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Carnctt had Mr ' and Mrs - Herbert Suttle ; Sunday Rucsts their son and had as suests last week their son- aughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs G j '"''-'''" «'·" Uouslitcr. Mr. and Mrs. E. Garnelt. Jr., and ehildrcn I Irwin Medart. Other fiuesls were Sharon Lee and Neddie, of Wich- i A - B - Medart and Mr. and Mrs. ita Kan i Hc-nslc-v Ho'.imark and son, ail of James' Cau R hman of A.tmont, A TM" r "'°- T ^ ,, , , , . , . Kan., i, spending several days. The Assembly of God Church with his mother and his brother : varat TM B ' blc sch ° o1 commencc- Walter Caughman ' I mcnt P r °2 ram will bc held Friday Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and ' "' Rht at 7:30 ' Thc public is in " Mrs. E. C. Sample were Mrs. Holey Gay and children, Sandy , and John, of Little Rock, and Mr. vitcd. The Presbyterinn Church v a c a - ; (ion Rible school closing program j '. charge of services July 6. The, ' pastor, the Rev. Raymond Reed, ' j will be away oh vacation, visiting : relatives at Searcy and Hinds-: ville. All services will bc conduct- i ! cd at the regular time. , When hair on human heads isj left uncut there is little difference! between the length of hair on a man's head and on a woman's. Keep up *iKi tkt nun*--remd '·f TIMES dlllj. "5CARAMOUCHE" JUmtmbtr Thii Nam* _ You'll Bt Glad You Did! 1 Mrs. .John Sample and chil-| w i " hc neltl Thursday night at in, Amelia Ann and Sammy, o f l 7 : 4 S ' Th public is invited. Ta.velleullr Mayor Powell M. Rhf.l Is presented w i t h an honorary "CVi tifirate of Cillzrn'-.hip" to the' ii|..hlh annual Kodt,, ,,f Hie O/arks at Kprincdale by frank Sir.nns of .SprinKilale. Looking on are (from' I Jell to ni:lll): Oils, Cardwcll, Jack Holt, and Hnymond A:,h of Fayetluvillf and 0 F Biiyley of Sprin"- and Mrs. .Job dre Fayctlcville. I Arthur Stechy of Arkndelphia, i Miss Ruth Paulsrud is a patient James Wright of Glenn-nod, visit- at the City Hospital. She became . cri in the home of the Rev. and seriously ill Friday and taken to Mrs. Raymond Heed Sunday. the hospital in an ambulance. , The Rcv A . L LcakC| assoc j a . Mr. and Mrs. T. L. McKnight ! tiona | missio nary, will be in have as guests this week their i charRC of 5cl . v j L . cs at the Baptis' son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and ; church Juno 2 9 and the Rcv. A Mrs. Bill Gentry of Tulsa, Okla. j FcUz frjrmcr paslor wiil bc jn Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Garnett re- | turned Sunday from a week's visit ! _ with their daughter and other relatives in Wichita, Kan. Their grandsons, Frankie and Freddie returned \vith them. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Underbill have as their guests their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Flint--Remodel--Repairs G a races--Breeze wa ys No Money Down Etsy Monthly Payments DrKE LUMBER CO. 101 Si. CharlM Wt BRIHG TOU OOOD NIWI »I HAVE A NEW MESSAGE FULL Or HOPE AND ENLIGHTENMENT The old Diapenntion with its cor. ruption, selfishness jnd relig'nus' formalism has brought about is own disaster. You might Jute -n know our views. tHI ROIICRUeiAN FRATERNITY im-L-2 rMtt»illl fMild nppear on the ballot In the di.-;ti k-t'.s three other counties Wink-. Wnndruff and Prairie. Flctchur's attorney, F.. M. Arnold .if Little Hock, said Cun- Icr';. JIOli -.-heck for the Uinoke Come In and See Us About Our Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modelinq Your Horn*, Building New Garage, Chicken House or Milk Barnt, etc. Cliffon Lumber Co. HIOIM 57. Wttl Fork, Ark. '-i Fighting Gets Warm In Korea Following IrttlB ^ teltaL ^!Monlli$OfSlowAdion;Ful|.ScaleWar un^ S;L! e wa rTMTM«S|Anticipated Unless Reds Agree To Peace fund::. Gunkr made the check good but the- Konoke County 15pm- I Tokyo-(/I')-The twilight war in ocratlc Committee ruled that his 'Korea is beginning to burn with ;i AsKc nl.'mati d if there would bc an ex- j to why they were j ...-M.J....J .--, name would not nppear on tho jbrifihl new glmv. Unlc:,: an ar- bombed now', ;i'fter"pilots'hid been i is agreed upon .'innn, mill- vanird j- nr months to leave them' Color Coordinate Your Bathroom Th« modern bathroom, in- nrporallng new idem in ·quipmint and principle! of dtcoraling bringi not only up-to-date convan- lont* to your homo but added btauty at well. Call u» today for free, low cost plant. Our experts ara rtady to lerve you. No Job Too Big No Job Too Small PLUMBING CO. 231 W. Mountain j and Q Uillot boc.'itisc tho lickot had i niislicc L'lu.'Jt'ri. 11 rescinded this action, I t ;il .v obsui vt'i.s feel cor tain lull- Arnnld said, nflcr Guntrr appear- j scale liKhtiiiK will brea!: out a^nin ed in person before the commit- 1 '' 1 " along the lino. lee. | Then; arc two reasons for the lie .vjd Fletcher, in the mean-.assumption: time, had paid (he increased ballot 1. Yesterday's fiOO-pl.uic ;.rmada fee riMiuired of unopposed candi- ; A t t a c k on the North Jiydio- (late;;. j electric plants is a v.-anim^ to tlie The court said yesterday H - Hcds that unless they s t a r t talking, Wftutd hc-jir the ca;,c next Mtjnday , t" p )' r on expect imisx- «f 111? .vnnc. order to allow » decision by i -· H«th .sides are JmlHini; for .luly 7. the court'ji final opinion : Around now and the sci.ip we: t of day before summer Third Divorce For Bertrond Russell l.onrtnn - f/l') - Uci trnnd Russell, flO, ndvocnto nf (rial marriages, was divnrcpd today by his third wife. H was the third divorce for the earl. The famed British philosopher and Nobol prize winner, storm renter of several court actions to · C'horv.Tm is fur positions v/liich the Ined "·!·;) him out of teaching jobs in | f N .. ',. the Uniled Slates, was chanrcd !=i~L-.2 . alone, he repled: ''You'll have to draw your own cnncliisk:i] and it \vouldn"t he very J t a r - I Ju diaw." i The natural conclusion is t h a t ' . i f t f .· tv.o ye.n?] of (lying arnnnd ; !!n- h:» dams in the Yalu. the F a r j Ka: tei n Air Force finally got i o-dcis to knock out Ihe power i pJanl-, becnu:;e liir U. N. Command . decidi-d it was time to got tough.' Vice Adm. C. Turnrr ./oy, who j inly for If) months to g e t ' 11'Nj:; won and the U. S. Kinhtii (he Iferi'-- to n»ree Jo nn armistice, ' Army had to /;o a f t e r wi'.h had a theory something like this: force to get back. The wi'lingnrss of Ihe Commit: 'J'he smaj-lnng air ail.ick left no'ni:il. : ; to talk truer can he men- doubt but that the United Nations surrd in ratio to the amount of' is through pUh.M'-fonlin;:. Asked nrliiarv prc.Aiirc the United Na-' it 1 Gen. Mark Clark wuuld ho mak- linn? CnninKuul applies. There has- ing a statement resardinjr the n't bren much military pressure change of policy which pmniUed since Iho reasr-iirc fine v/as d--awn ! the raid, an officer at In:; U. ,'. InM Kovcmhcr. The front line has! Far East headquarter:; s;iid: hardly changed a yard m seven; mis and installations month:--. i Hut last week, the fi.-'.hting sot ! hot again. ' HSBLViiT All- Aluminum A W N I N G S ^ Weatherproof and Fireproof Beautiful Colors PHONG 3031 FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. "Those were military targets in North Ko,,,.., ABC-0-MATIC HOLDS UP BANK WITH TOY GUN HUDSON REPAIRS A SPECIALTY See BOB HALL for a Free Estimate on this Popular Car. W H I T E L E Y ' S G A R A G E Corner of School It Mountain TONITE 8:00-10:15 .Added Fun Pie Eating Contest For The Kiddies 20 Rabbits to be turned loose. You catch 'em. ** Phone 3103 TflDRIVEIHl FIRECRACKERS SKYROCKETS TORPEDOES ROMAN CANDLES AERIAL BOMBS BUZZ BOMBS FLYING SAUCERS SPARKLERS ·* FOUNTAINS S. SIDE SQUARE PHONE 275 Automatic Washir Come in .nil SEE Ihe 1IIG D l n - K R E N C E ,!,,,, ,,,,,., I Ali(,- .MATIC f.r »hca.l of other wulicn: It's smoother, Render, quieter, more effickati S M I T H RADIO APPLIANCE BUY YOUR TELEVISION From a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP It couldn't be done ·iu'.: ...but Ford did it! MRS. ANN MYERS, .1-1-year-old, Si-pound mother of two children, points . to a 79-ccnt toy lilslo, in New Yorli's 100th preeiiu-t polire station and i explains how she nitorc.l Broadway mid Sll.-.t strcrt hrnnch of the 1 Corn Exchange hank and said to toller Kvrlyn Davis, "There's a Rim , pointed nt yon. Hand me exuctly SIOU anil don't make u sound." Tho teller did, hut tho assistant manager s av,i elmso in a taxi iind Mrs. i Myorj surrcmlcred wiicn he tired u warning shot. She said she needed ; the money for an operation. (/ii.YrHu(io!ialSoiiii/»*olo,; YOU'LL FIND C-O-O-L COMFORT TOP ENTERTAINMENT AT MALCO THEATRES! Off STAM- IN PERSON! UARK ENDS TONITE THE AWUMor HORRORS THE LION AND THE HORSE A "MR. MAGOO" COMEDY ft 7 A D K 1:OS · 3:! ° U i A K n S : l s . 7 : 2 0 . 9 ,jj SPENCER [ 'TRACY! , K A T H A R I N E ' HEPBURN; PALACE NOW ' *^»-^*Wfc SHOWING 1:30 - 3:30 - i:20 - 7:20 · 9:1S STARTS WEDNESDAY M A R R Y I N G WAS HIS MISTAKE . . MURDER WAS HERSI KVULY HUGO ALLAN MICHAELS · HAAS · NIXON · AN ADULTS PICTURE BLESSED WITH COMPASSION HUMORI PONT FORGET:~OZARK Sofurdoy Morning CARTOON SHOW! 25 SOc tidcirall tirri. ttro-temr rolor rotuhtnation ii-tf ajitinnal nt rrlia roif. Ktinipment. nrctM- For years car makers thought you couldn't equal the finest cars in quality unless you equalled them in price. This year Ford proves you can have a car that compares with the a price that compares with the lowest * ABSHIER-BRYAN MOTOR CO. 17-21 East Mountain Strt.t F«y«H»»iH,, Arkai.M t

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