Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 24, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1952
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

WB CCVI JOIH THBir MUDPV MINPBP MEUAN6eKOU3 Mff- ANP THEN FORM A PAKTV... NTO rm «X»IATCOM Of Fill AIMS Of VVOCLOM** HKFIOYINS A FUNCTION*!. OBSCURATION Of R3UTICA1, IF we HAD A PLATFORM I. PAGWOOD- (· WAKE UP- ' · I ui-'Ai? A lillL'-.',i Ak' ( "i ci.i.v - , - :·;·;.'.VV-T. s i ""·'·· .·.£.;·· i --'] "f^ "--"-- " J J ' . l ; V:..'( Unstruck Steel Plants Able Tomorrow Marks Second Anniversary Of To Meet Present War Needs Korean War; Victory Chances Seem Slim Nr-u' York-f/IVThp stcf! strikr .spotlights Ihp Hr-mami ffir strrl fnr in" hard warp of wnr. Hut far lartfr-r i* the rlrriiari'l for .--Iff-! in binl'l tip thr- nation's c;,p;icity m pro'lurr- \v;»r prnds. should wnr "In cnlarso the ability to produee | By JA.MKS MARI.OW rather lhan to pour nut a stream of finished w;tr material; which The railrn-id industrv cot nrar- W;i«']inirton - rYPi - ThP Korean War is CAM y»;u" citd Wednesday. N'n HMP ;iiiv iii'ii'p in a rpspniisihlp Ji'iinmrnt;; M m;ik i" six million Inn* or rioht per I'osit:",, is nffennc a o.uirk snlu- i cent nf the t o t a l . I.-.M year for a "TM ·'"'' ""I"": »· -'"' nf : rain nf P, million t e n s ' o v e r 1950. ' preilirni'.j the outeome. on of South Korea by Role Of Art In Schools Will Be Discussed "The Role nf Art In V,,,, r anvnnf Sehools" will he discussed hv Rr.;, ert Iglehart. chairman of the NV-r Vnrk Uniyersity department of ar l C j : .' --.- «·. .' _ L. · n .'.AC-;-- - . · / " ' |! i fc- / - i;:-'^- -J/i ^.i5,-i;i'^-^ y 5°?^C "·?· ,.^,c^,-- ,^ £ guns. l:,nks. ammunition and so The in s .i,u- savs t h i s ha, do- The im ,-,s,on of South Korea by nduc atlon, in a public arl .;«- r '"i. «liirina t'.f lir'l four months elired in I!t.i2 t,, an r.nnu:il rate. · l h r * nr 'h Korean Communists be- , hp University Arts Center Con of IMir- v;,r. WTO Inking loss t h a n before the strike, or less than five "·'" hkr » f;" 1 " 1 (lr opperl in a rprt Hall at R p.m.. tomorrow. Th. nne (hy'.i production of finished million. , pnnl. Til" ripples are stil. discussion will he aimed primaril' Sl"el a monlh--.irrnrdinc (n the The rnnvt,-,,-·· ,nn in,liM,v cnt a Amcri'-an Irnn ;mri Steel I n s t i t u t e . ,-erord 10 million tnns la«l I! icpnrts today unslnirk mills . |R per rent for a -am ran ."iippiy ,., nno month m o r e ' i i TM , nns . Mll( .,, ,,, ,;,,-, month more (Rnn.nnn ton.--) than dirrct il.iry nprris took in Inn first four month-.-. j:-it it flnpMi't in- cludp in th.-.t ! both sides h a v e pecked awa holding positions, while Iheir truce teams tallied fif an ar \o armistice is Bnckner lit. Fnr the Members of the Burknor ear. or ( Pi mil- went i.ntn new plant.''--sr;mf will make unnds hut manv are capable, of makins wnr conds. Machim-rv nnd tnnh to-ik a rec- iploain-r.-ift. ships :m,l trucks. Anrl ,,,,, I,,',,,, (,-,..; ,.,, ..;,. mi|]im , , nnSi r l';e nf'f-ds of · ..j iui^n of one million in IHol nr-'i.'il types of Mnrn ,, f , hi , v ...,, , nr ,...,p., 1 . il} . , n f'"'.- unslruck n^kf, ,.,,,,,, ,,.!,,.,, ,,,,, v |cd' ahie t'j in.'ike. since Korea )iicrc:i'.n.| tn v."ir planli. But tlie ir-:ill\' sfiiir]-! iiu'ills t o rfii!rn;ids, machinery iifaclinTir: and !|i 0 construc-- tidli industry. far armam'''p! fink 1 r, per i f lot.-'! output. The Kcdf'r.-il erve Bank nf flevelan-l in June busmrs? rrv:e\'.' t a k e ? n( what c-iri armament .-ind fimirr'; tlie w a s under Ihrvc per . - r - n t -- t h a t IP. ' tn.-.i-c.ip.ii-;^ .,,,_·;,,;,; ,i lp i ;1 dus- : managed In build. They are cred- j and children, '.Mrsi'j. n'.'jpnn'j'n'iis one ton nut o^l c'.'r.'h^.'Hi ^.ynriiii-nii. ; prnsram. i ilert now w i t h brine stronger than ] Mrs. Rena .fohnsnn, and more-. '!;e id- before t ; :e tKlks A'lhourh I'l- M:i: «ip;ii Fi 1 -er! This country and its allies t a l k ' M.'in is not i: , , 1n C1 r:ir| ! ,;,-Kc w!t 'ennfidentlv of« able lo stop Kv ,c ,,,,.,, ..,,?.,, earth-' !any,hin, " t h e Chines, thro,, n, VES-CN TWr DOT VIEW SHOW-TWAf FELLCW 10N5ILS.' ME CEPTAINLV ' LOO1O UKE HIM. DOMT S THE BO35 VET. JUST \VATCH. Mb'.) V.iCVWXa /UESNOUMG IM A GRtEN- f AMD ME MOUSE. AND \ CAN BE THE BOYS SAY VHANDLED. HE HAS GREAT l^n '^SSlEILITiES. A~?'^"-. Kmphasis On Opacit A nr-w (-pfrnsp c'ln Inr bank .'·.1:.=. Present pil OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. William* f WELL.r.'.A ijlvfc ME THAT/ VOUKC /.',.\P BZCAU'iE I A,:i- \y O DO A LITTLE . \ ,\V\r\lA.M WITH BE suce AMP RIWSE ALL THE SOAP OPF THOSE MEN/ NOT FAH. ".HIS l» A CRITICAU AREA. SOOP CWW, TKO. BRAIN, VMSTAiLES, FRUIT, AM... HEWS ONE.' WHY, IT LOOK5 Y SAME THIWS, EXCEPT IOCUST5 UKf rt COMMON! 1 GROW BIGGES ASP IM SWARV.S COVERINS ZfO SQ'JARE MILES. AFTEC? 50MH 30 SWARMS HAVE CROSSES YOUR COUNTRY AND THE 1 ? BILLIONS OF EGGS START WTC-IK BES1N TO WONDER IF INSECTS AREN'T BtHERrT'.NG THE EA^TH. THE VARIABLE ECHO/ Lxci-a.t-i'',- nSWULLS REPEAT EVEW SOUND BUT 12 TIMK*FTfltSllWa»l \J C-T7-4-I333) -WK PC FIRST HMJU BRAHMIN V/liOMBEDTOVISITA EUROPEAN COUNTRV in 2300YEftR5/ AM' NOW \\YVfcfiOr 1HAT 1KMf,Mll-.M-l) OtU. ou'D LiKt: in KN:O\V .iuo AVMW I Ilf-Vl: IM MIND primaril" And R u s s i a , which at parents, but will be nf intei··.'-.' vatchrd like a fat fn\', may have ' alsn tn tenrhers. 'l.'tfnxed itself. And maybe not. I Islehart is holdin? open in| -'- i Wnrrlsvill'?, Okln., Mnrsha Sup A'- Neither wrtnls re.^pnnKibilitv for ' Itisxon nf Rogers. Bai'barn iin innivned what follows the end of talking: , Olsen of Fayettcville, and Mr 'ire rei.oitslstin of hie war airain. , C n i a Ahrens. Mrs. Laura Gibson. ir.K'-od - t t - r l .'hii-ments in ! Both Sldi-s Buildup I g''we and lTuh't Ck ' M"' 1W " n were r..-i invi.'r 7'l Million! In this past year the American j H j r k p v ' ^ 1rs ' {jj^fc ' w n h l f o T ' ; * tons, i-nnipnied v. it'i 7 2 ' , milliun j Air Knrce has vnrked steadily he ; Mr!l ,',[,, r hj n ' s ' on ." Mrs" I nC 7. Cnllin^ "!''·'· inn- in l!):in. Thi-i' .".·irlitionai fi.- -hind the enemy lines tn prevent a anrt children. .Mrs. W A ''in sasc.7IHl.nnn l.i:-- v.-.-n: ir.:.i the indus- ' buildup. Hut the Chinese have and daughter, Mrs. Lynn 1,'uprr n rs. onn o n s o n , an Liiv | Frederick, all nf Mt. Comfort. Mr-s. . Rebecca Jane Phelan has '" h " h n m c at Green- 'H'..i:;cs in ;he area di.'r::-.g the ;\ist them. They have used the year ^ ' Mn . Ro |, rr , ph^j^p ' ' r ' ISO ' t n rebuild forces, too. Thev do not M,. S . Emma Sharrock accnm- -- j t a l k nf crushing the Chinese. ' panicd by her grandson,' Seaman More than rn prr rent of .N'or^h ' They micht he able tn dn sn if Eupene Atkisson, has pone t o Sun i ; f'.'inv-.'ia's Hnri := i:-, farms. ,'tlirv were willing tn pay the price: Valley, Calif., to visit her dauzh- nrrater risualties; perhaps tor. Mrs. Eula Money, nf li-jhlms in the heart of Midweek prayer services will Asia, which would drain them: ° f0 ^'^ ^« P-"i- "I. 'he home and perhans w?r with Russia and ^' "^ ^ '^^ "o"!'. 1 ,^ . s t a r t "f World W?r III if R"ssin Ju ^ R okla ^ wprp ^^ ^- ' moved in to help the Chinese.ep- nnf | M ,._ o t ( n rj r ak» and Mr=' ci'.iy. Cnrdia Drako Friday and Salur- CMPhin-: China cnulrrn'l lie dnne day. wiihn::: fnr more men and sup- Mrs. Shirley Harris and snn, :!·,(·? lhan the Allies h a \ e been Marc, nf Muskogce, Okla.. hav" R-.^s;-; -r, Kurnpe. in rase Russia 3"=r^s '.l-.erc Korea fnifird Allies So 3us5:a has the Allies cuess- :··:. ,~.r.-: hnr had from the bcein- :'::::c ·" i : :"c Korean sheotin^. But ;hr :-'-:-^-::nz s t a r t e d far more than ·'···'·n- to put into Korea, since icturned home after spendinc a f-.ry need ;hcm for defense aeainst u u g, lc "'" h Mr ' and Mrs - Ja « On Theladio Neu York - l,7'l - Tonight: NBC - 7 Cavalcade Drama f~i- t r f Russians probsbly barcained ' nalo; 7:3n "The Big Killer;" 8 ;or. Rnl) Hop? Finale; 8:30 Trulh nr Korea a stai-tiiiu point for, Consequences; 9 What's My Line. ·+' V S. r,nd I'. \. The arms pro-; CBS - 7 People are Funny: 7:30 T=T h"can in earnest. So did the : Mr. and Mrs. North; fl The Linc- A'lantic Part. Sn dirt the rearm- up; Hearthstone's Mystery; Jr.; of Kurope. the idea nf a F.urn- ' 9:30 Robert Q. Waxworks, prsn army, the end of t h e ' w a r ABC - 6 : 1 5 Elmer Davis Cntn- wiMi Germany and the decision to ment; 7:30 Kathi Nnrris Drama; a ',r: Germany join the European Town Mectine "The Conventions"; ,-,rmv. : 9:30 Orchestra Time. Japan \va~ allowed full sover- MBS - 7 Black Museum, Orson cinnty n^ain. with freedom. In re- Welles; 7:30 Dr. Kildare's Story; arm. while the U. S. was allowed 8:ns Detective Drama; 8:30 Mysto use Japan ar. a mililnry base. · teriou., Traveler. I The t'. S. poured money and supplies into the War acainst c o m - ' | niunism in Indorhina. In short, two years ago Russia fared a completely divided and helpless F,urope, and a defenseless Asia. Kurope still is far from ready for a v/ar with Russia but it has made progress in two years. And Cnmmunism in Asia hasn't tried any new adventures in t w o 1 · vrars - TIIKSDAV "p.~M.~~ '" I 11:00 Dinner Music Used by thousands in reducing 6:15 starlight Tim* KGRH nets- -JunRe s Roman Meal Bread. _ 1 " ' Sew-Easy For Young Girls 5.3(1 B:45-Ozarks Sports Review 7.-nn Wayne King Show 7:15 Gabriel Heatter--M 7:30 Rthymic Rendezvous 7:45 Lombardo on the Air 8:00 BASEBAT.T. St. Louis Cardinals Vs. Brooklyn 10:15 Platter Party 10:45 Platter Party 11:01) Platter Party 11:30 Sign Off WEDNESDAY A. M. 5:30 Rise 'n Shine 5:50 R.F.D. 1450 6:00 Rise N 1 Shine 6:30 Markets and Weather 6:35 Rise N" Shine 7:00 Koff^ Kup Kaperi 7:30 Otasro News 7:45 Koffoo Kup Kapors 8:0(1 Robert Hurle.igh--M 8:15 Morning Devotions 8:30 Times Mornins Edition 8:45 Holsum Gospel Hymns 9:00 Morning Melodies 9:15 Panto Stone Show 8:30 Take. A Number 10:011 Food for Thought 10:15 Linda's First Love 10:30 Ouee.i for a Day "We have paper o!i ps , M, SR Gilt,- pi, nFO ,,,,,,-, , d ing Rum to fasten papers tojclhcf.- 8584 I5y Sue Burnett Rummcrlimp fnr a miss of six to fnurloon moans a varirly nf rot- inns tuh easily, koop hor lonkinR so frfsh. This button-front versnn is surf In plonse both mother anrl dnughtrr. raltorn No. R5R4 is a snw-ritr pi'ifnrntod pattorn in F\?.K fi, R ' 10, 12. 14 yiMrs. Si7.o fl, 2U yards i of a-i-inrh. | rnr this pattern, send 30c for EACH, in COINS, your name., address, slies desired, nnd the PAT- i TKRN NIIMHKH io Sup Burnett, I Northwest Arkansas Times ll.'iO Ave. AmerU:as, New York .1(1, N. Y Haste FASHION for ',12 Is filled with Ideas lo mnkc your clothe* hudfiot RO furthrr -- time-snvlnR · nil peonomlcnl dwlRnj that an I MSV tn sew. Gift pattern printed i inside. 21 ccntt. 11:00 Rhythm Ranch Hands II 15 rtaurknno Commentary 11:25 News--M 11:30 Church of Christ ll:-!5 Musical Roundup · 1:55 Market Reports WEIJNFSIIAY P. M. 12:00 Hymns r' All Chiirchel 12:15 News .it Noon 12:30 ChuckwaitOM .lamhnrec 1?:45 Riders of the Turplc SaRe 1:00 IIASERAI.!. Oame of the Pajr W n s h i i i K l x n Sonatnrn Vs. Chiraeo White Sox 3:00 Swinn Session .1:30 Tune- Pick'n TimR :00 Tune Tiek'n Tim« Tune Pick'n Tin-.« S:(K) Clreen Itornot ' »-30 Wild Rill HiekoH 5:55 Cecil Brows

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