Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 24, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1952
Page 7
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rtCMITHWIST ARKANSAS TIMK, roytrfcviltf, ArkoniM. T-JCI 1MJ fait Says He May Not Rule In Committee ' Credentials Group · Division Seen By Ohio Senator Washington - IVP) - Ki»n Hubert A Taft of Ohin said tnrjay hr isn't st all reriain his fnllnuTr? will have a majority nn ihr vMa! f'rr- dential? Commit lep nf the Republican National Convent inn. Thr | credentials group will rerommMd :thp artion to hr t^krn on th^ SMI- inc nf contest Pd Hp'r-oaip,; ,, nrm one nf )h?» principal i^urs bc- Iwpon Taft and flrn. Pwiffht D. iMsmbnvcr in ihfir hstllr f»r tho CIOP prrsirirniial nnininalinn. Fm-h stair rlrtogatinn tn the Ohi- CHEO rnnvrntinn namoj; two m?m- hnvs nf thp crrrinntiHis uroup. Whilr pnrnn of his back PCS have i'l.-iimerl Taft uill have a majority fif th^ 1 \ nirs in mnrp than half M HIP FtHtns. tlif Ohioan said that dnr.'s't in^im ilip commit loo will hp st.irkprt in his la\'or. "Thorp a IT all shades nf political npininn represented 3111003 ibr npdrntials members who already hiM'f he^n chosen." Taft saitl. ''1 Hnn'i ihink any on** ran say that thp rommitlpn will lie rontrnllpd." font PS Is over H el epa linns rion'l get to the credentials froup until after th» Republican National Committee hns ruled on them. Then, the credentials members are restricted, by rom oniion r u I P S from taking any now testimony. They can only pass on evidence brought before the national group, A majority nf National Committee members are generally resnrd- eri as favoring Taft's candidacy. This, plus the naming of Taft supporters lo key positions in the nominating convention, has led Eisenhower's backers to charge a "steamroller" is beinj; prepared against them. Concrete Pavement your best investment in Roads W HEN a stile's principal roads are built of portland cement concrete, highway funds are conserved because concrete roaH.s trc long-lived and economical to maintain. Ask your public officials for CONCRETE ROADS PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION »U Filli IM fll , WempMt , Tenn. A nattornl ofganiiolinn lo tfnprovn ond c*t*i*tf Ihn n\e\ of concrtto ,. i through teientilk reieorch and encinearing field work DougasNot In Favor Of River Project "Congress' Folly" May Be Tog On Plan, He Says Wnshinglnn-f/Pl-Kpnatnr DniiE- as {D-IIH «sys h* Ihinks a plan in make the Arkansas River nnvi- C a ^'P may becnmff knnwn «s "Cnn- · press' folly." , He wax supporting his eonte.n- tinn that Ihe Senate should nil ' 100 million dollarr from the rivers and harbors prnjeets in the eivil , ft nrtinns appropriation bill--in| eluding seven million dollars for Arkansas River bank stabilization 1 work. Senator Meridian (O-Ark) tnld ,lhe Ilfinnis senator that the work j included in the bill was for a 1 project tn halt hank eave-ins threatening expensive levPf.«. hijrh- wiyp. railroads and farm land alnnr the hank? of the Arkansas j The money stayed in the bill in ·Ihe Senate--but now fares a hud- . Eft-minded House \vhirh oriei- na'ly \~otpd only two .million dn!- |lar^ fnr the work. The budget rp- !quest calls for four miljinns. and ! lhe House has an almost inflexthtp ! rule agains* hiking htidpet e^ii- Fines Offered As Result 01 Riots ('hirapo-'/lVThe chief nf pnlirp mid two polirpmpn, nf luhurhan Cicprn WPTP fmpd a Utal of $2.MH) yesterday as thp result nf riots last July fnurhed off when a Negro funiilv nitpmptod to move into thp all-while suburb. Federal .Tudjjp Waller .r. I.Miuv fined Chief Erwin Knnnvsky $2,- nnn and Spt. Roland Rrani and Palrnlmnn Frank A. I.anjie, ?25'J earn. The three were convicted by a federal jury on JUMP X of deriving the civil riRhts nf Harvey K. Clarke ,!r.. * Negro who attempted to move, his family into a Cireni apartment. The jury alpn found Konovsky amity of conspiring to deny the civil rights of Clark. A mob P5limqled at S.OOO rioted in the suburb intermittently during three days, until Illinois National Guard troops nnd police restored order. Clark never moved into the apartment. County Polio Chairman Returns From Meeting Hrnry .Seaman, chairman n f "IP, · \Vashinetnn Oounly rhaptr: nf t h e ' : I^.itiona] Foundafinp for Infantile '. · Paralysis, h.ip relumed fmm St. · ' Ijouis where he attended a f i v p - 1 state rnnference on polin problems. · ! Attending thp conference were · | more than 77 chapter chairmen ' |from Arkansas, Missmin, TPPIIFS- , · sec. Kentucky, nnd Illinoi 1 ;. fira- , inflhi reported that the Washington j ;County chapter is paying p a t i e n t - . fare costs for 12 polio victims whn I have suffered the disease in the ] past. Any new* cases should be, j reported to the chapter rhajrmnnJ i If help is needed from the IN. F. I. P. call 3103 or 1702-R I FayrtUrille. 'mates. In view of this rule. HIP ' t s o n a l Ihree millions dde- m t h r ; | Senate may bp in jeopardy. Mr- ' j d e l l a n s.iid he'd rather vieM nn . ·)hr three million dollars an the hill for Table Hock dam am..^ the line in Missouri than the bank ' 5 t q h i l i ? a f inn \vnrk. Eden And Acheson Map Ways To Meet Cold War Threats l.nndnn - (-'I 1 ' - I', fi. Spcn't in ' of Statp Dean AchcMm and Mr;t · isb Secretary An'hony Kden mnl i today to in HP nut joint Mrai^cv j alone a Rlnlv-airHlinir ac.ii-C'nm- : imiMi-Ji I font slii'leliuijj from flrr- mnny's Kibe to Korea's Valu K i v i" r | AcheMHi ftew In I.nn'Ii.n \rOiM'- j'iny in |-pcriw ;ui h"norr.rv doi'ir-n 1 fmm Ovfnrd t'ni 1 . and to |la!k \v«h hi«= We;' K:irn|iean rnl- |lenErue-;. Their periodic nirptinjr«i! .are r|e*ipnrd to m! ihf wheels o f . i foreign pnlirv cnnpcratnm nnd j ci\'C the west united ati'. t 'f i r.': tn I any Soviet mm es in the rnid vnr. j French Foreign Minister Hnhert · iSchuman joins the discu^pinns herf on Friday. Acheron's srhectulf also included 3 lutvhmn n.ct'iMi^ with Prime MuiisJrr ("hurcluK in. d-ay. There is |;PII|\ tn tn!k nhmit. In WrMc-i n !-".iuii|ii\ \}\f fui r'i;n · !'.;M' nf imptoviiiif recrntiy. aiu* tin''* 1 uiih Iran, which I';I\T rift Hoped - fnr agree men Is \ v i t t : Kfi'.-pt in r h f disptiiejt ov*r BrUi.'-h Irf.nn 1 ; (here .-tiul thr s t ; i t i K nf !'i« cnnie-,tprl Suriiin unuM rlrnr 1h«« ·-· :i\ !di a iifi. in'nrn.'ihonal (!«· - gii- Sittv (';ir,.il. Kill m Ir;in. ri'i 1 -!^ thmt?. ni" mnunlmg ,1* Ihr rmm- try, c-ithmileti in li«r r\\\ f j u a i r* 1 ! w i t h B r i t a i n , ncar^ hankrupir; Vesterriny's .son-plane raid -n Nnrth Korean power p h n f * huh- Hchtpd l.nndnn speriilntmn th;it MVIHT pnhrv shifl-: flr" in the *·*(- (me in ihe Far E;ist. \\'heihrr t h i specula! inn \\-*\ w e ! l - f minded nr not. Arheson and F.drn '.'-ere r-r- !nin tn f l i v j - i i - p t h f repm-is nn K'«- rrri frnrn HrilHin'"; rir'-fen-p niini r - tT. I-ie!f(. Marshal Karl Alex«nr)..|. HP it due bnrk herp brfnm th" rnd nf \\-\r- \\ r-r-y, n f t o r Ulks in W . t ? huiclnn \-f 'nrdn v nnr[ Inday. TflZH^^fni'';^^^!'^!;!' Another Suit To Teil Irnn (.'ui-t.TJM .'iin h-htiMt; l - i t f r r ! - n i r *· · o nr^,,,. .ho ,,n,o»,-;,, y , w ,·:!». ilalc Segregation Law .n^nlary np|iro\-nlf. j Kilon \vn; ovpi-c'lrrt In s'rr.'- l i t l l o Fin ' ··! =. nrilnin's curiTnl lirarhn-lir-: in !h' ;i I'nic Hlulf Nrcrn nlmmcy. ;i 3: iin Mirttllo FiiM, uhorp iinli-riiilivh i s i-hallrneinc Arlcirv;ri5 K-hnnl ;-rnlimrnt Mntr hn^ hern n htj; ]..ic- sr(riT«ntinn !nw:, in thr fnrm nf n ripr tn pnttiMK Ihp Arrih s(;d«?s HC- suit ft(r;impt a .Inffnn'on (Inutily 'tvrly in !hc u-pstrril rnmp. prhnol f'iytriil. Klmvrrs fjlnd the Major lurnitiR pnm(t: ;H'P ^x- :;uil in Knflrrnl f'nurt hfrp ycstfr- prclf-H r.-iin in RMtain'.i rc-lsTinrs day ncfliiut whonl honrrt mfmhcrs ' wilh Kirypl, whii-h h.T-r flinwn nf the Mayflnwfr Srhnnl Nn 73 ^nd Supl. Knrl F. H"fl:rc- on th« p"'i!i'in. |'nn. fi'ivrn .v^i'ri «-hr,..| p'rirs Thr»f similar suits «r» pendiol ^ll-rllrf. ,Vk:,|'tH ·.' . N f ] ( '.II- ' j M i M f T ! ; i ! 1* 'T|Ma,ili .iii.l vr-ii'.-. 'n " M... f .,,, ,,, ||, qncurfl a .'hir'ls rt U S firm ·liu-j,.-: i : . i - i n i h i « . c-p'-'-uilv ih"i» in the mi p . i ·'! ' " . - · · In".- .ind vpry huh i.icomt '-1 qruj rr . :i:-i'-'.n 1 . h V. ^ *n'irr«5 nf caih in- ·«ilt 'n rill/' rn..n r..,'!,-!· ^hrlr farmi. BECAUSE OF THE JH^EAJ WAVE!! GARDENHIRE JEWELRY CO. "OLDEST JEWELRY STORE IN TOWN" 15 NO. BLOCK ST., FAYETTEVILL! Continues by Popular Request PI BUC DISPOSAL SALE ENTIRE STOCK NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, SILVERPLATE, S T E R L I N G , CHINAWARE, CRYSTALWARE REDUCED 25 tO 70% OFF OPEN EVERY EVENING UNTIL 9 DON'T MISS THIS SALE -- C-O-M-t !f NOW! Put the refriiferntor ii ynur hnm» that »11 your fri-wli «r- InlHnK about . . . the new SERVEL with PERMACoLP . . . the frre/.ing sy-lrm wiln no rnn"in? parts . . , rothinir to we«r -- stays silent forever, and the freezing ' fj-ftem is hacked by a ten-year warranty -- twice as long as any other. Find out for yourself about this miracle refrigerator. PUT ANEW SERVEL Completely new . . . no more Inefficient refrigeration and food ·collage because of heavy frost formation. l r r"rt accumulation in whipped away quickly, silently . . . automatically. Now you can enjoy completely carefree automatic rtffrosting. Icmpera- ture in frozen food compartment actually dropi during defrost i n g . . . Let SERVEL prove what kind of t refrigerator 1 best for you. Enjoy Ihe u-o of its many new and different feature*. See why SERVEL ii outstandingly different, an-i vill prove it'i the only refrigerator for you »nd your family. IN YOUR OWN KITCHEN The revolutionary npw 1952 SERVEL piarris frosh and frozen foods as no other refrijrorator can! Only P E R V E L gives \'ou a freezing system that goes into action on a change of even one degree. Get yours today -- it's easy -- just drop in ... or give us a ring on the phone. Tell us you want to prove the new SERVEL in your own k i t c h e n . We'll deliver your sparkling new and different SERVEL to your own home . . . you hand us one small dollar -- a n d that's all. LIMITED TIME ONLY! AFTER THIS TO DAY TRIAL OFFER-IF YOU DESIRE TO RETURN THE SERVEL-YOUR $1 PAYMENT WILL BE REFUNDED. SEE YOUR SERVEL DEALER COMi IN TOVAY! TV l.ilcs f a m i l y of Arkansas--Iwo (tonpralions of Icloplinno mnn w i l h a family record of 105 yearn in the bwiatM. Alack ami Gcorgn, lof*., are now working in Fayettcville; Milford nd Ben work in Fort Smith. ONE FAMILY-four telephone careers ARKANSAS ASTERN [JAS (COMPANY "Helping Build North and West Arkansas" MACK HIES (1) STARTED IT whim he went lo work for Ihr Heplioim rnrnpnnv Unk in 1911. Ilin lirothrr, Urn. I?.i wasn't f;ir behind ;i* li» M.-irt'd wilh thr rnmp;inv jiiBt. a ff-w rmmlliB lnir-r in llu: Kimc yrnr. Hnlli Murk nnd Rp.n linve soen Ih-ir wma fnllnw in lh"ir foolslcpn. Gmrge '.t', Mack's nn. h;m IH yr.-ir; wrvirp; nivl Mil- frird Ml, Ron's mm. w i t h Oyc.irs' service, kcepa U'lcplionp. work a family iiflair. COUECTIVELY, THE tllfS look hnck with natisfncHon on mure than a cenMirv of l/Jcphone work and look for- wnrd lo iniiny morr. They like Ihpir jolw, earn good pay and enjoy wirkini; wilh friendly, congenial people. In llifl wordn of Hen Lilcs. "If we nil had it to do over ncnin, you ran liol thrrc would Htill \K an entire LUea family in the telephone business." WHY HAS GENERATION AFTER OfNEKATrON of Arksn- MS fnmilif* like the l.iles chrxwm lifelong caieuii n tb* telephone buainww? To begin with, it's important tad i n f e r f w t i n R work- this job of supplying the world'l bMt lolrphnrw nervier. I t is nn up-from-lhe-rank* buaUTMM w i t h no«l pnv nnd plenty of opportunity for ncnbitioui men nnd women to get n h e n d - thd kind of carwr t*l»« phone people urge their children to carry on. K* 10NO DfSMNCf MRVICr. ; i

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