Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on October 1, 1974 · Page 8
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 8

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 1, 1974
Page 8
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8 · Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Tues., Oct. 1, 1974 FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS Draculas Grave Is Researched By Archaeologists SNAGOV ISLAND, Romania (AP) -- This wooded island inl the heart of a big Romanian lake resort never has visitors at night. Some say Dracula is buried here. , Among the fervent believers 'is Romania's Tourist Ministry. · .As dusk falls and the last ferry chugs back to ·the mainland, only lour people stay behind-two Christian Orthodox monks End their assistants. They look after the island monastery where, it is claimed, the ."Prince of Darkness" sleeps. The resting place is a lop tourist attraction, despite years of controversy over whether il is the right spot. ' Romania's real-life Dracula was Prince Vlad HI, born in ·1431. A sadistic, blood-thirsty tyrant--German chronicles say he skinned people and boilec their heads in kettles--the prince gave himself the nickname Dracula, meaning son o the devil. But Vlad was better^ known to his subjects, as Tepes, or ii English, impaler. His favorite sport was sticking people on stakes. One papal nuncio estimatec that he impaltd 100,000 persons during his reign over the prin cipality of Wallachia. Today it's part of Romanian territory bor dering on Bulgaria. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRYSIDE The brave of heart who visi Reese Hurts Knee AUSTIN, Tex. (AP) -- Defen sive tackle Cornell Reese hur his knee in Texas' 26-3 loss tc Texas Tech Saturday and may be lost to the Longhorns for tin rest of the season, says thi : team doctor. Reese, a C-foot-3, 254 pouni 'senior, was filling in for Free Currin, who injured his knee ir the Wyoming game Sept. 2 and also may miss the remain ing Texas games. . nagov take a 25 - mile drive orth of Buchtresl. The 1 u s h, reen, rolling countryside is xaulitul and inviting. That is, ntil you see the island. Thick with trees, its banks are hidden by tall, drooping rater reeds which look as liough they've been sapped o neir strength. The grave, said to be Dra ula's, was discovered by Ho nania's eminent archaeologist inu Rosetti, in 1931 after hi ollowed up a folk lore story snown only to neighboring vil tigers across the lake. The prince, so the tale goes vas buried under a stone slal list inside the monastery' doorway. Worshippers enterin t presumably relieved hi 'troubled spirit" by walkin; over Mm. There, under a pile of brick vprk, lay a skeleton complet vith skull. Inside the grave wa he tattered remains of a ver rich costume, also a belt huckl ind signet ring. It bore the em )lem of Dracula. M y s t e; r y , however, nov shrouds the findings in th grave. Shortly after the Bucl arest "Historical Museum too possession of the ring, clothe and buckle, they inexplicabl disappeared. To this day nc 30 dy can explain how the were lost. Despite strong local belief th monastery is Dracula's reslin place, one of Romania's leadin historians, Constantin Giuresci maintains Dracula was b headed by the Turks sometim around 1470. The head wa nailed to the gales of Islanbj for everybody to see' the ii famous impaler, says Giuresci Dracula believers say it wa common practice in those da; for rich families to pay for tl delivery of their dismcmbere kinfolk, and that explains tl skull in the monastery grave. Next year, the Romanian a thoritics plan a systcmalic e cavation of ' Snagov to try confirm the evidence. Housing Market Has Shriveled To Almost Nothing NEW YORK (AP) -- The biggest components in the selling price of a new, single-family house are generally considered to be the cost of construction materials, 32 per cent, land, 25 per cent, and- labor, about 15 per cent. ' ,-"' Since the price of all three lias risen sharply in the past lew years, so has the sales price of the- average new house--from $30,500 in 1972, to $35,500 last year, according to The Conference Board. Over a 10-year period to 1073, states the board, a business and economic research organization, the price of comparable new homes rose 84 per cent. It cites Federal Home Loan Bank Board figures to indicate that the price tags on existing homes doubled in the same period. But now the catch. With mortgage money tight and with many families unable to come Family Oil Well The Douglas Mitchell family stands in front of the family oil well in Nowata, Okla. which he drilled himself by borrowing equipment and do- ing the' work. Since it w a s brought in last spring, it has produced 2,759 barrels. (AP Wirephoto) up the substantial down Fence Party NEW YORK (AP) -- No one had to call police to complain about the party the two neighborhood fences threw for 42 well dressed burglary suspects. That's because the two "fences" were police themselves. And so were the cab drivers who drove the guests to a Queens warehouse for the festivities. And the eight "ushers" inside the warehouse wore distinctive blue uniforms and carried b'adges. When the party ended abruptly Saturday night all the guests found themselves booked on possession of stolen property charges, and police were looking for 130 other invited guests Oil Savings WASHINGTON (AP) -- More than 200 million t i r e casings nre discarded each year in the U.S., according to the Tire Ret- r e a d Information Bureau. That's enough to circle the earth four times at the equator. Retreads are a way of recycling tires while saving valuable crude oil reserves. It takes seven gallons ot oil to produce an average automobile tire, hut only Vk gallons to retread one! At that rate, the more than 40 million retreads sold in 1973 alone saved hundreds of millions of gallons of crude oil. who allegedly did business with the "fences." payments required, the housing market has shriveled almost to nothingness in many areas. This means the proud home owner who brags about his hedge against inflation -can my an illusory world. If there isn' a market, how can there be selling price? True, when the market come alive again, he might obtaii double his money. But if Ii were to sell today, he migb get double what I paid for hoiise" -- may be living in ' T-J --*'T £1 £*£·"·*( » v~ * " ·""»» . Ncx-ttWGn*. Ark F»kxza. ' . B2I--T1T1 , -^A_ H. Ill -.· j*?^ * " V T I V d» ^^t-j^ V TM *.V. * v - , Up-To-Date Look of the Bast At Yesteryear's Price SHIELD OF SAVINGS tind that big price tag canno be converted into dollar bills. Even before the economi summitry past montl the subject of credit allocatio was being discussed in bankin and housing circles, among otl ers. A d v o c a t e s ot allocatio claimed that some deservin sections of the economy, sue as housing, were being starve for funds Because they co'uldh pay :· price. Allocation credit by price alone was un fair, they said. The arguments cation against other criteria, sue as social good -or greater pr ictivily, were immediately nt- icked by economists and fi incial men. Controls on crcd they claimed, would only iake mallei's worse. What they really were say g, however, was that controls y government would be bat ut that controls by private in ustry, .that is, the bankers ould be permissable. The fac :, that banks must conlro icir distribution of credit. To Resign SACRAMENTO, Calif (AP - LI. Gov. Ed Reinecke say; e will resign his state pos hen he is sentenced Wednes ay in Washington on a perjury onviclion in the ITT case. Reinecke, 50, a Republican onvicled July 27 of lying to J.S. Senate committee in 1971 ad filed motions asking revcr al of his conviction or a ue\ rial. The motions were r ectecl Friday by U.S. Dislric udge Barrington Parker ii Vashinglon, Reinecke said in statemen ilonday: "In view of th udge's decision . . . I will re sign as lieutenant governor s nullaneously with my scnlen ng ..." Reinecke faces up to fi\ years in prison and a $2,00 'ine on the conviction of lyin .0 ' the'Senate Judiciary Con mittec in testimony about Inte national Telephone Tel graph Corp.'s $400.000 offer I underwrite the 1972 Republics National Convention. RUPTURE-EflSER Pattnltd 3?*..$7.95 No Fittlnj Riquirrf HOW Ircp/OMdl StrWK, form-lilting, ttsstiib! support for l ("ucibloTnzuhal litmB. Comfort back f la p. Sups to fior' Soil, flat groin pad. N ileel or leather band:..Unexcelled for comfort. F« men, vsomen, chitdien, Side Square 41J-7J. Emory Researcher Keeps Dogs Clinically Dead For Two Hours ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - A re- oarchcr says clinically dead ogs liavo been revived after iiort periods without suffering rain damage in experiments hat someday may help sur- eons operating on humans. Dr. Vojin Popvie, u' physi- logy professor at Emory Uni- ersily, said he has kept dogs nd hamsters clinically dead or two hours. He said it is the longest nimals have been "dead" and len revived without damage to ital organs/ "If we can do this with dogs, t can also be done with man," e said. "It would be a boon for urgeons to have several hours n which to complete a delicate iperation i n s t e a d of min- tes, and' not have to worry bout the patient's blood circu ation or the possibility of brair damage." Some doctors perform limitec urgcry in which they lower a lalienl's body temperature to .ecrease blood flow in the rady. At norm al t emper ature s he brain can survive abou ive minutes without oxygen be ore serious damage occurs,; 'opovic said. ' Cooling slows metabolism', and physiological func-' ions. , In his experiments wilh dogs, i'opovic cools the animals'- jody temperature to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, or 48 degrees below: normal. : At that point, Popovlc says animals are "clinically dead", with no measurable electrical activity In the heart or brain, no blood circulation or blood, pressure. After two hours, blood pres». sure and circulation are gradu-" ally restored. Each dog returns, to its normal temperature and the heart and brain resume their normal activities. EXPERT WATCH REPAIK SWIF CT North TMiM-V St. i f £ S \ J DUDES DOLLS SQUARE DANCE CLUB Lessons at Asbell Elementary School Wed- nesday nights, 7:30-9:30 p.m. Will accept married couples thru Oct. 9th. For Information Call 521-7299 or 839-2552 ts i f J1U . Tsior-thweert ArR. F*lnza. r . erai-Tim t , Mtw ,5s, -»* - One and two quart covered saucepans, five quart covered Dutch Oven and 10 inch skillet. 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Sleepwear--DILLARD'S-First Floor Now.. .Three Convenient Ways To Charge These two popular credit cards plus your Dillard's credit card .. .At All DILLARD'S and DILLARD'S Pferfer-Blass Stores In Arkansas Open Monday Thru Saturday 10 A.M. Until 9 P.M.

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