Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 23, 1952 · Page 7
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 7

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, June 23, 1952
Page 7
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Tenney Wins State Amateur Golf Title Wood, Barnes, Bird Win In Other Flights New Chomp Wallops Hollowoy By Wide Margin, 11 And 10 Korth Little Rock. With Chisox; Tribe Wins Two National Loop Box Scores - JOE REICHLER [SPORTS NOHihWSiT AKKANSAS TIMES, i oyelt.vlllB, Arkon.ot,, Mondey, Juno 23, 1952 Robinson Seeks Third Ring Title Against Joey Maxim New- York - iffi . - New York - H'i . On the»· hill side of nne of Ihe most brilliant rirerrs in the hutory of l.ox- j in,. Sllfir R.v Rnhinsnn tep ,,n in rlass lonifht apamst l.izht l!t»vyw«i(ht (.'h«mnion .Inty I Maxim in « bold trv (nr · Ihirfl world title ' predicts B gross file of over |(f)0.- Otin. Th» rlub inid it ulreidy hart over' JSfl'l.lion in thr li'l. The hout v ill he binmtd o-. «r a closer; circuit lo 3ft theater* in 2J ·Hies oulsidr of New Vork This expfrled to hrlng in tnMhtr Larry ··} fUl the d* shoes is th arted Jo- DiM e',^ th . r Arkansas Amateur Coif; Country Club here. j Tenney gained his fir=t *tate : ·tie m 14 attemot. and ,vas also t o r me/ lalist in recent years o^o on and win the champion- i Tennev war three under o?r i w "n Holloway conceded the 2fith hole sfter his drive went into the ·OITOM «b r h t. M i f i t Jethroe. Slaufhltr, rf 4 n C Gnrdcn If Sisler, !b ( 1 1 Burnt, r H Hicw. If 4 2 3 D'ltmfr. -»b Urarey. 11 o o 0 Mathewi tt D Rice, c J l (i Locin. it J hnion. 3 b 4 1 2 Bickfrrd n Bruit, p 4 0 l-Tlrrk-on Totals .15 7 Ifl To'.ib l--Wi!ked lor Blckfsrd hi continually in trouble with erratv v-0-idE. At the end of the fir't 13 *o»f. Trnney was S-up and he '"· '. r?e of the eicht holes "'av- ··n the rerond round to olinch victory. i Saturday's semi-finals Ten- de'«ate-l three-time chsrnnion ^rd (Bubba) Smart of Pine A" ! -on of Fert Smith 1-un. Tenney took Ih- victorv from Smart with a birdie o n the 17th rile. Sm?--t was "never even after the second hole. nMiw.iv an,} Allison olaycd nin »nd tuck lolf throughout the rr-alcf,. with Holloway takinp (he lath and l^e match with a nar-4 a't«r AM.'5on sot into the roujh anH couldn't recover. Oiwter-finsl nlay Saturday morn.irj saw Allison down the favored dcfendinc chamnion Ro^s Cnll.ns of Monticello. 4 and il. Allison took an esrh- lead and Collins never was able to catch un. In other nusrtpr-final r,] a 'y Hol- Inwnv defeated S.-im MeKinncv of I"rt Smith, 5 and 4: Tenney ou=t- erl Paul Colium, OH Belt Chamn from E| nnrado. 4 and 3, an d Smart downed Davis I,ove Jr.. of El Dorado. 3 nnd 2. Boston K---Thorpe in 8th f!"l mrt . nni-Brszle i. sisltt" their way to their fourth successive American League pennant. The slusjring catcher, off to a rajted start due lo a hand injurv. has been hotter than loo degrees . in the dugout curinj the past two . 1 9 0 wcek! - As a result, the Yankees 4 n n have swept past both Cleveland J ' J and the Boston Red Sox into first place. In the last 14 games, Berra has hammered in home runs, dri\en in . . 20 of his team's 63 runs and per- Joist » o o sonally accounted for eight of their ·',"" jj J J nine victories. Thai's reminiscent' }'Jl° r o n o of DiMa-gio at his best. , z^rn! It was a foui-ba^eer bv Berra yesterday fiat snapped a six-inn-! KM ing scoreless duel between Billy: Tip and Bob Kuzava of the Yankees. N " I.'wimlii.. K Touring Pros Finally Upper Hand In PGA Tourney American Loop Box Scores The sleek, clever, power-punch- I ""ft, 1 '".' 1 '" , hrln| ln tn * th ' r inj middleweight kin* wa rn ..d: $lnn '° n " '"' lh « principals to an e v e n money choire to 1 "'* " p ' Under lh " r M ' M !pl " ' t'''(iay wit 1 '. Iliiil he expi -Bob Hamil- .-tnd ( T M - k v . moved ·· PfiA titlr- picture i;/ n r-?harp came lr-r| would "hold up 3 0 1 4 ft 0 J 0 1 3 0 2 f»?'roa 4, Ph l;r'r;t?li 3 nnir OAMI PHILAOtL'H'* DCTROIT l'. r h ,h I I"' 1 n.ur.rtn--(inal f : i-'mirir he was very much moid to reoc;,l in IHp mam asloundnn 1 rtvrnn SK."l in llonqier. the ci-dn.p left in ri, assured all come i 15. or 16 - pound weight handicap and join Ruby Dob Kiti- timmons imtrldleweishl. he«w- weijbl. light h e a \ y w » i s h t ) and IfHther. light, wcllrrl in Ihe ul- tra-exeluuve ranks of three dm- sion rulers. "I'm not what I us-d to 'on bill I still ihmk I ran win th,i one." said Ihe dapper. 31-vcar old Roh- mson at he wallerl out the hour' for bn D p. PI. Eastern St«nd«rd Time 15-rounder in Yankee Sl«di- um. "r:i be ul there punching In the event Rohlnr.rn v.-inj. the ew York commi.-Mon and the weight rrown. The lame thing happened when Suiar E«y, then the welterweight king, captured the middleweight crown from Jake La.viotta in Chicago February It Ifl.M. The llni-ersity of Alabtma'i Tide history. lh Va'.o. rf Zfrnlz'. If Ph IV- . c f Hllrhr'k. :h "b 1 . I " 1 third rouiHl. nolrrs in ., wrre th. yesterday's r|, with I I I ? n i _ ·"" slsl ' Jsthree H^mus Hfmu. Bos'nn 4 _. I. Jeater 1. Iriz'e I Jester 1. Brat!* s. anri Crn»i K ': Srhnmd'ffnTt Ufl--S-. T-nuij 4. ?kford 1. BurdttlE 3. SO--B-ckford 2 HO--Bickfcrd 5 in V.-nkcBp wont on lo win the onen- er. 3-n: They lort the second. 2-1.1 but retained their two-game lead- when the fourth place Indian?, swept a twin bill from th* Red- ntn a force n'.iv lnr t SIIM «d for Snuchork in r.'lh lia :m ion (toi nnn - nm or (no nni- one-sided r-torir." and m-nH |i^^ e other pt'imn rlrolre masters in the quar- i Fred Haas .Ir. a pro circuit regular from New Orleanr; Frank Chamn. a drivini ranrro pro from Houston: f'arencp I)n-"r from Hartsriale. N. y ; nr. Cary Mid- - -- ·- : · · · ""orHiff K V , | (ICOMD Boston rm pm nnp--2 s i Batteriff: Brecheen iWPi. D Rice Spohn (LPi. Burris. Cincinnati S- Phil-'delptii* 1 FIRST C»MI CINCINKATI PHIL*DIL»-HI» ab r h .1. S'inri ?,. NV\ 2. Nuwhmi.'pr .1 inning.; Nw-:'n ,, l.".h: S'inri :, m i n t, r.n 7.-.M .:· I 3-.1 v;_x [ii I.B-"hil n-Zoiduk :,. ·h^n-rr 2 Sn. H0-7nld'k Bnrk-kl. If Ari.Tm-. ."b Halicn. ?h Ad--rk. lh .'"cminirk. r II. rf f. cf 3 ft n Wni'kii* Ib 4 n ". .\shhnrn. cf 4 1 n M»mn»T .^ 3 n 1 T-:nn-.-. I f 5 n 2 W.vVrk. rl 4 1 1 Ryan, ?h 3 1 n Jor,c«. 3h 4 n n Simmons, p 1 n c, rClark :, 1 ". .1 n .1 .1 n i 4 o n 3 n i 3 0 0 3 1 1 3 I 1 1 n n 1 fecond place, a half game in (mil I of Ihe Red Sox and Indians. The second, half of the Amcri- cpn 1 -: iu? remained as all four teams divided dnubl?- hccder.-.. The Wash.-nslnn Scrainrs, jumped ofj to an 8-5 first game. SECOND C*MI victory but Ihe St. Louis Rrnwns. "huadt'phu 101 nn came bark with a 3-! win. nelroit ' "pTM.'^ ,, Sl . hr| tool; a bard-foiisht 13-innine 4-.1: llnuilemin' it.'pi c decision from rhilBdelphih bul Ihe' "nr non rm- ' W P v A:r n s 9 T o a ' s Adc Fay Rob Barnei. FavrfllcviUe's nly entry in the ordinal 32-rihce r'-amnionslun bracket. s'ru« E led , Cin-lnnatl'" t'-roueh after losini; hi s first t, V n i phl " d * lphli rostche-. to esnture (Me ronsola- Un~ H Aj" nb u matches f'ronped into th* first 1'-W. Barnes defeated .lohn I,a- nicr. 1-up. in the consolation. And Larry Bird. makinB one of «-- Balled for b-- Batlpd for Bnrko c-Sallta for s-mnion rt-- Ballei) for n v . n I "~ Ballfd "' Cjbsll.r '~? a " td ! " Koniipnl '" r " lrt »" 1 "'' AIMetics bounced back with a fl-l)'""" "j-iiininh. i Rain cut National I.rapue .-icti 11 -! ' HKW ily in half, forcing Hie postpone-! i " o ment of the scheduled double; JV"" 1 " f J J J header between Chicago and the'n^ i c i n n Gianls in New York and the .smile I n«rr 2h o n o affair in Brooklyn between Pitts-If"" 1 " j n J bur;rh and the Dodgers. AirtiRht hurlinc Iv Al firazle and Harry Rrcchecn i Rave t'ne St. Louis Cardinals n | pair nf 7-2 victories over the Ros- ! To;n'« ton Braves while Cincinnati and Philadelphia split. The Men's copped- the opener, 5-1. nnd the Phillies prevailed, 3-0. in Ihe I 3. CMM»« I FIRST C»M«- ,, rf .13 , In 6;h Klh in M, in 9;h. . I ^V 1 ,',southpaws ! r *irn*. Kllzav . ' Yo'rk 5 I 1 r n» 4 n 1 Mir 3 1 0 Mr' . .. . ft I Ttnh'nunn 1 4 0 ; Mat-. i ', 0 I Thi-m 3 n I Ki,-a 7 n 1 r«r'q, · 4 0 OPiprrt · - . " 4 n n 3 0 0 J o n . i o n I n o 3 n i it was Il.-imilton apainst C'-amn, H.-.ibril ;i-ain"t Has". Hoser. at:a' Tiunr-sfi anrl Mir!Hlecnff ;ipainst Kroll. Hamilton w.-is al his pe-ik vrs- ' l"idav n-J h" nl.-ivlr'-M lh,- i-pioran V1-- Ohr-77i from Inwo'vl, l.ons Island, n ami H. |ie uii...| one-::id- rd margin o' ihr i;r,2 Inuinam-Pl. | Harhert lriinini-l Ilrnry \Vil- I liams .Tr. of Kiil/lnwn. Pa .'fi and ! B; DOST v.-on ffiin .lack Kiacs of ·Ijincley Kirlrl, Va.. l-un; Tnrnesa took Ihe me;i^iire of Arcenlinft's Unbcrto dc Viri'luo, ! pnd 4: Middle-off eliminated Al Smith of ll-invilie, Vn.. 4 and 2; Kroll rrlr.crl In- rinv Hornshcrcer of ri.-irk-.lon. W.--Fh.. 2 .-.r.rl 1; Haas had In c-i .T1 holes lo K el bv Milon M'iri'w of llcrldmcr. N. Y., 1-up- ' and Oiainn Rot by Walker Bur- kenin. 1,-isl vepr'.i ninni-r-iip from Franklin. Mich.. .1 and I. Mnmillnn. a former Inurist nn the pro circuit from Evimsvlllr. in the . and trying for a knockout.' ?r that M«vlm Cnnflrtent 1911 "If anyone Is K oin ? lo score anv snorted Maxim. "Charles and Wal- coii nevt-r «\en floored ms, 10 what's he «oinij In knock me nut with? I'll hell him oul." Th» handsome, .10 - vrar - old Clevelander doesn't like Suiar Ray and he doesn't cure who knows It. He'd like nolhln( better Ihan to b* the first man ever to flatten the world-famed Har- lemile. Despite the fiery talk, rtarkist: Jim haired ,Ioey'i long-time hahits of Manor. ; caution m the rint probably won't another be changed overnight. He'l'l prob- r from ; «bly flub with hi! left, punch in- I side an often as possible, and try os over to tie up Robinson before he can Course, , let 10 with hlj rippling combinations. Mn I of (he js.nnn fans who «re expected lo turn out at prices from s.i to $.111 figure on seelnir the 'bout ro Ihe full roule. Anv quirk explosions will hc juM froMmj on' Ihe cake. j In case of rajn. :hr outdoor show i wi" |, P m ,v,-«tl back to Wednesday' ni^ht. N'n Television _ There will be no home television or radio hro»dcasl« nf the ·He of rhamninnj" and the pro- nmting International Roxlns Cluh hiskey with ^fge in its flavor. . . Ask fat "double A" The Straight Kentucky Bourbon for"double d"htuts.. 6 PtOOI. AUCIIM! AOf OISTIUING T O , FMNKrOdt. ICY. Ipd.. bul werK-r-nrl oKr in his j vl*!! ari SB~ A dam". S--Hamncr. Adam ' Adams. DP-'mnt.' l ""llv,n S rnaTv" r : · k u j . LMI-Cinclnnall l|. Philadelphia fme time, came through with a consolation ti(i s ,,, tnc ti ., h , h f'^t. defeating Walter Davis of _ Little Pock. 5 and 4. Roy Wood, who recently \Vas a winner in the senior flight of the ! cinr-nnit; Little Rock Country Club Four- I TM l «. d '!!i! baH tournej'. raptured t*ie state sonlnr's championship hy downing Hiosen l in l',. Kon- · " * ' ER-R«fpoEb?ritr I H.njen n 1 " l: Borceii. PI- -"i. tl-- Jordi. '--r*! T--2:4[. (ECOND CAMI 000 000 0--0 ,", 2 OHO 000 3--3 10 0 leir ILP) anri Semi- 1 and Burg-rs*. New £AU High Jump Record Long E«ach, Calif. -iip\. \v a \i Din-is. San Antonio, Texas, set a meet record of fi-inu j,i hirli - The Institute of Science and Techno'ngy's Softball team Etaseri a last inning rally Fridny afternoon to beat the Vetsrans Hoc- Blanked hy Kuzava with two sinples in the opener, the White Sox regained their winning ways 1 Orirrom oulpitched the Yankees' Ri'l Miller. F.ddie Flohinson's I'vo- out sin?!? in the eijhth followed by Sherm Lollar's run-scoring douhlr, broke a 1-1 lie and s.T'e Chicago its 13th victory in the Stev* Gromek hurled a two-hit shutout for the Indian.- n\er BOF- ton in Ihe first game of their twin bill. A 48-minutc delay bncaiife of rain caused Gromek's shoulder to tighten and Mickey Harris finhh- ed his shutout with a scoreless ninth inninp. Fourth Of July Golf Tournament Scheduled Thf Fayetteville Country Club's u-orris. flawless . tournament. 7 in 7 lnn ; pR-: Alnm? ' ;p --*»!crr^ -.?. A ' o m w I-! V ·W inn IT-- KUBRV.I (3-2). Lo.s SECOND C A M C k ci-} r.-n $* .( 7 (»OT on 1 0';; --'· r, nri-nm (Wpi. |11a *. ·*. t,9utt S For Championship his ST. LOUIS S 1 I v ""r-i;. ?h 5 3 .1 1'vrn. rl 4 1 2 n-!*-n- If 5 0 1 Kr--hi«h- S 0 l ! '.-n|i» rf S 1 2 .lohn'on r S 0 rMlrh-jru. .1 I o'M'r-nH/, , 3 2 2'-Srl-m-r 'M«ron. n for top performance? in na- The Institute mad? 14 hits and Yo5t 3h c:om. u . . . Rirbv. rf i B-ker. 2h . Gumperl, p = --Grounded! out frr PV r -'" nnri P i o n n o n I o i 0 1) II -,i .i 7 Ollrll In Wayne nnpaii cmillmierl .,., remn ovoi Ihe KnriiiK'lale amateur fiolf tournament vcMrrdav rle- fealinr; r,uy l.,,-., n ' for the IM2 ch.-imp'onship. Rngjin was the rie- fendinc champion. The match waj a fairly ,-Jo-e one with Bo^an's steadier play prevailing. 3 and 1 Kcnz-r, of ROPM-F. defeated Major Burlnii. of Fayetteville. for the fii-fl flight trophy. Harris, nf flocers. tripped McFeeter. of Fay- etleville. in the jecond flight. In winning the tournament Bo- Kan downed A. M. 7,inn in the : : "mi-finslf and Lohn surprised · Jut: Wheeler in the next lo last roimd. Big Deal How They Stand "r The As l8 ci.i,d p,.,, AMERICAN LEAGUE N'^York- _ _ _ . £ £ TM Boston _, .^4 ^3 Cleveland 3.S 20 St. l.ouis 29 Philadelphia . .. .II~25 Sunday'n Reiulli New Vork .1-1. Chicago 0-2 ^ashinKtof, 8-2. St. Louis 5-3 Cleveland 7-5, Boston 0-4 Detroit 4-0. Philadelphia 3-10 'u-Ft. game 12 innings. 33 30 4, ..Mfi .541) .547 .son .463 .45.1 siitutr-s record at 1-1. while the defenriuTg chBrnVion. 1 '"'" ' S '^ \ A group now has lost two with . - -_ SL^I?-' *.l!"^r '" "" TtMKS--H n»T». lady Baseball Player Throws Interstate loop Into Tizzy Harrishlirr Dn ,/lj. n .. _ . * NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn ... Ne-w' York Chicago £:. Louis...".I Cincinnati Philadelphia Boston Pittsburr4h Sunday's Rest St. I,oui^ 7 W - . 4 2 -..37 ...14 31 .. 2!) 25 . ... 24 17 ' ·5,, 4 7 S ,'424 ·"» .380 Boston 2-2. Cincinnali S-fi. Philadelphia .1-3, pon«;l. rain. Pittsburgh at Brooklyn, postponed, rain. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W New Orleans _ 43 Mobile ... 43 Ch.ittanooija 3d Nashville 35 Atlanta 34 uuie Rock".;:;:;;;;;3i Birmingham 31 Memphis. 29 Sundiy'i Adults Atlanta 10-f). Llttl* Rftck 4 Memphis S-!, Birimint;h»m Pet. .580 " ·2. 4-D. Esnized baseball as a plaver. \ The 24-year-old shapely bru- 'n»tte. although armed with a contract from a minor league team, was certain thai liasebull diamonds are not a girl's best friend. Not if the receptiofl 10 her debut ;yesterday in Ihe uniform of the 'llarrisblir$ Senalors of the Class 'B Interstate League was any indication. Manager Ru-k Klehisrin summed up one Side nf the male poml of . view with a firm: i "I won't have a cirl playing for I me. This is nn-v.-rman'.s land and 'helleve me. I mean it." l Unit Olrl Player I It started Saturday when the ^lub president, llr .lay rimith, an- ,nouncerl the signing of Eleanor lo :» player's contract. So far, no one .has disputed that she is the firct Kirl ever signed. : Yesterday she showed up at Ihe :b«ll pirk to take battin.'; and field- Inf praelic*. She hit a criuplt of trnnhei to the infield «nd lonk her turn it shortsinp t nd s«c»d bast. Th« run t; her tetlvily wji lim- IHd If) witchinit lh» Senators t.ike · 1-4 licking from Lancaster. Pi. in the press box in- ! Curvacious Eleanor has never played baseball before. She ha- .played a bil of in flbail The reaction: . Kleinnr--I Inve (he mme I ;lh:nk more rlrlr. ihoulil be pl.iv- !in« basrhill or it least become iii- lerested In the «rnrt. I Umpire Bill Angsudl H I " ,, s I umpiring al the p|-te ,md MK ] walked up lo bal, I'd quit iin-pir- m,-. Thnl'i. all. I'd riuii. | WhlleJ Kiiron-ikl, manager o; tre AMenlnHn Cird'nils--!f she comes Into the game. I'd prnlevl. I1 don't knrm . v hy. Flul |'rl proteM | Rnheri L. rmrli, assi.'ianl lo ! Minor League Cenrgt M. j Trainman--No rule sneridrally i such a contract would n--l be »p. proved hy I his office. I Orrry Nutent, Internlalr League , nretlden:--Id to slow on this thing, | Howard Gordon Senator*' general manager--Maybe, she'll play. m«yb» ih« won't. Afier all, we .·"B-nqker HR -- KrvhrvW. »nrt K-yhmkl. t.fl Wuh'm-rnn i""*' S HB-Harrlsl I. nun-prrl s :'-) -TK-Vr:. 1 : , 0 ,r^7n.!;.f TvK.= ;c.:,\^;TM;iy., !M " * TM., tccoND caivr 7. H-x-fin 9 Wlhen. rl BOSTON Ph r h ·r . i o n M . N''flrho« N i x - n "" 'i 1 n fl ^^-1^'v n n 1 R n - r n 1 1 0 C t m .,,, l h 7 0 0 "·'ndv ·r f i n n r»m,,t - n n TfhM- .1 n n Grni»" ' H o r n l n i t n (i n n t vt, r «-\f*'»n,( n -vi pif, , f . v F -..Jrnh^n' ?. niU ( nj-ih-. 7 Ro-.. n ··_ nr,h!' ' 21 Tl'' · r K.;i"H"i«?- n n,lbr' 1 s m n" 1 n, Mwr [,""s V A;.?,,, The Bloodmobile I* Here Sign Up NOW to Give A Pint of Blood(MM Pledges Are Needed A Red Cross Bloodmobile unit from the Springfield, Mo., Regional Blood Center, is now stationed at the American Legion Hut to accept your lifc-savinc donation. Six hundred pledges are n needed to fill Washington County's quota. Half of the blood collected will stay right here in the county to be administered to your friends and neighhrirs -- maybe even you -- in time of need. The rest will be sent to our Armed Forces for use on the battlefields and in service hospitals. Remember . . . there is no substitute for blood. Only YOU have i t . . . only YOU can give it. It takes only a few minutes of your time and it doesn't hurt a bit. Hurry before it's too late. The Bloodmobile will be here only a short time. SIGN A PLEDGE CARD /YOF AT ANY OF THESE PLACES: Jfi--nniton 3. rtrvelinil S nn Nlxnr, .1. Ornmfk I Kn -Nivnn I f.r^mtlt 7 HO-Gr-m-k 2 In f !',-,,, J "l 1 (I * fn . N,, on ;.( wp . M»en ? U'lnner-Rrnmek - 4 - 3 , -.Vlxon ( 2 - 7 i I ICCONB QAMI ·oslon non r*i r..^.. i | u ' Trom'Vf.'r, tiX,"/TM '« ! 'TM*~i«»"" K .»^ Biumann, ' aboveT who --.,,.._ ...L i P'tcherl four no-hit games In tht | Th , , ,, Missouri hifh -rhool h«teb«ll 1 «. , ir,' " " P'*. 1 ''" on lh« lournnmeni Ihii tprmc. Me-...« tht I rosier .TM'""M I ' ni ', (1 " ;tv ' onlhl11 r TMlr.-.ct n-hirh he iieneii -nth tht '« t lh 7 ''''" A " ;im ' ori Rcf] Sf " (nr « reported i K TM^'~:2^S7"..-a - t ' l n w s ,150. City Hospital McIIroy Bank County Clerk's County Hospital First National °^ lce Veterans Hospital Ch ^ f , AH Churches ,o ,,,·,,. cm,,,, v^iirtiiun;! ti .n.iii^c in temper- All Doctors' Commerce All Drug St»"'TM.«^ Offices N.W. Ark. Times Red Crosi Of f ice i Remember! Vour Blood May Save A Life!

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