Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 23, 1952 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1952
Page 5
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Boyle's Column BT HAI M/ITI* By HAL BOYLE mjmmWtST ARKANSAS T1MI5. faytfttviik, Arfcniwa. M*n4«x* JUM Jl, TH1 -- Mexico'* most famous toad, if caught in a transcontinental tug-nf-war. HP is heing pifll*d northeastward by a group or hii rtUtivM. , that "all's fair In lovt," etc.. but There are probably more horn- actually there are few things thai *d toadf than voting citizens, and are completely f a i r ; and a breach alway* have been. Nobody f r e t t e d ! with the basic principles of love' much about them until some : and marriage is almost certain if Airlines To Moke bure On I ^T'un^rrr^Iri* 1 " ,4* Germany's C o m m u n i s t govern- J for 'work"in the co«l mla«f, wr. SanU re, N. M.-UPt-Elmer, New of Massachusetts school children " l u t " " WIJI " ICI " ""'» i«'"ic-«uu man-iaire is airnnsi horned . who earnestly want him as a pet. I TMyelty manufacturers started m- end in unhappines*. · ' - - - - |' gcc casing baby horned toads m plas- Your friend floes n o t Washii Rton - //Pi - S t a r t i n He New Mexico state statutes regarding horned toads have \ c r j being held firmlv in place!'"TM"" 1 * """·· · ·«···«·« "n^.i m iin.^- 4 i / m un-uu m«:.i mn nn-.i- native Southwest bv tvo · i i c anri sellin E them to tourists as . high principles and, w h i l e I can souvenirs. i understand your nwn panic at the An outraged legislature in 1941 ' 'houjrht of him soinc to prison, forthwith passed a law prohibit- , v n u - ton . should have t h o n n h t t h e . this pohc y , fore f l i p . % GALLON ' Vinilli Ice Cream 63c 'Holland Bra. lacker Hunt Under these laws Elmer ran't ' be exported. He is restricted from the broadening influence of travel by a kind of reverse tariff. The whole question has the state government mildly concerned, as no official in an election year wants to be caught failing to enforce even a ftatute designed only tn kerp a voieless horned toad on its home sands. Insurance Saved This Investment A tound insurance policy ii an invalu- able bastion in the 'defense of our sav- ings. Properly planned insurance protects us against unavoidable loss. Call us today for complete plans on protecting your in- vestment. Consult Our Agency about safe, sound security. Rentier Company, Inc. "Insurance of All Kinds" Phone 236 j The issue arose when t h i r d i grade pupils of the Davis School i in West Newton, Mass., wrote and asked for a horned toad. "What do you feed a horned toad?" they asked. "We will take very good rare of it. We w i l l pay the postage if you send it." The i n q u i r y passed through due channels of government to the Bureau of Business Research at the University of New Mexico. The bureau parried the query by j writing bark anri telling the third i graders t h a t horned loads wrro 1 nut-of-spasnn, t h a t is the wpathnr wasn't warm enough fnr the harmless l i t t l e lizards to crawl from their desert hid pawn vs. The dr-lrrmined Massachusetts kids immediately sent a l e t t e r ' saying: "We would he happy to a crept , the linrnrd load. Our srhnnl rinses 1 June 20 hut our teacher w i l l take j care of the load this summer." , ing the killini, selling, or out-nf- ' m a l l r r n v f r ' , , - state shipping of the fifintle toads. ,«'h It passed a second law providing j pd . c a r e f u l l y . i n .-.- tllOSS t m i r . They annniinccf which case you would h a i e rench- i a seronn law providing j p d t n r conclusion t h a t the mode* as penally a $ i n to $100 f i n e or a ' n f «cape was far worse than the IO-to-60 riay j a i l sentence. punishment. · Those two laws rather put Gnv. .. Your . t r o u h l e ifi a » i a t t r r fo1 ' Ed Mechem, who would like to (1lsru ^ lon w*h someone t h o i o u R h send Elmer as. a good will envoy to New England, in a d i f f i c u l t position. He has considered elevating Elmer from the status of a horned toad to the rank of ambassador. I don't think I can legally do that." he said. "But perhaps the toad could be sent there on a round-trip tour. I'll have to ;ult the attorney general on that point." The feeling is rather general hereabouts, however, that Elmer ought to get his chance to see New England, and the New England kids ought to get a chance to get acquainted with an honest-to- goortness New Mexican. There is a movement under way to escort Elmer to the "Texas line, get him to cross it voluntarily, thr-n fly him on east. The trouble w i t h that is that no one here can t h i n k of an inducement that would get a proud native of New Mexico to cross the Texas border without a return passport. DOROTHY DIX -! 'ONTrNuro raoM PAOB rotin _ · »-i» i iii jr,if rn,\j*n CAUK FL/UK RlKin'pJ nrL P r'h nn'i Uoriri" It'' '° lh bC ^ W ,' l """* t h " ° M ""'" located a inad named Elmer, a . . . . . ' . gentle, thoughtful-facrd 1 o a ri steeped in New Mexican t r a d i t i o n and r a t h r r resprriblins an un- ly experienced in the complexities of h u m a n i t y ; it is ton Inng and complicated- for me to treat here, and you failed to give me your name and address. Your frienrl should consult with both a minister and lawyer, who will present the t\vo sides of this question--moral and leaal. His own 'conscience will then have to be the judge of f u t u r e conduct. Crickets Lose, Nevada Residents Win Fight Peno, Nev.-(/P)-B!ark acres of j Head crickets lay rotting in the · desert sun today and weary rrsi- i dents of the l i t t l e m i n i n g com-' m u n i t y of A u s t i n appeared t n : lave won their battle against i h c | ravenous horde. ; The crickets, advancing on a 25-milp front, were stopped hy 40 ; ons of poisoned hurley spread in heir path only « q u a r t e r - m i l e ' rom the town's water reservoir. Had the injects contaminated he reservoir, the 325 residents would have been forced to leave. comhed R a l p h Waldn Emerson. The bureau was all ready to fly him oast-- an a i r l i n e had nlcrtpd a hosier to make the l i t t l e beast's t r i p eniov3t)!p--when an ;pr h u i ^ a u r r n f rliscovored the who'e project was illegal. 2A N. T. Pnllcemen Su«pndrd New York * (fl'i - Twenty innrc policemen, including five captains, ·var." but i don't want to do any thing wrong. Answer: Compounding a wrong h * v e nepn suspended from Ihe po- will never make « right, and youri ! i c f t forcc for "Mfgedly pmtcctina ex-fianre seems to have a special Brooklyn's boss bookie, Harry Gross. All 20 /ace departmental penchant for doing exactly t h a t . , over- I H a v i n * Committed a wrong that trials deserved a prison term in t h e first With the Umtrol Jr. that gives you perfect control of detlfM witer temperature . . . that nutoiratlctlJj turns od burner It pilot goei out 8e the nunj other outsUnd- int teaturei that mean occini of hot water at lowest cwt, RUSHING PLUMIINQ * MI»TIMO CO. ·If PnirM-- p|»n 111 place, he should have taken his. Keep up with the tlmen--rea*| As a r,-..~,:'rr i f ff"-*. it was an o f f i c i a l of Ihe state Game and Fish Department, which usually worries about elk, deer, ragles, grouse, and trout--hut not Elm^r CHICK SPECIAL 8c each HEAVT MIXED ARKANSAS Broiler Hatchery p. a. *» in «· TfHirttn* 31K f»»«ttvllk, Arkaitui punishment and wiped the, slate clean. I know that, advice is more easily given t h a n taken, hut. consider the mess he's madp of his life--and yours -- by t r y i n g to ev»o the law. HP has served two years of a miserable marriage which is probably much worse than a jail sentence would h a v e j been, and, more important, he fp now in * position where he can't possibly ret out of the marriage. He speak* of getting things settled, but how can he? His wife holds the same threat over him now as she did at the time of the wedding. Sn you sfte there is no! possible escape for him. You quote a proverb to prove' that any action you take no\v is legitimate. But did you t h i n k she wa? right when she exercised the authority of the same adage two; ygrs apo? \nt only is it untrue Ihe TIMER dally. SmeMi nq SAVING Ask the man who has one . . . babies are lovable, wonderful, a joy to have ... and mighty expensive. The smart parent insures the future by saving now. Start here today. FIRST NATIONAL BANK FAYETTEVILLE, ARKANSAS M*mb«r federal R«Mm Iniuranc* C»tp. F«d.ral RtMrv* Syitam 24 WEST CENTER Annual Special Purchase of cool-as-a-breeze dresses at terrific sayings, for'you I THE CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 6-PASSF.NGER SEDA White side-will tirei tt extra coat YOU TRY POWER STEERING... HERE'S MERE TO COME FIRST! You've heard shout it. and read about it. New, it you haven't felt what Power Pteonnt: does (or you, we invite you to try it first in » Chrysler New Yorker . . . where you will find fun-lime (not partial) Power Steering! What happens is this . . . You handle the stoerinK wheol in normal fuhion. But 4 S of all the work is done for you hy hydraulic power, constantly at your command. Also, you turn the wheel 1 '.1 /ess ·Hutance no*' for every maneuver . . . the fMling you get of utter control is us wonderful ·i it ii new. Fven at » standstill you ran t u r n the wheel Wily. Now, parkins is shorn nf its troubles (Mid tatiguo!) . . . and you negotiate traffic, twkward drives, and garage doors pwcaely tnd with ease. Yog ctn double the longest day's driva you'vi ever known , , . end up free from arm and shoulder strain. Rough roads, soft shoulders, snow, mud? . . . the power that helps you steer now prevents the car's wheels from "steering back" at you. The courK yow get is held, at any speed, till ymi want it changed. Yet, with this 5-times greater control, "wheel feel" is always the same. Why not come try it? Leam (or yourself why (trowing thousands of motorists say they'll never he without Full-time Power Steering from now on. Drive t Chryiler... and L*ara the Difference! 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