Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 23, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 23, 1952
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MM«miiiiiMNiHHmmitwiiHmNNmiiMi mm ^ _ _ ""·· 'MIMMJ Society, m thf tursu proceeded from the II. . e s n brary rrxim (o the home economic O. J.. Claterbaufh" J B m Vine - vlrd - '' MM. KATHIHN DOZltt iiiiiiiimmiiiiiHiiiiiHiiiitni ...... iiiiiiiiiiiiiinimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Bride's doll, A M r A ,pitu: umbrella, it the " ""I t. A LODventlOn Daily Calendar of Events onight . . . Club. Wiineta Mayes. 7:3(1 P. W. C , Mrs Myrtle Hsnr.a. 7:30 Lodce One. Masonic Hail, 7:30 Bus '" M parlor, where refreshments were served. The refreihmcnt tible, : - « . p l i r e d in f r o n t of the f i r e p l a c e ! ' , , . ,war. co-.ored with w h i t e linen and UA 'ofOUD To A t t e n d was centered w i t h - --;-·-·- .-·· ^ M H . I . U ; iii.'rilritf l""!':ilijt,. Pl n! v.-hirh v.-ere clusters of -- sucet peas. The mantel had three bn.k-smid'5 dolls. ,, _ .. . an r.ns them were while hydran- ' l c l n Home Economics Association! -- era. The doll.-: held m i n i a t u r e lo be held trrrorro'v through Fri- ji:nibre!las sr-1 carried barrels n f j d « y in A t l a n t i c City. N. J. inwe |icl»ls. F r u i t prnch and ccxjk- In 'he «roup are Sue Walker ' Pau le, were zcr.ori. Mrs Arben Wat- Clinton, national second vice pres- amvc tenon, inothrr o! thr bride-elect, I'dcn: of the college club depart- 1 presided at the punch bowl, l s _ ; m e n t of A. H. E. A.; Mary Pearl ted |:y the hostesses. Harbuck, Malvcrn. state president ·of the College Home Economic while vi«itin« here with friends! The Colemans »rp former r ville residents. Ppned until next month. In [Mr. at Mn. Elmo Omahundro j m a d e it po.-i;ible for the blind Mr. and Mrs. Elmo O m u h u n d r o read, was given a pl»« Thec^man^eforrnerr^te-: ^w^ffi^%SJSjg, · £^ "» * :mong ··|of Fayetteville announcejhc birth France . s honorcd dead , n ^ pa dance, Werinesdiy.ij 8:10 p.nx. in : tne Hark Bowl. Mr.-and-Mrr O t i s ' nn Stephens Douglas are chairmen of th» com- Mr ""' Mrt - Leon Tisdale returned - and ."rving w i t n tiic-n, in- Mr. and Mrs. · theor yesterday, HUE death. a century aftc. Mr. and Mrs. Ha | and son Tommy, have ,,,, ... ; from visiting relatives in Chicago tho Jim Holders" Hen- University group will attend | ih" "1? '"T"* '" St ' Louis ' Mo ' 8 " d R C ' Sa " daK A r r a n g e d ' l h e National Convention o( Amer- ' y , have b " n g °" e Ior t h c P"' i_.._ ,. . :{,·»» u««- r- :. . . - S I X uavs. Capt. and Mrs. J. E. Critz. Jr.. Minn., are expected ght for a week's vi c it with his par E. Critz, Sr. Rainbow For Girli Ord»* F j- v £ u ? ville assembly of the : Mr. and Mri. Robert Oxford - r 'ld initiation o( nr-w members i t r e iiasnnic hill at 7 o'clock to Mr. and Mrs. J. ^ are'lnS?o attend.*"'" I A procession of the blind wi!h Leon Tisdale of v:i ~'' le cancs marched behind h; Tucks. Fpyctteville announce the birth of ^l;", °"J. i J s .J'*L}' 3 t h e hi 8 h a son, June 22, at the City pita!. coffin on its v.'ay to Hos- dometi church ivhere rr.anv I France's famed citizens rest." Oxford of Farrr.ington announce the birth o: a daughter, June 23, at the City Hospital. POISON Auditorium, Club. Pcrcusor.'?. 12 wanis Cluii, Wathinston Hotel, j j Jr. P. 0. C. Auxiliary, Mrs. Robert C. Waves 2 hi C:neg.i Alu.-nnac. Mrs. Ileydnn Lewis,"3 Writers' Workshop Lecture, A r t Center Concert Hall ' CWer of Rainbow, Masonic Hall. 7 ttval Reserve Composite Unit, Etjon Buildmc ? --iH-A. V., Leiti.m Hut, 7 · V. F W. A u x i l i a r y , Civic Clubiomn?, 7:30 Jiebckah Lodge. IOOF Hall, 7:30 ;P6!h .'.lilitirv Covcrnmcnt Group, 1131, West Center Strep'.. 7:30 Ho:te.'Ms were Mrs Opal Walker,; of the College Home" EeoiiornVc'' Mrs - Tielding Claypoo] of St. Mrs. L i l l i a n A Garr.ttt, Mrs. A n n a 'Club: Elirane'.h Ann Johnson Fav- St - Petersburg. Fla.. and her ii^Mahoney. Mrt. Ols Walker. Mrs. ettcville. president elect of' Col- '"-'n-'-iv-'. Miss A n n a Clavpoo! L i l l i a n Woods. Mrs. H.izrl Fine, hccon. Universitv home eccnomici "' B o w l i n S Green. Ky.. returned to Mrs. Elsie Carter. Mrs. L i l l i a n club; Mrs. L. H' Burton, issistant i Bou ' lin S Green today after visitin iV.'oods, Mrs. Haze! Fine. Mrs. Elsie: professor of home economics and C a p t - ° lld Mrs - Sidnev G u a r d an. | Carter. Mrs. Lillian Stockburger, i state advisor for the Home Eco- 1 - :1J ~ j Mrs. Pear! Rotmson, Mrs. Hester! nomics Club; iGoodmg. Mrs. Bertha Waterfield i Mrs. Dorothy Mitchell Komar- . , _ --,, my. Green Forest, president eleetli'.. T n u r5day for Chicago, of the University Chapter of Phi Upsilnn Omicron, home economics Births [ar.d Mrs. Mae Karnes. z Mr. and Mrs. Charlei Tripp, Jr. ,d "- r anri Mrs. Charles Tripp, J r , ·if Spr:n?dale annnu;:ce the birth ,, . _ . n f a -'on, June 22, at the Coantv Paul Barrett and daughter, Ann. Hospital. children. Louis Braille Honored Century After Death Paris -iJPi- Louis Braille, who : OAK or SUMAC StOp U« with re«Ue, SAFE IVY-DRY Watterson Party Leaves Tonight ! For Wisconsin Camps , . honorary fraternity, will join the Kroup in Atlantic City. She has , report to Camp Junioer Knol' : ,,-' .' ,, Wis., for the summer. Mr. B a r r e t t s v " I e ' announce the birth of 21, at the County couple 1 ! friends. At the gift table, I fit .. . . Mi " Watterson was assisted by I COmplimCntCd At j^ss Hewna Fine. Mi.-s Ariin'e {Bridal Shower I ".7."^,' Annc Cnudlc and Mlis '. /^- ' The bride-elect icccived a cor- '^est Fork." , -(Special)-A weddins !S se of pastel t w e e t peus. babv · nawcr honirinc Miss Wanda breath and clusters r,l while hv- \Vjtterjon and Carl Doke. who arc dranjca. The gift table had a .. to b* married Friday, was given white linen doth and t h e ccnter- at the West Fork home economics piece wss an a r r a n g e m e n t of par.- ( cottase Friday at 8 p.m. There lei petunias mid sweet pea?, he; verc 40 fueJts present anti g i f t s neath a small umbrella. T h r o u f h Onio - 1 were presented from R5 of the ' o u t the room were flower ftr- Mrs. Morris Collier leaves tonight by t r a i n for Dclafield. Wis.. : N o v e l i s t To L p r t i i r P w i t h the St. John's and N a g a - : . . . , . I L J L L C . U r e wicka campers frrrn Fayetteville · At W r i t e r s Workshop . and Joplin. Mo. The group will join the O k l a h o m a City special cars at St. Iouis in the morning. , . , .will see the Chicaco rnark'ef'anri i a son J une been attending the National C o n - i visit brieflv with hi, brother ard ! Hospital, clave of P. U. O. in Buffalo, N. Y. other relatives in Grand Rapids I before returning home earlv in Mr. and Mrs. Crover W. Hughes i J u l y ' ! Mr. and Mrs. Crover W. Hughes LeMON CLARK, M.D. ANNOUNCES THE OPENING OF HIS OFFICE IN THE DOCTORS' BUILDING 241 W. SPRING STREET FAYETTEVILLE DENNIS THE MENACE Mrs. Herbert P. Seay of ville. reported Saturda Walter Van Tilburc Clark, nov- ~ ' 1st. will give a public lecture a t ; ticipate in the ROTC Roys f nine to St. John's Camp the University tomorrow at 4 p.' Training Program w i t h arc: Jim Tatum. Bobby Whitfield. m.. in the Art Center Concert j nance Corps. Cadet Seay Chalm Scicel. Van Brewer. Carl Hall, under the auspices of the ! member of the Senior ROTC pro- Collier, Vincent Lesh and his : Writers' Workshop. He will speak i rram at the Universitv cousin, Bill Hayes of Cincinnati, on "The Place and The Tale," a : . "' discussion of the writer and his : Students from the Girls who will attend Naga- region. , who are attcndine thp wicka Camp, sifter camp of St. Clark is author of three success- i of Fayetteviile announce the birth i Fayette- Hospital.' to Fort to par- Mr. and .'_ _ ,, Summer .Mr. and Mrs"Da"rren'~Ford of | the Fi- Lowell announce the birth was a son, June 31, at the City Hospital. GYNECOLOGY By Appointmtnt SURGERY OBSTETRICt . . Office M2» "· Hei. 487 ·y Krtcham .Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ever* ! Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Evers University of J'ayetleviile announce the birth irst of two of a d a u g h t e r . June 21, at the City Summer ' Hospital John's, are Jane Collier of Fay- ful novels. "The Oxbow Incident," j Camps at Brooke Army Hospital ettevillc. Elsa Newman, Elinor which was made into a movie, j Fort Sam Houston Texas are Mr and Mrs R R I nn»r Post and Mary Thurston. all of "The City of Trembling Leaves,"' Amail Chudv. Thorns? F Dildav ' V- and Vr,' B B i ,... r n f ·'°?." n - - ,, , a n d " Ths T » clt of th « c "-" His William O. Finch. Jr.. Wavne P! V.-msio-.v announce the' b ^ h o - a N i r s . Collier will return to Fay- short stories have won many Jones. Billie C. Pa s e. Diehard F. daughter. June' 22, "at the City eueville P.'tcr a week's stay Deiafield at the uuest house. Liddell-Rader bedding Announced Annnuncrrr.fnl is made of the ir.arnat;? nf Miss Blanche R a r f f r nf Fayollovillc lo Carlo Liddell. The ceremony was performed in the chapc-1 of the Central Mcth- oHis! Church by the Rev. D. L Dykes, Jr., May 30. Following the wcHding. a small rcfcptmn was hold in '.he home of the bride's parent?, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kader. Mt. Sequoyah. Bo:h Mr. and Mr?. Liddell are graduate* of the Fayetteville High Sfhoo!. They are making won many in honor? including first prize in the 1945 O'Henry Memorial Award. He has appeared on numerous · Writers' Worshop programs and has taught at the universities of Iowa and Utah and at Stanford University. Rhodes, and Lionel E. Walker. Hospital.' Barbara Lucille Johnson, daugh- er of Mrs. Bess Nettleship. received her nurse's cap. June 15. a t Providence H o s p i t a l , Seattle. Wash. .Irta Garden Club Mr.-. R. A. Lone will entertain the Iris Garden Club Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock, with a dessert luncheon. Mrs. Dwight Morris will be co-hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Grave* · Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Graves o! Hindr.'illc snr.ounce the birth of a daughter, June 22, at the City . Hospital. REVIVAL June 22-29 CALVARY Baptist Church Evangelist E. L. JONES of Crockett, Texas TWO SEHVICB DAIIY 10 A.M. and I P.M. A. 0. STUCIttY, Pattor Miss Bertha Lewis is enrolled their at George Peabody College, Nash- home in Baltimore, Md., where he \ i l l e . Term..where 5hc is working employed. H. D. Clubs Announce YVeekiv Schedule on her master's degree in Library i Science. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Keruiard. and children of Jackson. Miss.. returned home last week after 10 Washington County Home Dem- davs here with Mrs. Kennard'f TM TM " k S Wi " m " Ct th ' S f" 0 "' 5 ' Mr ' ind Mr! ' J ' E ' Critz ' and urned to thelr I Community B u i l d i n j 11 a ' m ' ' m Valparaiso, Ind., after visiting · W h i t e Rex-k. Community House' : , ., 7.3H n m : : here with Mrs. Bess Nettleship. . Wednesday, Farminston, club : mother of Mrs. Seclig, and other house, 1:3(1 p.m., Baptist Ford, ! relatives. The Trade-in Value Of A '51 Packard Tops Other Competitively Priced Cars By As Much As $ 490! 357million tax dollars info I N C I N I I R I O T O O U T P I I I O R M ssessss^ ·fr-"---- * *"*- and lafeit a u t o m a t i c drne. - r ...«'3 \ PMk«4i X J6" to $49(1 o»cr other Brab..* . , car, of , i m i u r or , S ,'na, co s ,: r %t" ^^^.^r 9 · t«fCM i c«r, 1952 PACKARD "200" 4-DOO* SEDAN '·livwW In FAYETHVIUI 2656 PACKARD ^^-- - The goverament may do it for you-usmt; your tai money to promote a giant federal power monopoly. The plan is to spend more than a third of a billion tax dollars to build a dam and hydroelectric plant on the Snalce River along the Idaho-Oregon border. The site: Hell's Canyon. This would be a needless expense because the local electric light and power company already has offered to develop the power of nr cost "a American taxpayers. For more than four years the company, with the wholehearted support o( its customers, has been ready with plans for a series of five dams. But the job is held up. For there are those who want the federal government to lake over electricity - as well .?s medicine an;i other businesses and services. They insist that the government develop the power even it takes longer and trots many more millions. Congress vriH mJce the final choice within ,hc next few month, And these are the facti that mil be considered: H th* local csmpony do«i fh« job The Company onij Hi inv«tor« will pay for it. It will p 0y ob ou , j 4 Bn , ;or) B yeof in local. Hoi. O r.d federal lonti. Power produced will be ihored by oil with rofei reodcted by public commiijioni. A.II dom con be completed and power a v a i l a b l e in o b a u l 2Vi yeon. If rtw federal govtrnmjnt 4o«s th« fob You and every other American taxpayer will put up iht money. LilHt or no local, ,f a |, or fe dera| ta«ei will be paid. Specially favored groups will hove firif call on all power. Rol.l won't b* r e g u l a t e d by Hate commisjioni. Six yean lo build one high, codly dam. T tn yean to complete the P'0;ect. is - ,* " me to stnp the w« o tric.,) ,s no,. Tha.s why we bring these facts to your attention. I vie Bryan Motor Co., Inc fYITTIVILLI, ARKANSAS t J. DYESS. DIVIIIOM MANAGER

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