Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 21, 1952 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 21, 1952
Page 10
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fr-- MOtTHWBT AMUNSAS T1MK. ·»·»·»«·. . Jun* 21, 1952 AND HOME NEWS lanian Agriculture Official Sees Some $milarilies Between Iran And Arkansas r A repiesenlalivp of the I r a n i a n | unable to sell the material. vernmcnt who is .·.pcmhnii t h i s : A ..milariiy Dr. Nassc-ry noted' program" week in Arkamas s t u d y i n g n K r l - . between the two countries was the fjltural practices ::.,d agencies, relationship between Ihe price ot flnds many differences, hut also 1 f j r n l ,,.,,,,, oml t h c . innu .,, rc(urn lime similarity, between Iran and ,,.,,,,, j, of ( . 0 ,,,. s ,, i lhe v . l|uc c , Arkansas. ]:im | (R considerably higher in A r - j 2.He is Dr. Mahmound Nasscry,! kansns, tic pointed out, but so: fprmer director central of land are a n n u a l f a r m incomes. In each 4", alimentation, and public, thc reluliuiii.hip between 1 rjains of thc ministry of Finance, 1 larm income and value "f l a n d 1 and a member of the Iranian Con- was about the same. j grew from 1029 to 1U44. Dr. Has-, A l ) O U ( 2n ,,,,, ,,, ,,,,, ,.,,,,, *ry oi present is engaged in n B r i - | | nntl in , r a n js i rril!11 , e d, D r. Nas-l cultural exploltalion in the M a t e , scry s . lj()| ,, m |llw . lys , jy K r a v i l y j oK Shush, in Iran. : ,, ow ()f w V c r ]n irril!; ,|j, )n c . mil i,,. Crawford County extension agent, visiting farms in the Arkansas Valley area. On Saturday he leaves for Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, where he will observe production of sugar cane and ilcc. He is studying in this country under thc Point Four' Checks Weeds I Bob HopeWi 11 Have TV Show |At Both Party Conventions Control Said Easy On Good Lands When weeds show up in a pss- be Northwest Arkansas Farming By John I. Smith By ItOIl THOMAS · ball "before President Roo;evclt. !io!lywood-l/I'i-Boh Hope w i l l , It was woiuierful, because I was attend the national political c o n - . j u i t tack from entertainiii" the venlions in Chicago next month,' truops overseas and I had a lot but he won't take sides. Says he: nf timely material. Home eolumn- I in just like a C a ' i f o r n i a driver: isls then named me as the jruy . -. .-- --' sti '. v "Bil in thc middle o f ' t o replace W i l l Ita-ers Jiut I lure, the farmer can be sum of «io road." , :cv( , r nr , d any a m l j jt i o ,, lo do · two things: j The comic, who has done j u s t ' l " 3 t , and I'm not aoing to start I f i r s t , he can be sure that t h e ' a b o u t everything, will be playing, now." " » j coil's f e r t i l i t y is noin;; ciuwn. See- a new role wl the Republican and · ond, he isn't doing the btj,t job Democratic meets. He'll be a po-' tirr · 1 of pasture management. . mical commentator on television. Win SLOW County Agent Carl Rose said But it will be strictly for Iau-hs HS-WULV HIM? 'r'V '"'""/'T C ''" JUa " (C '" : "'' m '"" '"""* l^rtisan," ho Pollr!1 ' Sunday services will be H i l l y , grasics and clover urmv so, ,,.,,.,., rkod ,. rll j u ^t comment on crjmiucle!i at 3:3" P-m. Sunday at i well that weeds have trouble S e l - i w h ; i t Kon ' s t , n ;u J n c c o n v t , n ,i, r r '^ Stephen's Episcopal Church.; tint' i!';t; ( hlkhc(l Tim. ...-fiyi,^/ , . ' . . i t j.. following the service:; a l u n c h e o n ' will be held at the parish house. Mr. and Mrs. F- R. Brooks and sons of Gresham. Texa?, have been . .imoers leu on Jdcquenne, oi ^rysiai L,aKc, 111. him while he was working in a · and Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hep-' ralroad t u n n e l near Jensen, Okla. i burn of Chicago. 11L BUY YOUR TELEVISION Vrom a Television Service Station SMITH RADIO SHOP keep weeds in check. nd J i m m y W i l l i a m ? said yesterday lhat he never knew! ' I can't just throw gags at cold children of Mr. ar.d Mr:;. Raymond afnount of icrtilizcr used by Ar- j canals. Although there are some add to (ioo pound.-,. especially those [large land holdings in Iran, And fertilization shouldn't stop NEED A NEW ROOF? ASBESTOS SIDING? No Money Down Easy Monthly Payments DYKE LUMBER CO. 309 Si. Chattel . Or, heller still. Rose ssid. they judgment," ho said in a rare ser; can contact the aacnt a n i l arrange "There are millions' ummer Tempco Floor Furnace WITH HUMBINO and SUPPIIES FAYETTEVIUE IRON and METAL CO. OOVMNMCNT AVI. Q SUMMER DISCOUNT m of produ lion and m a i k t !n K of truck crops and poultry. He visited the University's Ar- TM'f · R °, ? '"- h " ls l r u c ? ls " "' corn » ° ps P'»" =d on we - kamas Valley Veselablc Substa- lion at Van Buren, and spent Buren, and spent . ; ^-. Wednesday with E. H. Prltchcll, parc .^ f tce " s , cc1 bcds - Good J" 1 -' 1 ^ , -- ..._.. - ..-- i result if we have reasonable rains.! ·' " The Bubble Club Will be closed from June 23rd until July 3rd for Redecoration Will Open Under New Management w r u i i c s u i i j w i i n i'i. n, i i I L L n u n , : _ _ _ _ - _ | Ano(h(!r filctor w j t h lomato p s B l u e s t production. disease. Several varieties of wilts,i blights, rots, or leaf spots have! been building up with the in-i creased acreages. Dry weather is I and all!'" hi "° t h c i r st)il 'esled. R e s u l t s ' o f listener.'; who admire Truman., '11 pre-i o f " 10 tcsl wi " snow exactly h o w . Besides, everyone should have re-1 1 yields! rnllc ' 1 a n ' wpal ki ' ul ot fertiliser' spect for the office of the presi- ! tig OZARK CORN Show fonite * Loff-Packed * 1:00 10:00 HI-JINKS onrf HIURITYI i woue^ fKIIH MART III, IUN OAV HallSwiti W E A V t D B K O S E l V I R Y Color Cartoon S.ri.l No. i ,,Added Fun, Hillbilly Straw Hat Derby 110 . . . "Unclt 7.UV Hillbilly Straw Hah lo b* tailtd off the Snack Bar you torch 'tin . . . take 'tm home Com* Af Lite A» 10:00 . . . See the Bogular Show . Remain for Midnite Show As Our GUIS! Midnite I Thi * on " wi " B:V * you lh * creepi _ _ _ _ _ _ Show BORIS KARLOFF '"o |"THE MUMMY" lyes. Dry .. an enemy to these diseases a n d ; mor!i?r:te dry wenthor is better! than constant rain. much p a r t i c u l a r field shuuld luive lor (.lent und noi cto anything to de grade it." I asked Hope if lie t h o u g h t Ihere could be » s^ues.sor to Will Rogers, v/ho evoked laughs from his political comments. "Absolutely nul." he replied. "Uojiors wfis ifrciit: there cnn never be anyone like him. A man WEEKLY BROILER REVIEW M a r k e t steady to f i r m llirough- F . . .nm IM.-I --·n;rnj_ t u m i l l H I I U U t ; i l - i ortunatcly these diseases all out lho WOTk c , O5i s ( L , aciy ,,,,! v " ul are fairly well controlled b.Vj Thursday. Offerings were l i K h t ! """· spraying or Ousting with fixed (lui . inR lhc w n c h i adu .,| R l l p | , l i c E ; copper This i:, not powdered blue b roi | crs i l r f,- y(jrs ovor 2.75 Ibs ! stone copper s u l p h a t e ) but it! s h o r t ,| urillE lhis pcrio(I . D o l n a n c i j looks like it. It generally comes under thc label "seven percent would be. a fool to try tu imitate REPAIRS A SPECIALTY See BOB HALL for a Free Estimate on this Popular Gar. 'S Corner oi School Mountain , ., . ...,, , , . , C ( "' 194 "' ' '' la - vcd the, ·-·=.. fixed copper." Use about H pounds of this seven per cent material to 100 gallons of water and spray thc tomatoes from now on to close to the end of harvest. Spray f a i r lo good. Closing prices u n - j changed, mostly price one cent; hisher. ; Latesville-FIoral area, market also steady to firm for thc week,! nd closing steady on Thursday, j Supplies of broilers or fryers nbovc three pounds short, and every 10 days or oftener .. ,, n n o v c m ,. co lmas 5lm ,., .,,,,, rams ·, lot. If one does not have, )iirhlci . 5izcs bal . el ;ldcqu; , u , Dc . any satisfactory sprayer or d u s t - j m l i n d f a i r to EOOI , riccs at L ., tufe^ob cTn V C dLfb d '"ta'r'j !" nC °TM' llich °'' '" l " ldl ' n "S cd ' H^ Th" ' n 1 dC tn " olh ? r) a H nr '" s ''" m ^ Jnrrm e the sack of fixed copper] wcck cxccpl shcnandoah, where above each tomato vine. My firsl experience with f.xed copper heavy supplies weakened the ft ' "/", , --. K ,^. market. Thc Delmarva a r e a : eamc after a field was well in- strengthened slightly toward the fested will, several diseases. I j end of the week. Other areas re-. spteidlirSts '" W l l l l l"ii»ned rather constant with fair While we are on the subject of '"^ fTMas"enjoyed the hisher tomatoes, it perhaps is well to mention lhat the tomato crop is one of several truck crops t h a t should be encouraged in North- A't-Atuminum H W N I N G S ^ They stay up all yecr Weaihcrproof and Fireproof B e a u t i f u l Colors PHONE 3031 FOR FREE ESTIMATE CLARK VENETIAN BLIND AWNING CO. II Williams Come In end See Us Our Easy Payment Plan on Re-Modeling Your Home, Building New Garage, Chicken House or Milk Barns, ere. CIIHon Lumber Co. Phone 27. West Fork, Ark. Garbage Disposal In-Sink-Erator Specie J oi .$87.50 Close Coupled Water Close! _ as low as $26.50 Used 24"x20" Pedestal Lavatory, Complete $45.00. ($110.00 value) New end Used Water Systems Used 2-Compartment Sink Used Water Closet prices. Full range prices all areas,! 23-29 cents a pound. · Now Showing t STARTS The Old West . . . When SUNDAY * A Man Was As Good 3 Big Days As His Trigger Finger ALAN LADOI ttCHNICOtOK MONA FREEMAN-CHARlfS BICKFOROX" K O K K K t l l H JO'.ll'll U i l l l A / , r ,.^ Popcyc Cartoon World News .Fun for thc Kiddies Big Birthday Party for Jim Becky . . . the monkeys Free monkeys for the kiddies attending the thaw Sunday nite as long as they last . . . First come, first served. Free Pony Rides For The Kiddies 18-Hole Miniature Golf Course Playground * Monkey Village itw --·--- -- ·"··-" '" "··""- It is estimated t h a t the averaire west Arkansas. The early green | temperature of the Mirface of. wrap market is growing. The. M ,irs is about 22 degrees below poultry industry provides lots oC.. 2cr0| Fahrenheit. ! organic matter for the fields. The, . I future! of the tomalo industry lies| Usccl by thollsanr , s in r( , dudng , not in large fields haphazardly Ijets-Junge's Roman Meal Bread i worked b u t in small lields ferti- i i n _ i r izcd well, planted early, a n d 1 '.--.'-sprayed and cultivated diligently. Liveslock Prolectiye Association Formed Tlie Livestock Protective Asso-j elation, headed by A. P. George; of Strickler, met at the C o u r t ! House here today. This association was organized in cooperation with thc Washington County Farm Bureau for the purpose of con- trollms cattle stealing. A large number of cattle have been stolen recently ami this or- 1 Kanizatinn expects to offer re-' wards for information leading to! the capture and conviction of those stealing cattle. Board members of lhe I.,PA are: A. D. George, Route 1, West Fork, chairman; Thurman P a r - j sons, Springdalc; Joe S. Rced.i noute 4, Snringdalp; Joe lieed,! Summers; Charlie Sargennt, R o u t e ! I. West Fork; S. H. Pitts, Lincoln;' II. L. Gilbreath, Rome I, Sum-! meis; \v. N. Holland, Route 3, Kayetleville; Herman Stockburv, Elklns; Lee Culwell, K l k i n s ; Hugh Williams. Elklns; and Jim W. Slit- ton, Hindsvilie. S C H L S C H T M A N ' S BROILER-BRED CHICKS NEW HAMPS-VANTRESS CROSS DELAWARE HAMP CROSS Established Over 25 Yean Truck Deliveries lo Many Localities SCHLICHfMAN HTCHERY U.S. APPROVED PUUORUM CLEAN I Phone 347-2R For Prices And Delivery Dales BOX B. APPLETON CITY. MO. Water Heater, AGA Approved, From $41.40 to $114.50 BROODER EQUIPMENT STEEL, COPPER and PLASTIC PIPE and FITTING CLOSET and BATH SEAT FAYETTEVILLE Plumbing Heating Co. JACK ROBERTS, OWNER 310 North West. Phone 730 Jungle-KiiKj Against Killer Ouflaw Horse! A C-O-O-L 76' Also . MR. MAGOO in "FUDY DUDDY BUDDY" Starts SUNDAYI *AYC Fcalures At: 1:00 - 3:05 - 5:10 - 7:15 - 9:20 It's Time To -- Increase milk production by uslnc supplemental irrigation of p a s t u r e milk flow c a n he doubled during (he late dry summer months. Follow peach spray schedule tu control disease. Plan storage for f a l l harvested crops. Use Henzene hrxachlorido to protect green logs and lumber from insects. C'lean out the corn c r i b a n d ; spray it with DljT. Watch [or webworm in w a l n u t , hickory, ash, pecan, etc.; use nrsenate of lead (two pounds to I 50 gallons of water). Fertilize climbing roses now for '· development nf longer and b e t t o r , growth for next year's blossoms.. C u l t i v a t e to control weeds i n ' the garden. i These Mi/j.qoslinns ronio from the county nnd home demon.stra-! lion agents. More information is' available nt their offices where' University College of Agriculture publication,) may also he obtained.' nowi. ron PI.F.AFURJB Mm Ucnton Bowling Lanes--Adv. Cool - Comfortable LAST PALACE TIMES SAT. "CYCLONE FURY" and "Stardust Sweet Music" SUN-MON HARRIET BEECKER STOWES IMMORTAL STORY M-G-M hilariously /irfsentx (ihc'l Pat) SPENCERTRACY- KATHARINE HEPBURN PAT AND MIKE ALDO RAY CO SIUKNG 1HI N(\v roruiAR SCBIIN H H s H hCI« ·» WIMJAM CUING WSICTISJIUIS GUSSIE MORAN'BABf DIDRIKSON ZAIMRIAS-DON BUOGC-ALICE MW)Bl£ IRANK PABKtR-BniY HICKS'BtWRlY HANCON · FILMED IN AUTHENTIC SETTINGS IN A TRUE SPECTACULAR MANNER WITH SOUL STIRRING SCENES NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN IA5T TIMES TONIGHT LEON ERROL in "PRAIRIE BUCKAROOS" R 0 Y A L 2 FEATURES Wild Bill EUIOTT "BORDERTOWN GUNFIGHTERS"

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