Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 21, 1952 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 21, 1952
Page 9
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Iverage TV Set Owner Will See More Of Conventions Hun Most Delegates, But Will Hiss Rumors Of Deals HOtTHWMT AMAMSA1 TVMB, , J« M JJ, 15; OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams j wa WHY MOTHERS 6ET GRAY _ Both Sides Extol Virtues In Arguments Over Control Of Appointing Postmasters By JAMES MARLOW Washington - (IP} - One of the! never-ending - wonders of Washington is the amount of virtue claimed by both sides in a con-!i troversy. The most recent exam- ! u pie is the dispute over postmas- Mar °l t ' Bsnnerl Stalling! Jbituary ters. Under the present system postmasters of the first, second and third class are chosen by the Harold Bennett Stallings, infant son of Lt. Col. and Mrs. Randall L. Stallings of Arlington, Va., died By JAMES MARLOW ishIngton-(/P)-You'll see more I of the Democratic and Republican conventions, by watching TV at home, than any single delegate going to Chicago. True, you may miss what some delegates have: a feeling that you're making history. You'll also miss the sweat, jammed restaurants, noisy hotel lobbies, and the tired feet from trudging around. You may also miss some of thc rumors of deals that drift out of the bars and committee meetings. But if you were in Chicago, you'd get a headache anyway, trying to keep up with them. Any single delegate, simply because he can't be everywhere at once, sees only a small part of what's going on. When he's on the floor with his own state delegation, he knows what's going on right around him. But there's so much uproar he can't hear what's going on in the delegations near him unless the chairman of one of them grabs a microphone on the floor and can make himself heard. Deletaten Don's See Much A delegate can hear what the speakers on the platform are saying, thanks to the loudspeaker system, if the noise around him isn't too bad. But if his delegation is seated far in the back, he can't see too well. If he's lucky, a delegate will be Meci-n Itfitauranl. tormsly Crelfh-, visit at her former home in B r u n s - 1 BBtP WANTED--FEMALF. wick, Mo. While there she visited ] EXPERIENCED w.iu-es. .1 th. with her brothers and other' friends. Mr. and Mrs J. Garland Shetlcr of Middle-field, Ohio, are «uests of Mr. ami Mrs. lien Bouldra. We. nobby Welr.h, son of Mrs. W. H. Welsh of Ccnttrton, arrived SALESMEN WANTED IF you have · car arid ar0~lntirrViiteri In m a k i n g $10900 * week or more. No experience neres««r.v. wn tr»m you See or w r i t e - l . u t h r r HocUm 311' Hr.throck tiuiUlmg or phone K I M or WINCIM. jwtatilc. Clyde Barr Phono I382-L-2. PRACTICAL, nursms. !cst of refcrencn I ' r c t c r ' d o c t o r ' i aislstunt. Phone 157IJ. LOST AND FOUND LOST, gltiflscs in black and sold _l£_fotin_d___nhone 193 o LOST, sninll 'iim'wn cnrrt~cnir~Mnn« ln B 10 Mrs. niohard F. Unldivm. M the Drive-In Thrnlrr Monday. J u n e ICth. R e t u r n to J o h n K Sho.*m«krr home Friday on a 30-day furlough. He vyas seriously wounded in ;ie- served with thc 24th Division. Mr. nnd Mrs. E. Clay Milby and daughter. I .aura A n n , have returned to their home in Valdostn, Ga., after visiting hern with Mrs. Milby's nephew, Jimmie Wrlqhl, and Mr. and Mrs. Earlc Brown and Mrs. Frances Brock. Mrs. Bertha Burris I r f t Thursday for Kansas City. Mo.. where she will visit relatives en route to Thermopolis, Wyo. She plans to j """· "cturn to Jo: spend six months with her son, l --l 2 -.". 1 ". 1 "?:.'}:'^ Hie l?ev. Glenn Burris and family pmifrnv in Thcrmopulis. Mr. nnd Mrs. M. L. White and children, Morris and William, of Litlle Dock, are spending tv/o weeks here w t i h Mrs. White's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Seamster. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Franken- bergcr and son, Dick, of St. Louis, Mo., arrived Tuesday to visit Mrs. G. C. Timlin, and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Tinnin and family. Mr. Frank- ?nbrrgor is an instructor in the St. Louis public schools. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. DC Loach FOR SALR--AUTOMOTIVE and daughter, Jan, of Los Angeles _ S {"- R --AUTO: Calif., arrived Thursday lo visit '« CRORI.EV station his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Loach. A. G. Newman, who has beef* Phono CF2. FORD Sportsman i a patknt in thc Veterans Hospital I "'"T S-Sg. in Fayoit'.-villi? for the past five D A P V A O f s U / i i l V C weeks, underwent surgery for the r A l A A K I / - V Y I L L Y j 'He'll hie. aon.lhint to do with WANTKDJTO aur DEEP well cyllndrr lypr pump tnd rtl* UTATK .F well cylinder lypr pump nd 11 DOOM houM one black lltnt UiU. ESU.'E'L. ·"* _"°'«»». Wlnilew. v.nlly With or wlthVut lurniuS " UBKD butty b»a. Phon 100 COATS Henson r J457I.I. J3SJ KRVICES OFTRRKD nan. BY owner. .1 acres of level well draln- *d land In new district on iilfh- *ay la writ Excellent bur. Will sell ·" ir part. Phone 3IMM. pprience Bring radio! 10 311 South j BY own^T. home or Investment pay- Church or call Z1SJW /"r si-rvlce I n j ID'; O f a u l l t u l corner lot In new r ' ' EXCAVATING - B U L L D O Z I N G Land clearing adfl.tjon wme ROOM house" with Income. h«rd- wnod floors. «ran, block and half Land dcaring--»a\ ing your ton i'"-KS.^K!i-^!LSSy£i!^, soil. Heavy duly dicing. nru.h ' ""^"J ^JSf^'nS^Tft rake--pnnds. ,,,, concrete store, ttnu. tqOtf- H. H. JONES, Controctor E Laf.iyette, Hox m U n l v e r t l t y S t a t i o rimnr 1U8 POULTRY EMkMDER 8uinmer~cnTck s!«rtscc Don'l wall, order t o d a y . Booklni now for clclivpry J U K- on d AUKIISI st " Charley ly. suiHTior Hroller chicks phone 1313. P. O. Box 531. CII1NC1LLAS NOW available, limited supni qu«lit Chinchillas. Re B l»lcred N. C. B A Visitors welcome. Free literature _ jjce^Clyrig Tlmbronk. .M8 Cunler' DOr.S--CATS--PETS RED-l)uff and black registered Cocker second time Friday. His father appointed to a committee, which I O. S. Newmim, has been returned" gives him a chance to throw his weight around a bit. And it gives him an "in" on at least some of what's going on. To those sitting at home, the TV cameras will bring the speakers on the platform ; and the delegation chairmen, grabbing microphones on the floor, close up. Further, because th hey do pro- president, provided the Senate ap- i B1cthcsda ' Md - Mrs. Stallings is ,,., the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Suttle of Fayelteville. Dr. Stanley J. Seeger New York-m-Dr. Stanley .7. Seeger, 63. of Dallas, Texas, an Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas last night at Bethesda Hospital in v l d p a close-up, you may be abl proves. The Senate can kill his appointments. P r e s i d e n t Trumas has asked Congress to change this. He suggested that all postmasters be put under civil service in such a way that the president and the Senate would have nothing to say about appointments at all. He said the postmaster general, a member of his cabinet, should make them. The Senate rose in its wrath yesterday and said "No." So the system stays as it's always been. This power over the selection of postmasters, with all the political patronage involved, was too much for the senators to let go. McClellan Opposes New I'lln Sen. McClellan, (D-Ark), said the president's plan, although 93 per cent of all government workers are under civil service, would "destroy the democratic process that keeps the government close to the people." This was really putting senatorial power and political patron- to see some of thc people r u n n i n g around behind them. The roving home from St. Edward's Hospital Fort Smith. Jackie D. Roach, electrician's mate, third class. USN, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. C Roach of Benton- villc, has reported aboard the s u b - 1 '" R SALE--LIVESTOCK marine, USS Vohidor. Ro'ich joined die hromf sow. farrowing in Srr»tem- '-- "' Sales -- Service LYLE-BRYAN MOTOR CO Phone 666. 208 Norlh Block Porler'a Gladioli Garden Phone G3BJK. thc Navy in October, 1948. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Henderson nf Marlow, Okla., arrived Thursrlny to spend the weekend with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clift, and family. Ralph Wayne Rcdu'ick. son of . . camera eye will be able to bring I Mn a " d M! ' S - Jnrdil » Reddick ot everything closer for you than any I B .cntonville. has been promoted to delegate 0,1 th'e floor can see it. M''"^"^?.,i''"^i . HcF ' s , slal ' 1 S" Wl TV M.I afc,... f__» al DJiKsujlc Air Force Base, TV May Show Conferences While the camera may not be about to push its snout into every business and philanthropic leader i commilt!? e room, it should be able died at a New York hospital yes- I to * el '" on K0mc of the nc ' terday. He had come here for a short visit. Dr. Sepger was president of the William Buchanan Foundation, which recently made a $500,000 grant to the new University of Arkansas Medical Center. Through the Buchanan Foundation, Dr. Seeger made substan- tian grants to the University of Texas and University of Arkansas for study and treatment of children's diseases. Harley Frank CeHhar Funeral services for Harley Frank Colthar, resident of 7 East Second Street, were conducted at the Central Assembly of God Church yesterday by the Rev. H. T,. Bayless. Burial was in the Evergreen cemetery under the di- ferences called by the candidates or by their managers, which is a big part of the convention but something the delegates miss. This year the convention hall in Chicago Is supposed to be air-conditioned. It will be a miracle if any air-conditioning can keep it cool, when you remember the crowd and the blazing camera- lights that give off amazing heat. Those camera lights won't blind you or overheat you at home. They will just make the picture on your screen a little clearer. If you were at the 1944 Chicago convention or the one in Philadelphia in 1948 you'll remember the lights, the heat, the sweat and how you said to 3'ourself: "I hope I survive." Reporters Stt The Most The ones who .tee most of the BAY horse. 6 years old. biack horse. 5 years old. QIC registered pics. One and one hnlf miles south Greenland. ^_mHe cast. Houston Bowline. HKW Zralan.l "white rabbl7s7~iill ~»scs. East i:,. I h i r d house rant Falrvicw cemetery. Phono IWOW. IDEAL MATTRESS CO. Quality n»w mattreu and mattress renovating. Phone.3036 401 WEST OICKSON SPECIAL" ~~ ALL metal lawn chairs. S4.15. while they last. Open evenlnti until 9:00 Hilton Bros. Drive-In Furniture Store. - hlnet. oak curved KhTss pnnela. excellrnt condition BASKET3. Ideal for summer Indoor- outdoor living, b e a u t i f u l designs, "he _Pjonocr Shop. 25 East Center Street Shrcveport, La. Sam Doolittlc, chaiiman of the Highway Committee, Bentonville Chamber of Commerce, was in Huntsvllle Friday night to attend a meeting of state highway officials. Sgt. John Cnnncll, who has been serving with the Army in the Far Kast, is en route home due to thc serious illness of his father, John C. Council. Ronald Diesel left Saturday for Chicago, 111., lo visit friends. FOR SALE--HOME NEEDS FUU.Ert Brushes, DangeU~"~R"a7nY dell ( D e b u t a n t e ) Cosmetics. 28 Louise. ' For q u i c k e r service, phone 2377R. ; l":00-1-ttfl or 50(1-7.00 1 age on a high plane. Senators f a v - j rection of Moore's Chapel. oring the plan went up to a pretty; Pallbearers were: Auris Cross . ·· high plane, too. They said the p l a n ; Will Knittlc, Hal Hillhouse Ray- conventlon ar(- t n e reporters, who would be thc biggest advance ir.! mond Hinkle, Loyd Baker' and ' t re not down in onc P 1 " 00 civil service reform in 70 years. I Gene Sivagc. but can wander around. They can Sen. Eastland, (D-Miss), m a y j have come closer to the reality when he said t h a t even if the' Senate approved 1 "postmasters i still will be politically selected. . .1 PIlJITlber WOfkS Job But the only result will be to deprive the Senate of passing on them." ! -There's no law saying the post- CVGrVthinCl Oljt master general can't consult with . / S» v w i local politicians and with con- i Albany, Calif.-tfPj-Shcrry Whip- I iTM 1 ? ·« *u-,-,_ i _ i · ,. _ . . *.. oon i go into the news conferences and j attend the committee meetings . which are open. | They're up beside the speaker's | stand, but almost invariably have to work under incredibly crowded conditions with typewriters racketing around them. They can look ont at the delegations and .see " " flesh, when the ,- u l! n "' A n d they can , gressmen and senators on a c a n - i p o , three, was taking a bath S n e K ! n "' nd they can didate for postmaster. He could | wanted to see where the water r ^ hat thc dcle s atl on chair. . _ «· "»*-n. I l l c W O K . I Twan c h n l l t llrVinn « n _ _ _1 ___ ! _ . . still do it, even if the Senate vot- went. So she stuck her fingers ed to cut itself and the president through the grating on the drain. out of the picking. There they stuck. The postmaster general alone! Mrs. Whippo couldn't get them now picks postmasters of the out. She called a doctor. He failed. fourth class without the president The doctor called two policemen or the Senate as a whole getting. They failed. They called six fire- E i g h t neighbors in on the act. So if thc Senate ap-| men. Ditto! proved the president's plan, the| squeezed into the bathroom postmaster general could do with i give advice. the first, second and third class| Finally someone thought to call postmasters what he's free tn d o | 3 plumber. He carne fully equlp- with thc fourth now. j pe d. He sawed a hole through thc -1 ceiling of the downstairs apart - |ment. . . cut ihe drainpipe in half. I . . . curled a shield around Sher- j r.v's fingers. . . and sawed through ! the remaining pipe. MIY »nd Mrs. William Mr. and Mrs. W i l l i a m C. Neighbors of Prairie Grove announce the birth of n daughter, June 20, at thc County Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Luther Scruggs Mr. anrl Mrs. Luther Scruggs of S]ringc-:ile announce thc birth of _ _ _ IM-ATFORM rocker frTguod condftlbrr Tim; 11175 Thermos Jugs Picnic Baskets Charcoal Barbecue Tools LEWIS JR05.0). LEWjS~nROR. BASEMENT used Servtl Electrolux refrigerator $ 79 00 Used GE rcfrigrrntor $ gjhijo Used Miiytag washer . S f l f t M Used BL-ndix w.wher $ 7 9 0 0 Used lawn tJacd GE Used Holpnint pleetrl mmvrr .5 5.00 'her $10000 i , - Hinge S 22.00 H son, .Tune 20, at thc County Hos- Ustri rnitrtalro n-fr.gtraior s 35 on pital. f t . 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Bentonville WITH GENUINE FORD PARTS titVy UMER-BRYAN Twir frtaMlly F«r«l /U last Sherry was freed. Sherry went to bed and everybody else i spent a week "attending 1 ' a"" course went home. for executive secretaries in Red · Cross work. T» 7 ,, E - G - Potl 5. Hospital Corpsman ouckner r,'-TM 1 c i? s . s ,'. ii h « e ' r ° m s an Vr»n. NOTICE . I V r m i n c n t paviire pro- (luces more hay than winter rcfiuire- ATTENTION VETERANS In 48 paid drill S'llilnry i CARLOAD nf ncn- su-ci l Intelligence Reserve Unit. 15 cl a y | si7rs 4"-fi"-sr-]o 11 -l2 :i l's" summrr camp mandatory st.irling: n Fimco Supply Co ' Ausust J7. ir interfiled (.-ontact l.'ml I -- L'_i_hi Instructor. ORC. 112!, West Ontcr off of cos't. Inch Joints. "19 Rain Bird sprinklers"! N1CF.LY furnl.hcd 2 roo"ni~~«pa7tmenT I^T.'$.^^ M ^ a'i ^"^n? 0 ^. 1 " on ;NFAP IINIVFP^ITV ..wy«_P« "ids.. ^IRSTTMla«-~-TuplexrfurnUhed-4 " CMK U W I V t K J I l T _JUST HECEIVED _rq^im a nd ba t h. Phone 1721J. tenmi fn NICK cool 2 room""'unfurni'iihcd^apart- P h o n e mrnt. Private bath, private entrance $2500. Phone 31S9. iii^uuc-iui^ UKI.. iU'.j jvcst Ontcr j ^ t IT is intended to spray po"nionii~6f i PmO J? Dllimktn/l Tin,s'°ct g sS d ,^. ff.- ,rr«! r| P e ^'UmDrng 4 ROOM Jurniihed apDrtmerit. Phont _ 202.1 M. FtJRNTsil£n apnrtment: cioie"".^ __ftdult*j. Phone .187, 3 Mrs. Shirley Harris and son, , cisco, Calif., to spend a 14-d leave visiting his family Mrs uiuin.-.y I J H I I J S ana son, T rt M» « j « j 1_ ^ «*io. Marc, of Muskogee. Okla., have : £ otts and ,',1TM ^"ehtcrs, .Indy and i-etiirncrl home after spending a ! S ". s fV, wi " return '" California week wilh Mr. and Mrs. J a c k ' ,? him ; -- ' Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Kumpc have Hughes. ^·^^^^X} 3 -?TM^ 0 TM »··· '«t iron ' t u b a n d lavatory, w i t h all t r i m . SMAurfu-rnished-VrTaTTrWr Special: ~~ J . - . properly. In any cast whore cut ton or other suiccpMhlr crop is located w i t h i n Ha milM of the l«nd to be sprayed or in Ihc l i n o of n i g h l f r o m thc loading flelrt w r i t t e n permission haa been o b t a i n e d from tJm owner _of such crop. KOFI bcit reBuftB. sell or cnnilRn~ymir furniture. Wishes, houicnolff appliances tools and articles of all kinds to the Auction HOUIP. l i a miJc* north of Springdale on Highway 71 Phone 904. Springtime. Auction unles Jilondays and Thursdays. 7:30 p. m Mrs. Lorenc Black and Robert ' re i- urn( £ f TMm San Antonio, Texns, ntANSPORTATKON OFFERED Alkisson entertained with a picnic ; wnere j h P'nad been visiting their at Lake Atalanta Wednesday in I SJ" a " d ;? a "* htcr -in-law, Sgt. and honor of their brother, Seaman · J- °\ K " m P e . J r- Eugene Atkisson, who left Thurs- ' ^ r ' J 1 .?" Mrs - Thom as Mason day for San Diego, Calif. Guests ^ children, Lucy Lynn and $154.00 Plenty of galvanized pipe, Vi inch to 1 '/j inch MORSE MILL CO. redecorated private entrance a n d ; A N D AI WAYS bjlh. pnid. 526 H i « h t a n d . ' " A I'WAYS KXTRA nire, modern 3-hedroom home HardwcDtj floor· W.tll to wall car- P*t In living room and tj.ninij room Vf-nptinn b l i n d * F u r n n c e h»at. Lots of ahadr Only $8.00000. Term*. And an exim lorgo lot goci with it. The Broadhursl Co. PEACTAN D QbTEf~TM 2 ROOM furniihcd npartmn!. alio ·Iceplng room and a ll«ht housc- JtecplnB_room_phone_M2J. UNTORNISHED 3~foonTn'upfrx. utllf- tiei paid. Bendlx available. A d u l t t . -- r e f r e s h i n g hrceze Modern r n l t a f r on Ursr hill side lot. Scrcenrrl and ccmpnt floored sle*Dlnr porch across o n t i r e hack ol ' house. N o t h l n j to awaken ou hill ' the birds. Small basement houses ' hot w a t f r t a n k and l j u n d r y faclll- In- . included Mr. and Mrs. Steve Haley and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. L«ste" Atkisson of Rogers, Mrs. Emmh , Sharrock, Mrs. Patsy Osborne,! f-H?, 6 ,,,.,, M Mrs. F.ula Oshorne. and Mr. and · - ' vlsit hls Mrs. Claude Atkisson, nil of Buck- icr. Richard Allen, of Altadcha, Calif were guests this week of her mother, Mrs. W. T. Ivy They have Ga., where they ^nts, Mr. and Mrs. T. Y. Mason. The Rev Lindscy Rolland, Methodist circuit minister, has been transferred from the Bentonville circuit to the Rogers circuit, which includes Avoca, Tuck's Chapel and Mr. nnd Mrs. Milton Boyd are ! P I *? d ''..? h " cl : Mr - n n d Mr *- Hoi- rs1nrlnTsr«-f 1 li ft I r hrrr,n nrJiJln.. I '"0(3 Miss Elsie Hoe of Wardville, Okln., has boon the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Wilson for the past work. Mr. nnd Mrs. Milton Boyd are u"'"? c ,,, · , remodcIinB Iheir home, adding ! L" nd ^"' c n n , t i n u ;, t o thr«e rooms and » porch. ho TM '" BcntnnviHe. Mr. and Mrs. Owen Johnson nnd _.TMr s *." ""m' c .y h»s had as Hr. and Mrs. Milton McCauley spent Thursday nnd Friday with Wr. nnd Mrs. A. Vatighan of Little Rock. guests this week her CAM) PAID FOR DEAD ANIMALS Pkaiw Celttwl m* At Joplin Rcndtrinf Co. 'heir -- son and onughter-m-lnw, Mr. and Mrs D H. nnmley of Los Angeles, Calif., nnd her son-in-law and daughter Mr. nnd Mrs. Pnyne Kilbomnc nf BrackcttvIlK Texan. Mr. litimby nnd Mrs. Kilbourne also visited their sisters, Mrs. Carl McKinncv and Mrs. Wallet- Grimes and their ! families. ! Mrs. Mary Frances Tr.iyler Is 1 In Texarkana. Texns, viniting her son-ln-lnw »nd daiighter, Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Smith and children. Mrs. Mnllle Cailahan hns returned home following · month'i 2 OH 3 share exprnse p.isspngcrs to C a l i f o r n i a , first of next week Phone 1S25M. WANTED WANTED, f u r n l l u r c and Horns of all Kinds. One piece or vnn load Cut of town buyer. Write Box L-I6 T; Times. HELP WANTED TEACHERS WANTED WHEELBARROWS-runner" t l r steel, all slzu. phone «4. Flirco _Slipply_Co. GORGKOUS OrchTd Iris TnTJESnT Drive out to Kenhnven fiartrns. Visitors uelcom- a n y t i m e . Now Is ,^.Z. u c p o'ors,oT r rd on r 1e ,S.ioHBUILDING"LOf furnished «,,. Adulu. M,on e 3M S rKT by ^ ,.,' , ' ' -- ' for residence or duplex , ....jms. one block from lot for light a l r v · md Unlverally. JI250 per month. Also 2] new schools SI.KKI'ING mil " m " i° P'" nl '''l-' nw »X --IL''?.?,." 0 ^ 1 .!? °t Rogera. and leal location ! Fxai-rly the ·nt Between I room h p n r l m r n t and llBht houie: T U D T C 'bcnnri/-i"ii'i keeplnn rtrarns. Phone 1525M ! ' M K c t BEDROOM TWO four room aparuiienU. (u'rnlih- HOMES A»n?J!»»"""a«oR "!!'"" » M -.* KVT -«"- I r IJBNisHED"dupi'ex""apanment -- 2! windows, app"roxTrnaTely~foriy r "" m "- '""· P r l v "'t nalh and Sep. - ..«V.,__ y j ^ nr 'SSSff^S"^ str "' EVP Phone H I) Iliimmond 1.172 J A J a r v l AUTOMATIC APPLtANCC C. A BtUtr Plae* to Bur "itotpoint ; II M. Block DEALtn l»h. HI | 200 3 Years of Service -- 20,000,000! Policyholdtri -20% J Savings - ' MUTUAL FIRE AND AUTO INSURANCE "Savings for preferred rl»ki" Get the Facli The Ritter Agency Loam _ _ _ NICE can irdn~i«irctTiin h a t h tuh and «maM II Fork ' " . | _Phonr 50IM after [' I AVAli.AisI.E~"'linriirrAl'tciyT SKVERAI. to choose from prices ' range from $6.500 *;o lo xzo 000 00 Let us show J H U Phone ;u I !HAMMOND REAIIY CO. ELECTRIC fans.~fsn~trrTdT Ktiards, electric motors, all sizes. furnished apartment, one block rumpus Ideal for s t u d e n t s Inquire OH Heaiian after 1 n. m KANSAS Missouri area, 110 mllei ... Ph - n - n 1. ? - "mm Supply Co ' '.'.'? ,"., mo 2'!;" !""'"5: of Kans.:; City a: Grandvlew. Mis' SMAI.I. beauty~,hop for"i.Te^---- S TM 1 5_??.'"»l. TM»ne Real Eitalf 16 Eo;t Center ,\ "Who's Who- For Service-Consult Your Classified Service Directory REAL-TV snors Ing unltf f u r n l R h c d . All utiMtiei nnd M n m n i n n r l Really, Phon* 783. HEI,H WANTED-- MALE WANTklJ^C/irpVntc'r.'lo worli~oirflv"(. million dollar air linsr project o 32 h u i l r l i n u s ,,t forl.cs /, r Ki.rci- Ii:..e. Tnpc-kn. Knnuii W n r k i n t 41) ho,,r« prr »wk .-it sir, (i-r hour r ch K '7!:'; a r ,x° BB a-. K : Korhra A i r Topcka. Kan... ' PHI LCO REFRIGERATORS AT IIAHGAIN PHIC'ES One « ft. Si-rvel Gas Refrluer." _ r .sc. o p c a . an... -.. . n - . - KXPCniKNCKIl il»/.rr onrrnlor 'j'honc CLIFTON LUMBER CO '"'· I Phono 27 Wc«t Fork, Ark. and hatb, fine-half hlnck 'ttt University Phone 24« _ L) apartment, 3~rooms and ·half block of Unlvorally. hath, one- Phone UNFURNISHED · ROOM apartment All ulimitl pild. will provide refrigerator and unve. Red Bud Ajiartnxnla, Ml Whltham, phone 39.MW. njn'NTSjiED ··Mrmwni.' ms ri'er'fS Church Phpn» 1IMW «fler I THREE BEDROOMS R A N C H «tyl*. r o n t r i l hrat. flrfpltc* vfTy p f f t t y tnilctp m,l out. LirKl Irte vhldtfl lol clnii« in Omy JHOWj $1000.00 DOWN NICB ntirlv new «v, room bungalow. *"* Ol loan with paymtnti of only «l«x) month Why pay rent THE RITTER AGENCY It r Ctnur Thorn H3»-ia»W--uv CORSETintl

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