Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 21, 1952 · Page 6
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 6

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 21, 1952
Page 6
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; TUAM 1 ·i^nw« fatwfey, JUIM 21, 1*53 Mecci Restaurant To Have Formal Opening Sunday The owner of the Mecca restaurant tin North College Avenue will hold his formal opening from 11 a. m. to fl p. m. tomorrow. The! Washington" "iS"-"cnrcer Dip- ranch between Sprlnfdale and Siloim Springi. He ha; worked ai head chef in the Kamai City Athletic Club In Kanias City, Mo., a hotel In Vancouver, Brltlih Columbia, and the Davenport Hotel In Spokane, Wash. He and his wife once operated the Alvin Hotel dininK room In Tulw, Okla. Favors of flowers and cigars will be given out tomorrow. Britons Protest Government Control Of Drinking Hours London - (/I 1 ) - With coronation year approaching and tourists swarming Into the United dom, Britons are giving sober thought to I habits. King- some their drinking rreildent NemiiutM Ward new owner. Loul.t I'. Bromley, has completely remodeled the building f o r m e r ! y known as Creifthton's Drive-In. He hos built a 30 by 50 fool addition on the dining room nnd n 12 foot n'd-. dition on the kitchen, which ha lomat Angus Ward, one-time prisoner of the Communists at Mukden, Manchuria, was nominated by president Truman today to be ambassador to Afghanistan. India's ancient Code of Manu been rompplctely re-equipped. ! forbade use of barbed or poison Bromley, who has had 30 yearsi arrows or killing a foe who had experience In the restaurant busi-| thrown down his arms. ness moved to Arkansas four -* years ago from Colorado. For Gypsies have migrated to most three year* he operated « cuttle parti of the earth. Congratulations to L F. Bromley on his opening the modern MECCA RESTAURANT It was a pleasure to serve as General Contractor for this fine structure. Residential and Commercial Contracting and Construction GUY M. WORKS CONSTRUCTION CO. 691 North Walnut Phone 54 In public they may drink only nine hours a day in London- eight hours outside the- Coj;!!;,!--at times distributed around the clock in a manner most b a f f l i n g to visitors. An official of the Brewers Society says Frenchmen and Americans cannot understand why it should be illegal to drink at 4 p. m. hut all right in most places at 6 p. m. The present discussion was touched off by a court order which closed Churchill's, a glittering club in swank Mayfair, where persons who could afford a guinea *2.B4 initiation fee could drink up to 2:30 a. m. Some policemen disguised as tourists managed to buy drinks after t h n t hour. Now Churchill's two bands are silent, and $50,000 worth of equipment may have to be turned into just another restaurant. Expreu Wants Law Changed Ixjr Reavcrbr^ok's Daily Express commented: "A west end club is struck off for persistently selling drinks after licensing hours. Fair enough. "There can be no sympathy with law-breakers. As the law stands, it must bo obeyed. But what a fantastic, foolish law it is. Why should not a citizen be able to let a drink when he wants one? . . . "In this year before the coronation London should be gaining a reputation as the perfect host, not as a dreary wet blanket on simple enjoyment." T»rli»ment provided that pubs --the man in the street's "club"-may sell drinks eight hours a day, but specified that somewhere in the middle of this legal drinking day there must be a pause--with doors locked--of two hours. Puln Clou at Interval* Licensing authorities of various communities spot the two blackcd- out hours to suit themselves, with the result that the thirsty visitor often is frustrated jurt when he wants a beer. "Drinking clubs" are something else. These help the'home folks but arc of less use to a visitor who doesn't stay long enough to adjust himself to the customs of the natives. To drink in a club you must be a member and carry a card signed and dated by the honorary secretary, an official who in most cases is hardly to be distinguished from a bartender. Police license the clubs and in negotiation with the "honorary secretary" adjust a schedule of drink- ig hours regarded suitable for he community. The club doesn't' Russian Writers In A Tizzy; Tastes In Literature Of People, Politburo Differ Bjr WILLIAM L. RYAN New York-(*)-There's a spook over the Kremlin. The ghost of Andrei Alexandro- vitch Zhdanov has the Kremlin's arts and letters experts on tn horns of a terrible dilemma. Thing are bad, too, for the Soviet writer and playwrights. Zhdanov died in August, The bigshot politburo 1948 member lave to break. observe the two-hour WhatOthersJav A Candidate 1$ Found In at least one way, politics is can't enjoy a favorite, We Congratulate L F. BROMLEY on Opening the MECCA RESTAURANT Another Modern Dining Place for This Area · · · · · · · · We were happy to supply the SHEET METAL WORKS for this up-to-date building -- Just as we have done Sheet Metal Work for numerous business and residence buildings throughout Northwest Arkansas. Let us serve you! Fayetteville Sheet Metal Works i. A. MCDONALD, L. G. CHRISTIE 115 South East St. Phone 624 like baseball, you either one without candidate or team. Baseball is a pretty lame sport for the spectator who doesn't care which team wins. And it's much the same way in politics, where mustering the proper Interest Is d i f f i c u l t for those who don't have a favorite candidate. This department has been having trouble finding a favorite candidate for the Democratic nomination for president just, we might suspect, as others around our community were doing. But thanks to the Democratic State Committee, we got a candidate last weekend. That would be Arkansas' Senator J. w: Fulbright, of course and while we're at it we might well extend congratula- Ihe Democratic State :e on adding a distinguished name to the list of those who will receive votes in the national convention to be held in Chicago next month. Senator Fulbright has made not the slightest move to secure me nomination and t h e r e has been no organized drive to push his candidacy. This means t h a t he will be on the list of "favorite son" candidates and not in the group making serious bids to win the nomination, whicii includes just tions to Committ in the wide-open convention which is ahead for the Democrats. And that conceivably could include a swing to Senator Fulbright, who now can be listed only as a favorite son candidate. That is, at least, a hope which we can cling to a month before the delegates are due to gather in Chicago. John Pruniski, Jr. North Little Rock Times Prairie Grove E. W. Baugh, owner of the Prairie Grove Canning plant, has opened the plant. On Tuesday and Wednesday 835 crates of cultivated blackberries were canned. Baugh will handle the yield from approximately 550 acres of tomatoes, employing 60 to 70 ' hands. The plant will operate until October 15. The W.S.C.S. of the Methodist :hurch held its June meeting at the home of Mrs. D. N. McCormick once considered heir-apparent to sutlin, had just cooked up a kettle of artistic stew which Sovie writers never really digested ant which now is giving them an acute bellyache. Today there is a raging "discussion" in the Soviet press about playwrights and novelists. It seems they are in a rut dug for them by Bhdanov before he died. The "discussion" in the party press, both in the USSR and the satellite countries, must have the writers dizzy. In the several months of this "discussion," Communist writers have been told- CrlUeiim Conlradiet*rj Their plays and novels do not have enough conflict. They pay "too much attention to internal contradictions." They depict negative characters nstead of positive ones. They do not expose and ridicule negative characters. They avoid themes of '"criticism and self-criticism." They depict Soviet characters i "formalists" and in other uncomplimentary ways and there is 'oo much caricature. There is too little caricature. There is too little attention to he role of Soviet industry in the "life of the new Socialist man." There is too much attention to technological matters, thus causing the human characters to be buried. I of the past. There is too little attention to the role of Russia in the history of the Eastern world. Not enough attention is paid to depicting "the struggle for the Communist future." There is not enough romance and lovcmaking in plays and novels. Playwrights and novelists are guilty of "unbolshevist cowardice" in avoiding "debatable topics." There are not enough plays. There are too many plays. Writers Scared Stiff What it all amounts to is this: All Soviet artists and ^writers are scared stiff, and now the Zhdanov line is boomeranging. Just after the war Zhdanov and others in the Politburo decided] that the millions of Red Army! soldeirs who had gone aboard had I seen too much of the world for the good of the USSR, and the jarty line demanded immediately i he production of stereotyped' works depicting the Soviet Union as the most glorious place under the sun. There is too much admiration Since the Soviet system knew no peer in human history, there could be no inner conflict. The loviet writer and playwright was lard put to it to find conflicts for lis works. If he was smart, he idn't try very hard. Those that did got the boot in the famed ultural purge which Zhdanov taged between 1946 and 1943. Not being allowed to think, the intelligentsia was caught in a rather tight spot. It was ordered to look only to the Communist party for guidance, and the party had a way of being confusing. In short, stereotyped characters were the order of the day. This was all right with the party, but the Soviet public be- CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Mrs. Louis Bromley on .? the Opening of the MECCA CAFE Electrical Equipment and Wiring Installed by Pendleton Electric Co. Pendleton Electric Co. 109 Skyline Drive Phot 2219-W Thursday Assistant hostesses Russell, such names as Kcfauvor, Harrlman, and Kerr. That part is unfortunate. In a year when the Democrats are likely to have no little trouble in deriding on a nominee, it must be considered nothing less than an adverse circumstance that docs not place Senator FulbriRht right in the thick of the runnin.s. Senator Fulbright's entire career in Congress has been marked by the highest type of service to the public of Arkansas and the nation as a whole. The traits of this service have, after all. offered the highest recommendations for the presidency. These have included a regard for the Interests of all in thinking clearly about the nation's problems, action that has hcon somewhat independent, and a forthright approach to the were Mrs. Frank Garrett, Mrs. J. P. Ellis, and Mrs. Kate West. Mrs. Porter Pittman led the devotional and Miss Marjorlc Jones WHS in charge of the program. Quests for the afternoon were Mrs. Hubert Buchanan and Mrs. May Fcree. Mr. and Mrs. Grady Helm and son, Johnny, who have been visiting Mr. Helm's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Dolph Helm, left Thursday for their home in Inglewood. Calif. En route they will visit relatives in Ada, Okla. Dr. and Mrs. Peter Roberts and son, Bryan, left Saturday, June 21. for Ontario, Canada. Dr. Roberts, who has been on the staff at the Elizabeth Hospital for more than a year, goes to Canada to open private practice. The Women of the Presbyterian Church met on Thursday at t h e ' home of Mrs. C. R. Fenimore. Mrs.! J. S. Harlan presided and Mrs. J. W. Webb told of the life nt John Calvin. Mrs. W. W. Lillard has returned to Slilwell, Oltla., after a visit with Miss Betsy Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Russell, who spent several davs with Mr and Mrs. ,1. B. Russell, left' Friday for their home in Sac City, Iowa. Ann Pickthall of Amarillo, Texas, granddaughter of Mrs. W. J. Butcher, and Edna Rose 1 Ogden of Oklahoma City, niece of Mrs. Butcher, arc spending their vacation with her at the farm. Master Sgt. and Mrs. Carl Car- .·,,,,,, . ,. -. ·-,,. -- -·-- lisle and daughter are spending a ssues of the day without regard two-week leave with his parents to politics or popularity. Through Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carlisle. Ser-' it all, he has been the statesman Reant Carlisle is stationed at Offatt rather than the showman. Air Force Rase, Omaha. Neb. The nation could use a man Mr - nn(l Mra - Clyde Dyer and with these traits as its next pros!-' daughters of Junction City, Ore., dent. It needs the Kulbright type' J^ 0 ., gm i l! ! nf his mother, Mrs. than Senator Fulbrlght himself ? j p.-afrio Grovi- mThc "Mi'sTFav- Almosl anything might happen ellcvillc" contest Thursday night at Harmon Field. Al Mayer, who was employed at the Farmers Exchange for a year, has been -called back into service and will report soon to San Antonio, Texas, for assignment. Mrs. Truman Steel and son, Tommy, and Miss Eloise Guilliams, who have been visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jess Guilliams, left Friday for their home in Baton Rouge, La. Miss Louise Martin, who was also a guest of the Guilliams, returned to Baton Rouge with them. Mrs. Ralph Wilson and daughter of Hulbert, Okla., spent the week with her mother. Mrs. Alice Edmiston, and sister, Mrs. Delford Kieff. Miss Julian Rogers of Fayetteville is spending her vacation with her mother, Mrs. Jimmle Rogers, and her sister, Mrs. Clyde Borders. gan staying away from such plays and books. The Kremlin's experts found themselves mouse-trapped. They fumed, but neither writers nor critics would take chances with introducing "conflicts."' The wrong conflict might conflict with the party line. They stuck to safe' things, like denouncing bureaucrats and praising fine, upstanding young Communists. Quake Felt In Talpeh Taipeh-(/P)-A sharp earthquake shook Taipeh today. Buildings shuddered, windows rattled and hanging lights swayed crazily with the quake. Many persons rushed into the streets. The name "Gypsy" is a corruption of "Egyptian," but there seems to be no evidence that the people had any special connection with Egypt. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Bromley on the Formal Opening of their new MECCA RESTAURANT It was my pleasure to furnish the Painting and Decorating Service . Quality Painting and Decorating . ,. SHEETROCK SPECIALS J. F. GABBARD PAINTING CONTRACTOR 217 East Baxter Phone 1786-L2 The event you've been waiting for G R A N O P E N I N G SUNDAY JUNE 22 : 11 A.M. to Our Sincere Congratulations to L. F. Bromley of the MECCA RESTAURANT on His Grand Opening This new and modern cafe is a welcome addition to the fine dining places of this territory. We were pleased to do the Plumbing for this building. We have done the Plumbing and Heating for numerous modern residence and business buildings in the Fayetteville area, and throughout Northwest Arkansas. We, too, arc located in a modern building. We are ready to give you pur prompt, efficient service and also to supply your manv plumbing and heating fixture needs. Let us serve you, too. JOHNSON PLUMBING HEATING CO. Corner Spring ond School Sts. Phone 1060 HIGHWAY 71 NORTH Formerly Creighton's Rainbow Drive-In Fayetteville's Newest, Most Modem Restaurant Thii is your invitation to attend our grand opening tomorrow! from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. You'll find corvtpltle food and fountain FAVORS FOR All On Opening Day ·Cigars for the men ·Flowers for the ladies TOW corvtpltle food and fountain ··rvice the way you like it. Our specialty is fried chicken, and we also cater to parties and banquets. Com* early and ·lay latel HOURS: 6 A.M. TO 10 P.M. DAILY Mr. Mrs. Louis F. Bromley OWNERS and MANAGERS Air Conditioned For Your Dining Comfort

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