Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on June 21, 1952 · Page 2
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 2

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 21, 1952
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2----»K*THWBT AtKANSM T1MK, fejytrHvllW. ArtwnMt, Saturday, Jun* Zl, 1952 Church News Ecumenical History Being Compiled Concvs. Switzcrl.-iml (EPSl-Thc flm liuift of Iho History of the Ecumenical Movement l.i nrarlnj completion, reports Mlsi R u t h jBouse, editorial secretary of the .jatMory Committee of the World vCounrll of Churches. Independence To Be Emphasized In Churches A ntjtioriwide sermon competition w i t h * ~* " " n . c ,, ° f F °r S Leave ror Camp Jurisdictional Conference To Be Held At Wichita, Kan. Wichita, Kan.--Dcleeatcs frorn*- io different p;irts of the world. The sum? period has seen the ri P 1 '""TM i« "Pen lo young Amerl Texas Models To Challenge French Riviera Opposition groat world movements, I ""» under ID, and leading laymen ' which h a v e marker! the; develop as well as to i-lcwmen of all de-'i B d p t i s f Brotherhood nlCllts Of tlln c n F l l f r n n n f n r u ««,. , Am l n ,,- . , _ i . . ! ' "-"-"-J '--· For more than five years, an in- .'lernatlonal team of 1(1 scholars ·.has been working on the preparfl- '·Iton of the History. The two- volume wurk is expected to run to 1.000 pages. It will survey all known movements towards closer fellowship between Christians and metits of thp contemporary ecumenical movement in the narrower scncc of the term. The History It planned to end with the First A«nembly of the World Council of Churches 1948 But it is recognized throughout that the World Council is not thp whnli. toward church union In the period of the ecumenical movement and .since the Reformation, An Im- 1 that other parallel, or divergent mc-nso amount of research has 1 movements must be slvcn their been carried out by the con- due place In the total picture tntmtors, and .1 great deal of Information nowhere else available in print will be ocntalned In the work, when published. Some tentative conclusions may be drown from the material thus assembled, according to Miss ..Blouse. It is clear that there has ·XHever been a period in the historv '· 4»f the Church In which, along with ,'-the divisive tendency, there has ·i.jlnt been a strong sense of the un- MSroken spiritual unity of the SChurch, and on ardent desire ..'that that ur.ily should be out- ;,^;wardly expressed. Almost every Much revision, coordination and editorial work yet remains to be done, and It \, unlikely that the History will appear before the summer of 1954. It will appear first in English but it is hoped that French and German editions will follow. The traditional "seven seas" included the North and South Atlantic, North and South Pacific, Indian, Arctic" a n d Antarctic oceans, the last of which docs not exist. nomfn the pr contest with t Dr. cnt lil Jloscoc the Co States, of the tional merits ual mlr Ituat M Istor as dom Ur Othe dcncc the rinij depend* Treedon (Ion of cans, p 3Ublic and ma nominations. A special feature of, the program is t h a t each w i n n i n g ' contestant w i l l share cash awards with the participating church. Dr. Edgar J. Goqdspeect, emin- it Biblical scholar, and Dean ftoscoe Pound, great authority on the Constitution of the United States, w i l l serve as co-chairmen of the Judges' Panel In the national competition. Local arrangements will be handled by individual ministers, and 17,000 of Spir- n|_ ' lan S I t u a l Mobilization's volunteer minister associates w i l l back the Freedom Under God Observance. Other features of the Indcpen- Week Observance will be nging of church bells on Independence Day to thank God for freedom; rereading the Declaration of Independence by all Amer- The First Baptist Church's Brotherhood will meet at Harmon Playfield Thursday at 6 p. m. for a picnic and a program. This will be a man-and-boy meeting. Members attending will make a special effort to bring a boy as their guest. Virgil Blo|iom, superintendent of city schools, will be the principal apeaker. General arrangements for the meeting will bt under the direction of George Berryman, vice-' bishop. Other items of business will include setting up a quadron- Hillside Adventures Bf FBID STAKE By DOROTHY ROC Seven beautiful Texa: s models, New York - (EPS) - The New - , , " · · . · ·*-" *· "·" \ u i o J -- -I I IB iHCW mal program, implementing action I York office of the World Council taken at the church's recent Gen- I or Churches announces with the cral Conference in San Francisco, deepest regret the resignation of and electing members to represent Ihe Rev. Henry Smith Leiper as"'" ""·'""··'""} cm general boards j sociale secretary of the World f the d e n o m i n a t i o n . ! Council of Churches, and genera the jurisdiction and agencies o , Representing 1,735,000 Method- [secretary of the Conference of 1 ists from 18 a n n u a l conferences, I s - A - Member Churches, afte the 288 official delegates are nearly a quarter of a century o e q u a l l y divided between the cicr- leadership in the field of churc ;y and laymen. .States represented j unity. in the jurisdiction are Arkansas. : Dr. Leiper leaves the Worl Kansas, Louisiana. Missouri. Nc- | Council staff on September 1 t braska, New Mexico. Oklahoma, I become minister and executive o and Texas. Thousands of visitors Ihe Mission Council the bod also are expected to attend the ' which coordinates the approach ti «lucinnc I . ! - _ . . . . . . . * r _ I the churches and all the board complete with 10-gallon hats anri buckskin jackets, are to invade -- | the French Riviera next month There is one farm chore at i Invited by the French govern- which I definitely refuse to sing-- ment, the Lone Star state is Koine' that of sticking beans. There! to put on a show for the interna- should be a law against selling a i tional set during "Texas Week on body pole bean wed, or else make | the Riviera." July 12 to 20. Texas the leller furnlth the buyer with | fashions will be shown by Texas' a nice let of poles with which to j models. stick them. Com* to think of it, j The Texas delegation will t rave | · I'd Javor legillation to have the hy air in full cowboy regalia buyer stick the blasted things. Their specially made wild Bishop Dana Dawson of Topcka, j of t h e Congregational Christian Bishop Ivan Lee Holt of St. Loui will preside at the meeting. The menu will include ham- cans privately and in appropriate burgers. There will be recreation public ceremonies, and governorfi for the men and boys preceding ·nd mayors will call attention to I the meal and program Select From This List the Church of Your Choice... Then Attend FIRST BAPTIST * A I.TEH L JOHNSON. 9:30 a m Sunday Hchool 10:53 a m Mnrninf Wonhip Sermon: "Heroei if Faith" · 30 p m Uapllit Training Union 7:30 p. m Evening Worihlp Sermon: "To Live ll Chrlit" + CENTRAL PRESBYTERIAN C EDWARO BHUDAKEH. Pallor .,,, William t Olbeon. Klnlaler to flu ST i IS a. m. Church School j3*'JO:!JS a m. Mornini Worihip ESgAnlhrm: "Ln, My Shepherd'! Him "divine"--Joiel Haydn »B-_.-mon: "Mnklnc II Work"--The Edward Brubakcr JHIT PHCCBYTERIAN MES w Durum, JR. Paetw ?Wllllam E. Olbeoa tUnlater U gUu- ? t 9:45 a. m Sunday School ·10:5.1 Morning Wonhip jtfAnthcm: "1 Will Magnify Thee"-- ·Dgcra i'Brrmon: "Anchori of the Soul" 1 0:00 p m Weatmlnlter Felloi ..__ Hipper and Program, Student Center, 02 Wcit Maple + T. PAUL'S EPISCOPAL DARIUS j uNDLorr. Rector ;cond Sunday After Trlnlly I:(M) M, m Holy Communion !:» a m Family Bervire 11:00 a. m. Morning Prayer and Bi-rmon ·f CENTRAL METHODIST l 1- DYKES. JH., Paiior 9:00 a m. Weiley Foundation Coffee Hour :30 a. m. Church School -. 10:45 a. m. Morning Worihlp Service Anthem: "O God, Our Help In Agei Pail"--Davli Sato: "Lord God of Abraham"--Mendelsohn--W. J. Smothen fcerrnon: D. L. IJykri, Jr · 5:00 p. m Weiley foundation 6:00 p. ni. Youth Groupi 7:30 p. m Evening Worihlp Servlc Quintette: "The Lord'i Prayer" Choir: "My God and 1"--Sergei . So:o: Richard Orei-r Sermon: "Power For Living"--D L Dykel, Jr. Uroadcait over KGRH HINDSVILLE BAPTIST CHURCH CHARCES DAY, Pastor V " Um ' n 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Worship Servica 7:00 p. m. Training Union 1:00 p, m. Worship Service Vednasday. 7:30 p. m., Prayer Serv- ( W. M. U. Fourth Friday . BOMtn LOCUII Street KOHH '° * : " *' '"· ""' ° Pro « r « m - ·:JJ · m. Sund.j Srhool J : 2? " m M " r " l "I Wonhip «:» p m. N Y P. 8 Pr.y.? Metl- «:« P m N. Y. P. ». Pro«r,ro »:« f m Adult Pn«r B«nd 7:.10 p m. Cvinltllitlc Service ^WMnudty. 7:30 p. m.. Pr«ycr M»|. Thuridty. 7:00 p. m.. Vliltillon ·ullil Fnd CommunUr Church P«rkJr Sund * r " :M '· ·»· Hev »· U. Lauderback Third Sunday Alfred Whittle* Fourth Sunday! Erwln io:n a m. Eai Ithool JEHOVAH'S W.TNCtSES 3rd Fluor Red Croia Drue Side Wedneidiy. 7:JO p m Book Study, rrlday. 7.30 p m Service meetina Frid.y. MS p m.. Theocratic llTn litry Srhool Sunday, 7:30 p. m. Watchtower SECOND BAPTIST N V DRAKE Pallor *:45 a m Sunday hchool. 10:45 a m Morning tVunhlp 7:00 p. m nnplilt Training Union R:00 p. m Evening Worihip Wednciday, 7:30 p. m. Prayer Meeting + WEST FORK ASSEMBLY OF COD BRANIIAM and STEELE. Palton 8:45 a m. Sunday School 11:00 Morning Worihlp 6.30 p. m. Chriit AmbaiEador Service 6:30 p. m. Junior C. A. Service 7:30 p. m. Evangellitlc Service Wedneiday at 7:30 p. ov--Prayer Heeling and Bible Study Rev iv. V. WEDINOTON METHODIST FIRST CHRISTIAN AoiiKRT MorrBTT. PMIOT 9:45 a. m. Sunday School 10:00 n. m. Sunday School clane r. 10:50 a. in Morning Wonlilp Sermon: "That You May Know thi ; Tru'h" fi'OO p m. D. S. F. : 0:30 n m Chrlitian Youth Fellow ; anil) and Chi Rhn Fellowihlp ST. JOHN'S LOTHEHAN Arknnsai and Dickion Tei 641 or 37: FREDERICK CtlMZ. Pallor »:30 a. m. Sunday Scnnol 9:40 a. m. Adult Bible Clall 10:30 ·. m. Nunery upeni 10:44 a m Sunday Vvorihlp Sermon: "God'i Dual Aipecl" Choir Anthem: "The Lord ll Mindful of Hli Own"--Mendclijohn »:M a. m Sunday Srhool 11:00 e m. Sunday Service 0:45 p m. KGR1I Sunday . Program D "* ; ^ nL ' 8 ^ ayi '·** n - m " meeting. : Reading Hootn In church open each · day except Sunday and holidaya. GHEENLAND CHURCH OF CHRIST ' OR1S SALYER, Mlnlalei 10:00 a m Chinch ichooL ; 11:00 a m Sermon I 11 44 a m Communion Service · 7:30 p m Song Service and Bible Study ST. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC FATHER KUWARD II MAI.OY. Pallor ! Sunday Mann 7.30 and 9 30 a m 1 Thuriday 7:30 p ra Novcna Mallei' \ pcvotloni 1 Fr*a" l "V' y M "*' M o n d ' ""°ugh "" Saturday Mail. 7:WI a m - £! r " F l | day Mall. 1 Wl a m rint Saturday Mail. 7 00 » · Confciiloni. 7:00 to II00 p m and .. before nil Mallei ~-* 1 CHURCH OF CHRIST ITIED MrCI.UNO. Mlnlller Wen Center ana North 9.45 a in Bible lludy 7 00 p m Claiiei Claii ' "** * y ' 7:30 p m Wedneiday. . . ,, , , , aici-ting and Bible Sliidy for all agei f PRESBYTERIAN Paitor 907 Uouglai Street ··43 a m Sunday School 7:00 ll m. Evening Wnribtp CHRIST'S CHURCH FBED MUCKELBIJRV Pmor 403 Weil flock Streel »:4S a. m Sunday School low a m Hible Uchool II 00 a m Womhlp Strvlc* Communion Sermon «:45 p. m Children i Meeting T»ung People'i Chrlillan Endeavor . L. R1GGS. Paitov ir'SS · m Sunday Ichool ll:po a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Preachlni irvlcea on Fourth and Fifth Sunday! WEST rOHK BAPTIST -. H RUD. Pallor 9:4} a m Sunday School. 11:00 I. B. Morning WorihlD, f:30 |l. m. Baptlit Training Union 7:30 p. m. Evening Worihip BBENTWOOD COMMUNITY CHURCH OTHA 1-ACKETT, Paitor 10:00 a. m Sunday School Jl:00 a. in Sermon 7:30 p. m. Evenini Service »:00 p. m. Friday iu|hl, Bible «tudy and prayer mcetlni CALVARY TABERNACLE 35 Enil South Street ·ERYL E. BETH. Pallor 10:00 a. m. Morning Service PT«yeV P "* Dtllv « r anci Menage and ':« p. m. Evangellitlc Service! Ser'vJ?ei P m Wedneiday. Tarry'rg SerVTM. P TM *'*"""· Teitlmon. l tors is also Church on June 26. .-Jav School 9:30 a ,n Evenin- Worihlp 7 30 o m ·»·«! AM FMirlli *,iij..r ""^'"f,Wonhlp »:S?" " Sunday School 10:30 a m Evening Wonhip 7:30 p m. COMMUNITY CHURCH Thlrd ° Mornlnt wonhlp ° n n Fourlh in charge of the Holy Communion service, which w i l l be held in Wichita's First Methodist Church. A reception for delegates and visi- scheduled in First Thursday evening, Bishop A. Frank Smith of the Houston, Texas, Area will deliver the episcopal message of the jurisdiction's college of bishops at the 10:30 a. m. service Friday in the Forum. Spokesman for the church's Council of Bishops will be Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam of New York, secretary of the council and on? .this important post means stepping back into the specifically missionary track for which hi volunteered 42 years ago ant which he left 22 years ago to take on the difficult assignment o: guiding the American office o: the Unlversial Christian Counci: for Life and Work, which in. due course became the World Council. For 20 years he concurrently represented the Federal Council in its Ecumenical relations. His service during the war years, when the World Council was "in process of formation" kept the whole movement going and its continuity unimpaired despite the most of the presidents of the World j adverse circumstances. At all Council of Churches. He will ad- j times his conviction was that the dress the conference Friday at 8 W( "ld mission of the f f j r c h te- P- "i- ! quires t h e kind of unity which has Other principal speakers include j found expression in the WorW Hon. Walter H. .ludd, Minnesota Council of Churches. Congressman, who speaks Satur- One of the duties of the new day night, and Bishop Diehard C. I "Minister of Missions" will be tc Raines of Indianapolis, Ind., who ' act as liaison o f f i c i a l with all in- will address a Sunday afternoon i terdennminational bodies and service for youth. , fan n good proportion of his tim " Moit people hereabouts hie to i costumes, costing an average of the canebrake along the river and! $1,000, are made by a Dallas f i r m ' cut canei lor their ambitious beans I which runs up tasty $100 shirts vines to climb. Some use perslm-1 and such for rodeo boys and girls mon sprout*, or wire, or string. | Footing the bill is a Dallas de- Whatever I use lookj like the for- j partment store. The Texans are planning t a . challenge French fashions on their own ground, staging three elaborate fashion shows during the week and bringing along all the , trappings of the great open spaces They will engage the French in a battle of flowers on Bastille dav July 14, an event arranged by the Nice Chamber of Commerce--anri down Dallas way they're rearlv to take all bets on the winner. Frenchmen will sample Western chile and hot tamales, and the , visitors will pass out Texas citizenship papers t:j European celebrities, along with several dozen ten- gallon hats. When the girls descend on the Riviera and give with a rebel yell, it's practically certain the French' will discover Texas. It is only in comparatively recent times that it was known there 's no Antarctic ocean. d Sunday-Rev. Virgil Erwln + or THE 111 Mlailon Streel 9:15 a m. Sunday School 11:00 a. m Morning Worahlp »:M p m Training Union 7:30 p m. Evening Service d." ldl J M n. Pr " y " Servlco-WMMl- + CENTRAL BAPTIST JACK DEAN. Plilor 9:4* a m Uunday Bchool. 10:50 a m Morning Wonhip 7:00 p m Baptlit Training Count ·:00 p m Evening Worihlp 8:00 p. m. Wednesday. Prayw eer- Bible P r a v e r vice. FUI.L GOSPEL TABERNACLE TOMMY OIOBS. Paitor 10:00 a m Sunday School. 11:00 a m Prcachmi. 7:15 p m Kvanaellitic Arvlce Wedneiday. 7:30 p m Uldwee Prayer Service rrlday. 7:30 p. m PYPA S*rvl-«. BLACK OAK BAPTIST IOWARD PR1CHA1IU. Pallor 13.OG a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Preaching Service 7:00 p ni Trnlnlnf Union 800 p m Prrnrhlnc .°.ervlpe Thuraday 7:30 p m Prayer mcetlni -f- GO9HEN METHODIST M VANCEY. I'a«lor 10:00 a in Sunday School. 11:00 a m Mornini Worship 7:tlO p. m. Evenlnl Worinlp + AYETTEVILLE BIBi.E MISSION MO BLOCK SOUTH CUL1.IU1, Interdenominational :OMER MOUTTET, Paitor 1:41 a m Sunday Schuol. 11:00 a. m Murnlni Worihlp 6:1S o m Yuuni Teoplei Servlcei 7:00 p m SvanKclfitlc Service, Junior Choir wltl meet Saturday at P in Wedneiday. 7:30 p m.. Prayer Meet- SUGAR MOUNTAIN BAPTIST HE/ E MUHUAN. Paitol AKMK MOSTKI.l.r.R. A»iimnl Paitor 10.00 a m Similny School 7:30 p m Evangelistic Menace Wenneiduy praj'er meeting at 7:30 WIGGINS MEMORIAL METHODIST ARNOLD SIMPSON, Paitot South Church and Third Simla 9:45 a. m. church School 11 00 a. m Morning Wonhip 6:SO p m. Youlh Fellowihlp 7:30 p. m Wonhip WEST FORE CHRISTIAN JOHN ASBELL. Minuter 9:45 a. m Church School 11:00 ii. m. Morning Wonhip and «.ummunion Preaching every flrat and Uurd JOHNSON CHURCH OF CHRIST BILL E SMITH. Minuter ""'·' 10:00 a. m. Bible Study 10.511 a m Worihip Service 7:00 p. m Evening Claiiei 8:00 p. m. WoriMp Wedneiday. 8:00 p. m., Prayer Meet- Ing + SON'S CHAPEL 3 MILES EAST ON HIGHVM* U 9:30 a. m Sunday School Superintendent--Turner Brown. Auxiliary every lourlh Monday 1:N BAPTIST CHURCH 1 · ?· T'ETOI, Paitor 10:45 I TM ·· una " )r 7:00 p Other bishops who pre- ', ' s to be devoted to ecumenical re , side at the conference or lead de- ,' lations, which include bot votional services include: Bishop ' the World Council and its asso Paul E. M a r t i n , Little Rock, head ' ciated body, the International Mis of the Arkansas-Louisiana Area; j sionary Council. It is further hop Bishop Dallas, William C. head of the M a r t i n of cd that he will continue to main ·ervic*. [ornlng Worship laptfit Tralriing Union yenlng Wonhln " p. m. Mid-week . ,?!" ' aetor School. Worahlp ' a-' « MS S m V""" P "I"«'' mwtlnt 4:2 J " Kvanlellatlc Service. mi Thunday. Prayer meet+ CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH »·« a. n. Sunday School 11:00 a. m. Mornlne Worihlp 7:00 p. m. B. T. U wiSn V * m ' . Evtnln « Worship c«'.nd' d Arb,e' Itudl- P " y " S -yTM'*. M. Jt m ' W " kly « FARMINOTON BAPTIST D M. KRKIS. Paitor 10:00 a m Sundat School 11:00 a. m Morning Wonhip 6:30 p m. Baplltt Training Union 7:30 p m. Evaugeltitlc Service Wednciday 7:30 p. m. ing. Prayer' *Meet- Wedneiday I p. m , TM»ay. 7:45 p. ni. Prayer Meellni Revival Nlllil HIOHLAND COMMUNITY 1C 30 i m iitindAy ,'ichooi 11:15 · m Mornini Wor»hip Wednetda/ night. 7:30 p m.. Pr«j« ·ervlcer LINCOLN BAPTIST CHURCH JESSE C COI.EMAN Pmlor IftOO · m Sunday Si-hool 11-Ofl a m Morning Worjhlp 6.40 p m Training Union 7.30 p m Evening Worihlp COMMU! " TT COMMUNITY CHURCH 'AMES K CARTER. Superlnlendenl 1000 a m Sunday School CHURCH Sunday School 10 .10 a m + HINDSVILLE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH TOM WILSON. Pailor 10.00 a m Sunday School '.'·*?. a in Wonhlu Service, rinl and Third Sundayi FARMINGTON METHODIST \ - R1GGS. Paitor 10:UO a m Sunday School 11:00 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Preachlnf Service on Flrit. Second and Third Sundaya NORTH SIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD SAMUEL E BRUCE. Pallor 10:00 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m Sermon 7:30 p m. Evangeliitlc Service. Tueiday. Young People'a C. A Ser- vicei. 7:30 p m Friday. Prayer Service. 7 «i p K. ·*- PARKSDALE BAPTIST UENNKll DAVIS,. Pallor ARI.EN MOSTELLAR. Aiilitant Paitor 10.00 a m Sunday School 7:30 p m Evangcllitlc MeuaM Wednesday. 7:30 p. m. Prayer Meet- Friday. 7.30 f . meeting. + JOHNSON BAPTIST "HURCH t M LOCUE, Paitor 10.00 a m Sunday School 11.00 a m Wonhip Seivlcei 7 Ofl p m Tralninc Union s 00 p m Evening Service Wedneaday. 7:30 p m.. Prayer Meet Ing Yoinc People i SEVENTH DAY ADVENTIST 37 SOUTH STREET SATURDAY 10:00 a m Sabbath Srhool 11:00 a m Church Service Tueiday. 7 30 p m Prayer meeting SALEM MISSIONARY BAPTIST W R .SHARP. Paitor Six Mile* northweit 1000 a. m Sunday School 11:00 a m. Morning Worahlp ':JO p m Evening Wonhip ttedneiday. 7:30 p m.. P r a y e Meeting CHURCH Of JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS JAMEB FLETCHER, Elder Student Union Blue ROOOB 10:30 a. m Sunday School. mmn ' Duncan and Stone l n ? M m i *. UM ft School 10:55 Morning Wonhip B " rmon: "The Tearleu Land" ·;« p. m. Baptlit Training Union Sermon: "The EulofliUi^God" Wedneiday. 7:30 p. m.. Bible Study FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD DONALD WALKER. Pallor ° '·"· ·· " Sunday School. 11.00 a m Preaching. «:oo p m V. P. Clan. 7.30 p m. rvang5llit; c service*. }:30 p m. Friday. Bible atudy 7.30 p m. Tueiday. c. A, Mrvlce OAKLAND BAPTIST (Six Mllei Nortneaatl 1 S WHITELEY. Paitor J? : 2J ·· m Sund »» School. 11:00 a m Morning Worihlp. 7:30 p m BYPK «:» p m Evening Worihip ^Wedneiday. 7.30 p. m Prayer nwet- a. PROVIDENCE BAPTIST WALTER JESSER Paitor ,.,, iHlghwi-y II W«et) 10.00 a. m Sunday School. H 00 a m Morning Wonhip. 7:30 p m Training Union 8:15 p. m. Evangellillc Service Wedneiday. 8 p ra.. Prayer Meet- Friday, 7 Program Monthly 7 p. m.. Third Friday Fel! .»'h'P,, SuPPer. Brotherhood and M. U. Meeting! GREENLAND COMMUNITY BOB CORNELIUS. Paitor 9:4S a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Morning Worihlt, Wedneiday 7:S, midweek Plble Sludy and Prayer Service APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH NEOI.A MOORE. Pnl'or Highway 71 South 10:00 a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Morning Service 7:30 p m Evangeliillc Servile Wedneiday. 7:30 p m.. Mid week ·ervlca Dallas-Fort j tain a more direct association b Worth Area: and retired bishops j retaining an office as cxecutiv --Hiram A. Bonz and Charles C. · director of the "Friends of th ! World Council" which he helpe found and through \vhich contac is maintained with the constitu ! cncy of the U. S. A. member chur- ,' ches. Without this kind of suppor ' no interdenominational enterprise of this character can hope to pro- Sclccman, both of Dallas. Cordells Leave For General Assembly _ The Rev. and Mrs. Joe Clyn duce 'ts fullest_«jfects. Cordell of the Nazareni Church are attending the General Assembly of the Church of the Nazarene J u n e in-:!8 in Kansas City, Mo. Mr. Cordell is president of the Arkansas People, and Nazarene delegate to the general N'azarcne Young People's Convention. Mrs. Cordell is an al- Genpral Announcements SI. Paul's Episcopal Church Ste. Anne's Chapter will have its a n n u a l picnic at the home of Mrs. Oeden Shirley, Assembly Drive, Monday at 7 p.m. ternate delegate to the General The General Auxiliary of St. Assembly. . I'iiul's Episcopal Church will meet Assembly meets every f n u r ! Wednesday at 10:30 a.m., in the years. Delegates from the e n t i r e ' Parish House. Mrs. Ellis Shelton world are present, including those v/i " be program leader with re- from all missionary fields. The P1 rts on ln e "Woman's A n n u a l In- church now has M foreign mis- ! s ' it " tc -" A covered dish luncheon sionary fields, anri f i v e home mis- l "'" toll °w at 12:30 o'clock. sionary fields. Over 700 new Nai; _ arene Churches have been organ- Firat Bap""' Church ized in the last four years. The Woman's Missionary Union ng 12 o'clock The local Nazarrne Church lo- of t h e First Ba P tist Church meets cated at 221 South Locust Street i M TM da - v ? s follows: has made progress since 1947 ' t x e c u t l v \ nwctln. They are now completinR a brick I "u° n; l u n c n e o n . Circle Fc veneer church, which will a d e - ' . arge ' I2:3 ° Pm -: business ouately house a Sunday School of · ^If' · t ' m ' : program, 350 pupils. j m cl ' ar Ee. 2 p.m. In the absence of the Re' . Cor- Calvary Baptist Church , vary Baptist Church will be con! ducted by Evangelist E. L. Jones | of Crockett, Texas, tomorrow ! through June 29. There will be presi : tv ''° services dai| y at 10 a -m- and p.m. 7:30 p Youth Musical Bible Transloter Honored In Finland Finland - (EPS) - The dent of the United Bible Societies. Bishop Eivind Berg K rav, has paid representatives of the Governa visit to Finland and lias u n v e i l 1 ment. Bishop Berggrav also visited a monument erected in front of j cd the Finnish Bible Society in T u r k u Cathedral in memory of | Turku and Hensinki and the Fin- Michacl Agncoln, the first trans-: nish Home Mission in Piesamaki lalor of the Bible into Finnish. | where the Society has its print- The celebration took place on A s - ' i n g plant and produces its own ccnsion Day in the presence o f ' editions of the Bible. est primeval, and the vines mat themselves in luch a way bean picking tlio )os«s much of its joy. By the way, did you know bean vines will only climb poles in a certain fashion? 11 you twine them around the poles clockwise they juft plain balk, untwin' themselves and start all over. Whoever runs the weather must lave turned on the heat and for got to ihut it off. If this situation continues throughout July anc August, we may see a summer similar to the one Vance Randolph ells about in his book. We Always .le To Strangers, when it got so Iry th« trees flat-ted following the docs around. Ran afoul of a Texan visiting iis kith and kin across the road rom us. On inquiring about the eat in that great state, I was ad- ised it was hot down there, but iot so hot as hereabouts. His answer was to be expected. r ou just can't make one of those .one Star fellers believe they aven't got the best of whatever ou might nj*ntion. His reply reminded me of the aristocratic and eallhy Texas woman what mov- d into our midst. One day the nissus was a visiting- her, and she omplained about being plag'.^d »lth rats.. "And," she said to the issus, "1 suppose you are equal- pestered with mice." No doubt them Texas mice are bigger than our rats. One time we were down in the Rio Grande Valley and ran across some sorter puney looking grnpe- fruit in a grocery store. The little woman made the mistake of asking was that the largest grapefruit they growed in Texas. The Inerchant looked at her sorter shocked like and said, "Lady, what you have there is one of our poorer grade of plums." The wild rose is full blojvn and hangs in huge clusters from hedgerows and spreads its love- linest over the briers along the creek bank. The bob whites are busy rearing their families. The noise of the mower breaks the quietness of fiflds and meadows. Vext to the outdoor odor of garden mint, I love the smell of freshly mown hay. If the cows .,. could know what a chore it is t o ' iniquity, irovide roughage for their win-! But thank God, thsre it one way er's cud chewing-, the.-'ct be a ! of «capc -- through faith in the leap more appreciative of man. 1: '' 1 "" It is estimated that wheat prod-' . ucts supply about 25 per cent of " ? hc l )r °P itia uon (the One who he protein In the average Ameri- ma . , amc TM s ) 'or our sins, anri an diet. i 1 ot io f """ only, but also for the sms of the whole world." The Lutheran Church Arkansas and Dickson A Blessed Fear? _ Of Chrysostom, an early Christian church father, it is said that he was afraid of only one thing. He was afraid to sin. If only modtrn society could recapture that blessed fear I One of the greatest needs of our day is an awakened consciousness of the hideous ugliness of sin. Sin is no mere flaw, no mere fault, no mere weakness. It is the total corruption of the human heart, which expresses itself in open rebellion against the will of God. And sm is universal. "There is no dif- ferenct, f or ,,// nilve sinnc( j.. the Bible says. · I' al ?° "·*· " The WJ « es "f »'i " death. And "the soul that sin- neth, it shall die." No man, left to his own resources, will ever be able to escape the just punishment of hii » · ., ..' ""«" i n i l l l III in b ;TM. lite, death, and resurrectio TM -I"" 5 . Chr 's'. the Son of God, «ie Substitute of all mankind. "He Appearance of Gypsies In Eur- ipe cannot be traced farther back than the nth Century. $100,000 STOLEN CROWNS RETURNED ST. JAMES BAPTIST (Neorol 1 W WEBB Paitor 10:34 11:30 m Sunday School Mornini 11:30 a m Morning Worthlp 5:00 p m Young People e meeting I'OO p m Evangellitlc Servlc* + ST. JAMES METHODIST IHtfn) A I. BUCHANAN Pxtoi 9:45 a m Sunday School 11:00 a m Mornini Worihip ·:« p m Toulh Fellowanlp T:M p m. Nlghl f!enl«« Following Business Firms Dedicote This Schedule · Wnltfield Motor Co. o . , _ --.- - - · - · · · - -,......,..* ·Ozork Grocer Co. ey Boking Co., Inc. ·Southwestern Gas Electric Co. »Vicker's Inc. REVIVAL June 22-29 CALVARY Baptist Church Evongtlist E. L. JONES of Crockett, Texai TWO SERVICES DAILY 10 A.M. and 8 P.M. A. D. STUCKEY, Pastor MONHONOI ANOIIO «. CrOfH ol St. RoMlle'* Roman Catholic church In Brooklyn, N. Y., dlapltya Jtwel-encmsted crowni iniured for $100 000 \vhich were returned by apcclal delivery trier hflnf stolen the night ofi Way 30. He U director ol the Rtglna Pacia (Queen of Pttct) ahrlntJ In Uie church, rarlahloncra look it the returned crown*-, which were blcaacd by pope, Some 20 prtcloua atonci wtr* aaUulnc. C/nlni4l(o«aJ To share in the joy and privilege of reverent devotion in God's Holy Sanctuary. BRING ALL THE FAMILY SUNDAY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. WoHtr I. Johnion, Paitor ""OK OF FAITH" We ' lh iP Hout 10:11 Th» ,_ School 1:10 70 LIVE IS CHRIST Hou, ?,JO Tnlntaf Union 1:11 rvli op« n ot all strvicti WELCOME

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